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    Hidden Room Guide by TribalXD

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    Ape Escape 3 
    Hidden Room Guide. 
    Version, like 1.5 @_@
    Table of Contents! 
    1. Version History
    2. Introduction
    3. Q and A
    4. Guide
    5. Secrets
    6. So you read my unofficial guide and you want to contact me?
    7. Special thanks
    8. Yada yada yada LEGAL blah blah blah STUFF
    1. Version History
    May 31st 2006-I fixed some very minor errors but since I was procrastinating
    so I didn't need to do homework, I guess it was a job well done XD. I'm still 
    getting e-mail (not a lot) and they are very nice. I would love some more
    so if you just want to say "hi" or something, don't be scared to e-mail me.
    February 28th 2006-I got some more e-mails wondering about using my guide. I
    forgot most of the sites so if I e-mailed back saying yes, e-mail me again to 
    remind me to put the name on the list. Sorry about forgetting. I also got a tip
    from someone. Added Secrets section to guide.
    February 13th 2006-I got some e-mails wondering if they can use my guide on 
    some other website. I added them at the bottom. I also added a special thanks 
    section but sadly I only have 1 person. *sigh* I also still want to add the 
    Secrets section to this guide but I am a very busy human and time is just 
    not on my side. Version 1.2
    February 4th 2006-I finished all the levels. I'm thinking of adding a Secrets
    section of the guide also. So this is probably version number 1.01?
    February 4th 2006-This is the very new and first version. A plethora of 
    spelling, grammer, information, and other errors. I only finished up to level 7.
    If I'm gonna give it a number it might as well be version number 0.0 or maybe 
    0.00005 ^_^ 
    2. Introduction
    This is just a little guide that I decided to do on my free time to help the
    needy. It is also my first guide. Wasnít that nice of me? ^_^ Thatís about it!
    Oh yea. Long Live Ape Escape!!!
    3. Q and A
    Q. What is this guide about?
    A. Well...when you get the final transformation, it lets you find hidden rooms.
    These rooms will let you capture monkeys that you didn't get the chance when
    you played the level the 2nd time around.
    Q. I saw the entire level already and I didn't find any new door.
    A. OMG not a question! Well...using this new transformation, doors that are
    invisible will be able to be found. Like a dog, you will be able to sniff
    out banana smells which will lead to invisible doors. Hence the name "hidden"
    in "hidden room guide" XD
    Q. Okay, so I get how to find the doors. Now how do I get this transformation?
    A. Once you beat the game the first time (as in capture Specter) just go into
    another level and Aki will give you the transformation. Easy huh?
    A. No. I believe that the only attack that the new transformation can do is the
    pound attack (which, I believe was stolen from Super Mario 64 XD)
    Q. Does the new transformation have any attacks? Whoa, you must be psychic!
    Q. I found a error (like saying "a error" instead of "an error") on your guide.
    How can I tell you about it?
    A. You can e-mail me at ohmygodimonfirewoot [at] yahoo [dot] com or you can
    IM me on AIM. My screen name is StrawberryInjury. (Sweet e-mail right?)
    Q. I found a banana scent coming out of a wall. How do I open the door?
    A. Just go up to the wall and press down on the right analog stick or R3. 
    You should knock on the wall and the door should open. If not then get 
    closer to the wall and try it again.
    Q. What can I find in this hidden room?
    A. Usually more than 3 monkeys. Be prepared for a chaotic capture-fest. 
    I usually transform first to make the capture easier. You can also find
    some stuff to hit. Hitting these things will make coins appear. In my opinion,
    the hidden room in the Arctic Wonderland gives the most coins when you get
    them in combo. 
    MegaKirby informed me that the hidden room in Tomoki city holds
    a lot of coins also. 
    Q. I see this picture of a banana at the side of my character when I transform
    into Super Monkey. What does it mean?
    A. It just means that your character is facing a hidden door. I used to think 
    that the faster it blinked, the closer I was to the door but I was wrong. 
    When you see the picture again, just try to make your character move to where
    he or she is facing.
    Q. I followed your instructions but I still can't find it. 
    A. OMG not a question again! Well you can try to use the "banana radar".
    You can use it just as long as you are in the same area as the room.
    If you aren't then the banana radar won't work. If you still can't find the
    room, e-mail me and I will try to add more information. 
    Q. Hey wait a minute! Why are you missing some levels? 4, 9, and some others
    are missing!
    A. They are just the boss stages. I counted them as levels but I skipped them 
    because there are no hidden monkeys there.
    Q. Well??? When are you going to start the guide?
    A. Never. This is the last part of the guide. Nothing after this. Don't
    even bother to scroll down. You will find nothing! Muahahah ^_^! Not even 
    the Table of Contents can help you now!
