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    Expert Mode Stealth Guide by Ghidrah

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 03/23/17 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Expert Mode Stealth Guide                                                    
    Version 1.6
    Title: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
    Producer: Ubi Soft
    For: X Box
    MSWord: Courier New
    Original Created: 5/3/07
    Revised completed: 2/14/17
    By: Ghidrah
    EMaul: Ghidrah1@hotmail.com
    If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I would like to know. I don't 
    have a problem with its use by others on Gaming forums, FAQ sites, or being 
    copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be used on a site though, 
    just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered. So please send me 
    your sites URL.
    As with all my guides, find some legit trick I missed, I'll give you credit for 
    it in the guide and an insert amendment to the guide where it occurs. 
    As long as the trick, shortcut, etc., etc., can be validated by me without the 
    use of any kind of cheat codes if (codes) exist for the X Box version of the 
    I'm sorry for misleading and or confusing any and all players for level 2, 
    (Cargo Ship) of the 1.4 version of the guide. I have a couple three profiles 
    and must have pressed a mission from a hard mode profile and not expert. Most 
    times I use the mission menu instead of progress because I jump around from 
    level to level. I get an idea for a new slick or even to amend on one I decided 
    won't work on the last rewrite. I try it again but different, I should have 
    known it was too easy.
    Just so there is no misunderstanding for anyone reading and or following the 
    guide, the times acquired in the guide are do to the saves and where they 
    occur. The game throws too many knuckle balls for me to get very far when I'm 
    trying to make time and also be invisible. I'm not good enough or have a blood 
    pressure low enough not to bleed out my eyes after being repeatedly shut down 
    by the AI. 
    Somewhere in the early 2000s I read a short article on a subject that has 
    earned the name "Grief Code"; I believe it exists in SC. It's easier to find 
    when one is constantly restarting to verify a tactic/maneuver. You see the 
    alterations in the movements and actions of the AI. They begin seeing through 
    walls and hearing from extreme distance over loud noise.
    2. WALKTHROUGH (areas CT1 through CT10 and sub sections)
    3. BRIEFING (crap)
    4. CONTRACTIONS (often used words or phrases) 
    A summery will be given here; I hope I don't add many.
    All changes to the guide will be dated and noted at the beginning of each level 
    where they occur in the game. 
    1. While playing through the game for this rewrite it was obvious I wasn't 
    going to be eliminating any KOs or Kills in fact I added Shetland to the kill 
    list, I'm not sure why I didn't acknowledge it before considering I had 
    included Lacerda and Neddy. I now consider Shetland dead whether he's shot or 
    uppercut; the results are the same, COD, broken neck and drowning. The 1st 3 
    KOs can't be avoided, attempting to avoid the 1st and 3rd will prevent you from 
    continuing the game the 2nd will lower your success rating to 85 percent. To 
    date I can't see a way around the last 3 in the Furnace room, I can finagle a 
    route to the 3rd bomb but can't get to it, too many rabid RBGs with headgear.
    So the only thing I was able to do was complete the levels faster with route 
    changes and more accurate moves. Most of which is due to watching the AI more 
    carefully to learn their "tells". 
    2. I've refined the distraction and use and now include both at mission end and 
    game stats at the very end of the guide. The list is stricter regarding rounds, 
    objects and actions. A distraction is a distraction regardless of what it is 
    and how you use it. Even though I've eliminated many it looks worse due to 
    inclusion of items like open doors and smoke grenades etc, etc. However any 
    action taken by Sam that doesn't illicit a response, (audible, visual or 
    physical) from the AI is not a distraction, merely cover. 
    2/14/17 Lighthouse
    A new entry into the caverns a path to crates #1 & 2, 
    New maneuver through the torture cell that eliminates a distraction 
    New maneuver over elevated Wkwy eliminating distraction
    10/22/12 Cargo Ship
    1. A maneuver change to pass by the sleeper and access the 1st cargo bay 
    eliminating a pistol round
    2. Change of route, from exiting the Comm. shack to tagging crate #4.
    10/22/12 Bank 
    Back to picking penthouse door lock for ghosting sake.
    2/14/17 Bank
    1. New tactic and route through fountain area at Bank entrance that removes 1 
    2. I no longer access comp#2 to disable cameras in 2nd floor security enclosure
    7/27/08 Penthouse
    This change was inspired by "mommas_sexy_beast@yahoo.com" while corresponding 
    with Beast he related his MO through the Rooftop Helipad, which got me 
    rethinking my approach. By modifying and combining both a new stealthier 
    solution arose. Thanks Beast for allowing me to combine and include the change 
    in the guide. The change occurs at *-* in Penthouse.
    10/24/12 Displace 
    Maneuver change eliminate 1 distraction, OCP of "Level 2" light at elevator 
    lobby railing. The only reason I can think of for not calling it a distraction 
    in the 1st place is that it did not raise a response from the local BGs.
    2/15/17 Hokkaido
    2 new most daring route changes from mission start to Mic#2
    11/4/12 Battery 
    A new route to Missile Launching area #2, to date it seems eventless.
    11/5/12 Battery
    Believe I may have found the issue with big doors not opening in Missile 
    storage area #1
    2/21/17 Seoul
    New from mission start, -0- damage route from the building to ground
    2/22/17 Seoul 
    New route and maneuvers from 2nd floor of building to the crash site 
    eliminating 1 distraction
    New old new XP route up and over the staging again
    6/4/09 Bath House
    "Shower room in 1 smoke"! Finally, I worked out a throwing target, route and 
    movement schedule.
    2/27/17 Kokubo Sosho 
    New route through large red room and eliminating 1 distraction
    CT8. SEOUL
    CT9. BATHOUSE   
    A new thing for my game guides, CONTROL "F", considering how long they're 
    getting from all the crap I'm adding the function seems like a good thing to 
    add for someone looking for specific junk. I hope it proves useful.
    Unlike what some authors profess, (not seen often and not game specific) that 
    whatever is written in their guide will work in the "HARDER" modes, (which 
    isn't always true) however, any method used in an Expert Mode game will work in 
    any of the easier modes without a doubt.
    Verbal or physical by a BG that isn't screamed out or ended with gunfire does 
    not increase the alarm from 0 to 1. "I think I hear or see something and or a 
    hand gesture to follow the BG making the statement doesn't screw the ghost in 
    the area but removes the comment free aspect of the ghost. For the most part 
    the game is a comment free game, the only time a comment is acceptable in the 
    guide is when there is no other alternative but the use of a distraction to 
    complete an objective. That said there are a couple times throughout the game 
    when an AI comments with no visual or audio reason for it. I'll point them out 
    when they occur in my run.
    Unless you get all squishy listening to all the cut scenes at the beginning of 
    each level again and again or interrogations, rapidly tap the action button 
    when rolling through the conversations to get back to playing quickly as 
    possible. Speeding through interrogations make me smile, it looks like Sam 
    repeatedly hugs the bad guys to death.
    An action purposeful or accidental initiated by you to manipulate local AI into 
    action with a physical and or audible response leading the AI to investigate 
    the suspect anomaly. The act of the distraction is to move local AI from point 
    "A" to point "B" to clear a way for Sam to pass through an area. The severity 
    of the reaction taken by the AI depends on how blatant the noise and or visual 
    distraction is.
    When an action by you is not considered a distraction, OCP a security dome when 
    no AI is around to hear the malfunction as in mission 10. Using the steam 
    valves in the bath area in mission 9, OCP an object in full view of AI and the 
    action receives no reaction from the AI. However attempt the same action while 
    passing through the area later in the mission and the AI reaction is 
    considerably more severe.
    Comment from the AI acknowledging an anomaly and alludes to the possibility of 
    an intruder.
    AI waves and or points other local AI to suspect position and may or may not 
    assume an aggressive posture, (hunched over, weps front and ready, gruff voice)
    Average Times
    Clocked average times are -0- AI comment missions.
    Fast Times
    Clocked fast times at the end of each level are the best times acquired while 
    rewriting this latest version. Bear in mind, I did receive comments from the AI 
    in some areas but never an ID. The fast time recorded on any level with 
    multiple keypads and comp scans rely on the prior save. I usually restart if I 
    haven't solved the code when half the allotted scan time has past. To state the 
    obvious, Sam can't compete with the AI, their too fast, agile, have better 
    hearing and sight and they rarely miss from any distance. The game is clever 
    enough to alter the AI's timing from one reset/restart to another to keep you 
    on your toes it can be maddening at times. 
    It isn't as much of a problem in the beginning of the game, you have about 16 
    seconds of scan time in the early levels of the game but, as the game 
    progresses as in KOKUBO SOSHO where scan durations are 6 to 7 seconds the 
    important keypads and comps are very difficult due to the running process of 
    the hack. The duration of a hack may be cut in half. It may only offer 2 
    fragment locks. The fragments will flick on and off twice as fast, this can be 
    a problem when using an Xbox. I try to memorize the positions of the 1st 2 or 3 
    sets and visually scan for them on the list on the left. 
    The scanner for the glass security door at Kokubo Sosho; that puppy whizzes by 
    so fast that it often takes 6 to 8 tries or more to get it. I'd save before and 
    after every difficult hack.
    I'm not sure why the game doesn't acknowledge the required kills; (Lacerda, 
    Nedich and Shetland) sanctioned or not it should be and all are now included at 
    the end of each mission and total game stats at the end of the guide.
    Load outs don't really matter; the guide rarely has use for LTLs or rounds. I 
    speed click through the options, recommended is the first option, so it is 
    always the one I pick. Prior to this rewrite Recommended was a must have for 
    Bathhouse; I was never able to get through the shower area, (before the furnace 
    room) with less than 3 smokes. Last week during this rewrite, I worked out a 
    method for 2 smokes, on 6/4/09 I worked out a throwing target, route and 
    movement schedule to get me free and clear into the "U" shaped HLWY leading to 
    the Furnace room with 1 smoke.
    Mission times are what show at the end of the level instead of rounded up to 
    the next whole number and are the best times I've posted to date thanks to the 
    "SAVE" option. Real time on the other hand, "God I suck!" among other vulgar 
    four letter expletives is usually what gurgles out of my throat once I'm able 
    to speak with any coherence.
    If Sam can prevent a door or hatch from closing after a BG passes through it, 
    said local BGs and any others that enter the area will ignore the fact.
    I'm not ashamed to save with this game, so many things can go wrong, move too 
    fast and the guy across a noisy city block hears you. A BG in total darkness, 
    with his back turned to you and a wall between you sees you and shoots you 
    through said wall. Did I mention I've cried? With manly "VIRILE" anger of 
    This is the rhythm and duration of movement through the game. If the AI isn't 
    disturbed they'll be following their routine. The positions of bad guys in the 
    game may be slightly off relative to the time spent moving and waiting. If 
    you're ahead of or behind my rhythm, AI may not be where they are in the guide 
    forcing you to wait longer than you'd like. I advise saving more often than 
    suggested incase the rhythm is off to allow one to re-sync with the guide if it 
    becomes an issue. 
    There are a few word strings and or phrases that will appear countless times in 
    the guide, to minimize the tedium of repetition, I've created and logged 
    contractions below for the most used, incase there's a problem with deciphering 
    Bad Guy= "BG",
    Computer/s= "Comp/s",
    Counter Clockwise= "CCw",
    Clockwise= "Cw",
    Cable the Door= "CtD",
    Cable the Hatch= "CtH",
    Drop/Hang/Drop= "DHD",
    Electronically Enhanced Vision= "EEV",
    Electromagnetic Field= "EMF"
    Entry Point= "EP",
    Exit Point= "XP",
    Fast Creep= "FC",
    Hallway= "HLWY",
    Infrared= "IR",
    Left Trigger= "LT",
    Line of Fire= "LOF",
    Line of Sight= "LOS"
    Make Best Speed at or under Ambient= "MBSA",
    National Guard= "NG",
    Normal Sight= "NS", 
    Night Vision= "NV",
    Optical Cable= "Cable",  
    Open, Enter/Exit and Close Door= "OE&CD",
    Open Enter/Exit and Close Hatch= "OE&CH",
    OCP the Camera= "OCPC",
    OCP the Light= "OCPL",
    OCP the Big Light= "OCPBL",
    Optically Channeled Potentiator= "OCP",
    Pull the Pistol= "PtP",
    Roving Bad Guy= "RBG",
    Roving Guard= "RG",
    Roving National Guard= "RNG",
    Slow Creep= "SC",
    Stealth Open, Enter and Close the Door= "SOE&CD",
    Stealth Open, Enter and Close the Hatch= "SOE&CH",
    Stationary Bad Guy= "SBG",
    Quiet Creep= "QC",   
    Quick and Quiet= "Q&Q", 
    Quick and Quiet Creep= "QQC",
    Walkway= "WKWY",
    Recommended load out
    CT1a. Locate Morgenholt, scanning crates 1&2.
    CT1b. Masse kernels; scanning crates 2&3; destroy masse kernels
    2/14/17 Lighthouse
    A change of route into the caverns to crates #1 & 2, 
    A slightly new maneuver over elevated Wkwy
    6/15/09, this note is for speeding purposes only.
    I found a jump point at the top of the cavern between the perimeter ledge on 
    the left leading to the mini cave and the bridge on the right. Sam takes some 
    damage on the landing but to date, always less than half his health, about 3/8; 
    sometimes less. A few times he's landed in a standing position and lost only a 
    1/4. This maneuver can knock about 10 to 15 secs off your time regardless of 
    the 2 other routes. 
    Once you reach the top of the cavern, (same level as the bridge) stand, go NS 
    and move left to the wall look across the cavern, locate the 2 patches of 
    bioluminescent mold/fungus/whatever it is and the dark spot between them, (cave 
    entrance). Look down at the path/ledge rimmed perimeter of the cave, take note 
    of the protrusion extending from the ledge pointing toward the cave. This is 
    the spot you run and jump from, aim for the point between the left patch and 
    dark spot; run and jump, most often Sam will roll off the wall into the mini 
    cave or roll right into the cave.
    A glitch occurs in the cell area but not always, if Sam scans the crate before 
    crossing to the exit Lambert will repeat his lines about the crates.
    CT1a. Locate Morgenholt, scanning crates 1&2.
    Starting out on the beach; set the pistol as primary then run, climb, crawl and 
    jump your way up and through the crevasse into the cavern. Go NS as you hoist 
    up the 3 ledges into the cavern. Run to the bridge, half way over it drop to 
    creep continue to your right off the bridge and along the ledge to the 
    beginning of the narrow tunnel. Remain in the crouch and hold, 2 BGs will pass 
    by you unaware, continue through the tunnel, when you reach the crates and 
    barrels stand and run past them to crate#1. EEV scan the crate then crouch and 
    creep left down the steps and along the left wall to the EP to the cell area. 
    Hold at the opening, when the shooter moves away from or turns his back from 
    the EP creep to the opposite side of the EP then scan the bar codes to crate#2. 
    Eyeball the cell the shooter is/was in; ensure he's not facing the EP then 
    creep past the EP toward the steps. Run up the next set of stairs, OE&CD, head 
    right to the leading edge of the ramp down and hop up onto the stone guard 
    rail. QQC down the rail, locate a couple of magazines on the floor below and an 
    electrical cable to their left. 
    Have Sam face the gap between the cable and the magazines then move to the edge 
    of the rail and hold. BG#1 has killed Morgenholt; as #2 walks out of the 
    torture chamber and past Sam drop off to the floor and QC through the chamber. 
    MBSA, (make best speed at or under Ambient sound) as you enter the dark twisty 
    corridor, stand and run as you approach the 1st right turn to the exit; go NS, 
    quickly CtD, pick the lock, OE&CD. 
    CT1b. Masse kernels; scanning crates 3&4; destroy masse kernels
    QQC along the wall to Sam's right, stay dark till forced away from the wall 
    past the light, RBG#1 is standing inside tent#1. QC into tent#2; scan crate#3, 
    go IR to scan the perimeter of tent#2 to locate RBG#2 then QC left out tent#2, 
    locate the pallets beside tent#2 and below the climbable ledge. Climb up and 
    bear right into the passageway, MBSA past the sitter, stand and walk through 
    the right side of the draped opening. 
    From the WKWY parapet locate crate#4 under the ground level lean-to roof to the 
    left of the WKWY XP at Sam's 11:00 EEV and scan. Stick to the parapet and slide 
    along the WKWY, crouch as RBG#1 stops, continue along the WKWY and keep your 
    good eye on the light meter. Stop when the light meter begins to register then 
    inch forward till the white dot in the light meter is at the Alarm Indicators 
    7:00, (under and to the left of the Alarm Indicator/ships wheel looking thing). 
    You'll be slightly closer to the exit than the BGs below Sam, swing the camera 
    behind Sam and down toward the BGs. Once they stop talking they'll begin to 
    walk off, #2 will stop for a moment at position 1, (about 4 or 5 steps) and 
    then move on to position 2 where he'll 180 to face the exit. 
    It takes #2 6 seconds to reach his 2nd stop and turn around; if Sam isn't 
    inside the next room and dark he'll be seen. If Sam makes too much noise 
    entering the room he'll alert BG#3 in the room and the 2 on the ground. When 
    successful the 2 ground BGs magically swish back to the meeting spot and begin 
    talking again, I think it's about a wet T shirt contest. I suggest saving here, 
    the BG in the room is totally unpredictable often shooting Sam without 
    As the 2 begin to move away allow #2, (the BG facing Sam while listening to the 
    2) to take 2 steps to begin sliding along the low wall toward the EP. #2 will 
    stop for a moment while Sam slides toward the EP. Swing camera around toward 
    the XP, between 1/3 and 1/2way there release from the wall; continue through 
    the EP along the right side of the exit. Drop to QC once you're in the dark, go 
    right into the room ensure you don't bump into the RBG in the dark, he can be 
    at the far left or right side of the room or about 10 feet deep and to the 
    right of the EP. Ensure you know his position before moving to the laptop.
    Head for the light, locate the comp and the BG, he'll either be standing near 
    the window overlooking the area you just left or facing the back of the room. 
    Quietly access the comp and QC out of the room. Proceed through the curtain 
    covered opening and outside, accelerate to QQC down the stairs, there are 2 BGs 
    talking, turn right, at the bottom of the stairs and EEV crate#5. MBSA down the 
    steps, continue past the BG in the working in the cave to the right, work up to 
    a FC until you reach the 1st dog leg in the path. Drop down, from there stand 
    and run along the obvious path out to the Light house. Cross the bridge and 
    move CCw around the lighthouse to its EP. Drop to QQC at the lighthouse's 3:00 
    and locate the door. 
    1 RBG circles the base of the lighthouse CCw and 1 BG circles the lookout at 
    the top Cw. If you moved like invisible wind, the ground level RBG may be near 
    the lighthouse EP, if he's in view (usually not), slow to QC to the EP. 
    The 2nd glitch occurs at the filing cabinet; almost 50 percent of the time 
    Grimm tells Sam not to bother with the file cabinet and to look for something 
    more concrete, then later as he climbs the ladder she follows through with the 
    data he found in the file cabinet.
