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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Flashdark

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    **********Medal Of Honor: European Assault**********
    *****Table Of Contents*****
    1. Contact Information
    2. Copyright
    3. Guide/Walkthrough
    4. Mission List/Objective List
    5. Weapon List
    6. Credits
    7. The End
    *****Version History*****
    Version 0.1: All levels completed.
    *****Contact Information*****
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    YIM: kuritzm or metalhead1589
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    My email is: mjkuritz@hotmail.com
    Also, if you wish to contact me, I can also be found here:
    Under the username of "Blitz"
    Copywrite: 2005 Matthew 'Blitz' Kuritz
    Please do not use without permission.
    I can not promise that any version of my guides can be up-to-date 
    on any other websites. So please in the even that that this were to
    happen do not bombard me with emails complaining that it has
    happened. Just email me the link to the website, I will give them
    the updated version, and problem solved.
    Now, this game is a free roaming game, so not everything and every
    location I tell you to go too is not going to  be exactly easy for
    you to find because you will most  likely not be in the same 
    position I was in. But the guide for the most part should explain
    where to go at a certain point. If you need any help or have any 
    questions just  contact me at one of the locations above.
    Level: St. Nazaire
    Mission: Prologue
    Objectives: Locate Captain Beck
    Fall Back to HMS Campletown
    As you start the level, shoot the enemies blocking the exit off 
    the boat.Then proced to make your way off the boat and towards 
    the green flair to locate Captian Beck.  Proceed to make your way 
    back to the ship taking out enemies as needed. Watch the air raid.
    Mission: Raid On St.Nazaire
    Objectives: Destroy Fuel Tanks
    Eliminate Klause Mueller
    Find V2 Rocket Specifications
    Locate and Destroy the Anti-Aircraft Gun
    Capture German Bunker
    Destroy Shore Gun
    This is your first mission commanding a squad. You will be given 
    three men to command. As you start the mission take out enemies in 
    the surrounding area. Which will be the two buildings infront of 
    the ship. After you eliminate the enemy threat here, you should go
    south towards the water. Facing the water you will turn left to 
    embark on the first objective. Defeating the shore gun. When you
    start going down this path there will be bilding with enemies in 
    it.Be sure to take them out. In this building there is also an
    MP40SMG, I suggest you drop the pistol for the SMG. If you exit
    the buildingthrough the door you will turn left and continue going 
    There will be a group of enemies that you need to take out. Proceed
    to planting the explosive on the gun and stand back. Now, if you 
    stand directly at the Shore Gun and turn left you will see a red 
    tunnel. Go down this tunnel and be prepared for enemies. This will
    take you towards your next objective, Eliminate Klaus Mueller. As 
    you make your way through the tunnel and you come to Klaus, be 
    careful, he has a very powerful SMG. After you kill him,go up to 
    those two tables and turn left into this office and collect the
    V2 rocket specifications. Now proceede toexit the way youcame in 
    the tunnel.
    After you exit the tunnel turn left and continure going straight. 
    After you return to the main area were the mission began, you will
    see the two buildings.You will enter the one on the right. This 
    will head towards the next objective, destroying the ant-aircraft 
    gun.As you enter turn right and you will see a stairwell.Proceede
    to go up the stairwell and be weary of enemy presence. As you come
    to the end of the stairwell there are enemies waiting to attack,
    take them out and proceede to the upper left of the building. Here 
    you will find the aint-aircraft gun. Press and hold X to set the 
    charge and stand back. Enemies will be attacking from your right 
    so be on your guard and take them out. At this point you have the
    choice of picking up the Karabiner98K German Rifle.
    Now, you will continue to the right on a walkway.
    Follow the walkway, at the end there will be one
    enemy to take out.  MAke your way down the stairs
    and the enemy will begin to attack. Get some cover
    and take them out.Now, using the pink fire as a
    landmark there is a German Bunker infront of it.
