Review by Kain vs Raziel

Reviewed: 07/01/05

Become a shadow and strike

Wow this is a great game. I had played metal gear solid before, but I didn't really like it. I figured this game would be about the same. I was defiantly wrong, and I am glad I got this game.

Game play 10/10
This is probably its best category. There are about three was to play this game. You start a mission by choosing a kit: Stealth, Assault, or Redding’s choice (mix of assault and stealth). This allows you to go back and play the mission multiple ways.

There are many ways to outsmart and kill your enemies. The game gives you a very wide variety of moves to choose from. You can bypass security, hack computers, pick locks, shoot out lights, use light switches, etcetera.

You also get some pretty cool gadgets. My favorite was the sticky cam. You also could sneak up one some one and grab them. You then get quite a few choices, such as interrogate him, kill them, or my favorite, use them as a human shield.

The controls were great. I thought it was set up well.

There are also four levels of game play: normal, hard, expert, and elite.

Graphics 7/10
The graphics could have been better. The night vision was a little hard to use in some areas.

Story 9/10
The story was pretty good. It made sense, it was easy to understand, and was presented well. The story was also made were you could go through many different types of areas.

Sound 7/10
Well this area I had a little bit of a problem with. The music would sometimes interfere with an interrogation or when you were trying to listen in on a conversation. Everything thing else worked fine.

Lifespan 10/10
This is truly a great game for long lifespan. Solo alone was enough to make it good, but then if you add coop and Internet it gets even better. You also get an end ranking. It is based on a percent from 1-100%. This allows you to go back and replay it and try to beat your old score.

Buyability 10/10
This game is defiantly worth the $50.00. If you rent it, you won’t get the “full experience”. If you don’t want to pay the fifty, then just wait for the price to drop.

Overall 9/10
In this game you truly feel like a spy. You move as a shadow and kill silently. You also get the feeling as though you are actually there.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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