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    Blocking FAQ by Mazryonh

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/01/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    WRITTEN BY: Mazryonh
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any 
    other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
    and a violation of copyright.
    Nov. 30, 2008: Version 1.0 released. 
    1. Introduction
    2. Definitions 
    3. List of MSes Capable of Blocking
      3.1  MSes Capable of Involuntary Blocking
      3.2  Mses Capable of Player-Initiated Blocking
      3.3  Mses Capable of Countering
    4. Specific MS Blocking Info and Tactics 
      4.1  Earth Federation MSes
        4.11  RX-78-2 Gundam (Gundam Hammer Version only)
      4.2  Principality of Zeon Mses
        4.21  MS-14A Gelgoog and MS-14S Char's Gelgoog
      4.3  AEUG MSes 
        4.31  MSK-008 Dijeh
        4.32  MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki
        4.33  MSZ-010 Double Zeta Gundam (Double Beam cannon version only)
      4.4  Titans Mses
        4.41  RMS-106 Hizack Custom
        4.42  PMX-001 Palace Athene (Shield-Equipped Version Only)
        4.43  MRX-009 Psyco Gundam
        4.44  MRX-010 Psyco Gundam Mk.II 
        4.45  PMX-003 The O
    5. FAQ
    6. Contact Info 
    7. Legal Info
    ***SECTION 1: Introduction***
    Despite the fact that this game was released years ago in Region 1, I still 
    play it from time to time and decided to write an FAQ to share the knowledge 
    I've accrued from my experiences with this game. Blocking is one of the more 
    expanded features from this game's prequel, and while the game certainly 
    encourages evasion rather than nullifying an attack via blocking, it is still 
    a perfectly valid defensive option. 
    This FAQ will first go through the definitions I will use for the terms in 
    this FAQ, then list the various MSes capable of blocking, and then go in-depth 
    into the various MSes who can block manually. Hopefully you will find it 
    useful in your journey to master this difficult game. 
    ***SECTION 2: Definitions***
    *Involuntary Blocking (INB)*
    This occurs without any player input. There are 2 forms. 
    1) Orientation-Dependent Involuntary Blocking (ODINB)
    The first is when your shield happens to be in the path of an incoming attack. 
    If the entire attack is blocked (such as all the strokes of an opponent's melee 
    combo, or all the projectiles of a burst attack such as a Zaku's machine gun 
    or a Marasai's beam rifle), you will not take any damage, will not be pushed 
    back (yes, this means that getting kicked by the Psyco Gundam will not move you 
    back one iota, the laws of physics notwithstanding), and your suit will keep on 
    going as before. Due to the awkward shield placement of some suits (such as 
    both Gelgoog variants, and the Bazooka-equipped Ground Gundam), this is the 
    only form of blocking available to them. 
    As normal, the shield will be damaged, but unlike the second type of 
    involuntary blocking, does not trigger a special animation and thus does not 
    have a recovery time. The difficulty is getting this to occur in the first 
    place. While some suits (like the original Gundam) will face their shields 
    towards the enemy if their shield-bearing side is the one closest to the 
    targeted enemy, other suits (such as the One Year War GM) will not. As such it 
    can be fairly difficult to get this to work on some suits, since they do not 
    cover any appreciable part of their bodies with the shield. 
    2) Non-Orientation Dependent Involuntary Blocking (NODINB)
    This form of INB is like the first, only it may be triggered by an attack from 
    any angle. 
    When triggered, your shield-wielding mobile suit will suddenly raise its shield 
    and block the attack. This animation has a long recovery time, cannot be 
    cancelled out of, and while it will block everything except a continuous 
    attack as mentioned above, is somewhat less preferable as you are stuck in 
    place until the animation ends. A savvy opponent can, upon triggering this 
    animation with a ranged attack, simply dash around you and shoot you where 
    you shield's not blocking. At times it can be a lifesaver (such as when it 
    triggers against an attack from a direction you couldn't see), but you 
    really shouldn't rely on it to save you. 
    The Psyco Gundam MK. II has unique form of NOIDB. More info on that can be 
    found in its own entry in Section 4. 
    *Player-Initiated Blocking (PIB)*
    Suits with this method of blocking are all capable of blocking at the command 
    of the player, without any reliance on probability. These are always 
    triggered by button presses, but may not always protect against every type of 
    damage. Which suits are capable of PIB, as well as the methods to trigger it, 
    is discussed in detail in Section 4. 
