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    Treasure Map Guide by yipviva

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/04/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

            ",!!(!....".  .=J(.."(!"'                                            
           .,.',3@5=*7*...(J=.  (!,'"                                           
        '!7JJ(735##C,'...!=='   ',*.'"                                           
         ."=J,(3=5#(...C"..'*"*.   (=,                                        
          .=J!(#@%C7J37JCA5(7=,,@MM7"             .'.     '.               
         ..(**7=*#AA@#(A#37%J(WWWWC,%5*           .'7#!   .(%'               
            .=7C,,3J5.!@5".*CC. **".C"...!*.'........,'..'...",,".   
            "**(='...!#%%5@A.!@A(.  ..                         .                
            .*!(".    '  .,%#@="".                                             
            ..'".          .(@@7*!=.                                             
                             Romancing SaGa : Minstrel Song
                            Treasure Map Guide (Version 2.0)
                                       by yipviva
                                    November 4, 2014
                                   Table of Contents
      1) Introduction --------------------------------------------------- [INTRO]
      2) Basic Knowledge ------------------------------------------------ [TM100]
        2.01) How do I get Treasure Maps? ------------------------------- [TM101]
        2.02) Any way to increase the chance of getting Treasure Maps? -- [TM102]
        2.03) What is the search level of my Treasure Map for? ---------- [TM103]
        2.04) How can I get high level Treasure Maps? ------------------- [TM104]
        2.05) How do I use Treasure Maps? ------------------------------- [TM105]
      3) Treasure Contents ---------------------------------------------- [TM200]
      4) Content Ranks -------------------------------------------------- [TM300]
      5) Treasure Hunting ----------------------------------------------- [TM400]
      6) Treasure Hunting Tips ------------------------------------------ [TM500]
      7) Treasure Map Infinite Use Trick -------------------------------- [TM600]
      8) Miscellaneous Info --------------------------------------------- [MI000]
        8.01) About the Minions ----------------------------------------- [MI001]
        8.02) Stats Cap ------------------------------------------------- [MI002]
        8.03) Encounter BR 10 Monsters ---------------------------------- [MI003]
        8.04) Best Equipments Setup ------------------------------------- [MI004]
        8.05) Techniques Glimmering/Tempering Tips ---------------------- [MI005]
        8.06) Attack/Defense/Trick Modes -------------------------------- [MI006]
        8.07) Weapons Best Final Form ----------------------------------- [MI007]
        8.08) Claymore -------------------------------------------------- [MI008]
        8.09) Altours Orchard Mini-Quest 2nd Part - Chasing Birds ------- [MI009]
        8.10) Draconite Barrier ----------------------------------------- [MI010]
      9) Final Words ---------------------------------------------------- [FINAL]
      10) Version History ----------------------------------------------- [RSA00]
      11) Contact Info -------------------------------------------------- [RSB00]
      12) Credits ------------------------------------------------------- [RSC00]
      13) Legal --------------------------------------------------------- [RSD00]
                                 !=J*..."..',(*.   .'                            
                               .7C"''....7"*,..  '                            
                              !CJ%=,"' ,''@#C,"''."                            
                  C55#A5@###,*!  !=!,%WW@AJ%AJ=                         
       '*=77*  .%#J 3@MMW#CC,*!!(!*J(,%#A55#J%*%#WA35'                       
     ."*".    "3*A#(5WM@==(=7J%5W@JCW##@AJ,J5A#5M=                       
             !J' 7(%AWC=3%33@MM5J@@AC7=(!777W#@(                      
           .7   "=Ч=,=3AM#WW75(C*(=@M@                     
          ,7"  ,J#@#,,,,*C5M#AM#J(%%AЮM5#,                    
         ! 'JM5"'"'''(#3%5A#MMJ(JAAM@%M3                    
      '" %*!35WA",' !33M@ЮW@#AMM3(AWC!                    
         *CMJC7J='   J(@@@MMWWMMMW#WM3*7WWM!.C!                    
         A=@(W@(!!"   'A@5@@W3Ю@##A@#A5WW5@@W#J(C5. !@'                   
         *C#MW@=A#J!,.  .5@!7%%J57%#3A5@5A5WAW@ЮM5M#3C77*5*                   
                   '*.    '"CA%7@@@A=!=7(77=W##%("!3=A@%"                   
                               "M5AA%JJC#55A#M@ .,!==                    
                        (ЧC!'  .#J%33%!"=7JJCC7777=(,.             
                                         #W@@W'       .'",,""..               
     1) Introduction                                                       [INTRO]
    Thank you for reading my guide. This guide explains everything you need to know
    with treasure maps, from basics to minor details. It also prodives some
    additional miscellaneous information which might be helpful to your game.
    In this guide, some of the information were obtained from Ramtieger's Game
    System FAQ and Gundam4Fun's Armor/Weapons Guide, while the rest are gathered
    based on my personal experience on the game and the numerous of discussions on
    the GameFAQs Romancing SaGa Message Board. It is my intent to document in this
    guide with all that we've discovered, so they become common knowledge to
     2) Basic Knowledge                                                    [TM100]
     2.01) How do I get Treasure Maps?                                     [TM101]
    Every time you've won a battle, if the game determined that there is no item
    drop from the monsters you've killed, then you'll have a 1% chance of getting a
    Treasure Map. Yes, only 1%.
