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    Walkthrough by devilishdemento

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    Copyright 2008 Marie Roberts
    FAQ Version - FINAL
    Last Update - 21/3/09
    Email Address - peacockwand@hotmail.com
    NOTE - I have now stopped accepting people who want to be on
           my Hall of Fame. I will read emails that can help
           to improve my walkthrough, but will only reply to
           them and use the help if I haven't already got it
           in the walkthrough, or if I've made a big mistake.
           ON 23RD MARCH 2009.
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     / /_/ / _` | | | | '_ \| __| | '_ \ / _` |
    / __  / (_| | |_| | | | | |_| | | | | (_| |
    \/ /_/ \__,_|\__,_|_| |_|\__|_|_| |_|\__, |
       ___                           _ 
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    \____/|_|  \___/ \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|
    SECTION 1 - LEGAL INFORMATION                              (HG1)
    SECTION 2 - UPDATES                                        (HG2)
    SECTION 4 - STORYLINE                                      (HG4)
    SECTION 5 - CHARACTERS                                     (HG5)
    SECTION 6 - CONTROLS 1) Fiona                              (HG6.1)
                         2) Hewie                              (HG6.2)
    SECTION 7 - GAME BASICS 1) PANIC STATUS                    (HG7.1)
                            2) HIDING PLACES AND DISTRACTING   (HG7.2)
                            3) HOW TO TELL THAT YOUR PURSUER
                               IS COMING                       (HG7.3)
                            4) SAVING YOUR GAME                (HG7.4)
                            5) RECOVERY POINTS                 (HG7.5)
                            6) HEWIE                           (HG7.6)
    SECTION 8 - ITEMS 1) RECOVERY ITEMS                        (HG8.1)
                      2) BAD-EFFECT ITEMS                      (HG8.2)
                      3) BATTLE WEAPONS                        (HG8.3)
                      4) EQUIPMENT                             (HG8.4)
                      5) KEY ITEMS                             (HG8.5)
    SECTION 9 - MINOR ENEMIES                                  (HG9)
    SECTION 10 - PURSUERS 1) DEBILITAS                         (HG10.1)
                          2) DANIELLA                          (HG10.2)
                          3) RICCARDO                          (HG10.3)
                          4) LORENZO                           (HG10.4)
                          5) YOUNG LORENZO                     (HG10.5)
                          6) FLAMING LORENZO                   (HG10.6)
    SECTION 11 - WALKTHROUGH                                   (HG11)
               - CHAPTER 1: "MY DOLLY"                         (HG11.1)
               - CHAPTER 2: "I AM NOT COMPLETE"                (HG11.2)
               - CHAPTER 3: "LET ME INTO YOUR WOMB"            (HG11.3)
               - CHAPTER 4: "MY AZOTH"                         (HG11.4)
               - CHAPTER 5: "IT'S TIME TO FINISH THIS"         (HG11.5)
    SECTION 12 - ENDINGS                                       (HG12)
    SECTION 13 - GAME MOVIES                                   (HG12)
    SECTION 14 - MUSIC LIST                                    (HG13)
    SECTION 15 - SECRETS AND MORE 1) COSTUMES                  (HG14.1)
                                  2) THE SECRET ROOM           (HG14.2) 
                                  3) ALCHEMY ROOM              (HG14.3)
                                  4) PLATE KEYS                (HG14.4)
                                  5) PARA-PARA DANCE           (HG14.5)
                                  6) WATER TOWER MACHINE       (HG14.6)
    SECTION 16 - HARD MODE DIFFERENCES                         (HG16)
    SECTION 17 - LOCATIONS 1) RECOVERY POINTS                  (HG17.1)
                           2) SAVE CLOCK LOCATIONS             (HG17.2)
                           3) HIDING PLACES AND SHADE          (HG17.3)
                           4) DISTRACTIONS                     (HG17.4)
    SECTION 19 - WHY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!                     (HG19)
    This guide is Copyright (c) 2007 Marie Roberts.
    It may be used - ONLY with permission - on any 
    other sites and for personal/private use. If I 
    find that this FAQ is being used on a website 
    without my permission it is a violation of copyright,
    is prohibited and is not acceptable. This FAQ was 
    completed through the writer's (my) hard work, 
    and copying it for profit or any other reason
    without my permission is strictly forbidden.
    This FAQ is only to be used on: Gamefaqs.com
    |UPDATES| (HG2)
    I know I said I wouldn't update anymore, but I thought this
    was very important. Rainy H and Jessica M have told me
    where the hiding spot in the Mandragora Garden is, and
    I just had to add it in, as a lot of people have been
    looking for it. It's not so much a hiding spot as a
    "crouching in the shade" place, so I'm going to
    put it in the Shade section of "Hiding Places & Shade"
    as well as in the correct part of my walkthrough.
    I am no longer updating this walkthrough. See NOTE at
    the top of the walkthrough. Added WATER TOWER MACHINE
    section in SECRETS, thought it might help people who
    wondered what it was for.
    Several more people added to Hall of Fame.
    Added 5 people to my Hall of Fame.
    Done. I hope. Checking over formatting stuff.
    Finished writing out notes. Now I just need to
    type it out, look for mistakes, etc.
    I'm way too lazy for my own good. Up to the Water
    Ehehe, been away for a while. I'm back now, though!
    Started Riccardo.
    Right. I'm up to the second boss battle. Dude...
    That had EVERYTHING completed on it! How could they?
    Now I have to start all over again!
    I guess that if I do it again, I don't have the
    Fairy Earrings to hide me, and no invincible Hewie,
    no plate-key thingy in the Alchemy room... I guess
    it's suitable for the walkthrough. It'll be like
    playing it for the first time all over again.
    I took a bit of a break, haha... But, I started
    the walkthrough over today. In about 4 hours, with
    the help of my darling mother, I finished up to just
    before you use the SATURNUS KEY. Quite good, I think,
    though it's all in very short, scruffy notes. I just
    hope I can make it seem more precise and that I
    haven't got the puzzles wrong, messed up something,
    missed out stuff, etc. Well, time to get typing...
    Continuing the walkthrough again today. I hate
    Today I don't have a lot of time, I'm going to visit
    my friends (typical teenager). Today, I spent this
    morning at my boyfriend's house beginning to write
    notes for the actual walkthrough itself. Done up to
    hiding from Debilitas in a wardrobe. Just need to
    convert the notes into sentences now. Plus I need to
    add changes and extra notes to do with hiding from
    enemies (I forgot to add that they can find you XD).
    This is my first walkthrough! This is easy. Just 
    wait 'til I have another check on the composing and
    formatting of an FAQ, and see that I've done it all 
    wrong! Well, I'm only young, you can't blame me THAT much 
    if I get loads wrong. I may be a little grammar
    queen but it doesn't mean I won't make mistakes. 
    Besides, I don't like following rules...
    I have to. Oh, sob! Oh, cry!
    Here's what I've completed today:
    6) GAME BASICS (though I might come back to it)
    Haunting Ground is my personal favourite Survival 
    Horror game. The Panic factor is real atmospheric...
     and sometimes annoying. If you're not sure what you're
    doing on this game, you'll probably get stuck, as some 
    of the puzzles are  quite difficult or tedious, and
    you'll often die whilst being chased.
    Well, if you're having trouble, that's probably why 
    you're reading this FAQ. The FAQs on this website 
    (www.gamefaqs.com) are really good, having read 
    through them incase of anything extra, but I want 
    to not only match those FAQs, but to answer questions 
    some of them have left unanswered, such as the
    "What are the Bronze Statuette and Silver Disk used for?"
     question (see Q & A section).
    I hope everything you are looking for can be found in
    this Walkthrough - that's what I made it for! If I've
    missed anything out, or if you have suggestions, 
    don't forget to contact me at peacockwand@hotmail.com.
    Fiona Belli, our 18-year-old protagonist, wakes up
    to find herself in a cage in a dark room, cold, deprived
    of clothing (besides a silk cloth), and alone. 
    She escapes from the room to discover that she is in
    a castle, the whereabouts unknown to her. Upon
    entering the castle, she is chased by a large man
    with the mental age of a child, who is under the
    impression that she is his "dolly". 
    Fiona must run from her pursuer, hiding 
    under beds and in wardrobes. Accompanied 
    by the White German Shepherd she rescues, 
    Hewie, she must escape the castle and
    find out how she got here, what happened 
    to her parents, and why everyone's spouting
    the word "Azoth" when they meet her.
    FIONA BELLI - Fiona is an 18-year-old college student,
                  though she has postponed her education to
                  visit her parents. She has no idea how she
                  got to the castle, but is determined to 
                  find a way out.
                  She's not the most athletic type
                  but she's supposedly very quick-minded. 
                  She can run fairly fast, though runs out 
                  of stamina quickly, causing her to slow down.
          HEWIE - Hewie is a 4-year-old White German Shepherd,
                  who protects and accompanies Fiona in thanks
                  for saving him. By using several commands, 
                  Fiona can tell Hewie to take certain actions
                  (see Controls section).
      DEBILITAS - He may act like he's a lunatic, but he's 
                  actually a fully grown man (though rumour
                  has it that he is a failed creation, 
                  according to Wikipedia) with the mental 
                  capability of a three-year-old. Debilitas 
                  is in charge of the caretaking and gardening
                  of the castle. He chases Fiona, under the
                  impression that she is his new "dolly". He 
                  may look and be stupid, but boy, is he strong.
       DANIELLA - She is a beautiful woman, though she seems 
                  a little TOO perfect. Her movements
                  and voice seem a little bit robotic. She 
                  is the castle's maid, and seems perfectly
                  harmless. She carries on her way, cooking
                  and cleaning the castle. She provides you
                  with clothes at the beginning of the game 
                  and seems to be taking orders from someone.
       RICCARDO - Riccardo is the castle's butler, though 
                  he appears to be in charge. Not much
                  is known about him, nor is much seen 
                  about him as he wears a hood over his
        LORENZO - Nothing much is known about Lorenzo, 
                  except that he seems quite old and that
    	      he seems to be trying to help Fiona.
      UGO BELLI - Fiona's father.
     AYLA BELLI - Fiona's mother.
    |FIONA - CONTROLS| (HG6.1)
            Move - Push the left Analogue Stick in 
                   the direction you wish to move.
            Run  - Push the left Analogue Stick in
                   the direction you wish to run and hold the
                   X button.
            Kick - Press the Square button to kick jars,
                   pots, crumbled walls, enemies and
                   various others.
           Throw - Press the Triangle button to throw
                   the equipped item.
        Activate - Press the O button to activate switches,
                   pick up items, view props, etc.
          Crouch - Press L1 to crouch in shadow.
        Backstep - Press R1 to backstep.
          Charge - Press R1 (backstep) and then press the 
                   square button to push into things.
            Push - Run into an object (holding X) to push it.
                "Go!" - Push the right Analogue Stick upwards
                        to tell Hewie to search the area         
                        for items.
                "No!" - Push the right Analogue Stick left 
                        to scold Hewie.
          "Good boy!" - Push the right Analogue Stick right 
                        to praise Hewie.
           "Come on!" - Push the right Analogue Stick downwards
                        to tell Hewie to follow you.
               "Sit!" - Press R3 to tell Hewie to sit.
             "Shake!" - Press R3 to tell Hewie to sit, then 
                        press R3 again to shake hand and paw
                        with Hewie.
                "Go!" - Push the right Analogue Stick upwards 
                        to tell Hewie to attack the enemy.
             "Hewie!" - Push the right Analogue Stick downwards 
                        to tell Hewie to cease attacking.
              "Stay!" - Press R3 to tell Hewie to stay still.
     CRITICAL ATTACK! - Press R3 to tell Hewie to stay still, 
                        and when the enemy is in front of
                        Hewie, when he starts growling push the
                        right Analogue Stick upwards to tell him 
                        to attack the enemy. (Note: It's often quite 
                        difficult to get the enemy and Hewie 
                        lined up for this attack. Make sure he is
    		    facing the enemy's back.)
    |-----PANIC STATUS------| (HG7.1)
    Panic status is - blatantly - when Fiona begins to
    Panic status can be a b***h, sometimes. Say if Fiona
    looks at something gruesome, like blood,
    she might get a little bit startled, causing her to 
    When the MINOR panic status is inflicted, the 
    screen's contrast will turn up a bit, and the area, 
    objects and characters will blur. You will hear 
    Fiona's heartbeat. 
    If Fiona starts to panic, 
    the best thing to do is to calm her down. Go 
    into your menu and select panic-calming items 
    such as Lavender, and Fiona will surely calm 
    down, keeping her safer from harm, and making
    gameplay easier for you.
    Here are some things that may make Fiona have
    a MINOR panic attack:
    1) Looking at gruesome or creepy things like 
    2) Being attacked by a pursuer or an enemy.
    3) Almost being hit by a pursuer's attack.
    4) Slightly brushing past a pursuer.
    5) A pursuer does something to creep her out, 
       such as laughing.
    6) Having certain items in possession.
    7) Being hit by a Luminessant or a Failure 
       (see Minor Enemies section).
    8) If she attacks certain pursuers, Fiona
       might start to panic.
    Here is a short step-by-step suggestion of what to do if Fiona
    has a MINOR panic attack:
    1) Fiona has just seen a patch of blood on the wall.
       Open your menu.
    2) Seek out panic-reducing items such as Lavender to 
       calm Fiona down. (If you are unsure of
       any panic-reducing items, check the Items section.)
    3) Fiona should calm down slowly or almost immediately.
    4) If you have no panic-reducing items, then you can 
       simply stand still, hide or continue.
       Fiona's panic should calm down after an amount of time.
    5) WARNING! If Fiona is in possession of an item which
       induces panic (such as a Mandragora),
       then using panic-reducing items such as Lavender won't
       help. She will simply continue panicking.
    6) Don't forget, if you have unlocked any plate-key 
       names from finishing the game, some of the items you 
       receive will seriously be a convenience here.
    Now we must, unfortunately, go on to talk about what 
    happens when Fiona has a MAJOR panic attack. It doesn't 
    sound good, and it definitely isn't good. When Fiona 
    is inflicted with MAJOR panic status, well... Let's
    just say she'll let you know.
    The screen colours turn inverted and Fiona
    lets out a high-pitched scream. The moment will 
    pause, and you'll be able to feel Fiona's 
    heartbeat vibrating in the pad if you have enabled 
    to rumble feature. Then, when you go back into 
    gameplay, all the colours on your screen will be 
    contrasted and blurred worse than ever before. 
    Motion is very stop-start.
    Fiona will start to run, and you cannot stop 
    her. You can only control WHERE she runs. Fiona 
    will trip over, and bump into any walls. If 
    she falls over too many times, she will be 
    unable to get up, and will simply crawl 
    slowly on the floor, making her vulnerable for
    the pursuer to make the final move.
    If you have Hewie when Fiona is panicking, she will
    only be able to call for help and he will only help
    if he isn't too injured or seriously likes you. 
    MAJOR panic status goes away after about 20 seconds.
    Also, you cannot enter your menu when in MAJOR panic 
    Here are some things that may make Fiona have a
    MAJOR panic attack:
    1) Being attacked repeatedly by a pursuer.
    2) Being attacked by a particularly strong or 
       more than one Luminessant (see Minor Enemies
    3) Being grabbed by pursuers for too long.
    4) Being grabbed by some minor enemies for too long.
    5) Some cutscenes can trigger MAJOR panic status.
    Here are some things you can do to get Fiona out of 
    MAJOR panic status:
    1) Run like heck away from your enemy, trying not 
       to bump into walls and controlling as
       best as you can.
    2) Call Hewie for help, so that he'll attack the 
       enemy, giving you more time to get away/
    3) If Fiona has fallen, wiggle the control stick
       to regain control quicker.
    There's not a lot you can do to get out of MAJOR
    panic status, but hopefully you'll manage.
    It's very, very difficult, but if you're lucky and
    are in an open space, that's enough to
    keep you alive.
    When MAJOR panic status is over, Fiona's panic
    will completely return to normal.
    |-----HIDING AND DISTRACTING-----| (HG7.2)
    There are several places Fiona can hide in
    Haunting Ground - you just need to find them.
    You'll know if Fiona passes a hiding place or
    something to distract the enemy, because the 
    words "Wait a second!! What's that?!" will appear
    in orange. Go back to where to words appeared and
    press the action button to hide in or activate 
    the objects. The words will only appear when
    you are being chased by an opponent.
    If you are too late, and the pursuer
    is already in the room with you, it 
    will simply say, "I don't have time
    for this!"
    Various hiding places include beds, wardrobes 
    and such, and there aren't THAT many of them,
    but there's usually one nearby. Bear in mind
    that if you overuse a hiding place, your
    pursuer may cotton on and find you every
    time you hide there.
    If you can't find a hiding place, Fiona can
    crouch behind a door, in the shade, and the 
    enemy hopefully won't see you. Sometimes they 
    will see you, but that's just bad luck, 
    really. Also, the shade doesn't have to be 
    behind a door; if you find particularly shady 
    places, hide in them.
    You'll know if you're 
    successfully hidden, because the camera view 
    will follow the pursuer around the room. If 
    they see you, your pad will rumble, or the 
    camera viewpoint will return to Fiona. 
    The word "FLEE!" will appear at the top of the
    Distractions may be televisions and the likes.
     I won't spoil it here, so if you want to know 
    where the hiding places are, look at the 
    Hiding Places and Distractions section.
    Fiona can slam doors into the faces of pursuers 
    (which is quite difficult). She can do this
    by listening for the footsteps of the pursuer 
    and slamming the door quickly. But be aware
    that the pursuer can also do this to Fiona. Also, 
    sometimes you can push crates in front
    of doors to stop the pursuer entering.
    There are a few signs that your pursuer is
    approaching. If you listen and look out very
    carefully, you will be able to brace or hide
    yourself in the nick of time...
    1) The "normal" (area) music will fade out 
       and there will be silence.
    2) Hewie will growl in the direction the
       pursuer will be coming from.
    3) Nearby doors that you left open may now
       be closed (in one pursuer's case) and doors
       that you left closed may now be open.
    4) Sometimes the silence does not occur. 
       This means that your enemy is moving
       VERY quickly towards you. However, you
       can still listen out for the footsteps
       before the enemy music comes in.
       It gives you very little time to hide,
       as the footsteps will probably be fast,
       but it's at least some warning. You'll
       still jump a mile, though!
    Do not get confused with the silence. It
    may not be your pursuer. It could simply 
    just be a Luminessant or a Homunculus.
    However, stand your ground or hide until
    the normal (area) music starts again 
    or your enemy enters the room.
    I'm unsure, but I think I know how to tell
    the difference between a pursuer or a 
    Luminescent being in the next room. I think
    that if it is a pursuer, Hewie will continually
    growl, and that if it is a Luminessant, Hewie
    will growl AND bark.
    |-----SAVING YOUR GAME-----| (HG7.4)
    Stupid as it may seem, it took me forever to figure
     out how to save my game. All you have 
    to do is go to a clock and press the activate
    button. Yes, clocks are the save points in
    these game, and once a sundial serves as one.
    |-----RECOVERY POINTS-----| (HG7.5)
    Recovery points, to be brief, are things in the 
    game like sinks where Fiona can take a drink,
    and her status is restored. Sinks aren't that 
    easy to come across, so treat the recovery
    points as a blessing and use them! Take note
    that recovery points do not recover Hewie's
    |-----HEWIE-----| (HG7.6)
    Ah, Precious Hewie. Hewie is a VERY useful
     part of this game, and indeed, I find that 
    he is the TRUE hero of this game! Fiona would 
    be nothing without Hewie.
    Hewie would be an excellent guard dog. You may 
    think he'll growl because he's angry or scared.
    Feel free to think these things, because they 
    would be true. However, do not think that
    he's feeling these emotions for no reason. 
    Hewie will growl or bark if there is danger
    nearby. Hewie may growl if there is a pursuer 
    or an enemy in the next room. He will also
    growl if there is a trap in front of you (and 
    be warned: traps are almost ALWAYS fatal
    in this game. Listen to Hewie!).
    You should keep a good relationship with Hewie. 
    To do this, praise him if he does a job
    well, such as retrieving or finding an item for 
    you. If you feed him Magna Esca or Beef
    Jerky, not only does it refill his stamina, but 
    it makes him happy (but only feed him if his
    stamina is low or it could be a waste)! Also, 
    if you do the "Shake" action with Hewie, it ups
    your friendship with him.
    Be careful: If Hewie is praised too much for 
    no reason, he may get obnoxious and disobedient.
    If he doesn't listen to you, move closer to him 
    and repeat the command. If he still won't
    listen, scold him. Be sure not to kick Hewie 
    though, as this will result in him feeling
    neglected, and depleting his trust. If you abuse 
    him too much, like scolding him, feeding
    him junk like onions, and injuring him, he may
    attack you (and this also makes Fiona panic).
    If Hewie is injured, you can praise him when he 
    is nearby to slightly restore his stamina.
    Also, feed him Chicken Jerky, Beefy Jerky, 
    Esca, or Magna Esca.
    If Hewie is so injured that he falls to the ground
    and does not get up again, you can wait until he
    heals slightly and gets back up, or feed him, in
    which case he heals a bit/completely and gets up
    straight away.
    Check the ENDINGS section to see how your relationship
    with Hewie can affect your ending.
    |ITEMS| (HG8)
    |-----RECOVERY ITEMS-----| (HG8.1)
    ||FIONA                                       ||
    ||                                            ||
    ||QUIES - Restores stamina by a small amount. ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production.           ||
    ||                                            ||
    ||RECREATIO - Completely restores stamina.    ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production.           ||
    ||                                            ||
    ||CAMOMILE - Completely restores stamina.     ||
    ||LOCATION - Varying locations. Not found on  ||
    ||           Hard Mode.                       ||
    ||                                            ||
    ||LAVENDER - Slowly reduces panic.            ||
    ||LOCATION - Varying locations. Not found on  ||
    ||           Hard Mode.                       ||
    ||                                            ||
    ||MUNDUS - Reduces panic by a small amount.   ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production.           ||
    ||                                            ||
    ||SEDATIO - Completely reduces panic.         ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production.           ||
    ||HEWIE                                                               ||
    ||                                                                    ||
    ||CHICKEN JERKY - Slightly restores stamina.                          ||
    ||LOCATION - Varying locations.                                       ||
    ||                                                                    ||
    ||ESCA - Slightly restores stamina.                                   ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production.                                   ||
    ||                                                                    ||
    ||BEEF JERKY - Completely restores stamina and makes the dog "happy". ||
    ||LOCATION - Varying locations.                                       ||
    ||                                                                    ||
    ||MAGNA ESCA - Completely restores stamina and makes the dog "happy". ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production.                                   ||
    |-----BAD-EFFECT ITEMS-----| (HG.8.2)
    ||FIONA                                          ||
    ||                                               ||
    ||WELTIGO - Makes Fiona unable to hear anything. ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production.              ||
    ||                                               ||
    ||TORVA - Increases panic.                       ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production.              ||
    ||                                               ||
    ||CARBO - Reduces stamina.                       ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production.              ||
    ||                                               ||    
    ||NIGRED - Reduces stamina.                      ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production.              ||
    ||                                               ||
    ||REMEDIUM - Reduces stamina.                    ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production.              ||
    ||HEWIE                                                            ||
    ||                                                                 ||
    ||ONION - Reduces stamina.                                         ||
    ||LOCATION - In the red jar outside Debilitas' Shack.              ||
    ||                                                                 ||
    ||BENNENNAM ESCA - Reduces stamina.                                ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production.                                ||
    ||                                                                 ||
    ||SYLVESTA ESCA - Makes Hewie angry and powerful, attacking Fiona, ||
    ||                but also sometimes the enemy.                    ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production.                                ||
    |-----BATTLE WEAPONS-----| (HG8.3)
    ||MAGNESIA - Explodes when opponent stands on it.          ||
    ||           Causes minimum damage.                        ||
    ||LOCATION - Varying locations.                            ||
    ||                                                         ||
    ||                                                         ||
    ||                                                         ||
    ||REFINED MAGNESIA - Explodes when opponent stands         ||
    ||                   on it. Causes moderate damage.        ||
    ||LOCATION - Often a hidden item, alchemical production.   ||
    ||                                                         ||
    ||                                                         ||
    ||                                                         ||
    ||PRIMA MAGNESIA - Explodes when opponent stands on it.    ||
    ||                 Causes extreme damage.                  ||
    ||LOCATION - Hidden item in the dirty corridor outside the ||
    ||         Decomposition Room, alchemical production.      ||
    ||                                                         ||
    ||ANTIMONY POWDER - Shocks and injures the opponent for    ||
    ||                  a short period of time.                ||
    ||LOCATION - Varying locations.                            ||
    ||                                                         ||
    ||                                                         ||
    ||REFINED ANTIMONY - Shocks and injures the opponent for   ||
    ||                   a moderate period of time.            ||
    ||LOCATION - In red jars and behind the crumbled wall next ||
    ||           to the castle restroom, alchemical production.||
    ||                                                         ||
    ||                                                         ||
    ||ANTIMONY TUBE - Shocks and injures the opponent for a    ||
    ||                long period of time.                     ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production.                        ||
    ||BISQUE DOLL - Distracts Debilitas for a short amount of   ||
    ||              time when thrown on the ground.             ||
    ||LOCATION - Debilitas' Shack, outside the Emeth room.      ||
    ||                                                          ||
    ||                                                          ||
    ||							    ||
    ||WEEPING STONE - Makes a strange sound, distracting the    ||
    ||                pursuer.                                  ||
    ||LOCATION - Alchemical production, picked up from enemies. ||
    |-----EQUIPMENT-----| (HG8.4)
    FEATHER BOOTS - Fiona's footsteps cannot be heard by the
                    pursuer, making her safer from pursuers.