    ***SECTION 3: Lists of MSes Capable of Blocking***
    R/X = Indicates blocking method is lost upon a number of Recovery awakenings 
          (represented by the variable X), under the list in question. For 
          example, R/1 would mean that the blocking method in question is lost 
          after 1 recovery awakening, whereas R/2 would mean that the blocking 
          method denoted by the list is lost after 2 recovery awakenings. 
          MSes never lose any further parts after the second Recovery awakening, 
          so there was no need to include numbers beyond two here. Good luck 
          surviving long enough to get 3 or more Recovery awakenings, though.
    2/S = Indicates that the mobile suit has a 2-part shield. Enough damage will 
          halve the shield, and subsequent damage will destroy the shield entirely. 
          Only MSes from the One Year War Era have such shields. 
    RFS = Indicates that the mobile suit's shield is a Rear Facing Shield, and as 
          such will only defend against attacks from behind. This type of shield is 
          generally not affected by recovery awakenings. 
    INS = Indicates that the unit has an indestructible shield. 
    ***Section 3.1: MSes Capable of Involuntary Blocking***
    RGM-79R GM II (R/2)
    MSA-003 Nemo (R/1)
    RX-178 Gundam Mk.II (R/1)
    MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam (R/2)
    MSZ-010 Double Zeta Gundam 
    RGM-79(G) Land GM (R/1)
    RGM-79 GM (2/S, R/1)
    RX-79(G) Land Gundam (R/1, RFS when Rocket Launcher is equipped)
    RX-78-2 Gundam (2/S, R/2)
    RMS-179 GM II (R/2)
    RMS-106 Hizack (R/1)
    RMS-106 Hizack, EFSF version (R/1)
    RMS-117 Galbaldy Beta (R/1 when not in Zero G)
    RX-178 Gundam Mk.II, Titans Version (R/1)
    PMX-001 Palace Athene (Shield-Equipped Version Only, R/1)
    MRX-009 Psyco Gundam (INS)
    MRX-010 Psyco Gundam Mk.II (INS)
    MS-07B Gouf (2/S, R/1) 
    YMS-15 Gyan (R/1)
    MS-14A Gelgoog (2/S, RFS)
    MS-14S Char's Gelgoog (2/S, RFS)
    ***Section 3.2: List of MSes Capable of Player Initiated Blocking***
    MSK-008 Dijeh 
    MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki (R/1)
    MSZ-010 Double Zeta Gundam (Double Beam cannon version only)
    RX-78-2 Gundam (Gundam Hammer Version only)
    PMX-001 Palace Athene (Shield-Equipped Version Only)
    PMX-003 The O
    MRX-009 Psyco Gundam
    MRX-010 Psyco Gundam Mk.II 
    MS-14A Gelgoog  
    MS-14S Char's Gelgoog
    ***Section 3.3: List of MSes Capable of Countering***
    MSK-008 Dijeh
    MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki
    RMS-106CS Hizack Custom
    ***SECTION 4: Specific MS Blocking Info and Tactics***
    For ease of reading, this section will cover only those suits that are capable 
    of PIB. Suits that are capable of INB block largely as a matter of luck; it 
    is quite possible for a suit with a shield on its arm to randomly block an 
    attack coming from behind. The chance can be increased if you turn the shield 
    towards the enemy, but this is no guarantee. 
    ***Section 4.1:  Earth Federation MSes***
       4.11 RX-78-2 Gundam (Gundam Hammer Version Only)
    The star of the series that started it all, this legendary suit possesses what 
    may be the toughest non-indestructible shield in the game and a unique method 
    of blocking available only when the Gundam Hammer is selected. When you press 
    shoot + jump (assigned to L2 by default) with the Gundam Hammer equipped and 
    your beam saber is not drawn, the Gundam will swing its hammer in a slanted 
    circle.  This is capable of blocking all types of attacks, and there is no way 
    to snap the Gundam out of its blocking animation short of hitting it 
    somewhere its spinning hammer or shield doesn't cover (like all forms of PIB, 
    however, it will end on it own if the blocking button is held for too long).  
    While this form of blocking does not have a counter animation if the hammer is 
    hit with a melee attack, the hammer WILL damage anything it hits if it gets 
    close enough. That means opponents trying to hit you with a melee attack will 
    likely get a faceful of Gundam Hammer before they can hit you. 
