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    Pool Guide by Kamatari47

    Version: 1.07 | Updated: 03/22/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    I hope you enjoy it...
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    Pool Guide
    Version 1.07
    by Kamatari47 (guitarotoko@gmail.com)
    This guide is intended for private, personal use.  Any unauthorized
    reproduction, publication, or distribution of this guide without my
    express written permission is strictly prohibited.  At this time, this
    guide may be published with permission by gamefaqs.com, neoseeker.com,
    and 1up.com: any other websites found publishing this guide is
    committing a violation of copyright.  All information included in this
    guide was collected by me personally through gameplay.
    Table of Contents:
    I.   Introduction
    II.  Rules and Controls
    III. Modes, Cues, Rewards
    IV.  Hustlers
    V.   Break Ace
    VI.  Update History/Special Thanks
    I. Introduction
    In Steambot Chronicles, the innovative non-linear adventure by Irem/
    Atlus, one of the most fun mini-games to play is pool/billiards.
    This guide serves to explain the mechanics of pool games (as it
    pertains to the Steambot Chronicles variation); list the characters
    you can play against; list the strengths, weaknesses, and equipment
    of each character; list the items you can earn from playing pool;
    provide information about the two extra modes available after
    completing the game; and provide information about the special
    "hole-in-one" shot that will help you become Hustler King in no time.
    Note that there are some spoilers in this guide: do not read about
    hustlers you have not encountered or modes/items you have not found
    if you do not wish to be spoiled.
    II. Rules and Controls
    Everyone in Steambot Chronicles plays the same variation of pool:
    Nine Ball.  The aim of this variation is to hole (i.e. shoot into
    any pocket) the 9-ball (yellow with a white circle containing the 
    number 9 on it).  The first player to hole the 9-ball wins the game.
    However, there are rules that prevent you from shooting at nothing
    but the 9-ball:
    1. The current player must make contact with the lowest-numbered
       ball on the table with his/her shot.
    2. If no non-cue balls are holed on the shot, control goes over to
       the other player.
    3. If a foul is committed on the current stroke, control goes over
       to the other player and he/she gets a free drop: he/she gets to
       place the cue ball anywhere on the table.
    4. If any player commits three fouls on consecutive shots, he/she
       loses the game.  This is called a Scratch Three.
    The list of fouls is as follows.
    - Scratch: the cue ball goes into any pocket on the shot.  Note
      that balls holed on a shot that scratches do not return to the
      table, with the lone exception of the 9-ball.
    - Miss: the cue ball failed to strike the lowest-numbered ball on
      the table first on the stroke.
    - Off-table: the cue ball goes off the pool table on any shot.
    - No cushion: neither the cue ball nor any balls it struck on the
      stroke touched the banks of the pool table (the "cushion").
    The controls are as follows:
    I. Any time:
    Start: pause the game.
    Triangle: accesses the pool menu, where you can access pool tips,
              get opponent information, and quit the match (which will
              result in a loss).
    II. Before initiating the shot:
    D-pad/left analog: moves ball during free drops/moves the trajectory
                       sight (a white line extending from the cue ball)
                       during all other shots.  Moving the left analog
                       up or down in the table level view will pan the
                       camera up or down.
    Right analog: adjusts the power gauge or angle gauge.
    Square: switches between the power gauge and the angle gauge.
    R1: switches the camera type.  There is an overhead view and a table
        level ("behind-the-cue-ball") view.
    L1: zoom in (table level view)/display ball numbers (overhead view).
    L2: zoom out (table level view only).
    X: activates the shot screen.
    III. Shot screen:
    Circle: cancels shot and exits the screen.
    R1: switches the camera type.
    L1: zoom in (table level view)/display ball numbers (overhead view).
    L2: zoom out (table level view only).
    D-pad/left analog: changes the location of the point of impact (the
                       spot where the cue stick strikes the cue ball).