    LOCATION - Alchemical production.
    NOTE - Thank you to Becky Kropp for reminding me to put this
           in my walkthrough. I can't believe I forgot, probably
           because I don't find them particularly helpful. Thanks,
    METAL BOOTS - Fiona's kick causes x2 damage, with a 
                  small chance of a power attack.
    LOCATION - The secret Castle basement (opened with smudged 
               key after defeating Debilitas
               with the chandelier), alchemical production.
    BURST BOOTS - Fiona's kick sometimes explodes against the
                  enemy (it doesn't always work with
                  my game, don't know if it's just me, but I 
                  think it takes a certain angle).
    LOCATION:     Use the plate-key POWDER on the plate-key
                  machine, alchemical production.
    SILVER BOOTS - Fiona's kick causes a whopping x5 damage, 
                   AND there's a high chance of a power attack!
    LOCATION - Alchemical production, beat up Riccardo enough 
               times and pick it up from him.
    OBSIDIAN CHOKER - Lessens Fiona's Azoth odour, causing 
                       Luminessants to be less able to
                       track her.
    LOCATION - Put the plate-key METH in the Emeth statue at 
               the beginning, alchemical production.
    JADE CHOKER - Reduces the speed at which Fiona loses her 
                  stamina, increases stamina recovery
                  speed, and increases the avoidance of enemy 
                  power attacks.
    LOCATION - Use the plate-key MAGNUS on the red box in the 
               room with lots of dolls in the Castle, alchemical
    RUBY CHOKER - Reduces the speed of stamina loss, increases
                   recovery speed, and increases
                  the avoidance of enemy power attacks.
    LOCATION - Alchemical Production, beat up Lorenzo enough 
               times and pick it up from him, beat
               up Debilitas enough times after the Lunar Refractor
               puzzle and pick it up.
    DIAMOND CHOKER - Reduces the speed of stamina loss by a great 
                     amount, doubles stamina
                     recovery speed, and makes Fiona impervious to 
                     power attacks (SO useful).
    LOCATION - Use the plate-key ADAMAS on the plate-key machine,
               alchemical production.
    INQUISITOR EARRINGS - Slightly increases the speed at which 
                         panic is reduced.
    LOCATION - Use the plate-key MAGNUS on the red box in the 
               room with lots of dolls in the Castle, alchemical 
    ALCHEMIST EARRINGS - Recover from panic quicker, and panic 
                         less when hit.
    LOCATION - Use the plate-key ALCHYMIA on the plate-key machine, 
               alchemical production.
    FAIRY EARRINGS - After 2 seconds of standing still, Fiona is 
                     invisible, though if the enemy
                     touches her, she becomes visible again.
    LOCATION - Use the plate-key MORGAN on the plate-key machine, 
               alchemical production.
    PHILOSOPHER EARRINGS - Mental stability and speed at which 
                           panic is reduced increase.
    LOCATION - Use the White Godstone on the machine in the Water 
               Tower, or beat up Daniella enough times before the 
               boss battle and pick it up from her.
    |KEY ITEMS| (HG8.5)
    LOCATION - On the floor outside the restroom in the Castle.
    USED - To make plate-key to get into the restroom. 
    LOCATION - On the table in the dining room in the Castle.
    LOCATION - On the rubble outside the Castle Entrance. Use 
               Hewie to get it.
    LOCATION - In the fenced area near Debilitas' Shack. Use Hewie
                to get it.
    LOCATION - The fenced-off side of the Laundry Room Basement. 
               Send Hewie through a hole and then ask him to 
               retrieve it whilst on the other side.
    LOCATION - In the locked desk in the small study near 
               where you began to game.
    LOCATION - On the statue in the chapel. You need to defeat
               Debilitas to get out with it!
    LOCATION - Debilitas gives it to you after defeating him with
               the chandelier only. Talk to him in his Shack.
    LOCATION - On the table in the secret bathroom basement.
    LOCATION - On the wooden ladder in the Mansion Study. You need 
               to kick it to get it down.
    LOCATION - Exorcise the corpse in the elemental puzzle room 
               with the Iron Maiden. It's on the corpse.
    LOCATION - In the Mandragora Garden, in the white patch
               of Mandragora.
    LOCATION - On the table in the Mansion Library.
    LOCATION - On the bookshelf in the Mansion Library.
    LOCATION - Underneath the crate with books on it in the
               Mansion Library.
    Luminessants are glowy blue orbs that follow you slowly
    and spookily everywhere, tracking you down by your Azoth
    odour. If they hit you, they disintegrate and Fiona panics.
    The amount she panics varies. Sometimes, nothing happens.
    Sometimes, she panics a little bit. And, rarely, she'll go
    into MAJOR panic status (Luminessants have varied strengths).
    Fiona will make a lot of noise when the Luminescent hits
    her, drawing her pursuer closer to the area. Also, when
    a Luminessant is around, there will be silence, so it will
    be difficult to tell if your pursuer is nearby or not.
    The only ways to tell would be Hewie growling or the pursuer's
    footsteps as they walk into the room, giving you VERY little
    chance to hide, as the Luminescent is also chasing you.
    To beat a Luminessant, you can run around for a while
    until it disappears, though this takes a very, very long
    time. The easy way to do it is to just walk through a
    door and close it. This closes off the Luminessants Azoth
    tracking senses.
    Homunculus' (or Mumblers, as I like to call them) simply
    stand there and make mumbling noises, occasionally making
    a noise that sounds like "Azoth". Some hit their heads
    against walls, some lick floors, but regardless of what
    they're doing, they won't harm you. Actually, I'm lying.
    There's this one Homunculus that is standing up, and if
    you kick it 3-4 times with normal boots, it will punch 
    you (not good for Fiona's panic).
    Bear in mind that if you are wearing boots that do more
    damage, such as the Silver Boots, it will take less
    kicks to be attacked. Nevertheless, these things
    are fairly harmless.
    Failures are these little pests that at first
    I thought were baby Yeti's... Oh well. They're
    what look like  overgrown embryo's that attach
    themselves to Fiona's legs and screech. This, 
    unfortunately, makes Fiona panic as well as 
    bringing pursuers closer to the area. These 
    things only appear later in the game though, so
    that's good.
    NOTE: I lied again, they appear earlier on in
    Hard Mode.
    To beat these things, kick them as they come
    near you, and eventually the little buggers
    will die in a cloud of red smoke. Otherwise,
    when they're attached to you, get Hewie
    to attack them.
    |PURSUERS| (HG10)
    ------DEBILITAS------ (HG10.1)
    Ah, your first pursuer. He looks a bit like
    Quasimodo, doesn't he? I feel a little sorry
    for him, but I hate him soooo  much at the same
    time. Always walking in on Fiona at the most
    unnecessary and unwanted moments. Let's take
    a look at the Advantages and Disadvantages
    of having him as your opponent.
    * When he runs, his arms stick out, so if you
     just so happen to be crouching behind a door,
     and he runs out of it, his arm flies through
     the door (glitchy!) and hits you, and then
     you're in trouble.
    * If you're in a reeeeally tight corridor
     with him, you can't get past because he's so large.
    * If you set a Magnesia for him at the bottom
     of a ladder, his feet are so widely set
    apart that he doesn't stand on it. Plus
    he's just finished doing one action, so 
    he misses that one. What a waste!
    * He's A LOT stronger than some of the others.
      Plus, since it's really early in the game,
      if he gets you in that rib-cracking hug thing,
      you're doomed and Hewie doesn't help (see below).
    * Hewie doesn't like you as much, nor is he as
      obedient, so it's hard to escape from lethal
    * He gains more attacks during the boss
    * Sometimes, when he runs up to you, instead of
      attacking, he'll stop to sniff you, or hit his
      head, shouting, "FI-O-NA! FI-O-NA!" This gives
      you plenty of time to get away.
    * He is VERY stupid, so when you're hiding, stay
      under a bed or something, he won't look there
      unless you overuse the hiding place.
    * When he gets frustrated, he doesn't usually
      take it out on Hewie.
    * When you attack him enough (this is before
      the lunar refraction scene), he runs away,
      presumably returning to his little Shack.
    * He has loud footsteps, so you'll definitely
      hear him coming.
    Debilitas also has a range of strong attacks.
    * POWER ATTACK - He raises both hands above
      his head, curled into fists, and pounds
      them down on Fiona or Hewie. This attack is
      particularly devastating. To avoid this,
      run out of the way (though he'll usually
      unleash this attack if you're on the ground).
    * LETHAL ATTACK - He picks Fiona up in a kind
      of bear-hug, crushing her ribs. If Fiona is
      in his grasp for too long, her ribs crack
      and she dies. To avoid this attack, Fiona
      must call Hewie for help. Hopefully, he'll
      jump into Debilitas, allowing Fiona to drop
      to the ground. However, this leaves Fiona in
      a state of panic, depending on how long she
      was in Debilitas' grasp.
    * TRIPLE ARM SWING - Debilitas, making a very
      strange sound in the process, will throw
      punches at Fiona three times. If any of
      these hit her, she'll fall to the ground,
      and if they almost hit her, she panics
      more and more. To avoid this attack, just
      run away.
    * SINGLE PUNCH - He swings one heavy punch
      at Fiona, and she falls to the ground.
      Stay well out of the way if you want to
      avoid this attack.
    Admittedly, I always end up feeling sorry
    for Debilitas when I defeat him, especially
    after the whole "crashing chandelier on his
    head" thing. I guess it's because he can't
    help it that he's chasing me, he has mental
    In any case, I always find that
    Debilitas is quite difficult for a first 
    pursuer, especially after you fall off of
    the balcony, as he appears a lot more
    frequently, plus you have to do a bunch
    of puzzles at the same time as hiding
    from him. The boss battle is REALLY
    difficult unless you know what you're
    ------DANIELLA------ (HG10.2)
    I really, really hate this woman sometimes,
    though I really have to give congratulations
    to her voice-actress for being amazing!
    Apparently, she was a homunculus created by
    Lorenzo that actually DID work. Well, onto
    the advantages and disadvantages.
    * She closes doors behind her, making it
      slower for you to escape from her.
    * If you hide in an iron maiden, and she
      finds you, she'll pull the lever and
      kill you.
    * She has a strong affinity for hiding
      inside wardrobes.
    * If you trigger certain cutscenes, she
      will either wield a more powerful weapon
      or begin chasing you, due to her appearing
      in that cutscene (stalker!).
    * If she can't find you, she'll get frustrated
      and take it out on Hewie (on Hard Mode, you
      just CAN'T let her do this).
    * She catches on to hiding places a lot
      quicker than anyone else (she cleans
      the place, I guess she would).
    * She has quiet footsteps before she enters
      a room, and says "Miss" very quietly, so
     it's difficult to hear her coming.
    * Can be distracted by big mirrors.
    * She doesn't run towards you, she walks.
    * Sometimes she won't chase you because
      she's busy cleaning something.
    * When she's about to attack you, she
      may sometimes stop to laugh maniacally
      at you, giving you a slight panic, but
      a chance to escape.
    * Sometimes, at a certain stage of insanity,
      she'll laugh alarmingly before she enters
      a room, giving you plenty of warning.
    * When she's cleaning, you can talk to her
      without her attacking, and she may even
      give you items.
    * She can't go into the crypt.
    I always manage to get away from Daniella,
    so I'm not so sure of her attacks, but
    here are the ones I've seen so far:
    * LETHAL ATTACK - I THINK that she stabs
      you (of course, I doubt she can really
      do that with the hot poker). If you
      get hit by this, well, there's not
      much really you can do about it, besides
      dying. To avoid it, try backstepping or,
      if you're on the ground... there's nothing
      you can do about it. That is, unless Hewie
      saves you in time.
    * SLAP - Enough said, really. She b***h
      slaps you. It's quite quick, so to
      avoid it try and run away in advance.
    * SINGLE SWIPE - She swipes at Fiona
      with her glass shard/hot poker.
      Fiona will either get hurt, fall over,
      or panic (if it misses her). To avoid
      it, try and run as far as you can, so
      there's the chance of it missing you.
    Again, I always feel sorry for Daniella
    when I kill her, because SHE can't help
    it either, jealousy drives us to do
    stupid things, such as chasing a stupid
    little girl with a stupid shard of glass
    and ripping out her uterus... Well...
    In conclusion, Daniella is reasonably
    easy as she keeps a steady pace when
    following you, though it is quite a
    swift walk. Try to avoid her, and
    you're fairly safe. Just stay clear
    of any wardrobes when you need a 
    hiding place.
    ------RICCARDO------ (HG10.3)
    I HATE THIS GUY. (Love the voice
    actor, tho', he's so British ^^.)
    Stupid gun... Then again, I guess
    it's my fault for going up to him
    and trying to kick him. In any case,
    let's take a look at the advantages
    and disadvantages, shall we?
    * He has a bloody gun!!
    * He's really fast.
    * When he shoots at Fiona's feet,
      she panics a lot.
    * He has reeeeally creepy music.
    * There are so many darn Homunculi
      and Failures around, creating a 
      silence, that it's hard to tell
      whether he's after you or not.
    * There aren't many hiding places.
    * There's so much to do, and he 
      always appears just when you need
      to use a machine.
    * There's very little information
      about what you have to do in
      order to get the Godstone.
    * When he's looking for you, he's
      very persistent and just won't go
      away (I was waiting for HALF AN
      HOUR once).
    * He's a really bad shot with a gun.
    * There are a few ways to get rid of
      him for a while (such as dropping him
      down a big hole).
    * He's a fairly easy boss fight if you
      know what you're doing.
    * He can't enter the crypt.
    * You can hide from him in the Daniella
      area, too.
    Riccardo doesn't have many attacks,
    plus I can barely see them when he's
    invisible, but I'll give this my
    best shot:
    * LETHAL ATTACK - BANG! He shoots you.
      To avoid this, just stay away from him;
      he's a terrible shot when you're far
      Also, his lethal attack when he has no
      gun is where he grabs you by the throat.
      Similar to Debilitas' bear-hug attack,
      you can button-mash until he lets go,
      or get Hewie to help you. Otherwise,
      he'll be in your womb, regardless of
      whether you're alive or not.
    * TRIPLE PUNCH - Riccardo throws a variety
      of punches at you. Similar to Debilitas'
      punches, Fiona will either get injured
      or panic if she's hit by these. To avoid
      them, stay away or backstep a few times.
    * KICK - Enough said, really. This usually
      kicks Fiona to the ground, making her
      quite vulnerable but reasonably unharmed.
      Keep away from Riccardo and you won't
      get hit by this.
    * SINGLE PUNCH - Again, it is obviously a
      single punch. This can either make Fiona
      stumble, or send her to the ground. To
      avoid it, keep away from Riccardo.
    You'll want to kill this guy quickly.
    Once his gun's gone, he's relatively easy.
    If you've seriously mistreated Hewie, you
    won't have to kill him, as you'll have the
    bad ending, and you'll have - unwillingly - 
    "Let him into your womb". Do you want that?
    No. Kill him!
    ------LORENZO------ (HG10.4)
    I laugh at this guy! He bears a great
    resemblance to my friend, haha. Um...
    Well, I guess we were wrong in the
    thought that he was trying to help us.
    He doesn't want your womb, but he
    wants to suck your life essence out of
    you O_O.
    * If he attacks Fiona enough, she'll fall
      on the ground, making it very easy
      for him to perform his lethal attack.
    * Throwing weapons are useless against
    * He can crawl REALLY fast sometimes.
    * I don't think he can open doors. HA!
    * Hewie can really beat him up, and while
      he does that it makes it really easy
      to kick the crap out of him.
    * If you didn't receive items from anyone
      else, now is the time to pick them up
      from him.
    * He's the easiest person to beat to the
      ground, purely because he does minimal
      damage and is already on the ground.
    * It won't be long before he's defeated.
    * You can search the area fully before
      having to trigger his cutscene.
    His attacks are... well, nothing short of
    * POWER ATTACK - When your legs don't
      work, you can't really do a power
    * LETHAL ATTACK - After tripping Fiona
      onto the floor, he gets on top of her
      and sucks the Azoth out of her. There
      is absolutely no way to avoid this.
    * ARM SWIPE - All he does is swipe
      his rather bony arm at you. This
      shocks Fiona, hurting her slightly,
      and if he does it again Fiona 
      trips over. Just keep away from him
      as much as you can.
    * OLD MAN SHRIEK OF DOOM - I'll count
      this as an attack because it alarms
      Fiona so much, and for some reason
      she falls over sometimes because of
      it. Well, as I said, the old man
      does a high-pitched shriek of doom,
      which is quite scary. This will only
      affect Fiona if Lorenzo is close to her.
    So, basically, Lorenzo is the easiest person
    to defeat. He can't do much in his own defence.
    Children of my age shouldn't really be taught
    such disrespect as kicking in an old man, but
    I had fun doing it. It's not like I'll ever do
    it in real life, anyway... Hehehe...
    ------YOUNG LORENZO------ (HG10.5)
    This guy is only a pain if his attacks
    manage to hit you. He is, however, quite
    difficult, being the final boss and all.
    * He has a range of devastating attacks.
    * He often appears from nowhere.
    * He's immune to any kind of weaponry - 
      unless Hewie attacks him.
    * His puzzle rooms are easy to get lost
    * He's so hard to kill.
    * He NEVER KNOWS when to give up, you know,
      what with the crawling out of a pit of
      lava and all that.
    * He leaves you alone for long periods
      of time.
    * It doesn't take long to get to his boss
    As you can see, there are very few advantages
    against Young Lorenzo. Here's a list of his
    * POWER ATTACK - He punches the ground and
      sends shockwaves towards Fiona, making her
      fall over, injured.
    * LETHAL ATTACK - He waves his arm and
      creates a blue light - if this hits 
      Fiona, it's instant death. To avoid it,
      stay out of Young Lorenzo's way.
      Also, Lorenzo, like many others,
      can lift Fiona up by the throat. To get
      free, button-mash or get Hewie to help you.
      Otherwise, you're dead.
    * EXPLOSION - I've only ever seen him do
      this on Hard Mode, but some kind of
      explosion falls and hits Fiona or
      Hewie. I think this attack is quite
      devastating, but only Hewie's been
      hit by it, so it's hard to tell.
    Kill this guy, and all your troubles
    will be gone!...
    ------FLAMING LORENZO------ (HG10.6)
    This guy scares the heck out of me.
    I don't do well with any kind of corpse,
    let alone a flaming one that's a one-hit-kill,
    and shouts incoherently at you.
    * His attacks are a one-hit-kill.
    * He comes after you quite quickly
      if you don't avoid the earthquakes.
    * Hewie can't attack him.
    * You can't hurt him, and if you could
      I think it would be a fruitless attempt.
    * A stupid statue falls on you and you have
      to button-mash like heck to get it off,
      and you're f****d if you don't know what
      you're doing.
    * The earthquakes are quite difficult to
      avoid unless you can crouch in time.
    * Are there ANY advantages to being
      chased by this bugger? NO!! Just run
      for your life!!!
    This guy's attack is:
    * LETHAL ATTACK - He touches you. Run away.
      If he does it, it's too late to avoid it.
    Well, after this guy's truly foiled, you
    can end your game. Yay, and all that.
    He really doesn't know when to die, though.
     /\  |                      |  /\      (HG11.1)
    /||\  CHAPTER 1 - "MY DOLLY"  /||\
    \||/ |                      | \||/
     \/  =======================   \/
    You start off in the garden. Follow the garden
    downwards (towards the front of the screen)
    and take a left at the corner with the
    tree. There are several red jars that you'll
    notice, but you can't do anything about them
    yet, so ignore them. Follow both sets of stairs
    and enter the blue door at the top (3rd level).
    |------CASTLE BEDROOM------|
    As the maid, Daniella, suggested, you should
    walk over to the clothes that have been
    set out for you on the bed, and put them
    on. On the left of this room, there is a clock.
    This is your save point. You can examine the
    portrait on the wall and the fireplace, and 
    there is a television on the lower level
    that you can use as a distraction later.
    Examine the closet behind the bed to
    change into any costumes.
    If you are interested in collecting items, 
    read the item box onwards. If you just want
    to get straight to it, skip the item box and
    carry on from there.
    || Return to the courtyard. Go down the stairs by one           ||
    || level and walk through the archway you see. There            ||
    || is a triangle of jars here. You can kick them all            ||
    || with the square button. One of them will contain             ||
    || an item (Medallion - I will explain more when the            ||
    || time comes to use them). The sparkling objects you           ||
    || find around the Castle are items. If you stand over          ||
    || or near an item, Fiona will say, "Wait! What was             ||
    || that?"                                                       ||
    ||                                                              ||
    || Return through the archway and walk down to bottom           ||
    || level via the stairs and turn right (towards where           ||
    || you started the game). There is another red jar              ||
    || that contains Magnesia, a useful weapon you can              ||
    || place on the ground to cause minimum damage.                 ||
    ||                                                              ||
    || Return to the base of the stairs and go left towards         ||
    || the area where you can see some cages. The first jar         ||
    || you see is empty. If you open the enclosure door,            ||
    || you can pick up the item from the floor (Camomile).          ||
    || This item completely restores stamina (health). If           ||
    || you intend to play this game more than once and              ||
    || complete character and animal lists, note the rabbit         ||
    || that you can see escaping into some bushes to the            ||
    || north.                                                       ||
    ||                                                              ||
    || Return up the stairs to the bedroom. When you reach it,      ||
    || go through the door next to the fireplace. In the next       ||
    || room, ignore the door to the north for now and go down       ||
    || the nearby stairs. The door on the left is locked, so        ||
    || turn right into the small storage area. There is a jar       ||
    || you can kick to receive Antimony Powder. This is a           ||
    || weapon you can throw at your pursuer to stun them for        ||
    || a short period of time.                                      ||
    ||                                                              ||
    || Return up the stairs and take the door to the north.         ||
    || It will lead you to a curved colonnade. Run all the          ||
    || way round, ignoring the first door you see as it is          ||
    || locked. You may want to slow down as you near the            ||
    || door at the end of the corridor, as going to close           ||
    || to the hallway to the right will trigger a cutscene          ||
    || you may not be prepared for. Enter the door on the           ||
    || right. 						        ||
    ||                                                              ||
    || You will now be in a small study. Note the shadow            ||
    || behind the door as it may be useful soon. You cannot         ||
    || open the desk in the lit alcove because it is locked.        ||
    || Examine the blackboard to learn about Luminessants,          ||
    || creatures that you will come across later. Lastly,           ||
    || pick up the shining object on the table. It is Lavender,     ||
    || which reduces panic slowly.                                  ||
    ||                                                              ||
    || Now that you have all the items, go back out to the          ||
    || corridor and carry on down the hallway to trigger a cutscene.||
    From the bedroom, go through the door next to the fireplace.
