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    Dating Guide by Kamatari47

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    Hey, come on in...
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    Dating Guide
    Version 1.04
    by Kamatari47 (guitarotoko@gmail.com)
    This guide is intended for private, personal use.  Any unauthorized
    reproduction, publication, or distribution of this guide without my
    express written permission is strictly prohibited.  At this time, this
    guide may be published with permission by gamefaqs.com, neoseeker.com,
    and 1up.com: any other websites found publishing this guide is
    committing a violation of copyright.  All information included in this
    guide was collected by me personally through gameplay.
    Table of Contents:
    I.   Introduction
    II.  Dating
    III. Character Profiles
    IV.  Real Estate
    V.   Update History/Special Thanks
    I. Introduction
    In Steambot Chronicles, the non-linear adventure by Irem/Atlus, there
    are three female characters whom the protagonist, Vanilla R. Beans,
    can take out on dates.  These dates, while not relevant to the central
    storyline of the game, add great flavor, interaction, and humor to the
    Steambot gameplay experience.  This guide serves to explain how to set
    up a date, which items are required and recommended, and what to do
    when the time arrives.  There is also information on how to uncover,
    execute, and enjoy the (in)famous "hot cocoa" moment.  Needless to say,
    there are spoilers in this guide: do not read if you have not
    progressed to this part of the game and do not wish to be spoiled.
    II. Dating
    Dating is not available in Steambot Chronicles until you, as Vanilla,
    join the Garland GlobeTrotters band following Fennel's resignation.
    After you perform with the GlobeTrotters in Neuhafen, you will become
    embroiled in a match-fixing scenario at the Neuhafen Arena; after you
    complete that event, find and speak to (Captain) Ciboulette at the
    run-down shack near the Neuhafen freight warehouse to initiate the
    Sailing License Quest.  Go speak to the band members at the Blue
    Marine Inn to announce your intentions to go to Seagull Beach, and
    you will be given your freedom from the GlobeTrotters (at least for a 
    little while).  Now go to Neuhafen Real Estate and you will notice
    that you're (finally) allowed to rent an apartment; this means that
    you can now start dating Connie and/or Savory.  After you complete
    the Sailing License Quest, (Captain) Ciboulette becomes available
    for dating as well, provided that you have not yet joined the Bloody
    Mantis.  If you decide to join the Bloody Mantis in Happy Garland and
    stay a Mantis member till the end of the game, then Ciboulette will be
    available for dating in the post-game (after you load the All Clear
    Save).  Please note that, since it is possible to make girls hate you
    so much (by being a total jerk to them during dialogue choice
    scenarios) that you cannot even give them presents (the "Should I
    give her a present...?" dialogue choice will not appear when you speak
    to the girl), it may be impossible to date girls if you've been
    consistently mean to her (this has not been confirmed; I would
    appreciate any specific information you may have).
    In order to invite a girl to a date, you must have an apartment.
    With the exception of Ciboulette (who only comes to dates if your room
    is in Neuhafen), it does not need to be in the same city as the girl
    in question: you can invite Connie or Savory in Happy Garland, for
    example, and she will come visit you in Nefroburg at the agreed time
    if your apartment is in Nefroburg.  To initiate a date, simply find
    the girl you wish to romance, speak to her, and choose "Should I
    invite her over...?"  You can "take it easy" or "say something
    profound"; the girl will accept the request either way.  You can
    schedule dates for one of two times of the day: evening and night.
    It is therefore possible to book yourself for two dates in a given day.
    Also note that, if you leave for another town and then rent an
    apartment in your new town (voiding your current housing contract in
    the process), you reset the dating records for that day (meaning that
    you can invite a girl over in your new town even if you have already
    dated her that day).  It is possible to exploit this quirk in gameplay
    and date ad infinitum during the same day.
    Before dating a girl, make sure you stock up on items that make good
    presents for that particular girl (see section III for more
    information).  Also, if you plan on "making a move" on your girl, put
    a bed in your apartment room and be sure to buy a Lil' Swabby (a
    sterile cotton swab used for ear cleaning). The Lil' Swabby is
    initially sold at the Eurydika General Store; after you return to
    Happy Garland on the Sailing License Quest, it will be sold at Happy
    Furniture as well; and after you swim across Lake Luminoso to discover
    Meme Village, you can find it for sale there by Mrs. Mainz.  The item
    costs an affordable 50 UR, and one Lil' Swabby will last for the
    duration of the game.