     2.02) Any way to increase the chance of getting Treasure Maps?        [TM102]
    Starting from your second playthrough, you'll be able to meet Crowned Monsters
    out on the fields or in the dungeons. They are yellow and have a yellow crown
    above them. They will not chase you like the regular monsters. During the
    fight, if one of them can use the technique "Imperium", then you'll have a bit
    higher chance to get a Treasure Map than from a regular battle. But still, the
    chance is extremely low, and it's not worth your time to keep doing soft resets
    on them, you'll be better off just keep killing other regular monsters to get
    Treasure Maps.
     2.03) What is the search level of my Treasure Map for?                [TM103]
    The search level of your Treasure Map, along with your current Battle Rank(BR),
    are use to determine the Treasure Contents you can get from the Treasure Map.
    Please refer to section "Treasure Contents" [TM200] for more information.
     2.04) How can I get high level Treasure Maps?                         [TM104]
    When you obained a Treasure Map, the level of your Treasure Map will randomly
    determined by the your current BR. This chart below was obtained from
    Ramtieger's Game System FAQ:
    Treasure Map Level Chart:
     BR      RP  S.Level1  S.Level2  S.Level3  S.Level4  S.Level5
      1      0~    100        0         0         0         0
      2    256~    100        0         0         0         0
      3    512~    100        0         0         0         0
      4    768~    100        0         0         0         0
      5   1024~     80       20         0         0         0
      6   1280~     70       30         0         0         0
      7   1536~     60       25        15         0         0
      8   1792~     50       25        25         0         0
      9   2048~     45       20        20        15         0
     10   2304      40       20        20        10        10
    Unit: %
    Note: These are not treasure map drop rates from enemies. The chart shows the
    relative chances of getting treasure maps of different levels when the enemy
    does drop a treasure map, and is based on the current Battle Rank. S.Level =
    treasure map Search Level.
     2.05) How do I use Treasure Maps?                                     [TM105]
    After you've obtained a Treasure Map, equip the proficiencies "Find Treasure"
    and "Execavate", go to the location where your Treasure Map indicated. Some
    locations may have multiple levels. When you reach the excat level, a blue
    arrow will appear in your compass. Follow the direction where the arrow is
    pointing until you get a prompt telling you the treasure is nearby, then use 
    Find Treasure and Excavate to dig up your treasure.
    The proficiency "Find Treasure" is based on your "Search" level while the
    proficiency "Excavate" is based on your "Gathering" level. Your "Search" level
    needs to be equal or greater than the level of your Treasure Map, while your
    "Gathering" level determines the chance you may or may not get a random
    Sub-Item on top of your treasure item. Please refer to the next section
    "Treasure Contents" [TM200] for more information.
     3) Treasure Contents                                                  [TM200]
    The list of items and the information here were originally obtained from
    Section IF09 of Gundam4Fun's Armor/Weapons Guide and has been slightly edited.
    Treasure Items:
      Name                    Item Type		Rarity Level
      ****                    *********		************
      Alabaster Ring          Ring			0
      Blazing Sword           Foil			0
      Pocket Dragon           Ring			0
      Amber Maleate           Necklace		0
      Last Leaf               Necklace		0
      Harmonia Bracer         Gloves		0
      Shimmering Sand Robe    Armor			1
      Eternity Staff          Staff			1
      Mystic Stone Mask       Helm			1
      Flamberge               Two-Handed Sword	1
      Devil Bone Bangle       Gloves		1
      Farangi                 Long Sword		2
      Amber Jack              Club			2
      Shooting Star           Katana		2
      Wisteria                Bow			2
      Greaves of Titus        Leg			2
      Dragonscale Blade       Short Sword		3
      Lady Hawk               Hand Axe		3
      Dragonscale Shield      Shield		3
      Vorpal Axe              Two-handed Axe	4
      Blue Saber              Great Sword		4
      Dragonscale Coat        Armor			4
      Red Peacock             Scimitar		4
      Khellendros             Pole Arm		4
      Malystrix               Lance			4
      Mirror Shield           Shield		4
      Black Stone Mail        Armor			4
      (Name)                  (Item Type)
      Heeled Shoes            Leg
      Silver Ring             Ring
      Gold Ring               Ring
      Pearl Ring              Ring
      Wondrous Bangle         Glove
    When you find a Treasure Map Chest the following may happen:
    1. You will gain a random amount of Gold.
    2. You may or may not get a random amount of Jewels.
    3. You will get one of the Treasure Items.
    4. You may or may not get a random Sub-Item. You can get up to three Sub-Items.
     4) Content Ranks                                                      [TM300]
    All these charts below were obtained from Ramtieger's Game System FAQ and has
    been slightly rearranged, they explain how the game determines the treasure
    items you'll get:
    Content Rank/Item Relation for Excavating Treasure:
    Content Rank  Items
        1         Blazing Sword, Harmonic Bracer, Amber Maleate, Last Leaf,
                  Alabaster Ring, Pocket Dragon
        2         Eternity Staff, Shimmering Sand Robe, Alabaster Ring
        3         Farangi, Amber Jack, Flamberge, Shooting Star, Wisteria,
                  Mystic Stone Mask, Greaves of Titus, Devil Bone Bangle,
                  Alabaster Ring
        4         Dragonscale Blade, Vorpal Axe, Dragonscale Shield
        5         Blue Saber, Red Peacock, Lady Hawk, Khellendros, Malystrix,
                  Mirror Shield, Dragonscale Coat, Black Stone Mail, Alabaster Ring
    Treasure Map Search Level/Level Revision Relation:
    Battle Rank   Search Level   Level Revision
        1              1               0
        2              1               0
        3              1               0
        4              1              0~1
        5             1~2             0~1
        6             1~2             0~2
        7             1~3             0~2
        8             1~3             0~3
        9             1~4             0~3
       10             1~5             0~4
    Treasure Contents Rank:
    Search Lv &
    Lv Revision Sum    Content Rank
          1~2       =       1
          3~4       =      1~2
          5~6       =      1~3
          7~8       =      1~4
           9        =      1~5
    Note: The exact values (in case of "~") will be randomly decided depending on
          your current Battle Rank.
