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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TehSpecialVet0rz

    Version: 0.40 | Updated: 04/12/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory FAQ/Walkthrough
    Created by: Chris Coleman
    Created on: March 31th, 2005
    Version 0.40
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    = 1) Table of Contents       =
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    1) Table of Contents
    2) Introduction to FAQ
       --> a. Version History
       --> b. FAQ Copyright
       --> c. Credits
    3) Basic Controls
       --> a. Without Weapon Equipped
       --> b. With Weapon Equipped
    4) Walkthrough
       --> a. Mission 1: Lighthouse
       --> b. Mission 2: Cargo Ship
       --> c. Mission 3: Bank
       --> d. Mission 4: Penthouse
       --> e. Mission 5: Displace
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    = 2) Introduction to FAQ     =
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    --> [a. Version History] <--
    . April 11, 2005 - ver0.0
      + Added walkthrough for "Mission 5: Displace".
      + Added walkthrough for "Mission 6:
    . April 8, 2005 - ver0.40
      + Added walkthrough for "Mission 3: Bank".
      + Added walkthrough for "Mission 4: Penthouse".
    . April 1, 2005 - ver0.20
      * FAQ/Walkthrough is started and structure is partially built.
      + Added table of contents.
      + Added section "Introduction to FAQ".
      + Added section "Basic Controls".
      + Added walkthrough for "Mission 1: Lighthouse".
      + Added walkthrough for "Mission 2: Cargo Ship".
    --> [b. FAQ Copyright] <--
    Please *READ* the following information before using my FAQ/Walkthrough.
    (c) Copyright 2005 Chris Coleman.
    The following FAQ is strictly forbidden to any reproduction or 
    modification with out the author's written consent. If you wish to add
    my FAQ to your website, contact me by email, which can be found above.
    The following site(s) are the only one(s) that have my permission to 
    host my FAQ/Walkthrough:
    --> [c. Credits] <--
    (Looking for FAQ contributions)
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    = 3) Basic Controls          =
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    --> [a. Without Weapon Equipped] <--
    X Button: Equip/Unequip primary weapon
    Y Button: Jump
    A Button: Interact
    B Button: Crouch/Stand
    Left Trigger: Knockout attack
    Right Trigger: Lethatl attack
    Black Button: Access Real-Time Inventory
    White Button: Whistle
    Left Analog: Move Sam in any direction
    Left Analog Click: Puts Sam's back to the wall, Zooms in when using binoculars
    Right Analog: Rotate camera/view
    Right Analog Click: Binoculars
    D-Pad Left: Turn on/off night vision
    D-Pad Right: Turn on/off thermal vision
    D-Pad Up: Turn on/off EMF vision
    Start Button: Brings up pause screen
    Back Button: Brings up objectives screen
    --> [b. With Weapon Equipped] <--
    (SC-20K) Left Trigger: Seconday fire, Holds breath when in Sniper Mode
    (SC-20K) Right Trigger: Primary fire
    (SC Pistol) Left Trigger: Fires OCP
    (SC Pistol) Right Trigger: Primary fire
    Left Analog Click: Switches firing grip
    Right Analog Click: Enters/Exits sniper mode
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    = 4) Walkthrough             =
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    [a. Mission 1: Lighthouse]
    Mission Objectives
    Primary Objectives:
    - Recover or destroy information about the Masse Kernels
    Any information the Guerillas may have gotten from Morgenholt must be
    recovered or destroyed. And any copies of it must be erased from computers or
    - Rescue Morgenholt
    If possible, rescue Bruce Morgenholt from the Guerillas. Do no compromise the
    mission for the rescue.
    Secondary Objectives:
    - Eliminate Hugo Lacerda
    Hugo Lacerda has been elevated to Third Echelon's target of opportunity list.
    Take advantage of any possible opportunity to remove him from the list.
    Opportunity Objectives:
    None yet.
    Sam will start standing on the beach of the lighthouse next to his crashed
    inflatable boat. Turn around and head up the stone ledge into the narrow
    crevice. Walk through and enter the crawl space at the end. As Sam exits the
    crawl space, run to the ledge in front of you and jump on top of it. Climb up
    two more steps to reach the top.
    Underground Cave:
    *New Primary Objective*
    - Discover where the Guerillas got their arms and equipment.
    The Guerillas have seemingly received weapons from an unknown party, possibly
    as payment for the kidnapping of Morgenholt. Discover where the weapons came
    Before the two guards show up on the far side of the cave, move to the left
    and find the ledge path that will take you around to a small hidden room. Walk
    into the middle of the room and find the ladder you need to climb.
