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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SamFisherRules

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                           SPLINTER CELL - CHAOS THEORY
    You are Sam Fisher...you are a Splinter Cell. 
    Welcome to Sam's latest mission.
    The year is 2007, the era of information warfare. An algorithmic code which has 
    the potential to trigger world war three has been stolen, and only one person 
    has the key. With tension mounting in the far east between Korea, China and 
    Japan due to Japan's implementation of it's Information Self Defence Force, you
    must find this person and recover the code before the Chaos Theory becomes
    reality with global catastrophic consequences.
    This guide is not meant as a strategy to get 100% per mission. (For a very good
    guide for this have a look at 'VampireHorde's' walkthrough) It is merely a 
    guide to go through each mission step by step and how to combat the bad guys,
    tackle tricky situations and find stuff to complete each mission's objectives
    on 'HARD'.
    In Chaos Theory, there are a few things that have changed since Pandora 
    Tomorrow, inasmuch that, you lose some things from PT, but you gain a few
    extra goodies in CT.
    The ability to zoom your sniper scope in has gone, which means when you hit R3
    this is the only maginification you get. You tend to have to be a bit more
    accurate with headshots also.
    You no longer have the SWAT turn, but to be honest, you're not going to need
    Things you gain....
    You now have a funky special forces knife, which enables silent kills.
    Inverted neck break - haning upside down from a rope or pipe, you can grab the 
    neck of an enemy below and either break his neck or knock him out.
    Close quarter kills - When right up close to someone, you have a choice now of
    grabbig them like in previous SC games, or, you can hit L1 or R1 and this will
    knock out the enemy or kill them (respectively)
    Hitting L1, Sam will either karate chop their neck from behind, or from the 
    front, he'll just simply smack them square in the face. 
    Similarly, hitting R1, Sam will draw his knife and slice their throat open
    or from the front, will just plunge the knife into their ribs.
    Of course the same applies after grabbig them, but you have the choice of 
    whether to kill them (R1) or just to knock them out (L1).
    You now have a little sound meter (a series of little boxes below your light
    sensor). There is a marker on the sound meter which denotes the ambient noise
    level, and the meter lights up accodring to how much noise you're making.
    You still have the trusty SC20K rifle, but with a few add-ons.
    Sniper attachment. High powered round designed for long accurate shots.
    Shotgun - for close quarter armed combat - Very noisy though.
    Foregrip attachment - useful for steadying the weapon in both sniper mode and
    on automatic fire.
    You also have all the other goodies like sticky shockers, airfoil rounds etc.
    Airfoil rounds will now knock out enemies wherever you shoot them, not just 
    the head.
    The 5-7C pistol now has a built in OCP (Opitcally Channelled Potentiator).
    Basically it's a gadget which disrupts electronic stuff like lights and 
    cameras. Very useful when you're somewhere where shooting a light would be
    too noisy.
    Use it by aiming your pistol at the electronic thing and hitting L1.
    Your binoculars are now EEV. Electronically Enhanced Vision, which means it has
    a built in scanner and laser microphone.
    Your goggles now include an EMF detector. They show up bright white any 
    disruptable electronic source which you can use your OCP on.
    Activate using the UP directional button.
    You get a better mission rating the less people you kill.
    Alarms don't constitute a mission fail in CT, but the more alarms, the more 
    alert guards will be, so try and avoid them.
    As before, alarms are triggered by guards finding bodies. So although it may 
    not require it, my advice would be to hide every single body you create.
    Finally - Listen to Lambert, Grim and redding!
    OK...time to save the world...again.
                             MISSION 1 - THE LIGHTHOUSE
    -Rescue Morgenholt
    -Discover where the guerillas got their weapons from
    -Destroy the Masse Kernel information
    -Eliminate Lacerda
    -Scan all four weapons crates 
    Listen to the briefing and take the ASSAULT loadout.
    You start on a beach in the dark. Walk forward past the rocks and turn left, 
    you should see a large spotlight on a tall pole. Might aswell test your new 
    equipment here. 
    Equip your EMF goggles and see how the light shines bright white? That's 
    something that can be disabled with your OCP. Go back into normal vision and
    get out your pistol. Aim it at the light and hit L1...you'll see the light 
    flicker and then go out. It only goes out for about 10 seconds mind.
    Go up to the dead light and climb the small cliffs up to where there is a 
    lantern, and go into the cave. Enter the crawlspace and follow it up.
    Jump onto the first ledge and you'll hear two guards talking.
    Pull yourself up.
    Now, to eliminate these two punks, there are two ways.
    1st way - Go into the shallow pool on your right and wait at the front of
    the pool nearest the bridge until the first guard comes across and stands right
    in front of you. When it says "GRAB CHARACHTER" hit X and Sam will perform a
    water kill.
    The next guy will come over slowly. Now, you can either do another water kill 
    when he stands in front of you, or, you can experiment with your shiny new 
    knife. Get out the water and go to the shadows by the left wall. The guard
    will make his way over and look into the big deep hole. Creep up behind him 
    and hit R1, and Sam will slice his neck open. Lovely.
    2nd way - Stand by the left wall and wait for the first guy. Creep up behind
    him and hit R2. This will alert the other guard who will come blundering into
    the shadows right up to you, and you can hit either L1 and smack him square in
    the face, or hit R1 and stab him in the chest.
    Dump both bodies into the big hole.
    Now cross the bridge and enter the tunnel on your right. Follow it round until
    you reach and arch. Look through the arch and you'll see a guy shooting stuff, 
    and a light. Go through the arch and draw your pistol and OCP the light.
    Quickly hide behind the barrels and equip your SC20-k. The shooter guy will 
    wander over and stand around. Siting duck!. Just pop one into his head. Job 
    done. Hide the body.
    Wander down the hall to the ceiling light. Lambert will talk to you. By the 
    left wall is a long camouflage looking crate. Use your EMF goggles and you'll 
    see it shining white.You can detect the rest of them like this. Hit R3 and 
    equip your EEV and scan the crate. That's one of five.
    Walk up the stairs to the top and you'll hear screaming. That's Morgenholt 
    being tortured. One of your primary objectives is to rescue him, but don't 
    worry..it's not achievable. I've tried every which way from sunday and you 
    just can't save him.
    Depending what kind of mood you're in, you can either go down the ramp, into 
    the torture room with you SC20K blazing but be prepared for a firefight. 
    This way means that there won't be two more guards to pick off outside, but 
    you'll have to go back up the ramp and through the door to scan crate two of
    five. This is the way I did it.
    Or...you can bide your time, scan the crate, then go down the ramp to the 
    torture room. It's up to you.
    Either way, when you get to the torture room Lambert will come on the radio
    and talk to you about Morgenholt. He'll tell you to leave the body where it is.
    It's up to you whether you free him or not. I freed him, personally because I
    agreed with Fisher, that the guy was on your side and at least let him die with
    a bit of dignity.
    If you do free him Lambert will have a whinge at you, but it won't affect your
    If you chose the firefight option the next bit will be somewhat easier. Go to 
    the exit door and hit X to ENTER FORTRESS. This will be checkpoint 1. Once 
    outside, Grim will tell you about the Masse Kernels and that you need to 
    recover them. Go to the tent and choose "CUT MATERIAL". Creep in and grab the
    soldier by the table and interrogate him. He'll tell you Lacerda escaped on a 
    boat, yada yada yada. Now it's up to you whether or not you let this guy live.
    I personally let him live as he was such a helpful chap.
    Go in the door by the light. There is a guard in here who'll see something and
    start creeping about. Hide over by the RIGHT wall, and when he approaches the 
    door and looks out, sneak over to him and L1/R1 him. Hide the body. Go to the 
    next door and whistle to get the guards attention. Hide in the shadows and then
    creep up on the guard and take him out.
    Crate 3 of 5 is in the tent outside to the right. Go through the next door and 
    the iron gate. In the courtyard are two guards talking. Wait for both of them 
    to disappear. When they're both gone, shoot out the lantern with you pistol, 
    then open the door the guards went through. One is at the bottom of the stairs.
    He'll turn around, but let him see you. Retreat into a dark far corner of the 
    yard. One will light up a flare, but leave it by the door (duuuuhhh). Whistle
    and one of them will come over. Sniper him in the head. The other one will walk
    over to investigate the body. Take it easy and give him as many more seconds of
    his life as you're willing to give him. Then...lights out guard. Hide the 
    Go through the door, down the stairs and then up the other stairs with the 
    light. Go slowly up the inside stairs, pick the lock. Open the door stealth, 
    and creep through the room to the left very quietly. There is a guard sleeping 
    and one keeping watch with his back to you. Go past him and down the stairs 
    into the tunnel. Music will start playing. Follow the tunnel round, up the 
    stairs, and go quietly through the curtain. Sneak over and grab the guard 
    looking at the computer and interrogate him. He'll tell you about Lacerda.
    Knock him out, hide the body and use the computer. Grim will tell you that any 
    information that Morgenholt divulged must be erased. Crate 4 of 5 is also in 
    this room.
    Exit via the next door, go in and choose "ENTER LIGHTHOUSE". This is checkpoint 
    Start off again in an area full of crates AND LIGHTS and two guards talking 
    about a killer thunderstorm (wusses). Go to the door by the crate and let the 
    guard see you. Go back into the shadows and whistle to lure him in. Shoot him
    with an airfoil round so he drops by the door. Now go to the right corner by 
    the door. The second guard will come over and say something lame like "Oh no,
    man down" or something. While he is looking at the body, creep up and take 
    him out. Hide the bodies. Stand in the doorway, and crate 5 of 5 is right in
    front of you. Scan this final crate to complete your opportunity objectives.
    Go down the stairs under the canopy and follow the tunnel. After you jump the 
    second gate, equip your rifle, as there is a guard right where you need to go.
    Creep forward and wait for him to emerge at the bottom of the stairs. When he 
    does so, turn your scope on and blow his head off. keep going round until the 
    bridge, wait for the guard, then walk to the middle of the bridge. Whistle to 
    get his attention, then airfoil him. Hide the body and shoot out the light.