    Content Rank Probability Chart:
    BR   C.Rk1  C.Rk2  C.Rk3  C.Rk4  C.Rk5  S.Lv1 S.Lv2 S.Lv3 S.Lv4 S.Lv5
     1     100    0      0      0      0      1     0     0     0     0
     2     100    0      0      0      0      1     0     0     0     0
     3     100    0      0      0      0      1     0     0     0     0
     4      75   25      0      0      0     1~2    0     0     0     0
     5      60   40      0      0      0     1~2   2~3    0     0     0
     6      50   35     15      0      0     1~3   2~4    0     0     0
     7      40   30     30      0      0     1~3   2~4   3~5    0     0
     8      40   25     25     10      0     1~4   2~5   3~6    0     0
     9      35   25     20     20      0     1~4   2~5   3~6   4~7    0
    10      30   20     20     20     10     1~5   2~6   3~7   4~8   5~9
    Unit: % (Content Rank only)
    Notes: C.Rk = Content Rank. S.Lv = Treasure map Search Level. The chart
    displays the relative chances of getting different Content Ranks, and
    also shows what treasure map Search Level is required.
     5) Treasure Hunting                                                   [TM400]
    In case you do not know, the correct way of hunting treasure with Treasure Maps
    1. Of course you must have a Treasure map in your inventory.
    2. Equip the profiencies "Find Treasure" and "Excavate"
    3. Quicksave in a town or a place right before you enter the location your
       TM indicates.
    4. Go to the location your TM indicates and dig up your treasure.
    5. If you did not find what you want, soft reset your game, reload your
       quicksave, and repeat step 4.
    The contents will be different each time even if you dig it up at the same
    Here is my demo video:
    Here are some good and bad locations for treasure hunting in my opinion:
    Good locations:
    - New Road
    - Steps of Galessa
    - Plains
    - Plains Hallow
    - Dinosaur Nest
    - Isthmus
    Bad locations:
    - Twinmoon Temple
    - Mt. Scurve
    - Great Pit
     6) Treasure Hunting Tips                                              [TM500]
    The first time I got a level 4 Treasure Map (Steps of Galessa), I was looking
    for a Blue Saber. I quicksaved in Northpoint and started the search. I did keep
    track on the contents I get from it. For more than 2 hours, I've noticed that
    every time I found a particular item, the amount of golds and bonus items are
    always the same. At that time I started wondering if TMs drop contents from a
    list. Also a few days before that I was looking for Amber Meleate from a level
    2 TM. I hunted for more than 1 hour and still couldn't find it which usually it
    shouldn't be that hard. Think of that, I went to kill some monsters since there
    probably won't be any luck finding the Blue Saber from that quicksave. After
    killing some monsters, I quicksaved in Northpoint and started the search again,
    this time I noticed the contents had change and I found the Blue Saber under 4
    So to the best of my knowledge, this is how TM contents go. When a player got a
    TM, a list of contents will randomly created depends on the player's current
    BR. When the player go to the area where the TM indicated, one of the contents
    from ONLY that list will randomly pick again. Every time the player kill
    monsters, the contents on the list will also change randomly depending on the
    Rank points. So if you couldn't find a treasure item you want for long time,
    try killing some monsters and search again.
    From my experience, if you are at BR 9 or 10, with the level revision of the
    Treasure Map, it is not hard to get content rank 3 items such as Farangi,
    Amber Jack, Shooting Star and Wisteria from a level 1-2 TM; content rank 4
    items such as Dragonscale Blade and Dragonscale Shield from a level 3 TM;
    content rank 5 items such as Blue Saber and Dragonscale Coat from a level 4 TM.
    one time I even found Lady Hawk from a level 1 TM.
    With that being said, there is no need to get a level 5 TM in my opinion.
    Khellendros and Malystrix can be farm from the Silver and Red Dragon, unless
    you want more than one. Mirror Shield can be obtained from Turtle Dragons.
    Black Stone Mail is rather easy to get even from a level 1 TM. Greaves of Titus
    are not hard to find from random chests. Red Peacock is not very useful anyway
    when compare to Darque's Sword or Drachenbrand.
     7) Treasure Map Infinite Use Trick                                    [TM600]
    This trick is also known as the "Trasure Map Recycling Trick", was orginally
    found out by some Japanese players. Here are some videos they uploaded on
    Due to my curiosity after watching the videos, I posted them on the GameFAQs
    Romancing Saga Message Board and has brought to numerous of players'
    attentions. Unfortunately not much information was discovered due to language
    Luckily, about a week later, a translation in English briefly explained how the
    trick works was put out, thanks to Mew seeker after he did some researches on
    some Japanese sites and such, and so I tested the trick the next day and
    confirmed it works on the US Version as well. Below I will try my best to
    explain how this trick really works:
    What are required:
    - Your Treasure Map of course.