    Ignore the stairs and go round the corner to the door. Follow
    the curved colonnade. There is a pillar with blood all over it.
    If you are interested in finding out what minor panic is like,
    examine this pillar. Before continuing, you will want to let
    Fiona calm down, so wait until her vision is back to normal
    before continuing. Go down the corridor until you trigger a 
    cutscene. You will to read ahead a few paragraphs before you
     continue as this bit can leave you wondering what to do. 
    You are about to be pursued by the large man from the opening
    scene, who I will refer to by his real name, Debilitas. There
    are 2 ways to get away from him. Step 2 is the easier way.
    1 - When he starts chasing you, run into the study (the door
        on the right) and crouch down by pressing the L1 button
        in the shade behind the door. If you are quick enough (and
        lucky) he should not see you and will leave. Note that it
        is not safe to stop hiding until the silence is replaced
        by the normal area music.
    2 - The easier option: run all the way back to the bedroom. As
        a reminder of how to do this, run to the beginning of the
        corridor, and through the door. In this room, take the door
        to the left, which will return you to the bedroom. When you
        enter, Fiona will close the door behind her automatically,
        and an explanation will appear, telling you what you need to
        do. In case this is not clear enough, run to the bed and press
        O to hide under it when the orange writing is on the screen.
        Debilitas will enter the room. Wit until he leave the room. 
        You must wait for the normal area music to return, as he
        may be waiting just outside the door and could return to
        the room again.
    Wherever you hid, return to the corridor where Debilitas started
    chasing you when you are undetected. Don't forget to pick up the
    Bisque Doll on the floor. If Debilitas is chasing you, you can
    throw this onto the floor and it will distract him for a while.
    Ignore the passageway to the left - this will come later - and
    notice that the door on the right is blocked by a crate. Move the
    crate out of the way by pushing into it and holding X. Enter the
    newly revealed door.
    |-----GOLEM ROOM-----|
    The red jar in this room is empty. There is a stone golem
    blocking a doorway on one side of the room, and if you
    examine it, you will notice that there is a slot in it. We
    will tackle that in a moment. The important thing is the
    document on the table. Read the document, and thn return
    to the corridor. Take a right from the study and go down
    the corridor to the Plate Key Room.
    |-------PLATE KEY ROOM-------|
    The only thing of interest is the plate key-making machine on
    the table in the far corner. Examine this to see a short
    cutscene. After this, a sort of keyboard will appear. Do
    you remember the name from the document? The correct name
    of the Golem was in it... If you read it, and type it into
    the plate key machine, you could probably slide that plate
    key into the slot in the Golem... What do you think? And
    if you can't figure it out, the name is in the document. 
    It is EMETH. However, if you want an extra item (which,
    of course, you do) type in METH and use that one. You
    will NOT get the item if you use EMETH. So either use
    one of the other.
    There are more plate keys to create that do other things,
    but these are spoilers and are not possible to create
    on your first play-through. If you would like to find out,
    see the equipment section in the items chapter. One that you
    CAN use, is MAGNUS. I will tell you later on when to use this
    if you decide to.
    After you have made your first plate key, the door may
    slam behind you. This doesn't mean anything - it is just
    to make you jump, though sometimes this attracts Debilitas
    to you.
    For now, return to the Golem Room.
    |------GOLEM ROOM-------|
    Now stand in front of the Golem. Enter your inventory with
    "Select" and choose the Special subscreen. Select METH/EMETH
    plate key and insert this into the Golem.
    If you used METH, then pick up the item from the floor.
    You will now have received an Obsidian Choker, which
    helps to repel Luminessants (this comes in handy
    later). You can equip it from your Items subscreen.
    Now, open the door and go through it.
    |-------CASTLE GARDEN-------|
    First, note the shadow behind the door. This is good for
    hiding from Debilitas, if ever you should need to in this
    area. The stairs, as you can see, are broken, so climb
    down the ladder. In this area (with the bench and the well)
    smash the jars. One contains Magnesia. The door closest to 
    the ladder is locked and the object on the pillar is unobtainable
    as of yet. Enter the only other door, to the right of the locked door.
    |-----OUTISDE THE MUSIC ROOM------|
    There are some barrels here. If you stand behind them, you
    will get some information about Crouch Evasion. There is a 
    gate here that can't be opened yet. Simply take your last
    choice and go through the door to the Music Room.
    |-------MUSIC ROOM-------|
    Note, upon entering, that you can hide behind the bookshelves
    here from Debilitas later, triggering a cutscene that
    temporarily renders him unable to chase you and gets him
    off your back for a while. There is a key clearly visible
    on the table, but before collecting it, go round the back
    of the table, where you will find a violin case. There is
    some Camomile in it. Return to the front of the table,
    and attempt to pick up the key.
    After that rather disturbing cutscene, take the key from the
    table. This will enable you to unlock the locked door
    in the previous garden.
    |-------CASTLE GARDEN-------|
    Before unlocking the door, equip the Obsidian Choker if you
    have it. If not, read on before using the key on the door.
    When Luminessant touch you, they can send you into varied,
    random states of panic, so after the cutscene, quickly open,
    enter, then close the door, as you are about to face one.
    Closing the door separates their line of tracking, so they
    can no longer follow you. When Luminessant are around, the 
    music will disappear, so when they lose track of you, wait until
    the normal area music returns in case Debilitas is around. 
    Go to the left to find a clock to save with. Ignore the red door
    for now, and continue through the next door on the left.
    |-------CASTLE KITCHEN------|
    Behind the counter, there is Chicken Jerky (for later use).
    There is a door near the cutlery cupboard, which leads to the
    dining room.
    |-------CASTLE DINING ROOM-------|
    In here, there is one item: one half of a cracked plate key
    which reads ST. There is also a hiding place behind the red
    curtains. You can crouch here to avoid pursuers. Return to
    the kitchen, as there is nothing else in here.
    |-------CASTLE KITCHEN------|
    Go straight opposite, where there is a staircase leading
    down to the kitchen's cellar. Kick down the wooden boards
    blocking the doors, and enter. There is a gold jar you can
    kick, containing Chicken Jerky. The Castle Sketch is on the
    table - what we were looking for this whole time! You can
    use it by looking in your Special subscreen and selecting
    "use". It's not too useful, to be honest, but it's what
    we were looking for, so we're happy. By the way, the table
    that you just took the map from is a hiding place - quite
    a conspicuous one, but a hiding place, nevertheless. Now,
    head back up to the kitchen and watch the series of cutscenes.
    |-------CASTLE BEDROOM------|
    Awwww! That poor dog! Quickly, go outside to the courtyard
    to save that poor animal. It is at the bottom of the stairs
    and to the left, bound to the tree by a wire rope, cutting
    deeply into its neck... Press the action button next to it
    to witness a cutscene.
    After that cutscene, return up the stairs on your way to the
    bedroom. When you're halfway up the stairs...
    Ignore the gate that just opened for now, and continue
    on your journey to the bedroom.
    |-------CASTLE BEDROOM------|
    You can't do anything besides follow the instructions
    on the screen, really. Press up on the right analogue
    stick to send the dog flying at Debilitas. When Debilitas
    has left the room, you will witness another cutscene - 
    a very important one. You are about to gain a new
    You are now partners with Hewie! You will be told how
    to control Hewie (if you are on Hard Mode, it will
    also remind you that if Hewie reaches critical health,
    it is Game Over). Hewie is useful. Not only does he
    retrieve Key Items for you, but he also attacks your pursuers
    and finds HIDDEN ITEMS. I will remind you about hidden items 
    when you enter certain rooms. There is a secret item
    in the bedroom. To get it, face the wooden balustrade and
    press up on the right analogue stick to get Hewie to search there.
    After he sits down (this means he either failed or he found something,
    depending on whether he barks or whines), if he found something he will
    look at you. For your words of praise to count towards his friendship
    level, he MUST BE LOOKING AT YOU. You can tell when he has taken
    your praise into account, as he barks and stands up. The item he
    finds is sparkling on the floor, and you pick it up like any
    other item. This particular item is a Medallion. Save at the clock
    before continuing.
    If you want to find some hidden items that you will not have time
    to go back to unti later, read the following Item Box. If you
    simply wish to continue the game, then skip the Item Box and
    carry on.
    || Head back to the courtyard, and all the way down the stairs.   ||
    || Turn left (towards the animal cages) and run all the way       ||
    || to the end. You'll want to keep telling Hewie to "Come on!"    ||
    || as he is quite disobedient at this stage.                      ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || At the end, there is a square, fenced area. Send Hewie to      ||
    || search in the top-left corner. You should pick up an Album     ||
    || Medallion.                                                     ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || Return back up the path, and follow the fountain round to      ||
    || the other side. There is a door here that is blocked from      ||
    || the other side, and a hole next to it. Send Hewie through      ||
    || the hole, then examine the door. Hewie will move the blockage  ||
    || for you.                                                       ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || Welcome to the dog-training area! There's quite a bit to do    ||
    || here, and Debilitas shouldn't ever disturb you. Go straight    ||
    || ahead and you will see a ramp. There is a sparkling ball on    ||
    || here, and (if you have his attention) you can throw it for     ||
    || Hewie to catch. If he doesn't pick it up, don't worry; it      ||
    || will reappear in your inventory when you leave the area.       ||
    || For extra friendship points, you can get Hewie to clear        ||
    || the obstacles in here. For instance, if you stand in the       ||
    || direction of the ramp and tell Hewie to "Go!" then he will     ||
    || run over it.                                                   ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || There are two dummies north of the ramp. You can send Hewie    ||
    || towards these, and he will jump-attack them. One of them will  ||
    || drop a secret item: a Viola Medallion. You can then make       ||
    || Hewie jump over the fence nearby. There is a gold jar in       ||
    || the corner near the fence, which contains Beef Jerky.          ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || Finally, there is a secret item in here. Near the large        ||
    || wooden gate next to the fence Hewie jumped over, there	  ||
    || is a curved stone kerb, which holds a small garden. Send Hewie ||
    || in that general direction, and nearer to the gate he will find ||
    || a Medallion.                                                   ||
    Back in the courtyard, go to the second level, where we saw
    the gate open earlier. We can now go through this gate.
    Make sure that Hewie's with you, and let's go.
    |------CASTLE MAIN GATE------|
    The first thing you will see is a mound of earth with a rusty-
    looking object on it. If you try to get it, you will get a
    cutscene of Fiona failing to climb it. So, instead send Hewie
    up it. He easily retrieves the Broken Marionette for you.
    Bear in mind that the jar here is empty and carry on round the
    corner. You can't open the large, round-topped door, so run
    along the bridge, picking up the sparkling Medallion on the way. 
    This is the gate that leads out of the castle and to freedom!
    Examine it!
    Tough cheese, looks like we're not getting out that way.
    However, to lift your spirits, there is a secret item located
    underneath the left lamp next to the gate. Locate it for
    another Medallion. Return to the Castle Bedroom, and go
    all the way back to where you found the Bisque Doll on
    the floor - right before the Rock Golem room.
    |------CURVED CORRIDOR------|
    Where you found the Bisque Doll, send Hewie towards the
    corner next to the right-hand window to receive an
    Album Medallion. Now go through the Golem Room, out to
    the garden.
    |------CASTLE GARDEN------|
    Hewie (obviously can't climb ladders, so it's now time
    to solve the mystery of the sparkling-pillar-item! Send
    Hewie towards it, and he will jump onto the pillar,
    picking up the Album Medallion on his way to the ground.
    He will wait at the bottom of the ladder for you. Join
    him, and head left. There is a window near the bottom of
    the ladder, and if you send Hewie to search there, you can
    get a Rubrum Medallion. Now head to the area outside the
    Music Room.
    |------OUTSIDE THE MUSIC ROOM------|
    Near the barrels, you may notice a gap in the wall. If
    you send Hewie toward it, he will jump through it, 
    search the undergrowth and find some Refined Magnesia.
    This does more damage than your standard Magnesia.
    Return to where you used the Garden Key and go through
    the door.
    Firstly, you may want to save it at the clock. Opposite
    from where you entered, there is a panel on the floor
    in the small alcove. Don't touch it for now, but bear
    it in mind.
    Remember the red door in the corridor that we passed
    earlier? I told you to ignore it because it wouldn't
    open. However, there is an imprint on the door,
    where something can go. Use the Broken Marionette
    you found earlier on the door to witness a cutscene.
    KILLS YOU UPON TOUCH! Before entering the room, 
    go back to the floor panel I just told you about. 
    Send Hewie towards it, and he will pause when it
    lowers under his weight. Tell him to wait when
    he pauses by pressing R3 and go inside the room you 
    just opened.
    |------RED MARIONETTE ROOM------|
    This room is downright creepy. When you enter, go 
    straight forward, through the archway - DO NOT GO
    RIGHT, this will set of the trap. There is a Breaker
    Box here. Operate it, and then summon Hewie to
    you. The gate behind you will close, but you have
    disarmed the trap, you it is now safe to cross the
    red carpet to your right. Be warned that Debilitas
    likes to make an appearance sometimes when you
    disarm the trap, so make sure you have Hewie with
    you and go through the door on your left, sharpish!
    |------CASTLE SITTING ROOM------|
    When you walk into the middle of this room, the phone
    will ring and you will enter a cutscene.
    Do not waste time, Debilitas automatically appears now!
    There is an item in this room, a secret item and a
    hiding place. However, you do not have time to hide 
    because Debilitas is just about to enter the room through
    the door to your left. You could run back through the door
    you came through and find somewhere to hide, but my
    way of doing things is, I think, much more effective.
    Okay, this is going to sound EXTREMELY stupid, but
    it works for me every time. Make sure Hewie is with you,
    and run through the door that Debilitas is about to enter
    through (the door you didn't come in through). Keep telling
    Hewie to attack Debilitas (but not too frequently, as if you
    tell him to attack whilst he's already attacking, Fiona will
    stop running to encourage him). So, run through the door...
    |------MAIN STAIRCASE ROOM------|
    There isn't time to get the two items and secret item in
    this room, so just run until you reach the base of the large
    staircase in this room. Run up it, still telling Hewie to
    attack Debilitas. There is a door at the top - go through it
    Immediately run right, and down the narrow corridor
    with the doll puppet hanging over the door. Enter
    the door quickly, now calling Hewie to you. Using
    Magnesia in this corridor can be quite effective.
    This room is just plain creepy. Immediately hide
    in the wardrobe (if Hewie is close to you, try to
    get him to hide in it with you, as him waiting outside
    it for you will attract Debilitas to where you are
    hiding). If it is too late to hide in the wardrobe,
    or if Debilitas finds you, then take this next step.
    Keep Hewie with you, and make sure he is not at the
    critical health stage. Go through the door on the right
    of the Nursery.
    |------DIORAMA ROOM------|
    Turn immediately right, and MAKE SURE Hewie is in
    the room. (Debilitas must still be chasing you in
    order for this to work.) There is a part of the
    landing with no railings. Approach this...
    With Debilitas out of the way, this leaves you with time
    to hide/escape. If you activate this cutscene with Hewie
    on critical health, you do not lose Debilitas, and Hewie
    is slightly more injured. If you activate this cutscene
    without Hewie in the room, Fiona goes into
    MAJOR PANIC after the cutscene.
    If you have lost Debilitas, return to the Nursery.
    There is a jar in this room with camomile in it. Read
    the next bit if you created the plate key "MAGNUS" 
    earlier in the game. If you didn't, return to the Diorama
    At the back of this room, there is a red box. If you use
    the "MAGNUS" plate key on it, you receive two items:
    Jade Choker and Alchemist Earrings (see Equipment
    NOTE: DO NOT use any other plate key besides
    MAGNUS on this or it will not yield items, and will remain
    open and itemless for the rest of the game. ONLY USE MAGNUS.
    Thank you to T.J. Haske for giving me this information.
    Head into the Diorama Room.
    |------DIORAMA ROOM ------|
    There are some weapon racks to your left. If you get
    Hewie to search near the nearest one, you will find a 
    There is a hole in the wall somewhere in the top level
    of this room. Approach it. Tell Hewie to wait, and
    examine it. Ignore any doubts Fiona may have about
    entering the hole. Go inside.
    In this hole, there is a large piece of paper on the wall
    that tells you about a machine called Perpetua Machina.
    There is an explanation of what some items called Quies
    and Mundus do on the desk. Also, in the top left corner,
    there is a bowl on a pedestal, which, if you don't have 
    any, gives you Magnesia and Antimony Powder. More importantly,
    the Perpetua Machina is here (the tall machine with the
    holes in it). Now I will tell you how to use Medallions.
    First, select a Medallion - any old Medallion, but
    preferably the ordinary Medallions (as in, not
    Album, Viola, etc.). Colours will start to roll in the
    holes, a bit like a slots machine. Your aim is to press
    X to stop these balls, and to stop it on a colour, and not
    on grey. If, by the time you have stopped all of the balls,
    you have some of the same colour lined up, you get an item.
    If you want more information on this machine and what you can
    get from certain Medallions, see the Alchemy Hole" section.
    Also, if you have finished the game once, there will be
    a machine next to the Perpetua Machine that takes in
    Plate Keys. You can put certain plate keys in here to
    receive equipment. Depending on what title you receive
    from finishing the game, you will get a particular
    word to put on a plate key to use in this room. To find
    out what these are, check out the "Plate Keys" section.
    When you are done in here, go back to the Diorama Room. Hewie
    should still be waiting for you. Go left, ignoring the door
    for now, and go down the stairs.
    NOTE: On Hard Mode, a Failure appears here.
    When you go down the stairs, get Hewie to search the corner
    closest to the door to find Camomile. Now enter the door at the
    bottom of the stairs.
    |------GUEST ROOM ------|
    On the dresser to your immediate right, there is Lavender.
    There is also a television in here for the purpose of
    distraction. You will see a screen on one side of the room,
    which hides a bed which you can hide under, and a clock
    which you can save on. Now go back to the Diorama room, go 
    up the stairs again and open the door we just ignored.
    |------BALCONY ------|
    There is a section of the floor that is cracked. Hewie will
    growl at it, warning you not to step on it. Despite the
    shiny item, ignore the floor for now and go left. There is
    a ladder, which we will not be climbing up just yet. However,
    if you look right, there is an item on a broken pillar, which
    Hewie can retrieve for you. It is a Medallion. You can now step
    on the balcony to activate a cut scene, but it may be wiser to follow
    the next few steps.
    1) Find Debilitas, and get him to chase you.
    2) Lure him out onto the balcony and get him to step on it
       instead of you (this may be difficult).
    3) If done correctly, this will trigger a different
    If you decide to step on the balcony yourself, you will
    fall down to the lower level. If Debilitas steps on it,
    he will fall down instead of you.
    If Debilitas fell of the balcony, then hide until he
    disappears (the guest room bed may be a good place to
    do this). When he is gone, return to the broken
    balcony and examine it. You get the choice to climb
    down it. Do so. At the bottom, pick up the item 
    (which is Chicken Jerky) and go right, and
    through the archway, avoiding the Luminessant.
    If you fell of the balcony, go right, through
    the archway, avoiding the Luminessant. When you 
    enter this little area, Debilitas will suddenly
    mysteriously stop chasing you.
    In this new area, there is an item behind a fence,
    but as you are temporarily separated from Hewie,
    you cannot get it yet. Instead, go up the ladder
    and kick the jar. It contains Beef Jerky. Climb
    the next ladder. On the roof, stay away from the 
    large mechanism for the time being. There are some 
    jars to the south of this rooftop, and if you kick
    them you will obtain Magnesia. Now go to the
    Mechanism and kick the lever on it's side 3 times.
    Debilitas will now be chasing you! Forget about the drawbridge 
    you just lowered for now, and make your way back down the
    ladders while Debilitas busies himself with jumping over
    the wall. Magnesia can be set here, but I don't recommend
    it, as it must be set very accurately for him to step on
    it. DEFINITELY DON'T SET IT ON THE STAIRS, as the Magnesia
    will slide down, and disappear through the floor (glitchy!).
    Return to the bottom of the broken balcony and this time go
    all the way left (try to avoid the Luminessant). There is
    a hiding place in the bush in the bottom left corner, but
    you don't have time to hide here now. Go through the left archway,
    and cross the bridge in this next area. Run along the corridor.
    There are three ways we can now get rid of Debilitas.
    1) Beat him up until he gives up and slumps off to his shack,
       leaving you alone.
    2) Ignoring the gate here, go as far down as you can, then
       take a left when you can, ignoring the ladder. There will
       be a bench next to a gold jar. You can hide under it.
    3) To get him off your back for a little while, go into 
       the shack in this area. It is where Debilitas lives.
       If you did not pick up the Bisque Doll earlier, you
       can do this. You can also do it if you lost your
       Bisque Doll. Go to the very end of his shack, and you
       will find a Bisque Doll on a table. Only do this if
       Debilitas is inside the shack with you, or you will
       simply pick up the Bisque Doll and not get the cutscene.
       When Debilitas is quite close to you, use the action
       button on the doll. After the cutscene that should occur,
       Debilitas will be off your back for a little while. RUN.
    Hopefully you should lose Debilitas. Return to the area at
    the bottom of the broken balcony. There are four doors here. Two
    of them are fake, so take the one at the far right.
    |------BILLIARDS ROOM ------|
    On the billiard table, there is some Lavender. Pick it up.
    There isn't much more of interest in this room, but for
    some reason there's a picture of a member of the Klu Klux Klan.
    Never mind, let's continue on through the next door into...
    |------DIORAMA ROOM ------|
    We're at the bottom of the Diorama room, now, opposite the
    Guest Bedroom. What you want to do now is to meet up with Hewie,
    just to make sure he's not running off somewhere. To do this,
    I suggest that you merely return to the top of the fallen balcony,
    and call him. He should appear in seconds. The unfortunate thing is,
    he often appears at the same time as Debilitas, who for some reason
    always seems to follow you up here. When Hewie is here, however,
    go to the ladder to the west, tell him to wait, and climb the 
    Later on, when you can get Hewie up here, there is a secret item,
    so remember that. For now, leave Hewie to wait at the bottom for you,
    and go through the door. The short bridge we cross to get to this
    door, by the way, was the one we lowered by kicking the lever,
    so don't think we triggered that cutscene and summoned Debilitas
    for nothing! Anyway, go through the door.
    |------BLOCK PUZZLE ROOM------|
    As you can tell from the title I have given this room,
    this is a puzzle that involves blocks. I will try and make
    my instructions on how to finish this puzzle as clear
    as possible.
    Bear in mind that Debilitas cannot chase you in puzzle rooms.
    So you are safe in here. However, once the puzzle is complete,
    the room is no longer a puzzle room, so Debilitas may
    chase you. This is the same for all of the puzzle rooms in
    the game.
    Your aim is to get the two rust-coloured blocks into the
    gaps in the line of rust-coloured blocks, the single blue
    block into the gap in the line of blue-coloured blocks,
    and the green block into the gap in the line of green-
    coloured blocks. Simple enough. Or is it?
    Here is how you do it.
    1) Go down the staircase left of the door you entered through.
       Here, you are behind the blue block and next to the green
    2) Push the green block to the right, until it is in front of
       the gap in the line of other green blocks. When it is in
       front of the gap, climb up the stairs and go round to the
       other set of stairs. Descend them.