    Creep into the lighthouse very very quietly. Go slowly into the caged area to 
    find a soldier working the radio LET HIM FINISH HIS TRANSMISSION. When he's 
    done, grab him and interrogate him. Knock him out and just dump the body.
    Make your way to the top of the lighthouse. There is a guard patrolling up
    by the light. Go up the ladder and watch the guard. Choose a moment when he 
    isn't looking and pop up and shoot him.
    Unless you're very quick and accurate with the scope here, (not to blow my 
    own trumpet by I am quite skilled with the scope but even I find it tricky to
    get a decent headshot off what with him moving and all the stuff in the way), 
    it might be worthwhile just opening up on him with automatic fire. Once he's
    dead, go to the doorway and "SWITCH OBJECT" to turn the lighthouse lamp off.
    Carry on round the outside walkway and call for extraction.
                                  MISSION COMPLETE!
                              MISSION 2 - MARIA NARCISSA
    Ok....so Lacerda has escaped and is currently riding on board a dirty great
    cargo ship called the Maria Narcissa. Now that the dirty little terrorist 
    Lacerda has nowhere to go, topping him should be a cinch. It was a secondary
    objective last mission, now it's a priamry objective. 
    -Eliminate Lacerda
    -Find out which cabin Lacerda is bunking in
    -Retrieve the transit ledger for Lacerda's shipment
    -Retrieve the bill of lading
    -Discover who Lacerda's Panamanian contact is
    -Place tracker on weapons crates (six in total)
    Hide bodies? - Most denfinitely
    Loadout - I'd take Redding's recommendation if I were you.
    Fifth freedom still applies - Kills allowed
    Alarms - No limit, but the more you set off, the more alert the guards are.
    Okey Cokey.....so you start off at the stern (back end) of the ship. Two 
    guards start bitching about Lacerda. Let them finish their conversation. One
    will disappear, the other will walk to the port side. Sneak up and grab him. 
    Kill him/knock him out.
    The other guard is just downstairs. Again, sneak up and waste him. Hide the 
    body. Make your way forward to the stairs going down. There is a guy sleeping
    in a chair. You can either shoot him or sneak past him. Either way, slide the
    door open and go in. Room full of crates. The weapons crates are flat yellowish
    boxes. From the door, in the far left corner is a tiny gap you need to squeeze
    through. Go through here to find your first crate of six. Place a tracker on it
    Find your way out of this room via the ladder and keep going until you find a
    door with water pouring out. You need to locate the main bilge pump. Go past 
    the leaky door and slide open a door. There is a guy in here working with a 
    lathe in the machine shop. Sneak in, knock him out. Destroy the light to hide
    the body. Next, enter the crawl space and follow it round. Drop down the other
    end and look over the railings. You'll see one guy working at the pump control.
    The other guard is on the walkway to your left. Equip a sticky shocker and wait
    for the guy on the walkway to get pretty close then shoot him with a shocker.
    Hide the body as best you can. Go along the walkway to a ladder. Go down it.
    Using the shadows creep up on the guy at the pump control and grab him. Drag 
    him to a dark corner and knock him out. Go to the pump control and activate it.
    Go through the door to the right of the pump control and follow the passage
    round until you get to a door on the right. Go in here (full of crates and 
    water) and climb up on the crates to find the bill of lading. Grim will tell 
    you when you've found it. Climb down to the crates to the left of the door and 
    hide in the shadows. Next you'll hear two guards talking. Whistle to get one to
    come into the room. Shoot a sticky shocker at the floor and this will take him
    out. The other guard will come to investigate. When he walks in, do the same or 
    shoot him. Hide the bodies. 
    Once they are hidden, carry on down the passage to the engine room. Listen to 
    Grim and heed her words. Stealth is of the utmost importance here and NO SHOTS
    must be fired otherwise it's curtains for all.
    Go into the engine room and watch one guard turn around and disappear. He 
    hasn't gone far. He's just around the corner. Go to the edge of the generator 
    on your right, and look round it. There he is. Wait for him and the other guard
    to finish accusing each other of farting, then grab him, drag him to a dark
    corner and interrogate him. Knock him out and go looking for the other guard.
    Sneak around until you can grab him but for God's sake do not let him see you 
    and start shooting.
    Go up the stairs and onto the walkways above, and wait for the guard to get 
    back over the other side and go and stand by the middle walkway but don't go 
    onto it. The guard will walk back towards you and then turn around. When he
    does, R1 or L1 him. Hide the body. Go up the stairs and through the door at the
    other end, pass the crates and choose "ENTER UPPER DECKS". This is checkpoint 1.
    It's a bit of a maze up here, so try looking for "landmarks" and remembering
    them as you go.
    Go up the stairs to DECK A. At the top of the stairs, go right, past a closed 
    door. Go through the open door at the end into a small office with a computer.
    Use the computer. You'll hear anothe two guards bitching about Lacerda again.
    This is the ships office and you need to go in here. I found the easiest way 
    to take these two clowns out is to stand in the doorway and shower them with 
    automatic gunfire. Once they're dead, go in and use the computer to download
    the ledger.
    Go through the office and down the hall to the door at the end. Go through to
    find another crate. Go up the stairs to the next landing and go through the 
    door. Follow the passage round and switch the light off in the long hall. Go
    quietly into the door at the end. Ringfoil the guy in the right corner. 
    (Shooting him will just get the other guards shooting at you). Another guard
    will come along and inspect the body. He'll stand there for a good minute in 
    which time you can sneak up and punch/knife him. Go to the back of the large
    mess hall and into the kitchen/storage area to find another guard standing 
    over a crate. Dispose of him as you wish and stick a tracker on the crate.
    If you exit the mess hall via the other door, you come to a hallway and hear
    two guards talking about coffee. They are in a room right down the end of the
    hall past some vending machines. There is absolutely no need to go here, unless 
    you need some rifle ammo. Instead, in the hallway, turn left by the light and
    go up the stairs to ENTER BRIDGE. This is checkpoint 2.
    You start of again by another crate, so tracker it. Redding says that's about
    half of them. In fact he can't count because there are only 6 and you've found
    4 of them already. Go down the hall to find some stacked crates, but ignore 
    this path for now, but remember the crates. Turn right by the crates. Be quiet
    down here as there are two guards you have to deal with. Dispose of them how
    you wish. Once they are dead, go quietly upstairs to the bridge, sneak up on
    the captain (the big fat one with the beard) grab him and interrogate him. Once
    you've got all the information from the captain, sneak up to the little wuss 
    leaning over the instruments and L1/R1 him.
    Go back downstairs to where you found those stacked crates and squeeze past 
    them. Go into the long, well lit hall with a closed door at the end. It's time
    to kill Lacerda.
    Quietly go up to the door and slide it open. Take out your SC20K and aim at
    Lacerda's head (he's the one in the white top). Two or three quick succession
    single shots should do the trick.
    Then use auto fire on the guard. Watchout, because there'll be another guard
    who'll pop out from the door behind you. Hit him with a sticky shocker.
    If you need it, there is a medikit just by the stairs to the bridge.
    Go back up to the bridge and exit via the other door into a small hallway. In
    this hallway, use the door at the end. Here might be a good place to save.
    Outside on the deck is the next crate. But watch out, there is a guard 
    patrolling o nthe deck above you. Take him out, and then place a tracker on 
    crate 5 of 6. 
    Nearly done. Head up the stairs and go left and follow the walkway round to the
    back of the ship. See the guy gazing out to sea? Take him out with a headshot.
    Another guard will start shooting at you. Back right up into the corner. This
    will force the guard to climb the ladder to your left. It takes a few seconds 
    so sit tight and train your rifle just above the top of the ladder so that 
    when matey boy emerges you can send all your remaining bullets flying his way.
    Now go down the ladder he just came from onto the large deck area to find crate
    6 of 6. Tracker it then climb back up the ladder. Go along the walkway where 
    you haven't been yet to that weird launcher looking thing. Climb the ladder 
    up onto it and hit X to extract when you get the option.
                                 MISSION COMPLETE!!
                            MISSION 3 - THE BANK ROBBERY.
    Welcome to Panama. The Bank of Panama to be precise. This is possibly one of 
    the most fun missions, as you get to rip off a bank, and there's this English
    (Londoner to be precise) bank robber geezer who helps you out. You are here to 
    find out who the MCA Bank bought the weapons for, and the robbery is just an 
    elaborate cover up, so who better to steal the money off than the good old 
    -Enter the bank
    -Find three officers vault authoristation panels
    -Find out who the MCA Bank bought the arms for.
    -Steal $50,000,000 of bearer bonds off the French.
    -Look for suspicious transaction records.
    -Upload false emails to make it look like an inside job.
    Now before we start, I need to explain how the hacking game works. You will 
    need it a lot in this mission and a few times in future missions.
    When you are near a computer/keypad/retinal scanner etc, you'll get the option
    to "hack computer". Once you select this, a little column of numbers appears on
    the left will appear.
    These are IP addresses for the computer/keypad. They consist of rows of numbers
    which look something like this:
    190 20 30 30
    190 60 10 40
    192 30 40 10
    192 60 10 20
    192 40 40 10
    191 30 20 10
    193 40 69 10
    191 60 30 20
    197 60 60 10
    etc etc
    These, you will see, correspond to a series of boxes at the bottom, flashing
    various numbers up in this format. The numbers that flash WHITE are the correct
    numbers for the code.
    As they flash white, remember what they are, but what you are looking for is 
    for when the THREE DIGIT number on the left box flashes up white. When it does
    HIT SQUARE to lock this number in. You'll see a lot of the numbers in the list 
    disappear. For example if 192 flashed up white and you locked it in, ONLY the 
    codes in the list beginning with 192 will remain. so you should have something
    that now looks a bit like this:
    192 30 40 10
    192 60 10 20
    192 40 40 10.....
    OK...now you have to, if you haven't already, watch for the other numbers to 
    flash white, in the corresponding boxes. The ones that flash white are the
    correct numbers for the correct code (be aware, they won't flash in sequence)
    Say it flashes 30 in the left of the three smaller boxes
    then 10 in the right of the boxes
    then 40 in the middle box
    this will give you the code 192 30 40 10.
    Select the matching code from the list and hit X and you'll have successfully 
    hacked the device.