    Because of the angle the hammer spins at, you cannot use it as an 
    "OTG attack" (a term fighting game players use to describe attacks that hit 
    opponents lying on the ground). Likewise, the knockdown invincibility (even to 
    units that cannot physically be knocked down, such as the Messala or the 
    Palace Athene) given to most units when you use a knockdown attack on them 
    means you couldn't likely hit them with the hammer multiple times anyhow. 
    Certain units that do NOT gain a window of invincibility upon being hit with 
    knockdown attacks, such as most mobile armours and especially the Big Zam 
    and Psyco Gundams can be hit multiple times with the hammer if you stand 
    close to their feet and keep the L2 button pressed, but because you yourself 
    can't move while spinning the hammer, they can easily counterattack you. 
    ***Section 4.2: Principality of Zeon MSes***
       4.21 MS-14A Gelgoog and MS-14S Char's Gelgoog
    I'm covering these two together because they have the exact same blocking 
    Whenever the sub-weapon button is pressed, the Gelgoog will draw its beam 
    naginata and spin it, which will block all types of attacks. Unfortunately 
    if either Gelgoog type is hit with an armed melee attack while spinning 
    the beam naginata, a weapon clash will result and both suits will recoil. The 
    Gelgoog does not move the naginata from side to side as the Dijeh does while 
    spinning, so the area protected is comparably smaller (and the vulnerable hand 
    of the Gelgoog is easier to hit as well). The back-mounted shield of the 
    Gelgoog can save you from a few hits from behind though if you lose track of 
    someone behind you. 
    A word of warning: there is a period of lag between the instant you press the 
    sub-weapon button and the moment the Gelgoog starts spinning its beam 
    naginata. The Gelgoog does not need to draw its beam naginata to block, but 
    if it has not already done so before blocking the period of start-up lag is 
    longer than it would have been if the beam naginata was already drawn. This 
    means that if you must block without having already drawn the naginata, 
    pressing earlier than you would normally have is a good idea. 
    Drawing the beam naginata without also attacking with it in the same button 
    press is only possible when the Gelgoog is not dashing, boosting, stunned or 
    falling. If you feel you will have to get defensive soon, finding a moment to 
    draw your beam naginata while standing still or walking is recommended, less 
    you do a premature melee attack and leave yourself completely open. 
    ***Section 4.3: AEUG MSes***
       4.31 MSK-008 Dijeh
    Despite what the barrier on its left arm may look like, it has no protective 
    abilities (and it's lost upon the first recovery awakening, at no real cost to 
    you). The special melee attack is the real star of the show here. 
    If you press the special melee attack (the jump + melee button, assigned to R2 
    by default), the Dijeh will draw its double-ended beam naginata and spin it 
    around from side to side at waist level to deflect all sorts of attacks. It 
    will work as long as you are not airborne. Note that because the Dijeh will 
    freeze in place while blocking, and you cannot change the Dijeh's facing while 
    blocking. It is not necessary to draw the Naginata to trigger the blocking 
    animation, but there will be some lag to initiate the blocking if the Naginata 
    was not already drawn. 
    The beam naginata's blocking animation covers a sizable portion of the Dijeh's 
    front and side facings. It is possible to directly hit the hand of the Dijeh 
    while it's spinning the Naginata or time a shot right so it hits the Dijeh 
    while the Naginata is protecting the opposite side, but both are difficult 
    to do because the Dijeh's hand (and the Naginata with it) moves very quickly. 
    Furthermore, there is very little lag between the moment the Dijeh's hand 
    stops moving and the time the Dijeh itself can move again, so the Dijeh can 
    simply move to evade an attack aimed at its side or back. 
    It should be noted that attempting to use the special melee attack while the 
    Dijeh is airborne will not trigger the blocking animation--it will only work 
    if the Dijeh is walking or dashing on the ground. The blocking animation also 
    has no offensive abilities on its own; nothing will happen if you try to walk 
    above a fallen MS and trigger it. 
    If an MS attempts to attack a blocking Dijeh with a melee weapon, the Dijeh 
    will intercept and counter the attack. While countering it can no longer block, 
    and it has a bit of recovery time after the counter animation finishes, so 
    beware of being shot by someone else after countering a suit's melee attack. 