    Two machine gun nests will begin shooting, you must
    take them out. As you proceede towards the back of
    the bunker you will encounter some enemies, get
    some cover and take them out. Proceede into the bunker.
    Go around the inside and proceede into this red tunnel.
    Make your way through the bunker killing enemies as you
    come to them.
    Now, as you come to a red room, shoot the barrels behind
    the machine gunnerand stand back. Exit the tunnel through
    the stairwell to the right. At thevery top of the tunnel
    there will be a German, take him out. As you come up, there
    will be a German to your left, take him out. Kill the enemies
    on the ground, be careful as there are enemies in the rafter.
    Proceede up the stairs the previous german was on and continue
    going right. Proceede through the rafters, as you cometo the
    end you will encounter a room with three germans in it, kill
    them and then exit the room. As you exit two Germans willl
    begin to fire at you, take them out  using the barrells behind
    them. Make your way through this area and make your way
    over the stairway. Then up the stairs to set the charge on
    the top of the tower. After you set the charge, run down and
    escape through the hole that is blown into the fence.
    After it blows, you are told German Re-Inforcments are
    coming. Continue moving forward staying behind cover.
    As you continue moving forward the train will arrive.
    Run back and get behind some cover as enemies come from
    both sides. After you kill the enemies that came off the
    train, continue moving North towards the ship. Level over,
    if you have completed all seven goals you will be awarded a
    Gold Medal.
    Mission: Lights Out In The Port City
    Objectives: Destroy Power Plant
    Eliminate Horst Brenner
    Uncover V2 Rocket Specifications
    Eliminate German Infantry Unit
    Destroy 3 V2 Rocket Hulls
    Locate And Destroy German U-Boat
    As you start the level you will be in what
    appears to be a hospital or planning room.
    After the Commander finishes talking to you,
    go to the right and pick up the health pack.
    Then proceed to exit the buliding through the
    doorway. Turn to your left and be prepared to
    take on some enemies. Just get some cover and take
    them off. Or get behind the machine gun. Whichever
    you prefer. Proceede all the way down the dock untill
    you get to he bunker. Search the bunker and pick up
    any items that are there. That you need. Exit the
    bunker and go left. You will see your squad standing
    by another bunker. Proceede over there and set the
    charge on the door. On the other side of the bunker
    there will be some enemies. Just through a grenade
    between the two piles of crates and they will die.
    Now, exiting the bunker there will be a bulding to
    the right. Go towards that bulding and get behind
    cover, taking out the enemies. After you clear that
    area, you will see 3 Rocket hulls on the roof. You
    will need one of your guns and shoot them down. Make
    your way up those stairs in a crouch. There is a machine
    gun next in a window directly across. You will need to
    kill the machine gunner.There will also be one to your
    bottom left.
    Now go back down the stairs and exit the building via
    the door under the stairs.Make your way to the right
    and you will see your squad come running. There is a
    building on the left that will open when you move towards
    it. Wait for it to open, but before entering take out the
    enemies inside. After clearing the enemies, exit the building
    through the door on the right side wall and go left. Proceede
    to exit through the door and get some cover. Eradicate the
    enemies while staying behind cover. They will be on all sides,
    so be weary. Proceede to the other side of the building the
    the center. With still more enemies to be taken out. There
    will be more enemies in the warehouse building to the left
    also. Make your way towards the warehouse and down to the
    docks below. There are two Nazi's there so take them out
    and proceed to go right.
    As you make your way down the docks, when you get to
    the last pile of crates on the right, turn right and
    take out the enemies. Go onto the U-Boat and plant
    the charges on both sides and then in the middle. Then
    escape off the U-Boat.Make your way back and enter the
    building where your squad is. Make your way up the stairs
    and onto the balcony to take out the enemies. Be sure to
    take out the machine gun nest first and always. Make your
    way back and down to the ground below.There are still
    going to be some enemies in the area to the right. Be weary
    of them.
