How do I get past (soul tombs)?

  1. The torture gate?

    User Info: mponce90

    mponce90 - 7 years ago


  1. You'll need a sword. Head through the exit opposite; you'll come to an outdoor area.

    Carefully make your way past the platforms and spike pits, avoiding the incoming boulders and skulls.

    You'll be inside a large room with an immense overhead fan. Destroy/ignore the Tarkatan here and go through the one door.

    Uppercut a Tarkatan into the spiked platform to make it descend, so that you can get to the floor above. Go through the door directly above the one you came through. Jump onto the steel platform and uppercut all of the Tarkata into the fan to damage it. You can now access a higher section of this room, which contains a pressure plate. Step on it, and a cutscene will play; a sword drops right next to the torture gate.

    User Info: _oddhead

    _oddhead - 7 years ago 0 0

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