Review by TightNinja

Reviewed: 05/07/08

WOW!!! A Great Action Game, Awesome Soundtrack...and no one knows it exists.

10.000 Bullets is a great action game that is fun to play, and I would highly recommend it to all action game fans. This game is a cross between Devil May Cry and Max Payne.

The graphics are decent and the animations are nice. The bullet time effects are especially cool. The level design is somewhat cramped but you won’t have much time to look around as you are constantly shooting and jumping.

The controls scheme is good. You can customize the controls however you like. However the auto target is hard to use some times. The enemy has to be right in front in order for you to target them. The auto target should help you target enemies in the are peripherally as well as behind you. Sometimes an enemy could be point blank behind you but you still have to manually turn around and target, kind of annoying.

Sound effects in the game are good. Typical action game sounds and explosions. Voice acting is actually pretty decent.

Something that I really wanted to highlight was the fantastic soundtrack. This soundtrack is excellent it makes me wonder how his game didn’t receive an US release. Many games take the orchestral route these days. 10,000 takes you in a different direction musically. Lounge Jazz mixed with hip hop and a little bit of electronica. The jazz tunes are done by live musicians and it is just great. It creates a Cowboy Bebop, Ocean’s Eleven type atmosphere. It reminds me of the Metropolis Street Racer Soundtrack by Richard Jacques on Dreamcast although more laid back and lounge like. When I finally beat the game I realized why the music was so great . It was composed by none other than Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Cross, Xenogears). I hope there is some sort of option mode where I can listen to the BGM because this is really one of the top 5 soundtracks I have heard from a video game in the past 2 generations of consoles, very refreshing.

You start out as a hit man for a crime family. The main character Crow is a “gunslinger”. Gunslingers are talented hitmen who can perform matrix like gunplay and martial arts. This game has a very unique story. It has an anime feel to it. The story gets you attached to each character.

Even though the levels are small it is fun to shoot down tons of baddies while flipping and somersaulting in bullet time. You can also level the character up with many different skills that make the game exponentially more fun to play.

It so unfortunate that today’s market is cluttered by FPS and RPG’s that games like that this will go unnoticed. Not to mention that this game was never released state side. Taito outdid themselves here. If this game had coop play it would definitely be in my top 5 list for greatest PS2 games.

10.000 bullets it a great game. I accidently came across the Gamefaqs board for it and decided to check the game out as it looked interesting. I am glad I did because this is a great action game with an awesome soundtrack. Highly Recommended.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: 10,000 Bullets (EU, 10/06/05)

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