                       This is not available on special shots, except
                       for the Dragon Cue's Masse shot.
    Square: activates special shot (only if equipping a cue capable of
            a special shot).  You may use one special shot per match.
            Whiffing on a special shot attempt (failing to hit anything
            whatsoever) will not count as your one special shot for the
            match (you will, however, lose your turn).
    X: strikes the ball.
    Before initiating a shot, you're advised to set up the shot: change
    the trajectory line to alter the path of the target ball upon impact,
    set your power gauge to reflect how hard you wish to hit the ball,
    and change the point of impact to put spin on the cue ball.  On the
    shot screen, a waxing-and-waning circle indicates the accuracy of
    your shot: hit X when the circle is at its smallest to produce an
    accurate shot.  Any experienced pool player will realize that pool
    balls in Steambot Chronicles behave remarkably similarly to their
    real-life counterparts; experienced real-life pool players will be
    more successful at this mini-game than others.  
    - If you do not know which ball is the current target ball (i.e. the
      lowest numbered ball on the table), refer to the indicator at the 
      bottom left of the screen (before initiating a shot).
    - Do not use too much power if there is not much distance between the
      cue ball and the target ball or a cushion: the cue ball is liable 
      to go off-table if you strike with too much power at close range.
    - If the cue ball is touching a cushion and you hit a shot normally,
      it will most likely not behave the way you expect, as the cushion
      will absorb some of your force and reduce the velocity of the cue
      ball.  To counter this, use a parallel shot: hit Square to switch
      to the angle gauge and lower your angle until the shot screen shows
      only the top third of the cue ball (the bottom third is obscured
      by the cushion).
    - Hitting the cue ball on its top half tends to cause the ball to
      roll forward after contact; hitting it on its bottom half tends to
      cause it to roll backwards.  Use this to your advantage when
      trying to set up for the next shot or trying to prevent the cue ball
      from scratching on a shot.
    - Whenever possible, go for a game-winning combo shot: a combination
      shot (where the cue ball strikes the target ball in a way that the
      target ball then strikes another ball) that holes the 9-ball.  Many
      of the players you'll go up against are very skilled at 9-ball: you
      will not be able to beat some of them if you try to hole all your
      balls in order.  Using a combo shot to hole the 9-ball will often
      give you a quick victory over a very strong opponent, as CPU players
      tend not to use combo shots themselves (at least, not on purpose).
    - Always play one set only in a match.  It consumes less time than
      a three-set match and gives the CPU player fewer chances to put a
      run on you.  Just load your game (if playing in-game) if the set
      doesn't go your way and challenge the opponent again.  In Billiards
      Mode games, playing one set each allows you to quickly put away
      difficult players, giving them fewer chances of ending your winning
      streaks with long runs or lucky shots.
    The game uses a "lag for break" method to determine who takes the first
    shot of the set (the break shot).  In a lag for break, each player
    shoots the cue ball from the near cushion (left cushion in overhead
    view) towards the far cushion (right cushion in overhead view).  The
    player whose ball stops the closest to the near cushion after striking
    the far cushion (only once; if you shoot a powerful shot that bounces
    off the far cushion many times, you lose the lag for break) wins the
    lag for break and gets to take the break shot.  On a break shot, you're
    allowed to place the cue ball anywhere (as if on a free drop), but
    you are not allowed to go past the plane formed by the initial spot of
    the cue ball with both cushions.
    In Billiards Mode, the game keeps track of three special feats you can
    achieve in a game of Nine Ball:
    1. Break Ace - holing the 9-ball (and therefore winning the game) on
                   your break shot.  More on this in section V.
    2. Break Run - holing any ball (except the 9-ball) on your break shot
                   and then holing at least one ball on each subsequent
                   shot (without fouling) until you hole the 9-ball.