    OE&CD; MBSA up the spiral stair case, stay to the left side railing to the 
    platform with the table and file cabinet, you'll bump right into the cabinet; 
    search the cabinet then accelerate up the ladder to QQC, at then ext turn to FC 
    then stand and run to the ladder. Go NS; stop climbing when Sam's hand touches 
    the lens floor. At the guides pace the RBG should be ahead left and standing. 
    Climb up, stay tight to the light as you circle to the exit and out onto the 
    lookout WKWY. Go CCw locate and Smack the RBG, reenter the tower, flip the 
    light switch and exit for extraction.
    Best time 5:50
    Average time 7:40
    KO 1
    All objectives complete 100 percent, -0- comment from AI.
    CT2a Locate the Bill of Lading
    CT2b Kill Lacerda!
    Man I feel "STUPID" this is the part where I point out how stupid I am and was 
    2 times. 
    1. For incorrectly remembering being able to slick the sleeper in expert mode, 
    it's just not possible.
    2. For pressing hard mode instead of expert, not catching it and uploading it 
    to the Web. Because of the error I asked all concerned to replace "D" with the 
    "C" version until I could correct any and all errors. I didn't know how many 
    levels or parts there of were affected because I did most from the "Mission" 
    option in the menu instead of "Progress".
    CT2a Locate the Bill of Lading
    You begin on the bow of the Maria Narcissa, ASAP back away and left, FC toward 
    the starboard railing and aft to the starboard side ladder. Stand and run as 
    you descend the ladder to the main deck run till Sam cain't run no mo. As you 
    approach the hatchway look right to the ledge below the gap between the cargo 
    containers and stop. Face the ledge and press jump twice to hoist up between 
    the big honkin cargo containers. Stand and run to the intersection then FC left 
    toward the lighted area. From there, bear right, drop to QQC and drop down onto 
    the deck. Turn right; locate the RBG, (who is walking away) and the stairs down 
    to the 01 deck. QQC to the railing and watch the RBG climb the ladder to 
    portside bow. 
    As he disappears up the ladder hop the railing to the base of the stair and 
    stand. Run up the stairs, hook hard left around the railing and aft; halfway 
    along the railing drop to QQC and into the dark past the end of the railing. 
    The RBG who just accessed the bow may descend and cross over to the starboard 
    side, as the RBG disappears to starboard advance on the railing; the sleeper 
    from below will begin climbing the stairs holding a flare. Wait for the sleeper 
    to pass by Sam's position above him to hop over the railing and soft drop down. 
    MBSA to the XP, drop down into the cargo bay, hoist up, run and jump over the 
    containers. Locate the break in the bulkhead, slide through, locate and tag 
    crate#1. Proceed to the other side of the Cargo bay and climb up the ladder. 
    Turn right and FC to the end of the PSWY; turn OE&CH to the overly small 
    workshop. Pull your pistol, creep forward, aim at the light, go NV and OCPL. 
    Jump up onto and over the table saw and into the vent. Skooch to the other end 
    of the duct then pop out the other side and soft drop onto an elevated WKWY in 
    the Machine Room. Turn, QC along the railing to the bulkhead; jump over the 
    railing onto the large pipe against the bulkhead. Come to a stop while still in 
    the shadow. Wait for the BG at the control panel below to walk away to pull the 
    pistol, left hand it and target the swinging light. OCPL, holster and drop to 
    the floor QQC to the pump and activate it. MBSA around the BG to the exit, 
    continue to press action till the hatch slides open.
    OE&CH FC to the corner then run along the corridor to the cargo bay hatch on 
    the right. Enter the cargo bay, leave the hatch open jump and climb your way up 
    and locate the crate with the paperwork on it, access it then drop off to the 
    CT2b Kill Lacerda
    Run to and close the hatch to the cargo bay, continue along the PSWY at a run; 
    go NV and turn into the niche on the right with lifted deck plate. Drop down, 
    FC through the crawl space and crawl under the piping. MBSA to the next lifted 
    deck plate to slick the 2 BGs above and just walking by, hop up, out and into 
    the 2nd lighted niche. QQC right down the steps to the Engine Room, OE&CH and 
    FC over to and along the railing to Sam's right. A 1/3rd to 1/ 2way along the 
    railing stick and slide to the end. Release from the rail, QC CCw around RBG#1 
    to and up the climbing pipe to the 2nd level. At the top of the pipe, jump 
    right to the railing and pull up. RBG#2 will be on the mid WKWY spanning port 
    to starboard and RBG#3 may be with or approaching him. 
    Turn right, MBSA up the stairs to the 3rd level of the Engine Room. If RBG#3 
    was not with #2 then he'll likely be somewhere on this level, but rarely in 
    Sam's way. Locate the XP, OE&CH into the PSWY. Turn right, QQC into the 
    passageway on the right; locate the RBG entering the berthing area if he's 
    still in the PSWY. Move to the right side of the hatch stick and nose up to the 
    left side of the vertical pipe near the corner. Stand facing the pipe, once the 
    RBG's body completely passes the berthing area's door slide toward the opening, 
    crouch, unstick and enter the berthing area before the hatch closes to prevent 
    it from closing.
    The open hatch doesn't bother the RBG 
    QQC toward the sliding hatch in the 2nd half of the berthing area, as you pass 
    the bulkhead separating the 1st and 2nd half stand and run to the slider open 
    it and tag crate #2. Turn stand and run out the opening; close the hatch, run 
    to the berthing area hatch OE&CH. Go NV, crouch and QQC along the headside 
    bulkhead; QQC around the perimeter to the base of the stairs hard tight left 
    and hold under cover of shadow. 
    Hold at the base of the stairs till the RBG is heading into the berthing area 
    PSWY or back toward your EP into the HLWY. The RBG looks directly at the base 
    of the stairs, as he walks by, so wait for him to pass by the corner toward the 
    EP before climbing the stairs. You need to move Sam up both flights of stairs 
    fast enough so that the stairwell covers him but slow enough to avoid being 
    Stay tight to the left side of the lower flight and to the right on the upper 
    flight. Follow the corridor around to the next hatchway at a QQC; locate and 
    enter the vent to the left near the floor. Go NS and pop out the other end turn 
    toward the 2 BGs and EEV the comp. Exit the room, OE&CH; accelerate from QC to 
    FC and as you pass the halfway mark in the PSWY stand and run to the exit 
    outside. OE&CH, locate, run to and tag crate#3 under the stairs. 
    Here's admitting to more stupid again, going straight to the Comm. shack has 
    knocked even more time off the clock. All the new maneuvers in this level have 
    knocked a couple 3 minutes off the clock.
    MBSA up 2 1/2 flights of stairs to the Bridge deck, don't let the noise meter 
    go above 4 cubes or you'll be heard. Halfway up the 3rd flight turn around and 
    jump up to the deck. QC to the ladder ahead and climb up to the Comm. deck. QQC 
    left and around the structure to the Comm. Shack hatch, open it, leave it open 
    and enter. Pull the pistol and OCP the 1st large screen to the left of the BG, 
    continue into the room, back around the corner and into the dark beside the 
    chair near the target console. 
    Change of route, from exiting the Comm. shack to tagging crate #4. The 2 
    monitor OCP counts as 1 distraction.
    ASAP, OCP the 2nd large screen to the left of the 1st one, the BG will move to 
    inspect. Holster the pistol ASAP, as the BG rises from his chair QC to and 
    access the target comp. QC back to and around the chair for cover. As the BG 
    moves back to his seat, exit the room and close the hatch. One of the BGs on 
    the Comm. deck will be at, walking to or away from the starboard side railing, 
    turn right, stick and slide along the bulkhead to the corner. Quickly release 
    and do a tight slide around the corner and into the dark. Once the RBG begins 
    walking away from the starboard railing to portside hop over the railing onto 
    the emergency life rafts and then to the Bridge deck.
    QC forward to the hatch, CtH and locate the captain, OE&CH to the bridge. QC to 
    the railing and hop over to the stairs below, MBSA along the PSWY, locate and 
    descend the stairs to the deck below. Pass through the XP and head right along 
    the PSWY, slow to QC as you reach the left turn, you're apt to see the RBG 
    entering the mess deck. Enter the room, move to and around the end of the table 
    then hold when your light meter zeros. The RBG stops near and speaks to Thomas, 
    watch him, he'll enter a small room at the other side of the mess deck and then 
    turn left to enter an even smaller room. When the RBG turns left and then 
    disappears behind the corner of the room stand and run to the hatch. 
    Crouch and return to the edge of the table then turn right and hold against the 
    counter. Allow BG#2 to approach from between the 1st and 2nd row of tables, 
    when he reaches a point about 2/3 along the tables QC along the counter into 
    the storage room. The 1st storage room holds a tagging crate to the right of 
    the EP, tag the crate and exit. #2 should be approaching the hatchway with his 
    back to Sam. MBSA to the XP, enter the previous PSWY, slide the hatch closed 
    and backtrack to the deck above. Locate and tag crate#5 at the top and near the 
    Captain's Quarters. 
    Head for the Captain's Quarters; leave the hatch open and enter the Captain's 
    Mess; move left to the sink, face the mini fridge and hold. Put up with 
    Lacerda's whining and wait for him to enter the galley for a snack-N-snatch. 
    ASAP after passing the edge of the door grab and drag him into the passageway. 
    Spin Hugo around so Sam is between Hugo and the hatch leading to his body 
    guards then kill him.
    QQC out to the passageway, and left to the opening ahead on the left, QC along 
    the right side of the passageway to the bridge stairs, QC up and around to the 
    starboard side hatchway to the left of the Captain. OE&CH turn right, QQC into 
    the dark and up to the stairs leading up to the aft half deck. Look right as 
    you QC the stairs to see if an RBG is close, if not continue to QC around the 
    corner to the ladder and slide down.  
    Move left along the railing and stop halfway along the bump out. Turn to and 
    hop over the railing to the main deck and behind the large tarp covering some 
    crates. QQC around the crates to the final tag and do so. Quietly hop onto the 
    crates then hop up to the railing. Locate the short ladder to Sam's left and 
    climb it to extraction.
    Best time 9:56
    Average time 15:00
    Kills 1, Lacerda 
    Dists 5,  
    All objectives complete, 100 percent
    1. New maneuver through Banks fountain entrance, even though deactivating the 
    exterior main entry lights is a distraction, it provides the calmest reaction 
    from the 3 BGs and it repositions BG#3 from beside the bench and under the 
    perimeter wall light to the left side of the banks main exterior staircase and 
    has him facing away from the fountain. This allows you to exfiltrate without a 
    distraction. However it does increase mission time but not substantially. 
    2. No longer access comp#2 to disable cameras in 2nd floor security enclosure
    I think this is the easiest level in the game, and the 1st level introducing 
    the pass code scanner/reader. I suggest saving before each scan till you become 
    The level starts near the entry gate of the bank, it's dark and there are 3 BGs 
    spread out over the fountain area. #1&2 are standing and talking and standing 
    at the leading end of the fountain, #3 is beside the bench and under the light.
    Bear left along the pavement, MBSA toward the bank then drift left over the 
    grass to the left side of the bank. Locate the exterior lighting switch and 
    flip it off. Run back to the bank front then left toward the staircase, roll 
    onto the pavement then MBSA across the front to the right side of the bank then 
    stand and run as you pass by the ground flood light to the back of the bank and 
    to the ladder. 
    Keep a sharp eye on Sam's noise meter at all times remain at or below ambient 
    when ever any AI is within sight.
    As Sam passes by the last stone arch move quickly left to the bank wall and to 
    the ladder. There's a wall cam up high, continue running to and jump up to the 
    ladder then climb to the roof. Stay to the right side of the roof as you run to 
    the shed with the switch inside. 
    Maneuver change, to improve on the ghost I'm back to picking the lock instead 
    of breaking it. I also discovered that the game won't let you turn the skylight 
    security system back on when the mission is complete.
    Pick the lock, stand, run to and flip the switch close the door on your way 
    out. Run over to the skylight that popped open when you flipped the switch and 
    climb down the rope into the teller enclosure. Drop to the floor when Sam is 
    about 6 feet up, turn around and access a comp with the EEV to kill the 
    security grid. Hop skip and jump to and over the desk and wall to exit the 
    enclosure. FC to the front of the bank, drop to QC as you pass through the 
    doorway. Locate BG#4 and the comp at his feet, EEV the comp and complete the 
    1st part of the objective.
    Hopefully you have the SCCT manual to help with the hacking process. If not, 
    use the left thumbstick to move the cursor (left or right) over a highlighted 
    number set in the right side hacking screen. When you press "X" to lock the 
    highlighted set in place you also eliminate all the chaff from that column of 
    the port address. Repeating this process for the remaining address sets usually 
    delivers success before the hack timer runs down. However, as the game 
    progresses the hack rundown timer and the duration of a highlighted number set 
    speeds up allotting less time for the hack to be solved. This situation forces 
    one to pay attention to the highlighted sets you didn't get to lock and to 
    locate them on the left side screen for a "Hail Mary" play.
    Get into the habit ASAP, keep an eye on any and all of the last 3 sets of 
    highlighted numbers as you whittle the chaff down, quite often 1-4 or more port 
    addresses have closely related number sets requiring you to guess or opt out of 
    the hack. Know this, every time you back out of a hack before solving it, the 
    next time you begin a scan the hack time is shorter than the previous attempt.
    FC back to the teller enclosure room and along the left side of the enclosure 
    to the lighted anteroom room with the glass door, Ignore BG#5 sleeping in the 
    chair, OE&CD and avoid the wall camera above the 1st door to your left. QC the 
    perimeter of the anteroom Cw, the XP is the 2nd door from the left. CtD, OE&CD, 
    face the glass partition, stand and EEV the target comp for the objective, (Far 
    left PC case head high). Ensure you are clear of BGs #6&7, when completed 
    crouch and exit at a QQC, as you round the corner to the stairs go to FC and 
    drift left into the dark. Once at the top remain outside the Lobby.
    Quickly locate and access the comp on the far right end of the reception desk 
    to Sam's right for the objective. Crouch and locate RBG #8, he should be 
    approaching or standing in front of Sam and or just beginning to walk away from 
    the doorway. Follow him close enough to take advantage of his electronic halo. 
    If there is an active laser between you then QC to and hop over the reception 
    desk, hop back up at the other end and then to the floor. Hop up to the 
    molding, skooch past the last laser and soft drop to the floor. QC into the 
    short dark HLWY, once inside the HLWY, you want to be close enough to smell 
    butt crack. Stop; turn and split jump up the wall before #8 finishes his convo 
    with #9 and turns around.
    If you are unlucky enough to make the jump in time stick to the wall on the 
    left just after entering the short dark HLWY and move into the corner. Allow #8 
    to reenter and move to the other end of the HLWY, Follow then split jump and 
    hold for the next cycle of BGs #8&9.
    Once back on the floor and near the window quickly inch toward the window and 
    stop before the light meters white dot reaches the 8:00 position of the "Alarm 
    Indicator". If you have a problem keeping up with BG#9, (being caught by a 
    trailing reactivated laser) as he begins to walk away remain to his 5:00, (a 
    minutely shorter distance) but be aware that he may stop and begin to turn 
    right, so be prepared to drift left to his 7:00 as you pass by the leading edge 
    of the settee.
    If you're still having problems getting bagged by the trailing reactivated 
    laser or from too much noise try moving left to the HLWY wall after dropping to 
    the floor, stick to it then slide along the wall to and directly across from 
    the EP. Then as #9 begins to turn away from the EP release and follow.
    Soft drop to the floor after #8 passes under Sam. QC over to the right side of 
    the HLWY and toward the glass while remaining in the shadow stop when the light 
    meters dot reaches the 7-8:00 position of the "Alarm Indicator". BG#9 will have 
    approached the glass to talk to #8. As #9 begins turning away from the glass QC 
    into the room and to his 5:00, (the distance traveled is shorter than to his 
    7:00 and easier to attain). #9 may stop for a second and comment on hearing 
    something and then continue on. If you move too fast, noisy or close, too bad; 
    if not remain at his 5:00 and follow him. Split off as you approach the 
    kitchen, QQC to the other side of the kitchen and stop where the next HLWY 
    Regarding the camera in the dark room ahead, it's on the wall to the left of 
    the EP; if you're following the guide very closely you can bypass the room and 
    camera, run through the Hlwy, right at the poly sheet enclosure then roll past 
    the opening.
    Wait for RBG#9 to 180 to move Sam to, through and to the right of the doorway, 
    accelerate to FC along the right side of the HLWY to the corner. As you 
    approach the corner and EP to the room listen for the whir of the camera. 
    Locate and determine where it is pointing and which action is required to exit 
    the room unseen. Use the dark lane leading to the draped opening, the drapes 
    and or the cased opening at the far left corner of the room as route and cover. 
    When decided and in the security HLWY drift right to the wall, slide along the 
    wall and stop across from the door to the security enclosure. 
    If you successfully circled the camera room and you're near the security 
    enclosure EP you're way ahead of RBG#10, if you're looking for an extra thrill, 
    you might be interested in scanning the target comp RBG#10 sits at before he 
    arrives and opens the EP.  This saves bunches of time in the room.
    I don't kill the cameras anymore because I'd think someone somewhere is 
    watching the cameras and would react to a system wide malfunction/shutdown.
    RBG#10 will eventually enter the room, follow him in. Stop in the EP long 
    enough to hold it open then locate and press the 1st of 3 vault access 
    authorization pads. If you didn't previously access the target comp turn, face 
    #10 and EEV it.
    No longer access comp#2 to disable cameras in security enclosure
    Close the door as you exit the room; go left for the next Security door and 
    keypad. Hack the keypad, CtD then OE&CD. OCP the camera above the EP, FC to the 
    XP, pick the lock, CtD then OE&CD. Locate and run to the target comp, access 
    for the objective and hit the 2nd vault access authorization pad on your way to 
    the balcony railing. Move to the balcony; quickly scan the area with NV or IR 
    to locate the RBG.
    If RBG#12 is approaching, hop out and skooch right to cover then DHD to the 
    ground. If he's far enough away when you land you can squeeze by him to the XP 
    stairs and be in the office before he completes his cycle. 
    If he's walking away hop out then DHD to the ground, 180; locate BG#12 walking 
    toward the raised planter bed, QQC to the far right side of the area into the 
    corner of the raised planter for cover. As #12 looks away from the staircase; 
    hop up to the stairs then QQC up the left side of the steps.  Locate the office 
    vent at floor level and the wall camera above. Hug the wall as you move to the 
    vent then enter ASAP. Remember the cameras are still active. Hit the last 
    authorization pad, rifle through the file cabinet and save.