    3) There is a rust-coloured block next to the line of other
       rust-coloured blocks (the one nearest to the blue block).
       Push this one away from the blue block, and when the 
       camera angle changes, you will see that there are two
       gaps for two rust-coloured blocks. Push the block that you
       are already dealing with PAST THESE GAPS, NOT INTO THEM
       and leave it above the topmost gap (one square further
       than the topmost gap).
    4) Go to the other rust-coloured block and push it one space
       downwards (towards the front of the screen).
    5) Go to the green block you pushed earlier and push it into it's
       gap with the other green blocks. That's the line of green blocks
       completed. (Note that the line of yellow blocks is already complete.)
    6) Now you can get around to the base of the stairs by going behind the
       fencing. Go past the fence and push the blue block along the line of
       rust-coloured blocks until it is level with the gap closest to you.
       (Make sure there is room for you to get behind it.)
    7) Now go behind the blue block and push it across to the other side of
       the room. It should slide into place easily.
    8) Next go to the nearest rust-coloured block (the one you pushed down
       by one square earlier) and push it into place alongside the other
       rust-coloured blocks.
    9) You should now be able to push the last rust-coloured block into 
       place next to the one you just completed. The puzzle will now be
       complete and you will witness a cutscene.
    Now go down the newly revealed staircase. This will lead you to...
    |------LUNAR REFRACTOR ROOM ------|
    There is a mechanical door on one side of the room - we cannot
    open it yet. Our new aim is to open this door. For now, unlock
    the door at the other side of the room. WATCH OUT, because
    Debilitas simply LOVES to make a sudden and unwanted appearance
    at this point - he might not though. Just brace yourself, that's
    all. However, if he does appear, you get the gist of what to do - 
    whatever strategy you have been using so far that has worked.
    Now exit this room and familiarise yourself with your surroundings.
    The area you return to is just near the corridor you go down
    to reach Debilitas' shack. I will now refer to this area as...
    From here, you need to find Hewie or you cannot continue.
    Once you've found Hewie, go to the gate that is closed near
    Debilitas' Shack (down the long corridor). There is a fence
    here with some purple flowers in it. There is also a  hole
    in the fence. You should know what to do, but if you are
    still unsure, then do this: send Hewie through the hole.
    When he is through it, he will sit down. Tell him to
    "Go!" and he will pick up the Fresh Flowers for you.
    You need to do this next part quickly or the flowers
    will wilt. Return to the area outside the lunar
    refractor room. Near the archway that you go to
    to reach the area at the bottom of the broken balcony,
    there is yet another hole in the wall. Send Hewie through it.
    By the way, if Debilitas is chasing you whilst Hewie is in
    the hole, don't call Hewie for help. Instead, lure Debilitas
    to the hole. When he is in line with it, tell Hewie to "Go!"
    for a cutscene that will get Debilitas out of your way for
    a little while. This works at any point in time.
    Leave Hewie in the hole. Now you need to return to the base
    of the fallen balcony, where there are four doors. This time,
    take the door furthest to the left. 
    |------ CASTLE LIVING ROOM ------|
    When you enter, you will notice a vase on your immediate
    right. Put the Fresh (hopefully, of you will need to get
    them again) Flowers in the vase.
    The moths have now moved from the door at the other end of
    the room, leaving you free to go through it. Before you do,
    though, you can save it using the tiny clock on the cabinet
    next to the table. Then go through to the next room.
    |------LAUNDRY ROOM ------|
    When you go in this room, quickly close the door behind you
    and push the crate in front of it. This is because Debilitas
    often comes in this room whilst you're in the basement of
    it, making it hard for you to get back up the ladder.
    He does not always come, but he usually does. In this room,
    you should check the sink, because there is a Medallion in it.
    Then, go down the nearby ladder to the laundry room basement.
    This room is fenced off. On your side, there is a jar with 
    an item in it. On the other side, is Hewie! There is also
    a sparkling object on the floor. Get close to the fence and
    tell Hewie to "Go!". He will pick up the item, which is the
    "Study Key". If there is silence and banging noises, it
    probably means Debilitas is trying to get through the door
    you blocked. If this happens, wait for the banging to stop
    and for the normal area music to come back. Then exit the
    room and meet up with Hewie in front of the fallen
    Do you remember where the study is? It's all the way back,
    near where Debilitas first ever chased you! But don't worry.
    We're not going to have to go back all that way.
    Go to the area where you got the Fresh Flowers. The gate
    here will still be closed. There is a lever which opens it, but 
    I seriously suggest you don't pull it. If you do, it leads
    you back to outside the music room, but a Luminessant will appear,
    and you don't really need that right now. Instead, head downwards 
    in the direction of Debilitas' Shack, where there will be a
    short series of ladders. Tell Hewie to wait and climb these.
    Go through the door at the top.
    |------ABOVE THE MUSIC ROOM------|
    Do you recognise this? It is where Riccardo was playing the
    piano in the cutscene where you saw the wooden sculpture
    of the pregnant woman. Firstly, somewhere in this room there
    will be a strange mechanism, like those you saw in the
    Lunar Refractor room. It is next to a window with moonlight
    shining through it. Examine the mechanism and turn it to the
    right until it clicks and the mirror shines. This means
    it is in the right position for later. Now go to the
    other side of the room, where there is another door.
    Before going through the door, there is an item on the floor.
    Pick it up to obtain Camomile. Then go through the door.
    |------ CURVED COLONADE ------|
    We're all the way back here! If you go left, you will
    come to the study! Wow, what a shortcut... A shame you
    won't be using it much more after this. Well, then, go
    to the study.
    |------ CASTLE STUDY ------|
    In the study, you may remember the lit desk that you
    couldn't open earlier. You can now use the Study Key
    on this, to receive... Da, da-da DAAAAAAA! The Lunar
    Refractor! Now read on and be very careful.
    Debilitas, without a shadow of a doubt, WILL enter
    this room now. For some reason, it's random, but
    he will either come in after about 3 seconds, or
    he will enter immediately, without any silence or
    anything. If you have the time, hide in the shade
    before he appears. If not, wait til he comes in the
    room, and attack him until he falls down and run. If
    you don't want to do this, just wait til he's in the room,
    run around him to avoid him, out into the corridor. Be
    careful, there is a Luminessant here.
    EDIT: Kittie and Kait tell me that Debilitas sometimes
    doesn't turn up here, and that there is just endless
    silence... I recently had this, too, so Debilitas will
    LIKELY turn up, but not always. Sometimes, Hewie can
    turn up here as well, without any way of getting there!
    Return to the area above the Music Room via the door
    to the right. There is a Luminessant in here too, that
    is pretty hard to avoid, Obsidian Choker or not. Try
    your best to avoid it, and climb back down the ladders.
    With Hewie with you, run all the way back to the Lunar
    Refractor Room.
    |------ LUNAR REFRACTOR ROOM ------|
    In here, turn the left-most mechanism to the left until
    you hear the click and the mirror shines. (Remember, 
    you cannot move these if Debilitas is after you.)
    Then, go to the one remaining mechanism in the room,
    and use to Lunar Refractor on it.
    Turn this mechanism to the right until it clicks and shines.
    There mechanical door at the back of the room will now have
    opened. Make sure Hewie is with you, and go through it.
    |------ SPIRAL STAIRCASE ------|
    Save at this clock. DO NOT return to the previous room,
    because Debilitas will be in there, and is on his way to
    this room. So quickly, with Hewie, go all the way down the
    staircase and go through the door at the bottom.
    |------ THE DARK ROOM ------|
    Before moving in this room, read this. You cannot see certain
    parts of the floor. There are two holes in the floor in this room,
    and you may not be able to see them because it is so dark.
    Hewie's growling will remind you of this. If you fall down
    those holes, you will die. So, to avoid death, send Hewie
    forward. If you have pointed him in the right direction,
    he should lead the safe way. If not, here is a map of the way you
    should go, from the camera angle you see when you first enter the
       Spiral Stairs
    |------| |------|          xxxxx - Holes
    |               | 
    |               |
    |               |
    |               |
    |------| |------|
    So first go right, then go in the opposite direction for the
    next patch of darkness. Stick close to the walls, just incase.
    When you reach the other end, go through the door.
    |------ CHAPEL ------|
    You should try to get Hewie's friendship with you up by a little
    before going forward. Do this by shaking hands with him (press
    R3 to tell him to sit, and press it again when next to him to
    shake hands. If Hewie is in battle mode, he cannot sit down).
    Or, you can give him Beef Jerky or Magna Esca. I think you should
    only do this if you have more than 2 of each of them. You may need
    them in a moment.
    There are two strange mechanisms on either side of the pews.
    These will come in handy in a second. Go down the aisle,
    and examine the grand statue. Examine it further.
    You now have the Saturnus Key. Head back down the aisle.
    + BOSS BATTLE - DEBILITAS                                        +
    +                                                                +
    + There are two ways to kill Debilitas. You may choose           +
    + these depending on what ending you want to get and             +
    + on how easy you want the battle to be. Step 1 is the           +
    + easiest, and will get you (hopefully) ending A, and            +
    + even ending C if you have finished the game once already.      +
    + Step 2 is more difficult, and will probably get you ending     +
    + B. Choose as you will.                                         +
    +                                                                +
    + STEP 1                                                         +
    + This will determine getting ending A/C. There is a chandelier  +
    + above the area. There are two mechanisms, one on each side of  +
    + each aisle. If you damage these mechanisms enough, we will     +
    + be able to defeat Debilitas by dropping the chandelier on      +
    + his head. You can do this by kicking the mechanisms. This is   +
    + the slower way to do this, though, as each chandelier will     +
    + take roughly 20 kicks or more each.                            +
    +                                                                +
    + The easier way to do this is to ram into the mechanisms.       +
    + You can do this by backsteping with R1 and then immediately    +
    + pressing square button and pushing the left analogue stick     +
    + in the direction you wish to ram. If you do this method, the   +
    + mechanisms will be broken in about 5 hits each.                +
    +                                                                +
    + You can also break the mechanisms in a quick way, though it    +
    + is more difficult to get this to happen. Stand in front of     +
    + the mechanisms and wait for Debilitas to run at you/throw a    +
    + punch at you. If you move out of the way in time, you will     +
    + not get damaged, AND Debilitas should accidentally break the   +
    + mechanism you were standing in front of! This is difficult,    +
    + but effective as he breaks the mechanism in one hit.           +
    +                                                                +
    + STEP 2                                                         +
    + This will determine getting ending B. Basically you attack     +
    + Debilitas until he dies. To do this, get Hewie to attack       +
    + Debilitas. While Hewie is biting/attacking Debilitas,          +
    + kick and push into him to cause extra damage. Another          +
    + effective way to hurt Debilitas is to use Hewie's Critical     +
    + Attack. Do this by telling Hewie to wait. When Hewie starts    +
    + growling loudly, make sure he is lined up with Debilitas'      +
    + back and telling him to "Go!". He will perform a Critical      +
    + Attack if you have done this right, which looks cool and       +
    + is pretty devastating.                                         +
    +                                                                +
    + Also, throw Antimony items and use Magnesia items to stun/     +
    + injure Debilitas. These are very helpful if you don't miss.    +
    + Keep Hewie happy and alive by feeding him when Debilitas is    +
    + stunned. When you feed Hewie, Fiona stands still until Hewie   +
    + has eaten the item, which leaves you very vulnerable, so it    +
    + is always best to do this when Debilitas is stunned. The       +
    + healthier Hewie is, the more he will obey your orders,         +
    + which is especially useful when you are in a tight spot.       +
    + If Hewie is too damaged, he will not be strong enough to       +
    + attack, so it is always important to keep Hewie healthy.       +
    +                                                                +
    + Try to stay away from Debilitas as much as you can, because    +
    + Fiona is extremely weak and will die very easily. Keep her     +
    + alive with stamina items and make sure she doesn't panic       +
    + because, since the area is very small, if you go into          +
    + MAJOR PANIC, you're doomed to die. The main reason you         +
    + should stay away from Debilitas is his Lethal Attack. This     +
    + is when he picks up Fiona in a bear hug and crushes her        +
    + ribs. If he succeeds to do this to you, call Hewie for         +
    + help or wiggle the control stick to try desperately to get     +
    + free. This method is always very difficult, but if you want    +
    + ending B, or are better at combat, then this may be the        +
    + way to go.                                                     +
    +                                                                +
    + When the battle is over, depending on how you killed           +
    + Debilitas, there will be a cutscene.                           +
    Debilitas is now out of the way for good now. You can now get
    out of here. Don't forget about the holes in the Dark Room. Here's
    the map again, just incase.
       Spiral Stairs
    |------| |------|          xxxxx - Holes
    |               | 
    |               |
    |               |
    |               |
    |------| |------|
    Hewie will now be more obedient, by the way. This comes in handy.
    Save it at the clock in the spiral staircase room and return
    to the Lunar Refractor Room.
    |------ LUNAR REFRACTOR ROOM ------|
    There is a jar in here with a Medallion in it. If you defeated
    Debilitas with the chandelier, and you want to get an extra
    item of equipment and ending C if you're on your second run 
    of the game, then read the following box. If not, skip the box
    and continue from there.
    || Return to Debilitas' Shack. Note that outside the shack there  ||
    || is a gold jar with an item in it, and a red jar with an Onion  ||
    || in it (don't feed this to Hewie, as it is very bad for him).   ||
    || Enter the shack.                                               ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || O------------------------------O                               ||
    || |------ DEBILITAS' SHACK ------|                               ||
    || O------------------------------O                               ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || On the shelf in here is some Beef Jerky. Walk down to the      ||
    || end of the shack, where there used to be a Bisque Doll.        ||
    || Debilitas is here! Do not be afraid, though. Talk to him.      ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || *CUTSCENE*                                                     ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || You will now obtain Smudged Key. Now return to where you       ||
    || got the Fresh Flowers and open the Gate via the lever.         ||
    || Go through it to return to outside the Music Room. From here,  ||
    || make your way to the corridor outside the kitchen.             ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || O--------------------------------------O                       ||
    || |------ CORRIDOR OUTSIDE KITCHEN ------|                       ||
    || O--------------------------------------O                       ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || Walk past the Marionette Room, past the door to the kitchen    ||
    || and to the end of the corridor, where you will find a cracked  ||
    || wall. Kick this three times to break it. Several bugs will     ||
    || crawl out and make Fiona panic, but this is nothing. There     ||
    || will now be an item on the floor in front of you. Pick it      ||
    || up to obtain Refined Antimony, which stuns enemies for a       ||
    || moderate amount of time. Then look to your right. There        ||
    || is a red door here, and a red machine on the wall with         ||
    || a slot in it. Pick up the item from the floor here.            ||
    || It is the other half of the cracked plate key you found        ||
    || earlier, and this one reads "RE". Look in your inventory       ||
    || and put the letters together.... They make the word            ||
    || "REST". Now you have to go all the way back to the             ||
    || Plate-Key making machine and make the plate key "REST".        ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || When you return with that Plate Key, put it in the red machine ||
    || beside the door. Fiona will look at the door. When you try     ||
    || to open it, it will be unlocked and you will find yourself     ||
    || in the Castle Restroom.                                        ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || O-----------------------------O                                ||
    || |------ CASTLE RESTROOM ------|                                ||
    || O-----------------------------O                                ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || I didn't tell you how to open this earlier because Debilitas   ||
    || likes to pay visits here when it's unlocked. Now that he's     ||
    || out of the way, we can look around. This place is important    ||
    || if you want ending C anyway (remember that you can only get    ||
    || this when you've finished the game once). To your right, there ||
    || is a cupboard with some Camomile on it. You can also hide      ||
    || in the bath, though it's not much use now. To the left is a    ||
    || sink, which is your first Recovery Point. This refills your    ||
    || status, but doesn't work for Hewie. You will receive           ||
    || a document on Recovery Points.                                 ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || Now go round the corner, where there are three cubicle-like    ||
    || cupboards. If you send Hewie to search the area, he should     ||
    || find a Medallion in front of the middle door. Now, the door    ||
    || furthest to the right is merely a cleaning cupboard, the       ||
    || middle door is empty. However, the door furthest to the        ||
    || left is locked. I bet you never imagined you'd be doing this,  ||
    || but used the Smudged Key you received from Debilitas on this   ||
    || door. You can now go down the secret passageway.               ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || O-------------------------------O                              ||
    || |------ SECRET PASSAGEWAY ------|                              ||
    || O-------------------------------O                              ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || If you follow the passage along, you will come to a table      ||
    || behind a wire wall. On this table will be the Metal Boots      ||
    || (see the Equipment section). If this is your second play-      ||
    || through of the game, the Castle Gate Key will be here! Yup,    ||
    || you got it, this leads you out of the castle and ends          ||
    || the game early! This will not be here if you are playing       ||
    || the game for the first time. Equip the metal boots.            ||
    || If you wish to get ending C, continue to read in this box.     ||
    || If you do not, then skip ahead to after the box.               ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || Now, I will instruct you on where to go to end the game        ||
    || early. Exit the passageway and return to the restroom.         ||
    || From here, exit the restroom and go down the corridor to       ||
    || the Marionette Room. Go through here, and enter the            ||
    || sitting room. There is a hidden item in here that we           ||
    || did not get earlier. If you point Hewie in the direction       ||
    || of the hat stand near the opposite door, he should get a       ||
    || Medallion. Now go through the door.                            ||
    ||                                                                ||
    || In this Main Staircase room, there is a very large door at     ||
    || the base of the staircase with a round top. Exit this. It      ||
    || will take you to the Castle Main Gate. Here, you can use       ||
    || Castle Gate Key to get Ending C!                               ||
    Go to the Block Puzzle room above the Lunar Refractor Room.
    At the top, there is a door which we never really approached
    before. This is the Saturn Door. Use the Saturnus Key here to
    witness two cutscenes...
     /\  |                               |  /\      (HG11.2)
    /||\  CHAPTER 2 - "I AM NOT COMPLETE"  /||\
    \||/ |                               | \||/
     \/  ================================   \/
    After the cutscene, Fiona will find herself outside the
    dining room with Critical stamina and cannot run. If
    you try to call Hewie, she will just complain of being
    ill. Go up to the castle bedroom. Hewie should follow you.
    The only things you can do are save at the clock, and examine
    the bed. You will want to note and familiarise yourself
    with the new area music, as it has changed. Examine the
    bed and choose to rest.
    You are now being pursued by the beautiful maid, who I
    will now refer to by her proper name, Daniella. After 
    the cut scene, run back down the stairs to the dining
    room. On the way, you should tell Hewie to attack 
    Daniella, which should slow down her brisk walk for
    a little while. Head through the kitchen, and make your
    way to the Marionette Room. The normal music will return
    on your way, which is oddly suspicious, but do not stop.
    You needn't wait for Hewie if you have lost him, as he
    will reappear later. For now, go through the Marionette
    Room, through the Castle Sitting Room and up the Main
    Staircase. If Fiona is starting to slow down, restore her
    stamina with an item and keep going through the door at the top.
    Follow this hallway into the nursery. Take this advice:
    DO NOT hide inside the wardrobe, as Daniella is waiting inside
    it for you! Go through to the Diorama Room, and down the stairs
    to the Billiards Room. From here, go outside to the bottom of
    the fallen balcony and through the left archway. Enter the 
    Lunar Refractor Room. Go up the spiral staircase into the
    Block Puzzle Room.
    Daniella will be in this room. However, she is not harmful, as
    she is cleaning the blocks. You can even speak to her, at 
    which she says "Miss... It's cleaning time, now" and 
    returns to her cleaning. Go up the stairs and round to the
    Saturn door we tried to open early. If there is anything
    left that you want to do in the Castle, then do it now,
    because once we're through this door, we won't be coming
    back. Say goodbye to the Castle, and use the Saturnus
    Key on the door. Go through it.
    |-----SATURNUS CORRIDORS-----|
    The moment you step onto the checked tiles, the door will
    slam behind you, and a change in camera angle will show
    you that Daniella is now in the room. If you had lost Hewie
    beforehand, he will be in here now. Run to the end of the
    corridor, telling Hewie to attack Daniella. Go through the door.
    About three quarters of the way up the stairs, there will be
    a cutscene.
    Wow.... It's a bit of an over-reaction. Leave this weirdo
    to scream at her reflection. If you try to go near her,
    Fiona will back away, exclaiming that Daniella is crazy
    and that she's not going near her. Continue up the stairs
    and through the door.
    |-----GREEN SPIRAL STAIRS-----|
    Descend the spiral stairs and try to open the door at the
    You cannot go back this way anymore, because it is
    completely flooded. To your right are some red curtains.
    This is your first hiding place. Further along is an
    Alchemy Hole in the wall, should you ever need to
    use your Medallions. In the corridor to your right,
    there is Camomile on a table. There is no point in
    going further down the corridor and through the door
    at the moment, so return to the main corridor.
    Go even more further down the corridor. The door on your
    left leads to a balcony which overlooks a graveyard.
    This balcony is completely useless, so you will never
    need to go there except for acknowledgement of the graveyard.
    The room on your right is going to be important in a
    second, so let's take a look around. There is a clock in
    here which you should save on. On the cupboard there is
    some Lavender. The red door is a dead end for now.
    The lamp in the centre of the room is the important
    thing right now, so remember it. Return to the corridor
    and continue south. Go through the door at the end.
    |-----ELEVATOR ROOM-----|
    Obviously, there is a sort of elevator in this room that
    is operated from elsewhere. Send Hewie to search in the
    singled-out square area to find an Album Medallion. There 
    is a mirror here which is covered by a cloth. If Daniella
    is chasing you, pull the curtain away from the mirror for
    a very brief distraction. Go through the left hand door.
    There is a Luminessant in this room. Believe it or not, this
    is actually a Luminessant with a purpose! Ignore it for now,
    and enter the door on the other side of this room.
    |-----MUMMY ROOM-----|
    The door you see beside you leads to an empty closet. If you
    enter it and close the door behind you, you can crouch to
    use this as a hiding place. Further down the corridor is a
    series of sofas. There is a large doll on the far soda. Only
    examine it if you are ready for some panic, because when you
    look at the doll, all is not as it seems. Send Hewie to search
    in front of the doll sofa to find a Medallion. Kick the gold
    jar further on to get Magnesia. The red door is a dead end for
    Go into the alcove on your left and examine the painting. This
    is a clue to what you need to do next. Return to the room with
    the Luminessant in it, and make the Luminessant follow you all 
    the way back to the Alchemy Corridor.
    |-----ALCHEMY CORRIDOR-----|
    Remember the lamp we looked at earlier? You need to lure the
    Luminessant so that it bumps into this lamp. When it does,
    a blue light will come on and you will get a cutscene. If
    you lost your Luminessant on the way or if it bumped into you
    or disappeared, return to the room above the Mandragora 
    Garden and it will have reappeared.
    Return to the painting in the alcove.
    |-----MUMMY ROOM-----|
    When you return to the painting, you will discover that it
    has moved back to reveal some stairs moving down. At the 
    bottom of these stairs, there is an item (chicken jerky)
    on the table. The jar is empty and you cannot examine the
    statue. Go through the door on your right.
    |-----LARGE CAGE ROOM-----|
    In this room, there will be silence, and Hewie will growl
    in the direction of the large cage. This is because Daniella
    is behind it, cleaning a statue. If she is not busy chasing
    you, then this is most likely where she will be. You cannot 
    get there from here yet. That also means she cannot get
    you from there. So ignore her, as she will pay you no
    harm. Instead, go through the first door you see, which
    is on your left.
    |-----MANSION RESTROOM-----|
    The shining item on the dresser is Refined Antimony. Do not
    examine the shutters over the window at the back of the room,
    as this triggers a scene which prompts Daniella to chase you.
    Get Hewie to search around the toilet bowl and he will find
    Refined Magnesia. Next, look at the chart on the wall.