    4. Guide
    \                     Example                                         /
    \                                                                     /
    /Level [insert number here]                                           \
    \Name of level [found on top of the screen] (The words on the screen) /
    /(empty space)                                                        \
    \Description                                                          /
    Level 1
    Seaside Resort (Scoop! My 36th wedding)
    This one is too easy. Just start out as normal and keep going until you pass
    the specter TV Van. As you go up the incline, there should be some space to 
    the right. Go there and you should spot the banana scent. 
    Level 2
    Hide-n-seek Forest (Monkeypiece Theater Monkey Forest)
    This is also an easy one (what do you expect? This is just the second level!)
    Just go forward past the Specter TV van and jump up on the platform. You
    should be near a camera. Turn transform into Super Monkey if you haven't already
    and you should find the scent at the back of the area. 
    Level 3
    Saru-mon's Castle (Saru-mon's Immobile Castle)
    In this level, just keep on going until you get to the underground room with 
    the sword and the treasure chests. When you get there, go up the stairs 
    into the courtyard (I think that is what it is called) and turn to the right. 
    Transform into Super Monkey and you should see the scent on the brick wall.
    Level 5
    The Big City (Banana Heat)
    As you start out in the middle of the road, run forward until you reach the 
    sidewalk. There should be 2 open double-doors in front of you that have
    posters saying "Mosaru times". The theater is next to a mural. (Really, 
    you can't miss it! ^_^) Go inside and go up the stage. On the platform
    the hidden room should be on the left side of the stage before the black
    and white part.
    Level 6
    Specter TV Studio (Specter TV: The other side. A no-holds-barred expose <3)
    Start the level as you would normally until you get to the robot monkey 
    gundam-type mech. Use it to bash through the walls until you get to the end.
    The room after that is the skyscrapers. Go to the uppermost building. 
    (uppermost means jumping up and going to the ceiling. Not the building that
    is closer to the lights) if you are
    on the building with the boxes, thats the wrong one. Try transforming into 
    Super Monkey and use the Banana radar.
    Level 7
    Bootown (Monday the 16th: Nightmare on Ape Street)
    Keep going until you reach the lake with the camera and the tombstones. 
    Once you get the big tombstone to open (move all the smaller tombstones back
    to the switch) go inside. Kill all the robots that pop out and climb up the
    pole. Run past the statues and the flamethrower then turn into Super Monkey.
    The hidden door is under the big painting. 
    Level 8
    Wild West Town (A fistful of Bananas)
    Continue along the level until you reach the canyon. You get there by entering
    the train's engine room. Once you get there, fall down in-between the planks of 
    the bridge and follow the path. As soon as you can make a left, do so and turn 
    into Super Monkey. The door should be in front of you.
    Level 10
    The Hot Springs (Monkey in a Hot Spring: Is a "cover-up" necessary?)
    After you get past the dressing room, flood the ditch and swim across. Go down
    the hole and enter the room. At this point, take the boat and cross the lava.
    Open the door with the RC car and kill the enemies if you want. Walk around
    the lava pool on the little piece of land. At the far end, turn into
    Super Monkey and you should find the banana scent.
    Level 11
    Winterville (Monkey Come Monkey Go)
    This one is too easy. You don't even need to kill any enemies. Just run down 
    and climb the pole to get to the top of the nearest house. Run to the other
    end of the roof and jump to the ledge. The should be a snowman at the left.
    Turn into Super Monkey and there you go.
    Level 12
    The Emperor's Castle (Stealthy Simian Ninja)
    The door here is located on the roof of the emperor's mansion. (I guess you
    can call it that) One you climb the pole and get on the roof, make a right
    and another right. Go up one level and in-between the 2 spears should be the
    door. Tap on it and go inside.
    Level 14
    Mount Amazing (Monkey Expedition sets off! Evening Ape drama)
    In this level, continue with it until you reach the magic elevator. The
    elevator should take you to the floating area. Once there, run down the path and
    use the sky flyer to climb one level up. Make a right and go past the boxes.
    Jump over the gap and right after you jump, there should be some room on your
    left. Put on the monkey suit an open the door.
    Level 15
    Toytown (Lets go! Out With the Monkeys)
    Run forward until you get an option of going west, north, east, or into the
    house. Go west (assuming that you started out facing north) and you should be
    the place with the RC car maze. As soon as you enter the room, make a left
    and there should be a path made out of blocks. Try to get to the other
    corner of the room. Try not to fall! Once you get there, put on the monkey 
    suit and go wild.
    Level 16
    Arctic Wonderland (Monkey Panic: The Frozen Promise)
    This one is easy if you made it all the way to the end of the level and
    got the short cut back to the beginning. If you didn't, then make your way 
    to the very end. The very end is where the Christmas tree is located. Put on
    the suit and the door is located right under the tree.