    After you set up your date, return to your room.  You can decorate
    the room any way you want, but nothing you can decorate your room with
    will elicit any reaction from  the girls except for posters.  Connie
    and Savory will comment upon entering your room if they see a poster
    of any of the GlobeTrotters (or Fennel); Ciboulette will comment only
    if you have her poster hanging in your room when she enters.  They
    may also comment on the size of your room, especially if you have a
    particularly large pad (East Suites, Happy Garland) or a particularly
    small one (Star Manor, Neuhafen).  Posters are obtained as follows:
    Poster of Basil - Given as a present the first time you perform well  
                      in concert with the GlobeTrotters.
    Poster of Marjoram - Given the second time you perform well in             
                         concert with the GlobeTrotters.
    Poster of Savory - Given the third time you perform well in concert 
                       with the GlobeTrotters.
    Poster of Connie - Given the fourth time you perform well in concert 
                       with the GlobeTrotters.
    Poster of Fennel - Complete the Electric Guitar sidequest and play 
                       "Music Revolution" with Fennel and his band.
    Poster of Ciboulette - Found in a treasure chest aboard the S. S. 
    Poster of Bergamot - Challenge and beat him at billiards if you're a 
                         Bloody Mantis member of at least Lieutenant 
                         rank; otherwise, purchase it from Comfrey at the 
                         ex-Bloody Mantis Hideout in Happy Garland during
                         the post-game.
    When you're ready for your date, simply attempt to leave your room and
    select "It's ready." (for the girl to come over).  The girl will knock
    on the door: select "Answer the door." and let her in.  If you select
    "Pretend to be out.", the girl will give up and go home and you will
    not be able to date her again that day (unless you move to a new town
    and get a new apartment there to reset the date record for the day).
    The girl will enter the room and a number of pink hearts (usually four)
    will appear on the upper left-hand side of the screen.  These hearts
    are the currency of dating: each action you take will cost you a
    specific number of hearts, and when you use up all your hearts, the
    girl will leave and go home.  You can increase your "heart meter" by
    giving the girl things she likes as presents, and the max number of
    hearts you can have at any time is ten.  Moving around the room is
    free (in terms of hearts), and you can sit with your girl by
    approaching a bed or table and choosing to sit there.  Select "Stand"
    to get up from a sitting position.  When you're ready to kick off the
    date, speak to the girl and you will get the following options:
    Chat. (costs one heart)
    Give her a present. (costs one heart)
    Play music. (costs two hearts)
    Ask her to cook. (costs three hearts)
    Move her aside. (free; essentially exits the date menu)
    Tell her to leave. (free; ends the date)
    "Chat" allows you to talk to your girl about a number of people,
    yourselves included (with Ciboulette, you talk about certain events
    as well).  "Give her a present" lets you build up your hearts count
    by giving her things she likes (make sure to give her items that
    earn you at least two hearts, as you spend one heart on choosing
    this option and therefore need to earn at least two hearts to gain
    anything from the exchange; see Section III for more information).
    Select "Play music" to, well, play music.  This is exactly the same
    as any street performance you've made thus far in the game: you
    select an instrument, a song, and then just play.  Connie will sing
    and clap along with you (if you play well), Savory will clap, and
    Ciboulette will sway to the beat.  Asking the girl to cook will see
    your lady descend into the kitchen to make you a nice evening meal.
    This option is not available unless you have a table in your room.
    The girl will ask you a number of questions that determine what
    kind of food she ends up making:
    1. Do you like meat?
    - Answering "Oh, do I ever!" will result in a meat-heavy dish. 
      Answering "Meat? ... Not so much." will end in something more 
    2. How do you like it cooked?
    - The answers are pretty straight-forward.  Choose either grilled, 
      stewed, or deep-fried to determine the way your food is prepared.  
      Note that Connie is not initially able to cook with all three 
      methods; you must show her the "Simple Home Recipes" book (found 
      under the first bed on your right in the Badger Dorm building at 
      the GTW Factory in Happy Garland; show it to Connie by attempting 
      to give the book to her as a present) for her to learn how to deep-
      fry in addition to grilling and stewing.
    3. Well, in that case, do you have anything I could cook?
    - Go through your inventory and choose a food item for the girl to 
      use as cooking ingredients.  The girl will then make your dinner.
    You will earn a number of hearts at the end of your meal, provided
    you did not make her cook anything inedible (i. e. tell her to cook
    Spoiled Fish, Spoiled Meat, or Moldy Bread).  You earn more hearts
    if you had your girl make food that she loves as well (since she
    will eat with you); the Simple Home Recipes book lists "3 Things
    Everyone Loves":
    1) Stew Curry Bread + Meat = Stewed Curry Burgers
    2) Fry Pineapple + Meat = Tropical Style Cutlets
    3) Broil (Grill) Egret Potatoes = Baked Potatoes
    Feel free to experiment with different combinations of cooking
    methods and ingredients.  Note that the girl will not eat rotten
    food (though she will cook it so that you can eat it and get an
    upset stomach), and you will get no hearts for having her cook
    rotten food.