    A  T  S  T  Y  X  O
    R  R  U  T  H  E  N
    S  A  L  T  I  N  E
    E  C  F  A  D  O  O
    N  H  U  R  A  N  D
    M  E  R  C  U  R  Y
    C  A  D  M  I  U  M
    This is a copy of the chart. You are supposed to find the
    Three Spiritual Substances. The substances I found on
    here are:
    The ones that you need are:
    You must now create three plate-keys using the Plate Key
    machine in the left corner with these substances on them.
    Make sure you spell Sulfur correctly, as it IS an accepted
    form of spelling the word, but another one is Sulphur,
    and the next puzzle does not accept the plate-key SULPHUR.
    Return to the previous room.
    |-----LARGE CAGE ROOM-----|
    Go through the door that is directly opposite the restroom.
    |-----RED-LIT CORRIDOR-----|
    Get Hewie to search around the middle light on the floor. He
    will find a Viride Medallion on it. Don't go through the blue
    door just yet, go left.
    |-----MANSION EAST ALCOVE-----|
    Save your game at the clock in here and go down the steps.
    The sofa in here is a hiding place, but for some reason it
    never seems to work very well, and Daniella nearly always 
    finds you here. Just bear that in mind. On the table, there
    is a map of your new area, the Old Mansion. The door in the
    corner is locked, but if you search between here and the sofa
    then you will find a hidden Item (Medallion). Return to the
    red-lit corridor and go through the blue door.
    |-----CAROUSEL ROOM-----|
    This room is downright creepy, but not as creepy as it gets
    later... Why on earth would someone have a carousel in their
    mansion? For now, ignore the scary Calliope music and go
    through the door on your right.
    Go down the steps nearby and head north and through the door.
    |-----DRAGONFIRE ROOM-----|
    In this room is a large, spiralling flame, a second landing,
    a statue on top of a cupboard, a door which remains locked
    until later and, most importantly, three statues of dragons.
    In the mouth of one of these dragons is a torn letter. Pick 
    it up and read it. Just who is this Lorenzo guy, anyway?
    We will now use the plate-keys we created earlier. In no
    particular order, use the first two plate-keys in the bottom
    dragon mouths. You cannot reach the highest one, so try to use
    your remaining plate-key on one of the lower mouths.
    Where would we be without Hewie? Watch out, because Daniella
    might decide to appear now. Quickly tell Hewie to wait, and
    head up the new ice pillar. Go through the door on the top
    |-----MANSION STUDY-----|
    On Hard Mode, be careful, because there are Failures in here.
    On one of the right-most aisles, there will be Magnesia. On
    the far right will be a clock. Save, if you wish. You will
    notice an item shining on top of the ladder. Simply kick the
    ladder until the item falls off, and retrieve it to receive the
    Jupiter Key. There is o need to go through the door on the
    right, as it is merely a shortcut to the Alchemy Hole at the
    beginning. Go to the back of the room and go left. You can 
    examine the journals here. Then return to the ice pillar and 
    go back down.
    |-----DRAGONFIRE ROOM-----|
    If she didn't appear before, Daniella will almost certainly
    appear now. Do what you can to avoid her (for help, see the
    hiding places and distractions section). When you have 
    escaped Daniella, return to the Dragonfire Corridor.
    In this corridor, return to the steps near the Carousel Room,
    this time turning left. There is a curved room with two
    doors on opposite sides here. Go down the left side to find
    a locked door. Use the Jupiter Key on it and enter. As opposed
    to most keys you find, the Jupiter Key will stay in your
    inventory until its second use.
    |-----ROOM OF TRUTH-----|
    !! This is what they call the room of truth. Daniella is in this !!
    !! room, crouched by a range. Do NOT talk to her unless you wish !!
    !! for an extra cutscene, for her to pursue you and for her to   !!
    !! from now on wield a stronger weapon. If you talk to her, she  !!
    !! will wield a hot metal poker. You can simply ignore her to    !!
    !! avoid this inconvenience.
    Take a good look at all the objects in this room. Try to
    remember what they all look like, as this is key for the
    next part. Now exit and go back to the curved room, where
    you should go through the door on the opposite side, which
    can be opened by using the Jupiter Key again (it will now
    vanish from your inventory).
    |-----ROOM OF FALSE TRUTH-----|
    Yup - this room is exactly the same as the previous room 
    besides Daniella (or is it?). Actually, it's not. There
    is definitely something amiss in this room. This short
    puzzle requires you to pick out the three items that
    are different from their twins in the other room. It's
    basically a game of spot the difference.
    Hewie will growl at the wardrobe in this room. DO NOT
    examine it, as this will make Fiona hide inside it.
    Three guesses as to who will be hiding in there with her.
    So, to avoid a very unnecessary moment, stay far away from
    the wardrobe.
    If you wish to figure this out yourself, keep swapping between
    this room and the other. If not, here are your answers, which
    are the same every time:
    1) Examine the chessboard on the table.
    2) Examine the mannequins in the corner.
    3) Examine the hourglass on the range.
    Every correct item changes one part of the mansion around. Be 
    warned that if you choose one incorrect item, and try to leave
    the room, a Game Over cutscene will be triggered, and a quite
    nasty one at that. Now, more rooms in the mansion will be
    accessible, but some will not be accessible anymore, such as
    the Elevator Room that led you to the Alchemy Hole.
    Return to the Dragonfire Corridor.
    Do you remember where the Carousel Room was? Through the blue door
    directly opposite you? You will now want to enter this room again...
    This room is even creepier than the first one. All of the animals
    seem to be covered in blood or rust, and there are parts missing
    from them. The Calliope music that was playing before will be
    stranger, more out of key and have odd, scary effects in the
    background. Get out of this horrendous room as quickly as you
    can by taking the door to your right.
    |-----TORTURE CHAMBER-----|
    This door used to lead to the Red Lit Corridor. Now, it leads
    here, into this undesirable room. This is another puzzle room,
    so Daniella is unable to enter it until you have completed
    the puzzle. The Iron Maiden in this room can act as a hiding
    place when you pull back the level to lower the spikes and hide
    inside it. However, if Daniella finds you in this hiding place,
    a Game Over cutscene will automatically occur, without even any
    chance to escape. Best to avoid hiding in here if you can help
    it. Don't forget to pick up the Camomile on the table before 
    examining the corpse that is sitting in the chair in this room.
    The corpse will now have Fiona tightly in its grip! To struggle
    free from it, keep wriggling the left analogue stick and mashing
    as many buttons as possible. Alternatively you can ask Hewie for
    help and he may jump and break the corpse's grip. If you do not
    manage to break free, the corpse will release you eventually
    and Fiona will enter MAJOR PANIC but it's no big deal as Daniella 
    cannot come in yet.
    To get the key from around the corpse's neck, you need to exorcise
    it. Do this by stepping on the coloured panels to put out all the
    candles on the statue behind the panels. If you examine the statue 
    there will be clues on how to complete the puzzle.
    This is a difficult puzzle which can only be completed through
    the combined teamwork of Fiona and Hewie. Make sure he's with you.
    1. Get Hewie to sit on the red panel by telling him to "go" in that 
       direction. When he stands on it, he will pause, giving you
       opportunity to tell him to "sit". 
    2. Whilst he is sat on the red panel, make Fiona stand on the yellow.
    3. Leave Hewie on the red panel.
    4. Move Fiona to the blue panel while Hewie is on the red.
    5. Then tell Hewie to come towards you and to wait when he is on the
       green panel.
    6. Finally, leave Hewie on the green panel and stand Fiona on the yellow.
    When you move onto the yellow panel, the candles will all be 
    extinguished. Here is an easier to read version of the solution.
    |  |FIONA  | HEWIE
    |1.|YELLOW | RED
    |  |       |
    |2.|BLUE   | RED
    |  |       |
    |3.|YELLOW | GREEN
    With the corpse exorcised, you are now free to take the Venus Key from
    the corpse's neck. Daniella can now enter the room, so do not be
    surprised if she makes an appearance. Return now to the Dragonfire
    There is now a Luminessant in this corridor, if you did not
    notice earlier. Do you remember the statue on the plinth in
    the Dragonfire Room? You now need to lure the Luminessant over
    to that statue. So, lure the Luminessant first into the Dragonfire
    |-----DRAGONFIRE ROOM-----|
    This is sometimes tricky, but get the Luminessant to bump into
    the statue to light to lamp on it. The plinth will open, and 
    inside the a Film Reel which will come in handy later. Using
    the Venus Key, you can now enter the door to your left.
    |-----MANDRAGORA GARDEN-----|
    Walk a few steps into the room.
    Thank you very much to Rainy H and Jessica M for telling me
    the location of the hiding place in this room. Here is Jessica's
    description of where the hiding place is:
    "Once in the Mandragora garden you will go to the far bottom right
    corner. There will be a fountain of water and pink madragoras. Walk
    into the fountain and crouch. In this position, the pink mandragoras
    should be above you and the fountain of water should be to your right.
    Surprisingly, Daniella will not see you crouched right there."
    This acts like a patch of shade, so Daniella may or may not see you
    crouched there, but you could say the same for hiding places. Jessica
    also very kindly provided me with a link to a picture of where you must
    crouch. Here it is: 
    In this room, there are loads of gardens, each containing a 
    different coloured Mandragora. Our aim is to take the correct one
    and use it in the correct place.
    Read the plaque at the upper centre of the screen. It mentions
    'Hebel'. You can obtain Hebel's Perfume which allows Hewie to sniff
    out the Mandragora that we want but the easier way is to take the 
    Mandragora which I instruct you to take. However, if you would 
    rather do this the proper way, read the box following this paragraph.
    The answer, for those who seek the quicker way, it is straight after
    the box. (The perfume is not essential to picking the right Mandragora.)
    || If you want to get this perfume, make sure that Daniella isn't       ||
    || chasing you. Return to the Dragonfire Corridor. To the south,        ||
    || there is a door right at the end of the corridor. Go through it (and ||
    || unlock it if you haven't done it earlier) to find yourself in the    ||
    || Mansion East Alcove.                                                 ||
    ||                                                                      ||
    || From here, go to the Red-Lit Corridor. Go through the blue door that ||
    || previously took you to the Carousel Room. You will now be behind the ||
    || cage where Daniella is usually cleaning. Provided she isn't chasing  ||
    || you, she will be in here as usual. Don't be scared; talk to her.     ||
    || She will present you with Hebel's Perfume as "a gift from the master ||
    || of the house" and return to her cleaning. Return to the Mandragora   ||
    || Room. You can now use the perfume on Hewie. He will sniff out the    ||
    || correct Mandragora, and you can feel free to take it.                ||
    The correct Mandragora to take is the White Mandragora. Now,
    before we can actually put it to use, watch out - Daniella
    cherishes this garden, and when you pick up one of the
    Mandragoras, they will shriek as loud as they can, sending
    her running to check on her precious plants. This is definite;
    she ALWAYS appears when you pick up a Mandragora. You can now do
    one of two things:
    1) Hide in the patch of shade I told you about above and hope she
       doesn't find you. (This is doubly more effective with the Fairy
    2) Send Hewie flying at Daniella, run out of the room and hide in
       any way you deem sensible.
    (Please take note that with the Mandragora in her possession, Fiona
    is in constant panic.)
    Now that you have escaped Daniella, return to the Dragonfire Corridor.
    To the hallway right of the door leading to the Dragonfire Room,
    there are loads of dolls. Hewie will growl at these, but disregard
    them and call Hewie to follow you. Go through the door at the end.
    Don't forget to pick up the item at the end. Cross the bridge and 
    enter the next door.
    There are Luminessant out here, so there isn't any time to pick
    up items or examine anything. However, if you do decided to collect
    these items/examine objects, then read the following:
    - Examine all of the graves in the area. They all have the same
      name on them, only with different dates. Strange.
    - In the middle of a circle of rocks sits a shining item. Pick it
      up to obtain Beef Jerky.
    There is a mausoleum straight to the left of the door you came through.
    Examine it.
    Use your White Mandragora on the hand that has appeared. If you give it
    the wrong Mandragora, you will still get a cutscene, only it will be
    different to the correct Mandragora's cutscene and you will have to
    try to bring it the correct one again.
    Now enter the crypt in front of you.
    This is your sanctuary. None of your pursuers can ever get in here.
    One thing you will see is a table with the document on it. If you 
    read it, you will learn how to operate the nearby Rock Golem.
    In this crypt, there is a series of passages leading to entrances 
    that are blocked by walls of fire. If you send the Rock Golem in
    the right direction, it will extinguish the fire. So how do we
    control it?
    There is a plate-key machine located at the right corner of the beginning
    of the crypt. The golem can go left or right or straight ahead at every
    corner in the passages. We only want it to go left or right, or it will
    simply sink into the wall. We can make it move left or right by typing
    the letters R and L on the plate key and inserting it into the slot
    in the golem.
    For instance, if you wanted to send the golem right, then left, then right,
    then right, then left, we would type onto the plate key: RLRRL.
    You can run along the passageways to figure out which direction to go.
    However, I have the directions here. 
    To reach our destination: RRL
    To the outside incinerator: RRRR
    To the Magist Medallion: RRR
    To the first floor library: RRLRR
    When you insert a plate-key into the golem, you can press O to make it
    run. It's slow enough running, so why would you want it to walk?
    If you want to go into the library, you may want to do it later as
    if you activate the cutscene there, Daniella will appear. It's easier
    to do after we're finished with her.
    If you decide to visit the incinerator, there is Lavender on the ground.
    If you examine the incinerator, Fiona will comment. Examine it again, and
    she will panic. If you examine it after, she will comment on it again. 
    You can send Hewie to search at the top of the stairs to obtain
    Refined Magnesia.
    If you cannot remember how to return to your destination, go back to
    the Rock Golem (go left three times) and then go right, right and left
    and through the passageway.
    |-----IMPOSSIBLE STAIRS-----|
    This place is weird, but don't worry about it, it's not a puzzle room.
    At the top of the stairs, next to the door, you will see an item that
    is out of reach. Step back and send Hewie in that direction. He will
    jump and retrieve the Album Medallion for you.
    Then, go through the door.
     |-----MANSION WEST CORRIDOR-----|
    In this new corridor, go north and then right and through the doorway.
    The jars in the next room are empty; continue along the curved, caged
    corridor. Save it at the clock and go round the corner, heading
    down the stairs.
    The door here is locked, and there is a mechanism beside it. If you
    put in the right combination, the door will open.
    The quick way to do this is to use the combination I give you here,
    bit if you want to do things properly, return to the crypt. If you
    would just like the combination, ignore the next box.
    || In the crypt, go right, right, left, right and right. Then               ||
    || go through the door, through the underwater corridor and up              ||
    || the stairs.                                                              ||
    ||                                                                          || 
    || O---------------------------O                                            || 
    || |-----LIBRARY 1ST FLOOR-----|                                            ||
    || O---------------------------O                                            ||
    ||                                                                          ||
    || There is a save clock on your left and a book called 'Cathedral          ||
    || Secrets' to you right. Pick it up. Go forward until you find             ||
    || a trolley with books on it. If you push it to the left, you              ||
    || will reveal a book called 'Occult Philosophy'. Go round to               ||
    || your right and examine the book on the shelf that stands out.            ||
    || It is called 'Wiseman's Crafts'. Pick it up.                             ||
    ||                                                                          ||
    || The aim of this puzzle is to put the correct books on the correct        ||
    || bookcases. When you put a book on the correct bookcase, the bookcase     ||
    || will move along to reveal a pathway to a door near the second floor.     ||
    || Each bookcase has books by certain alchemists such as Flamel and         ||
    || Agrippa on them. You just need to match the books to the correct         ||
    || alchemist who wrote them.                                                ||
    ||                                                                          ||
    || On the left bookcase closest to the door, use the book 'Occult           ||
    || Philosophy'. The bookcase will move.                                     ||
    ||                                                                          ||
    || On the bookcase to its right, use 'Wiseman's Crafts'. The bookcase       ||
    || will move.                                                               ||
    ||                                                                          ||
    || On the top right bookshelf, use 'Cathedral Secrets'. Now all the         ||
    || bookcases should be in place. Send Hewie to search by the last           ||
    || bookcase you oved and you will find an Antimony Tube.                    ||
    ||                                                                          ||
    || On the bookcase nearest to the door, climb the ladder and walk across    ||
    || the line of bookcases to the door at the top.                            ||
    ||                                                                          ||
    || O---------------------O                                                  ||
    || |-----CINEMA ROOM-----|                                                  ||
    || O---------------------O                                                  ||
    ||                                                                          ||
    || Use the Film Reel we got earlier on the projector.                       ||
    ||                                                                          ||
    || *CUTSCENE*                                                               ||
    ||                                                                          ||
    || You need to remember the combination you just saw. Now, the main thing   ||
    || on your mind should be to escape Daniella. Just run back to the crypt:   ||
    || that's easy enough. Return to where you saw the combination and enter it.||
    The combination is: 1st Circle - Vertical line circle
                        2nd circle - Blank circle
                        3rd circle - Vertical line with half of a horizontal line
    This is what the circles should look like:
     oo | oo
    oo  |  oo
    oo  |  oo
    oo  |  oo
     oo | oo
     oo   oo
    oo     oo
    oo     oo
    oo     oo
     oo   oo
     oo | oo
    oo  |  oo
    oo  |--oo
    oo  |  oo
     oo | oo
    The door beside you should click and Fiona will turn to look
    at it. It is now unlocked. Go through the door.
     |-----GREEN SPIRAL STAIRS-----|
    If you descend the stairs, you will merely come to a red door
    which is locked. This is the Mars Door, and our aim is to
    get through it, which we should accomplish very soon. For now,
    ascend the stairs, all the way to the door at the top. Don't
    forget to pick up the item from beside the first lamp you
    pass. (It should be Refined Magnesia.)
     |-----HEXAGONAL PANEL ROOM-----|
    This room's creepy. Is it just me, or do most of the statues
    on the left hand side have no heads? Anyway, you will notice 
    Hewie growling at the red and black hexagonal panels on the
    floor. Read your comment to find out what to do. Nevertheless,
    I'll tell you anyway.
    The aim is to cross to the other side of the room by stepping
    on the correct panels. There is a suit of armour with a crossbow
    on the other side. If you step on the wrong panel twice, you
    will get a Game Over cutscene. To cross here safely, send Hewie
    to scout ahead for you. Following close behind him, stand on
    the panels he stands on, being careful not to accidentally
    tread on any false ones. The panels Hewie stands on are the correct
    panels that will get you across safely.
    When you are on the other side, stand behind the suit of armour 
    and examine it. Fiona will notice a switch. If you press it,
    it disarms the trap and you can cross safely on your way back.
    Enter the door in front of you.
     |-----SECOND FLOOR LIBRARY-----|
    On the left side of this room, there is some Refined Antimony on
    the floor. There is a clock on the other side. Save it, because
    we are coming up to an important part of the game and we don't want
    to find ourselves ages back because we died and didn't save it.
    In the corner near the door, send Hewie to search and he will find a
    Rubrum Medallion. Go through the door next to the clock.
     |-----MIRROR ROOM-----|
    Go up the stairs and make sure Hewie is on full health. Walk towards
    the blocks in the main part of this room for a disturbing cutscene.
    + BOSS BATTLE - DANIELLA                                               +
    +                                                                      +
    + Daniella is a tough cookie - if you don't know what you're doing.    +
    + You cannot defeat her by simply beating her up 'til she falls        +
    + down - though if you do this (if you haven't beforehand), you get    +
    + a comment. How you defeat Daniella does not effect your ending, as   +
    + there is only one way to defeat her.                                 +
    +                                                                      +
    + Your aim is to push all four blocks onto the coloured pads near      +
    + the centre. Seems easy, doesn't it? Well, it is. Thing is,           +
    + unless you do something about her, Daniella will continually         +
    + interrupt                                                            +
    + you. Disable Daniella by having Hewie attack her. While she's busy   +
    + with Hewie (Hewie's critical attack will be very effective here)     +
    + either kick her to floor her for a while or push the blocks as       +
    + far as they can go without interruption. Keep pushing the blocks and +
    + keeping her away from you until all the blocks are pushed into their +
    + panels. You will know when this has happened when the colour on the  +
    + block lights up. Make sure to keep healing Hewie.                    +
    +                                                                      +
    + When all the blocks have lit up and you have taken as many items     +
    + as you wish from Daniella, lure Daniella onto the mirror in the      +
    + middle of the floor by standing on the opposite side of it to her.   +
    + Easy! Boss battle complete.                                          +
    How easy was that? Poor Daniella... Okay, she's left a shining item
    on the floor. Pick it up to receive the Mars Key. Heal Fiona and
    Hewie if they need it.
    If you want to collect some items before moving on, check the 
    following Item Box. If not, skip it.
    || Return to the Curved Caged Corridor. From here, go out into the        ||
    || corridor after the Impossible Stairs. Go through the north door;       ||
    || this is the Surgery Room. There is Lavender on the gurney.             ||
    || The sink of the back is a recovery point. For added interest, on       ||
    || the whiteboard in here there is a poster of what looks like an         ||
    || x-ray of Debilitas. Hm... Now go back into the corridor and all        ||
    || the way south. Just a little bit further than the stool at the end,    ||
    || there is a hidden Rubrum Medallion - send Hewie to search.             ||
    ||                                                                        ||
    || Go down the stairs to the left and past the Homunculus (Hewie will     ||
    || growl - ignore him). There is a room with a table round the corner.    ||
    || There is a Medallion on the table. The table is also a hiding place    ||
    || which may come in handy later.                                         ||
    ||                                                                        ||
    || Return to the Impossible Stairs and to the Crypt. From the Rock Golem, ||
    || go right, right, left, right, right to get to the library. At the      ||
    || bottom of the stairs that lead to the library, send Hewie to search.   ||
    || He will find a Medallion.                                              ||
    ||                                                                        ||
    || Exit the Crypt via the graveyard entrance. In the Graveyard,           ||
    || there will be Beef Jerky in a circle of rocks. You can also            ||
    || examine all of the gravestones here for something rather puzzling...   ||
    || In this same area, stand next to the door that leads to the            ||
    || Dragonfire Corridor, and face the front of the screen. Send Hewie      ||
    || towards the bushes. He should jump into them and find an Antimony      ||
    || Tube.                                                                  ||
    ||                                                                        ||
    || In the Dragonfire Corridor, there is Refined Magnesia on a pedestal    ||
    || next to the doll. Near the stairs that lead to the Jupiter Rooms,      ||
    || there are some gold jars. Kick them open to get a Viola Medallion      ||
    || and a Rubrum Medallion.                                                ||
    ||                                                                        ||
    || In the Red Lit Corridor, there is a blue door that leads (through      ||
    || a carousel room) to the cage that Daniella is usually cleaning         ||
    || behind. There is a Rubrum Medallion on the floor and Beef Jerky in     ||
    || the jar.                                                               ||
    ||                                                                        ||
    || At the staircase where the mummy is, there's a red door which was      ||
    || a dead end earlier. It is now a passageway. Watch out for the          ||
    || Luminessant! Kick the red jar to get a Weeping Stone. The              ||
    || passage to the right will take you to the Alchemy Hall at              ||
    || the beginning - the room you start off in. The passage straight        ||
    || down takes you to a new room. In the mouth of the Chimera              ||
    || statue in this room, there is Sylvesta Esca.                           ||
    Return to the Green Spiral Staircase and run to the bottom. You can
    use the Mars Key on the door here to advance to the next area.
    When you enter this hallway, there is a pile of rubble on
    the ground to your left. There is an oddly slanted space
    beneath it - this is your first hiding place, though it's
    usually quite ineffective. Still, if you're desperate, which
    you may well be, this is the place to hide.
    Around the corner, there is a circular room with an alchemy
    hole and a chicken wire fence through the middle (though
    obviously you can just walk around it). There is also a new
    little enemy in this room - a Failure. These things are
    tricky little blighters, and a right pain in the bum-bum,
    too. To dispose of them, kick them as they run towards you,
    until a red cloud comes out of it, proving it is dead. Or,
    you can wait till it grabs your legs and shout Hewie for help.