    Level 17
    Mirage Town (The Desert Palace. Apey Jones)
    Go through the level as you would normally. Just ignore the hidden pyramid 
    and continue on to the town. Go up the stairs and jump across the 2 platforms.
    Instead of continuing, make a left into a little room. The door is somewhere
    in that room. 
    Level 19
    Eversummer Island (National Ape. Series 36: Monkey Paradise)
    This one is also easy if you have the shortcuts. See the tower in the middle
    of the starting area? That is where you need to go. If you have the shortcut,
    just climb the stairs and go in. If you are in the right area, 2 flame throwing
    robots should be ahead of you. Continue and when you get on the platform with
    the switch on it, hit it. Before it makes a 180-degree turn, jump off of it.
    Land on the part where there is a giant statue of a monkey. The door is to the
    right in that area. If you want, press the button to get lots of coins. Just
    make sure you get them in a combo.
    Level 20
    Airplane Squadron (Ape, Ape, and Away! The Top Banana in the Sky)
    This one is another easy one. Just go to the big Ape Escape-themed airplane.
    Go inside and the door should be to the right. 
    Level 21
    Kung-Fu Alley (Ukki Gang. Fists of Furry)
    Keep going through this first area until you reach the next. In this one, keep
    going forward until the path makes you take a sharp left. The door is here.
    Just to be safe, once you enter this area, morph as soon as you can or you
    might miss it. 
    Level 23
    Midnight Bay (A Misty Evening with The Ape-inator)
    This level, you need to go inside the boat. To do that, you need to go to the
    back of the boat and enter from there. Swim around. It is easier that way.
    Level 24
    Tomoki City (Future City Tomoki)
    Continue with the level until you reach the area with the conveyer belts.
    On the first conveyer belt, use the sky flyer to climb on top of that. There
    should be fire coming from inside the entrance. Turn into the knight and 
    enter. Once you get through, turn into the monkey and look for the scent. 
    Level 26
    Space-TV Fortress (Gotta' Love Specter!)
    Continue with the level until you get to the second part. It is right after
    you take the elevator. Go through the door that is right ahead of you. After 
    opening the door using the RC car to turn on the switch, make a right. The door
    is in the empty room with the tables.
    5. Secrets
    I don't really know if this is really a "secret" kind of secret. Its more tips
    on beating the game I guess. 
    *thanks to...umm...well all I got was 10010101* If you go to the cowboy stage
    (Level 8 Wild West Town (A fist full of Bananas)) after you go through the 
    train and into the canyon, there is a hole where robot cowboys pop out. Its not
    for a combo but there are an infinite amout of cowboys comming out instead of
    exiting and entering the level again.
    Hitting the back of the robots will usually get it killed faster. It will 
    also make the robot drop more coins and drop things like cookies umm...less rare
    than if you just beat it to death. Most robots will die after one hit if the 
    spinning thing is destroyed. 
    Go to a level where you know there is a jacket such as 
    Hide-n-seek Forest (Monkeypiece Theater Monkey Forest)
    Arctic Wonderland (Monkey Panic: The Frozen Promise) or
    Mount Amazing (Monkey Expedition sets off! Evening Ape drama)
    and get the jacket. I think the easiest to get is Hide-n-seek Forest and 
    Arctic. Once you get the jacket, exit the level and go back. The jacket should
    be at the same place as where you got it. The jacket in Arctic is at the very 
    end where the hidden room is. The jacket is inside one of the presents. In
    Hide-n-seek, go inside the log cabin and make a left. There should be a bucket
    at the corner of the room. The jacket is there. *I know I got it from somewhere
    but I don't remember who. Please e-mail me and I will post it*
    More to come I guess 
    6. So, you read my unofficial guide and you want to contact me?
    My e-mail is ohmygodimonfirewoot [at] yahoo [dot] com
    (pretty cool e-mail huh?)
    I'm not responding? Try IM'ing me using the AIM softwear. My screen name is
    I would love all kinds of e-mail. Just not evil hate-filled e-mail with *vomit*
    vulgar language. NASTY! Please e-mail me if you find anything wrong, if you
    want to add something, or if you just want to say hello.
    7. Special thanks
    MegaKirby-Informed me that the hidden room in Tomoki City has the most coins
    out of all the other hidden rooms. I'm taking your word for this so I hope its
    true. ^_^
    If I missed you, just e-mail me. I'll put you here the next time I am
    procrastinating on my homework.
    8. Yada yada yada LEGAL blah blah blah STUFF
    Copyright (2006) (Edwin Hisona)
    Meh...just call me Tribal.
    Sites that can use my guide:
    "This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright."
    If you see any sites using this guide besides the ones listed above, please
    tell me.

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