    3. Run - holing any ball (except the 9-ball) on the first shot you
             take in the game and then holing at least one ball on each
             subsequent shot (without fouling) until you hole the 9-ball;
             the difference between this and a Break Run is that to Break
             Run, you must win the lag for break; to Run, you must lose
             the lag for break.
    III. Modes, Cues, Rewards
    You may play games of Nine Ball during actual gameplay or by choosing
    "Billiards" from the Start menu.  During actual gameplay, just go to
    a specific location and speak to the appropriate person to start a
    game (see section IV for more information).  The Billiards Mode is
    unlocked after you play your first game of Nine Ball during actual
    gameplay.  Initially, you may only play single matches against 
    hustlers you've already played during actual gameplay; two extra
    modes, the Tournament mode and the Hustler King mode, are unlocked
    after you unlock all 15 pool players in the game, which does not
    occur until after you beat the game.
    Tournament mode:
    14 players vie for the right to face incumbent champion Silvia in a
    single-elimination tournament.  Defeat your four opponents and then
    Silvia to win the Tournament and obtain the Hustler license plate
    and the Champion Certificate.
    Hustler King mode:
    Defeat all 15 pool players in the game without losing.  The first 12
    opponents are chosen at random; the last three hustlers are (in order)
    Mallow, Fennel, and Silvia.  If you become Hustler King, you earn the 
    Hustler King trophy and the Demon Cue.
    Be sure to save your game after completing these extra modes and
    earning the rewards.  Note that you can save your results to an
    earlier save file, thus allowing you to possess these items in your
    inventory at an earlier point of the game.  Also be aware that once
    you start either mode of play, you cannot save until after you
    complete the mode: if you quit midway through, you will receive a
    loss and thus have to play the mode over from the beginning in order
    to claim the prizes.
    There are six types of cue sticks available in the game, four of which
    have the ability to execute a special shot:
    1. House Cue - the default cue.  It is not an inventory item, but you
                   can always choose to use this cue when playing a game
                   of Nine Ball.  No special shot.
    2. Heavenly Cue - "a billiard cue that can fire lightning."  Special
                      Shot: Jump (a shot that causes the cue ball to
                      "jump," which is useful when the target ball is
                      blocked by another ball; note that you can execute
                      a jump shot without using this cue -- just hit the
                      cue ball very low with medium to high power).  Get
                      this cue from a treasure chest in Port District
                      Neuhafen: go down the stairs across the causeway
                      from the stairs leading to the Star Manor apartment
                      (to the west of the Neuhafen Fish Wholesaler's
                      kiosk) and follow the boardwalk until you reach
                      the chest.
    3. Earthen Cue - "a billiard cue seething with enough power to cause
                     earthquakes."  Special Shot: Power (hits the cue ball
                     with much more force than conventionally possible).
                     Get this cue by beating the (Ex-)Boss Elephant in
                     a game of Nine Ball.
    4. Aqua Cue - "a billiard cue which could pierce turbulent waters."
                  Special Shot: Near Pocket (a shot that will hit the
                  target ball into the closest pocket essentially 100% of
                  the time).  Earn this cue by defeating Captain
                  Ciboulette in a game of Nine Ball.
    5. Dragon Cue - "a billiard cue engraved with a gorgeous dragon
                    design." Special Shot: Masse (a boomerang-type shot
                    that loops and hits balls behind the cue ball.  Use
                    the D-pad to change the point of impact on the cue
                    ball; the shot will end up going the same direction
                    as the point of impact).  Earn this cue by defeating
                    Silvia in a game of Nine Ball.
    6. Demon Cue - "a billiard cue that a demon used."  No special shot. 
                   This is the Proof of Championship earned for completing
                   the Hustler King mode.