    Unarmed melee attacks (such as those of the Asshimar, the Zaku I, or even a 
    melee attack not made with a suit's melee weapon such as a Hyaku Shiki's 
    flying kick) will not be countered, but they will not cancel the Dijeh's 
    blocking animation, nor will they deal any damage to the Dijeh. 
    The Dijeh will not lose the ability to block after a recovery awakening, 
    no matter how many times one occurs. The first recovery awakening will destroy 
    the barrier on its left arm (which was useless anyway), while the second 
    recovery awakening will destroy its head, which disables its vulcans but will 
    leave its blocking ability intact. 
       4.32 MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki
    While Char may deservedly have the reputation of being the one of the best 
    offensive and evasive pilots around, his signature suit from the Zeta era is 
    sadly lacking in defensive capabilities in this game. His blocking move does 
    not cover a great deal of space, it has problems with recovery awakenings, 
    is difficult to use, and can leave him unnecessarily open when he counters. 
    To trigger his blocking move, the special melee button must be pressed when the 
    Hyaku Shiki is not dashing or boosting (this includes not being airborne in 
    ground stages), and the beam saber must be drawn. If these conditions are not 
    fulfilled, the special melee button will only make the Hyaku shiki do one of 
    its various special melee attacks, which means that the Hyaku Shiki is only 
    capable of blocking when moving slowly. 
    The Hyaku Shiki's blocking animation consists of the suit drawing its second 
    beam saber in its left hand and twirling it in front. Because it's only a 
    single beam saber, the area covered is notably smaller than what the Dijeh 
    covers with its blocking animation. It is quite possible for an enemy suit 
    close enough to dash behind the the saber's coverage and hit the Hyaku Shiki. 
    If you are playing in a non-zero G stage, it is possible for a suit to hit a 
    blocking Hyaku Shiki with a ranged attack if the attacking suit is on a low 
    enough angle from the front. This is only made worse in zero g stages, where 
    an attacking suit can move below the Hyaku Shiki's blocking radius even more 
    The blocking animation has a recovery period where the Hyaku Shiki must 
    extinguish the second saber in its left hand and stow it away. This can leave 
    you vulnerable, so watch out. If you hold down the special melee button too 
    long it will sheathe the beam saber automatically after a while, so be aware. 
    If the Hyaku Shiki's spinning beam saber is hit when it is still blocking, it 
    will perform a counter-attack identical to the first attack of the 
    (non-boosting) dashing melee combo, along with its horridly long recovery time. 
    If this counter-attack hits (and ONLY if it hits), you can then perform the 
    second hit of the suit's grounded dashing melee combo by pressing the melee 
    button at the correct time, or just by mashing it if you can't get the timing 
    down with a single press. As the recovery time for the second hit is far less 
    than the one for the first hit, it's worthwhile to try for the second if you 
    hit with the first. 
    As with the Dijeh, the counter-attack will not trigger if the enemy mobile 
    suit uses an unarmed melee attack, with the same caveats as before. 
    Recovery awakenings affect the Hyaku Shiki's ability to block depending on the 
    type of stage you are currently fighting in. 
    In grounded stages, the Hyaku Shiki will lose its left arm (and with it, 
    its ability to block) after the first recovery awakening. The second recovery 
    awakening only destroys the wing binders on its back at no real cost to the 
    suit itself. 
    In zero-g stages, the Hyaku Shiki will lose its left leg with the first 
    recovery awakening, and then its left arm (along with its blocking ability) 
    with the second recovery awakening. The fact that the Hyaku Shiki never loses 
    its head vulcans (unlike some other MSes who lose their secondary weapons 
    with recovery awakenings) is an homage to what happened to the Hyaku Shiki at 
    the end of the Zeta Gundam TV series. 
       4.33 MSZ-010 Double Zeta Gundam (Double Beam cannon version only)
    One of only 2 mobile suits in this game from the ZZ Gundam era, the Double 
    Zeta Gundam is like the Palace Athene in that it is only capable of PIB when 
    a certain weapon configuration is selected, that being the Double Beam Cannon. 