    Watch out because there is a timer bar runs along the top of the boxes,but you
    should have plenty of time, even if you miss the three digit number first time
    round (you don't even have to lock it in, just remember it, along with the 
    other numbers and pick the correct code from the list....sometimes you won't
    even have to wait for the other numbers to flash white, as the code might be
    the only one in the list that begins/ends with a certain 2 digit number).
    You have THREE chances to lock the three digit number in, after that, if you
    try and lock it in again, you'll set the alarms off.
    If you abort a hack, you'll set the alarms off
    If you pick the wrong code, you'll set the alarms off
    If you run out of time, you'll set the alarms off
    OK...time to break in.
    You start off in a dark corner of the courtyard outside the bank, with two 
    guards patrolling the courtyard. Remember this point, as it's your extraction.
    You really only need to knock one of the guards out here. Head right into the 
    shadows, and move quietly along by the wall, and by the time you get to the
    palm tree, there should be only one guard standing there with his back to you.
    The other is wandering over the other side of the courtyard. Grab the guard by 
    the tree and knock him out. Hide his body in the shadows.
    Next, watch where the guard is, and walk in the shadows up the middle of the 
    path. OCP the big light above the door on the right. Go in and follow it round.
    Go and sit in the arch, OCP the camera and then run to the ladder on the far 
    wall. Climb up to the roof. Go into the hut in the far corner, break the lock 
    and enter to throw the switch.
    Go back out onto the roof and one of the domes will be open. DO NOT JUMP DOWN.
    It's a long way to the floor. Rappel on the rope.
    At the bottom there are lasers, so OCP the one on the left lower wall and then
    use the computer to shut the rest of the laser grid down.
    Open the door and look left. That guy sitting down...sneak up and grab him and
    interrogate him. He can unlock the retinal scanner for you, or you can practice
    hacking the scanner. It's a good a place to start as any, so you may aswell.
    Knock the guard out and dump him in the corner. Don't hack the scanner just yet
    Go back past the computer you just used and through the double doors. Go either
    left or right and see the guard sitting by the desk. OCP the camera above his 
    head, and he'll react by leaning forward and looking at the screen, presenting 
    his head as a perfect target for your pistol. OCP the camera and go to the 
    This is going to be your first hack, so get it right. If you're running out of 
    time the code is 192 67 20 10. Once into the computer upload the first of the
    fake emails.
    Go back to the retinal scanner, by the first guard you knocked out, and hack it
    The code for this one is 191 67 40 10. That's the only two I'm giving you, as 
    you should've figured out how to hack now. It's not that difficult.
    Once the scanner is hacked, go into the door and choose to ENTER WEST WING.
    Checkpoint 1.
    Go down the hall, OCP the camera and then run to the shadow by the left wall so
    you can see the lamp. Shoot out the lamp and a guard will investigate. Sneak up 
    behind him and slap him. Hide the body.
    The door code to the office is 8645. Go into the office and search the cabinet,
    you will find suspicious transaction records to complete your secondary 
    Hack the computer to upload the second fake email. Hit the thing on the wall 
    with the red flashing light. That's the first of three Vault Authorisation 
    Panels. Come out of the office and head down the hallway right. Look down the 
    passage left to see a glass door. Remember this, this is the vault stairwell.
    Go back past the camera to the door where you entered the WEST WING and choose 
    to ENTER NORTH WING. Go to the other door to ENTER EAST WING. There are two 
    guards and a camera in here. One will wander over to you. Hide in the corner,
    and whistle to get him to come closer to you. Hit him with a sticky shocker.
    His pal will react and run over so get him quickly with a shocker aswell.
    Shoot the light.
    Go to the door and enter the keycode or hack it and go in. Hack the computer
    and have a look at the items. Upload the third fake email. Go out and make your
    way along the corridor to the stairs. Wak up the stairs quietly, hugging the 
    wall. But just so the guard in the room with the lasers sees you. Grim says to
    follow him, but it's much easier to let him investigate what he saw, walk down
    the stairs a bit, and you can then sneak up behind him and grab him and carry
    him around. Keep him handy for these next two rooms, as he has a beacon that 
    switches the lasers off.
    With the body, walk over to the desk and use the computer, and upload the 
    fourth email. Pick up the body and continue into the next hallway. The next
    room has lasers and another guard, so dump your guard in the hall. Shoot out
    the light to get the guard over, then airfoil him. His body will provide
    passage through the next set of lasers. Go across the room to the next hallway.
    Dump the body here. Continue down here until you hear a camera. It's on the 
    left wall. OCP it and head into the glass office (The door is round the back) 
    very quietly. The code is 2306. One guy should be standing up. Go up to him
    very very quietly and grab him. Draw your pistol and put one in the head of 
    the other guard. Knock your guard out. Hack both the computers. One of the 
    computers should have an option to DISABLE CAMERA SYSTEM. Do it. It will make
    life a lot easier. Read all the stuff on the computers too. Hit the second 
    VAULT SWITCH which is by the door. The English bloke will say something about
    finding one more vault switch.
    Carry on down the hall to the keypad door and hack it. Don't worry about any 
    cameras, as you've just disabled them all. Go into the big office, over to the
    desk and hack the computer and upload the fifth email. The final VAULT SWITCH
    is to the left.
    Now to do some bank robbing !!
    Make your way back to the WEST WING. Remember to use the bodies through the 
    lasers otherwise you'll set alarms off. Go to the vault stairs I told you about
    Be careful here as there are two guards in the hallways. Deal with these two
    as you please and dump the bodies in the small security office just before the
    glass door to the vault. In this office, use the computer and upload the sixth 
    email. Now go through the glass door and immediately into the passage on the 
    right, into a room full of deposit boxes. It's box 1024 you're looking for.
    Pick up the items from the box and head down to the vault and follow "turtle's"
    Place the telemetric lock pick in one of the locks, and then go to the other 
    lock and choose to PICK LOCK. Start wiggling the first pin, until it's up. Wait
    for the other lock to be picked and the red light will go out. Once the red 
    light goes out, move onto the next pin and so on and soforth until both locks 
    are picked.
    Now place the charge by the big wheel on the vault door. Stand well back and 
    blow all hell out of that door. Go into the vault and hack the computer. Choose
    the option to "OPEN CAGE" and then upload the final email. Take the stuff from
    the now open cage, and get the hell out of there.
    Uh-oh...alarm in the vault door...better shift it sam!
    Run out of the vault because the Panamanian army are coming to get you. Go back 
    past the security office to the door with the EXIT sign. Go in this door and 
    along to a steel door. Choose to ENTER NORTH WING. You'll be outside again by 
    the ladder you climbed up. Go back through the arch and into the door and 
    follow it back to the courtyard. There is still that other guard out here, so 
    deal with him and then head to your extraction point. Hit EXFILTRATE OVER WALL.
                                  MISSION COMPLETE !
                            MISSION 4 - NEW YORK APARTMENT
    New York, New York, so....couldn't think of another name for the state, so they 
    named it twice. The algorithms have been tracked down to originate from a 
    certain "Dvorak" close to Zherkezi's New York apartment. 
    New York City has been plunged into darkness following a blackout, so the 
    national guard are running about all over the place, but you have the added
    benefit of near perfect dark
    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out who Dvorak is,
    locate him and get the execution codes.
    -Find out who the mercenaries work for
    -Infiltrate Zherkezi's penthouse
    -Access Zherkezi's server and find out who Dvorak is
    -Locate Dvorak and retrieve the execution codes
    -Discover who is in charge of the protection detail
    -Tap SIX penthouse video cameras
    ....And so we begin....
    You'll start off in the street, an alley to be exact. Walk forward to the light
    area, but don't go into the light. Pick up the bottle on the way. Go forward to
    the furthest doorway on the left and hide in the recess. Turn around and aim 
    the bottle at the opposite wall and chuck it. This will attract the guard who
    will walk slowly into the alley, so creep up and grab him and interrogate him.
    Hide his body. DO NOT KILL HIM.
    Go to the junction and OCP the truck lights. Once they're out, you have about
    seven seconds to get across the street to the two trash cans and climb the 
    ladder. Go up the stairs and mantle the small box. Grab the ledge and shimmy
    round left until you reach a wire below you. Drop onto the wire and slide down.
    You'll land on top of a truck. Jump down to your left, creep round to the front
    of the truck and OCP the lights. Run past the patrolling guard, in the shadows,
    and he'll see 'something'. Go hide behind the pillar by the parking garage. The 
    guard will come over really close and then turn around. When he turns around,
    grab him, drag him behind the SUV and knock him out. Now go into the garage, 
    up the steps and through the door. You're now in an apartment block. Follow the
    hall round left until you see a guy working on an elevator. Wait until he turns 
    and crouches with his back to you. DO NOT TAKE HIM OUT. You need him to carry 
    on fixing the elevator. Quickly but quietly, sneak past him into the elevator
    and jump up through the access panel in the roof on to the top of the elevator.
    Start climbing the ladder. After a few seconds the elevator will start going up
    It will catch you on the way up. Jump back down into the car and wait for it to
    Wait for a few moments, as there is a guard patrolling outside the elevator. 
    Wait for his footsteps to disappear and then exit the car. You might have to
    hit the open door button. Go out and straight into the shadows. Equip a sticky
    shocker/airfoil just in case. He will return and come real close. He will then
    turn around. When he does, knock him out using L1. Make sure the body is well
    Exit this room out onto the roof. There are three guards out here and a running
    helicopter, so it's quite noisy. Walk forward from the door and you'll see two 
    boxy hut type things. Go and crouch by the right side of the most forward one.
    When he guards stop talking, one will walk over and stand more or less right in
    front of you. When he does, grab him, knock him out and hide the body.
    Watch the guard by the helicopter and wait for him to walk to the far wall 
    before you cross the pipes via the little stair walkway thing to you right. 
    The remaining two guards will probably see you and start searching for you. 
    Just hide in the shadows and it's a bit of a game of cat and mouse for a while.
    Follow them and choose your moment to strike and knock them out.
    Go to the neon sign and find the zip line on the N and use it.
    Checkpoint 1.