    Enter the next building and take out the enemy. Now
    you will have to defeat Horst Brenner. You will see
    a room in which you should enter and pikc up the
    grenades. Now, proceed up the stairwell and crouch
    low. And lob grenades at symbol for Brenner. This
    should easily take him out. Or you could do like I
    did, use the adrenaline mode and go Rambo on him.
    Make your way back down the stairs and proceed to
    go straight until you come to another set of stairs.
    Take the stairwell going down and be prepared for
    enemies. Proceed through this area and you will
    come to the Generator Room. there will be enemies
    on the girders in the roofs. So watch out. Proceed
    to go straight taking down any enemies in your
    path. Go down the stairwell and turn left into the
    Generator room.Exit through the building the same
    way you entered. The plunger to set of the bomb will
    be behind the first pile of crates. Press X and watch
    the explosion. Level Complete. If you did all of these
    objectives, you got Gold.
    Mission: Escape At Dawn
    Objectives: Escape To French Countryside
    Eliminate Erich Koster
    Obtain Noth African Shipping Manifest
    Destroy Machine Gun Nest
    Eliminate Panzer Tank
    Destroy Radio Tower
    You start the level by making your way down the alleyway
    being thrown straight into a firefight. Make your way
    down the road and enter the building on the right. Search
    it for any weapons or health. Exit via the door under the
    stairs and proceede into this alleyway and go left.Make your
    way into the road and get behind cover to take out the enemies
    There will be a building on the left with a staircase in it,
    go up the stairs. Take out the enemies on the left and enter
    the door on the far right. Crouch down and take out the machine
    gunners across the street and all the enemies and that should
    clear out the machine gun nest.Now exit the building the way
    you came and go to where the machine gunnest was and pick up
    any items.
    Make your way back into the street and follow it until
    you meet up with the other squad. Make your way around
    the building and take out the enemies in all areas. Be
    weary of the machine gun nests. Once you take out the
    enemy proceede into the middle building. Go left through
    the building taking out the enemy soldiers. Proceede
    towards the topof the building and take out the enemies
    across the alley. Proceede down the stairs on the right
    into the next building. Make your waythrough this building
    and when you get to the top GET SOME COVER.
    After all of this, exit the building and make your way
    down the street below. MAke your way into the building
    on the right down the street. Goright through the building
    and and head towards the enxt building. After defeating Koster
    make your way down the right side wall and look for the
    way in towards the radio tower(in the middle of the wall).
    Plant the charge on the tower and stand back. As you enter
    the area that appears to be a graveyard, take out the enemies
    and wait for the tank. You will heave to attempt to leave for
    the tank to appear. Use the grenades to take out the tank. and
    the level will be complete. IF you did all of this you will
    recieve the Gold Medal.
    Mission: Operation: Blindfold
    Objectives: Destroy Tiger Tank Prototypes
    Destroy Panzer Tank In Ruins
    Eliminate Adabold Brecht
    Sabotage German Radar Dish
    Acquire Tiger Tank Operation Manuals
    Recover British Reconnaissance
    Escape Into Bunker
    To start this level make your way foward though the cavern
    and up onto the hill overlooking the battlefield. Use the
    sniper rifle to snipe the soldiers in the caverns to the right.
    There are a lot so take careful shots and be as accurate as you
    can. After taking out the soldiers in the ruins on the right
    look to the left and take out the soldiers in those ruins also.
    After killing the enemies to the left return to the right and
    head towards those ruins to take out the tank.
    You are going to have to make your way through the ruins to
    get behind the tank to drop some grenades. There will still be
    some soldiers in here, pending on what you have killed. So be
    weary. After destroying the tank to the south is a trench with
    numerous enemy soldiers. Take cover behind objects and take them
    out. You will not be going in that direction yet, but take out
    what you can.