    - A character with high level Trade skill, try to get level 5. To make things
      better, get him/her to a level 5 Trader class.
    - Proficiencies "Trade", "Find Treasure", and "Excavate". "Lurk" and "Move
      Silently" are not required but recommended for speed up the trick.
    - Some junk items you can afford to lose, such as Socks, Beast Fang, Tortoise
      Shell, Sticky String, Targe, Composite Bow, etc...
    Follow the steps:
    1.  Go to your inventory, press the triangle bottom and put your Treasure Map
        to your trade window on the left.
    2.  Go buy some junk items if you don't already have in your inventory.
    3.  Equip with the proficiencies Lurk, Move Silently, Trade, Find Treasure and
    4.  Quicksave. (This quicksave is for in case there's no monsters can trade
        with you in the location your TM indicates, or if you are looking for a
        specific item from you TM, or both)
    5.  Go to the location where your TM indicated.
    6.  After you saw a blue arrow on your compass, if you had not put your TM in
        the trade window, do it now. Then keep looking for a monster that can trade
        with you and trade out your TM. If there's no monsters can trade with you,
        soft reset, reload your quicksave, and repeat step 5.
    7.  The blue arrow will still be there in the compass after you trade out your
        TM. Now go dig up your treasure with Find Treasure and Execavte.
    8.  Go to a town and make a regular save at the inn. You may save in a separate
        slot if you want.
    9.  Now pick a different field or dungeon that has only one area, avoid picking
        some places like the Great Pit or Jungle which have multiple levels. The
        simpler the place is, the better. Out of all places, New Road seems to be
        the best, and let's just pick that. Keep going to New Road, and quicksave 
        every time you go there.
    10. Now put your junk items to your trade window and keep trade with monsters.
    During your trades with monsters, if you've ever saw the words "treasure map"
    or "knowledge" on the monster's items side, congratulations! Pick that because
    you will have your TM back! If the trade fail because the monster doesn't want
    your junk items, soft reset your game, reload your quicksave and put some other
    junk items instead, go directly to that monster and trade again, keep doing it
    until you sucessfully got your TM back from the trade.
    Below is the list of favorable items for monsters obtained from Ramtieger's
    Game System FAQ:
    Monster Type    Preferred Categories
    Beastmen        Metals, Ornaments
    Beasts          Bone, Herbs (all colors)
    Plants          Wood, Herbs (all colors), Fragments
    Avians          Ornaments, Minerals, Wood, Bone
    Insects         Wood, Blue Herbs
    Aquatics        Stone, Minerals, Green Herbs
    Reptiles        Metals, Ornaments
    Demons          Ornaments, Fragments, Stone, Minerals
    Undead          Cloths, Leather, Wood
    Unknown         Cloths, Leather, Wood, Bone, Herbs (all colors)
    If there were no monster can trade with, or you didn't saw the "treasure map"
    or "knowledge" option, soft reset your game, load your REGULAR save you created
    on step 8 and repeat step 9.
    Based on the videos and my testing on the trick, it seems like Demon-type
    monsters have a higher chance with your TM for trade than other types monsters.
    So while you are doing step 10, you can look for Demon-type monsters and trade
    with them first.
    Demo video:
    Please note that I tried this trick a couple of times, and not all the time
    works. It's just that you might have a chance to get your TM back, not a
    guarantee. It depends on your luck and may take you a while to get your
    treasure map back. Nevertheless, you are recommended to try it out because it
    is indeed a very worthy trick.
                  '.    J3A5A3!=C=77A7                                       
               '*'7    "%#@##J!*!3@Ч=,=53                                       
           .   ,*(33   *%3%#,*7(J%=,"=57.                                      
           ."*"3%3J, 'AA%A%!*,""''''",=""                                      
                    3#MWW55A5AM@@M557C'                        '. 
                    "73##MMWЮ5A#@MWMA%C7JC                     .*7J=
        "%J7==(!       '#WMW@A5AA55%#@MMM@##AJ.                 .%%!.  
       ,35##3!'.....=35#WMM#5A5W#@WWMW55@#3C7.               '=.    
       .!7%53'     (55@MMW5A%%%A@WWWЧC*7%35A*             '7A='      
            '!7J(" !A@MMMWW#ACAAW@M=J,(J%A*           .A5A        
                ,=%A%WЧ55A@W@#@@AA3J%W%33C7C           *A#553*        
                  .J7%55@#A%77CJJ#5#55#J7!,=#=(==J3*      .,(C#5%7!.         
             '%!=@MWA57(*,=35#@M@@W"  *AJ!.=                           
            .3! A@A%77=!*=C37==C@MMW##5J.  .%A3  .                           
            =7 ,@@@53JJJ(JA,""",3JCC77.  .J3C*                              
           ...%##@A3%7(=735A,,,,,*337(((((  .3J*3                               
           != 5##%=7%=5A#7**,,,*(C=(((( .J=.%"                               
           .35@W7%3AA%J***,**C5==((((*"3! =(                                
           *=!55#@J3%355M#***!!(*(=((((7J' *J                                 
            (%555#5%5%5#C!!!!*C3JJ==  "3.                                 