    There are few other items you may acquire from playing pool.  These
    are all decorations for your apartment room (except for the plate):
    1. Poster of Bergamot - a poster of Bergamot, the ex-Bloody Mantis
                            leader.  Wall decoration: 3 x 4.  Acquired
                            if you challenge and defeat Bergamot in Nine
                            Ball (only available if you're a Bloody Mantis
                            member of Lieutenant rank or above) during
                            the villain path of the game.  You may
                            purchase this item from Comfrey in the
                            Ex-Bloody Mantis Hideout during the post-game
    2. Champion Certificate - a certificate announcing that Vanilla dominated
                              the Billiard [sic] Tournament.  Wall decoration:
                              3 x 2.  Acquired by completing Tournament mode.
    3. Hustler King Trophy - the trophy proving that Vanilla's the King of 
                             the Hustlers.  Object: 1 x 1.  Acquired by
                             completing the Hustler King mode.
    4. "Hustler" license plate - this license plate indicates that its
                                 owner is quite accomplished in the world
                                 of billiards.  A green plate with nine
                                 white balls in rack position with a yellow
                                 flourish/ribbon beneath them.  Acquired by
                                 completing Tournament mode.
    Note that your profile in page 1 of the photo album also shows that
    you have a "pool rank".  Vanilla starts the game as a Beginner but can
    improve his rank by defeating hustlers with higher ranks at Nine Ball.
    Each time you defeat a hustler, you advance one rank, but you may not
    advance to a rank higher than that of the hustler you just defeated.
    For example, if you defeat McDee, you will advance to the Intermediate
    rank; however, subsequent victories over McDee will not result in any
    rank advancement, because McDee is an Intermediate-rank player.  There
    are five pool ranks: Beginner -> Intermediate -> Advanced -> Pro ->
    Master.  Note that you do not advance any ranks the first time you 
    play pool, regardless of the opponent.  Pool ranks have no
    story/sidequest relevance whatsoever, although they can be referenced
    in your nickname.
    IV. Hustlers
    1. McDee
    Found: The Aphrodite Bar, Siberian Musk Hotel, Nefroburg.
    Rank: Intermediate.
    Cue: Earthen Cue.
    Profile: A hired hustler at the Aphrodite bar.  His passion for pool
             is peculiar.
    Notes: McDee is the easiest opponent in the game.  He will regularly
           miss chip shots and commit fouls.  Note that you can play him
           once everyday in the actual game and earn 200 UR per day by
           defeating him, a good source of income in the early game.
    2. KE Lackey
    Found: The Aphrodite Bar, Siberian Musk Hotel, Nefroburg.
    Rank: Intermediate.
    Cue: Heavenly Cue.
    Profile: A member of the Killer Elephants.  He's pretty new to pool,
    Notes: The KE Lackey is a better player than McDee, but not much
           better.  He makes many mistakes.  You will not be able to
           challenge him until after you liberate Nefroburg from the
           Killer Elephants.
    3. KE Boss ("Bobby")
    Found: The Aphrodite Bar, Siberian Musk Hotel, Nefroburg.
    Rank: Advanced.
    Cue: Earthen Cue.
    Profile: His credo is "Power and Spirit!" which he applies equally
             to the Killer Elephants and to pool.
    Notes: The KE Boss is the first Power-type player you will encounter.
           All of his strokes are more powerful than yours, making him a
           threat at long-distance shots.  He does, however, struggle at
           finesse situations, and he also scratches frequently due to
           his overhitting shots.  You will not be able to challenge him
           until after you liberate Nefroburg from the Killer Elephants.
           Approach the KE Lackey and select "I want to challenge the
           (Ex-)Boss" to play him.
    4. Silvia
    Found: The Aphrodite Bar, Siberian Musk Hotel, Nefroburg.
    Rank: Master.
    Cue: Dragon Cue.
    Profile: A waitress from the Aphrodite Bar who also happens to be
             an excellent billiards player.
    Notes: Silvia is the toughest cookie in the game, hands down.  She
           will not miss any easy-to-medium difficulty shots, and she
           knocks down difficult shots with alarming regularity.  She
           will also use the Masse special shot to knock down at least
           one out-of-reach ball per match.  Silvia is one of three
           players capable of running the table on you, and she has the
           highest chance of pulling off that Run.  You will not be able
           to challenge her until after you defeat the KE Boss at Nine
    5. Bergamot
    Found: Bloody Mantis Hideout, Happy Garland.