    After clearing the trench head west towards the radar dish. There
    are many enemies in this area so you have to be careful and take
    cover whenever you can. There will be a tank at one point in time,
    pening how fast you move. After taking out the enemies outside the
    bunker; enter the bunker and kill the soldier in the back room.
    Go to the front of the bunker and place a charge on the radio
    controls. Stand back while they explode. After they explode enemies
    and the tank will come from the front of the bunker. Take them out
    and be weary of the tanks machine gun. To blow the tank up just
    lob grenades under it.
    After blowing up the tank, directly behind it is a hill that houses
    a machine gun. Go to that machine gun and use it. Down below some
    enemies will appear, kill them using the machine gun then go back
    down and enter the trench. Make your way through the trench and the
    bunker connected collecting any items and killing enemies available.
    As soon as you enter the bunker, to the right will be four enemies.
    So lob a grenade in the room before you enter OR just be carefull
    and enter the room and shoot them. Further down in the bunker
    will be more enemies. Use the same method, grenade or shoot them.
    In a room on the right will be the Tiger Tank Operation Manuals
    collect them to complete that objective.
    Now exit back into the trench and head towards the black smoke.
    You will see a cave on the right, follow that cave and speak to
    the wounded souldier inside. HEad through the cave and as you exit
    there will be some enemies to take out. Make your way through
    and you will see Brecht with the symbol above his head. Take out
    the soldiers around him and then focus on him. Attack him until
    he is dead.
    Use your adrenaline bar just as against any other boss, use it
    to rush them and shoot until they are dead.
    The farther you chase him more soldiers will keep attacking you
    from the cliff above and on the ground with you. SO keep your eyes
    open for attacking soldiers.
    After defeating him keep moving foward until you come to a peice
    of a plane with a soldier inside. Go over to the soldier and pick
    up the Recon Document.
    Make your way back and continue going forward into the cave across.
    Head through the cave and slowly proceed to the right towards the
    tank. There are enemies in this area so you have got to be careful.
    If you run and hide behind the tank you will be safe from most of
    the enemies except for the machine gun on the roof above. After
    taking out all the enemies proceed to the back of the tank and
    place the charge. After the charge explodes a warehouse that houses
    the other two tanks will open with some enemies charging out. Take
    them out and proceed into the warehouse and place a charge on the
    back of the two tanks.
    After destroying them head towards the bunker and place a charge
    on the front doors. There are many enemies inside in the rooms on
    the rightside and the leftside. They will be straight ahead also.
    Proceede up the steps and to the right. Kill the enemies in this
    room and head out on the top. Turn to the right and go into the
    room. There will be enemies straight ahead and to the left. 
    Continue to move forward and the mission will be complete.
    Operation V2: Silence
    Onjectives: Destroy V2 Rocket
    Eliminate Hans Scheider
    Locate Coded Virus House Information
    Free 3 SAS Commando Prisoners
    Photograph V2 Schematics
    Destroy Train Tracks
    Escape V2 Facility
    Steal V2 Test Film
    To start the level head down the hallway and head to the right.
    There will an enemy where you turn right at, and there will be
    enemies in the room below. Upon killing the main enemies you can
    see in the area, run down and take cover behind the boxes you will
    see on the left. There will be a few more enemies so take them out.
    There will be a hallway on the left wall, follow down that hallway.
    At the first left turn there will be an enemy. Down at the end of
    the hallway will be more enemies, take them out easily via grenade
    or sniper rifle. There is a room on the right side, enter that room
    and take out the enemies on the left and the right sides. They will
    also be coming from the center and behind at one point. After
    taking them out go down the hallway on the right, taking out the 
    enemies.There will be one on the left, and one down the hallway. 
    Proceed down the hallway and into the room with your ally. Set the 
    charge and stand back. Head back down the hallway into the room and 
    go down the hallway on the left now. Place the charge on the door
    and stand back. Enter the room and go around the left taking out
    the guard. Proceed to the left and press X to free the prisoner.