    When using the Double Beam Cannon-equipped ZZ Gundam, you can block if you 
    draw one of your mega beam sabers and hold down the special melee button. Due 
    to the camera angle it may be difficult to tell what the ZZ Gundam is doing 
    when the special melee button is held, but in fact the ZZ Gundam holds its mega 
    beam saber up in a blocking move. The blocking move will only trigger if the 
    ZZ Gundam is not dashing and it has a mega beam saber drawn--it can block 
    when airborne in a grounded stage, but attempting to block while dashing will 
    only result in one of its various special melee moves. 
    The blocking move may cover a small area in the front (the central spot that 
    all mobile suits automatically aim for when facing the front of the ZZ Gundam). 
    However, there is no way to snap the ZZ Gundam out of its blocking stance; even 
    melee attacks will bounce off the mega beam saber, with the attacking mobile 
    suit caught in the weapon clash animation, but the ZZ Gundam will not recoil 
    itself nor will its blocking stance be interrupted! This is also true for 
    intersecting melee attacks that would have resulted in a weapon clash--
    opponents will recoil, but the ZZ Gundam will power on through. 
    Of course, holding down the special melee button for too long will eventually 
    cause the ZZ Gundam to stop blocking, and you could always go somewhere 
    the mega beam saber isn't covering. Because it is a special melee attack and 
    not a sub weapon attack, it has a dodgy form of auto aim. If the currently 
    selected target is too far from the ZZ Gundam, it will not automatically face 
    that target when performing the blocking animation. For it to do so, the ZZ 
    Gundam must be in close range (close enough to hit the targeted unit with a 
    melee attack). 
    ***SECTION 4.4: Titans Mses***
       4.41 RMS-106 Hizack Custom 
    To select this unit, choosing a non-EFSF Hizack and select the Beam Launcher 
    as your main weapon. 
    This suit has a fairly unique blocking mechanic. It is unique in that it 
    doesn't actually stop enemy ranged weapons at all. 
    When the sub-weapon attack button (shoot + melee by default) is pressed while 
    the Hizack Custom has its beam saber drawn, and it is not boosting or dashing, 
    the Hizack Custom will make a parrying move with its beam saber. If the 
    sub-weapon button is pressed while the Hizack Custom is dashing, boosting, 
    or does not have its beam saber drawn, the Hizack Custom will only fire its 
    beam launcher. 
    If an enemy mobile suit hits the Hizack Custom with an armed melee attack from 
    the start of the parry animation to the moment the Hizack Custom lowers its 
    beam saber from its parrying position, there will be an orange flash, the 
    enemy suit's attack will be parried and they will recoil backwards, much like 
    if the two of you were involved in a weapon clash, with neither suit taking 
    damage. However, there is one difference; the Hizack Custom will NOT be 
    knocked back, allowing you a split second to attack the stunned enemy in melee. 
    The parry animation may look like it only covers a small area, but it actually 
    does cover the suit's entire front, which means that attacks that come from 
    above or below (such as in zero G stages) will be affected. I've tested this, 
    and it doesn't matter what direction a frontal armed melee attack comes from; 
    if timed correctly the parry will force the enemy suit to recoil. Of course, 
    the fact that the Hizack Custom will immediately face the targeted enemy 
    whenever you activate the parry certainly helps. 
    Unfortunately there are several factors that make this a dodgy blocking move. 
    As mentioned above, it does not stop ranged projectiles in any way. Unlike 
    shields and the other mobile suit PIB methods, it will not stop unarmed melee 
    attacks either. It does not last as long as other PIB blocking methods do 
    (nowhere near as long as the Dijeh's or Hyaku Shiki's saber-spinning block 
    moves, for instance). It does however give this long-range-focused suit 
    another option should the enemy close to melee. 
       4.42 PMX-001 Palace Athene (Shield-Equipped Version)
    Like most other shield-equipped mobile suits, the Palace Athene with the 
    Shield Missile selected is capable of both forms of INB. However, Capcom 
    included a form of PIB with this suit, and it's a bit difficult to notice at 
    Whenever you press the secondary attack button with the Shield-Equipped Palace 
    Athene, it will fire its shield missiles. What you may not notice is that when 
    it raises the shield to fire, the shield covers the mobile suit's midsection 
    (the default aiming point for enemy ranged attacks) and thus is in perfect 
    position to intercept attacks that come from the front whenever the Palace 
    Athene raises its shield to fire.