    You'll land on a balcony with a patrolling guard. Lambert and Fisher will have
    a discussion about him not being regular army, but instead a hired gun, ie a
    mercenary. Grab him when he turns and interrogate him to complete one of the 
    Go along the balcony and shoot the light. Go in the doorway and hide in the
    shadows. Two guards will be bitching at each other about the elevator. Wait
    for one guy to go back into a room and quietly follow him. When he sits down, 
    creep up and grab him. Dump the body in the shadows and hack the computer.
    Sneak out very slowly. The gu ywho was fixing the elevator is now to your left
    and facing you, so there is no way of grabbing him or sneaking past without him
    seeing you. It's just as easy to shoot him/shocker him and dump the body.
    Go back to the balcony, head left and enter the crawlspace. Follow it round 
    and Redding will tell you some useful info regarding the CCTV cameras. Crawl to
    the end with your night vision goggles on and you'll see the camera view moving 
    around. Jump down and go between the wall and the stairs and you'll get the 
    option to TAP CAMERA. Do it. This is the first of six.
    OCP the camera and wait for the guard to walk downstairs and to the end of the 
    balcony. OCP the camera again and go grab the guard when he gets close and
    interrogate him. Knock him out and hide the body. Keep out of the camera view 
    and head away from the stairs to find a drainpipe. Climb up this drainpipe and
    then over the glass fence type thing and you'll find two guards. One walking
    about and the other sitting on a sun lounger. Wait for the guard to walk away
    and return and look over the edge. When he is looking over the edge, creep 
    between the two and grab the one standing up. The one sitting down is as deaf
    as a post, so won't hear you. Take out your pistol and pop one into his head.
    Knock your guard out and hide the bodies.
    Go down the hall towards the light area. Be careful of the camera. OCP it and 
    go and tap this one too. No point in shooting the light because the camera can
    see in the dark anyway. Go in the glass door and follow the hall round to an 
    orange coloured hallway with a camera. 
    Stop opposite the open elevator and OCP the camera. Run over to it and tap it.
    Sam will just finish when it reactivates and you'll hear a buzz sound. This is
    the camera moving to try to look at you. So, as soon as Sam finishes tapping
    the camera, run back towards the elevator and hide in the shadows. OCP it again
    and run past to another glass door. Hide in the corner. Open this door stealth 
    and creep in and avoiding the camera view in this room head immediately right 
    to the shadows below the camera and tap it. OCP the camera and run to the far 
    end of the room by the stairs into the shadows. The guard will come looking, 
    so whistle to get him closer and then airfoil him. OCP the camera if need be 
    and then hide the body. 
    OCP the camera again, and then RUN up the stairs before it reactivates.
    Go in the door on the landing and optic cable the next door. Open the door and 
    OCP the camera on the far wall. 
    Run over and tap it. No need to OCP it again, just avoid the camera view using
    your night vision. Go into the door to the left of the camera as you look at it
    and follow the hall along to a room with a computer. Use the computer. Go back 
    out and dodge the camera and go through the next door. Keep going until you 
    reach a passageway with a wooden floor and brick walls. Listen to the 
    conversation here and then make a noise. Go into the dark and wait for one guy
    to come out of the greeen house and sticky shocker him. The other guy might 
    need a bit of coaxing out of the greenhouse. When he's in the hallway take him 
    out too. Hide the bodies. Go into the greenhouse and the camera is right behind
    the door. Close the door and tap the camera. That's all six cameras done. Go 
    back the way you came OCP-ing the cameras as you go. Go back to where you 
    tapped the first camera by those stairs, and go up the stairs. Go through the 
    doors and you'll meet an old man, who I found incredibly irritating. Keep 
    talking to him until he tells you to initiate the towers on the right while he
    does the ones on the left. When he does this, go to one of the low unit and 
    choose to START MAIN SERVER. Go to the bunch of flashy lighty towers that he 
    isn't at and wait for one to light up with a large white light. When it does,
    select SWITCH OBJECT. You'll hear a double beep. Wait for a second quieter
    double beep which means he's switched his first tower on. Go to the next tower
    and SWITCH OBJECT and again wait for your beep and then the quieter beep. 
    Repeat the process until he says the output is ready. Go to the small unit and
    choose to RETRIEVE STACK.
    Time for extraction.
    Find your way back to the open elevator in the orange hallway. Go inside the 
    elevator car and jump down the hatch in the floor.
                                  MISSION COMPLETE !
    Now that you have information that links and Displace International with the 
    algorithm, it's looking more like Sam's old war buddy, Doug Shetland, is 
    involved with Zherkezi and the algorithm theft.
    Your job is to break into Displace building in NYC and hack into the central
    server and retrieve the algorithm and find information that links Displace and
    Shetland to Zherkezi.
    -Ifiltrate into Displace
    -Access the central server
    -Retrieve the server algorithm
    -Find information linking Displace and Zherkezi
    -Don't kill anoyone
    -Discover the identity of Milan Nedich
    -Insert tracers into servers
    HINT - It might be a good idea to choose STEALTH loadout here
    You start off on the roof near a light. Shoot out the light and go through the 
    gap to an open rooftop area with a raised platform in the middle. Go right and
    hide in the dark corner with all the trash and wait for a guard to come and 
    walk round the platform. As he reaches the EAST side as you're looking at it,
    creep up and grab him. Drag him back to the trashy corner and interrogate him.
    See that mesh fence in front of you, go to the very left of it and climb over
    it. Creep over and knock out the guard looking at the panel. Flip the switch
    and go back to the platform. This is the ventilation fan/duct and you need to 
    go down here. Open the hatch and choose the RAPPEL ON WALL option and go down 
    the shaft. Follow the tunnel round and open the trap and wait for the two guys
    to leave the room. The briefcase they have is what you're after.
    Once they're out of the room jump down and quietly follow them. They'll end up 
    in a hallway talking with the briefcase on the floor.
    On the way there, wait until they go through the door and then go up to it, but
    stand just clear of the door because one will use the electronic blinds and if 
    you're right in front of the door they'll see you. Once they go through the 
    next door, go and hack the keypad.
    Just walk nonchalantly into the hall where they are so they see you moving 
    around. As soon as they see you beat a retreat back to the room where you 
    jumped down from the hatch but leave the door open so you can watch them run 
    past, and into a room where you can deal with them later. Once they're gone, go
    back to the hall where they left they chased you from to find the briefcase 
    lying in the middle of the floor. There might be one guy left here so lure him
    over and airfoil him.
    Hit R3 to use your EEV to scan the laptop/briefcase on the floor and hack it. 
    (Do this by pressing X in scan mode).
    Now hide the body and then go back to the room where the guys ran into, but 
    before  you go in, equip a sticky shocker/airfoil round. Go in quietly and stay
    in the shadows. There is one guy standing around at the top of the stairs.
    Sticky shocker him and then switch the light out. Go to where he was standing 
    and you should have plenty of time to hack the computer and upload the first 
    tracer. Do this then shutdown the computer.
    The second guy should come up the stairs. When he gets to the top, airfoil him
    and hide both the bodies.
    Go back to the hall with the laptop/briefcase. Move slowly and OCP the camera
    and the light. Once both are out, hop over the rail and go to the dark corner
    at the end. Keep OCP-ing the camera and light until the guard comes through.
    Once more OCP the camera, airfoil the guard and then shoot out the light. Once
    more OCP the camera, grab the body and go through the doors where the guard 
    came from and dump him in a dark corner. Shoot the lights out.
    Go through the door on the left into a locker room and shoot the light out.
    Go through the next door to another room where a guy is at a computer.
    See the bench press? There is a pipe near it. Climb the pipe and shimmy, with 
    feet up, across to the other side of the room to another computer. Drop down 
    quietly and hack the computer and upload the next tracer. Creep very quietly
    along the wall with the notice board and jump over the rail.
    Switch the lights off to piss the guards off. You don't have to but it made me
    chuckle, and go back to the room with the sliding doors. Go to the door with 
    "RESTRICTED ACCESS" on it and hack the retinal scanner. Grab the guard you 
    dumped in the corner of this room and go through the restricted access door.
    You'll need him to get past the lasers. Dump the guard then switch off the 
    light. Another guard will come and investigate. Just hide in the shadows and 
    when he gets near grab him or just punch him. 
    Go through and you'll see a guy leaning over a desk. Creep up, grab him, and 
    dump the body in a dark corner.
    Go into the firing range and hack the gun turret so that you can turn the IFF
    off. Don't forget to to de-activate it before you run down the range!!
    Jump up into the hatch and walk forward.
    Carry on and choose GRAB ONTO ROPE and climb down to the bottom. Go to the 
    computer and choose USE ALGORITHM, and then use computer. As soon as Lambert
    starts talking, climb back up the rope but don't go into the hatch. Wait until
    they guy is using the computer, then climb down quietly and grab him. Take him
    over to the far corner behind the black pillars and interrogate him. He'll tell
    you that Milan Nedich's computer is in his office on the top floor. Knock him
    Exit this room very quietly, watch out for the guard, and go left. Wait in the
    dark corner for the guard to come and stare into the server cabinet. Creep up, 
    hugging the wall and punch him out using L1. Exit this room, follow it round
    until you get to a door with a flashing red keypad. Optic cable this door and 
    you should see another guard patrolling. Wait for him to go and then exit and
    OCP the camera.
    Now it is possible to do this bit by dodging the guards, but you'll need to 
    come back this way to the elevator, so it's just as easy to take them out here
    so you won't have to worry about them later.
    Here's how to, if you don't decide to dodge them.
    Go  to the right of the elevator into a poorly lit room with the couches and
    shoot out the lights. This will get both guards stumbling in the dark, and you
    can very easily take them out in turn.
    Go back out of this room and OCP the camera again. Go down the hall past a 
    reception desk and keep going until you reach the restrooms and a half-paned 
    door. Open the door and a guard should emerge. Lure him out into the shadows 
    and knock him out. The other one will come investigate so do the same to him.
    HOWEVER... sometimes they can be very reluctant to come out of their little 
    hallway (cowards!), and so if you chose the STEALTH LOADOUT, you should have
    a few shockers and airfoils left. Take them both out using these. (If you chose
    Reddings recommendation you should have either 2 shockers or airfoils left).