    Proceed back into the room and head straight following the hallway
    down the left path. Once back into the room head left down the next
    hallway. AS you head down the hallway, there are enemies to the 
    left, after taking them out proceed left and look to the left there
    will be a few enemies. Use the cover given and take them out. 
    Proceed straight and down the hallway to the left then blow out the
    door and take the guard out on the right. As you exit, there will 
    be enemies straight ahead, about two or three. 
    Before moving past the generators, in the wall on the righ there is
    a passage, follow the passage until you come to a room on the right
    that will have the V2 Test Fillm. Take out the enemies and collect
    the film. In this room there will be another room on the left side
    wall. Go into that room and prepare to face Hans Shneider.
    Use the adrenaline mode if you have it.
    After you defeat him collect the Coded Virus House Information
    and continue on.
    Proceed to move straight past the generators and turn left, as you 
    head up the path there will be a few enemies coming, take them
    out and continue up. There will be numerous enemies in this room,
    just scope them out in different areas and take them out.Go 
    straight and then when you come to a staircase turn right and go up
    the staircase. Or up the path. There are going to be numerous 
    enemies so proceed which ever way you feel would be better for you.
    As you head forward there is going to be a machine gun nest to your
    left,you have got to take that out. After taking the next/enemies 
    out head right and take out the other machine gun nest.After taking
    them out head straight and then proceed right. Place the charge on 
    the tracks and more enemies will be coming from inside the 
    warehouse. Proceed straight towards the green smoke. Turn right and
    you will see a tank. Search the two houses on the right first
    and kill all the enmies. Now proceed to run and sneak behind/beside
    the tank to place some grenades.
    Run back to the side of the building where you hid while taking out
    the second machine gunner and on the stairs there is a room. Enter
    that room and take the photo of the Schematics.
    There will be enemies down straight ahead behind the tank, take 
    them out first using the tank, or other things for cover. Proceed 
    straight an then to the right, inside the warehouse are numerous 
    enemies. The control room is on the left or roght side depending on
    how you manuevered. Proceed up killing enemies and head around onto
    the left towards the lever, press X to lower the rocket. Rundown to 
    the rocket and place a charge on the front end.
    Mission: Road To Stalingrad
    Objectives: Destroy Rail Gun
    Eliminate Walther Neumann
    Obtain Ardennes Forest Recon Dossier
    Destroy Three Panzer Tanks
    Locate Partisian Fighters
    Secure and Defen Church
    Destroy Ammunition Dump
    Destroy Communication Tower
    To start the level, hide behind the tractor and take out one of the
    enemies ahead of you and th rest will run. As you make your way up 
    the road watch out the the enemie in the shck on the left and the 
    guard on the right. Run up to the the house on the right and talk 
    to the soldier. Proceed downstairs and talk to the soldier. 
    Proceed around the house and take cover behind the wall and kill 
    the enemies hiding behind the structures. Keep moving from structure 
    to structure using cover and taking out the enemies. When you come 
    to the machine gun next, use it and enemies will come straight ahead,
    take them out and then get cover and focus on the numerous enemies 
    that are going to be on the right of you up on the hill. After taking 
    out the enemies three Panzer Tanks will arrive and it is your job 
    to take them out. 
    Move up towards the tank is, on the right of the tank will be a gun,
    proceedup to it and press X to fire it and destroy the rail gun.
    After taking out the tank proceed to get onto the road and head 
    south until you come across the bridge. There are enemies across 
    the bridge so take them out before you proceed across. The first 
    house on the left contains a bazooka, I suggest that you pick it up. 
    Proceed to move forward taking out enemies as they come from left,
    right, and center.
    As you proceed forward you will see another tank, use the grenades,
    or bazooka to blow it up.(2 of 3). Proceed forward and enter a 
    building with your allies.Head upstairs and take out the enmies 
    you can below via machine gun or a gun in your possession. Proceed 
    below and place a charge on the fuel depot(on the left) and then 
    you can enter the cemetery and proceed towards the buliding.