    Rank: Unknown (likely Pro).
    Cue: Earthen Cue.
    Profile: His pool skills aren't what you'd expect of the man who
             leads the Bloody Mantis.
    Notes: Bergamot is, like the KE Boss, a Power-type player.  All of
           his shots are taken with much more force than usual.  He has
           better control of his shots than the KE Boss and does not
           scratch as often, although he also struggles with finesse
           shots.  You may challenge him by speaking to him in his office
           at the Bloody Mantis Hideout if you go down the villain path
           and have advanced to any Lieutenant rank or higher.  You may
           challenge him during the hero path post-game by speaking to him
           in the secret tunnels area of the ex-Bloody Mantis Hideout and
           then asking Comfrey (who is working as the bartender) to summon
           him for a billiards battle.  Note that Bergamot does not appear
           until after you're reunited with Connie.
    6. Ciboulette
    Found: Neuhafen Arena, Neuhafen.
    Rank: Unknown (possibly Master).
    Cue: Aqua Cue.
    Profile: This female sea captain is composed and calculated, making
             her a difficult opponent.
    Notes: Ciboulette is a menace.  Like her profile suggests, she's very
           crafty -- she makes all of the makeable shots and positions the
           cue ball in impossible places whenever she does not hole a ball.
           The Aqua Cue she wields also guarantees her one free make every
           match, thus you should never whiff on the 9-ball if she has not
           yet used her one special shot that match.  Find her standing by
           her trotmobile on the ground floor of the Neuhafen Arena after
           you beat the game.
    7. Marjoram
    Found: Ex-Bloody Mantis Hideout, Happy Garland.
    Rank: Unknown (possibly Pro).
    Cue: Aqua Cue.
    Profile: The good-natured drummer of the Garland GlobeTrotters tends
             to strategize his pool playing.
    Notes: Marjoram is very crafty.  He lacks the power to put together
           long chains of makes, but he makes few mistakes and leaves
           you very few opportunities.  Speak to him at the Lucky Food
           store in Happy Garland after beating the game and you can 
           then ask Comfrey to summon him to a billiards battle at the
           Ex-Bloody Mantis Hideout beneath the Fashion Poseur.
    8. Fennel
    Found: Ex-Bloody Mantis Hideout, Happy Garland.
    Rank: Unknown (at least Pro, possibly Master).
    Cue: Dragon Cue.
    Profile: Leader of the Blue Lightning.  He's all about the music,
             and he's also a top-class hustler.
    Notes: Fennel is a skilled all-around player with a flair for smooth
           strokes and long chains of made shots.  Along with Silvia and
           Nora, he's one of the few players who will use a combo shot
           now and then.  Speak to him in the dining room of the Station
           Hotel in Happy Garland after beating the game and you can then
           ask Comfrey to summon him to a billiards battle at the Ex-Bloody
           Mantis Hideout.
    9. Mallow
    Found: Ex-Bloody Mantis Hideout, Happy Garland.
    Rank: Unknown (probably Pro).
    Cue: Dragon Cue.
    Profile: Son of Sir John, the famous doctor.  He's decent at pool,
             though you couldn't tell by looking at him.
    Notes: I have only played two matches against Mallow (once in the
           post-game and once near the end of Hustler King mode), so
           I don't know much about him.  I finished him off rather quickly
           both times (early combo shot of the 9-ball the first time,
           Break Ace the second time), so I have not had an opportunity
           to examine his playing style.  Judging by his likely rank,
           though, he should be a tough player.  Speak to him in the 
           Nuts & Bolts Plant (the center one of the three factory
           buildings) at the GTW Factory in Happy Garland after
           beating the game and you can then ask Comfrey to summon him
           to a billiards battle at the Ex-Bloody Mantis Hideout.
