Review by sweatingcactus

Reviewed: 04/10/06

Chaos Theory is the first Splinter Cell where you dont feel ripped off on the PS2

Ok lets get down to business.

Graphics:7 Personally, I think that the graphics are a clearly a major improvement over Pandora Tomorrow. A lot of objects don't seem as bland and boring and the characters look like real people. However, Sam himself looks a little less detailed than he could be. He basically just looks like his back is bear except for the little green light near his neck and the sight on his assault rifle. I know that on the Xbox version, the characters become more and less wet looking when in rain. The developers totally nixed rain, which I think is good because it doesn't give you a little and then bag the rest.

Controls:9 The controls are very smooth and the analog sticks can be moved to newer precision.(I.e: Instead of just being "slow crawl","regular crawl",and "fast crawl" There are speeds in between.)The only thing that kept it from getting a ten is the occasional difficulties when selecting a piece of equipment.

Story:8 Its pretty deep, with little twists here and there. However, i just don't feel like it really leaves you on the edge of your seat waiting for the cut scenes between missions. Maybe its because I am sorta used to what the plot is like for Splinter Cell.

Game play:10 The enemies are much smarter. You can no longer lure them to exactly where you want them to be by whistling, because they will become suspicious and also search the general area throughly.Also, the enemies will become more and more suspicious and careful when alarms are raised even if it is a mile away from the enemies position. Sam can perform many new moves, like just coming up to a bad guy and whacking him in the face knocking him out cold. Or you could use your new knife to slit their throat and make an abrupt end to someone's life.

Sound:9 There is much more voice recordings on this game then the first two combined. Your support staff talks more, and with more useful information and you are able to interrogate maybe 60% of all enemies in the game. And when you are in a tight situation, there are more than just the same techno song with creepy noises. There is one with a guitar solo, one with the techno, another with an orchestra, and even another with something that sounds like River dance.

Multi player 8: The co-op is basically just more Solo mode only with two people and added perks. Don't get me wrong, its still really fun and stuff. The online is very good with the Spys and the Mercenaries in maps and each side with their own special tools and equipment. The only thing that disappointed me is that there aren't enough new maps for online.

Overall: 9

Rent or buy? well now that the game is over a year old, the used prices are obviously going down. So unless you plan on only playing on easy mode, your much better off buying.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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