    It should be noted that there are few caveats to this form of PIB. If the 
    shield is hit while using this method, the Palace Athene will immediately go 
    into the "blocking with the shield" animation which of course has a noticeable 
    recovery time. An attack hitting the shield also interrupts the missile 
    volley, so you might end up firing 1, 2, or even no missiles depending on how 
    early you press the secondary attack button and what moment the attack hits 
    the shield. This can also mean you may end up with fewer than 4 missiles for 
    your final shot before your ammo reloads, so be careful. The upside to this is 
    that the Palace Athene will STILL raise its shield even if the shield is out 
    of ammo (just for a shorter time since it will fire no missiles), which 
    probably makes it the only suit with a ranged sub-weapon that is still useful 
    even without ammo. 
    Since you can still fire the shield missiles while in sniping mode (which is 
    entered by pressing and holding the target button, square by default) it can 
    offer a measure of protection against enemies who might otherwise find you an 
    easy target since you can't move while in sniping mode. This will allow you to 
    use your twin beam cannon more rapidly and more safely than you would without 
    the shield or without sniping mode. 
    As with almost all types of shields, too many hits to the Palace Athene's 
    missile launcher shield will destroy it, and when that happens you will not be 
    able to fire shield missiles any more. It is also smaller than most shields, 
    so some attacks from angles that are too high, too low, or not aimed at your 
    mobile suit's midsection may end up hitting you instead of the shield. This 
    can become a real problem in Zero G stages. 
    The first recovery awakening will always blow off the shield arm, so if you 
    want to keep using it, choosing another awakening other than recovery is 
       4.43 MRX-009 Psyco Gundam
    In Mobile Suit form this suit's shield is indestructible, so it is quite 
    capable of ODINB; just keep the shield facing the offending opponent in 
    question. Needless to say the shield can usually only protect the side of the 
    arm it's on, but this can be temporarily circumvented by pressing R2 
    (shoot + jump). 
    When R2 is pressed and the Psyco Gundam is in Mobile Suit mode, it will stop 
    in place and bring the shield up to its chest, the same point almost all enemy 
    mobile suit ranged attacks aim for. From the moment R2 is pressed to the 
    moment you let it go, the Psyco Gundam will be completely immune to all beam 
    attacks (as a result of its I-field). Beam sabers, unarmed melee attacks, and 
    solid-shot weapons from bazookas to lowly vulcan guns will bypass the I-field 
    completely, so the defense it provides is not perfect. However, the shield 
    WILL block and nullify those attacks as well, so as long as it aimed for 
    the area the shield was blocking. 
    The Psyco Gundam cannot move while R2 is held, and from the moment it is 
    pressed it has to complete the animation of 
    raising its shield to its chest, 
    which means that it has a fairly long recovery time. It's useful when you must 
    block an incoming bazooka round fired from long range, but don't expect it to 
    save your hide in close range combat, as an enemy suit can just dash out of 
    the area protected by the shield and fire a solid-shot weapon, or just close 
    to short range and start attacking you in melee. 
    The Psyco Gundam has another form of NODINB, activated by pressing L2 to 
    transform itself into Fortress Mode. In this mode its I-Field is always 
    active, so it could be a way to safely close the distance against enemies 
    armed only with ranged beam weapons. However, unlike the Psyco Gundam MK. II, 
    it has no form of effective offense (save for the highly-unreliable and hard 
    to aim scattering mega-particle cannon) when in this mode, and is practically a 
    sitting duck against mid-range to short-range solid shot weapons and especially 
    melee attacks. The shield is not available in this form and can't save you 
    either, so it's recommended you transform back into Mobile Suit form (again, 
    by pressing L2) once you get close enough to the enemy to use your melee 
    attacks and finger-fitted beam cannons. 
       4.44 MRX-010 Psyco Gundam Mk.II 
    Like it's previous incarnation, this mobile suit's shield is completely 
    indestructible, and only protects its left side. When in fortress mode, its 
    I-field is always active, and unlike the original Psyco Gundam, its reflector 
    beams can be fired in this mode which gives it an effective form of all-around 
    offense, without the pesky start-up and recovery times that the mobile suit 
    form has while using this attack form. 