            *A5A#3#55%%@@C((J,=%%%=  '3'                                  
            75AJ%#5%@A3M#(7J3%7%" .J,                                   
            7A3J5C'"#@@53=%%,(C .C*                                    
            AJ"%! '%M#@5((7JJ 7(.C*                                     
            .A" "''   @5C(73%7C@###A,                                       
             C*       3#5@@##5AAAJC3                                        
             !C       3A@W5AAA5C7WWM7                                        
              7!      5#WM@WM'(M@###7                                        
               !*.   "@5AMM3 !W#"                                        
                 '.  "' !M@@WMЦ  #MC                                         
                        '5##55A, "MWW@3.                                        
                         7MWM7  #5##3.                                       
                         WWM3  !MM@5=,                                     
                         #M###5A" .(#53C3(                                    
                         J@@#55@3    %55A5%7,                                    
                         ,ЮW#=       '.                                       
     8) Miscellaneous Info                                                 [MI000]
    Since most of these information are not yet covered in any FAQ/guide, so I
    decided to put them all in here:
     8.01) About the Minions                                               [MI001]
    Most of the time after you defeated one of the three minions, you'll hear the
    minion say something like: "Unbelievable, but now I know all of your moves!"
    What that really is the techniques you used to defeated the minions during the
    last round of the battle, if the techniques can be deflected, then most likely
    they will be deflect by Saruin when you fighting his first form. Other than
    that, it has no other effects in your game.
     8.02) Stats Cap                                                       [MI002]
    Technically, HP is capped at 999 while all other Stats are capped at 99. In a
    normal game however, you'll probably end up with 450-500 HP and 45-50's Stats
    at ER 20. If you grind until ER22, then you'll probably have around 600/60's
    Stats. If you continue grinding, your Stats will stop around 700/70's.
    It is possible to get your HP to 999, but it is very very time consuming.
    First, you need to keep killing BR 10 monsters to get your characters HP to 700
    or above. After your HP reached 700 or above, the increase range will change
    from 3-12 to 1-5, but now you can get this 1-5 HP gain from ANY monster,
    including the Ruffians in South Estamir and the Kjar Soldier in North Estamir.
    Also, only the characters currently in your team will have this 1-5 HP gain.
    Although it will still take you a while to reach 999 HP from 700 or more HP, it
    is much easier from now on, the real hard part is to get your HP to 700 or
    For all other Stats, when they reached around 70's, then they prttey much stop
    Here are my team's Stats after many many hours of grind:
    		Gray   Claudia   Sif   Barbara   Hawke
      Max HP	999      999     999     999      999
      Max BP        71       70      71      70       68
       STR          69       70      70      70       71
       VIT          70       70      70      70       69
       DEX          70       70      68      70       70
       AGI          69       70      69      70       70
       INT          69       70      64      70       70
       WIL          70       70      69      69       68
       COM          68       70      70      70       70
       CHA          70       70      70      70       69
    In a normal game, there is no need to get your Stats these high. A party with
    500+ HP and 50+ Stats is strong enough to take on all major bosses. However,
    with the HP/Stats of my team, I don't have to be afraid of not having Defense
    Mode all the time. And with the proper setup, I was able to defeat 10FS Saruin
    relatively easy not dying at all without the use of any cheap moves or tricks.
     8.03) Encounter BR 10 Monsters                                        [MI003]
    Some people complained about how hard to encounter BR 10 monsters, here are
    some good ways to meet them:
    The traps in Kidnapper's Cave always give you a higher chance to meet Ifrit, so
    you may do a quicksave before you push the traps. Some players including myself
    also noticed that those monsters in Aurefont Mine during the quest "The Mine
    Assaulted" also have a higher chance to meet BR 10 monsters, so you may leave
    that quest open forever if you want. If these two methods don't work for you,
    you may simply quicksave before touching a monster at BR 9, and keep soft reset
    until you meet a BR 10 monster.
    Some people talked about some tricks to reach BR 10 such as by killing exactly
    333 Estamirian Ghosts as soon as the quest "Frozen Lake Faerie" is open at ER
    22, or by picking up herbs in a certain places, if you get a rare one, then you
    are at BR 10. However, based on my experience as well as some other players,
    you don't have to be at BR 10 to meet BR 10 monsters, and I do believed being 
    at BR 10 only increase the chance of encountering BR 10 monsters, not a
    guarantee, so these tricks seem pretty useless to me.
    Here is a list of BR 10 Monsters obtained from Gundam4Fun's FAQ:
         Class                     Monster                   Drop Items
      -----------            ------------------        ---------------------
        Aquatics               Deep Fish                 Ghost Silver
        Avians                 Basilik
        Beasts                 Stone Beast
        Beastmen               Ogre Lord                 Ogre Gauntlets
        Demons                 Ifrit                     Live Silk
        Insects                Queen Clawbug             Crane Princess
        Plants                 Giant Tree                Wisteria
        Reptiles               Abyssal Marauder          Hydraskin Vest
        Undead                 Spectre
        Unknown                Slime (Grayish)           Chunk of Copper
     8.04) Best Equipments Setup                                           [MI004]
    - Your main weapon
    - Obsidian Sword/Shooting Star/Elemental Staff
    - Shooting Star/Elemental Staff
    - Shooting Star/Elemental Staff
    - Dragonscale Shield/Mirror Shield
    - Fashionable Helm with Garal
    - Field Plate with Garal
    - Conqueror Gloves with Garal or Stonefish Scales
    - Greaves of Titus/Leg Mail with Garal
    - Talisman/Amber Meleate
    - Guardian's Ring/Dragon's Eye (Lighted)
    The Obsidian Sword gives one of your character a decent boost on the Physical
    Defenses. Shooting Stars provide strong protections against Status Ailments.