    Access the comp, QC over to the exit, go IR and grab the door and hold for an 
    open. As Paco moves off OE&CD, go NS; move over to and to the side of the last 
    Security room, EEV the comp through the window for the objective. MBSA past the 
    opening to the mail room, stand and run to the box holding Sam's goodies. Run 
    to and down the stairs to the vault; place the picks and use them, place the 
    charge back off and smoke the vault's door. Enter the vault, run along the left 
    side of the glass enclosure; 2/3rds to the end drop to creep, PtP and switch 
    grip. Locate and OCP the security dome to the right of the last comp in the 
    level and save.
    Access the comp; check off all the options in the menu then "X" out. Turn and 
    run into the enclosure grab the junk from it then run over to the exit ramp. 
    PtP, OCP the laser at the vault's entrance then run back up to the main level. 
    Roll into a QQC as you approach the doors leading to the last security room. 
    Make 2 right turns around the security room and drift left as you MBSA to the 
    XP on the left with the camera above it. 
    OE&CD; go IR, QC into the room once clear run to the XP and to the great 
    outside. OE&CD, jump over the railing, stay to the right as you run to the 
    front corner of the bank. If the bank front is clear FC past the corner of the 
    bank to the corner of the perimeter wall ahead and left. Roll halfway through 
    the lighted area between the bank and perimeter wall just in case. Go to QC as 
    you reach the corner then stop and scan your 180 with NV and IR for BG#1 and 2. 
    Take note of their positions and the directions they are moving. You need both 
    to be moving away from your extraction point, (Bank gate entrance) as you QC 
    forward along the wall and then across the pavement to the circular section of 
    the fountain. 
    Ensure you're within the shadow covering the ground to the fountain and then 
    along its low wall. As you QQC along the straight section of the fountain to 
    the end of the shadow locate the short narrow strip of shadow sort of pointing 
    toward the tree beside the perimeter wall light BG#3 used to stand under. Most 
    often RBG#1 is near you XP and or heading toward the bank as you arrive at the 
    straight section of the pool. RBG#2 is often near and talking with RBG#3 as you 
    cross the pavement. In all cases, all BGs must be looking and or walking away 
    from your position when you MBSA through the shadow and back into darkness. 
    Stand and run to Extraction.
    1. If both are walking toward the gate follow them using the previous route but 
    hold within the shadow and stick to the side of the fountain. When both BGs 
    pass by your position MBSA through the shadow to dark then continue on your way 
    to extraction.
    I'm pretty sure the time differences are due to the hacking duration
    Best time 11:44
    Average time 12:10
    Dists 1
    All objectives complete, 100 percent
    I gotta beef with Zherky, getting to his places!
    CT4a, The world according to Dvorak, scanning comps and tapping cameras!
    CT4b Getting the heck outta here!
    Sam begins the level beside a dumpster; there are two ways to get into the 
    building, only one way to do it covertly. GO NV, QC out into the street, pick 
    up speed to MBSA as you move past RNG #1, locate the fire escape ladder on the 
    right and quietly climb up stop short of the 1st platform, (if you're perfect 
    you can make it to the platform before he looks up) allow #1 to walk past the 
    ladder to climb up, (he looks up as he walks past the ladder). QQC along the 
    platform to the stair then run the rest of the way to the top, jump onto the 
    boxes and then to the floor ledge/corbel lining the perimeter of the building. 
    Skooch left to the drainage pipe, change the camera angle to look down, this 
    will let you know when to slow down to avoid noise at ground contact. 
    On the ground, 180 and head through the 1st garage bay for the doorway in a CCw 
    loop through the shadows along the wall to Sam's right, MBSA. If you're quick 
    look through the doorway and you'll see RNG #4 walking along the front of the 
    next garage bay. Cross through the doorway opening into the next bay from right 
    to left. Stop for a second until #4 is covered by the dark dumpster at Sam's 
    10:00. Remain in the shadow lane and close to the doorway as you 180 and 
    quickly climb the steps to the raised platform. Go NS and enter the building.
    If you're having difficulty, e.g., (being seen before or during passage through 
    the doorway by RNG #3 or 4), I have an alternate route into the 2nd garage bay.
    Option #2, 
    On the ground, 180 and head through the 1st garage bay for the doorway in a CCw 
    loop through the shadows along the wall to Sam's right, MBSA. Pass by the 
    doorway, stick to the wall, slide toward the van and hold at the corner. Peek 
    around the corner to see RNG #4 standing near the dumpster, look past RNG #3 
    who's leaning against the van for RNG #1. 
    If you can't see #1 release from the wall and scope the binoculars to verify 
    his absence at this end of his patrol. When clear QC around the corner and 
    dumpster into bay #2 and to the wall. Stick and slide to the doorway to locate 
    RNG #4. Soon #4 will move back into bay #2, allow him to pass by before you QC 
    up the stairs to the raised platform. Go NS and enter the building.
    Enter the building when clear, QQC left to the elevator HLWY, QC over to the 
    wall on the left, stick to it and slide up to the electrician. The electrician 
    will move away from the elevator giving Sam the time he needs to enter it. I'm 
    probably batty but I think climbing the ladder gets the elevator moving sooner. 
    If you stay in the elevator hold at the control panel, as soon as the door 
    closes push the button to get it moving. If not, once the elevator starts 
    moving slide down to and drop back into it. Once the doors open QQC out loop 
    left into shadow, move around the 1st row of shelves and locate the RNG. 
    QC past him as he moves back to the elevator and climb the stairs. As you 
    approach the top stand, OE&CD and run to the big honkin pipes ahead. Hop over 
    both sections to the lower level and FC toward the gap between the helipad ramp 
    and roof deck grate on the right. As you approach the ramp roll into the dark 
    structure ahead; stick and slide right till the light meter jumps and hold.
    *-* Thanks to (mommas_sexy_beast@yahoo.com) for the above, it might not sound 
    like much to many people, only one less light distraction, but if you're 
    ghosting and trying to cut time it means everything.
    The Roof RNG and one of the chopper RNGs stop and talk; when done and they 
    begin to walk away, release, slip around the corner, stick and slide forward so 
    the exit ladder is at Sam's 1:00. Swing the camera over Sam's back; go NS and 
    locate the roof RNG. He'll walk left, stop, turn around and then turn back and 
    begin walking to the steps leading to the upper roof deck. As he starts walking 
    again release, move to and up the ladder; FC along the WKWY to the cable and 
    zip to the next building. If you are hearing AI comment, when moving across the 
    neon sign, you can drop off the Wkwy and skooch to and under the cable then 
    hoist up and jump to the cable.
    Slide down the conduit and drop when about 8 feet from the ground. Turn right 
    and run toward the XP ledge. Halfway to the ledge stick to the wall; slide and 
    stop before reaching the corner. Release, look around the corner and locate 
    The world according to Dvorak!
    There's only one way into the building, (through the doorway) but umpteen ways 
    to do it. The 2 fastest ways where the 1st is fastest may produce a comment 
    from #1 but no action taken and the 2nd, somewhat slower and no comment. 
    Option 1 is a bit less realistic but just as stealthy and faster. Be aware, 
    there're times when neither of the 2 options below will work due to RBG#3 
    facing and or returning to the elevator room. Option 3 takes much longer but 
    provides safe entry to and past the elevator room.
    RBG#1 has 2 onset moves, move 1; he turns then activates his light; move 2, 
    activates the light and then turns. Timing the 2 onset moves from start to 
    where he then faces the exit with the light provides these times; (activate 
    light then turn 11+ seconds, turn then light 15 seconds). If you get light then 
    turn use option 2, if you get turn then light use option 1. 
    #1 turns, lights his flashlight and walks to the railing,
    Option 1 is very difficult; a micro fine difference from the perfect speed 
    moving past and away from RBG#1 will either alarm him or be too slow to enter 
    the dark HLWY before RBG#3 faces the elevator area. If you drift over to the 
    left wall after passing #1 you'll likely still get a comment, (always as you 
    pass the plywood leaning against the wall) the majority of the time 90 percent 
    and better he's still looking over the railing and takes no action. In this 
    case I think the comment without reaction may be one of the many game glitches, 
    so I'm treating it as a no comment. 
    Maybe 30 percent of the time I'm passing without comment and I don't know why. 
    If like me and you're having probs moving past #1 without comment if this is an 
    issue use option 2. 
    Option 1
    RBG#1 is close to the end of the WKWY, as he turns away and then activates the 
    flashlight hop over the railing, QC past him; accelerate to MBSA as you drift 
    left to the wall and the doorway on the left. Accelerate to FC as you enter the 
    room, BG#2 an electrician is facing away and working on the elevator, FC toward 
    the left side of the table, angle right as you pass it and roll into dark area 
    of the next HLWY on your right. Drop to QC, move to the left wall, if you have 
    time slide past the plastic and stick behind the dark cabinet thing and RBG#3.
    Option 2
    #1 activates his flashlight and turns away, follow the RBG to the exit doorway 
    on the left, nose into the plywood and wall intersection stick and hold. Once 
    #1 passes Sam on his way back release and move forward, ensure #3 is turning 
    away and or within the HLWY to enter at a FC. From this point follow option 1 
    past the plastic sheet to the cabinet.
    Option 3
    Hold to and follow RBG#1's 6, hop over the railing just before you pass the 
    plane of the EP then skooch right to line up with it. RBG#3 will enter the 
    elevator room but will not speak to BG#2 working on the elevator, (a good 
    thing). RBG#1 will pass to your left and #3 will continue on his patrol. Hoist 
    up, MBSA into the building, to and through the elevator room and into the dark 
    Hlwy. You should have more than enough time to move through the plastic to the 
    cabinet and hold.
    All Options continue from here
    Allow #3 to pass by Sam to the elevator area before you move out, accelerate to 
    QQC as you pull away through the next room into BG#4s (sleeping beauty's) room. 
    Stay to the right and hug the wall to the counter. As you close in on the 
    opening to the next room, you'll hear snoring. Move left to the corner in this 
    room to EEV the comp, pick the lock and then head outside. Turn right QQC along 
    the wall to the cable running up to the IR security camera, tap it, go NV and 
    when safe from the IR cam QQC up the stairs to the next floor. Enter the door 
    on the left and leave the EP open, BG#5 sitting and listening to some God awful 
    music. Go NS, pull the pistol, OCPL in the middle of the room and then flip the 
    light switch to off. 
    QQC behind #5 to the other side of the room turn left, remain in the shadow to 
    the end, slip around the corner and leave the XP open as you move onto the 
    veranda. Music boy comments but stays put and the room is now prepped for the 
    multiple passages through the room. Cross the veranda toward the next set of 
    double doors, ahead and to their right is a vent, use it to enter the building.
    Move over to the island counter and reconnoiter, your next move depends on the 
    whereabouts of RBG#6 in this building. In all cases you want to be in the short 
    dark HLWY heading to the living room.
    The #6 can be pretty much anywhere between the living room and the veranda 
    talking to RBG#7.
    Preferably, #6 is in the kitchen or heading back to the Living room and Veranda 
    is away or moving away from this end of his route. They can be talking outside 
    but the odds of detection are greater. Slip into the HLWY, if RBG#6 is standing 
    near the living room tap the camera in the XP HLWY, if not enter the living 
    room between the wall and hanging carpet, locate and tap the cam. QQC back 
    behind the carpets along the wall and into the XP HLWY, tap the cam and then 
    head up the spiral staircase to the floor above at a QC. As you enter the 
    lounge, go NV, locate the IR beam, stand and run behind the glass partition on 
    the left when safe. 
    Locate the safe room and access the computer. Close all doors on your return to 
    the lounge. Tap the lounge cam, pass through the next room into the Arboretum 
    HLWY, QC to the end of the HLWY and stick to the wall to the right of the door.
    BG#9 will emerge from the arboretum; as he moves off snatch him, speed talk and 
    drop him. When done, quietly enter the Arboretum for the 4th cam tag, the door 
    should still be open. Exit and close the door; accelerate to FC and grab the 
    "Choke me I'm stupid!" sign off #9 as you pass him. Halfway along the HLWY 
    stand and run to the right side of the exit window in the next room and go IR. 
    If in view the veranda RBG#7 should be moving off shortly, hop out the window 
    to the arbor FC across and drop to the floor below. Tap the last camera and QQC 
    back into the Music room. 
    If you leave Mr. Choke me on the floor in the HLWY he's never found and I 
    believe this got me my fastest time. BG#10 never exits the room. It just seems 
    wrong, exposed in a well lit HLWY, unconscious and nobody discovers him.
    Stay in the shadows, QQC through the room to the outside, once on the fire 
    escape pass through the door on the left, leave it open, OECD the next. Go hard 
    right around the door as it closes, slip along the wall to the corner then cut 
    straight across the roof at a QQC to the leading corner of the shed roof. Jump 
    up, diagonal left across the roof to the left side of the big honkin window and 
    stick to the wall. Quite often RBG#11 in the room will be pacing back and forth 
    from the right side of the window to the bathroom at the end of the HLWY. 
    However, there're times when he is only moving from one side of the window to 
    the other. 
    You must be stuck to the building to remain unseen by #11, so, whatever route 
    #11 is taking, you must release from the wall move to the edge of the window 
    and hop into the room before he turns back to your position. When you have a 
    clear shot enter the room. Move left through the bare stud wall into the small 
    dark room then hold for a clear lane to and through the bathroom to the vent on 
    the right. From this point on #11 will be patrolling from the window to the 
    bathroom EP. SBG#12 sits on the toilet at the bathroom window looking over the 
    roof deck below. 
    It's tres importante; do not give any reason for comment from anyone as you 
    maneuver over the roof below and through this side of the building. BG#12 
    sitting on the toilet in the bathroom will remain in the sitting position 
    throughout your stay in this building if you are covert. If he stands, you 
    won't get off the shed roof without looking like dead bloody cheese. 
    Careful of the mine attached to the wall in the bathroom; crawl into and out of 
    the vent. Stand and run, locate the stairs on the right, run down to the floor 
    below. Turn right at the base of the stairs and run forward past the 
    refrigerator to bump into the main server and activate it. There are 6 machines 
    to adjust; each one has a big honkin fuse thingy in the middle that crackles 
    bright yellow white when it gets hot. Save before you begin the process.
    I don't know if all games run the same sequence and frankly my initial 
    explanation seemed confusing to me after reading it so I dumped it. You'll get 
    the hang of your sequence if it's different than mine and be able to run it 
    Fix all the machines as they heat up, grab the stack and exit the room, run up 
    the stairs and back into the vent. Move to the edge of the HLWY, if clear move 
    into the dark open studded room and exit through the window, if not wait for 
    #11 to return to the bathroom then slip past him for the window.
    Getting the heck outta here!
    Climb out the right side of the window for safety, locate RBG#13 patrolling 
    below if he's anywhere close to the middle of the roof quietly drop off the 
    right edge of the shed roof if standing at either end drop off the left edge 
    into the shadow line. QQC over to the exit, OE&CD, pass through the small room 
    back outside. Turn right OE&CD all the doors on your way to extraction. Re-
    enter and pass through the lousy music room onto the small veranda, locate the 
    vent and climb through into the kitchen. 
    You can get through this level with 1 distraction but it costs you 
    approximately 11 seconds. You can enter the bathroom on the left, climb through 
    the vent to above the elevator and drop down for extraction.
    The other way requires you to OCP the IR cam in the dark HLWY.
    Whether the RBG is in the kitchen or not when you enter the kitchen the balcony 
    RBG may be at this end near the veranda/patio. Climb over the counter, crouch, 
    stick to the wall and slide to the potted fern. Swing the camera back to the 
    veranda if clear and the RBG in this area is at the Living room or just stopped 
    in the kitchen QQC around the fern, across the HLWY to the left wall and enter 
    the bathroom. Locate the vent near the door and climb though to the elevator 
    shaft. Drop down into the elevator and extract. 
    Best time 13:20
    Average time 17:30
    KO 1
    Dists 1
    All objectives complete 100 percent.
    CT5a Just flexin the pecs in the gym Jim; scan Shettys bag, access comps 1, 2&3
    CT5b We gotta get outta Displace, access comps 3, 4&5 and looking for the exit
    Bear in mind, the fast time recorded at the end of this and any level with 
    multiple keypads and comp scans rely on the prior save. I usually restart if I 
    haven't solved the code when 2/3 of the allotted scan time has past. 4 or 5 
    seconds added to each scan adds up at the end of the level.
    CT5a Just flexin the pecs in the gym Jim; scan Shettys bag, access comps 1, 2&3
    Sam begins the level in an alley, Stand, run and turn right to the large 
    enclosed area. 2 RBGs, a chain link fence and a big honkin air vent in the 
    center of the open area. Once in the open run to the left leading corner of the 
    air vent, remain on the roof tiles beside the vent, (its quieter) and drop to 
    FC as you approach the corner. FC along the vent, continue past it to the fence 
    and slow to QC. Climb up and over the fence, soft drop inside the cage, stay 
    dark and move over to the high voltage panels. As the big mouth moves off QC 
    along the panels on the left to the switch and flip it. Move back to your EP on 
    the fence and climb back over.
    Sometimes the remaining BG stands in front of the switch for what seems forever 
    before walking away. Give him the time to move and then return to the fence and 
    climb over.
    Once over the fence move to the left corner of the air vent, climb up and hold 
    near the center of the vent. Eventually the RBG will very slowly walk up the 
    steps onto the vent and back down. Wait for him to move away from the steps and 
    turn back to the fence to access the trapdoor lock, pick it, open it and rappel 
    to the bottom of the vent. QQC through the duct; drop down and QC forward to 
    the louvered ceiling vent. Scope the EEV, locate the ceiling light cable and 
    follow it down to the briefcase. The briefcase is a very tiny rectangle and 
    nearly invisible.
    Scan the briefcase solve the code and access the file. Cable the vent, watch 
    the 2 men walk from the back of the table and around its sides. As the 2 round 
    to the front of the table retract the cable, open the vent gate then drop and 
    hang. Drop to the floor when clear, move to the left door to prevent it from 
    closing if possible then exit said room once the last 2 guys move on for real. 
    Follow the BGs and break away at the Ops server farm, enter Ops at the far left 
    end of the room. Locate and move to the top center block comp then locate the 
    2nd row right side block comp. EEV the 2nd row comp from this position then 
    manually access the comp your at to complete the objectives. 
    QQC out of Ops, go left to the XP, (security door) and stick to the left of the 
    Keypad. The salesman will clear the sidelight glass; as he moves off use the 
    keypad and code to open the door. 
    Maneuver change, no more OCP "Level 2" sign, a small change but it improves on 
    the ghost.
    Follow the 2 men toward the balcony and break off right toward the fern. Turn 
    left between the table and sofa then right to the wall and slide just past the 
    end of the wall to the railing. From the crouch, face the railing squarely with 
    no part of the wall in front of you then gently press jump. Sam will hop over 
    the railing and grab the floor; skooch to the opposite end of the railing and 
    climb back up to the floor. The sitter will do one of 2 things either head for 
    the Head or for the locker room. If it's the head continue, OE&CD, if the 
    locker room, give him the lead. Hook hard left as you enter the locker room, 
    continue into the exercise/computer room, move left to the corner below the 
    railing near the user and hop over the railing. Creep to the comp and access.