    If you sit on the bed and have the Lil' Swabby in your inventory,
    the "Clean my ears?" option will appear if you have enough hearts.
    If you select the option, your girl will hold your head in her lap
    and clean your ears of ear wax with the Lil' Swabby.  It costs five
    hearts to have a girl clean your ears the first time, and four hearts
    every time thereafter.  If you've completed the prerequisites (see
    Section III), the "Make your move" option will now appear.
    Selecting this option will exhaust all your remaining hearts (meaning
    the girl will leave at the end of this event).  Your date will agree
    to have a cup of hot cocoa with you at your request, and the two of
    you will "share a moment" together.  Making your move will earn you
    the "Playa" nickname prefix the next morning; making multiple moves
    during the same day will earn you the "TruePlaya" nickname prefix.
    III. Character Profiles
    1. Coriander ("Connie")
    Found (prior to completing the Sailing License Quest):
    - Morning: Riverside park next to St. John's Ward, Happy Garland
    - Noon: Lobster Inn, Happy Garland (on stage)
    - Evening: Lobster Inn, Happy Garland (on stage)
    - Night: Lobster Inn, Happy Garland (second floor: second bedroom on 
      the right)
    Note: If you chose her as your companion on the Sailing License 
          Quest, then she can be found wherever you parked your 
          trotmobile prior to completing the UTC event.
    Found (post-game):
    - Seagull Beach (she travels with you afterwards)
    Things she loves (earns three hearts when given as presents):
    - Donut
    - Honey
    Things she likes (earns two hearts when given as presents):
    - Crossaint
    - French Bread
    - Sandwich
    - Hot Dog
    - Curry Bread
    - Milk
    - Sheep's Milk
    - Yogurt
    - Desert Garb (Female)
    - Beach Hat*
    - Lipstick (any kind)**
      - Likes: Red, Orange, Pink
      - Indifferent: Brown, Black
      - Dislikes: Purple, Blue, Green
    * If you give her a Beach Hat, she will wear it during the True Hero 
      path (i.e. path where you never join the Bloody Mantis at any time) 
      ending sequence.
    ** All three girls have different tastes in lipstick colors.  While 
       you will earn two hearts by giving a girl a lipstick of any color, 
       each girl has a different list of lipstick colors she likes, 
       lipstick colors she's indifferent to,and lipstick colors she  
       dislikes.  The girl will wear lipstick you give her if she either 
       likes or is indifferentto the color and you tell her that it looks 
       good on her; she will not wear the colors she dislikes under any
    Other presents of interest:
    - Simple Home Recipes
      - Teaches Connie how to deep-fry food.
    - Connie's IOU
      - Obtained if you extort her (ask her for money) twice during the 
        final battle sequence of the True Hero path.  The second time you 
        attempt to extort her, she will say that she already gave you all 
        the money she has.  Tellher that she should write you something 
        that shows her debt to you, and she'll grumble and write you an 
        IOU.  After you find her during the post-game, giving her the IOU 
        as a present at any time (during dates, for example)will unlock 
        her second dislike on her profile in Album page 1.
    "Make your move":
    - Choose Chat -> Connie -> You're really cute.  At this point, Connie 
      will ask you if you remember what you said to her the first time 
      you met her at Seagull Beach.  You must answer with exactly the 
      same words you used back at the beginning of the game ("Feel... 
      like I'm gonna die...", "Could you maybe keep it down?", or 
      "Well...at least I'm conscious.").
    - Chat -> Basil (say whatever you like).
    - Chat -> Marjoram (say whatever you like).
    - Chat -> Fennel (say whatever you like; Mallow, Savory, and 
      Dandelion are unlocked as topics for Chat).
    - Chat -> Savory -> Can you believe how beautiful Savory is? -> I 
      joined because of you.
    - Chat -> Connie -> So what're you into?  Repeat until Connie says 
      that she likes you.
    - Get your ears cleaned and make your move.
    Other notes:
    - Asking what she likes (Chat -> Connie -> So what're you into?) will 
      lead to her telling you that she likes Donuts (if you have not 
      already unlocked that particular like prior to asking her).  Ask 
      her a second time, and  she'll say that she likes Honey (again, 
      only if you haven't unlocked it already).
    2. Savory
    Found (prior to completing the Sailing License Quest):
    - Morning: Lobster Inn, Happy Garland (sitting at table)
    - Noon: Lobster Inn, Happy Garland (on stage)
    - Evening: Lobster Inn, Happy Garland (on stage)
    - Night: Lobster Inn, Happy Garland (second floor: second bedroom on 
      the right)
    Note: If you chose her as your companion on the Sailing License 
          Quest, then she can be found wherever you parked your 
          trotmobile prior to completing the UTC event.  Savory is not 
          available for dating during the post-game.