    If you cannot get that much for every character in your team, buy them
    Elemental Staffs to boost the Magic Defenses. But try to get at least two
    Shooting Stars for each character, three would be the best.
    Adjust the Physical and Magic Defenses ratio of your armors to what you think
    is the best for you. If your character is a magic user, you may temper one of
    your armors with Meteoric Iron for the immunity against Shock. If you have
    Toxic Talon, you may also temper it on one of your armor for the immunity
    against poison.
    This setup is generally the best, of course for some certain bosses you may
    equip with some other items instead for immunity against certain attacks. But
    with this setup, you should not have much troubles at all when comes to battles
    in your game.
     8.05) Techniques Glimmering/Tempering Tips                            [MI005]
    Most people heard about some good glimmer methods such as the Pyrix Trick,
    fighting Ifrit in the traps of Kidnapper's Cave, fighting Death, etc...
    However, there's this one method that I think is the most safe, the most
    effective, and the most enjoyable way to glimmer techniques:
    When you are at BR 9, it's very easy to meet Petrified Fish and Snow Beast,
    especially Petrified Fish in Lake Malar. Both of these BR 9 monsters are
    susceptible to paralysis. Have your character keep using Basic techniques
    (Thrust, Punch, etc...) on them while have like 3 other characters keep using
    Blunt Strike to paralyze them.
    Doing this, most likely they will have no chance to act until you thrust or
    punch them to death. And with all those thrusts and punches, you can learn many
    techniques in a relatively short period of time. This is a very good way to
    maximize your techniques so you can get more spells while keeping your weapon
    Using some techniques does glimmer easier than baisc attacks, if you are
    using those techniques but they keep combo with Blunk Strike, you may use fixed
    battle order and have one character use Defend in between, that will break the
    combo. But for most of the time, you should keep using basic attacks.
    Why do I like this method? Because first, you are in a very safe condition when
    doing it, you don't have to worry about your LP like performing the Pyrix Trick
    or fighting Death, going to towns back and forth to restore your LP just waste
    too much time, especially fighting Death. Second, combos takes priority over
    glimmering, when your characters combo, that just totally eliminate the
    glimmering chance for that round, but when you are using basic attacks, they
    will not combo with other techniques. Third, these two BR 9 monsters have a
    good amount of HP, with just a basic attack each round, you'll have a good
    number of chances to glimmering techniques compare to other battles. Finally,
    it's just fun to watch your characters keep sparkling new techniques, taking
    away your enemies HP little by little, and your enemies have no chance to act
    until they are dead.
    Here is my demo video:
    According to Ramtieger's Game System FAQ, Ifrit (regular BR 10, Not the one in
    Weiserheim during Theodore's Madness) has the highest glimmer rate of 48,
    However, Ifrit is harder to encounter and he is more tough with his
    Self-Immolation Shield and immunity against all Status Ailments. I personally
    would not try to glimmer techniques from him. Petrified Fish has 40 and Snow
    Beast has 43, but they should be good enough for your glimmering needs. In
    fact, they are actually high since Pyrix has only 35 and Death has only 40
    From what I've read on the message board, most people seem to have problems
    with glimmering the technique "Eulogy". Do NOT use the the technique "Golden
    Note" to glimmer it. One easy way is keep using "Knee Split" on tough monsters
    until you get it. However, if you don't have a high level skill in Short Sword,
    you can also try this method. In fact, I've learned "Eulogy" plenty of times
    using this method, it never took me more than 3 battles each time, or even less
    than that. "Eulogy" is really not that hard to learn.
    Here is my demo video:
    This method is also a good way to speed up your weapon tempering process.
    Even if you are using 0 DP techs, all you have to do is set every character
    to the correct move and keep pressing the X botton for like 5-10 minutes, and
    your weapon should be upgraded to the next level.
     8.06) Attack/Defense/Trick Modes                                      [MI006]
    In general, Attack Mode makes you deal more damage, Defense Mode makes you take
    less damage, and Trick Mode makes you act faster in battles.
    As you may already know, Defense Mode is generally the best mode in game, you
    can't go wrong with that in any class, with the equipemnts setup I mentioned
    above in the topic "Best Equipments Setup" [MI004], you'll take much less 
    damage compare with the other two modes. Attack Mode is good with Swordsman as
    both together will give you a very decent damage boost. Classes such as
    Rosalian Lancer and Pirate are good with Trick Mode. However, Trick Mode is the
    most useless mode in my opinion since most of the time you'll be able to act
    faster than your enemies anyway.
    It's really not necessary to have multiple modes in the same weapon or Martial
    Arts while it decreased the attack power, as it only gives you the options to
    switch modes in battle, it does Not give you the benefits of all modes you have
    at the same time.
    For the Demonbrand, some people wondered if you make the Falcata+7 to have all
    modes, and the Demonbrand might have all modes while keeping the attack power
    at 55. Unfortunately, it's a NO. Some players and I tested it, the attack power
    did get lower. Well, good thinking though.
    If you want to know more about weapon modes, please refer to Ramtieger's Game
    System FAQ, it has very detailed informaion about weapon modes.