    10. Nora
    Found: Ex-Bloody Mantis Hideout, Happy Garland.
    Rank: Unknown (likely Master).
    Cue: Heavenly Cue.
    Profile: She leads the Desert Hornets, bandits from the Sabbia Desert.
             Her billiard [sic] skills might surprise you.
    Notes: Nora is the second toughest opponent in the game.  She, Silvia,
           and Ciboulette are the only three who can pull off Runs and
           Break Runs, and she will punish you harshly for any small
           mistake.  The only chink in her armor is that she will foul
           occasionally, especially during the early part of the game.
           After beating the game, trek to the Desert Hornets Hideout and
           speak to her in her stronghold.  You can then ask Comfrey to
           summon her to a billiards battle at the Ex-Bloody Mantis
           Hideout when you return to Happy Garland.
    11. Basil
    Found: Ex-Bloody Mantis Hideout, Happy Garland.
    Rank: Unknown (probably Intermediate or Advanced).
    Cue: Heavenly Cue.
    Profile: The Garland GlobeTrotters' bassist can get away with being
             clumsy, but will it affect his game?
    Notes: Basil is the exact opposite of the KE Boss and Bergamot: he
           hits all his shots with very little power.  This makes him
           good at short-range shots and finesse shots, but renders him
           ineffective at long-range shots.  Speak to him in the underpass
           behind the Nefroburg Museum after you beat the game; you can
           subsequently ask Comfrey to summon him to the Ex-Bloody Mantis
           Hideout for billiards play after you return to Happy Garland.
    12. Connie
    Found: Ex-Bloody Mantis Hideout, Happy Garland.
    Rank: Unknown (probably Intermediate or Advanced).
    Cue: Aqua Cue.
    Profile: The Garland GlobeTrotters' singer.  She's quite the vocalist,
             but at billiards she's still a novice.
    Notes: Connie is the same type of player as Basil, only slightly
           better: she once made a chain of six straight shots against
           me.  Find her at Seagull Beach at the end of the "Find Connie"
           sidequest after beating the game and you can then ask Comfrey
           to summon her to billiards play at the Ex-Bloody Mantis Hideout.
    13. Savory
    Found: Billiards mode only
    Rank: Unknown (probably Pro).
    Cue: Aqua Cue.
    Profile: Her vocals might be backup, but her looks are drop-dead
             gorgeous, and her game is top-shelf.
    Notes: Savory is a good all-around player.  She doesn't do any one
           thing exceptionally well, but she's well-rounded and makes few
           mistakes.  She's unlocked for play in any Billiards mode after
           you beat the game.
    14. Dandelion
    Found: Billiards mode only
    Rank: Unknown (probably Pro).
    Cue: Heavenly Cue.
    Profile: The Ex-Leader of the Garland GlobeTrotters is good at
             making instruments and schooling newbies.
    Notes: Dandelion is the same type of player as Savory, only he's
           slightly stronger and therefore a slightly tougher opponent.
           He's unlocked for play in any Billiards mode after you beat
           the game.
    15. Vanilla
    Found: Billiards mode only
    Rank: Beginner
    Cue: House Cue (possibly Demon Cue).
    Profile: He washed ashore wearing only tattered clothes.  Everything
             about him is pretty much a mystery.
    Notes: Obviously, you do not get an opportunity to play Vanilla
           during the actual game.  A pity, because he's a total pudding;
           his skills (or lack thereof) reflect your initial pool rank
           immediately after waking up on Seagull Beach.  He's basically
           a weaker version of McDee.  He's available for play in Billiards
           modes any time after you play your first game of Nine Ball
           during the actual game (even if all you did was Practice).