    On the right side of the graveyard is the communication tower that
    you are supposed to blow up. Proceed to it and place a charge. 
    Enter the church and you will see Neumman in the back, take him 
    out using the same strategy as for every other boss. There are 
    also many soldiers around him. After taking him out proceed up the
    stairs on the back right. Find the machine gun nest on the
    right and take out the enemies that will be coming. 
    Mission Complete.
    Mission: Climbing Mamayev Hill
    Objectives: Transmit Virus House Intel to OSS
    Eliminate Franz Gruebner
    Steal Heavy Water Test Logbook
    Radio Intellegence To OSS
    Destroy Panzer Tank
    Meet with Russian Officer
    Signal Rocket Strike
    Destroy Documents
    Start the level running down the road with the squad. When you come
    across the town take out the enemies in the buildings. Proceed North
    keeping an eye out for enemies until you come to the tank. Blow
    the tank up via grenades. Now go left and you will come to a trench,
    enter the trench and move west and you will find a passage on the 
    left side. Enter it and you will meet the Russian Officer.
    Now, take cover inside the trench and take out the enemies across 
    the ravine. After X amount of time you will be told to signal the 
    rocket strike. Time to move out. The next part it hard, you gave 
    to go west towards the bridge, but there aremany enemies and machine
    gunners to your right and your left. Your best hope would be to 
    stay back and take out them one by one. Once taking out all the 
    enemies(which might take MANY tries), proceed to the middle of the
    road and ignite the smoke to signal the air strike.
    Now proceed up the road taking out the enemies on the right side 
    in the trench and on the machine gun nest on the left. Place a 
    charge on the doors on the  right leading into the area and stand
    back. When they blow there will be a lot of enemies. If you can 
    clear the left side of enemies you can run and blow up the tank 
    making it a lot easier.
    Proceed to the right side into the building, taking out all the 
    enemies and then blowing up the missile guns. HEad to the left side
    of the building and  go up the stairs. There will be a few enemies 
    in the way but nothing  significant. Take out the enemies and 
    transmit the radio on the right side. After completing that objective 
    find the documents below and set a charge on them. Level Complete.
    Mission: Mission To Rocherath
    Objecive: Reach American Command Post and Destroy King Tigers
    Eliminate Falker Kappelhoff
    Uncover Atomic Scientist Rosters
    Eliminate Recon Unit In Windmill
    To start the level, GET DOWN and GET COVER. Take out the enemies 
    infront of you and to the left. After the enemies and the Tiger 
    Tank move out, proceed down the road and take cover, there is going
    to be house on the right, enter it and on the right there is a 
    Bazooka. I suggest you drop the pistol and pick up the bazooka.  
    As you exit the house there will be a machine gunner in the
    house next to it, take him out and then take out the tank down 
    the road.
    Now follow the road, on the left and center will be enemies, take 
    them out. Now proceed left towards the green smoke and go straight 
    into the bulding. The bulding is the command post. Collect the
     documents from the table.
    Now procced back to that park looking area and go up the lightower.
    Take out the one enemy and objective complete. HEad back down and 
    return to the church and enter it. Head towards the back(very back)
    right and head up the staircase to encounter Kappelhoff, as usual 
    us the adrenaline mode, or just take cover to take him out. There
    will be a radio where he is standing, to go it and press X to call
    in the air strike and transmit the artillery coordinates.
    Now take out the enemies below. Proceed up the stairs to obtain 
    the C2 Charges. HEad downstairs and to the left will be a group of 
    enemies. Proceed outside of the church on the right side and take 
    out the enemies. Go straight down the alleys and then go right, 
    when you see then tank blow it up. You will see a wall on the 
    right that has been broken through, go there and take out the 
    large group of enemies on the right. Proceed down below and take
    out the troops under the bridge. Place the C2 on the left side of 
    the bridge. Mission Complete.