    When the Failure is dead, check out the Alchemy Hole for new
    stuffz. Then, continue onwards...
    There is a Homunculus in this room. Beware, this is the only
    one in the game that hits back if you attack it, so LEAVE
    IT ALONE!! Ignore the corridor to the left for now and go towards
    the front of the screen. Tell Hewie to search near the scales to
    find a Medallion. Make him search around the next pedestal for 
    another, and around the globe for yet another. At the end of
    this corridor there is a locked door which can be opened from
    the other side later, and a Weeping Stone on the table.
    Now we can return to the left turn-off, and up the stairs to the left.
    In the middle of this dirty corridor, Hewie can be sent to find 
    some of the rare and powerful Prima Magnesia. Kick down the blockage
    at the end of the corridor and enter the new door...
     |-----DECOMPOSER ROOM-----|
    You may want to take note of the name of this room for later.
    Now, you see that funny looking square in the ground? Notice how
    if you stand on it, it makes a funny creaking sound. Later, when
    you are being chased by your next pursuer, you can lure them in
    front of this. When they step on it, they fall down! However, this
    can only be used once, but it bides you a bit of time.
    Examine the big machine in this room for a comment. Take note that
    this is the DECOMPOSER. We will be using this later. The jar to
    the right of this has a secret item in it - an Album Medallion.
    There is a document on the table near the door. Read it to find out
    that Hewie has been a very naughty doggy! There is also a hole here
    which we will be sending Hewie through later. However, you will
    definitely want to keep him with you for now.
    Return to the corridor. Use any Medallions in the Alchemy Hole
    before proceeding to the next door, which can be found north
    from the bottom of the stairs we just went up.
    Et voila - we start our new chapter.
     /\  |                                   |  /\      (HG11.3)
    /||\  CNAPTER 3 - "LET ME INTO YOUR WOMB"  /||\
    \||/ |                                   | \||/
     \/  ====================================   \/
     |-----HOMONCULUS ROOM-----|
    RUN AWAAAAY! Follow the corridor around (ignore any red
    jars) and keep telling Hewie to attack Riccardo. Go through
    the door at the end, and follow the curved corridor that ensues
    around until you reach another door. Unlock this and zoom through
    it as quickly as possible. This area may look slightly familiar - 
    if not, remember that it is a link to Daniella's area. Hide 
    under the table in here immediately and pray to God that Riccardo
    doesn't find you. If he does, there are four more options:
    1) Hide under the rubble just inside of the Mars Door.
    2) Make Riccardo fall through the ground in the Decomposer Room.
       To do this, stand on the side of the hole closest to the
       Decomposer and furthest from the door. When he is in the room
       with you, he may want to keep firing shots, so run from side
       to side without stopping and he shouldn't hit you. He will
       keep taking steps forward, and eventually, the screen will black
       out and he'll have fallen down the hole. This can take around 10
       seconds up to 5 minutes.
    3) Run away from him as far as you can and you'll hopefully lose him.
    4) If you have the Faerie Earrings (this means you have to have 
       completed the game once already), stand behind the protruding wall
       in the curved corridor and wait to disappear. Hopefully, Riccardo 
       will run straight past, as he never stands here.
    When you have lost Riccardo, return to the curved corridor and take 
    the left into the circular area. Two failures will drop from the
    ceiling. Either kick them down yourself (which is difficult, seeing
    as there are two of them), or get Hewie to give you a hand. The jar
    is empty. Ignore the door and the stairs for now, and return to the 
    Decomposer Room.
     |-----DECOMPOSER ROOM-----|
    Do you remember the hole in the wall? Now you should send Hewie through
    it in order to progress. Once done, remember not to call Hewie at all
    or he will exit the hole and try to find you, meaning you'll have to
    go and send him through it again. Prepare to return to the circular area
    where the Failures fell from in the curved corridor. Brace yourself - 
    from here on, you're on your own.
     |-----CURVED CORRIDOR-----|
    Now that we're in the circular area again, ignore the door and run up the
    stairs. If you run into Riccardo again, use the tactics I told you before
    the escape from him. Go through the door at the top of the stairs, and
    run to the end of the corridor. You may see a lot of rubble on the ground
    next to the door if you made Riccardo fall down the hole in the Decomposer
    Room; this is where he falls after the black-out.
    You are next to a door that is locked. Listen; you may hear some barking
    coming from behind the door... That's right - it's Hewie (well, it's
    hardly gonna be Riccardo, is it?)! Tell Hewie to "Come On" for a cutscene.
    Enter the room. Beware, as Riccardo loves to make an unwanted appearance
    at this point. Don't fret though, because he might not do so. Grab the 
    Viride Medallion from the table. Take note of the machine in this room,
    that looks almost exactly like the machine in the Decomposer Room. Go
    through the door near the machine.
     |-----MANSION WEST ALCOVE-----|
    Your first action should be to save at the clock. Take the Camomile
    from the table and open the door.
     |-----CURVED BALCONY-----|
    On the other side of this is a door. Go through it...
    This bit can be EXTREMELY difficult. This is basically one long
    room with caged doors. There is something behind each door which
    you can usually hear or see via the gap in the door itself. Since
    there is a Homunculus in this room, there is no music, making
    it difficult to tell whether Riccardo is nearby. Take a deep breath
    and walk through the first door.
    Behind this door is a failure. Kick it until it dies.
    Behind the second door, there is a Homunculus sitting in a chair,
    mumbling to itself. Ignore it and go through the next door. If
    Hewie is growling at the Homunculus, call him until he follows.
    Behind the third door, there is another Failure. Kill it, then
    get the Medallion concealed inside the jar.
    Behind the fourth door is a sofa, under which you can hide under,
    and a door on your right. Go through it.
     |-----CEMETERY PART 2-----|
    Do you remember the cemetery with the crypt in it? This is the other
    side, behind a gate that is locked. There is an Album Medallion at 
    the bottom of the stairs. You will see a sparkling item near some 
    rocks; this is Prima Materia, a key item which will come to be
    very important for the next bit. Send Hewie in that direction to
    obtain it.
    If Riccardo makes an appearance, you can run all the way to the 
    right, unlock the gate and hide in the crypt. Like Daniella,
    Riccardo is unable to enter the crypt.
    When/if you are Riccardo-free, it's time to start the next puzzle.
    The aim of this puzzle is to transform the Prima Magnesia, using
    a variety of machines, into a Godstone. There are two Godstones
    we can make, and these are the Red Godstone and the White Godstone.
    The one we aim to make is the White Godstone.
    Do you remember the room in the cutscene just before we began
    to be pursued by Riccardo? The one with the green water in a tank,
    in which a woman-like homunculus floated? We need to go there.
    To do this, go back through the Red Dangerous Room, across the
    Mansion Curved Balcony, through the Mansion West Alcove (where you
    should save your game), and from the Curved Corridor, go down
    towards the door which leads to the corridor with many Homunculi
    in it. The door through here should lead you towards the Green
    Tank room.
     |-----GREEN TANK ROOM-----|
    In a room next to this one, there is a machine, not unlike the
    one in the Decomposer room. This is called an Extractor. Use the
    Prima Materia on it. The substance will transform and turn into
    Sulphuric Ore.
    Now return to the room where Hewie unbarred the door for you.
    You should now use the Sulphuric Ore on the machine here to get
    Silver Ore.
    It's long way to go now, but we're returning to Daniella's area.
    To do this, you should either use the spiral staircase outside the
    Mars door, go through the room with the table, or use the Crypt.
    To get to our destination from either way, read these:
    Go up the staircase and enter the first door on your left. Through
    the door, if you go further left, you will come to a machine. This
    is what we're looking for.
    Follow the room along, past the Homunculus, and up the stairs. Through
    the door at the top, ignore the mirror and carry on up the corridor.
    Take your first right, and you'll see the machine that we're looking for.
    Go right, right and left to get to the Impossible Stairs. Through the 
    next door, go up and take your next right. Keep going right until
    you see the machine that we're looking for.
     |-----SYNTHESISER ROOM-----|
    Use the Silver Ore on the machine here (the synthesiser) and obtain
    the White Godstone. Finally! This is what we've been looking for.
    Now head back to the circular area in the Curved Corridor where the
    two Failures dropped on you earlier, and take the northern door.
    Follow the curved balcony to the end and pick up the Refined
    Antimony on a table. There is a wardrobe that you can use as
    a hiding place.
     |-----SCALES OF JUSTICE ROOM-----|
    There is a statue in this room holding a pair of scales. Use the
    White Godstone on the statue (if you have further transformed 
    the White Godstone to make the Red Godstone, you will have
    to repeat the process all over again to progress, as you
    can only use the White Godstone to open the doors in this
    If you wish you can take the Godstone back from the scales now.
    If you take the Godstone, you can either keep it White or transform
    it to make it Red. Either way, we may be able to use it later.
    Now come towards the front of the screen. There is a clock next
    to the enormous wooden doors. Saving here is advisable, as if
    you make a mistake, you may not get the ending you wanted.
    Plus the fact, you may die.
    When you are done in the area, go through the huge doors and out
    into the open.
    UPDATE - On the other side of the statue in this room, there is
    another door. In the next room, there is a Homonculus licking
    the floor. Ignore him. According to Norby Chirilenco, there is a
    Medallion here on Hard Mode. From here, there is another machine.
    This is the room where Failures are made.There will be a Homonculus
    banging his head against the wall. Pay him no mind. There is an item
    in this room, which I believe is something for Hewie, but I will check
    up on this.
     |-----CHAOS FOREST-----|
    Run down the stairs (ignoring the Homunculi) and continue left
    until you reach a fence with a piece of paper. Pick it up,
    as it is a map of the forest, albeit a useless, difficult-to-
    read one. STOP. You must now make an important choice.
    If you want to get one of either of the best endings, then continue
    and miss this paragraph, unless your relationship with Hewie is poor,
    in which case you should feed him with as much "happy" food as possible
    and try to make friends with him. If you intend to get the worst ending,
    now read on. You can only get the worst ending if your relationship
    with Hewie is an EXTREMELY bad one, along with something important in
    this forest which will come later. In order to get this bad ending,
    we need Hewie to hate us. So now is the time to start weakening Hewie
    with as much bad food as possible. Onions, Bennenam Esca, things like
    that should make him weak and unhappy. When he is either incredibly
    weak or collapsed on the floor, unconscious, we need to (and yes,
    this is incredibly heart-breaking and tearful if you are an animal-lover
    like me) beat him up. Kick him over and over and over. When you think
    you have done enough, leave him and continue as far left as you can until
    you come across a cutscene.
    Keep going left until you reach a cutscene.
    We're on our own now. We can now either find Hewie or just carry on.
    If your relationship with Hewie is high enough, it doesn't matter
    which you do, though if you find Hewie he will be even friendlier
    with you still (though at this stage it shouldn't really make much
    of a difference, he'll like you enough to do your bidding).
    If you aim to get the worst ending and Hewie already hates your
    guts, it is crucial that you DO NOT FIND HEWIE. If you find Hewie,
    you will not get the worst ending.
    If you want to find Hewie, read the box. If you wish to go straight
    to the next destination, skip it.
    || FINDING HEWIE                                                         ||
    ||                                                                       ||
    || Go north under the bridge and save the game by examining the sundial  ||
    || twice. Head back to where you started and go left, then down as far   ||
    || as you can go. You will probably be able to hear Hewie whining.       ||
    || Go right. The red jar holds a Medallion. Keep going right, and        ||
    || at the foot of a tree, you will see Hewie, lying down, not moving.    ||
    || Approach him.                                                         ||
    ||                                                                       ||
    || *CUTSCENE*                                                            ||
    ||                                                                       ||
    || Yup, there is a catch to trying to find Hewie. Riccardo will now      ||
    || chase you. Please understand how hard it is for me to try and         ||
    || write how to manouevre around Riccardo, it's difficult to             ||
    || find words for how to do it. I've done my best... There are           ||
    || two ways to do it.                                                    ||
    ||                                                                       ||
    || CHOICE 1:                                                             ||
    ||                                                                       ||
    || All you can really do is run. The way I found to do this, is          ||
    || to run in the opposite direction to where Riccardo stands (so go      ||
    || right) or you will get shot. Going right, you may see a hedge. You    ||
    || might not be able to hide in this hedge in time, so double back       ||
    || and run past Riccardo. This seems stupid, but it seems to be          ||
    || one of the best ways to get past him. Go left past Hewie and go       ||
    || up as far as you can. Now turn left at the fork, and keep going left. ||
    || If you go down, you will find a bush. Hide in it. When Riccardo is    ||
    || gone, go up and right, then down at your next chance. Follow the path ||
    || around and go up over the nearby bridge. When you reach the cliff     ||
    || edge, you will get a custcene.                                        ||
    ||                                                                       ||
    || CHOICE 2:                                                             ||
    ||                                                                       ||
    || run in the opposite direction to where Riccardo stands (so go         ||
    || right) or you will get shot. Going right, you may see a hedge. You    ||
    || might not be able to hide in this hedge in time, so double back       ||
    || and run past Riccardo. This seems stupid, but it seems to be          ||
    || one of the best ways to get past him. Go left past Hewie, and         ||
    || keep going left until you can go down. Then you will be at a          ||
    || cliff. Go to the end of the cliff for a cutscene.                     ||
    ||                                                                       ||
    || Ignore the next paragraph outside the box. Instead read the paragraph ||
    || after *CUTSCENE*.                                                     ||
    Since you're not going to find Hewie, go north and under the bridge.
    Examine the sundial that you see twice to save your game. Now return
    to where you started and go left. Go down until you reach a fork - 
    take the left path and go down at the junction. Follow the path as
    far as to the left as you can, which will take you to some Camomile, 
    then follow the path round and go up over the bridge you see. When you
    reach the cliff edge, you will get a cutscene.
    If you got the worst ending, you will get a further two cutscenes and the
    game will end here, as Hewie does not come to save you in your cell.
    If you saved Hewie, or if you relationship with Hewie was very high,
    then you will wake up in a cell. Thanks you Hewie, you woke up 
    and can now try and get your wits about you. In your cell,
    there is a map of the place you are in: the Water Tower. Pick it up.
    You will also get a note from the one called Lorenzo.
    If you look outside your cell, you will notice that there is a key
    attached to a table. Hewie is about to save your life. Tell
    Hewie to go in the direction of the key, and he will take it
    and bring it to you.
    To your left there is a Bronze Figurine in the wall. Although this
    item is completely useless, you may as well take it to get the amount
    of items you picked up during the game up. On the floor nearby
    there is Beef Jerky. If you still have some key items from the
    beginning of the game, you can use them on the machine here to
    transform them into different items, some useful, some not useful.
    For a list of these items, check the Secrets section.
    For your own information, the Bronze Figurine is a Red Herring.
    It serves no purpose in the game except that it is there to be
    picked up.
    Exit this room for a rather troubling Cutscene.
     |-----UNDERGROUND CAVERN-----|
    Now Riccardo will chase you - and he's invisible! Yay! Not.
    Keep running around this little cavern until you lose him.
    Although he is invisible, Hewie can still sense Riccardo,
    so send him to attack. Riccardo gets more visible the closer
    he is to you, so you can sometimes attack him. There are some
    barrels which you can hide behind, though you have rarely
    got time to hide behind them. A little north of the barrels,
    there is a pipe. If you kick it, a Wooden Miniature will fall
    out. Pick it up. A little further on there is a wall
    with a Silver Disc in it, and a pipe containing an Album
    Silver disc serves the same purpose as the Bronze Figurine.
    It doesn't have one.
    To the north, there is a short set of stairs that lead to
    an Alchemy Hole - go in and use any Medallions. You will
    also get a message about costumes in here on your first time
    round. A dresser will also appear where you can change costumes.
    Back outside, climb the second set of stairs into a new room.
     |-----WATER TOWER-----|
    This is the main room of the tower. Many spiral slopes wind
    around the tower, allowing you to get to the top - 
    not without operating a few levers here and there, though.
    And, of course, how can we forget our little invisible
    friend to make it more difficult?
    There is a Recovery Point in the form of a sink on your
    immediate left. Further left there is a save clock and
    and pair of doors. These doors lead outside, but
    you cannot go very far as the stone bridge seems to have 
    completely disappeared. There is an item shining on the
    floor. Collect it and go back inside.
    Climb the first spiral slope to the 1st level. On the way, you
    will hear Riccardo laugh. Don't worry about this for the moment.
    Carry on up the stairs, don't stop to wonder where Riccardo is,
    and eventually, without warning, you'll hear his music and
    footsteps. Keep Hewie with you.
    The first level is a bow-shaped platform with a pillar in the middle.
    Telling Hewie to attack Riccardo, carry on up to the 2nd level.
    This level is also bow-shaped. Near the bottom of your screen (when
    standing on the platform) you will see a red jar at the foot of a
    separate slope. Don't kick this open, as it contains a Luminessant.
    Run away and attack Riccardo until he disappears (you'll know that
    he's disappeared when the normal music comes back).
    Once you have lost him, go to the top of the slope with the red jar
    at its base and pull the level at the top. The bow-shaped platform
    will move, allowing you to access a new slope that has Refined
    Antimony lying on it. Go to this new slope and climb up to the
    3rd level.
    At the top of the slope, a barrel will fall right in front of you.
    Fiona will stop and panic a little, but otherwise you're unharmed.
    However, Riccardo does decide to chase you at this point. Use
    the usual tactic of sending Hewie to attack him whilst running away.
    When you have lost him again, return to the 3rd level bow-shaped 
    platform. You will see that there are two other ways off of it.
    One goes left and one goes down. Take the one facing down. There is
    a jar on it that contains Camomile. At the top of this slope,
    there is another lever. Pull it and return to the platform, this
    time taking the left way off and climbing that slope to the
    4th level.
    At the top of this slope, guess what? There is yet another bow-shaped
    platform. Only - yikes - this one has A LOT of Luminessants on it.
    Try to avoid them as best as you can whilst running to the other
    side of the platform. It's difficult to dodge them, but it can be
    done. If one of them just so happens to hit you, then it's more than
    likely that during the time in which Fiona stumbles, the rest of them
    will bump into you. If this is the case, Fiona will definitely be in
    Major Panic. If this should happen, Riccardo will automatically be
    called to the area. 
    If you are not in panic, then pick up the Medallion at the foot of the
    opposite slope and run up it to the top.
    If you are in Major Panic, the only thing you can really do is to 
    run up the slope, telling Hewie to help you. Try not to bump into
    the wall, and hopefully you'll make it to the top.
    You should save at the clock here. This is a puzzle room, so Riccardo
    will not follow you into it.
    Hewie and Fiona must co-operate to solve this puzzle. In the centre
    of the room, there are 8 discs set into the floor. One is already lit
    up. If Fiona or Hewie step on the lit disc, a new one will light up.
    The aim of the puzzle is to light all of the discs.
    STEP 1
    Start with Fiona standing on the readily lit disc. One to the northwest
    will light up. Stay put on this disc.
    STEP 2
    Tell Hewie to go in the direction of the newly lit disc. He should sniff
    over to that direction and stand on the disc. Once he is there, and is 
    looking around aimlessly (if he hasn't finished his current action, he 
    won't listen to you), tell him to sit/wait on that disc. He should bark
    and then stay put.
    STEP 3
    With Hewie on the new disc, another to the left of Hewie will light up.
    Making sure that Hewie stays on his disc, make Fiona go to the new
    disc. As long as Hewie stays put, the one you just left will stay
    STEP 4
    On the new disc, one to the south will light up. Send Hewie there,
    and tell him to wait.
    STEP 5
    Have Fiona stand on the one to the newly lit disc to her right.
    STEP 6
    Send Hewie to the newly lit disc, and tell him to wait.
    STEP 7
    Have Fiona stand on the new disc.
    STEP 8
    Finally, tell Hewie to stand on the large disc in the middle. With
    all the discs alight, the puzzle is complete.
    Save your game again. Climb the spiral stairs that have just appeared.
    If Hewie needs healing, feed him. Do the same for Fiona. Then, go
    through the door at the top.
     |-----TOP OF TOWER (8F)-----|
    Close the door behind you so that Hewie doesn't wander off. Around
    the rim of the tower, there are 3 crumbling walls. Making sure
    Hewie is not in the way, kick these walls down (YOU MUST DO THIS
    TO BE ABLE TO DEFEAT RICCARDO - thanks to Lilacatz for reminding
    me to put this in the guide).
    At the opposite side of the tower to the door, there is a Diorama
    of the area, with a part missing. The part is one of the 3 key 
    items we picked up earlier (these being the Silver Disc, the Wooden
    Miniature and the Bronze Figurine). Use the Wooden Miniature on 
    the Diorama and place it around the middle.
    + BOSS BATTLE - RICCARDO                                          +
    +                                                                 +
    + You can't kill Riccardo by force; you can only knock him        +
    + down.	                                                          +
    +                                                                 +
    + To kill him, you must first send Hewie through a particular     +
    + hole set around the middle of the tower. You should send Hewie  +
    + through the hole to the immediate right of the door. Hopefully, +
    + if you've picked the right hole, he will reappear in a hole     +
    + above the Diorama.                                              +
    +                                                                 +
    + Lure Riccardo directly in front of Hewie, but not to close to   +
    + the middle of the tower. You can either keep him in place by    +
    + using Antimony, or chance your timing. When Riccardo is         +
    + directly in front of Hewie, tell Hewie to "GO!" - not "come     +
    + "on" - and Hewie should jump on Riccardo's back. If this        +
    + happens, the battle is over. Nice and simple.                   +
    With Riccardo out of the way, proceed to the bottom of the tower.
    On the 1st floor of the tower, take the slope with the Luminessant-
    filled red jar and pull the lever, enabling you to reach the bottom.
    Save your game at the clock next to the door and exit via the door.
     |-----NEW STONE BRIDGE-----|
    Examine Riccardo's body for interest, and run across the new bridge,
    all the way to the other side. At the end, there is a house. Enter
    this new house.
     /\  |                       |  /\      (HG11.4)
    /||\  CNAPTER 4 - "MY AZOTH"   /||\
    \||/ |                       | \||/
     \/  ========================   \/
     |----- ENTRANCE HALL-----|
    Straight ahead of you, there is a recovery point (another sink).
    There are two staircases leading downwards in this room.
    Take the left one.
    There is a save clock at the bottom of the stairs, between two
    bear statues (weird). There is also some Camomile on the sofa.
    The random bush can be used as a hiding place and there is an
    Alchemy Hole for your Alchemical uses.
    Go back up the stairs when you're finished and down the right
    stairs. At the bottom, there is a dais sticking out of the 
    ground. Remember this as it will be important soon. The boxes
    in the corner are extremely flammable. Hmm... You may also
    need to remember this. Send Hewie to search in the east corner
    opposite the boxes and he will find an Album Medallion.
    Go back up the stairs and towards the sink. There are two
    doors on either side of the sink. You should go through
    either one of them, as they both lead to the same place.
     |-----SOL HALLWAY-----|
    Run towards the front of the screen. The red jar on the left
    contains a Viola Medallion. The red jar on the right contains
    a Luminessant. Do I have to make it clear which one to kick
    and which one to leave?
    Go through the archway to the left, and go down the stairs.
    At the bottom, there will be a Golden Candlestick in the wall.
    Take this.
    There is a fate here with an item on the other side, but we
    can't go through it. Return to the top of the stairs and send 
    Hewie to search to the right of the archway to find an item.
    Walk out of the archway and continue towards the front of the
    screen. You will see a door with a drawing of the sun on it.
    Open the door and walk into your new nightmare...