    Some major differences exist in this suit's blocking options, however. When R2 
    is pressed and held while in mobile suit form, the Psyco Gundam Mk.II will 
    raise its right hand forward in a "halt!" gesture, instead of raising its 
    shield like the original Psyco Gundam did (which also means that it will still 
    have no protection against solid-shot weapons). From the moment you press R2 
    to the moment you let it go, the suit will raise its I-field and be completely 
    immune to ranged beam weapons. Unlike the original, the Mk.II can still move 
    while its I-field is active, but at the same time it will not be able to boost, 
    transform, or attack in any manner. Its turning radius will also be worsened as 
    long as the I-field is up in mobile suit form. 
    Aside from simply turning itself to move its shield to obstruct solid-shot 
    weapons, the Psyco Gundam Mk.II has no ability to nullify solid-shot weapons 
    or melee attacks. Its own melee attacks are considerably faster and more 
    damaging than its predecessor's though, so destroying a suit that closes to 
    melee is no longer as difficult while in mobile suit form. 
    The Psyco Gundam Mk.II has a final method of ODINB--however, this is not 
    dependent on the suit's own orientation, but rather the orientation of its 
    reflector bits (don't ask me how they can remain aloft and keep moving around 
    whilst in grounded stages without either constantly expending reaction mass or 
    mounting a Minovsky particle hover drive). If any enemy ranged beam weapon not 
    of the "ultra" persuasion hits a reflector bit, then the beam will be reflected 
    back at the opponent who shot it. Unfortunately, the reflector bits move around 
    very randomly, so it is difficult if not impossible to use this counterattack 
    form purposely. 
    Another thing of note about reflector bits is that they can reflect the beams 
    of the scattering mega-particle cannon towards a targeted opponent. This means 
    that enemies that are some distance from the scattering mega-particle cannon's 
    cone of fire are not completely safe, which is important if someone takes the 
    Psyco Gundam Mk.II into a zero G stage. 
       4.45 PMX-003 The O
    Ahh, the last personal suit of Paptimus Scirocco. The other contender for a 
    "God-Tier" mobile suit in this game, the other being the Zeta Gundam. Not 
    transformable (and therefore nowhere near as fast as its counterpart) and a 
    great deal less ranged weaponry, but it does have incredibly powerful melee 
    attacks and an easy-to-use defensive measure in the form of its sub-weapon. 
    When the sub-weapon button is pressed, The O will draw its three beam sabers 
    (one in its left hand, the other two in the mini-arms under its frontal armour 
    skirt) and form a glowing yellow triangle with them. 
    Because The O is a "God-Tier" suit, this form of blocking is easier to use 
    than most others. Aside from being able to block all forms of attacks, The O's 
    beam saber need not be drawn to use this blocking form (unlike the Hyaku Shiki 
    and Hizack Custom, for instance)--merely pressing the sub-weapon button will 
    immediately cause The O to block, with no additional delay caused by igniting 
    the beam sabers first such as is the case with both forms of Gelgoog. The O 
    will also immediately face the targeted opponent whenever you press the 
    sub-weapon button, so as long as you've got a suit targeted, you can always 
    block its attacks. The O also forms the "beam saber triangle" extremely 
    quickly, and in grounded stages, you can even block while boosting in the air!
    The caveats to this form of blocking are few, but should be noted. As with 
    the other PIB suits, the block will not track an enemy after you form it, 
    and it only protects the area directly in front of The O. If you hold down the 
    sub-weapon button too long The O will drop the beam sabers, leaving it 
    vulnerable again (though you really shouldn't hold the button for too long 
    since this because The O must freeze in place to block). If you block in the 
    air on a grounded stage, the block will end the moment The O hits the ground 
    and triggers the recovering-from-a-jump animation. Finally, this block does not 
    come with a counterattack option; if The O is hit by a melee attack while 
    blocking, both suits will recoil in a weapon clash, leaving The O 
    temporarily vulnerable. 
    ***Section 5: FAQ***
    Q: Can the Bolinoak Sammahn block? 
    A: No, it can't. The shield on its right arm may look like it could block, but 
    unfortunately it seems the devs at Capcom wanted to standardize the game's 
    suits so that only a suit's left arm can be used for defensive purposes. You 
    can only perform melee attacks and ranged attacks with a suit's right arm in 
    this game--the "blocking with a shield animation" only works with suits that 
    have shields on the left arms. 
    Q: Shouldn't the Hizack Custom be able to stop other close-ranged attacks like 
    the Byalant's saber-charge-and-kick or the Gouf's heat rod? 