     8.07) Weapons Best Final Form                                         [MI007]
    After a weapon reached its final level, you may temper it with anything to
    adjust its power, DP, and DP Modifier. Tree Crystal is usually the best choice,
    but there are a few exceptions.
    In my opinion, a weapon's final form is best with either +2 or +4 DP Modifier,
    provides you have either a level 5 class or a level 4 class plus weapon crown,
    you'll receive the maximum DP cost reduction.
    Below is the list of weapon types and their best final form in my opinion:
      Weapon Type             Material             DP Modifier             DP
      ***********             ********             ***********             **
      Foils                   Tree Crystal         +2                      10
      Short Swords            Tree Crystal         +2                      10
      Long Swords             Tree Crystal         +4                      10
      Great Swords            Electrum             +4                      20
      Scimitars               Tree Crystal         +2                      10
      Hand Axes               Tree Crystal         +4                      10
      Clubs                        ---------- (your choice) ----------
      Two-Handed Swords       Tree Crystal         +4                      10
      Katanas                 Tree Crystal         +4                      10
      Two-Handed Axes         Tree Crystal         +4                      10
      Staffs                  Tree Crystal         +4                      10
      Pole Arms               Tree Crystal         +4                      10
      Lances                  Tree Crystal         +4                      10
      Bows                    Electrum             +4                      20
    Foils, Short Swords and Scimitars are best with +2 DP Modifier becuase Mega
    Thrust, Eulogy, Deadly Spin and Kaleidoscope already reach 0 DP cost, and they
    are pretty much all you need. All other weapons should change to +4 DP Modifier
    so you can use those weapons best techniques with 0 DP cost. Great Swords and
    Bows can only get +4 DP Modifier with Electrum. The only exception is Clubs,
    you cannot get +4 DP Modifier even with Electrum, the same goes with LP weapons
    such as the Malystrix and the Khellendros, so the choice is up to you.
    Those are just my suggestions, you don't have to follow them. You may
    definitely not making your weapons to +4 DP Modifier to keep the attack power
    a bit higher, but then you'll need to keep buying materials and keep
    re-tempering  your weapons again and again and again, which is a real hassle.
    Personally, I just like indestructable weapons.
     8.08) Claymore                                                        [MI008]
    The Claymore is the strongest Two-Handed Sword in the game. However, the
    Claymore has the lowest drop rate among all items in the game. Because of that,
    I think it's extremely ridiculous that it drops from random chests instead of
    treasure maps. As you've read my guide, treasure maps do seem much more
    self-manageable to me.
    To get the Claymore, the only requirement is being at BR 9. The Abandoned Keep
    is the best place to search for since the keep has 7 random weapon and armor
    chests, which is the highest among all places.
    According to Gundam4Fun, it took him 132 resets to found the Claymore. That is
    rather lucky! I spent like 4 months with around 4 hours on almost everyday to
    get mine. No other items in the game can compare to the difficulty for getting
    the Claymore.
    During the hunts for the Claymore in Abandoned Keep, he also found the Espada
    Ropera 7 times and at least 1 Shooting Star for each reset, while I only found
    Espada Ropera 3 times, and had never found any Shooting Star from random chests
    (found many from TM though).
    In a normal game, it's definitely not worth your time to search for something
    so ridiculously hard to get. The Morglay is strong enough for your needs. But
    if you want to make everything in your game perfect, give it a try. For the
    both of us, we really hope someone else could find it.
    Claymore's final form with Tree Crystal:
                   / (73/-1/10)
                  /  (68/ 0/10)
                 /   (64/+1/10)
      Claymore+3 --- (60/+2/10)
                 \   (55/+3/10)
                  \  (51/+4/10)
                   \ (47/+5/10)
    "The highest-quality two-handed sword, masterfully crafted from select iron."
    Here is my video:
     8.09) Altours Orchard Mini-Quest 2nd Part - Chasing Birds             [MI009]
    Eleinia's FAQ/Walkthrough has some very good information on this Altours
    Orchard Mini-Quest. However, the quest is not finished. That is only the first
    part, and here I am going to talk about the second part - Chasing Birds.
    (For information on the first part, please refer to Eleinia's FAQ/Walkthrough
    section RS807.)
    Sometimes after you finished the first part of this quest with a good harvest
    (you might have to get a good harvest for the first part a couple of times),
    and you come back to Altours, you may find two men standing in front of the
    fruit seller. The left one is the one always telling you his shipment from
    Yeoville is late. But the one standing on the right tells you the birds keep
    eating the fruit and asks you if you can chase the birds away for them. Accept
    the request and it will brings you to the orchard.
    You cannot get into regular battles with the birds, but you can make them go
    away by pressing the X button when you touch them. There is no time limit on
    this mini-game. However, if all fruits on the trees are gone, either took by
    you or ate by the birds, the game is over.
    Your objective is to get as many fruits as possible before the birds ate them.
    If you get 3 or less fruits, you will get a bad harvest. If you get 4 or 5, you
    will get a fair harvest. To get a good harvest, you need to get at least 6
    fruits. This is actually kind of hard and may take you a couple of tries.
    Here is my demo video:
    If you got 6 fruits, you will hear the vitorous music when the game is over.
    The man will tell you to be sure to come back next year, and you will get a
    free Fruit of Riches. But that is not the true reward of this mini-quest. The
    true reward of the min-quest is you will get an extra scene after you beat the
    game. You will see the man chasing the birds away, and he say you sure worked
    hard and really hope you can come back again. It is not really a reward that
    can help you in your playthrough, but it is still one extra accomplishment.