    Hide the bodies then carry on down this hall to a large office.
    Go in and hack the computer to upload the final tracer.
    Go back to the elevator, watch the camera, and use the elevator and choose to 
    Exit the elevator and you'll hear two guards talking about Nedich. When they're 
    done, go back left and shoot the light. Make sure they hear your footsteps. 
    Hide in the shadows by the seats and wait for the guard to come. Creep up 
    behind him and interrogate him. Knock him out. Go back to where the guards 
    were talking and turn out the light. Go to the right turn and hide in the 
    corner. The guard will come back and tell you to show yourself. You can....
    but that would be stupid, instead, wait for him to walk past, grab him and
    knock him out.
    Go back round and you'll see a beardy guy sitting in a room starting at the 
    wall. OPEN DOOR STEALTH and go on. Creep very quietly up to him and grab and
    interrogate him.
    Exit this room and go right. Go into the first office you come to and hack the 
    computer. Carry on down the hall until you hear a camera. Go to the slidy door
    and OCP the camera. Go through here into a corridor with a bunch of offices.
    Now. In one of the offices are two men talking. 
    Anyway...Carry on down this hall to a keypad door and enter the code and go in.
    Use the computer in this office and Lambert will tell you something about 
    Now it's time for extraction.
    Go out back past the camera into the first hallway with the offices (near where
    you interrogated beardy guy) and go into the furthest right office with some 
    chairs piled up and enter the keycode in the door at the back of the office.
    Run to the top of the stairs and choose EXTRACT.
    			      MISSION COMPLETE !
    Someone has just blown up the USS WALSH. It looks like the Koreans did it with
    missile launched from a sea defence battery.
    Third Echelon has other ideas, but no proof. World War Three is nigh, and you 
    have to find Zherkezi to find the link.
    He has been relocated to a rest retreat house just outside Hokkaido, Japan.
    No cameras, no trip wires lasers or other fancy gadgets, just highly trained 
    Displace Guards.
    -INfiltrate into the House
    -Discover identity of Milan Nedich
    -Abduct Zherkezi
    -Eliminate Milan Nedich
    -Eliminate Shetland
    -Retrieve the microphones placed by the japanese secret services
    YOU CAN KILL ENEMIES, but the place is very quiet so gunshots will likely 
    attract the attention of everyone and his dog, so be careful.
    OK. You start off in a small gully in some trees with some water. Go under the 
    tree branch and watch the guard up on the ledge in front of you. Creep to the
    right of the rock the guard is standing on, just to the right of the cannabis
    He'll light up a flare and look over and say something dumb like "Hmmmm that's
    weird." Have your SC20K ready for when he looks over and when he does pop him 
    one in the head.
    Go up the path between the two dogs and enter the house. Follow the halls 
    until you're in a big room with a guard. Whistle to get his attention, then 
    grab him and interrogate him. Knock him out/kill him, whatever. Either way
    there'll be one less guard to deal with outside. Go outside quietly and scan 
    the license plate of the SUV. Then whistle to get the attention of the guard.
    Move along the wall a bit and the guard will come over to the back of the SUV.
    When he does, creep up and knock him out.
    Scan the other car.
    Go into the next building via the window and there is another guard. Whistle
    to distract him and avoid him as he comes to investigate. When he gets close 
    enough, knife him. Shoot out the lamp to hide the body.
    Keep going until you enter a lounge area. See the sideboard with the lamp and
    the telephone? Disable the lamp and go to the left of the sideboard, and you'll
    get the option to "disable mic". Hit X when you get this option and Sam will
    pick up the first microphone. There are SIX in total.
    (Basically, if you look round every telephone you see, you should find a mic).
    Carry on and you'll find a hanging rug. There is a guard stood behind it. Creep 
    up past the rug, grab the guard and interrogate him. Knock him out and dump him
    in a dark corner.
    Carry on to find a pool. Creeep up to the the guard standing poolside and slice 
    his scrawny throat open. If he doesn't immediately fall into the pool, put him
    there. Carry on through and you'll see a guard lighting a candle. Wait for him
    to run into the other room and then go over to the candle and blow it out. The 
    guard will return to light it, and when he does so, grab him and kill him.
    Hide the body.
    Carry on to 'ENTER TEMPLE GARDEN' (Checkpoint 1)
    When you start up again, you'll hear two guards talking about bugs. When one
    of them walks away creep up on the one still standing by the rail looking into
    the garden, knock him out and dump the body in a dark corner.
    Go to the door and wait for the guard to walk away, and shoot out the light 
    nearest you, then the one across the room. You are now in total darkness with
    the other guard. It's a bit like the end scenes in silence of the lambs.
    Follow him around until you are close enough to knife him.
    The second microphone is in here, by the telephone. Disable it and then carry
    on through the kitchen where there is some pistol ammo on the table.
    Go outside.
    There are two guards here, so shoot the lamp on the floor, then hide in the 
    shadows. Both guards will come over. When one gets close enough to you, grab
    him and draw your pistol and take the other guard out. Interrogate the one you 
    Go across the yard to the next building and you'll hear someone talking on the
    phone. Go inside to the far right corner and slide the door open. Carry on into
    a bedroom. The third mic is in here by the phone. Disable it then shoot out the
    Go out through the next door and round to the left. Through this door is Nedich
    and two guards. BUT DON'T GO IN otherwise you'll get shot to bits very quickly.
    Get out a smoke grenade. You will see a small crawlspace next to the door, 
    chuck a smoke grenade in through there and then hide in the shadows in the 
    The grenade will go off and flush the guards and Nedich out. You're in for a
    bit of a firefight here. But don't worry, Nedich won't run away. Just kill all
    three of them and you'll be sure to get Nedich and complete one of your POs.
    Hide the bodies.
    Now go through the room where Nedich and the guards came from and find another 
    mic on the left wall. (4 of 6)
    Go back to the big room and head right of the desk through a door to reach
    checkpoint 2 and choose to 'ENTER LIVING AREA'.
    Enter the bit with the greenhouse and hug the wall. A guard will see something
    and start heading your way. When he gets close knife him and hide the body.
    Go through the door to find a guard watching TV. OCP the TV and the guard will
    walk over to it. Take him out with a headshot.
    Disable the mic by the telephone on the table, then go through to the next room
    and disable the mic in here too. That's all 6 mics done.
    Continue on up some stairs, go up them very slowly, and hide just before the 
    stairs make a right turn. Equip a sticky shocker and wait for a guard to walk
    over to the top of the stairs then sticky shocker him. His mate will walk over,
    so shocker him too before he wakes the other one up.
    Make sure both the bodies are hidden, and then carry on through the door that
    keeps you on this floor, don't go downstairs.
    You'll come to a closet with a crawl space. Enter the crawl space.
    You'll hear Shetland talking with someone. You can't get near him without 
    someone shouting "intruder". 
    Just jump down and shoot the guard on the right and follow where Shetland goes.
    Make sure to stock up on medikit NOW if you are hurt, as past the checkpoint,
    you'll be in for another firefight.
    Chuck any remaining smoke grenades into the yard (3 guards left here). Switch 
    on your thermal goggles and just start shooting at anything that moves.
    You can't really afford to go for precision here unless you are THAT fast.
    (Not to blow my own trumpet, but I AM that fast, and it is do-able, but it's 
    incredibly, incredibly difficult, and you won't get away from it without very 
    very nearly dying).
    So my advice is just make like a GI at Vietnam and start laying down automatic
    fire at them.
    You'll recognise where you are. The yard with the cars you scanned. Head into
    the building on your right, through the kitchen and back to the gully where 
    you started.
    Crawl back under the log to exctraction.
                                   MISSION COMPLETE !!
    Following the death of Zherkezi, you are still no closer to the truth about who
    launched that missile that sank the Walsh. There are but a few hours until all
    out war on the Korean Peninsula.
    The battery that the missile was fired from has been located. You must get in 
    there undetected and discover if the Koreans' claim that they didn't fire it
    holds any truth.
    -Infiltrate the battery
    -Determine if the Koreans intentionally launched the missile or not
    -Tap into the launcher BIOS for a Dvorak algorithm 'fingerprint'
    -Acquire abort codes
    -Abort the missile
    -Recover the shipping and repair logs
    You start off near a hatch with a rope. Climb down the rope very quickly.
    There are two guards wandering about here, but you can avoid them. Creep over
    to the front of the truck and you'll see a hole in the ground. Go down it and
    follow it around. It's quite confusing with night vision, so just follow the
    pipe, until you find a ladder.
    Quietly go up the ladder and you'll see a guy looking at a computer. Creep up
    and grab him. Drag him to the dark of the room and knock him out. Turn off any
    lights and the computer.
    Carry on and head left to another door. Open the door stealth and go through.
    Head immediately right into the shadows. There is another guard here looking
    at computers. Whatever you do, do not use the computer in front of you!
    Creep up to the guard and knock him out. Use the computer.
    Hide the body. Go through the door to the right of the computer you were just
    using and follow it to find another guy at a computer. Knock him out and use
    the computer to retrieve the first of four shipping and repair logs.
    Shoot out the lights.
    Return to the big room and go through the other door, past some lockers and 
    into a large hall with a strip light and two doors at the end. Shoot the strip
    light. Open the left door and whistle to get the guard over. Lure him through
    and then hide in the shadows. Get out your pistol and take him out with a head
    Go back to the door and OCP the camera on the left wall. (NB...if the guard saw
    you before you killed him and started shouting, he would have alerted his mate
     who will now be in the room with the crates, so watch out.)
    OCP the camera and run to where the crates are to find some gas grenades. OCP 
    the camera again and go back towards the doors, but head left down the hall.
    Pick the lock on the door at the top of the stairs and go through.
    Follow it round past some control panels to find another guy sitting at a 
    computer (These are crappy guards aren't they...they just looking at computers
    all day instead of guarding stuff)
    Anyway...take the guard out and use the computer to retrieve another shipping 
    Go back out and down the stairs to 'ENTER COMMAND AREA' (Checkpoint 1).
    Head slowly towards the light end. You'll hear two guards talking. This bit is 
    very tricky if you don't get it right, and if you don't, you might take a 
    bullet or two, and an alarm.