    A: No, the Hizack Custom cannot stop those forms of attacks, since they count 
    as sub-weapon attacks and not armed melee attacks. Any form of close-range 
    attack that could not be interrupted by a weapon clash (an unarmed melee 
    attack, a sub-weapon attack, or an attack from a mobile armour) cannot be 
    intercepted by the Hizack Custom's parrying move. Shields and other 
    blocking moves are perfectly capable of intercepting these attack forms, 
    Q: Why do attacks that are stopped by blocking still decrease your evade stat?
    A: Because the attack didn't actually miss. While you may take no damage from 
    an attack that you blocked with your shield or with the various other methods 
    mentioned in this FAQ, the attack still hit you--or more precisely, you failed 
    to evade the attack. This is important if you want to go for the newtype 
    rankings, to which high accuracy and high evasion percentages are essential. 
    Q: Do you have HP values for the various shields carried by the MS in this 
    A: Sorry, I don't. And before you send me an e-mail saying "go to training 
    and add up the total damage, stupid" you should remember that the game 
    assigns damage values to attacks on a sliding, not fixed scale. The closer 
    your unit's HP is to maximum, the more damage per attack it will take, and 
    the closer your unit is to being destroyed, the less damage per attack it will
    take. The reverse is true for attacks from your unit--the closer it is to 
    being destroyed, the more damage its own attacks will deal. Since you can't 
    manually aim your ranged weapons at shields in this game, trying to deduce 
    exact values for shield HP is more time than it's going to be worth for me. 
    Furthermore, the large majority of shield-carrying units cannot manually 
    block. Since randomly-triggered blocking is a rare enough occurrence as is, 
    you're better off trying to evade attacks when you can and block only when
    it will give you an advantage. 
    A rule of thumb you can follow for shield HP values is that high-cost 
    units will likely have higher-strength shields than low-cost units. 
    Q: Can a mobile suit that does not use a shield to manually block (such as
    the Dijeh or Hyaku Shiki) be hurt by a weapon with splash damage when it is 
    A: No. As appealing as it may seem to fire a bazooka in the Hyaku Shiki's 
    face while it's twirling its second beam saber, this will still do nothing. 
    In fact, if you're too close to a blocking suit as you fire an explosive 
    weapon, you yourself might take damage from the splash of your own weapon. 
    Q: Can a unit firing a big long beam (such as the Super Gundam, the ZZ Gundam,
    the Big Zam, etc.) bypass shields and other blocking methods? 
    A: Again, no. In earlier versions of this game (Federation Vs. Zeon, AEUG vs. 
    Titans) big beam weapons could penetrate anything they shot at, from 
    buildings to intervening terrain to mobile suits. This led to rather 
    interesting occurences (such as the Big Zam blasting away at you while hiding 
    safely in the docking bay in the Solomon stage), but was ultimately too 
    cheap since one of those units could fire away from safety and be difficult 
    to retaliate against. 
    Since the penetration was removed, big beam weapons can no longer pierce 
    shields (though the enormous damage potential by itself is likely to just 
    destroy them) nor can they pierce non-shield-based blocking methods. They 
    are also nullified by I-fields just like any other ranged beam weapon. 
    Q: What is a "weapon clash"? 
    A: Introduced to this game series in Federation Vs. Zeon DX, a "weapon clash" 
    occurs when two mobile suits performing armed melee attacks execute them at 
    the right moment. If they do, the two suits will both recoil and a big orange 
    flash will occur right where they would have impacted. 
    You do not necessarily have to be facing the suit making the weapon attack; 
    I have seen two allied suits trying to attack an enemy mobile suit in melee 
    and then clashing off each other's weapons as they got too close when they 
    executed their attacks. 
    Certain blocking methods can result in this or cause one if the blocker is 
    hit with an armed melee attack. Unarmed melee attacks NEVER cause weapon 
    clashes, nor do close-ranged sub-weapon attacks, or melee attacks from 
    mobile armours. 
    Q: Why don't you have basic info such as the default controls, MS costs, etc.?
    A: Because this is an In-Depth FAQ focussing on blocking. If you need more 
    general information, I would heartily recommend PK Man's general info FAQ at 
    gamefaqs.com in the section for this game title. 
    ***SECTION 6: Contact Info***
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    3) Do not send me hate mail. 
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    Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your message being promptly 
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    My email address is quill_in_the_shadows AT yahoo DOT com
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