    Yup, that's right. That creepy old guy, Lorenzo, is after you
    too. Don't underestimate him, though; he's faster than you'd 
    think! You can get Hewie to attack him if you want, but 
    don't let him lose sight of you. Make sure he's still 
    following you and lure him back down the corridor and out
    into the Entrance Hall.
     |-----ENTRANCE HALL-----|
    Lure Lorenzo all the way down the right staircase. You remember
    the flammable boxes? We're about to make some pretty fireworks.
    With Lorenzo following you, walk onto the dais sticking out of
    the floor. This is where the Golden Candlestick is crucial. If
    you don't have it, you'll have to hide from Lorenzo, then go
    and get it (for reference to where it can be found, go back
    2 paragraphs). If you have the Golden Candlestick, and Lorenzo
    is following you, then a cutscene will ensue...
    That was short and sweet, wasn't it? Now leave Lorenzo's body and
    go back to the clock across the other staircase. Save your game,
    use the Alchemy Hole if you need to, and return to the room that
    you just blew up. Before going through the hole in the wall,
    look at the rubble on the floor. Hey! Is it just me, or is
    something (or someONE) missing here? Hm. Go through the hole
    in the wall.
     |-----LONG HALLWAY-----|
    Carry on towards the front of the screen. On the floor, to 
    the left, you'll see a nice, shiny item. This is a Rubrum
    Medallion. A little further on, and we'll have another
    cutscene. Like so:
    Urgh. Some geezers don't know when to die, do they? Right.
    Well, if we can't blow him up, we'll have to find another
    If you want any more Medallions or Equipment, now is the
    time to do it. Lorenzo is crippled, therefore making him
    an easy target. To get the items from him, do this:
    Run to the end of the hallway, where there is a twisted pillar.
    Although this area is small, it's easier to beat Lorenzo up
    here than it is in the tight corridor. Get Hewie to attack
    Lorenzo, and whilst he's doing so, kick the crap out of him
    yourself (aim for his upper half, as your kicks to the lower
    half miss), trying not to hit Hewie in the process. Lorenzo,
    after a while, will hold his hand up and give a feeble cry.
    This means that he's been knocked out. This is your chance to
    steal an item from him! Stand over him, and Fiona will say,
    "Huh? What's this?" This is your chance to press the action
    button and take something good! You can keep doing this until
    Fiona says that there's nothing left. Watch out, because
    in this small area it can be easy for Lorenzo to grab Fiona,
    fling her to the floor and kill her.
    When you've had your fill of kicking the old man, head into
    the door to the right of the twisted pillar. Make sure you
    have Hewie, he is vital to this next bit. 
     |-----CONVEYOR BELT ROOM-----|
    Aptly named, this room has one large, deadly, lethal (hint,
    hint) conveyor belt. There is a switch to help you operate
    it in the northern section of the room, next to another
    door with a sun symbol on it. Beware, starting the conveyor
    belt begins your next boss battle. To start up the conveyor
    belt, either kick it three times or charge into it by 
    backstepping with R1 and immediately pressing Square button.
    I suggest using the charge, as it is much, much quicker.
    + BOSS BATTLE - LORENZO                                        +
    +                                                              +
    + The aim of the battle is to crush Lorenzo under the conveyor +
    + belt. Make sure that the conveyor belt is NOT moving, then   +
    + lure Lorenzo onto it. If Fiona steps on the belt whilst      +
    + it's moving, it's a Game Over cutscene for you! Once         +
    + Lorenzo is on the conveyor belt completely, get Hewie to     +
    + either bite Lorenzo's hand or bite Lorenzo's neck whilst     +
    + on his back, as these delay Lorenzo from chasing you         +
    + for the longest. With Lorenzo dealing with Hewie, quickly    +
    + run to the switch that turns on the conveyor belt, and,      +
    + begging that Lorenzo is still on the belt, charge into it.   +
    + Enjoy this satisfying cutscene.                              +
    Nice. Pick up the Sol Key that Lorenzo drops (which should
    be on the Conveyor Belt), and ignore the door in here with
    the sun sign on it. Instead, go out the way you entered
    and return to the hallway where Lorenzo started chasing
     |-----SOL HALLWAY-----|
    Go to the door with the sun sign on it and use the Sol
    Key. Go through the door.
     |-----SOL ROOM-----|
    This is basically Lorenzo's office. On the bookcase to your
    left, search until you find a Rubrum Medallion. In the next
    room, take the Mystery Sketch off of the table. This is a
    map, revealing this place as the House of Truth. Look at
    the big poster on the wall for information on an item called
    Fortis which can be made through Alchemical Production.
    On the east wall, there is a smaller poster with a drawing of
    a red box on it. Examining it gives you a code which, if you
    write down/remember it/check this walkthrough again, you can
    use on your 2nd play-through. The code is MAGNUS - see the 
    secrets section for more.
    Return to the Entrance Hall.
     |-----ENTRANCE HALL-----|
    Save the game and use any medallions at the Alchemy Hole.
    Then, equip your best items - you'll need them - and return
    to the Conveyer Belt Room.
     |-----CONVEYOR BELT ROOM------|
    Now you can use the Sol Key on the door with the sun symbol
    on it. Once unlocked, you can go through this door, and
    prepare to meet perhaps your most formidable foe of all...
     /\  |                                       |  /\      (HG11.5)
    /||\  CNAPTER 5 - "IT'S TIME TO FINISH THIS"   /||\
    \||/ |                                       | \||/
     \/  ========================================   \/
    All the doors in this room are locked except for one: the
    northernmost door. Save at the clock, and go through the
    north door.
     |-----WARPED ROOM------|
    Yep - you're locked in. Don't worry about Hewie, if 
    you can hear him. Fiona will automatically try to
    unlock the door - and fails. You will hear the
    voice of a man - an almost familiar voice - talking
    to you. Try to open the door again. You will fail, 
    and the man will taunt you. There is a wardrobe in 
    this room. For all it's worth, you should still hide
    in it to trigger more taunts from the man.
    Step out of the wardrobe after the man says,
    "Do you really think you can hide from me in there?"
    Walk towards the front of the screen. There is another
    door! Try and open it...
    Another fake wall. The man will talk to you yet again.
    Kick the door shut, and he will sweetly mock you.
    Time to try the other door again. Walk towards the
    first door...
    On your way, a bookcase will fall in front of Fiona,
    dangerously close to flattening her! The man will speak
    again. In the meantime, try to open the first door again.
    The man will exclaim that you are adorable. As you 
    walk around the room, the man will keep talking about "the
    Great Truth". Keep wandering around until he says,
    "At last! You are mine, Fiona!" Now walk towards the door
    we've been trying to open for ages, to witness a cutscene.
    Walk out of the door.
     |-----CHANGED ROOM------|
    The door you just came out of will have disappeared.
    Save your game at the clock to your right and take
    the Lavender from the chair beside it. Believe it or
    not, you've come out in a totally different room to
    the one you were in before. The door to the west is
    locked. Hewie is not here. You have no choice but to
    go up the stairs alone, and enter the door.
    You are now up against who many consider the most
    difficult pursuer, even though he doesn't chase you
    that much. Young Lorenzo is cunning, powerful,
    unpredictable and dangerous. He likes to play with your
    mind. For now, run past him and out of the door. Hewie
    will now be with you, so run down the stairs and tell
    him to attack Young Lorenzo. Whilst Hewie keeps Young
    Lorenzo busy, take the door to your left, which is
    now open.
     |-----CURVING CORRIDORS------|
    This is a series of corridors that doesn't seem to end.
    Keep running along the first corridor, calling Hewie to 
    follow you, and you'll lose Young Lorenzo. His music will
    just fade away. Hm, suspicious. Well, carry on into the
    2nd corridor.
    When you are halfway into the 2nd corridor, Young Lorenzo
    will make an uninvited appearance - out of thin air! That's
    right, he will appear right in front of you - it's quite
    jumpy, actually. Run straight past him, and into the
    3rd corridor. You'll lose him again!
    In the 3rd corridor, he will appear again, this time a 
    little further in front of you, giving him time to 
    get an attack ready. Tell Hewie to attack him, and
    run straight past. Keep running, and you'll eventually
    get to a door. Go through it.
     |-----COLOURED PUZZLE ROOMS------|
    You and Hewie will now be alone. This room has two doors
    of two different colours. These doors lead to identical
    rooms. You need to pick the right combination of doors
    to get to the next area. There is a notice in each room,
    probably with hints on how to do the puzzle.
    There probably IS a logical way to figure out the puzzle,
    but since I couldn't actually work it out myself, and
    I refused to consult other walkthroughs for help on my
    own walkthrough (that's pretty much stealing), so I
    just kept guessing until I got it right. This is the
    combination I used:
    1st Room: Blue door on the right-hand side.
    2nd Room: Yellow door on the right-hand side.
    3rd Room: Green door on the right-hand side (Beef Jerky here).
    4th Room: Red door on the right-hand side.
    5th Room: Black door on the right-hand side.
    If you get this wrong, you will have to start from the beginning
    (a.k.a. the first room), only this time, Young Lorenzo will
    try to interfere. Best to get it right on the first time
    Once you go through the black door, you will be in
    the next area.
     |-----HOUSE OF TRUTH EAST GARDEN------|
    There is an Alchemy Hole and a save clock to your right.
    Use them well. This may look familiar, but it's not exactly
    the same as the Entrance Hall we fought Lorenzo in. Go up
    the stairs at the front of the screen, then opposite you'll
    notice another staircase. Go down this one and through the
    door in the room.
     |-----HOUSE OF TRUTH HALLWAY------|
    Follow the hallways down. There are some holes in the walls.
    Watch out, because two failures decide to come and bug
    you. Kill them (you know how to do it by now), and carry
    on down the corridor. Take the last door on the right.
     |-----HOUSE OF TRUTH ALCOVE------|
    You should save your game here quickly. I'm not sure,
    but I think that Young Lorenzo can appear here, in
    the shade. Now go into the room on the left.
     |-----LAVA PIT ROOM------|
    There are two large fans in this room, which are operated
    by two switches on the floor. There is also a large pit of
    lava, as the room name suggests. Ignore all this for now
    and go right from the doorway. You will come to an empty
    frame with a funky pattern in it. If you examine it, Hewie
    will pick up the scent of something from wood chippings.
    We now need to find this mysterious object that Hewie seems
    to think is so important. Now go back through the alcove
    and back to the hallway.
     |-----HOUSE OF TRUTH HALLWAY------|
    From the pillar, take the bottom left door.
     |-----CAVERNS OF TRUTH------|
    This place is a bit confusing at first. Luckily,
    you're reading this walkthrough, so you're okay!
    Follow the cavern around and south as far as you can go.
    A failure will appear from beneath a rock. Kill it!
    Take the Antimony Tube from the crates at the end of the
    path we've just run down, and go through the door on the left.
    When you go near the northern wall in this room, Hewie
    will begin to bark. Examine this wall! (It must smell.)
    Take the Cane of Caduceus from the wall and exit through
    the doorway to the right. Follow the passage until
    you come to a door. Go through.
    There is a save clock in here and some unopenable doors.
    Save it and return to the cavern.
    Follow the cavern east and go through the door you come to.
    This will take you back to...
     |-----HOUSE OF TRUTH HALLWAY------|
    Now take the door on the right again to return to the...
     |----- HOUSE OF TRUTH ALCOVE------|
    Lilacatz tells me that there is a Magist Medallion here.
    It is in the shade. Thank you!
    Just a warning.
    After saving your game, enter the room on the left again.
     |-----LAVA PIT ROOM------|
    Return to the place where Hewie picked up a scent.
    Then go to your menu, place the Cane of Caduceus
    into its frame, and brace yourself for one of the
    most difficult battles in the game.
    + BOSS FIGHT - YOUNG LORENZO                               +
    +                                                          +
    + This battle is difficult enough even when you know       +
    + what to do. I will advise you as best as I can.          +
    + Please refer to my tips about Young Lorenzo at           +
    + the start of the walkthrough for reference to his        +
    + attacks.                                                 +
    +                                                          +
    + Basically, you need to beat the crap out of this         +
    + guy until he dies.                                       +
    +                                                          +
    + It's more difficult than it sounds.                      +
    +                                                          +
    + Send Hewie to attack Young Lorenzo as often as           +
    + possible. You can throw Antimony at him, but             +
    + he just throws the electricity off and shouts,           +
    + "Futile!" Prima Magnesia seems to work on him            +
    + pretty well, so try using that, if you have any.         +
    + When Hewie needs healing, it's difficult to heal him.    +
    + This is because Fiona stands there looking dumb          +
    + while Hewie eats, so healing Hewie makes it easy         +
    + for Young Lorenzo to get one of his dreaded              +
    + one-hit-kill attacks in.                                 +
    +                                                          +
    + To find time to heal Hewie, you need good timing.        +
    + Get Young Lorenzo to run towards you, and switch         +
    + on a fan. He'll hopefully run into the blast from        +
    + the fan and get stalled and hurt. This can give you      +
    + time to feed Hewie. Just be careful, as the blast        +
    + from the fan can hurt Fiona and Hewie, too.              +
    + If you're having problems getting to the switch          +
    + before Young Lorenzo goes past the fan, try using        +
    + Hewie to delay him a bit.                                +
    +                                                          +
    + A good tactic is to, while Hewie is attacking Young      +
    + Lorenzo (thus rendering him unable to attack), use       +
    + the charge attack on Young Lorenzo. To do this,          +
    + first backstep with R1, then press Square button.        +
    + This is 3x more powerful than kicking, is quicker,       +
    + but takes up a bit of stamina. If you've been            +
    + successful in your alchemy, and have saved items,        +
    + you should have sufficient supply of stamina-raising     +
    + items, so it won't be too much of a problem.             +
    +                                                          +
    + I don't know if it makes a difference to Young Lorenzo's +
    + death, but I always try to keep him close to the edge    +
    + of the lava pit, in case you need him to be near it to   +
    + finish the battle. I don't think it matters, but it's    +
    + just to be safe really.                                  +
    +                                                          +
    + Familiarise yourself with Young Lorenzo's attacks, so    +
    + you know what to avoid and what's lethal. You can check  +
    + these at the beginning of this walkthrough.              +
    +                                                          +
    + It is impossible to make Young Lorenzo fall unconscious. +
    + If you die, don't worry. Just try your hardest.          +
    +                                                          +
    + EDIT - According to Billie, the little green rocks that  +
    + can be on the floor sometimes can make your battle way   +
    + easier. Kick them into the lava pit in the middle. Fire  +
    + will then come out of the pit and if you lure Young      +
    + Lorenzo into it, it will hurt him LOADS. Do this 4 to 6  +
    + times and your battle will be over, apparantly. Try it   +
    + out! Don't worry, if Fiona walks through the fire it     +
    + won't hurt her. "Super Powers or what?" says Billie.     +
    Make sure Hewie is on full health and exit the room. Why?
    Oh, it's not as though the most difficult part of the game is
    coming up now... No way...
     |-----HOUSE OF TRUTH ALCOVE-----|
    Save your game or, again, regret it.
    Walk out of the door and prepare yourself... It's not
    a battle, so no need to equip weapons. The best you can
    do is to (if you have any) equip items that boost stamina
    and reduce panic.
    Walk out to the hallway and watch the cutscene...
     |-----HOUSE OF TRUTH HALLWAY------|
    Uh-oh! He doesn't want to die. Not yet, anyway.
    Apparantly, according to Kittie and Kait, you can
    hide behind the twisted pillar with the Fairy Earrings
    and Flaming Lorenzo will just sort of stand there,
    screaming and waving his arms around. It sounds pretty
    amusing. Only problem is, they recall, that if the guy
    screams at you, Fiona will stand up and reveal herself
    in her panic. Oh dear!
    Earthquakes will now occur randomly. Whenever there
    is an earthquake, crouch down to avoid falling over
    and wasting precious seconds. Only crouch when the
    vibrations in your controller start getting quite
    violent, and when the rumbling sound gets louder.
    The less time you waste, the better.
    You remember the door that leads to the caverns?
    It's shut now, and we don't have much time, what with
    the earthquakes and all. Flaming Lorenzo, or Lord of
    the Flames, is chasing you. If he screams near you,
    Fiona stops to panic. If he touches you, you die!
    Again, the door to your left, the one leading to
    the caverns, needs opening. You could kick it open
    yourself, but it's too risky and slow, what with 
    the earthquakes and all. Instead, tell Hewie to
    "Go!" in that direction. He will bust open the door
    for you, giving you time to avoid the upcoming 
    earthquake. Now go through that door and into the
     |-----CAVERNS OF TRUTH------|
    Don't go left, go straight ahead. Take the next left
    and through the door that leads you to the place
    where you got the Cane of Caduceus.
    Bash the O (circle) button as fast as you can until
    the statue stands up again. It may seem to take forever,
    but it will stand up, trust me. I button-tap really
    fast and it still took me about 5-10 seconds. This
    is the reason you need so much time ahead of Flaming
    According to Billie, if you press both Square and Circle
    buttons at the same time repeatedly Fiona will push the
    statue up faster, though this is only by a little bit.
    When you have pushed away the statue, go through the nearby
    open door.
    Don't worry. He's not coming back.
    You can't save your game using the clock in here for some
    reason. You can do nothing but open the large shining door
    at this point. Take a last look at Lorenzo's body before
    opening the shining door.
    Congratulations! You have finished Haunting Ground!
    If you followed my walkthrough, you should be finished
    in about 5 hours, which is pretty quick. That's including
    taking extra items and doing extra things. You don't
    even have to do everything.
    |ENDINGS| (HG12)
    ENDING A - Fortes Fortuna Juvat
    To obtain: 1) Defeat Debilitas with chandellier.
               2) Have a grade 'A' friendship with Hewie.
    How does it end?: Fiona and Hewie walk towards the
                      castle gate - the exit. With trembling
                      hands, Fiona turns the key in the door.
                      It unlocks, and Fiona begins to open
                      it. She pauses the look at Hewie, who
                      looks back at her. With a smile, she
                      says "Thanks, Hewie," and continues
                      to open the door. As she is about to
                      The door behind her creaks open, and
                      Debilitas comes out with a pair of
                      rusty hedgeclippers in his hands. Both
                      he and Fiona stare at eachother, and
                      then he bows at her, as a sort of
                      respecting gesture. Fiona and Hewie
                      escape, leaving Debilitas happily
                      trimming a hedge. He is the last
                      person left in Belli Castle.
    ENDING B - Ignis Aurum Probat
    To obtain: 1) Defeat Debilitas without the help of the
               chandellier. Have a grade 'C' relationship 
               with Hewie or better.
    How does it end?: Fiona and Hewie walk towards the
                      castle gate - the exit. With trembling
                      hands, Fiona turns the key in the door.
                      It unlocks, and Fiona begins to open
                      it. She pauses the look at Hewie, who
                      looks back at her. With a smile, she
                      says "Thanks, Hewie," and continues
                      to open the door. She and Hewie escape
                      the castle and walk into the world where
                      they belong.
    ENDING C - Dona Nobis Pacem
    To obtain: (For this to work, you must have completed the
               game once.)
               1) Defeat Debilitas with the chandellier.
               2) Go to Debilitas' hut after defeating him,
               talk to him and receive the smudged key.
               3) Go to the restroom, unlock the cubicle that
               was locked with the smudged key and take
               the castle gate key from the table.
               4) Go to the huge gates that were previously
               locked and used the castle gate key on them.
    How does it end?: Fiona and Hewie walk towards the
                      castle gate - the exit. With
                      trembling hands, Fiona turns the
                      key in the door. It unlocks, and
                      Fiona begins to open it. She pauses
                      to look at Hewie, who looks back at
                      her. With a smile, she says "Thanks,
                      Hewie," and continues to open the
                      door. She and Hewie walk out of the
                      gate. Hewie runs on ahead, and Fiona
                      runs after him, calling for him to
                      wait up.
                      Meanwhile, back inside the castle,
                      Lorenzo shouts after Fiona, wheeling
                      down the stairs after her, towards the
                      door that leads to the castle gate
                      His wheels stumble over the stairs and 
                      both he and his chair go flying. Holding up
                      a feeble hand, Lorenzo croaks, "Fiona,
                      don't go..."
    ENDING D - Tu Fui, Ego Eris.
    To obtain: Hewie's friendship level must be INCREDIBLY
    How does it end?: After the scene with Riccardo on
                      the cliff in the woods, Fiona wakes
                      up in a glass box, as Hewie never
                      came to her aid. Riccardo comes over,
                      talks to her for a bit, and leaves.
                      Fiona begins to scream and bang on the
                      glass, but she does not get out. 
                      Riccardo walks into what was previously
                      the castle bedroom, but now has one single
                      armchair in it, in which a heavily pregnant
                      Fiona sleeps. He leaves, and Fiona awakens,
                      uttering a hollow, creepy laugh. It looks
                      like she's gone insane, and it also doesn't
                      look like she wants to go anywhere anytime
    |GAME MOVIES| (HG13)
    GAME OVER SCENE - Means that the scene kills Fiona.
    PROMPTS PURSUER - Means that the scene makes your pursuer
                      chase you.
    PROMPTS LUMINESCENT - Means that the scene makes a
                          Luminescent appear.
    PROMPTS PANIC - Means that the scene makes Fiona panic.
      MAJOR PANIC - Means that the scene makes Fiona go into
                    Major Panic.
    How to get: Walk into the bedroom at the beginning of the game.
    002 - THE WATCHED
    How to get: Make Fiona put on the clothes in the bedroom.
    How to get: Walk in front of the corridor where you first
                meet Debilitas.
    How to get: Examine the plate-key machine.
    005 - EMETH
    How to get: Insert the "EMETH" plate-key into the golem.
    006 - METH
    How to get: Insert the "METH" plate-key into the golem.
    How to get: Try to take the key in the Music Room.
    How to get: Use the Garden Key on the right door.
    How to get: (Must be before fainting after the scene
                with Riccardo)
                When Debilitas is chasing you, run to the
                Music Room. Fiona will close the door and
                notice the bookcase. Run behind the bookcase.
    How to get: (Must be after fainting after the scene
                with Riccardo)
                When Debiltias is chasing you, run to the
                Music Room. Fiona will close the door and
                notice the bookcase. Run behind the bookcase.
    How to get: After receiving the Castle Map, re-enter
                 the kitchen.
    How to get: Follows the APPROACH ENCOUNTER scene.
    013 - NIGHTMARE
    How to get: Follows the EXIRE DEBILITAS! scene.
    014 - FREEDOM
    How to get: Set Hewie free from the trap.
    015 - GATE-CRASHER
    How to get: On the way to the bedroom after freeing Hewie.
    How to get: Enter the castle bedroom after freeing Hewie.
    017 - HEWIE!
    How to get: Following WHITE INTRUDER scene.
    How to get: Try to get the Broken Marionette from the rubble.
    019 - NO ESCAPE
    How to get: Try to get out of the Castle Gates.
    020 - WHAT'S COOKING?
    How to get: Enter the kitchen after getting Hewie.
    021 - PUPA CELLA
    How to get: Use the Broken Marionette on the red door.
    How to get: Do not disarm the trap in the Marionette room.
                 Walk in on the red mat.
    How to get: Enter the room after the Marionette Room.
    024 - BITE ATTACK A
    How to get: (Hewie must be in the room and with full
                 health for this to work)
                 With Debilitas chasing you, lure him to the
                 balcony missing the railing in the same room
                 as the alchemy hole.
    025 - BITE ATTACK B
    How to get: (Hewie must be in the room and with critical
                 health for this to work)
                 With Debilitas chasing you, lure him to the
                 balcony missing the railing in the same room
                 as the alchemy hole.
    How to get: (Hewie must be not be in the room for this to
                 With Debilitas chasing you, lure him to the
                 balcony missing the railing in the same room
                 as the alchemy hole.
    How to get: Lure Debilitas onto the crumbling bit of the
                balcony without actually standing on it yourself.
    How to get: Step onto the crumbling bit of the balcony.
    How to get: Use Fresh Flowers on the flower vase.