    CT5b We gotta get outta Displace, access comps 3, 4&5 and looking for the exit
    QC to the railing where it connects to the wall and hop over it. Crouch and 
    stick to the railing then slide toward the end. When your light meter drops to 
    zero release and exit the room through the opening on the left side of the gym. 
    Locate the floor level wall vent in the locker room, crawl through it and climb 
    out into the break room. 2 BGs are talking, follow the one that leaves the 
    break room. Be careful, wait for the remaining BG to face the counter to exit 
    the room. The BG you're following may pull a number of Crazy Ivan's at any 
    point between the doorway and the stairs to the upper floor before heading up 
    the stairs to the comp stations. 
    If he does stop to speak to the BG, stick to the wall to the left of the 
    doorway and slide Cw around the room, under the staging and to the foot of the 
    stairs, so that when the convo is over you'll be closer to the RBG to avoid 
    detection. Once you're at the top of the stairs hack the keypad and enter the 
    room to access the comp for the objective. Enter the vent, exit, turn right and 
    locate the rope. Descend 2/3 down, soft drop to the floor and access the comp. 
    When computer access fails, 180, move to the right side of the exit door and go 
    NS. Wait for the EP to open.
    (NOTE) 2/15/17
    The Save suggestion that used to be above isn't as important as it used to be 
    now that I'm using a smidge more of what remains of my brain. The actions of 
    the 2 BGs once they pass the cable trunk are random, changing ever so slightly 
    from one run through the area to another. However, if one flips to IR as the 2 
    BGs move past the cable trunk you can follow both and know exactly when both 
    BGs are facing away and or moving away between server racks.
    FC into the room, there's a vertical cable trunk in the middle of the room with 
    2 rows of server banks on either side. Drift to the right of the cable trunk 
    then MBSA to the right of the XP, stick to the wall and hold. The 2 RBGs 
    entering the room will pass by you unless you gave them reason to search; 
    they'll continue deeper into the room to the cable trunk. By the time you reach 
    the XP wall and stick both BGs will be in the room and turn their heads to the 
    right and slightly back toward your XP. As the 2 BGs pass by go IR to follow 
    their heat signatures. Once both BGs are turned or walking away from the cable 
    trunk release and creep through the XP.
    New maneuver into office area, have passcode to keypad#1
    CtD and listen for footsteps ensure the RBG is past the corner before exiting 
    the room. If you can't hear or see him or the beam from his flashlight exit the 
    room, move to the corner on the right and peek around for his location. Drift 
    right to and along the front of the elevator for the elevator icon, open, 
    activate and ride it up to the 3rd floor. Exit the elevator turn left, creep to 
    edge of wall and listen to the 2 BGs convo. If you can see the RBG or his 
    flashlight beam through the side of the elevators after you pass through the 
    door you'll need to stay ahead of the RBG by circling the elevator room back to 
    the elevators.
    After all these years of hacking keypad#1 and dealing with the BG that 
    investigates and now not having to is great. I always shied away from scanning 
    the comp in the room next to the Nedich convo out of fear of being ID'd and 
    shot. If you're good at running EEV scans and MBSA you can get the recording 
    and the security door passcode. 
    If you hang and listen to the 2 BGs convo for the passcode you must remain at 
    the corner till it is offered. If you begin moving away as it is said the code 
    won't appear when at the door even though you heard the numbers. Holding for 
    the code also promotes an extra dilemma; you still need to mic the office convo 
    that exposes Nedich. This allows both RBGs to catch up to you while recording, 
    to make matters worse the Hlwys that you must pass through are now clogged with 
    RBGs. This prompts an even longer delay.  
    Exit the elevator, decide to listen in on the convo or not. Go right from the 
    elevator, MBSA to and through the EP and short corridor till you arrive at an 
    anteroom with seats to the left of the glass walled room. Cross the room to 
    align with the next HLWY and against the seats. Scope the EEV; locate the 
    "record" spot on the glass wall then begin moving left toward the exit HLWY. 
    Maintain the record icon as you bump against the wall leading to the next HLWY 
    "X" out 5 secs after Nedich is revealed. If you didn't listen to the 2 BGs, 
    MBSA into the short HLWY, stop at the window to the room on the left then EEV 
    scan the comp on the table closest to the EP.
    When complete, "X" out then QQC to the 2nd HLWY on your right, locate the 
    camera to the left of the door and move to it at FC when it is turning away 
    from you. Use the Keypad OE&CD, QC the HLWY to the door on your left and hack 
    its keypad. Move just enough into the room to EEV the comp to the right of the 
    EP for the final objective and the Fire escape door's keypad code.  
    Option #1
    Return to the HLWY door; CtD and look for flashlight movement on the distant 
    walls if the area is clear, open and look up and to Sam's right to the wall 
    camera. When it begins turning to the right exit, close the door and then QQC 
    left to the wall and along it into the dark. Stick to the wall ASAP then slide 
    toward the adjacent HLWY. If you can't already tell, peek around the corner to 
    see if anyone's coming, if clear make your way over to the Fire Escape door, 
    use the passcode found on the comp then check your 180, OECD if and when clear. 
    Move to the extraction point in the stairwell.
    Option #2
    If you didn't pick up the door's passcode from the BGs or comp, return to the 
    security door; CtD, hold till the RBG is walking toward the door, "X" out move 
    back and left from the door. Once opened by the RBG slowly move around the 
    door, as the RBG moves away from it move forward enough to prevent it from 
    closing, press close and hold. Look up and right, locate the camera and note 
    the direction of swing. The RBG will walk off then crazy Ivan back toward the 
    door, as he begins to walk away for the 2nd time move out and allow the door to 
    close, QQC the opposite the direction of the cameras rotation. Move on the QQC 
    into shadow, stay along the wall to the right or left into the dark. Locate the 
    fire door, access it then move to the extraction point when clear.
    Best time 11:16
    Average time 13:30  
    Dists 1
    All objectives complete, 100 percent
    Looking for bugs 1, 2&3 in all the wrong places, "Finding Nedichland" 
    CT6a, swatting more bugs 4, 5&6, Zherky bites the big one!
    3 new and most daring route changes from mission start to Mic#4
    I have a new beginning that I think may cut a few seconds off the start; for 
    sure it is most daring. If you have problems with it use the old route, option 
    Option 1 new route
    (NOTE) 2/24/17
    After playing this mission countless times and becoming frustrated beyond 
    belief at being randomly ID'd and killed by RBG#1. It shows just how thick I 
    am, but, I finally discovered why I'm randomly being ID'd. Most often, after 
    RBG#1 moves from position#1 to #2 he just looks off into the darkness, 
    sometimes seconds after doing so he stretches, (raising his arms)when he does 
    this he must glance to his right and down to the path you're using to advance 
    up slope. So, now I do a 4 count after RBG#1 comes to a stop at position#2, to 
    see if he needs to get his stretch out of the way to proceed.
    Sam begins the level in the dark, move around till you locate the lights and 
    RBG#1 standing on the ledge. This can be a most difficult area to move through, 
    #1 has the hearing of a scared bunny and the eyesight of a hungry hawk and his 
    eyes are on the back of his head, so for me, I save as soon as I'm free from 
    the cut scene. Move to the fallen tree and observe the RBG standing up high. He 
    faces Sam and then he moves a bit and turns away. QQC along the perimeter to 
    the section monolithic rock, this is where you usually stop and stick. Instead, 
    face the rock, stand and hoist up QC to the next step and hoist up again. QC to 
    the 6 of BG#1, look to your right and down you'll see a lighter section of a 
    slightly lower ledge. 
    Creep right along the rock BG#1 is standing on while also leaning into it as 
    you move forward. You'll drop down onto the narrow ledge below, stick to the 
    wall and slide forward a bit to a -0- reading on your light meter then hold. 
    Release from the wall and face it as #1 turns away then hoist up. Proceed at a 
    QC over the rocks toward the building; remain below ambient sound till you're 
    on the stone heading for the buildings steps.
    Option 2, the previous route
    Sam begins the level in the dark, move around till you locate the lights and 
    RBG#1 standing on the ledge. This can be a most difficult area to move through, 
    #1 has the hearing of a scared bunny and the eyesight of a hungry hawk and his 
    eyes are on the back of his head, so for me, I save as soon as I'm free from 
    the cut scene. Move to the fallen tree and observe the RBG standing up high. He 
    faces Sam and then he moves a bit and turns away. Note the dark shadow line 
    along the wall edge; this is where you want to go once he turns away. QQC along 
    the perimeter then stick to the monolithic rock face ASAP, continue to and stop 
    below RBG#1. 
    Look up at him, release when he turns away then QC over to the ledge and climb 
    up. Accelerate from QC to ambient along the perimeter; turn toward the building 
    and accelerate to FC. Remain below ambient sound till you're on the stone 
    heading for the buildings steps.
    Both options continue from here
    Go NV, FC into and through the building, remain to the left side of room#1 till 
    you pass through the doorway, this may prevent RBG#2 from comment when moving 
    through room#2. Bear right into the dark room and head for the doorway. RBG#2 
    is preparing to light a candle to Sam's right. It's a 50/50 split on whether 
    RBG#2 will make comment. Just over halfway through the room go into a roll; 
    roll out the door and into the dark. Odds are you'll roll off the deck and onto 
    the ground beside the car, turn right, QC to the fence and accelerate, MBSA 
    along the fence to the deck across from the cars; climb up onto the deck and 
    into the building through the window. Locate the air vent near the floor and 
    crawl through the vent into the next area.
    New maneuver#2, much faster than the original route and maneuver
    Exit the vent, RBG#3 is across from Sam and may be approaching or standing and 
    facing away from Sam. Head left out of the vent if and when clear, you can 
    break ambient sound by a cube or 2 on your way to the doorway ahead, as you 
    pass through the doorway drop to ambient, move to and face the window then hop 
    into the room. Move back into the dark corner against the wall and low 
    divider#1 to your 7:00; BG#4 across the room is scanning for bugs. Begin moving 
    along the low divider when #4 turns and begins walking to the armoire. When 
    BG#4 is half way to the armoire turn and go straight to the bug in the wall 
    hanging to the left of the potted fern. ASAP head straight for the right side 
    of low divider#2 for cover then look to the window opening.
    RBG#3 will pass by the opening left to right, begin moving for the window 
    opening when RBG#3 is just about to vanish behind the wall begin moving toward 
    your previous position at low divider#1 BG#4 will be moving past the armoire to 
    the wall beside it as you pass by him to the window opening. Hop over the 
    opening into the Hlwy and head left toward the vent you previously crawled 
    through at or below ambient. RBG#3 will be facing away from your position till 
    after you move back into the dark, turn left at the corner of the low wall; 
    continue along the divider at FC then left at the end. Pass straight through 
    the drape covering the XP and head for darkness to the left of the next 
    doorway. RBG#5 will be approaching the opening as you reach, stick and slide to 
    the side of the door.
    Wait till #5 exits completely to pass through, continue at ambient through the 
    next 2 rooms, as you exit the last room to outside slow to QC to and through 
    the doorway. Turn right, you'll hear BGs #6&7 talking about bugs. Locate the 
    narrow window opening on the right and climb through. Locate #6&7; QQC over to 
    the small divider between the 2 and you for cover and hold. EMF the room and 
    locate Mic#2 at Sam's 2:00. Wait for the 2 to turn away from each other to head 
    for the wall hanging with the bug. #7 will begin searching for bugs, after they 
    separate, remove Mic#2. Once complete exit the room, through the short HLWY at 
    Sam's 9:00, it leads to a kitchen. Once you pass into the short narrow Hlwy you 
    can break ambient a couple cubes to the light switch in the kitchen.
    Take note, RBG#8 may be anywhere along the perimeter within the enclosure, in 
    front of Sam, near the light or at the other side of the enclosure. Most of the 
    time and at the pace of this guide he is at the far right end between the 
    bushes and bench; he walks the perimeter Cw. There are 2 options for this next 
    maneuver, #1 is tres bold and requires exact movements and to be aware of the 
    positions of all 3 AI. All 3 must be facing and or moving away from Sam's 
    position as you head for the EP. This is my preferred maneuver and I don't 
    remove the light for cover.
    Option 1
    All actions must be done swiftly; RBG#8 must be at the far right side of the 
    courtyard standing at the bushes or close and just beginning to move from there 
    when you exit the kitchen and or drop off the deck. 
    As you approach the XP flip the light switch to off then move to and slide open 
    the XP, (leave it open, no one comments, maybe because they can't see that it's 
    open). RBG#9 should be to Sam's 3:00 and heading toward or away from Sam. QQC 
    to the edge of the deck, drop off to the ground and continue along the fence 
    toward the XP till you pass the trashcan on the boulder and left of the tree. 
    There's a boulder and just past it a large stone, stop at the stone and look 
    back past the tree to Redman and RBG#8.
    Red will now be facing away from you, #8 will be looking at you, as he passes 
    by Red he then turns his head away toward RBG#9 and keeps walking; lastly #9 is 
    on the kitchen deck and facing the opposite and of the deck. Turn to the XP, 
    Run and or FC to and along the shadow line pointing to the XP steps, roll or 
    jump to the steps and roll into the XP. I have a 65-75% success rate with 
    mixing and matching the mentioned crazy moves. I have less success with the 
    conventional run or FC to and through the XP, and I have no idea why.
    Option 2
    QQC through the kitchen to the light switch and flip it off, move to the XP and 
    open it, (leave the XP open, no comment). QC left to the fence side of the 
    porch and allow RBG#8 to pass by. Stay along the wall to the left, QC over to 
    the left of the tree and wait. RBG#9 on the deck will start a convo with #8; #8 
    will walk over to the deck to continue the convo follow him. Make a tight slide 
    around the trash barrel back to the tree and drop to the ground. Take note of 
    Mr. Redman, the odds are that he'll be facing Sam's direction when the 2 RBGs 
    finish talking, the convo will end and #8&9 will move off. 
    At this point, Red will turn away to continue his flapping about, you need both 
    RBGs to be walking away from Sam to break for the exit. QQC through the 
    shadowed lane up to the steps and exit the area. 
    Sometimes" neither #8&9 does what you need to make a clear move through the 
    door. If you're not a stickler for -0- comment and you can make it inside the 
    building with nothing more than, "Did I just see/hear something?" in a calm 
    manner you're good to go. In all cases you only get one shot, so if you wait #8 
    will return to and stay at the lantern before that occurs I'd OCP the lantern 
    and take the distraction.
    Click in and out of EMF as you pass through the rooms, QQC into the large room 
    with the statue in the corner and head right to and through the curtained 
    opening. MBSA left and left again through the sliding door into the sleeping 
    quarters. Locate Mic#3, remove it and exit, slide the door closed. Enter the 
    crawl space to the right of the door to the bright sitting room the BGs are in. 
    Exit the other end and stick to the wall beside the fern in room#2 and face 
    room#3, the one Neddy enters.
    New maneuver#3 to XP vent in Buddha room
    When the convo ends Nedich will pass through room#2, enter room#3 and begin 
    another phone convo. 2 BGs exit room#1 immediately, 1 hangs and steps into 
    room#2 for a moment. Release from the wall as RBG#10 turns to exit the room, QC 
    straight to and through the EP to room#3, ensure you're lined up along the wall 
    with Neddy. Go IR, swing around and locate #10, to succeed #10 must be in the 
    Hlwy and moving away from the EP before you can approach Neddy for the kill. If 
    #10 is anywhere within the 2 rooms or within in the EP it will fail and you'll 
    be vented. As #10 moves past the EP creep to Neddy stop at the mullion dividing 
    the 2 sheets of paper wall, stand then slice. MBSA to room#1 and your XP, go IR 
    on your way to sweep your 180 for BGs. 
    If clear OE&CD, if someone's approaching room#1 use the bench crawlspace to the 
    HLWY. If you're closely following the guide, MBSA along the right side of the 
    HLWY to the slit curtained doorway, exit, bear right, maintain ambient and head 
    straight for the right side end of the divider wall RBG#10is currently walking 
    along. When you get to the right side of the divider boo behind and left to 
    ensure RBG#10 is missing and has taken position beside Buddha. QC left along 
    the divider a few feet then 180; drift left to the wall then head for the XP 
    vent and climb in.
    Since adopting this maneuver I've been hearing comment from one of the 2 BGs 
    close to the vent and assumed it was another "comment" glitch. I finally 
    figured out who it was, it's the BG in the room to the right of the vent. The 
    comment and subsequent search for an intruder is still groundless because the 
    approach to the vent was at -0- sound and his back is turned to me on the 
    approach. The solution is to dip behind the divider a few feet then 180 and 
    approach the XP comment free. 
    If you are unable to keep pace from above then follow option 2 below, the 
    original route and pace to the vent.
    From the Hlwy slit curtain, RBG#10 should be to the left of the statue or 
    behind the wall and statue walking to the left or to the right. If to the left 
    of the statue hold until he moves off behind the wall, if behind the divider, 
    close to the statue and moving to the right QQC across the room to the opening 
    left of the statue. Keep #10 at a distance, also there's a 2nd BG near the 
    doorway to the right of the XP vent so keep to a QC to the base of the XP vent. 
    The BG past the doorway hears too well and also has eyes on the back of his 
    head. Once #10 is at the right end of the wall begin to QC to the XP and then 
    hoist up into the vent.
    While still in the dark HLWY, if the RBG is at the right end of the wall and 
    heading back to Sam stick to the wall to the left of the curtain, slide back to 
    the dark corner and hold. Once the RBG passes Sam release; QC through the 
    curtain and move CW through the room to the statue. QQC behind the wall to the 
    XP wall vent near the opening to the room with the BG and hoist up. 
    CT6a, swatting more bugs #4, 5&6, Zherky bites the big one too!
    New maneuver#4 through frosted glassed wall room, faster by far
    Once out of the vent turn left, maintain ambient and QQC along the left wall, 
    then at the opening angle right about 4 feet left of the corner of the glass 
    wall. When you get to this point, the ambient noise level jumps up big time, 
    MBSA along the left wall, past the niches then right at the next corner. RBG#12 
    in the room will be walking away when you enter the room, continue MBSA till 
    you turn left to enter the Hlwy then drop to QC. QC to the right side of the 
    doorway at Sam's 12:00, peek into the room and look to the right to see if 
    RBG#13 is at the window or just entering the room. Go EMF, locate Mic#4, enter 
    and remove the bug to the left of the doorway. 
    If the room is empty when you boo it RBG#13 may enter while you're removing the 
    bug, don't sweat it but exit the room quietly. Turn right, QC along the HLWY to 
    the cased opening on the left and peek in, BG#14, go EMF, locate and remove 
    bug#5 under the painting behind the couch and #14. Exit the room, turn left and 
    continue to the end of the HLWY.