    Equip your SC20K with a gas grenade. Quickly pop your gun round so you can see
    the light.
    Aim at the light. Fire off your gas grenade and then immediately shoot the 
    light out.
    By the time the guards have realised that the light has blown the grenade has 
    gone off and gassed them both.
    No injuries, no bullets, no alarms. Job done.
    The light also alerts the CCTV camera on the wall to the action if it is not 
    shot. So it needs to be out.
    But you must shoot the grenade first before you destroy the light, because if 
    you shoot the light first the guards will disperse and the grenade won't get 
    them both.
    OK....both the guards are out sparko, and the light is dead so the CCTV 
    camera won't see you. Move the bodies into more hidden places, and then, 
    avoiding the other CCTV camera, climb up into the bay with the truck with the
    big missile on the back.
    On the left wall of the bay is an electrics panel. Go to it and choose to 
    'bypass circuit'. 
    Now climb up on the cab of the truck and face the room. Jump and Sam will grab
    a beam. Shimmy along the beam to where the missile now is and drop down. Go
    into the pit in the floor via the ladder and go through the hatch. Drop down
    into the poorly lit blue corridor.
    There are a couple of guards down the lit end here. Creep up along the right 
    wall, not all the way to the end, and sidestep left until you can just see the
    end of the strip light. Shoot it out to get the guards' attention, and then
    chuck a smoke grenade near them and retreat back into the shadows.
    Equip your thermal goggles, and while they are blundering blindly in the smoke,
    pick them off one by one.
    Hide the bodies.
    Hack the keypad and use the elevator to go up.
    Exit the elevator and go immediately left into the shadows. OCP the camera. The
    guard at the desk will come look at it. When it starts whirring like it's going
    to re-activate, OCP it again, and the guard will stand there like a lemon and
    stare at the camera. Immediately put one in his head, and grab the body and 
    take it to your dark corner.
    OCP the camera again and run to the desk and use the computer.
    OCP the camera aagain and head for the retinal scanner at the other end. Don't 
    worry about it taking too long as the camera can't see you here.
    Once it's hacked, OCP the camera again and go through the door. Follow the hall
    along to a glass door where you'll hear the commander telling someone off for
    the missile launch. 
    When he shoots one of the guys, he'll wander off and enter the blue room with 
    all the big blue screens from the other side. He'll look at the screens. Creep
    in along by the computers and grab him. Drag him behind the blue screens and 
    interrogate him.
    Use all the computers in this area, as one holds shipping log 3 of 4.
    Watch out for the second guy in the lower room, take him out and use the 
    Go back to the elevator and choose to go down. Go to the EAST launcher and to
    the missile bay. Shoot out the light and eliminate the two guards. Go to the 
    second missile from the lft and 'BYPASS CIRCUIT'.
    Now go to the WEST launcher, but on your way, where the chair and crate is, 
    pick up some ammo and gas grenades.
    Keep going through the missile bay, killing the guard and the light, and head
    right to go through a door. Keep going until you reach outside looking at the 
    Be careful here. There is a guard and a camera. When the guard isn't looking, 
    OCP the camera and the guard will come over. Sticky shocker him, and then OCP
    the camera again and hide the body in the missile bay.
    OCP the camera again and head down the blue stairs and equip your gas grenades.
    Sneak in the control room. Creep round the back so you can see both guards.
    Shoot a grenade between them to take them both out. Use the right computer to
    get the final shipping log.
    Go to the panel the guard standing up was working on and choose 'BYPASS 
    You now need to head back up to the launcher itself and tap the missile BIOS.
    Watch the camera, OCP it as necessary, and go onto the back of the launcher.
    It will give you an option to 'USE COMPUTER'. Choose it, and Tap BIOS.
    Grim will contact you when you've done it.
    You need to get to the EAST launcher FAST. So retrace your steps to the missile
    bay were you BYPASSED CIRCUIT on the missile. The large loading door to the 
    left of the missiles will now be open.
    Follow the doors until you reach a lone missile on rails. Crouch under the 
    walkway to the left of the missile and head for that red light.
    Choose 'BYPASS CIRCUIT' and the launcher door will open.
    You'll be too late to stop the launch and you'll go to a cut scene.
    Go down the stairs to your left and enter the control centre and fire a gas 
    grenade at the computers. Watch the door opposite as a guard will come in.
    Wipe him up with some bullets and nail any stragglers that the grenade didn't
    Go hack the RIGHT computer to get the abort codes.
    Run back through the missile bay to 'ENTER COMMAND AREA'. Use the computer in
    this small room with the two blue screens and abort the missile.
    You've now disabled the missile's warhead and saved another ship.
    Now to make your way to extraction. It's by the launcher you just came from.
    So turn around, back through the door and make your way up to the launcher.
    Go out the big door and head left past the launcher to the wall (don't go down
    the stairs) and you can then 'EXTRACT DOWN CLIFF'.
                                MISSION COMPLETE !!
                                MISSION 8 - SEOUL
    Welcome to war-torn South Korea. The North Koreans have initiated war and have
    crossed over the DMZ and are conquering the city. You are dropped in between 
    waves of North Korean attacks, and you have to retrieve the NDT data and get it
    out before the NKA find it and destroy it.
    The world is on the brink of war. You are the last chance to stop that war.
    -Interrogate a Special Forces soldier to find out the location of JONG
    -Locate and retrieve data drives from the NDT
    -Get to the rooftop to transmit the data to the EA-6B spy plane
    -Tap a mobile command centre
    -Stop NKA propaganda broadcasts
    Couple of hints here before we get started. You have the shotgun attachment.
    Use it. It's a very effective weapon in this mission.
    You meet robocopters in this mission. Trouble is, these robocopters pick up
    on the infrared signal from human bodyheat, and they then train their minigun
    on you, and start shooting you to bits, killing you very very quickly.
    They can however, be shut down with the OCP, and they are disabled for 
    about 20-30 seconds, so plenty of time to move.
    You cannot kill them.
    OK. Here we go again Sam....time to save the world buddy.
    You start off in a child's bedroom with a lullaby playing, and a war raging 
    Leave the bedroom to find a piece of pipe near the blown out wall. Activate 
    your shotgun attachment here. Rappel down the wall, and whistle to get the
    guards attention.
    When he gets near, blow him away with the shotgun. It's quite funny, in a sick
    kinda way (if you haven't used it before now)...ahem...err, yeah anyway....
    Go to the black box on the wall and choose to BYPASS CIRCUIT to make it shut
    Climb over the mesh gate, but BE CAREFUL, there is a wall mine on the right
    wall, so don't go rushing off down the alley or you'll get blown up rather
    Deactivate the wall mine.
    (I'm sure you know how to do this from previous SC games...but if you don't, 
    here's how. Creep slowly up to the side of the wall mine. I mean slowly, these
    things are motion sensitive. When you get the DISABLE WALL MINE option watch 
    the mine and wait until the light goes green, and then hit X. Sam will grab the
    wall mine for himself).
    Carry on to find two guards arguing. These are the special forces guys. You 
    need ONE of these guys alive to complete your PO. Wait for the one on the left
    to go take a leak, then creep up behind him and grab him mid-pee, and 
    interrogate him.
    Once he's done, knock him out then go and take the other one out. Hide the
    Go past the bomb to find the second black box and BYPASS CIRCUIT. See the
    drainpipe/downspout? You need to climb that. Go through the door and over the
    crates. See the 'door' on the left, go to it and CUT MATERIAL. Creep in and
    equip your SC20K. A guard will come round, so blow him away with the shotgun or
    a sticky shocker. Hide the body. Keep going to a window. Wait for the guard to
    go and then jump out.
    There is a guard the other side of the truck, so creep round and take him out 
    quietly. Hide the body and then go into the truck to USE COMPUTER and upload
    the tap to complete your S.O.
    Go out, find the other guard and take him out and hide the body.
    Go up the small stairs into a room with burning lockers. There is a pipe above
    you. Jump up onto it and lift your legs up. Shimmy along the pipe, and a guard
    will 'see something' and come to investigate, so keep shimmying until you get
     the GRAB CHARACTER option. When you do, hit X and Sam will do an inverted neck
    break. Very cool.
    Keep going along the hall. Go downstairs SLOWLY and equip an airfoil/sticky 
    Creep to the left of the big door. You'll see a guard standing on the right.
    Shocker him and another one will come to investigate. Shoot him with the rifle
    to get another guards attention.
    Go into the room and hide to the left of the door as you're looking out the 
    Equip your shotgun and wait for the guard to come round the corner and shoot
    Go to the back of the room and retrieve the data drives. Go out and back up
    the stairs to find an elevator. Once inside, choose to go up and Lambert will
    talk to you about extraction, and then it will go....
    ....TO BE CONTINUED.........
    Uh-ohhh, spaghetti-ohs !!
    I thought this too. I thought I was going to have to wait for chaos theory part
    2 to come out to complete it.
    But thankfully....this is not the case.
    Hit X to save and then watch the cutscene.
    Oh crap. The plane's gone down and the data is within dangerous grasp of the
    New Primary Objectives
    -Get to the plane and purge the data
    -Attach a laser targeting tag to the crashed jet
    Secondary Objectives
    -Destroy the NKA P3R radar stations
    Opportunity Objectives
    -Retrieve data on the NKA UAVs (the little helicopter things)
    When you start off again, you'll have one straight in front of you. OCP it to
    disable it for around 20 seconds. A guard will come along, but keep hold of
    your pistol. Shoot the guard, and OCP the UAV as necessary.
    If you miss the guard, he'll run and hide behind a hut. You'll now have to 
    dodge his bullets as well as keeping an eye on the killer-copter.
    Once he's dead, OCP the UAV and head towards the edge of the building by the 
    mesh fence to find what looks like a gun turret control computer. This is in
    fact one of the 5 P3R radar stations you need to deactivate. Use it and
    deactivate it.
    Behind you is a zip line that goes to the building across the street. Use it.
    You'll land on a fence. Climb over and go through the doors until you hear a
    guard talking. Take a running jump across the big gap to land by the hut thing.
    Sam will hurt himself here a bit. It's unavoidable.