    *New Opportunity Objective*
    - Scan the SSCC Bar Code of the delivered crates
    Scan the weapons crates containing weapons delivered to Lacerda by checking
    them manually or by using your EEV.
    Pop up from the ladder and walk to the crates in the room on the right. Use
    Sam's EEV (right analog click) and scan the crate for SSCC Bar Code #1. Move 
    out of the room and follow the stairs up to a small storage hallway. One guard
    is on patrol back and forth down the hallway. Use Sam's EEV on the crate left
    of the next set of stairs for SSCC Bar Code #2 and sneak across the hallway
    when the guard isn't looking. Make your way up the stairs and enter the door.
    Torture Room:
    Walk down the slanted pathway and hide yourself behind the boxes in the shadows
    in front of you. Wait until the guards are bored of torturing Morgenholt and
    one of them will exit right in front of you. After he walks by, wait until the
    remaining guard sits down in his chair with his back to you. Walk up to the
    torture room and continue passed the recently deceased Morgenholt and straight
    on through the dark corridor. Pick the lock on the door and open the door
    Security Posts:
    Close the door and walk forward until you can take a left around the back of
    the first tent. Stay in the shadows and make your way to the other tent across
    from you. Walk inside the tent and scan the crate sitting there for SSCC Bar
    Code #3. Leave the tent and head over to the doorway with the light sitting
    over the top of it. Use the OPC and take the light out so the guards don't see
    you. Walk through the hallway and into the next courtyard.
    Underneath the small building in this next yard, use the EEV to scan the crate
    for SSCC Bar Code #4. Finish that and follow the cracked wall dividing you from
    two guards. When one leaves to patrol, jump onto and over the wall through the
    small hole and sneak behind the guard and the boxes behind him. Quietly walk
    past the generator and up the stairs into a cozy room with a nice fire going.
    Creep passed the man watching the fire and out onto the wooden catwalk. Stay
    on the catwalk and stop before you come into the light. Use your OCP and get
    rid of the light. Sneak into the room and avoid the one guard that will
    periodically shift around the room. Find the computer in here and access it
    to complete your objective, then leave under the door flap.
    Wait at the corner until the two guards finish their conversation and follow
    right behind them down the stairs. The first one will hook around the corner
    and sit under the nook in the wall, while the second will walk forward next to
    some cannons. Quickly turn to the first guard and scan the crate next to him
    for SSCC Bar Code #5 and make your way down the next set of stairs. Be quiet as
    to not disturb the metal worker fixing his little gate in the room. Follow the
    stairs all the way to the bottom and walk on the path until you reach the
    bridge and the lighthouse.
    Take out the light in front of the bridge with your OCP and make sure to avoid
    the guard patrolling around the base. On the backside of the lighthouse, use
    the door and get inside without being seen. Be sure to close the door so the
    guard outside isn't suspicious.
    Allow the radio transmitter to finish his conversation and complete your
    objective before continuing up the spiral staircase to the top of the
    *New Primary Objective*
    - Exfiltrate to the primary extraction point
    Exfiltrate from the top of the lighthouse by clearing the upper platform and
    disabling the lighthouse light.
    At the top of the staircase, climb the ladder and wait at the top of the ladder
    before jumping up onto the roof. Time your movement perfectly so that you are
    not seen by the guard or lit up by the lighthouse light. Near the door, disable
    the light and hop over the railing of the lighthouse. When the guard turns the
    light back on and returns to patrolling, grab him and launch him off the
    lighthouse. Turn the light back off and call for extraction.
    Mission Complete.
    [b. Mission 2: Cargo Ship]
    Sam starts the mission on the bow of the Maria Narcissa and gets a little
    warning from Lambert regarding the alarm system on board. As the first guard
    slowly walks passed Sam to his left, walk out from behind the reel and grab
    him. Quietly dispose of him in the shadows somewhere and return to the spot
    the mission began. The remaining guard to the right will start a conversation
    with another one who is patrolling. Let them finish and part ways before
    sneaking over and grabbing the guard still there. Deal with him accordingly and
    wait for the remaining guard to patrol by. When he walks through the small
    passageway leading from one side of the boat to the other, jump down and hit
    him from the above. Hide the body and head down the right side of the ship.