    (NOTE) 2/17/17
    While playing through Hokkaido this evening and this particular section of the 
    mission, RBG#12s starting position had been relocated to the rooms EP instead 
    of the edge of the table in the room. This prevented the previous tactic 
    written above from succeeding; no matter when I began moving from the dark #12 
    would see me, begin firing which brought BG#13 and 14 into play. I wasted some 
    time trying to make it work. This forced me back to my previous route of 
    climbing the pipe, if you aren't troubled by a mild comment from the AI; it 
    works although it also counts as a distraction.
    1. Save before or just after exiting the vent this will provide the info you 
    need to decide which maneuver to use.
    2. If the route written on 2/15/17 works then you can follow it to the end.
    3. If RBG#12 is at the EP to room#1 and denies you passage through the room via 
    the glassed enclosure this is what you do. Move quickly to the climbing pipe 
    #12 will comment and begin walking from the EP straight out of room#1. As soon 
    as you hear him comment begin climbing the pipe, as soon as you gain footing on 
    the upper ledge walk off the ledge to the floor below then MBSA CCw around the 
    table to and through the EP. Follow the existing route through the 2 rooms for 
    mics#4 and 5 and into room#4.
    New maneuver#5, killing the light in room#4
    When I began playing SCCT in late 05 I used the light tactic, as I became more 
    adept at playing I figured I'm a big boy now I didn't need it any more and 
    circled the perimeter of the room Cw. The thing is the tactic saves tons of 
    time, nearly 30 sec worth and there're no worries about AI comment. You can 
    open and close the slider while RBGs#15 and 16 are facing your position and 
    instead of moving over the roof deck 2 times you only need to do it once.
    On the other hand, no matter how good your timing is or how fast you get to the 
    slider, if the movements of RBGs#15 and 16 are out of sync the above won't 
    work. This is due to the time RBG#15 spends on the veranda and #16 spends in 
    the glass walled room. If #15 exits the veranda while #16 is still in the glass 
    walled room you won't be able to access the EP unseen. If this occurs your only 
    recourse is to MBSA to and stair side of the veranda hop over and position at 
    the XP slider at the base of the stairs. Then you must wait for #16 to begin 
    entering the building to move up his 6. This wrecks all the possible time 
    savings. You best opportunity is for #16 to be on the veranda and or just 
    stepping onto it as you stop beside the table.
    Kill the light in room#4, MBSA to the slider, OECD. Reposition toward the lower 
    steps a bit and look to the slider to your left, you should see RBG#16 standing 
    behind the glass door. ASAP MBSA to the slider as #16 walks away, OECD when #16 
    is about halfway to the stairs. MBSA to mic#6, remove it, creep under the stair 
    to it far side then hoist up. QC halfway along the upper Wkwy; turn left, take 
    a step out from under it then 180. Stand and hop up, hang and hold onto the 
    Wkwy. As soon as #16 passes by to your right begin hoisting up to the Wkwy. 
    As you're hoisting up you should be able to see RBG#15 somewhere between the XP 
    to your left or at the far end of the veranda. Hold position till #15 begins 
    walking toward the EP at the top of the exterior stairs. 
    If #15 isn't on the veranda he's still in the building, move out onto and to 
    the middle of the veranda and hold. #15 will exit the building then circle the 
    veranda, maintain distance but continue forward so you can pass by him as close 
    to the EP as possible. Access the EP when #15 is about halfway to the glass 
    walled room OECD. MBSA through the building to the small closet and enter the 
    vent. Crawl out onto the roof. 
    As long as the conversation is going on you can't drop off the roof without 
    someone screaming "INTRUDER!", but no big deal, it doesn't force an alarm. You 
    can't slide the door open and more often than not, the RBG on the WKWY moves in 
    and may force a confrontation. If you stay on the roof for the Shetland convo, 
    Shetty will Ginsu Zherky with a Katana. If you drop off the roof before the end 
    of the convo Shetty shoots the big Zherker.
    FC left along the roof and drop off. QQC Cw to the low WKWY; hop up and move to 
    the closest door. You'll hear "INTRUDER!" yelled by someone not close by and 
    Shetty will then shoot Zherkcrazy. Once Zherky's been shot push to the door and 
    begin tapping "Slide Open". QQC through the next 2 rooms and out through the 
    hole in the wall. Stick to the wall on the right, slide to the gate and hold.
    (Note) 2/15/17
    New note superseding the old note, for some reason the chopper doesn't light up 
    the ground area when it flies off anymore. It barely lights up the far fence 
    and the rear section of the cars. I distinctly remember getting lit up in the 
    past and remember watching the floodlight moving over the ground as it flew 
    over. Anyway, allow the chopper to pass, remain stuck and go no further than 
    the gate.
    Once the chopper passes move through the gate, center Sam between the 2 walls 
    and QC into the compound. Stop short of the cars; turn right and QC over to the 
    short fence. Slide along the fence to the deck and hoist up. Slide along the 
    buildings wall and creep through the doorway you left open at the beginning of 
    the level or hop through the window opening to the right of it. FC out the rear 
    of the building then maintain ambient as you locate RBG#1 standing on the 
    New maneuver#5, new route past RBG#1
    SC along the boulder to your right till you can put eyes on RBG#1 and maintain 
    cover. QC to the right side of #1 after he turns away from your position, 
    you'll be very close to #1, you can stick to the boulder on your right is it 
    makes you feel more comfy. #1 always turns to his left unless disturbed by 
    something or someone. When RBG#1 turns away again, quietly press forward toward 
    the fallen tree and hop down the 3 levels and then to the ground. From the 
    ground FC to and under the fallen tree then call for extraction.
    New best time 12:10
    Average time 13:00
    Kills 1, Nedich  
    Dists 0-1
    All objectives complete, 100 percent  
    CT7a"Going down, no love on an elevator" Shipping and Repair logs 1, 2&3
    Ct7b, "Playing with phallic symbols", log #4, launch codes and I'm not afraid 
    to use 'em.
    CT7a"Going down, no love on an elevator" Shipping and Repair logs 1, 2&3
    Ensure pistol is set to primary. I'm not quite sure where Sam is starting out 
    in this level, it may be a bunker, but the area inside of the place he first 
    drops down into is huge with little support. Avoid BGs#1 and 2, move to the 
    front end of the truck and drop down into the trough below it. Zigzag through 
    the trough until you locate the ladder and the trap door. Climb up into the 
    room, if no BG#3, move over to the right side of the XP, stick and boo the 
    HLWY. If empty exit and move into the next room. If #3 is at the comp QC over 
    to the XP, stay tight to the right side of the door and hook around it. Stay to 
    the right side of the HLWY until entering the next room. 
    Sometimes he just won't let you out of the room so you have to wait and follow 
    him out.
    Before you move into the next room look back to BG#3 to ensure he isn't 
    following, then QC directly to the EP side of the glass walled office. If BG#3 
    is already in the next room QC toward the XP leading to the Hlwy then around 
    and behind BG#4 in the cubical at the mid room. Go NS; Locate and target the 
    monitor on desk of BG#5 in the glass walled office, lower sights till contact 
    then EEV the comp for the 1st objective. 180, QC to and through the XP, MBSA, 
    pass through the sleeping quarters to the next XP. CtD, if BG#6 is standing to 
    the right of the door SOE&CD. If #6 isn't to Sam's right switch to IR to locate 
    him. Enter the storage room from the left side double door, OE&CD. 
    Once in the room locate the wall cam, wait till its rotating away to move. If 
    #6 is to Sam's right QC behind him and continue along the right to the door to 
    the left of the stairwell. If not QQC along the shelving on the right then 
    drift left to the door near the railing. Pick the lock; enter the room, move 
    left almost to the wall corner near the table, ignore BG#7 scope the EEV and 
    scan the comp for the 2nd objective then close the door on your way out. 
    I don't know if it's my game or this happens to everyone, it seems the game 
    doesn't want me to gain footing on the platform before BGs#7 and 8 are done 
    with their convo. When I have, even though I make it to cover without comment 
    once the 2 have ended their talk they just stand motionless.
    Turn left, hop over the stair railing and drop to the floor below; Stand, hook 
    right, around the wall and run into the large open area. Drop to QQC and stay 
    to the left, locate and listen for the 2 RBGs talking on the raised platform 
    near the missile truck. Slide past the steps and along the wall of the raised 
    platform till you reach the end of the railing above. Turn, face RBGs#7 and 8 
    above and go NS. As BG#8 turns around the rear of the truck hoist up onto the 
    platform. Stay tight to the truck all the way to the front and hold. RBG#7 will 
    move over to the driver's side and wait for a few, then turn to walk away. 
    As he turns to walk away to the lower level, QQC over to the fuse thingy on the 
    wall and repair it so the missile can move down the track to the red light 
    area, spin the camera back toward the climbing space on the truck to orient for 
    a fast and quiet approach when done with the fuse. Quickly move back to the 
    driver side of the truck, hop onto the bed and climb up onto the cab. Jump up 
    to the rail, 180 and skooch along the rail legs down halfway to the camera then 
    legs up. Continue along the rail, once you pass over the raised platforms 
    railing drop Sam's legs and speed skooch into the red light area. If you get 
    too close to the missile it forces Sam's legs up slowing you down.
    Once you pass over the ledge to the red light area drop down and quickly move 
    to the trap door and drop to the floor. Drift left as you FC to the wall and 
    hold, ensure no part of your body is past or even with the corner of the wall. 
    Boo the corner; you're likely to see RBG#9 from Control Room #2 walk to the 
    edge of the elevator area then return to the control room. QQC left around the 
    corner and into the dark, QC along the raised platform to the control room 
    steps. Allow #9 to pass if he doesn't walk up the steps then move to the 
    elevator crawlspace trap door across from the steps and hoist up. Locate the 
    panel, patch it, ride the elevator to the top and into the vent ASAP. 
    New route, faster in general than previous route and doesn't rely on luck 
    regarding the 2 BGs that haunt the target comp area.
    If anyone has been having issues with the big doors in missile storage area#2 
    blocking access to missile launch area#2, I believe I've found a set of rules 
    one must follow to ensure the door is open when you arrive.
    1. You must not break the ambient noise level while entering the CR, accessing 
    the target computer or exiting the area, if there's any AI comment at all the 
    door will be closed.
    2. You must not exit the area to the elevator Hlwy before the captain is shot.
    Exit the vent, hook hard left into the dark niche then drop down from the 
    ladder. Open exit and close the gate, QQC past the elevator and left around the 
    corner. Stick and stand to the wall on the right then slide to the far corner 
    of the wall, crouch and release as you slide back into cover. QC around the 
    corner and wait for RBG#10, he was in the room below the duct you just crawled 
    1. If BG#11, often between the control station and the topographic screen is 
    already at the screen hold in the dark till he moves to the control panel or 
    walks to the lower level. If you see him moving to the screen as you approach, 
    follow #10 then break off at the target comp.
    2. If BG#11 isn't on the upper platform when you put eyes on the control panel 
    and screen stay put in the dark until he returns to the platform and stops 
    3. If #11 is at the control panel on your approach, I'd save before continuing, 
    the odds are 50/50 being ID'd while accessing the comp.
    I would suggest saving here while waiting for RBG#10 to walk past you if you're 
    in the habit of ignoring the above. Look for BG#11 to your 12:00 between the 
    control station and the big screen he should be there and facing to your left 
    or right. If he is not there do not immediately follow #10 toward the control 
    station, #11 almost always pops up from the office stairs just after you begin 
    accessing the target comp.
    If #11 is ahead of you move toward the control station with caution, some times 
    #11 will turn toward you, walk toward you or 180 from or to the control station 
    as you approach the target comp. Give it a sec before exposing Sam. QC #10s 
    6:00 then break off when the target comp appears to your left.
    As noticed below, to minimize KOs I've elected not to interrogate the officer 
    for one of the objectives. It still produces a 100 percent completion at the 
    end of level stats.
    Complete the objective, 180 and retrace your path back to the elevator area. 
    Crouch and release from the wall as you pass into shadow at the edge of the CR, 
    MBSA to the right turn into the elevator Hlwy then stand and run to the 
    elevator room doors. Go hard right into the room along the pipes, halfway into 
    the room roll into a FC, move to the elevator and tap the button. FC into the 
    elevator, locate the panel and press for down. 
    Do not nose up to the elevator doors; if I push into them while they're opening 
    they stop just short of allowing Sam to pass through. This appears to be a 
    problem with many doors, gates and objects in many video games.
    Following the pace of this level, move to the doors but don't touch, as soon as 
    the doors open enough to allow Sam out go hard right out the doors at QC, stick 
    to the wall on your right and slide around the corner to the pipes. If RBG#9 is 
    busy on the platform release from the wall and QQC over to a safe position by 
    the steps and hold, #9 will walk be by in a moment for CR#1. QQC up the steps, 
    cross the room and out through the XP. 
    If #9 continues walking toward Sam in a calm manner, as #9 passes by release 
    and quietly head for the dark below the elevator service area trapdoor, odds 
    are high he'll continue to CR#1. QQC up the steps, cross the back side of the 
    CR, behind the glass thingy and out through the XP, leave it open when you exit 
    CT7b, "Playing with phallic symbols", log #4, getting launch codes and I'm not 
    afraid to use 'em.
    There's a very dark lane straight out from the nearest stairs of launcher 
    control#2 to the wall for Sam to creep through and avoid RBG#12, he can't see 
    into or through it, go figure.
    More often than not, if RBG#13 is at the boxy thing when you CtD odds are he'll 
    be heading toward your EP in a few secs, if so and you're trying for a fast 
    time, forget it he'll hang at the EP forever.
    BG#14, the technician; keep your eye on him when you've finished up on the boxy 
    thing repair, as he returns to his task, he looks directly toward the work 
    assignment. If you're still at the repair site hold till #14 is just about to 
    reach the front of the boxy thing then QC around the turret. 
    QQC down the steps into the missile storage area#2 then turn right, continue 
    into the dark then stand and run around to and around the corner ahead. Run 
    along the WKWY then leap off and hit the ground with a roll. Make a tight left 
    around the next corner QQC under the blast door then head straight for the 
    launcher control#2 steps. RBG#12 is approaching and will be oblivious to Sam's 
    movement. QC down to the CR door, CtD and locate BG#13 at the console to your 
    1:00. I do suggest saving at the control room door, #13 at the console is 
    persistently and frustratingly unpredictable in his movements. 
    It's possible to access the comp without a distraction but it could take 
    forever and it still requires a distraction to get at the launcher panel boxy 
    thing to patch it so I combined the two.
    CtD and locate BG#13; (usually sitting at the target comp), if at either 
    extreme end of the room, OE&CD and go straight for the boxy thing to Sam's 
    11:00, slide left to the launcher turret and stick into the niche between the 
    two. Look right to #13 at the console, if he's still sitting whistle twice. If 
    he moved over to the boxy thing then whistle once. Now circle Cw around the 
    turret, BG#14 working on the boxy thing will rise and the 2 will walk to 
    investigate the anomaly. Follow them closely around the boxy thing then break 
    away at the console for the objective, 180 from the computer return to where 
    #14 was working and repair the boxy thing for him. Stay tight to boxy thing and 
    turret and retrace your path back to the XP, (former EP).
    Stop beside the turret and wait for both BGs to settle down before you move to 
    the XP, OE&CD. Climb the stairs to the top and avoid RBG#12 patrolling the 
    launcher. #12 makes long stops at the head of the 2 stairwells leading to the 
    control room. Choose the best approach to hack the launcher and melt into the 
    darkness. When safe, FC out of this area; once past the blast gate run to the 
    WKWY and hoist up. Run around the corner toward missile storage area#2, 
    (there's a tech messing with a missile cone), about 30 feet from the steps roll 
    into a FC then enter CR#2. Boo CR#2 from the EP then close the door, look for 
    RBG#9; preferably you see him walking toward CR#1 continue at a FC to the 
    elevator HLWY. If he's closer to CR#1, run to the elevator then QQC.
    I have a new route to Missile Launching area #1; so far it seems eventless, 
    which is good.
    Move as quickly as possible while MBSA, you want to catch up to RBG#9 and stick 
    to the wall left of CR#1s raised platform before he steps onto the platform. 
    If you're close to #9 in the elevator Hlwy follow at his 4:00, then drift to 
    his 7:00 as he turns left and begins moving into the CR#1 area. If still close, 
    follow him up onto the platform and along the back wall to the vertical control 
    panels and hold. 
    If you're way behind, you'll have to hold off to the side of the crates in the 
    elevator Hlwy till #9 heads back to CR#2. Between #9 and #15 one of them will 
    be facing the Hlwy till #9 returns to the Hlwy. 
    BG#15 from CR#1 will be reentering from missile storage area#1 or already in 
    CR#1 and likely bitching about something. Remain in the shadows and hold at the 
    vertical control panels till #15 site down and #9 walks over to the glass like 
    panel near the elevator Hlwy. Exit CR#1 via the short dark Hlwy.
    Leave the door open FC down the steps and head left. Keep an eye on Sam's 
    12:00, if RBG#16 appears ahead stick and continue along the wall into the dark, 
    if not continue along the wall and into the dark at a FC. Peek around the 
    corner to locate #16, odds are he's walking toward the blast door or away from 
    it. If toward the blast door, follow him along the Wkwy to the tail section of 
    the missile. Stop at the leading edge of the missile's left tail fin, step off 
    the Wkwy to it then QC forward onto the frame to the leading edge of the right 
    forward fin. Walk along the outer edge of the forward fin back to the wall 
    corner then step off to the ground. QC the perimeter to the blast door then 
    along the door to rail#2 and hold till #16 walks away. 
    As #16 begins to move off release, QC to and patch the panel to raise the blast 
    door. FC to and roll under the door once it rises high enough to do so, Stand 
    and run across the missile area, hop over the bunker curb, drop, hang and soft 
    drop to the ground. CtD with IR if required, if safe and lucky, (like I am on 
    about 40% of my runs) a BG will be walking to the left or standing at the panel 
    left of the EP. Open the door, QC to the right into the bunker, access the 
    target comp and exit. If not lucky and the comp BG won't move from his seat, 
    (you might get tired of restarting) so maybe he's the only KO of the level, 
    "Good luck"! When complete, QC out the bunker and close the door on your way 
    out. Begin running once you're on the stairs and return to the missile trough. 
    Where RBG#16 is along his route depends on how fast you moved from and back to 
    the blast doors. #16 can be pretty much anywhere along his route but has never 
    been at the blast door end. The options for action once Sam is standing against 
    the missiles forward right fin are many but rely on where the RBG is and what 
    direction he's moving. 
    For the most part I'm going to report the speed maneuver I developed rather 
    than a slow albeit safe stealth method. At the pace the guide is moving speed 
    gets the job done. Generally the RBG is in the trough and at the far end of his 
    patrol when you mount the missile. So, unless you clod hop onto and over the 
    missile you'll be unheard. Lastly, avoid turning left too sharply as you move 
    over the fuselage to the rear fin, the last thing you want is to be stuck on 
    the floor between the fins.