    030 - MY DOLLY
    How to get: With Debilitas chasing you, lure him into his
                shack and pick up his Bisque Doll.
    How to get: Have Hewie hide in the hole in the wall, where
                you send him to get the Study Key. With Debilitas
                chasing you, have Hewie "Go!" when Debilitas is
                standing in front of the hole.
    How to get: There is a hole with a lot of rectangular holes
                in it in the corridor near the Fresh Flowers. 
                When you walk past it several times, you will
                hear a voice say, "Fiona..." Examine the holes.
    How to get: Kick the mechanism that releases the drawbridge
                3 times.
    034 - OUROBOROS
    How to get: Complete the block puzzle.
    How to get: On your way to the study to collect the Lunar Refractor,
                you'll hear whipping/slapping sorts of noises. Go to 
                the plate-key room to qitness this cutscene. Thank you to
                Devlock for reminding me of how to get this cutscene.
    How to get: Put the mirror in the empty refractor.
    How to get: Follows the LUNAR REFRACTOR scene.
    038 - SATURNUS
    How to get: Examine the key on the statue further.
    How to get: Follows SATURNUS scene after you walk a few steps
                between the pews.
    How to get: Defeat Debilitas with the chandellier.
    041 - ADORATION
    How to get: Follows FATE'S PUNISHMENT scene.
    How to get: Defeat Debilitas without the chandellier.
    043 - 2ND CHANCE
    How to get: Visit Debilitas in his shack after the boss
                battle and speak to him. (You must have
                defeated him with the chandellier to do this.)
    How to get: Use the Saturn Key in the door above the block
                puzzle room.
    How to get: Follows the DINNER IS SERVED scene.
    How to get: Rest on the bed in the bedroom.
    How to get: Whilst running from Daniella in long corridor,
                go up the stairs.
    How to get: In spiral slope-stairs room, attempt to open door.
    How to get: Complete the Luminessant-Lamp puzzle.
    How to get: In the restroom, examine the blinds.
    051 - MY FIGHT
    How to get: Use the final plate-key in the dragon's mouth.
    052 - FIRE & ICE
    How to get: Follows MY FIGHT scene.
    053 - THE HUMAN BODY
    How to get: Select the Mannequins in the False Jupiter Room.
    054 - CHESS ANYONE?
    How to get: Select the Chess Board in the False Jupiter Room.
    How to get: Select the Hourglass in the False Jupiter Room.
    How to get: Get something wrong in the False Jupiter Room.
    How to get: Talk to Daniella at the furnace in the real Jupiter
    How to get: When Daniella is chasing you, hide inside the 
                Iron Maiden in the Exorcism Room. Wait 'til she
                pulls the lever or finds you.
    How to get: Examine the corpse in the Exorcism Room.
    How to get: Exorcise the corpse by completing the panel
    061 - STICK AND MOVE
    How to get: Make Hewie hide in the bushes in the graveyard,
                whilst Daniella is chasing you. When she is in
                front of the bushes, tell Hewie to "Go!"
    062 - MANDRAGORA
    How to get: Approach the Mandragora on the floor in the Venus
    063 - GUARDIAN A
    How to get: Give the White Mandragora to the arm in the crypt.
    064 - GUARDIAN B
    How to get: Give any Mandragora but a White one to the arm in
                the crypt.
    How to get: Insert a plate-key into the Golem in the crypt.
    How to get: In bottom floor of the library, finish the
                bookcase puzzle and climb into the room at the
                top. Activate the film reel.
    How to get: Daniella must still be alive to do this. Follows
                THE HIDDEN CAMERA scene.
    068 - ACETIC ACID A
    How to get: With Daniella chasing you, run into the medical
                room and choose the bottle on the metal rack.
    How to get: With Daniella chasing you, run into the medical
                room and choose the bottle on the shelf.
    070 - ARCHER A
    How to get: Step on an incorrect tile in the hexagonal tile
    How to get: Step on two incorrect tiles in the hexagonal tile
    072 - CAT FIGHT
    How to get: Enter the Daniella boss room.
    073 - SHISH KEBAB
    How to get: Defeat Daniella.
    How to get: Enter door into laboratory.
    075 - ACETIC ACID B
    How to get: With Riccardo chasing you, run into the medical
                room and choose the bottle on the metal rack.
    How to get: With Riccardo chasing you, run into the medical
                room and choose the bottle on the shelf.
    077 - NO PROBLEM
    How to get: Get Hewie to open the barred door.
    How to get: Use the White Godstone on the scales.
    How to get: Use the Red Godstone on the scales.
    080 - A STRAY DOG
    How to get: Enter the forest.
    How to get: Find Hewie injured in the forest.
    082 - CHECKMATE
    How to get: Go to the edge of the cliff in the forest.
    083 - RICCARDO'S LAB
    How to get: Follows CHECKMATE scene.
    How to get: Follows RICCARDO'S LAB scene.
    085 - JAIL BREAK
    How to get: Make Hewie get the key to the jail door.
    How to get: Exit your jail cell.
    How to get: Complete the planet puzzle.
    088 - THE VIADUCT
    How to get: Use the wooden bridge on the model.
    How to get: Defeat Riccardo.
    How to get: Follows FALL FROM GRACE A scene.
    091 - AZOTH
    How to get: Walk back into the tower after defeating Riccardo.
    How to get: Try to get into the Sol Room.
    093 - THE BIG BANG
    How to get: With the golden candlestick in your inventory,
                step on the slab sticking out of the ground.
    094 - TO SURVIVE!
    How to get: Continue on through the gap and down the 
                 corridor after blowing up Lorenzo.
    How to get: Turn on the conveyer belt.
    How to get: Turn on the conveyer belt with Lorenzo on it.
    How to get: Stand on the conveyor belt whilst it's moving.
    098 - INVITATION
    How to get: Enter the room when prompted.
    How to get: Exit the room when prompted.
    How to get: Walk into the open door.
    101 - CADUCEUS
    How to get: Examine the wall where Hewie is barking.
    How to get: Use the staff of Caduceus on the gap in the wall in
                the lava pit room.
    How to get: Defeat Young Lorenzo.
    How to get: Walk out of the room.
    How to get: Walk into the entrance hall and past the statue.
    106 - BURNT OUT
    How to get: Reach the exit.
    How to get: Get ending A
    How to get: Get ending B
    How to get: Get ending C
    110 - TU GUI, EGO ERIS
    How to get: Get ending D
    How to get: Use the SALTATIO plate-key on the golem in the
                crypt for this scene.
    |MUSIC LIST| (HG14)
    01. Endless... HAUNTING GROUND - This is the music in the opening
                                     scene when you turn on the game.
    02. Strange Door - This is the music for the title screen.
    03. Twisted Eyes - Debilitas' "normal area" music.
    04. Innocent Freak - Debilitas' "chase" music.
    05. Last Debilitas - Debilitas' Boss Battle music.
    06. Stalking Insanity - Daniella's "normal area" music.
    07. Something Lacking - Daniella's "chase" music.
    08. Last Daniella - Daniella's Boss Battle music.
    09. Writhing Embryo - Riccardo's "normal area" music.
    10. Sly Hunter - Riccardo's "chase" music.
    11. Last Riccardo - Riccardo's Boss Battle music.
    12. Spiral End - Lorenzo's "normal area" music.
    13. Warped Obsession - Lorenzo's "chase" music.
    14. Final Lorenzo - Lorenzo's Boss Battle music.
    15. Ultimate HAUNTING GROUND - Music for the escape from Flaming
                                   Lorenzo/ Lord of the Flame.
    16. Closed Mind - Young Lorenzo's "chase" music.
    17. Solitary Bells - Music after Debilitas is defeated.
    18. White Carousel - Calliope music for the normal Carousel room.
    19. Red Carousel - Calliope music for the warped, blood-stained
                       Carousel room.
    20. Fake Planets - Planetarium music.
    21. Hazy Vision - Music for the rooms with coloured doors during
                      the Young Lorenzo faze.
    22. Liebestraume Notturno III-lunatic - The music that plays in
                                            the Music Room.
    23. Liebestraume Notturno III-nostalgic - Secret Room music.
    24. His Repentance - The music that we hear after hitting Debilitas
                         with the chandelier.
    25. Precious Hewie - Hewie's general theme tune.
    26. Secret Dance - The music that goes to the Para-Para dancing Golem.
    27. Endless Zero - Credits music.
    |COSTUMES| (HG15.1)
    FIONA A -    The costume that Daniella lays out for you
                 at the beginning of the game.
    How to get - Default costume.
    FIONA B - The costume that Daniella lays out for you
              at the beginning of the game, only Fiona
              has her hair down and is barefoot.
    How to get - Finish the game once.
    UNDER THE SCALPEL - Finish the game once.
    FIONA THE FROG - Fiona is in a Frog outfit. When she
                     crouches, instead of kneeling she does
                     a froggish sitting position. Also, she
                     loses less energy when backstepping.
    How to get -     Get ending C.
    ILLEGAL IN SOME STATES - Fiona is dressed up in some slutty,
                             revealing leather thing, complete
                             with a whip (instead of the kick
                             action). Well, I guess you need
                             SOMETHING in a game to amuse the
    How to get -             Finish the game once.
    TEXAS COWGIRL - Another excuse for the men at Capcom to drool
                    other than over-doing the physics on her boobs...
                    Fiona's hair is down, and she has a cowgirl hat,
                    a bra with the whole USA flag pattern on it and
                    trousers which show her underwear. I use the
                    term "costume" here rather loosely... She's not
                    really wearing anything at all. But she has a gun,
                    which is slow and useless unless your enemy stays
                    still, but I guess it satisfies the men.
    How to get -    Get ending A.
    WHITE GERMAN SHEPHERD - Hewie's default costume.
    How to get - Default costume.
    GERMAN SHEPHERD - Your normal German Shepherd, brown
                      and black. It makes Hewie stronger,
                      but he is SO difficult to control
                      and attacks Fiona sometimes.
    How to get -      Complete the game once.
    STUFFED DOG OUTFIT - Hewie looks cute but big and stupid
                         in this. It - ta ta da daaaaa - makes
                         Hewie invincible! However, Hewie still
                         gets tired out and slow, so the there's
                         still a need for food.
    How to get -         Complete Hard Mode with any ending.
                         You must also have gained the Top
                         Breeder or Dog Lover titles after any
                         playthrough. (Thank you to FirstGold
                         for telling me this, I had no idea.)
    |THE SECRET ROOM| (HG15.2)
    When you have completed the game once, you unlock the
    Secret Room. In here are loads of bonus materials.
    It's not a special room, really, it's just the bedroom
    in the castle where you are chased by Debilitas. The
    bonuses include:
    COSTUMES: Try on the costumes you have unlocked from the
    TITLES: Have a look at the titles you unlocked by finishing
            the game and see what plate-key codes you have.
    CONCEPT ART - Take a look at what Fiona, Debilitas, Daniella,
                  and Riccardo were originally going to look like.
    CHARACTER DESIGN - See how the characters look in different
                       costumes whilst doing each of their actions.
    MUSIC LIST - Listen to all pieces of music from in the game.
    MOVIE LIST - Watch all of the cutscenes you've seen in the game.
    MINIGAME - In four levels, you must reach your goal and escape
               from your pursuer... Only this time, you're Hewie!
               You must guide Fiona away from the pursuer and to 
               the goal. I always found this very difficult and couldn't
               even get past the second level.
               LEVEL 1 - FOREST
               You are chased by Debilitas. You must get back to the
               entrance of the Old Mansion.
               LEVEL 2 - CASTLE
               You are chased by Daniella. Complete this to unlock
               Challenge 3.
               LEVEL 3 - FOREST
               You are chased by Riccardo. Complete this to unlock
               Challenge 4.
               LEVEL 4 - FOREST
               You are chased by Flaming Lorenzo.
    |ALCHEMY ROOM| (HG15.3)
    The Alchemy Room comes in the form of a hole. There is one
    in every part of the game (castle, old mansion, laboratory,
    House of Truth). Here are the locations:
    CASTLE: After the red dolls room, there is a room with a
            diorama. It is in here.
    OLD MANSION: Right at the beginning.
    LABORATORY: Through the Mars Door.
    HOUSE OF TRUTH: Down the right staircase.
    In this room, there is usually an explanation of what certain
    items do (such as Mundus and Quies). Also there is an explanation
    of the Perpetua Machina. A small bowl is in the corner which has
    Antimony Powder of Magnesia if you don't have any, and the Perpetua
    Machina can be used to make items. Also, if you have finished the game
    once, you can use the plate-key machine.
    Here is a list of what the Medallions can get you from the
    Perpetua Machina:
    Colours: Random
    Produce: Anything, depending on what colours you get.
    Colours: White
    Produce: Food for Fiona (Quies, Weltigo, etc.)
    Colours: Blue
    Produce: Food for Hewie (Bennenam Esca, Magna Esca, etc.)
    Colours: Green
    Produce: Equipment for Fiona (Silver Boots, Diamond Choker, etc.)
    Colours: Red
    Produce: Weapons (Magnesia, Antimony Powder, etc.)
    Colours: Gold
    Produce: Some good stuff! You get a lot of the other colours, too, so
             usually good things.
    Don't forget that you can also forge more medallions from medallions
    you just used.
    There are very few Magist Medallions in the game. One, you can find
    on the ground in the crypt. Another, you can get off of any pursuer,
    but only once. And otherwise, you're stuck trying to get them through
    alchemical production, which is VERY rare.
    |PLATE-KEYS|  (HG15.4)
    ADAMAS - Gives you the Diamaond Choker.
    ALCHYMIA - Gives you the Alchemist Earrings.
    POWDER - Gives you the Burst Shoes.
    MAGNUS - Use it on the box in the red doll room to get Jade Choker
             and Philosopher Earrings.
    MORGAN - Gives you Fairy Earrings.
    METH - Use on EMETH Golem to get Obsidian Choker.
    SALTATIO - Use on rock Golem in crypt for special scene.
    RE/ST - Opens Restroom.
    MERCURY/SALT/SULFUR - Used in Dragon Mouth puzzle.
    EMETH - Used on EMETH Golem.
    |PARA-PARA DANCE| (HG15.5)
    This is the only Easter Egg in the game. You insert the
    plate-key SALTATIO into the golem in the crypt, and it does some
    weird, 10-second Para-Para dance with flashy lights! It's quite
    cool, because it heals you completely (only once per pursuer).
    There is a machine at the beginning of the Water Tower, where you
    can use various KEY ITEMS from earlier in the game to get new items.
    Here is a list of the items you can use:
    LOCATION - On the floor outside the restroom in the Castle.
    USED - To make plate-key to get into the restroom, or, if
           you keep it instead of using it, you can transform
           it into another item at the WATER TOWER.
    LOCATION - On the table in the dining room in the Castle.
    USED - To make plate-key to get into restroom, or, if
           you keep it instead of using it, you can transform
           it into another item at the WATER TOWER.
    LOCATION - In the fenced area near Debilitas' Shack. Use Hewie
                to get it. They used to be Fresh Flowers, but have
               now wilted.
    USED - In the WATER TOWER, it can be transformed into another
           item using the machine.
    LOCATION - Debilitas gives it to you after defeating him with
               the chandelier only. Talk to him in his Shack.
    USED - On the locked cubicle in the Castle Restroom, or, if
           you keep it instead of using it, you can transform
           it into another item at the WATER TOWER.
    LOCATION - On the table in the secret bathroom basement.
    USED - On the large gate that leads out of the castle, or, if
           you keep it instead of using it, you can transform
           it into another item at the WATER TOWER.
    LOCATION - On the wooden ladder in the Mansion Study. You need 
               to kick it to get it down.
    USED - To open the rooms of Truth and False Truth. However, if
           you keep it in your inventory, you can use it on the
           machine in the WATER TOWER to get another item. To do this,
           you must only use the key ONCE, on the room of Truth. If you
           use it on both doors, it will disappear from your inventory.
    LOCATION - On the table in the Mansion Library.
    USED - To complete the puzzle in the Mansion Library, or, if
           you keep it instead of using it, you can transform
           it into another item at the WATER TOWER.
    LOCATION - On the bookshelf in the Mansion Library.
    USED - To complete the puzzle in the Mansion Library, or, if
           you keep it instead of using it, you can transform
           it into another item at the WATER TOWER.
    LOCATION - Underneath the crate with books on it in the
               Mansion Library.
    USED - To complete the puzzle in the Mansion Library, or, if
           you keep it instead of using it, you can transform
           it into another item at the WATER TOWER.
    LOCATION - The cage where Daniella can be found cleaning when
               she isn't chasing you.
    USED - To figure out which Mandragora is the correct one to
           give to the person in the crypt, or, if you keep it
           instead of using it, you can transform it into another
           item at the WATER TOWER. (Thank you to Ben Boyer for
           reminding my that you can use this in the Water Tower.)
    I managed to complete Hard Mode - it's painstaking, really.
    I noticed several differences to the normal game whilst
    playing Hard Mode. Here they are:
    1) HEWIE CAN DIE!! If Hewie gets a critical injury, it's game over!
       That's one of the only things which makes it so awfully difficult,
       I find.
    2) Either Fiona is a lot more vulnerable, or the enemies are a lot
       stronger. Either way, Fiona's gonna die easier.
    3) The enemies do their power attacks and lethal attacks A LOT more
    4) There are a lot more Luminessants, and once some have disappeared,
       they respawn again.
    5) There are a lot more Failures. They come in earlier in the game,
       too, while Debilitas is chasing you, as opposed to when Riccardo
       is chasing you.
    6) You don't get certain items anymore. I'm not sure you can get
       Camomile or Lavender... I don't think you can, I think you get
       Medallions instead.
    7) All of the pursuers have different costumes. Debilitas is wearing
       brown (making him even more indistinguishable from Quasimodo),
       Daniella is wearing red, Riccardo is wearing light blue, Lorenzo's
       SKIN IS PURPLE!!! And he HAS no eyeballs! And Young Lorenzo
    8) Instead of Comments from Fiona, you get Comments from Hewie if you
       do certain things! Thank you to Lani Lenore and Dead Disco for
       reminding me to add this in.
    However, there is a bonus from completing Hard Mode. You get Hewie's
    Stuffed Dog costume. You do not have to complete it all the way 
    through to get it, though! You can do the short ending (Ending C)
    and still obtain it.
    RESTROOM - It's the sink behind the door.
    RESTROOM - The sink; it's easy enough to spot.
    GOLEM IN CRYPT - Use the plate-key SALTATIO on it (can only be done
                     once per pursuer).
    MEDICAL ROOM - The sink at the back of the room.
    ENTRANCE - The sink to the right of the big doors that lead outside.
    ENTRANCE HALL - It's right in front of you!
    1. The bedroom where you first meet Daniella.
    2. Outside the Marionette Room.
    3. Inside the Spare Bedroom near the balcony.
    4. On the desk in the room where you use the Fresh Flowers.
    5. In the corridor where the spiral staircase is just before the
       Dark Room.
    1. In the round room near the beginning, on the left.
    2. In the Alclove, to the left.
    3. In the red, curved corridor near the Medical Room.
    4. On the upper floor of the library.
    5. Just through the Mars Door.
    6. In the corridor outside the curved balcony that leads to the long,
       red corridor with many gates.
    7. In the Godstone Scales room, next to the large doors.
    1. Go north from where you lost Hewie, and follow the path. Examine
       the Sundial twice.
    1. Next to the large doors that lead outside.
    1. Go down the right staircase, it's on the right, near all the animal
    2. In the large room just before you meet Young Lorenzo.
    3. In the dark room just outside te final boss room (with the lava
    4. In the final room, just right of the statue.
    NOTE: Kenny J has informed me that Fiona cannot hide when she is
    in possession of "Mandragora" in the 2nd Chapter. I have not
    tested this, but I am putting it here for the benefit of others.
    1. BEDROOM: Under the bed.
    2. STUDY: Shade behind the door.
    3. PLATE-KEY ROOM: Shaded area behind the door.
    4. RESTROOM: The bath in the corner on the right.
    5. RESTROOM: Shade in the centre cubicle.
    6. DINING ROOM: Shade behind the curtains.
    7. WINE CELLAR: Under the table.
    8. LIVING ROOM: Under the sofa.
    9. RED DOLL ROOM: In the wardrobe (Hewie can hide too).
    10. SPARE BEDROOM: Under the bed (Hewie can hide too).
    11. OUTSIDE-3 FAKE DOORS: There are some bushes to the left.
    12. OUTSIDE DEBILITAS' SHACK: Under the bench.
    13. PUZZLE ROOMS: Debilitas will not enter rooms which contain 
        unsolved puzzles.
    14. THE DARK ROOM: It's really shady, and plus he won't follow you in
    1. BEGINNING ROOM - Behind the curtains.
    2. ALCLOVE - Under the sofa.
    3. SERPENT ROOM - There is more than plenty of shade here.
    4. EXORCISM ROOM - Inside the Iron Maiden (possible game over).
    5. MANDRAGORA GARDEN - There is a kind of shade area in the bottom
                           right corner of the room. Here is a link to
                           a picture which shows you where to crouch:
                           Thank you to Rainy H and Jessica M for this!
    6. GRAVEYARD - Hiding place for Hewie (retaliation point) in bushes.
    7. CIRCULAR PASSAGE - Under the rubble in the corridor.
    8. WATCHERS ROOM - Under the table.
    9. RED CORRIDOR OF GATES - Under the sofa at the end.
    10. CLOSET CORRIDOR - In the closet.
    1. There are plenty of bushes that Fiona slowly creeps into.
    1. UNDERGROUND CAVES - There are some barrels Fiona can hide behind if
       she's quick enough.
    1. ENTRANCE HALL - Down the right staircase, there is a bush.
    2. DARK ROOM - There's lots of shade here, but I'm unsure whether it's
       any use against Young Lorenzo, since he's all magicky and stuff...
    1. BEDROOM - There is a TV.
    2. PLATE-KEY CORRIDOR/DEBILITAS' SHACK - Bisque Doll can be thrown to
       distract Debilitas, and be reused.
    3. SPARE BEDROOM - Television on the desk.
    4. LAUNDRY ROOM - Can put crate in front of the door.
    1. LIFTING BRIDGE CORRIDOR - There is a mirror here.
    2. SERPENT ROOM HALLWAY - There is a mirror here.
    3. DECOMPOSER ROOM - Lure Riccardo onto the dent to make him fall 
       through a hole.
    This is for people who have completed the game with the help
    of my walkthrough and emailed me asking to be put on here.
    As it says at the top of my walkthrough, I am NOT accepting
    any more people into this. People weren't seeing my warning
    at the top of my walkthrough, so I've added it in several other places.
    I will now ignore any more requests to be added to the Hall of
    1) Tomm Walker
    2) Swarnjit Singh Gill
    3) Jesus Arroyo
    4) Jaidev Narayan
    5) Jess Anderson
    6) Mookie Robinson
    7) Devlock
    8) Norak Drogan
    9) Charity McIllwain
    10) Dead Disco
    11) Norbert C.
    12) Katie Chenderlin
    13) Jessica Scrugham
    14) Whistler
    15) Pen & Rob
    16) Bryce
    17) Tasya Savala
    18) Ian & Jennah
    19) Jason Liaw
    20) Johnny
    21) Celina Hernandez
    22) Wasabi
    23) Tom Blakesley
    24) Tomas Krystinik
    25) Chow Chin Yong
    26) Katie Steward
    27) Ben Boyer
    28) Afiq Aminin
    Thanks to my Mum for writing out the short notes I told her as I
    played the game. Oh, and for making my dinner and washing my
    Thanks to my eldest sister Lara for writing out short notes I told her
    whilst my Mum made dinner and washed my clothes.
    Thanks to my fiancé, Jed, for generally being there.
    Thanks to my friend Tomm for testing this walkthrough for me.
    Thanks to Capcom for another smashing game.
    Thanks to Hewie for saving Fiona when she was being too stupid to
    protect herself.

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