    Sneak swiftly from side to side on this narrow path, hiding behind any cover
    there is to be found. Move to the dark spot behind a couple barrels right in
    front of a staircase. There is a guard patrolling up and down the staircase and
    around the area above. Once he walks up the staircase and turns away, move down
    the staircase and hide beneath them. Wait for the guard to come back down and
    and walk right next to you. Don't freak out, if you're in the darkness, he
    won't see you. As he turns around and walks away, run out and grab him. Handle
    him like always and move to the sliding door in front of you.
    Go through the door and slide down the ladder. You will be informed on a new
    objective right away, placing tracking devices on the weapons cargo. Move
    forward and climb on top of the large crate in front of you. Run to the far
    end of the cargo hold and to the left you will see a small opening in the
    partition separating the rooms. Squeeze through it and place the first tracking
    device on the crate in front of you. Again, use Sam's climbing skills and get
    yourself on top of the crates in this hold. Manage your way over to the ladder
    across the room and another objective will be given, unflood the ship's
    Walk through this door and down the flooded hallway. Ignore the door spilling
    water on the right and continue straight. On the right, slide the door open
    and sneak up on the man using the electric saw. Knock him out and look to the
    left of where he was. Walk over to the wall and enter this crawlspace. Scoot
    your way down the vent and hop out when you reach the end.
    This room is the auxiliary pump room. There are two guards in here, one up on
    the catwalk with you and one down below working the pump switchboard. Above is
    a pipe that follows the path of the catwalk. Grab on to it and pull your legs
    up. Scoot down the pipe until the guard is below you. Grab him by the neck and
    knock him out. Hop down off of the pipe and use the OCP to shoot out the light
    above the guard below. Jump over the railing and sneak up behind him while the
    lights are still out. After the two guards are dealt with, go up to the pump
    switchboard and activate the pumps. This will finish the unflooding objective
    and present a new one, finding the ship's bill of lading. Exit the auxiliary 
    pump room via the crawlspace and return to the door that was spilling out water
    Slide down the ladder and climb on top of the cargo boxes in this hold. The
    bill of lading is on the backside of one of the top boxes to the right. The
    box has a red tool chest sitting on top of it if there is trouble finding it.
    Read the bill of lading and leave the room through the sliding door.
    In this hallway, there is a small nook in the right wall that is shrouded in
    darkness. Walk straight until reaching this spot and jump down into the open
    vent here. Follow the vent underneath the patrolling guards above and come out
    on the other side. Walk down the stairs and through the door below.
    Enter the engine room and hide behind the lockers on the left wall. When the
    first guard approaches, grab him and knock him out in the dark. Move around to
    the otherside of the room and walk up the stairs. Avoid the guard up here, if
    possible and move to the next set of stairs leading to the next floor. Sneak up
    on the guard that is not paying any attention and knock him out. Leave out the
    door on the left, but don't go up the stairs. Instead, go through the next door
    and take out the guard leaving his bedroom. Walk all the way through to the
    last compartment and place the second tracking device on the crate that seems
    to be in a closet. Return to the stairs and walk up both sets.
    Follow the hallway and enter the room with the opened door. As soon as you step
    inside the room, enter the crawlspace on the lower left side. Follow it along
    and climb out at the end of it. Ignore the two guards and wait for one to leave
    the room. Sneak behind the man on the computer and search the file cabinets for
    the ledgers. Leave the room, no need to create more bodies to hide for no
    Walk down the hallway and leave through the door straight ahead. Outside, turn
    left and place a tracking device on the crate hidden beneath the stairs. Move
    up the stairs and turn right through the first door on Deck 2. Walk through the
    hall way and enter the next room, which is a mess hall. Knock out the two
    guards in this room and find the weapons crate to place the fourth tracking
    device off to the right. Move back to the main mess hall area and leave through
    the door ahead. Walk quietly and turn left at the first chance presented. If
    you proceed straight, you will run into two more guards sitting down for their
    Once outside again, walk up the stairs to reach Deck 3. Behind the stairs is
    the fifth crate sitting in the shadows. Move through the hallway and up the
    stairs quietly into the Main Bridge. The person on the left is the captain,
    sneak up on him and interrogate him. Knock him out and get rid of his little
    buddy as well before leaving the Bridge.
    Head back down the stairs and through the hallway again. Turn right and open
    the closed door leading you to a bathroom on the left, a kitchen on the right,
    and another closed door straight ahead. Walk into the kitchen and hide by the
    counter to the left of that door. Allow Lacerda to finish his conversation with
    the guards inside and he will walk into the kitchen. Grab him and interrogate.
    Once he's done talking, kill him to complete the objective.