    Locate the missile you hopped over earlier and drift left to the wall. Jump up 
    onto the missile and circle left over the fuselage to the rear fin and drop off 
    to the floor. The RBG should be on his return leg, so crouch and QQC left to 
    the wall and up the left side of the steps. Stay left and tight to the wall, 
    slide over to the left corner of the platform where it meets the elevated WKWY 
    and stick to the wall. You need to be facing toward control room #1 and looking 
    left and down for the RBG. The RBG will slow down as he approaches the WKWY 
    then bend over to creep under it, just as he bends over release and QC across 
    the WKWY. Keep an eye on the noise meter, remain below ambient.
    Be at -0- noise to the corner leading to missile storage area#1. Accelerate to 
    QQC as you round the corner, when you're 1/3 of the way to the stairs to CR#1 
    up it to FC otherwise the RBG may hear Sam and go deep into the storage area. 
    The game isn't thrilled about you beating the RBG to the corner of the storage 
    area either; so if you goof it up by making too much noise it would be wise to 
    look into the missile storage area through the CR's window while accessing the 
    target comp. 
    If you see him walking by, as you "X" out from the target comp you might be in 
    trouble. If lucky you may exit to the storage area and make it into the dark 
    without incident. 
    Once over the WKWY return to the storage area at a QC. Once you're around the 
    corner pick it up to QQC, about a 1/3 of the way to the steps go to FC. Enter 
    the Hlwy, go IR to see if #9 is in the elevator Hlwy and heading this way, move 
    a bit deeper into the room and look right, if clear enter CR#1 go straight to 
    the target comp for access.
    If #9 is in the Hlwy get comfy it'll be a while before he walks over to the 
    topographical map, wait for him to walk across the room to access the comp. 
    Route change, this comes from looking at Sam's Map after I don't know how many 
    years and realizing that there's 2 Extraction Points instead of one.
    Once you complete the target comp in the #2 Control room QC back to missile 
    storage area#1. If you did not make any noise or beat the RBG to the storage 
    room corner you'll be clear to the corner, once there boo the corner, locate 
    #16 and determine your best course to the blast doors, e.g., trough or WKWY. 
    Once Sam is back out and over missile launch control#1 head left to the corner 
    of the concrete parapet, locate the red light and hop up for the extraction 
    Best time 13:06
    Average time 15:00
    Dists 1
    Minus 1 objective complete 100 percent.
    CT8. SEOUL 
    CT8a, driving hard drives to the roof and cutting power to PA feed 1, 2&3
    CT8b, Disable UAV comps #1, 2&3 and acquire UAV data from comp
    CT8c, Disable UAV comps #4&5,
    2/21/17 new from mission start, -0- damage route from the building to ground 
    2/22/17 new route and maneuvers to the crash site, eliminate 1 distraction
    2/22/17 new old new XP route up and over the staging again
    CT8a, driving hard drives to the roof and cutting power to PA feed 1, 2&3
    FC to the XP, CtD, exit right from the door toward the edge of the burned out 
    building then turn left into the kitchenette. QQC to the edge of the blown out 
    wall then look left and down to the red sign on the bisecting wall and the 
    sitting bench below it. Face Sam just left of the center of the sign then 
    gently press forward. Sam will fall to and slide off the concrete slab leaning 
    against the building, landing in the crouch between the sitting bench and chunk 
    of concrete with -0- damage. 180, locate the XP, disable the wall mine and jump 
    over the barrier. QQC out to the street, go EMF, locate the power feed to the 
    PA system at Sam's 10:00 and cut it. QQC back to the left side of camouflage 
    net and hold. 
    BG#1 will emerge from the camou, snatch and drag him about 10 feet into the 
    short dark ally you emerged from, get the info and choke him out when done. 
    Exit the ally, turn left and accelerate to FC, once past the cut PA feed stand 
    and run, locate the climbing pipe at the far right end of the ally and climb 
    Skooch to the fire escape and FC to the ladder, (RBG#2 is on a flat roof at 
    Sam's 11:00), slide down and drop to the ground. FC to the stacked boxes; 
    stand, go IR and locate RBG#3 across the square on the raised platform. He'll 
    speak out to #4 then walk off to Sam's left, as he begins moving MBSA around 
    the boxes, past the umbrella and into the darkness. Locate PA feed #2 then 
    disable it. BGs#3 and 4 will be talking about a test; move over to the 
    passenger side rear corner of the truck near the steps and hold. RBG#3 is 
    behind the truck, #4 inside. 
    #3 walks to the front of the truck then to your EP. He will remain there for a 
    short period then return to the driver's side of the truck. Then he'll 180, 
    walk around the line of boxes and crates toward your XP ladder then back toward 
    the concrete platform.
    Sit tight, #3 will walk off on patrol, if you're very lucky #4 will exit the 
    truck shortly after #3 walks off, otherwise he'll be out in a minute or 2 to do 
    something at the side of the van. While waiting for #4 look over your right 
    shoulder, note whether or not, #3 enters your EP zone. Once #4 exits and turns 
    to his right from the steps, move to the steps and enter the truck, access the 
    comp and exit to the right. QQC between #4 and the row of boxes and crate 
    locate #3. 
    1. If #4 exited the truck before RBG#3 was halfway between the front of the 
    truck and EP zone continue past #4 to the dark niche opposite your XP ladder. 
    Face the ladder then QQC to and climb up.
    2. If you saw #3 enter your EP zone while waiting for #4, you don't have the 
    time, retreat to the end of the line of boxes and stick to the end until #3 
    begins walking toward your XP, follow and hold to the right in the dark niche 
    till he begins walking away then QC to the ladder and climb.
    Both options continue from here
    Once at the top of the ladder, locate and disable the last PA feed in the area. 
    Enter and exit the vent inside the building. Climb down both ladders, locate 
    and take the HDDs then return to the ladder. Stand and stick to the wall 
    between the ladder and the server rack. The doors to the room will be blown off 
    in a moment, once the doors are gone squeeze between the wall and server and 
    slip over to the wall near the opening. Wait for RBGs#5 and 6 to enter the 
    room, QQC out of the room, drift right to the stair platform then stand beside 
    the opened electrical panel on the wall, hop and hoist up. 
    Ensure you stop and stand a smidge over a foot away from the platform above to 
    avoid the noise of hitting the underside of the platform and then the floor.
    QC into the HLWY, move left to the wall after passing the niche, stick to the 
    wall and slide to the end. RBG#7 will turn and walk to the stairwell, round the 
    corner and locate the bathroom as he moves away. Enter, move into the dark gap 
    between the wall and stall on the left and stick to the wall. BGs#8 and 9 will 
    exit the elevator; allow #8 to pass before exiting the bathroom, he looks into 
    the room just before passing by. QC along the wall and slip behind #9 into the 
    elevator, ride up to the roof. 
    CT8b, Disable UAV comps #1, 2&3 and acquire UAV data from comp
    Drop off the WKWY creep under it then left, locate and EEV UAV comp #1. QQC to 
    and drop off the ledge. Jump up to the cable and zip to the other building. 
    Skooch right, climb over the fence and drop to the ground. Run to and around 
    the corner of the building to the stair platform hop over the railing then run 
    down the steps. Turn left at the next corner, run to the ledge and jump up to 
    the pipe at the edge of the building. Skooch toward the opposite end of the 
    pipe, soft drop to the shed just as you reach the leading edge, turn right and 
    soft drop to the main deck. 
    QQC the few steps to the building and hoist up. Creep right toward the wall 
    then stand and EEV UAV comp #2 on the far balcony. Ensure you aren't ID'd by 
    RBG#1 on the same balcony as you slide between the wall and AC unit. Creep to 
    and drop off the side of the building to the roof deck below. Do all of this 
    before the UAV arrives and or being ID'd by RBG#2 that will approach and open 
    your XP. Sometimes he'll kind of stop and spaz about 5 feet from the XP then 
    he'll move to and open it. Take note of the dark lane running from Sam to the 
    far wall as RBG#2 heads for the XP, move to the right side of the dark lane and 
    follow him into the building. 
    Once in the building turn right and work up to a QQC to the XP around the 
    corner. OECD, FC through the blown out bathroom and drop to the floor below, FC 
    left along the damaged floor to the wall and drop down again. FC to the rear 
    wall to cover, then 180 and EEV UAV comp #3. Go NS and stand, take note of the 
    red beam from the UAV as it moves off to the right, run and jump to the next 
    building, hop over the knee wall, QQC to the XP and stick to the wall to the 
    right of it, (with Sam's nose at the right edge of the 1st full tile from the 
    door trim). RBG#3 will exit the building, as he moves away from the door QC 
    through the opening, turn right and QQC into the room with the planks spanning 
    the missing floor. 
    Be careful for the next 2 DHDs, avoid the debris at the floor openings drop 
    point it may prevent you from grabbing the floor. This error breaks the ambient 
    noise level when you bypass the [HANG] and hit the floor below from a straight 
    Move to the far right side of the planks and drop down a floor. QQC left 
    through the burned out HLWY and drop down a floor. QC to the planks and wait 
    for BGs#4 and 5 to move away from the bomb, drop down to the ground floor of 
    the restaurant. Move over to the food server opening in the wall stand and EEV 
    the comp for the UAV data. Enter the vent and exit, ASAP turn right, look up 
    and to the right, there's a dark rectangle, move under it then jump up to the 
    pipe including legs. Mad skooch to the end, drop to the ground, FC over to the 
    chain link fence, climb over and drop to the ground before RBG#6 sees you.
    CT8c, Disable UAV comps #4&5,
    I highly suggest the save; this area and the crash site are the 2 most 
    frustrating and unpredictable areas of the mission. For the majority of the 
    time the BG that crouches near the truck eventually, (sometimes sooner, 
    sometimes much later, sometimes not at all) stands and runs out into the fray. 
    On the last play through the game snapped, I stubbornly spent over 2 hours 
    trying to get to the 1st ladder; I altered everything I could short of stunning 
    the SKA crouching near the truck. This time not, (if he does move) he takes 
    about 8 steps out then returns to the truck. 
    On the one odd time I was able to get to the ladder the SKA targeted the ledge 
    and would not let me near the corner. I have no solution to this but to stun 
    the BG or try restarting from the previous save and or restarting the level. 
    When the AI does respond correctly this is what you want to do.
    I presume the combatants this side of the street and in opposition to the tank 
    are South Korean Army. My reason is the intensity of the (commie bastard) 
    statement; I believe it's uttered by a near combatant. 
    QQC into the adjoining ally, hold to the left side of the dumpster, let SKA#1 
    drop and #2 to run into the ally on the right. QC around the dumpster to the 
    building, stick and slide to the dark corner. Move into the alley when #2 
    returns to the conflict, (it could take some time). FC around the corner, turn 
    left at the end of the row of boxes, aim for the right side of the ally ahead. 
    Once in the ally roll and FC to the end; FC the perimeter to the ladder and 
    climb up. At the top look down and to the side of the truck, if #2 is there 
    note whether he's occupied, looking out over the battle scene or up at you. If 
    he's missing or facing away from you QC to and around the corner all the while 
    keeping and eye out for #2.
    Stick to the building, slide to the end of the low dark rectangular sign to 
    Sam's left and stop. Creep out left to the ledge halfway between the sign and 
    the cable above connecting the buildings on both sides of the street. Drop off 
    and hang, soft drop to the ground then stick to the wall. There's a very dark 
    lane running across the street from your position. Now it gets hairier and 
    scarier, go NS locate the center of the dark lane and then go NV there's a 
    magazine just to the left of center, that's your target. Look right, locate the 
    turret on the tank, when it turns left and BG#3 moves away from the sign to 
    your left or begins to reload FC across the ally to the wall. 
    (NOTE) 2/22/17
    A 1st in all the times I've played through this section of the mission, NKA#1, 
    always in front of the tank and positioned at the overturned car or against the 
    building across from it. Today he was at the tank's 5:00 and using the corner 
    of the building as cover for reloading. I've always used the side and 6 of the 
    tank as cover from NKA#1 and the remaining SKA, circling it to its 7:00. NKA#1 
    exposes himself to empty a clip then retreats around the corner of the building 
    to reload. I was able to advance on him and stick to the building under cover 
    of dark when he retreated. When I got near the corner of the building I QC'd 
    around him and the tank while he began his reloading sequence.
    Quickly turn right, stay tight to the wall, QQC to its end, and bear left into 
    the dark and behind the overturned car. Boo the end of the car for BG#4, he may 
    be beside the car, if he's across the street, he may see and shoot you as you 
    move to the side of the tank. QQC to the side of the tank, remain tight to it 
    around to the back left end, boo right to the front to see if #4 returned to 
    this side of the street for BG#4, if so you may take rnds from him moving to 
    the XP ladder. If and when clear FC to and climb the ladder, occasionally #4 
    will reposition to the left front corner of the tank, if so wait for him to 
    turn to the conflict. FC to the ladder; climb to the top, disable the UAV comp 
    and proceed through the building to the window overlooking the balcony outside. 
    New route and maneuvers to the crash site, eliminate 1 distraction
    Switch to pistol as primary wep, stand and hold. When you clearly hear the UAV 
    approaching hop over the window, move left to the end of the railing but don't 
    contact it, go IR and then look down. RBG#1 is walking toward the base of the 
    building, stand as soon as he moves under the awning. Wait for him to move off 
    to the right and clear the awning to hop over the railing for a couple DHDs to 
    the ground. If you jump the gun and he quickly turns back hang until he moves 
    off to drop to the lower level. Stick to the building to provide cover then 
    hold. OCP the large blue and white neon sign when RBG#1 has circled back to the 
    SUV's 4:00. 
    Go NV. Loop CCw toward the flat bed truck then toward the SUV's 7:00. Keep an 
    eye on the UAV search beam; it may pop back to the corner of the building near 
    the SUV and or at the truck's ramp. MBSA to and up the ramp access the comp and 
    exit, RBGs#1 and 2 will be looking, and or walking away from the ramp, truck 
    and XP route. QQC out the truck and left between it and BG#3 who's sitting at 
    the table; MBSA along the truck to the passenger door then angle right to the 
    XP alley. To date the UAV has been left behind toward the beginning of its 
    patrol routine. When you reach the leading corner of the alley stand and run to 
    the end.
    If for any reason the UAV is between you and the end of the XP alley, look to 
    your left as you approach the ally, you'll see an umbrella and a narrow table; 
    right after the table is a dark niche hide from the UAV there. As you pass the 
    table on your right accelerate to FC all the way into the niche. Stand, as the 
    UAV exits the alley move out of the niche and break into a run for the end of 
    the alley. 
    Turn left into the really narrow and dark alley, go NV and QQC to the head of 
    it. A tank and bunches of BGs wearing, "I just want to kill Sam Fisher" jackets 
    are strewn about. 
    I suggest saving here big time, the light and BGs are tres unpredictable and 
    worse is the turret gun on the tank. Like the previous tank encounter, 
    regardless of whatever clever thing I believe I'm about to do through the pilot 
    recoveries, more often than not the tank vents Sam to the ground and then 
    adding insult to injury it continues sending rnds to push him to the wall. I 
    haven't found a reliable way past either tank. On the other hand, I have been 
    moving through the gap, have the light flicker back on and not been fired on. 
    Saving behooves all us little devils.
    At the head of the alley; wait for the RBG approaching from the right to pass 
    toward the tank. When the flickering street light goes dark, FC through the 
    gap; as you pass to the left of the tail section, stand and run toward the 
    wall. At the wall turn right and run along the fuselage toward the airmen. If 
    you hear the turret begin to whir while moving through the gap, (turret's 
    tracking sound) try rolling past the tail section, it may still prompt a BG 
    investigation. As you pass the end of the wall on your left locate the dark 
    corner to the left of the dumpster "Hey Moe!" a climbing pipe, climb up locate 
    and access the last comp to complete the objective. 
    Slide back to the ground, pick up a flyer, stand and walk back to the tail 
    section, drop into a crouch as you approach the end of the fuselage, move right 
    to the wall and slide just past the beginning of the tail section. Scan for 
    RBGs with IR, a BG appears in the ally you previously exited. When clear move 
    to the other side of the tail section and wait for the light to go out. ASAP, 
    FC into the ally and dump flyboy at the end of it. 
    Return to the head of the alley; wait for the light to go out then QQC across 
    the gap, after you pass the tail section FC to the 2nd airman. Grab him, stand 
    and hold, if you heard any comment from the AI on your way back look hard 
    toward the tail section and expect to see an RBG walk past it to Sam's left. 
    Wait for the RBG to disappear before moving out for the ally. I've been having 
    good luck moving Cw around the nose of the jet whether BGs were attracted to my 
    movements or not. You can see the tank without being fired on and are much 
    closer to the light and crouching BG to your left.
    Or you can backtrack to the corner of the building then crouch, remain tight to 
    the building and QQC to the end of the turbine near the end of the fuselage. 
    Locate the BG crouching in the niche to the right of the light pole. Hold at 
    this position, you'll have cover from the BG when the light is on. Begin 
    walking toward the left corner of the tail section; about 3 feet from the tail 
    bear left for a path that passes about 5 feet to the right of the BG. Once past 
    the BG drift right toward the ally's right side wall to cut down on the turrets 
    LOF. Walk through the narrow ally and dump the pilot. 
    In either case, you need the light to be off for a long count and hopefully the 
    turret to be swinging right as you move past the crouching BG toward the narrow 
    Route change, this maneuver eliminates 1 distraction, no need to attract the 
    attention of the crouching BG near the ally. The two issues with this change 
    are the light and the tank's turret. 
    Firstly the duration of the light's off position, there is one span where it 
    remains off for about 12 seconds, this is the one in which Sam must move and 
    for the most part is random. 
    Secondly the turret, you can hear it but can't see it from Sam's position 
    beside the fuselage which is the closest point to the ally with any cover.
    The only aspect you can rely on is the duration of lights out and roughly when 
    it'll come. Regarding the turret there's no guaranty which direction it'll be 
    pointing or moving to and whether or not it'll swing back and spank you. One 
    thing I can offer is the odds being about 60/40 in favor of success.
    New old new XP route up and over the staging again
    The old exit route up the ladder near the tank seemed to grab the attention of 
    the BG crouching or standing near the tank far too often, so I rerouted the 
    exit and found a successful path without grabbing the interest of any BGs. The 
    problem with this is the same problem that plagued the staging, the freakin 
    lamp post from hell. Add the big bright sign past the corner of the building 
    with your zip line XP and I ended up taking hits just as often. So I began 
    working on the staging again and believe "Oi 'ave a cunning plan", it all 
    revolves around "Hell Light".
    QQC to the head of the ally, stick and slide along left wall toward the corner, 
    stop and hold at the white line. The BG is still crouching to Sam's right; as 
    the light goes out remain tight to the wall, slide around the corner into the 
    windowed recess then stick and slide to the ladder. The lamppost from Hell will 
    begin flickering again, stand, release and flip from NS to IR while waiting. 
    Look past the ladder, poly sheeting and tank for the RBG that patrols beyond 
    the tank, if he is approaching the tank and SBG when the light goes out again 
    hold fast. If he's walking away when the light goes out for a long count and 
    the tank turret is rotating away from you, release; climb ladder#1 to level#1, 
    move tight to the wall beside the ladder and hold.