    Shoot out the light above the door and a guard will come over. Hide by the
    large container thing about 1/3 of the way down, and when the guard comes 
    round the corner, run up to him and knife him. He may get a shot off but it
    shouldn't hurt you, but you need the guy to shout and preferably shoot.
    This will attract the attention of the other guard, so do the same to him.
    Hide the bodies.
    Wait for the third guard to say something like "I lost him" or "He's good....
    maybe too good".
    Equip a frag grenade and go stand by the stairs. Lob it up onto the balcony by
    the third guard. He'll try to run, but he is far too slow, and he'll get 
    blown up.
    Go to the balcony and climb the ladder up onto it. Here you'll find some ammo
    and more importantly, P3R Radar 2 of 5. The ammo is on top of the air-con unit.
    Go along to the end of the balcony, up onto the ledge and drop down the hatch
    into a hallway.
    Go past the elevator and take the first door on the left.
    Watch out, you'll be outside again with a killer-copter flying about. OCP it
    and go to the edge of the broken floor and head left. Drop down to the next
    Taje out the guard and OCP the UAV again. Use the makeshift walkways to get
    down to the next P3R (3 of 5) and disable it. Keep an eye on that UAV.
    Go through the door. Jump up onto the pipe over the fridge and choose to
    Go on to reach a hole in the floor with an unexploded bomb below.
    Kill the guard looking at it and his buddy will come along so kill him too.
    Drop down and go through the door near the tree.
    Go through the next door to find the guts of a UAV lying on a table. Use the
    computer to retrieve the UAV data thus completing your O.O. Redding will be 
    Go through the next door to an alleyway and you'll see a South Korean (the good
    guys) working by a truck. He'll get gunned down by the NKA.
    Shoot out the light and then shoot the NKA soldier that had the audacity to 
    kill an unarmed soldier.
    Go right and climb the fence and into the water until you find an alleyway on
    the right with a light. Go down here and slowly to the end until you see 
    another two South Koreans getting gunned down.
    To their left is a huge great tank thing with a very big nasty gun....and an 
    NKA soldier.
    You can't kill the tank, but you can kill the soldier, so sit tight and take
    a nice clean shot at his head.
    Now OCP the tank and run to the right and climb the drainpipe/downspout to find
    P3R radar 4 of 5. Disable it then eliminate the guard walking towards you.
    Go along to find a hole in the wall leading to another hole and choose to
    Go on through a window to end up on a balcony. There is a zip line across to
    the fire escape. Use it. Equip your pistol and OCP the UAV flying around.
    Use the ladder to drop down to the street, grab the guard, walk him over to the
    dumpsters and knock him out. OCP the UAV as necessary.
    Watch out for another guard to wander along. Kill him and hide the body.
    OCP the UAV whenever it reactivates otherwise it will blow twenty types of crap
    out of you. You CAN NOT HIDE FROM IT!! 
    Run round to a truck. USE COMPUTER and upload the second tap. There is some
    ammo here too.
    OCP the UAV and leg it down the street to some sandbags. WATCH OUT !! There is 
    a wall mine on the left wall by the sandbags.
    You should have enough time to deactivate and grab the mine before the UAV 
    reactivates and finds you.
    Keep going into the thin red brick alleyway and follow it round to find the
    crashed plane.
    Bad news. The NKA have got there before you. But fortunately, they have not got
    to the data yet.
    There is a dirty great tank to your left. OCP the tank to have a look where the
    NKA soldiers are.
    Run down the starboard (right) side of the plane and whistle to get the guard's
    When he gets near, pop him one in the head.
    Go to the front of the plane. The two USAF pilots are still alive, but Lambert 
    will tell you not to rescue them, but instead let them die with the plane.
    It's up to you if you do or don't save them.
    Personally, I like to save them.
    A - Because I couldn't let (hypothetically) my countrymen and allies die..
    B - Because it shows that you can still complete the mission while doing 
    something that could potentially jeopardise it, and therefore you're better
    than those who would let them die.
    If you do decide to save them, drag them back to the alleyway, making sure you
    OCP that tank each time.
    Lambert will tell you that they should be safe where they are.
    Now climb the ladder and go all the way to the top of the scaffolding.
    Activate your EEV and look at the plane until it says TARGETING. Keep it
    trained on the plane and you'll see a missile come flying in and blow up the
    plane along with the data.
    There are supposed to be FIVE P3Rs, but to date, I can only find four of them.
    Well done if you find a fifth one.
                                 MISSION COMPLETE !!!
                              MISSION 9  -  BATH HOUSE
    Third Echelon have tracked Jong, and your old buddy pal mate chum Doug Shetland
    to a Bath House in Japan.
    You know Shetland is behind this all, but he must have a partner in crime. 
    You have to infiltrate the Bath House and find out who Shetland is working with
    -Infiltrate the Bath House
    -Discover who Shetland's partner is
    -Eliminate Doug Shetland
    -Tap the Bath House phone lines.
    You start off in a dark alleyway. Go down the alley to some boxes where two 
    guards are. Go and hide behind the boxes and wait for one guard to sit on the
    small crate in front of you. Grab him and interrogate him. Knock him out and
    hide the body.
    To your right is the first phone line. Creep over to it and BYPASS CIRCUIT to
    tap it.
    Now sneak up to the boxes by the stairs. The goon will see something and walk
    over. When he gets up close, jump out and punch him. Go round by the dumpster
    to find a trap door. Go in it. Follow the sewer and you'll emerge in the 
    basement with two goons. DO NOT walk up to them, because on will switch a light
    When you have a clear shot, take out the light and the two thugs. They only 
    have pistols and won't raise any alarms.
    Go up the stairs and stealth open the door. Go through and head right into the
    shadows, and wait for the two guys to stop talking. Go grab the one at the desk
    and interrogate him in someplace dark.
    Knock him out and go find the other guy. Knock him out too.
    Go through the door by the desk and follow it round. Make some noise to attract
    the goon.
    Optic cable the door to see when one of them goes close to the door. When he is
    near, come out of optic cable and choose to BASH DOOR. This will knock him out.
    When the other one comes over to investigate, waste him too. Hide the bodies.
    Use/hack the computer to diasble the camera system.
    Wander upstairs and there is a bath house employee. Follow him, grab him,
    interrogate him.
    Go to the owners office down the hall (code 3650) and go in and search the 
    cabinet and use the computer. Enter the crawlspace next to the filing cabinet.
    There are two Japanese Red Nisten guys in here. Creep between the beds and grab 
    the one standing up.
    Draw your pistol and nail the other guy. Interrogate the one you've got. Knock
    him out and use both the computers.
    Find your way back to the room with all the couches and go into the red tiled 
    hallway and follow it along.
    This place is a bit spooky to say the least.
    Carry on to the locker room. See the two johns (toilet cubicles)? There is a
    guard in the left one. Go up to it and BASH DOOR. Then close the door to hide
    the body.
    Go to the pool, and take out the two guards. Dump their bodies in the empty 
    EMF scan for the second phone line (at the deep end near the big floodlights).
    Go tap it and then carry on to the dry bath. There are two guys in here, so 
    shoot the light and take them out when they come over to the door. They stand 
    perfectly still, so headshots are easy. Hide the bodies in the shallow pool.
    Carry on until you reach a guy standing by a candle. Knock him out and hide the
    body by the medikit. Blow out the candle. I ADVISE YOU TO STOCK UP ON MEDIKIT
    NOW !!....YOU'LL NEED IT.
    Carry on into the steam room and equip your thermal goggles, and launch a gas
    grenade over by the two guards. This should take both of them out. Hide the 
    bodies in the steam covered shallow pool.
    Carry on down the passage with the funny patterned wallpaper, and choose to
    Go through the hanging drapes and grab the guy. Draw your pistol and shoot the
    guy at the desk.
    He'll get up and walk towards you slowly, this is when one in the head will 
    take him down.
    Now interrogate the guy you are holding then knock him out. Tap the phone line
    by the desk and switch off the light.
    Go on to a lighted hall where a guy is talking on his radio.  Grab him and dump
    his body. Go through to the next hall and wait for the guard to come back and
    guard the door.
    Airfoil him and hide the body. Creep down to the other end of the hall and
    another guard will walk straight past you. Go up behind him, grab him and
    interrogate him. Then knock him out and dump his body in the corner.
    Go back out into the hallway and go down the passage on your left and into the
    room with the little pond.
    There may or may not be a guard in here. If you dealt with him as above, then 
    there won't be.
    Cross the bridge and go through the little greenhouse thing and ENTER CRAWL
    Go to the end and spy on the meeting. At the end Lambert will speak to you and
    tell you that you must kill Shetland.
    Go back to the greenhouse room with the pond. Across the pond you'll see 
    another crawlspace. Go in it and follow it.
    I advise you to SAVE HERE. Otherwise it's a pain in the butt if you die and 
    have to re-do the whol crawlspace spying on the meeting thing.
    SO SAVE !!
    Exit the crawlspace and there'll be a firefight going on. They're shooting each
    other, not you.
    See the guy crouching by the upturned table?...shoot him. He has a buddy to his
    right, who pops out every now and again, so shoot him when he does. He may 
    figure out that it's you shooting him aswell, and so start shooting you. This 
    has only happened to me once though.
    There is another guy down the hall, but it's nigh on impossible to kill him
    from here.
    Sooooo....what you do is...go down the dark hall to your right and follow it 
    round and pop out behind the guy and sink a couple of slugs into his back.
    Now go in that door that that guard was guarding. You'll see where you are.
    Don't go rushing through here. Go in slowly and stock up on medikit. But only
    use one at a time.
    The next firefight can be very tricky, especially on EXPERT mode.
    Shoot the light out, and then SAVE....SAVE I TELL YOU !!!
    Go to the door. You'll see that it looks fairly innocuous from here. But don't
    be fooled. This is one of the most deadliest rooms in the whole game. There
    are five Displace guys in here all highly trained and all with nasty automatic
    Look in the room and shoot out the strip lights and make it a bit harder for 
    the enemy.
    Some guards will move over by the far wall. Fire a gas grenade into that wall 
    and then one by the box in the middle.