     8.10) Draconite Barrier				               [MI010]
    On some Japanese websites and forums, there are information on a trick called
    the "Draconite Barrier". It's basically a bug when Albert, Jamil, or Gray is in
    Draconite class and your Main character is in a certain position, your whole
    team's defense and speed will go up:
    Albert in Draconite class, main character at FRONT
    Jmail in Draconite class, main character at MIDDLE
    Gray in Draconite class, main character at REAR
    In fact, they don't even have to be in the party. As long as they are in
    Draconite class, the Draconite Barrier will triggered. The effect won't overlap
    when 2 or all 3 of them are in Draconite class, but will increase as class level
    goes up. It has to be at least level 3 to show a noticeable defensive impact.
    Example 1:
    Albert (Main Character) is in Draconite class and he is at front row  = OK
    Example 2:
    Claudia (Main character) is at rear, while Gray is in Draconite class = OK
    The effect is about the same as having Rosalian Officer in Defense Mode, and
    it can stack up with all other defense bonuses.
    However, this bug seems only work on the Japanese version of the game. A few
    people and myself had tested it on the US version, but we could not see any
    noticeable difference, and I don't think there is anything we are missing.
    Anyway, you can try to test it out, if you found out there is any more factor,
    please feel free to contact me. 
                .7MM##A@#@MMW#!        WMWW@%A5#55@W###@##A%33%C=!
                  !@M5AA##@MM@C.     "WWW@MMMWMMMW@%C7JCCCC=,'.
                   .CMM5A55MW@!    !MAWJ*,!=%#C!,'''.        
                     ЮW@5%3%#WWW@=. .=W@@%#*!(3J("..            
       JWJ@5MJ%373%%%AAA#C (((C7(*,*!!!!=3A#WM#WWW#5553('            
       AJ@AM@(77=7J%33A5' .CJ=(!,,*!!(=(%5#ЮMMMMW7((            
       %3W35(77==7CJJJ=7C%!     .,C(!****!(((!,!3%@MMMC=3%            
    .."W=WJ#7(((((=7=!!="       !J=!!!!!((**,"*=C3@MWMMMW@#J"            
    ,,7!#JW7!C(!!(!*'     .. 337!!!!!!!,"!!!J5WWMMW%*.             
     9) Final Words                                                        [FINAL]
    Although this is a short guide, many time had spent and many efforts had put in
    to test the accuracy of the informaion, and it is written to the best of my
    With all the information put out above, I wish everyone good luck with hunting
    treasures and have an enjoyable time in the game.
    Oh, and check out my other Romancing SaGa videos in my playlist:
    If you like them, don't forget to subscribe.   :)
     10) Version History                                                   [RSA00]
    Version 1.0 - Released on August 7, 2009.
    Version 1.1 - Released on August 10, 2009.
                - Fixed some minor errors on the text.
    Version 1.2 - Released on August 17, 2009.
                - Added Miscellaneous Info section with various topics in it.
                - Numbered all sections and topics.
                - Edited the table of contents.
                - Slightly edited some text and format.
                - Corrected some minor spelling errors.
    Version 1.3 - Released on August 31, 2009.
                - Added the "Encounter BR 10 Monsters" topic in Miscellaneous Info
                - Slightly edited some text.
                - Corrected some minor spelling errors.
    Version 1.4 - Released on October 19, 2009.
                - Slightly rearranged the topics in Miscellaneous Info Section.
                - Slightly edited some text.
                - Corrected some minor spelling errors.
    Version 1.5 - Released on January 4, 2010.
                - Corrected some minor spelling errors.
    Version 1.6 - Released on December 18, 2010.
                - Slightly edited some text.
                - Corrected some minor spelling errors.
    Version 1.7 - Released on May 10, 2011.
                - Added video links on various topic.
                - Added the "Altours Orchard Mini-Quest 2nd Part - Chasing Birds"
                  topic in Miscellaneous Info Section.
                - Edited some text.
    Version 1.8 - Released on February 26, 2012.
                - Added video link of Treasure Map Infinite Use Trick. Thanks to
                - Corrected some minor spelling errors.
    Version 1.9 - Released on October 18, 2014.
                - Slightly edited some text.
                - Corrected some minor spelling errors.
    Version 2.0 - Released on November 4, 2014.
                - Added the "Draconite Barrier" topic in Miscellaneous Info
                - Edited some text and format.
     11) Contact Info                                                      [RSB00]
    If you have any question or found any error, please feel free to contact me on
    the GameFAQs Romancing SaGa Message Board, and please be polite.
     12) Credits                                                           [RSC00]
    Special Thanks to:
    - Square Enix for making this game.
    - Eleinia, Ramtieger, Gundam4Fun, and all other players who contributed their
    FAQs to this game. Really helpful!
    - The Japanese players who first found out the Treasure Map Infinite Use Trick.
    - Mew seeker for the translation on the Treasure Map Infinite Use Trick.
    - FarelTheGecko for his video upload of the Treasure Map Infinite Use Trick.
    - Anyone who gave out any tips or information on the GameFAQs Romancing SaGa
    Message Board.
    - And You. Thank you for reading my guide.
     13) Legal                                                             [RSD00]
    This guide is authorized to be posted on GameFAQs.com only. It may not be
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
    be put on any other web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
    written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
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    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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