    Here's another AI comment glitch.
    Preferably you want to hear nothing as you reach level#1; however, if you hear 
    "What was that?" while climbing the ladder don't immediately despair; if the 
    RBG continues walking away, only the SBG could have seen something while you 
    were climbing the ladder. Look down for the SBG and RBG, if both maintain 
    relaxed position and patrol postures, you're good to go. Go IR and swing your 
    camera down and along the base of the staging, you'll likely see the crouching 
    alley BG calmly take position at the side of the tank. If no one is posturing, 
    pointing rifles and or advancing on the ladder you're good, otherwise you blew 
    From this point you need to keep an eye on the light from Hell, the RBG and 
    tank turret. As soon as the RBG's back is to you, the turret is rotating away 
    and the light is off MBSA to the base of ladder ladder#2. From this point you 
    only need to keep track of the tank turret and for the RBG. When both are 
    facing away climb ladder#2 to level#2, move to the wall and hold. Repeat the 
    previous to the base of ladder#3 and then to level#3. Move tight to the wall 
    and slide toward the sign till the "designate target" window appears then press 
    Don't be fooled by the RBG, when he squats facing away from you, wait for him 
    to be walking away or besides the staging to climb ladder#3 and QQC to the neon 
    sign for "Designate Plane" This procedure will add minutes to your time, but if 
    you're working toward a -0- comment mission this works if you're patient.
    Best time 17:04 with comment 
    Average time 21:00 -0- comment
    KO 1
    Dists 1
    All objectives complete, 100 percent
    Locate files in the Bath house owner's 2nd fl office, tap phone line #1 
    CT9a, confirming dirt on Shetland, snatching "Chaos Theory" data, tap lines 
    CT9b, to the furnace room 
    CT9c, taking out the garbage, oh and disarming 3 ugly bombs
    To reiterate a previous point fast times can be made or broken when EEV or 
    manual scans of comps and keypads are required, AI timing is as and even more 
    important. Without it there are no surprises or big breaks when they afford you 
    a freebie which is what I got at the beginning of Bathhouse. I didn't include 
    the event, because I don't expect it to be part of the general AI routine, I 
    never lucked into it before this run and I've run this level close to 30 times 
    for the guide. I had some fantastic luck on the very last run and made a few 
    more changes.
    If you're still getting ID'd in the bath house, written below are 5 
    possible/major areas where they likely occur in order. The 1st ID may be by the 
    electrician at the beginning of the level as you drop into the sewer. Quite 
    often as of late I've been bagged on the way down, and as I hit bottom the 
    sound cuts out. The most you might hear is a kind of chirp. Can't say whether 
    it's just my game or it also happens to others. The rest are the obvious ones. 
    The reason being, these are the only areas where you have little or no control 
    over stealth and or cover, (crossing the firefight), or stunning an RBG at the 
    same time he IDs you, (thereby voiding the verbal alert). 
    1. The electrician beginning of game.
    2. Exiting the vent from the pond room. 
    3. Crossing the HLWY at the far end of the firefight.
    4. Shower room.
    5. Boiler/Furnace room.
    Once I reworked the maneuver for the last 2 rooms, I'd still get ID'd 1 to 3 
    times. I spent tons of time ensuring a "ZERO COMMENT" game for all areas where 
    interaction isn't required, (distractions) from all BGs in the game let alone 
    level, I kind of snapped. Convinced they were in the furnace room. I restarted 
    from the showers shocking the 3BGs and completed the rest as usual. If there 
    were 1 to 3 ID's, on the previous run and I lost 1 or 2 after multiple 
    attempts, some were coming from the furnace room, but at least one was from 
    some other place. 
    I think that an ID and an alert notification should coincide regardless of 
    whether a verbal is made. I'm thinking the electrician at the beginning of the 
    level might be an ID and never recognize and or be aware of a comment.
    CT9a, confirming dirt on Shetland, snatching "Chaos Theory" data, tap lines 
    Sam begins in an alley, what a surprise! QQC forward, turn right at the lighted 
    corner, stay in the shadows on the right, ignore RBG#1, (the electrician) for 
    the moment QQC along the darkened wall and stop in the shadow. Look to the far 
    end of the adjacent ally, ensure that RBG#2 is walking away, and #3 is walking 
    out to meet him, use the boxes at the end of the stairwell to cover Sam from 
    #3. Move to the panel to patch the phone line, go NV, QC down the stairs, jump 
    up to and hoist up the ledge to the alley. Weave through the crates and boxes 
    to the awning at the end of the ally. Slide around the corner, stick to the 
    wall, inch your way forward till the light meter begins to register and hold. 
    Swing the camera around and locate the electrician, he needs to be walking 
    toward or at the phone panel near the stairwell as you approach the manhole, if 
    not you're stuck for a while as RBGs 2&3 walk off. If stuck, eventually #3 
    walks toward Sam's entry point, the electrician moves back to the stairs and #2 
    returns and passes the manhole allotting time to drop down. Accelerate from QC 
    to QQC to the corner then to FC to the XP ladder, drop and QQC to the trap 
    door, open it and climb out. Go NV if not already in it, QQC across the left 
    side of the next room; drop to a QC and out the door behind RBG#4. 
    QQC to the next room, as you QC into the room note BG#5 sitting to the left and 
    a couple dumpsters ahead. From the EP stand and run to the side of dumpster#1 
    crouch and creep to the end of dumpster#2, hold at the end of it. Locate #5 who 
    is now walking toward the 1st dumpster, as he passes the hanging electrical 
    cord move over to the perimeter wall behind the hanging sheets and to the 
    darkened exit. Bump up to FC in the short "U" shaped corridor to the next door; 
    open the door, move into the room a foot or 2 and press close door. 
    99 percent of the time RBG#1 is entering the large sitting room or already in 
    it and heading toward Sam and the desk to his left. On a rare occasion #1 is 
    just entering the storeroom via the short dark Hlwy EP and the way is clear for 
    Sam to move into the short Hlwy leading to the lobby. This occurred on my 
    fastest run through the level.
    Odds are RBG#1 will either exit the storeroom from the sitting room EP/XP at 
    Sam's 12:00 or already in the sitting room and advancing on Sam's position. In 
    a moment, following the pace of this guide the Redman will enter or exit 
    through the same door #1 did and RBG#2 is prowling the sitting area to the 
    right. As RBG#1 stops in front of the desk, press close door if you haven't 
    yet, as #1 begins to walk around the desk follow him, #2 should be moving away 
    toward the staging in the sitting room. As #1 walks to the side of the desk 
    continue into the Hlwy. Stick to the wall on the left just past the paper 
    hangings, slide and stop just before the corner. 
    Peek past the corner and take note of RBGs#3&4 moving in the lobby, they must 
    be standing when you slide into the corner. Before sliding along the wall to 
    the light in the corner look back to ensure #2 isn't standing in the aisle then 
    slide to the light release, move around the cased opening, stick to the wall 
    ASAP and slide to the drape at the next cased opening. RBGs#3&4 will talk for a 
    minute then return to their patrol routes. Watch #3 as he exits the Lobby for 
    outside, he stops, turns left and starts walking past the glass doors. #4 
    patrols from the Lobby to the 2nd floor, wait for #3 to disappear left of the 
    glass doors and #4 to be right of them to enter the Lobby. 
    Stay tight along the left past the vending machine, OE&CD turn left onto the 
    street, QC along the dark lane in the street to the opposite side, stop and 
    stick. Ensure that you are -0- on the meter, as #3 turns and starts walking 
    back QC around the phone booth to the climbing pole and climb to the top. 
    Locate and hop up to the electrical cable running over to the 2nd fl. window 
    and zip over. Once hanging from the ledge skooch left to the middle of the 
    window opening and hold. Another Redman will enter, stop at the window and then 
    go to bed. As he turns from the window and begins walking to his bed hoist up 
    into the room and follow. 
    QC past him to the door, CtD; look right and then left to locate the 2nd floor 
    RBG, he should be passing or has just passed by the door to Sam's right. Ensure 
    #4 isn't standing at the head of the stairs, hold left until you see the shadow 
    of 2nd fl entering the cable screen, if clear X out cable and go NS.
    #4's patrol route is a bit erratic, depending on what he does in the lobby. He 
    has a couple 3 different patterns he can follow. The worst for Sam is to 
    descend the stairs and go straight to the desk, sit for a few seconds and then 
    head right back to the 2nd fl. If he flops around in the lobby before and or 
    after sitting down he won't be on the 2nd fl for Sam's entry or exit. 
    Go NS as you X out of cable, OE&CD, QQC to the door at the far left end of the 
    HLWY and then hack the keypad. Leave the door open, run across the room to the 
    wall vent and hoist up, EEV the comp and exit. Run to the file cabinet rifle it 
    for the file then MBSA to the left side of the open door and hold. "DO NOT MAKE 
    2nd floor's reaction to the hacked keypad and closed door ranges from 
    conniption fit to "Hmm curious?" and calmly taking a step into the room. With 
    the conniption entry, from that point on he remains guarded, aggressive and 
    slow moving with wep drawn. So far, in countless repetitions 2nd fl has reacted 
    poorly to the open door thrice, the rest of the time I get a kitty cat 
    entrance, exit and patrol, go figure. In this situation an open door that 
    wasn't just a minute ago would freak me out big time. If you want kitty cat, 
    hack the keypad and leave the door open. You can get the pass code from the 
    sleeping man, but that requires an extra KO.
    CT9a, recording dirty boy and snatching "Chaos Theory"
    Once 2nd fl returns and then begins to exit the office follow him around the 
    door and stick to the right side of the opening. As 2nd fl heads for the stairs 
    move out of the office just enough to boo the stairway end of the Hlwy without 
    exposing Sam. Ensure #4 isn't at the head of the stairs, before following 2nd 
    fl. As the RBG walks away follow and return to the Redman's room. OE&CD, QC to 
    the window stand and locate RBG#3 below. He should be standing to Sam's left or 
    walking to Sam's right. Climb out if he's standing or when he passes the ridge 
    of the entrance roof below and soft drop down and then to the ground. Move to 
    the soda can in the street, then to the glass door on Sam's left as #3 walks 
    #4 can be anywhere, in the lobby, the stairs or back on the 2nd fl and you may 
    or may not hear him talking. The majority of the time he's sitting at the desk 
    or moving up and or down the stairs and talking on his cell. A few times he's 
    been standing and talking in the middle of the lobby. Maintain cover to the 
    left of the glass door and look hard through the glass to see if #4 is behind 
    the desk. If so hold until he moves toward the stairs. If he's in the middle of 
    the lobby hold till he turns to the desk then enter.
    OE&CD go right; head back into the HLWY, move to the left side, slide to the 
    corner and boo it. Most times RBG#1's appearance is imminent if not already in 
    the short HLWY and #2 is LOS in the aisle past the desk. Wait for #1 to turn 
    back to the door to move around the corner and to the right side of the HLWY 
    then slide past the paper hangings into the next room. 
    So far in the majority of the tests through this area option 1 occurs more 
    often than 2. As Sam passes #1 and approaches the intersection in the next room 
    he has the wide aisle in front, desk to his 3:00 and wall corner to his 9:00. 
    The Redman, (just entering or already in the storeroom) flips a switch that 
    changes the light pattern on the floor and the low dividers set up around the 
    sitting room. It will either lighten up the floor in front of Sam and make it 
    dark around the staging near the exit or make the floor dark in front of Sam 
    but light up around the staging. In either case as you approach the 
    intersection you head right, if the floor is dark follow option 1, if lighted 
    follow 2.
    On rare occasions Redman is out of place. Ahead and to the left of Sam is a low 
    divider that runs over to the storeroom's EP/XP, Red man is standing at Sam's 
    end of the divider and alerts everyone to Sam. Not sure why he's there outside 
    of a game glitch. This is likely his position when he sees you move into the 
    short dark Hlwy on your way to the 2nd fl, but makes no audible to it.
    Option 1
    As you approach the intersection the floor ahead is dark, proceed to the right 
    around the desk then hook left into the dark aisle between the low divider on 
    the left and wall to the right. QQC along the wall to the end of the divider 
    then hard left across the floor, move between the low divider on your left and 
    the staging on the right toward the exit. Slow to QC, the Redman and #2 should 
    be approaching from about 20 feet to your left. You have more than enough time 
    to exit the room into the short "U" shaped HLWY. Take your 1st right, stick to 
    the wall and slide to the corner to locate the Locker rm RBG.
    Option 2
    As you approach the intersection the floor is lit up in front of Sam, proceed 
    to the right around the desk then hook left into the dark aisle between the low 
    divider on the left and wall to the right. QQC along the wall to the end of the 
    divider then hard left across the floor. There's a low divider in front of and 
    slightly to the left of Sam, stop at the end of it and hold. Locate #2 and the 
    Redman, they should be ahead and to Sam's left, QC left around the divider move 
    to the edge of the lit slit on the floor ahead and hold. Allow both to pass by 
    Sam to proceed to and through the exit into the short "U" shaped HLWY. Take 
    your 1st right, stick to the wall and slide to the corner to locate the Locker 
    rm RBG.
    Locker rm has a route that takes about 78 seconds to complete, you have about 
    35 seconds from the time he exits the lavatory till he can see the lav's exit 
    door again.
    Locker rm will begin his patrol in a minute.
    As he passes Sam follow him, making all the stops with him as you go. To avoid 
    detection with any intermediate stops ensure Sam is behind a locker for cover 
    from the mirror. Stick to the wall on Sam's left, stand and slide after locker 
    rm to the edge of the doorway to the lavatory. Hold, look out through the 
    doorway into the HLWY, you want to see DBRBG#1 from the "Dry Bath" room enter 
    the HLWY from the left. If so, once locker rm reenters the lav and begins 
    walking to the right along the wall toward the stalls, QC over to the doorway. 
    Keep your eye on DB#1, as he turns left move into the HLWY, remain to the 
    right, QC along the wall then drift over to the left, stick to the wall and 
    slide to the corner.
    If DBRBG#1 doesn't appear in the HLWY while you're stuck, you'll have to follow 
    locker rm around the lav till he exits. Then move to the HLWY doorway, boo and 
    enter if clear, QQC to the left side of the HLWY stick to the corner and boo 
    the Dry Bath area. If both DBRBGs are moving away from the opening on the left 
    side of the room enter and follow them. If one is facing the opening, advances 
    and reaches for his flashlight beat feet back to the lav and hang near the 
    opening till he exits, this rarely ever occurs.
    Locate DBRBGs#1&2 they should be about 15 feet inside the room from Sam's 
    position. #2 will move off to the left and #1 will take off for the exit, hold 
    fast till #1 completes his crazy Ivan in the middle of the room and turns to 
    the exit for the 2nd time. Enter the bath area, QC over to and behind #2, 
    follow him not too close but keep pace, I think his feet are swollen; he needs 
    to sit real bad to move so fast. Break off at the exit, move into the short 
    HLWY and stick to the wall to the left and hold. #2 stands and walks away in a 
    few seconds; as he passes by Sam exit the HLWY; climb the steps into the empty 
    pool and use the trap door. 
    Quickly exit through the trap door at the other end of the crawlspace. Sam is 
    now in an empty pool in the Cold Bath area, look left to locate CBRBG#1, QQC 
    out of the pool over to and turn the steam valve.
    I believe the coders made an error when creating the access to the pool 
    trapdoors. For Sam to be able to open a trap, he should be able to close a 
    trap. Not being able to close the trap would prompt AI comment when they return 
    to the area. This makes no sense so is considered as a coding error and not a 
    distraction. The steam valves are a natural part of the pool areas, which 
    afford cover for Sam; there is never comment or investigation made by AI and so 
    not a distraction.
    Turn around, QQC to the leading edge of the pool and toward the tall divider 
    separating the 2 rear pools from the 2 front ones. Turn the camera toward the 
    front to locate RBG#2 before Sam exposes himself and hold. If the fog obscures 
    everything too quickly go IR. Once the fog obscures the RBGs from Sam move to 
    and stop about 1-2 feet from the tall divider then hold. To Sam's left is a low 
    floor divider; across from it is an embedded wall post. The Redman will make a 
    mild comment in a moment, once made; move Cw around the low divider and to the 
    right side of the post. Stick to the wall, face the post, nose up to it then 
    turn around to face your XP, remain stuck to the wall. 
    Hold till Red is beside and or passing Sam then release, MBSA to and through 
    the XP, MBSA halfway along the right side of the HLWY then cross to the left 
    side to the EP to the swimming pool area. Slow to QC as you approach the EP, 
    boo the opening incase the RBG is still there then enter to tap the phone as he 
    leaves. MBSA back to the Cold Bath EP; slow to QC as you pass the radiator on 
    the left then stop to boo the EP; 1 or both of the RBGs may have lingered and 
    are just getting underway from their little talk. If so let him pass then head 
    for the steps to the nearest pool, climb in then hop out at the tall divider. 
    If not, head right at QQC to the tall divider; hop up, go IR and locate RBG#2.
    QQC across to the other side and drop to the floor as RBG#2 moves to your XP.
    QQC around the low divider and along the wall to the XP, enter the HLWY, QC to 
    the corner and split jump. Drop after RBG#2 returns to the Cold Bath then QQC 
    to the Steam Bath. If the RBG is anywhere but walking at Sam QQC into the room 
    make a tight left, locate the steam valve and turn it. Crouch, turn around and 
    let the room fill up with steam. Steamy can be anywhere in the room, mostly 
    he's walking toward the XP or away from it. The safest route through the room 
    is over the pools to the rear wall then behind the turret, I have a hard time 
    believing turrets can ID but not shoot, but add Steamy pulling a crazy Ivan, 
    (180 and walk straight back) and a messed up IR why take the chance. Use the 
    pools and perimeter wall to the XP.
    Continue along the short "L" shaped HLWY, a small room with a reception desk 
    appears ahead. Stop short of the opening to the room and boo the corner. Odds 
    are at this pace an RBG with headgear will be in the HLWY to the right. If so 
    and when clear FC into the room, stand and run around the desk, locate the last 
    phone line and tap it. 
    Run around the desk toward the new HLWY with the high divider. Drop to QQC upon 
    entering the Hlwy; then to QC as you slide along the left wall past the 
    divider. The RBG should be around the corner, QQC along the wall, stopping to 
    boo the corner, if the RBG is there stick and wait for him to enter the next 
    little room with another tall divider and then follow him. Stay to his left, 
    stick to the wall and slide in beside him. As he turns to move off QQC to the 
    XP end of the divider, slide behind it and wait for the next RBG. The RBG will 
    enter the small room and exit back into the HLWY, as he turns to exit the small 
    room move out from the divider crouch and QC to the XP then boo right into the 
    HLWY ensure he moves off before moving to and entering the vent.