    V. Break Ace
    While you can use the handy "save-n-load" technique in order to
    achieve victory over any hustlers found in the actual game, saving
    your progress is not an option during Tournament and Hustler King
    modes.  How, then, do you complete those modes, considering that you
    have to face and beat many difficult opponents without losing even
    once?  Trust me, that's a practically impossible task in Hustler
    King mode, where you have to triumph over all 15 players without a
    loss.  Practically impossible, that is, unless you learn the secret
    of the Break Ace, a break shot that holes the 9-ball and wins you
    the match instantly.  After much experimentation and practice, I have
    discovered a setup that produces a Break Ace every time you do it
    correctly (since the game does not generate random break shots, you
    will produce the same shot every time you use the same setup):
    - Acquire the Earthen Cue and equip it as your cue of choice.
    - Win the lag for break.  You can do this with 100% success if you
      shoot with about 25% power (place the power gauge at halfway between
      the bottom and the first notch).
    - On the break shot setup, leave the cue ball at the default position.
    - Tap Left on the D-pad a couple of times to adjust your trajectory.
      This is the most important part of the setup, as you must move your
      trajectory to an exact spot -- you will not be able to produce the
      Break Ace if you're even a little bit off.  The trajectory sight
      should go through the right side of the yellow 1-ball, hit the
      cushion, and then rebound back through the green 6-ball.  If you're
      in the table level view, you should notice a thin, oblong bright spot
      (of reflected light) on the 6-ball: make sure the rebounded part of
      the trajectory sight goes straight through the center of this bright
    - Hit X to activate the shot screen and press Square to activate the
      Power Shot, the special shot of the Earthen Cue.  If you lined up
      your trajectory perfectly, the accuracy circle will wax and wane at
      a reasonably slow rate, allowing you to time it well and hit an
      accurate shot.  You will notice that if your trajectory is off, the
      accuracy circle will wax and wane very rapidly, and you will most
      likely whiff. With some practice, you will learn to use the flashing
      speed of the accuracy circle to determine whether or not you've lined
      up correctly; if you have not, hit Circle twice to cancel the shot
      and redo your setup.
    - Do not worry about your power gauge on this shot.  All Power Shots
      use the same level of force; when your activate that particular
      special shot, the game will essentially ignore your power gauge level
      setting in favor of the preset power level for all Power Shots.
    - Hit X when the accuracy circle is at its smallest to make your Power
      Shot.  If you've done everything correctly, the initial shot will
      nudge the 9-ball, but not at a fast enough speed to drop it into any
      pocket.  The purple 4-ball, however, will bounce off two corners at
      the top right of the table and tap the 9-ball on its right side with
      just enough force to deposit the 9-ball into the top left corner
    - To see this shot in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6orAywwp3k
    With some practice, you can pull off this amazing shot with great
    regularity.  Of the 20 matches I've won in Billiards mode play (five
    Tournament matches and fifteen Hustler King matches), 18 of them
    were won by Break Ace.
    VI. Update History/Special Thanks
    March 21, 2007 -- Fixed formatting errors and updated the Youtube
                      video link.
    August 8, 2006 -- Changed Bergamot's entry yet again; he CAN be found
                      in the hero path post-game after all.
    July 18, 2006 -- Added a link to a video clip of the break ace shot
                     in action (capped it myself).
    July 17, 2006 -- Hosting permissions updated.
    July 17, 2006 -- Corrected Bergamot's unlock method after discovering
                     that he is not unlocked automatically after beating
                     the game.
    July 15, 2006 -- Made a minor correction to a location name.
    July 13, 2006 -- Corrected two minor inaccuracies.
    July 13, 2006 -- Version 1.0 completed.
    Special thanks to Irem and Atlus for producing and localizing this
    great game for us all to enjoy.  Thanks to upstater for posting clues
    to unlocking Bergamot in the hero path post-game.
    Questions?  Comments?  Corrections? Or was there something I missed?
    Direct your inquiries to me via email at guitarotoko@gmail.com.
    (C) 2006-2007 Wei Chen

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