Review by Computerdude1032

Reviewed: 04/11/05

Amazing game... just not on this system.

I'm not a system fan boy, all systems have their good points and bad points. That aside, Ubisoft really ruined this game for the PS2 and GCN. If you are new to the splinter cell series, here is the basic idea: You play Sam Fisher, he is brought back from retirement to complete "this one last assignment." You go to various places indoors, and outdoors throughout the world, and complete objectives STEALTHILY. You can only get 100% if you don't kill anybody. Its an amazing series, and this is an amazing game, just on the Xbox and PC,not the PS2 or GCN. It has nothing to with the consoles, and everything to do with Ubisoft preferring Microsoft over Sony and Nintendo.

Graphics 5/10
The graphics are slightly above average, all the good things you've heard are just about the PC and Xbox version. The cutscenes are average, and the graphics in game are about the same, when you have the night-vision on (which is most of the time) everything is blurry(as you guessed, yes, everything is clear in Xbox and PC), when you have the infared version on, its hard to distinguish the head from the neck(better in Xbox and PC), and when you just have plain view on, the lighting and shadowing is awful(completly opposite of Xbox and PC). Seriously, its awful. The PS2 can handle more, Ubi should have given it the chance to. Terrible graphics do have their perks.... the loading times for single player are at LEAST 5 times faster on the PS2 than the Xbox.

Audio 8/10
A new feature in this game is the ability to interrogate ANY character. That in itself was a ton of audio to record, but they also have every pair of guards having a funny/helpful conversation. Quality is much lower than on other systems, thats why it got an 8.

Controls 10/10
Hasn't changed much from the last game. No new features added, but the game does seem to control a little better, and allows you to get better views around corners than in the last game. This is the best aspect of the game.

Gameplay 8/10
Amazing... the guards on PS2 can see when its pitch black, and the guards on Xbox and PC can only see when/what you could see without night vision. Other than that, the game is slightly above average in this section. Its fun and addiction. Replay value is extremly high.

Multiplayer 3/10
I'm sorry, if I hadn't played the PC version, this may have scored higher, but the multiplayer is just awful. First, you can not do co-op online (which you can on Xbox and PC). Second, instead of having one long mission with one long loading time at the start(like Xbox and PC do), you get a "mission complete" and another loading time AFTER EVERY SINGLE ROOM. The maps are also more simplified than on Xbox and PC. By itself, the multiplayer is average, but considering how much Ubisoft REMOVED from the PS2 version, the score just drops way down.

Overall, this is an average game. I'd give it a rent. If you have a decent PC or an Xbox, GET IT FOR THAT INSTEAD. If you've liked other Splinter Cell games for the PS2, this won't let you down, but it won't be great, either. I know the PS2 could have handled more than this, I with Ubi would have given it the chance to. They ruined a awesome game by taking all the cool stuff out for this system.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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