    If you can see any lying down, shoot them and kill them, because the others 
    will only wake them up again.
    Now take cover and equip your shotgun.
    Wait for the guys to pop out and then blast them with the shotgun. If you're
    playing on EXPERT, if you choose to use the rifle, you'll die very quickly, 
    as they shoot you quicker than you can target them, so blasting away with the
    shotgun is probably best.
    If you need to, remember you have another two bottles in the medikit round the
    Once the firefight is over, go and replenish your health and SAVE again.
    You don't really want to have to do that again if you die later on.
    Go through the next door and head down the passage. Watch out for the wall mine
    Go through to the mesh gate and break the lock.
    A timer will start and Lambert will tell you that Shetland has planted bombs
    and rigged the place to blow.
    You must find all the bombs.
    Go through the gate and  then head left of the stairs. Go down between the wall
    and the generator. You're looking for a red flashing light. Choose to defuse 
    the bomb. When you do this, another timer will start for the next bomb.
    Don't rush it. You have plenty of time.
    Exit between the generator and wall area, but equip your shotgun on the way.
    As you approach the stairs a guard will come from your right and go up the 
    Aim above the second or third step, and when the guard runs up the stairs,
    shoot him.
    Now run up the stairs and there's a big block thing in front of you. Climb up
    on top of it and jump down onto the walkway on the other side. Then jump down
    the hole where the flashing red light is.
    You'll find bomb number 2. Defuse it and Shetland will prattle on about some
    new world rubbish.
    Climb out of here and follow the walkway to the right. There may be another 
    couple of guards to deal with here. So take them out.
    The next bomb is on a large column structure to your left. You need to jump to
    get to it and defuse it.
    As you're defusing it, Shetland will run by and out a door. Jump back to the 
    walkway and follow him.
    There'll be a cutscene where Shetland does his little speech.
    You'll then get the choice to either shoot Shetland or put your gun away.
    Putting your gun away is slightly more entertaining, but either way, Shetland
    ends up dead.
                               MISSION COMPLETE !!!
                         MISSION 10  -  THE KOKUBO SOSHO
    It transpires that Admiral Otomo was Shetland's partner and is responsible for
    setting the US and NORTH KOREA at each others throats.
    You need to determine if Otomo's actions have been sanctioned by the Japanese 
    He has also taken prisoner two US soldiers and is holding them hostage.
    You must rescue the US servicemen, and stop Otomo. He must be captured alive.
    -No Kills
    -Contact detained US soldiers
    -Gain access to the war room
    -Record meeting in the war room
    -Cripple Otomo's ISDF servers
    -Access the General's GSDF laptop
    Let's finish saving the world shall we?
    You start off in the shadows, and a UAV is flying around. OCP it and enter the
    crawlspace on the opposite wall. Exit into a store room. See the guards? There
    is an Infra-Red camera in the big room. Watch this, you can see the range of
    the camera with your night vision goggles.
    When it's not looking at you, go right to another door and pick the lock. Go
    inside and climb the ladder.
    Go across the walkway and enter the crawlspace and exit into a restroom. There
    is a guy in trap three (the farthest right cubicle). Go over and choose BASH
    DOOR. Close the door to hide the body. Exit here and go quietly down the hall.
    OCP the light and the guard will start wandering about. Get up close to him and 
    grab him. Knock him out and dump him in a dark corner. Remember...you are not 
    allowed to kill people......yet.
    Go round the corner to ENTER OFFICES - Checkpoint 1.
    Go through quietly to a very large room and two guards talking about how no-one
    could ever break in here. One will start working on the machine to your left.
    Creep round and grab him and drag him to behind the computer and interrogate
    Hack the computer and look at the press room camera. You'll see the two US 
    soldiers there.
    Keep out of the light and head upstairs quietly to the first landing and shoot 
    out the light.
    The other guard will probably come back down. When he does, wait for him in the
    shadows and then L1 him. Hide the body.
    Go up to the next landing and go in the nearest door. Go to a lobby to find a 
    high up crawl space. Enter it and exit into the press room. Watch out for the 
    camera in here. It's not IR, but it is a fairly well lit room.
    Stay in the shadows and head onto the flowerbed at the back of the room.
    Shoot out the light above the table then shoot out the light shining on the US
    A guard will come in to investigate. As he is sneaking round, creep up behind
    him and grab him. Drag him to the flowerbed and interrogate him. Knock him out
    and hide his body.
    OCP the camera if necessary and go talk to the soldiers.
    Make your way back to the stairs and head back down to the large room. Be 
    quiet. There is another guard wandering round here. He'll walk up the stairs, 
    so sit tight and then airfoil him. Hide the body.
    Enter the big green lit door area and choose to ENTER ISDF BASE. Checkpoint 2.
    SWITCH OBJECT at the lights and walk down the escalator. You can try and fight
    them, but remember you can't kill them, and ultimately they will win, and they
    will capture you.
    You start up again being slapped about by some Japanese soldier.
    Wait until the Colonel dismisses him and then choose PICK CUFFS each time it
    appears and wiggle L3 furiously until the cuffs are picked and Sam breaks free.
    You'll then get the option to GRAB CHARACTER.
    Sam will grab the colonel and you can interrogate him. Do so. 
    The soldier is stood behind the door. Go to the door and BASH DOOR. This will
    take care of the soldier. Grab his body and dump it in the room with the
    Go out of the small room and head right to find a box with your gear in it.
    Sam will re-establish comms with Lambert and Third Echelon. Use the computer.
    Go to the door, and you'll hear a guy talking about being a ninja.
    Go to a shelf in this room and you'll find a couple of sticky shockers.
    Go to the door and pick the lock.
    Optic cable under the door and wait for the guard to go away, go through and
    and head a little way down the light hall and you'll see the door open.
    Retreat back down the steps to the dark hall.
    Equip an airfoil round and airfoil the guard when he comes over. Hide the body
    in the store room you were just in.
    Use the keypad on the far door to enter the server room, but don't go in just 
    yet. There are two IR cameras in here, so watch out.
    One will scan the whole wall to your right and the doorway, and the other will
    short. Use your NV goggles to watch the first camera come round past the 
    doorway, and then follow the right wall along to the retinal scanner. OCP the
    camera nearest you.
    You have to be pretty quick here, because although the far camera won't see you
    you only have limited time before the other one scans round to your position.
    Once the scanner is hacked the sever towers will pop up and give you some 
    cover from the cameras. Go to the right end of the server tower and watch the 
    camera. When it's just gone past OCP it, and then use the computer on the next
    Now hide behind the end of this tower and watch the camera. OCP it as it has 
    just scanned past you.
    Now run behind the final tower.  Run along the tower towards the computer in 
    the corner. Wait at the end and watch for the camera to scan past and OCP it.
    This should give you time to use the computer in the corner, dodge the cameras 
    and exit the room without having to use the OCP again.
    Go down the hall to the glass door with the red light. Go through the next 
    sliding door to some stairs. Equip a gas grenade and go halfway up.
    Watch the guards go down the hall to the right. Move up and equip your thermal
    goggles and shoot a gas grenade between the two guards.
    Go down the hall the guards went down and past some big black column things and
    find a toilet. There is a medikit in here.
    Go back to the black column things and go in the big door. Head right and let
    the guards see you. They'll all congregate at the end of the hall.
    Fire a gas grenade at them.
    You have to get pretty close to the camera to OCP it. (They are on beams half-
    way down the hallways).
    See those overhead gantries with the mesh? Jump up 'camera side' on the one at
    the left hallway, and find a crawlspace and enter it.
    Go to the end and get your EEV trained on the big TV screen in the room all the
    time Otomo is talking.
    When he's done, use youe EMF googles to look for the laptop. Scan it with the 
    EEV and when a square with dots in appears at the bottom, hit X to TAP LIVE
    Otomo will come back on the screen ranting and raving, so EEV him some more.
    When he's done, make your way back to the big door, go out and into an
    elevator and choose to ENTER LOWER LEVELS.
    -Capture Otomo alive.
    The elevator will stop halfway. Access the panel in the floor and face the back
    of the elevator car and drop down. Keep tapping O so Sam will drop and grab on 
    each girder.
    Keep going until you reach some water.
    There are two guards down here. Lambert has authorised fifth freedom which 
    means you can kill now if you want to.
    Drop down slowly at the far right of the girders, then wait in the water by
    the door for a guard to approach, and then when he's near GRAB CHARACTER and
    Sam will water kill him.
    The other guard will see but will mysteriously forget about his wall mine and
    run straight past it, blowing himself up.
    Keep going through the door with ISDF on it.
    You could take a guard for the lasers in this corridor, but it's just as easy
    to circumnavigate them.
    Go into the control room quietly and head for the hole in the floor by the left
    There is an automated gun in here that will try to shoot you.
    Follow the tunnel along and emerge on the other side of the room. Go up the
    stairs and over to the computer on the left. USE COMPUTER. Hack it to download
    ISDF data. You have a timer running, but there's plenty of time to hack it and
    place the charge.
    Once you've retrieved the data, place the charge and get well back behind the 
    wall, and detonate it.
    Guards will come running in and you've got another firefight to deal with.
    As soon as the bomb goes off, get behind that pillar immediately. It's the
    safest place.
    A guard is wandering around. Sticky shocker him. Another will shout MAN DOWN
    and go to inspect the body. When he does, shoot him too.
    Another guy walks along the top bit where you are, so shocker him too.
    Now run along the top part and jump the rail to avoid the automated ceiling gun
    Run to the open door by the hole you went down. Go through and follow it round
    to find Otomo behind some glass.
    When he stabs himself, go left, and then right to find a room with black
    server towers in. Drop down the hole and follow the tunnel. Go straight on at
    the crossroads and pop up in the room Otomo is in. Go over and save him. Sam 
    will do the next bit and you can't put Otomo down.
    With Otomo, go over to the window and choose to PLACE CHARGE. Get out of the
    way of the bomb and let it go off.
    The room will flood and Sam will swim to the surface with Otomo.
                               MISSION COMPLETE !!!
                                 MISSION OVER
    Guide completed 01st August 2005 by SamFisherRules
    email: iainjlister@tiscali.co.uk

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