    Once Sam is in the water QC to the water pipe and hold, the RBG will exit the 
    room and the tech walks over the planks if not already doing so. As he does he 
    turns his head to the glass enclosure, when he does, move to the planks and 
    stand beside them. As the Tech moves into the glassed enclosure hop up and 
    follow him. Move between the glass and ferns to the end, as the tech turns away 
    hoist up into the vent. Crawl to the corner and only deep enough to EEV the 
    briefcase. Do so and back off until the game stops you, listen to the convo and 
    mayhem that ensues and then back out of the vent. Load a sticky cam in the tube 
    and save. 
    CT9b, "To the Furnace room"
    If you're lucky, this end will be void of BGs and you can exit pronto, however 
    more often than not it can take forever, so maybe you should make a sandwich 
    and get something to drink. Another coding error IMO is Sam's inability to 
    access the S Cam while in the duct.
    Run to and jump into the pond, angle Sam right so that he rolls up to the vent, 
    stand, go NV, shoulder your wep and fire the sticky through the vent, across 
    the HLWY and into the right side post of the door to the room that's on fire. 
    Locate one or both of the BGs if any and start mouing on that sammich. Be ready 
    to kill the Cam and pass through the vent as soon as both are out of the HLWY. 
    Grab the Cam off the post, (evidence) and FC through the next 3 something rooms 
    to the far side of the fire fight. Stop before the XP and boo left into the 
    Hlwy. A BG is about 10 feet left of your XP, he holds after a reload, empties a 
    clip then pulls back to reload. The Hlwy Light flickers then loses power and 
    repeats; crouch and wait for the Hlwy to go dark while the BG is firing his wep 
    to FC/roll across the Hlwy into the anteroom. Drop to a QC and enter the small 
    room on the right with the benches drop to SC as you round the corner, there's 
    a wall mine, disable it and arm with smokes.
    6/4/09, Shower room in 1 smoke!
    2/24/17 I'm about 50/50 now
    1st, this is not easy and has a mean learning curve; no question about it, 
    positioning the 1 smoke for a perfect throw is frustrating at best. If you 
    saved as suggested and have patience you can get the hang of it in maybe 8 
    tries, once I get the position and movement timing down I average 1 in 3. If 
    you can't get the hang of it, use 2 smokes, one at the wall panel to the right 
    of the far left BG and one at the yellow/orange looking floor grate on the far 
    right side of the room.
    2nd, and this is most confusing, I can't figure it out at all; If the 3 BGs in 
    the shower are using IR, (hence the red emanating beams from headgear) F/Bs and 
    smoke are useless, go IR and throw a F/B and then a smoke, you get the bang but 
    no blinding flash nor is the AI obscured by the smoke. Vision is maintained in 
    both attempts. 
    If they're using NV then both the F/B and smoke will blind and obscure Go NV, 
    repeat the test and note total blindness from the F/B and complete obscurity 
    from the smoke. So if they're using NV why does the smoke cover Sam from the 
    BGs but not the F/B? If they're using IR why does the smoke cover Sam at all?
    Go IR after throwing the smoke and their heat signature is quite visible. If 
    they're using NV then why aren't they blinded by F/Bs. Throw all your F/Bs and 
    they'll gun you down in expert mode.
    Stay close to the wall to the left of the EP, crouch, look out the EP and creep 
    right. As you move toward the EP the (near right) ceiling beam support column#1 
    comes into view, then the far right column#2, (near XP). Continue to slide 
    along the wall to the EP, when the right side of near left column#3 comes into 
    view stop. Look out between the far right and near left posts to locate the 
    upper left side of the XP, (black against the lighter brown wall paneling). 
    See the tall light brown vertical wall panels on the rear wall; you can count 
    the panels using the dark brown vertical lines. Load smokes, (should have 3), 
    press "X" for the throwing icon and raise it up so that the top of the icon is 
    level with the top of the light brown panels, (it also works a smidge below the 
    top of the panel). Now, move right just enough to have 3 full panels in view. 
    Place the throwing reticle centered in the middle panel with the top of the 
    icon level with the top of the panel then throw the smoke. 
    Listen and look for the smoke to pop, and the cloud to expand enough to obscure 
    the room's XP before exiting the small sitting room. QC out right; move behind 
    the low divider to the right. If you placed the smoke correctly you have the 
    time to maintain quiet, so keep the noise meter at -0- or ambient. Turn left at 
    the stalls look ahead for the ceiling light in the XP Hlwy aim just to the 
    right of it as you approach. Once you're halfway along the 1st side of the Hlwy 
    drop to SC, locate the wall mine as you move around the corner, stop, load 
    sticky Cams in the tube then sling your wep. SC past the mine and once you're 
    around corner#2 stand and run.
    CT9c, Taking out the garbage
    2/24/17 new route and tactics through Furnace room
    I don't know why the game changes the initial positioning of RBGs#1, 2 and 3 
    when I use S Cams, as opposed to Shockers. RBG#1 is just beginning to climb the 
    stairs to the upper level when using Shockers. When using S Cams he's already a 
    1/3 of the way along the Wkwy when I access it, forcing me to spend time luring 
    him down and back toward the room's EP. Virtually the same thing with #2 and 3, 
    when using Shockers I would be able to climb the pipe back up to the Wkwy then 
    stun both from their 6s. With S Cams at least 1 of them is almost always ready 
    to make the 1st right turn on the short Wkwy at the end of the Furnace thingy. 
    This forced me to place 3 S Cams to act as diversions and does add considerable 
    time to the mission. 
    I highly suggest saving before you begin what follows, until you have it down. 
    I had to close all the windows in the house then ball gag me until I completed 
    the room I also suggest you save during the disarming sequence of each bomb. Al 
    my efforts are directed at keeping all 3 RBGs at or between the Furnace room's 
    EP and the stair end of Wkwy#1. I need them corralled by the time I'm finished 
    with Bomb#3 and crouched under cover at the top of the stairs overlooking the 
    XP as RBG#4 enters the room.
    Run into the caged area, bust the lock; close or don't close the door as you 
    enter the furnace room, RBG#1 will rage regardless and often kick in an already 
    opened gate. However, the busted lock does slow #1 down often enough to catch 
    him before he gets too far along Wkwy#1. Shoulder the AR halfway between the EP 
    and base of stairs, Look up to the wall at the top of the stairs; send Cam#1 to 
    the wall about 7 feet above the Wkwy then 180 as the stupid game forces you 
    into the camera feed. "X" out ASAP shoulder the AR then send cam#2 past the 
    cage to the dark wall beside the furnace then 180. X out of the feed move left 
    under the Wkwy and send Cam#3 to the dark wall under the Wkwy and X out of the 
    feed ASAP.
    Run between the machines and left to Bomb#1, "SAVE" during the disarm sequence; 
    you'll finish up on Bomb#1 just after Shetland finishes running off at the 
    mouth. ASAP enter the Cams feed, locate RBG#1, you want to use the cams to lure 
    him back down toward the EP. He'll be on Wkwy#1 and close to the cams, tap the 
    cam below the Wkwy and near the stairs 1 time. When he gets close to the bottom 
    of the stairs tap the cam beside the cage 1 time. Ensure he's moving toward the 
    cam and or into the cage then X out and move to and climb the stairs. Climb 
    over the machine and drop to the floor beside Bomb#2. Check RBG#1 to ensure 
    he's stationary then begin disarming Bomb#2. "SAVE" during the disarming 
    Once disabled, enter the Cams feed, RBGs#2 and 3 are now on the stairs and or 
    Wkwy. Lure them back to the EP, if they're close to the top of the stairs tap 
    the cam under the Wkwy and stairs 1 time. If one is further along the Wkwy 
    press the cam at the top of the stairs 1 time, as they both backtrack to the 
    noise; tap the cam below the Wkwy and stairs 1 time. ASAP X out, back away from 
    Bomb#2 and the Wkwy above, stand then move forward and jump, hoist up, QQC 
    toward Bomb#3. At Bomb#3 access the cams, if any of the BGs are moving up the 
    stairs tap one of the EP level cams 1 time to move the BGs away and down from 
    Wkwy#1. Begin the disarming sequence and "SAVE" during it, you'll have no time 
    when finished to access the cams.
    This is going to be way hard and frustrating, it took many tries to get right, 
    and in general the odds of success are about 50/50. On this last rewrite nearly 
    half the time the exit door remained open.
    You'll finish up just after Shetty exits the room, orient your camera to below 
    and to the right of the bags sitting on the Wkwy, this'll get you moving and 
    not grab the Wkwy as you drop to the floor below. FC to the stairs beside the 
    vertical tank, stay close to the tanks as you FC up the stairs. Stop a step or 
    2 from the top; you need to see the XP door open and RBG#4 as he enters the 
    room. He'll take a step or 2 into the furnace room and stop for a second or 2 
    then head right along the WKWY. 
    As he begins turning right MBSA to the XP, stay along the right side of the 
    WKWY; you may hear #4 make comment, when about half to 2/3 along the WKWY, he 
    may comment again on hearing something. Slow down to a QQC, to the XP, if 
    you're lucky the door will still be open. Exit the room; go after Shepard to 
    end the level.
    (NOTE) 2/24/17
    With the new route through the Furnace room and my inexperience playing, (not 
    since late 2012) I added another 4 minutes to my previous best time. On a high 
    note, I did eliminate 3 shockers and 3 KOs from my list, the only drawback is 
    the increased distraction count.
    Regarding the manipulation of the 3 RBGs in the Furnace room with the S Cams 
    regardless of how many cameras I tap to position RBG#1 out of Sam's way, it's 
    counted as 1 distraction. The same goes for RBGs#2 and 3 to get them back to 
    the main floor and later still to move all 3 RBGs to a position of safety for 
    Sam's unhindered movements. The number of distractions can vary depending on 
    the movements of the individual RBGs and again as a group.
    Best time 22:21
    K 1 
    Smoke 1
    S Cams 3
    Dists 8
    All objectives complete 100 percent.
    Locate the hostages, access the server room
    CT10a, Eaves drop on the war room, Stop the launch, retrieve Otomo
    Excluding the 2 meanest keypads in the game this level is kind of like a 
    vacation compared to Bath house. If you could exclude the rantings of Adm. 
    Otomo which total about 5 minutes you could do CT10 well under 11 minutes.
    I made a minor route change to the big duct on the right; it gets you inside a 
    couple seconds sooner. Every move up to the Jazzman must be perfect.
    New route through large red room and eliminating 1 distraction
    Looks like another alley for Sam! Run toward the large overhead door, stop at 
    and flip the door switch on the left, Run to the right side of the rising door, 
    pull the pistol and OCP the red light on the wall to Sam's left. Crouch, go NV 
    and enter the tunnel, QC directly across to the other wall turn right then 
    hold. The 2 RBGs will comment on the door and light as they approach the door. 
    Look to the floor to the left of the RBGs for the IR beam emanating from the 
    wall camera in the niche ahead and to Sam's right.
    QC toward the left side of the approaching RBGs, ensure the IR beam is swinging 
    away to Sam's left and avoid it as you QC toward the niche. Ensure you remain 
    below ambient till you're completely past the niche. Remain on the floor 
    throughout the following maneuver. Dip into the niche and circle CCw to the 
    pillar, stay tight to the pillar as you QC around it. The IR beam will be 
    pointing directly across the tunnel as you continue past the pillar toward the 
    duct. Once past the railing to Sam's right stand and run the remainder to the 
    Quickly pass through the duct, locate and FC to the front of the pipe then jump 
    up and climb the pipe to the janitor's office. Once at the top, QQC to the 
    door, jump up and over the wall and drop to the floor in the HLWY. QC to the 
    janitor's 4:00, (under the skooch pipe) and jump up including legs then mad 
    skooch past the yellow wet floor sign further along the HLWY. 
    Once past the warning sign drop to the floor; FC into the HLWY, turn right, 
    then locate the wall vent around the corner and hop in. Drop down into the 
    room; QQC the perimeter CCw to the planting bed then follow the dark lane to 
    the left side of the pillar. As Mr. Grumpy Gills turns away QC CCw into and 
    then out of the ferns to the hostages 6:00. Speed talk them then exit the room 
    from the way you entered. Once you're back along the shelving stand and run to 
    the vent then exit the room. 
    Once Sam is out of the vent run around the glass enclosure, drop to QQC then to 
    QC as you round the last corner to the balcony. Locate and QC to the baluster 
    on the railing between the wall on the right and the stair platform on the 
    left. Hop over the railing and complete successive HDHs to the floor; QQC 
    toward the talking BG and turn right between the security stiles. QQC left into 
    the disabled security area, circle the perimeter and stop short of the opening 
    to the escalator. Wait for the security door to close to FC into the escalator. 
    For speeding sake, this next maneuver requires a light distraction from the top 
    of the escalator. The IR security beam at the base of the elevator must sync up 
    with your descent to the base and the RBGs walking away to their patrol routes. 
    However if the IR beam is turning Cw and just entering the area at the base of 
    the escalator as Sam arrives and the RBGs begin walking away you're screwed. 
    You'll be forced back up the escalator a few feet till the beam passes killing 
    any value to the distraction. If everything works it can eliminate about 25 
    seconds off the clock
    For stealth's sake the maneuver is slower and done minus the distraction.
    On the right, (down side) of the escalator there are 3 dark spots along the 
    wall, you want to be in the 2nd dark spot. QQC down the right side of the 
    escalator, about a 1/3 of the way down stop against the wall and turn around. 
    Once the escalator has moved Sam down into the 2nd dark area begin walking back 
    up the escalator. You must find the balance point where Sam's up speed is equal 
    to the down speed of the escalator and he stays in place in the dark area and 
    is silent to boot.
    Once the RBGs begin walking away one will walk up the escalator and one will 
    walk to Sam's left. Wait for the approaching RBG to be beside Sam to stop Sam 
    from walking. As the escalator drags Sam down move to the rail separating the 2 
    sides and look for the RBG that went left at the base of the escalator to 
    reappear. Once the RBG has passed by the escalator's middle railing begin 
    walking to the bottom of the escalator. If the IR beam is blocking Sam's path 
    remain about 3 feet from the base to avoid the beam.
    From one play through to the next, the security beam can rotate Cw or CCw. You 
    need to determine ASAP whether you can wait for the beam to clear away from 
    your path around the corner to the steps leading to the server room or not. A 
    quick discovery will allow you to decide whether to circle the beam Cw or CCw 
    or to go left to the side of the elevators then to follow the RBG that patrols 
    to the server room steps.
    Decide which way to circle the beam if required, wait for it to clear from the 
    shortest patch or take the long route around the elevators. Either route you 
    take, you end up beside the base of the stairs or stuck to the wall under the 
    security keypad. 
    I suggest saving here and before every keypad for one reason, the keypad for 
    this security door is nasty fast and you can't lock number sets down. If you 
    EEV you have a total of 6 seconds to solve the code before the timer runs out, 
    2 of those seconds are in the counters red zone. If you access it directly at 
    best you have 7 seconds. In either case if you haven't found and aren't 
    clicking to the correct number combination before the counter is in the red 
    zone "X" out to avoid alerting the RBGs. 
    Keep trying in that fashion until you solve the pass code. Once solved, swing 
    the camera back toward the stairs to ensure neither of the RBGs is facing Sam 
    then FC through the security door into the next area. 
    Locate the keypad on the server room door and Hack it. When you solve the 
    keypad go NV and back away from the door a few feet, then scan the wall, it'll 
    help you to see the scanning beam and its rotation ASAP. Note its direction and 
    let it pass by, open the door when clear and locate both beams. The 2 domes 
    spin Cw and or CCw and counter spin from each other; follow the spin to the 
    target server when clear. Exit the room at a run and close the door on your way 
    CT10a, Eaves drop on the war room, Stop the launch, retrieve Otomo
    Drop to FC as you exit the room into the HLWY; return to the glass security 
    door stay tight to the wall on the right. If no RBGs are approaching the stairs 
    pass through the door then go left to the side of the stairs and hold. Allow 
    both RBGs to clear from your path to the large sliding doors across from the 
    elevators. Lately, I've been following RBG#3 to the large sliding doors on the 
    New route through large red room and eliminating 1 distraction
    Once inside MBSA to the right side of the large red room, turn left along the 
    wall, stick and slide toward the security dome. RBG#4 will be advancing or 
    retreating along aisle#1, release from the wall when he turns away and QQC 
    along the exterior wall toward the security dome. Wait a sec after #2 turns 
    left at the end of aisle#1 to OCP the security dome, then MBSA to the corner.
    Boo the corner, BG#5 is facing away and #4 is walking away, MBSA along the wall 
    toward the 2 BGs till you're crouching below the gap in the duct above you. QC 
    to the ledge closest to BG#5 then stand hop up and hoist up into the duct. 
    Locate the vent and climb in for the recording of Otomo. 
    Once you have accessed the laptop near the general back out of the vent as far 
    as the game will allow, when Otomo is done the game will release you then back 
    out to the large duct. Go IR notice that BG#5 is still oriented in the same 
    direction, if RBG#4 is present wait for him to round one of the corners, 
    (preferably the corner near #5). Move tight to the vent wall, drop to the floor 
    then turn left and QC straight to cover. Turn right at the wall MBSA to the 
    corner then face aisle#1. OCP the security dome when aisle#1 is clear then MBSA 
    along #1; stand and run toward the large sliding doors when past the corner. 
    Roll into an FC just before the corner leading to the XP then QC to the left 
    side of the large sliding doors. 
    Stick and move close to the doors eventually you'll hear footsteps and or the 
    doors may open. When the doors slide open note which direction RBG#3 is 
    walking, when safe peek around the door to see if #2 is approaching the corner, 
    walking away or meeting up with #3. In any case when clear QQC to the elevator 
    and ride it down. Crouch over the trapdoor and drop through when it falls away. 
    Fast tap "B" to make successive quick drops to the bottom. Climb out Creep left 
    around the square. Locate the 3 RBGs planting mines, drift to the perimeter 
    wall and continue to the security door. Enter, jump the rail, flip the switch 
    beside the EP and hop back over. You may hear comment from one of the RBGs 
    ignore them, they ignore you. 
    Stand and run through the exit turn right and hop over the railing. MBSA to the 
    other side of the raised floor, hop onto and over the table into the trough. 
    Climb out of the trough, QC over to the railing beside the target comp and hop 
    Access it for ISDF data. Plant the bomb, hop over the railing QC to the trough 
    drop down into it then detonate. MBSA to the end of the trough and hop out, QC 
    up the steps and around the corner, stand and run to Otomo. When Otomo is done 
    with his soliloquy and obligatory seppuku run to the glass door and into the 
    room when it opens, locate the crawlspace, FC to the end and climb out. Run to 
    and save Otomo, plant the charge on the window and stand clear. Once it blows 
    move in front and begin tapping "A" to get to the stat screen.
    Best time 15:47 
    Average time 19:11
    Dists 2
    All objectives complete 100 percent
    Best Total Time	2:12:44
    Kills,		3
    KOs,		3
    Smoke		1
    S Cams		3
    Distractions	20-21

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