    Run back to the Main Bridge and exit out the door that was nearest the spot
    where the Captain was. Outside, dart across the open area and up the stairs.
    Continue straight where you will wrap around the side of a room and there will
    be a ladder for you to slide down. Right below you is another ladder leading
    to an area with three guards patrolling, as well as the last weapons crate you
    need to place a tracking device on. Go down the ladder and sneak around the
    guards and over to the weapons crate on the other side of a bigger crate. Place
    the device and head back up the ladder. Follow the path around the side of the
    ship to the next ladder. Climb that one and call for extraction.
    Mission Complete.
    [c. Mission 3: Bank]
    Mission Objectives
    Primary Objectives:
    - Enter the bank
    Gain entry to the bank via the rooftops, or though the front entrance.
    - Determine who MCAS bank purchased the arms for
    MCAS bank brokered the deal for Lacerda's weapons. Determine who contracted 
    them to do this. This information is stored on their separate server in the 
    main vault.
    - Steal $50.000.000 in French governmental bearer bonds
    In order to make the vault penetration look like a simple theft, steal the 
    fifty million dollars worth of French government bonds that are stored in the 
    fireproof vault cabinet.
    Secondary Objectives:
    - Look for any suspicious transaction records
    Search hard-copy files in the offices of MCAS bank officials for evidence of 
    further suspicious dealings relating to the Morgenholt kidnapping.
    Opportunity Objectives:
    - Plant a series of false emails to make it look like an inside job
    Grimsdottir has provided a series of emails to plant on MCAS bank computers. 
    These will draw attention away from the operation and make the robbery look 
    like an inside job.
    Front Court Yard:
    Sneak around the right of the two talking guards. Stop and OCP the lantern
    hanging above the guard. Move past him and follow the path that curves off to
    the right. On the other side of the arched door, OCP the camera on the left
    wall. Walk past the camera and hop onto the ladder in front of you. Climb the
    ladder to the very top of the building.
    Roof Top:
    On top of the roof you will need to shut down the magnetic locks on these
    dome shaped windows. Walk past them over to the other side of the roof and pick
    the lock on the door of the small building. Turn the power off and find the
    glass dome that opened up as a result of the switch. Grab onto the rope and
    slide down until you reach the floor.
    First Floor:
    *New Primary Objective*
    - Authorize the vault access from three officers' panels
    Vault access must be authorized from the president's office, the main 
    security office and the treasurer's office. It does not matter in which order 
    the access is authorized.
    Drop off of the rope and don't move an inch, the whole room is wired with
    security lasers. Pull out your EEV and scan it onto one of the computers in the
    room. Access the computer through the EEV and switch the lasers off. Exit via
    the glass door behind you, keep quiet because a guard is sleeping against the
    wall to the right.
    Turn to the left and follow the red carpet on the floor. Go into hallway and
    come around the corner quietly where the guard is sitting and watching the
    surveillance cameras. Sneak up alongside the wall without drawing the guard's
    attention. Knock the guard out and use the computer. Select Security Access and
    hack the system. Upload Fake Email #1 into the computer and exit out the two
    glass doors you entered in through.
    Follow the red carpet to the other side of the room, the side with the sleeping
    guard. The left set of glass doors is lit, you want to use this one. Allow the
    guard inside the room to walk into the computer room. Open the door and blast
    the camera on the left wall with your OCP. Walk across the room to the far
    wooden door and enter through it. Turn to the left and use your EEV on the PC
    hard drive sitting to the left of the guard's head. Hack the Security Access
    and Upload Fake Email #2 on to the computer. Before leaving, read the email
    titled "Re: Security Room Door Code" to get the door code (2306). Exit out the
    glass door and follow the stairs up to the next floor.
    Second Floor:
    Stay out of the light from the window and in the shadows all the way to the
    left of the stair case. As the guard patrols away from you, follow him closely.
    After clearing the last laser, dart off the the shadow of the pillar on the
    right. Turn around and EEV the PC behind you at the desk. Hack the Access
    Security again and Upload Fake Email #3. Follow the guard into the hallway
    and perform a split jump over head. Wait up here until the first guard can't
    see you and the second guard is near enough to follow through the next set of
    lasers. When the guard goes off to the side, hide in the shadows and wait for
    him to make his way back.