    Things she loves (earns three hearts when given as presents):
    - Peridot
    Things she likes (earns two hearts when given as presents):
    - Crossaint
    - Donut
    - Sandwich
    - Curry Bread
    - Milk
    - Honey
    - Lipstick (any kind)
      - Likes: Brown, Black
      - Indifferent: Purple, Blue, Green
      - Dislikes: Red, Orange, Pink
    - Garnet
    - Amethyst
    - Aquamarine
    - Diamond
    - Emerald
    - Moonstone
    - Ruby
    - Sapphire
    - Opal
    - Topaz
    - Turquoise
    "Make your move":
    - Chat -> Savory -> ...You're beautiful.
    - Chat -> Basil (say whatever you like).
    - Chat -> Marjoram (say whatever you like).
    - Chat -> Fennel (say whatever you like; Connie and Mallow are 
      unlocked as topics for Chat).
    - Chat -> Connie -> Don't you think Connie's Cute? -> I was coming to 
      see you.
    - Get your ears cleaned and make your move.
    Other notes:
    - Asking what she likes (Chat -> Savory -> So, what kind of things do 
      you like?) will lead her to tell you that she likes to sing.
    3. (Captain) Ciboulette
    Found (after completing Sailing License Quest, True Hero path):
    - Morning--Night: run-down shack, Neuhafen.
    Found (post-game):
    - Morning-Night: Neuhafen Arena, Neuhafen.
    Things she loves (earns three hearts when given as presents):
    - Milk
    - Sheep's Milk
    - Yogurt
    Things she likes (earns two hearts when given as presents):
    - Mozzarella Cheese
    - Camembert Cheese
    - Bleu Cheese
    - Gouda Cheese
    - Emmental Cheese
    - Lipstick (any kind)
      - Likes: Purple, Blue, Green
      - Indifferent: Red, Orange, Pink
      - Dislikes: Brown, Black
    "Make your move":
    - Play music for her.
    - Get your ears cleaned and make your move.
    IV. Real Estate
    Apartments are available in Nefroburg, Happy Garland, and Neuhafen.
    To rent an apartment, go to the following offices and speak to the
    realtor (prices are directly proportional to the size of the room):
    - Nefroburg: Vladimir Real Estate
      - City Housing (15 UR/day): turn down the lane between the Nefro 
        Bakery and the Nefro Bakery parking lot and head towards Connie's 
        apartment.  Enter the apartment building directly across the lane 
        from Connie's home.  Your room is the one on the right on the 
        second floor.
      - Nefro Studio (56 UR/day): turn down the lane between Vladimir 
        Real Estate and the James Inn and head towards the Lament Bridge.  
        Enter the second apartment building to your left; your room is 
        the one on the right on the second floor.
    - Happy Garland: Doublerent Realtors
      - N. Heights (32 UR/day): go up the stairs between Fashion Poseur 
        and Grace Instruments.  Turn left and enter the doorway to your 
        left.  The door to your room is to the right side of the screen.
      - East Suites (88 UR/day): go up the stairs between Happy Furniture 
        and Eddie's Barber Shop, turn left, go up the stairs, and enter 
        the doorway to your right.  Go up the stairs; the door to your
        room is the one on the left side of the screen.
    - Neuhafen: Neuhafen Real Estate
      - Star Manor (4 UR/day): from Neuhafen Station, go toward the 
        Neuhafen Arena and you should notice a set of stairs leading up 
        to the second floor of a building to your right.  Go up the 
        stairs and go to the very end of the corridor.  Your room is 
        through a door to your left.
      - Royal Court (48 UR/day): go down the lane beside the Blue Marine 
        Inn parking lot and climb the stairs to yourleft.  On the second 
        floor, turn to the left (Vanilla's right) and keep to the right 
        until you reach the end of the corridor.  Your room is through a 
        door to your right.
    If you're lost, hit Triangle to bring up the game menu and choose
    "Map."  The general location of your room is marked by a pink house
    icon on the map of the city (you may have to select a few arrows and
    navigate to West Happy Garland if your apartment is in that city).
    V. Update History/Special Thanks
    March 21, 2007 -- Ugh, dangling space in the ASCII art header.
    March 20, 2007 -- Reformatted the Table of Contents for easier reading.
    July 17, 2006 -- Hosting permissions updated.
    July 13, 2006 -- Corrected a couple of typos.
    July 13, 2006 -- Version 1.0 completed.
    Special thanks to Irem and Atlus for producing and localizing this
    great game for us all to enjoy.
    Questions?  Comments?  Corrections? Or was there something I missed?
    Direct your inquiries to me via email at guitarotoko@gmail.com.
    (C) 2006-2007 Wei Chen

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