    Walk through this dark room and into the hallway. Follow it until you reach a
    small room off to the right. Enter the room and take out the camera in the left
    corner with the OCP. Walk towards the glass walled room and around to the door
    security pad on the right. Enter the Security Room Door Code (2306) and open
    the door very quietly. Aim your EEV at the PC hard drive and hack the Security
    Access. Upload Fake Email #4, then walk over to the computer on the left. Use
    the computer and hack the Security Access. Delete the camera archives to
    complete one of your objectives. On your way out, flip the switch to Enable
    Make your way around the glass room and to the door with the keypad. Hack the
    keypad and go in. Go to the next door and lock pick it to get through. Walk to
    the backside of the President's desk and switch the Enable Access again. Hack
    the Security Access on his computer and Upload Fake Email #5. Move towards the
    window and jump over the railing. When the guard isn't looking, let go and fall
    to the ground.
    Court Yard:
    Make your way through the shadows over towards the wooden stairs on the right.
    Walk up the stairs and enter the crawlspace left of the door.
    The Vault Area:
    Exit the crawlspace and switch the last Enable Access next to you. Move to the
    Treasurer's computer and hack the Security Access. Upload Fake Email #6 and
    search the cabinet next to the computer. Leave the room and move forward next
    to the security room. Use your EEV like you did before and scan the computer
    in the room. Hack the Access Security and plant Fake Email #7.
    Walk through the glass door and veer off to the right before going down the
    stairs. In this room there are a lot of lock boxes, you need to find number
    1024 to get some equipment to blow the vault. Head down the stairs now and
    place the telemetric lock pick on one of the locks. Move to the other one and
    pick the lock like Turtle tells you to. After that is dealt with, place the
    charge onto the vault door and move back to detonate it.
    Head into the vault and get to the computer in the very back. Turn off the
    Vault lights, open the cage, and plant Fake Email #8 here. Move around to the
    cage and grab the money you came for. 
    *New Primary Objective*
    - Exfiltrate to the primary extraction point
    Exfiltrate over the outer wall from the front of the bank where you entered.
    Move to door of the vault and stop shortly before walking onto the ramp. Pull
    out your pistol and use the OCP on both of them before moving out of the vault.
    Creep back up the stairs and past the security window again and round the
    corner. Use the door on the left and the next door of that room to reach the
    Front Courtyard again. Make your way past the same three guards as before over
    to the wall where Sam will exfiltrate over the wall.
    Mission Complete.
    [d. Mission 4: Penthouse]
    Mission Objectives
    Primary Objectives:
    - Get to Zherkezhi's penthouse in the adjacent building
    Zherkezhi's penthouse apartment has power and is connected to the roof by 
    electrical cables attached to the large sign.
    - Access Zherkezhi's server to determine who Dvorak is
    Access Zherkezhi’s private terminal and find out who Dvorak is. The terminal
    is probably hidden somewhere near the master bedroom.
    Secondary Objectives:
    None yet.
    Opportunity Objectives:
    None yet.
    The Street:
    Sam starts behind a dumpster with a National Guard patrolling to his left. When
    the guard turns, follow him and avoid the flare on the ground. Right past the
    flare is a ladder leading up the building. Climb to the top and follow the
    stairs to some crates blocking your path. Jump on top of them and grab the
    concrete ledge of the building. Shimmy your way left around the building and
    slide down the pipe. Move through the open doorway and around the corner into
    the door that leads into the building.
    Walk in here and sit in the shadows near the mechanic fixing the elevator. Once
    the elevator is fixed, sneak into it and ride it up to a small storage room.
    There is one guard patrolling the room, manage your way around him and wait in
    the shadows until there is a chance to make your way to the staircase and up
    on to the roof top.
    On the roof is a helicopter and three guards patrolling around. Move forward
    and hop over the set of pipes in front of you to a spot where you can sit and
    wait safely in the dark. The guards will have a small conversation and after
    they're done, walk towards the big neon sign on the building. Use the OCP on
    the pistol and zap out the neon sign. Move towards the neon sign and climb the
    ladder to the left of it. Find the electrical wires hanging from the sign to
    the adjacent building and use them as a zip line to reach the other side.
    The Outter Penthouse:
    *New Primary Objective*
    - Find out who the mercenaries work for
    The men protecting Zherkezhi appear to be professional mercenaries. Find out 
    who they work for by interrogating any of them or accessing any computer they 
    may have brought.
    Jump around the corner of the building onto the penthouse balcony. Then hop
    over the railing and shimmy across the ledge of the balcony. When you come to
    a lit doorway, hop back onto the balcony and go into it. Cut the material on
    the right and walk over the crawlspace on the left wall. Enter the crawlspace
    and make your way to the other side. Walk through the next room, but avoid the
    two guards patrolling it and the hallway. On the other side is another guard
    sleeping at his desk, use your EEV and hack into the Security Access of his
    PC to complete one of your objectives. Walk by the sleeping guard and pick the
    door lock.
    *New Opportunity Objective*
    - Tap the penthouse video cameras
    Tapping the security cameras that Zherkezhi has installed will facilitate 
    Echelon's ability to more closely monitor his activities.
    There is a special type of camera on the wall outside. Use the OCP and walk up
    to it to place the Camera Tap #1. If necessary, use the OCP on it again and
    continue up the stairs to the two doors.
    The Inner Penthouse:
    Of the two doors, use the one on the left. There is a guard listening to music
    in here, sneak passed him by staying against the wall in the shadows. Around
    the corner, open the glass door and listen to the two guards talking. After one
    leaves, hit the camera behind the tree with the OCP. Place Camera Tap #2 here.
    Enter the crawlspace next to the glass door and follow it into the kitchen.
    *New Secondary Objective*
    - Discover who is in charge of the Zherkezhi protection detail
    Some of the guards may know who is in charge of the Zherkezhi protection 
    detail. Ask Around.
    Look up and grab onto the pipe. Pull your legs up and shimmy towards the
    hallway. When the guard goes passed you and stops, jump down and run down the
    hallway into the shadows. Place Camera Tap #3 on the camera in the small room
    on the right side of the hallway. Then get behind the hanging pictures and
    sneak up to the camera next to the TV. Place Camera Tap #4 here. Move back and
    walk right passed the guard and up the spiral staircase.
    As you approach the room with the three PC monitors, stay to the left wall and
    use the OCP on the camera in here. Place Camera Tap #5 here and walk behind
    the orange wall. Open the door here and continue down a hallway to another
    door. Enter the door and access the computer to complete an objective and get
    a new door code (0280).
    *New Primary Objective*
    - Locate Dvorak
    Go to the abandoned part of the building across the roof and locate Zherkezhi's
    associate, Dvorak.
    Now head back and go passed the camera to the other hallway. Use a split jump
    in the hallway and wait until the guard passes below you. Jump down and run
    into the room the guard just exited. Ignore the guard in the room and place
    Camera Tap #6 on the camera to the left of the door. Leave the room and go back
    to the spot with the window and wait in the darkness. When the guard stops at
    the window, grab him and interrogate.
    Jump out the window and then jump off of the roof back to the lower level that
    you were at earlier. Sneak back into the room with the blasting music through
    the glass door again and make your way back outside. This time, take the door
    you passed up on the first trip by. Now that the magnetic locks are dealt with,
    go through the next door.
    The Penthouse Rooftop:
    Through this door you will end up on the rooftop. Let the patrolling guard make
    his way passed you to the right and sneak from crate to crate up towards the
    lit door on the left. Don't make too much noise, or the guards in the window
    might notice you. Inside this room, find the next door. There is a guard
    directly on the other side, bash the door and knock him out.
    Dvorak's Base:
    Go left passed the elevator shaft and use the keycode from the PC (0280) to
    open up the door. Walk over to the old man and keep him talking to get some
    information out of him.
    *New Primary Objective*
    - Retrieve a hardcopy output for a single Dvorak execution cycle
    Restart the Dvorak computer without overheating it and recover a stack of punch
    cards that contain the data from its execution cycle.
    After talking with Grim you need to get a stack of the output codes. Start the
    process by activating the Main Server. Since you only need to worry about the
    three machines on the left, just watch them until the tubes in them start to
    glow orange and flip their switch. After the process is done, grab the stack of
    outputs and leave.
    *New Primary Objective*
    - Exfiltrate to the primary extraction point
    Exfiltrate from the main elevator in the living room of Zherkezhi's penthouse.
    Time for extraction now. Head back passed the knocked out guard and into the
    room nearest outside. Optic Cable the door and check to see when the guard out
    side is away from you. Run back to the magnetic door and back into the door
    leading into the room with the loud music. Sneak by that guard again and back
    outside to the balcony with the crawlspace. Enter the crawlspace and sneak
    passed the guard in the kitchen again. In the hallway, take the left door which
    leads into a laundry room. Find the crawlspace and crawl through, dropping into
    the elevator shaft. Drop into the elevator and call for extraction.
    Mission Complete.
    [e. Mission 5: Displace]
    Mission Objectives
    Primary Objectives:

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