    Mission: Farm House Liberation
    Objectives: Rescue French Operative
    Eliminate Freder Engel
    Discover Virus House Location
    Destroy King Tiger Tank
    Eliminate 3 German Artillery Positions
    When the level starts, proceed down the road. Proceed up to the bridge
    and fire a few shots straight ahead, run back towards the wall on 
    the left and right sides behind you and take cover. Take out the 
    enemies in the building on the right using the sniper rifle and then
    enemies will start rushing up the bridge. You can snipe them or mow
    them down using the BAR. As you proceed halfway up the bridge enemies
    from the left tower will start shooting at you via a machine gun nest
    on the top and on the bottom. After taking them out use the sniper
    to look ahead and scope out any enemies. As you find them take them
    After taking them out proceed forward and about three quarters of 
    the way up the bridge enemies will be coming from the right, take
    them out and then proceed to the house. On the back of the house
    is a detonator which you will have to set off. After setting it off
    proceed to enter the house and collect any supplies. After that,
    head towards the farm and hide behind the wall. Take out the machine
    guns in the houses and on the ground. Then blow the fence up and 
    enter the farmyard. Stick close and head towards the left towards
    the tank. Sneak in beside the tank and place a charge on the back of
    Now from where the tank was, head right. Take cover and take out the
    enemies straight ahead. Proceed towards the artillery gun and place
    a charge on it. HEad towards the farm house and go around the left
    side. Lob a grenade around the side to the right when you come to 
    the end of the wall. Go around the right and when you come to the
    end of the wall lob another grenade to the right. Take out any enemies
    that are left. Proceed into the farm house and up the stairs. You
    can use any of the windows in this bulding to take out enemies. Take
    out the enemies and proceed up the stairs.  When you come up the stairs
    look to left and you will see a window. Jump through the open window
    and onto the roof below. Follow the roof towards the other building
    and enter it through a window. 
    Remember that because it will come in handy later. 
    Proceed down and head towards the other artillery guns. Symboled by
    small blue icons on the map. There may be some enemy resistence but
    just take them out as needed. Now at this point head back towards
    the big farm house and move your through it until you come to what
    looks like a horse stable. On the back left is a stairwell leading
    down. Go down there and blow out the doors. I also suggest, when
    you first enter the farm house in the back right of the first room
    is a shotgun, you should pick it up for right now. 
    Head down the hallway and to the left, take cover and take out Engel
    using the adrenaline mode or just take cover. After defeating him
    head towards where he died and pick up the documents. Then it the
    back left of the room there is a bazooka, drop the shotgun and
    pick it up. Head back towards the ladder and then the window
    and use that tactic to head towards the roof. Use the machine gun
    in there to take out the enmies that will be crossing the bridge.
    Any enemies that make it through can be taken it via normal gun
    or grenade. 
    After taking out the soldiers use the bazooka to take out the tanks.
    After taking out the tanks(which is all you really need to take out_
    the mission will be over. Mission Complete.
    Mission: Operation Virus House
    Find and Infiltrate German Underground Bunker
    Eliminate Von Schrader
    Find Von Schraders Journal
    Radio Airstrike Coordinates
    Destroy 3 Entrenched King Tigers
    To start this level proceed moving forward into each bunker and taking
    cover behind anything that you can. Use the machine guns to take out
    large groupds of enemies and drop a weapon and pick up a bazooka to
    destroy a tank. When you get so far ahead you will get a message to
    radio an airstrike. Proceed left towards a blue blip on the radar
    and inside a bunker will be radar(the bunker is behind a tank). 
    Press X to radio the air strike. Continue moving forward until you
    come to the tank, on the other side of the trench is a line of machine
    gunners, take them out and any other enemies and then place a charge
    on the back of each of the three King Tigers. 
    Proceed down the path behind the Tigers going right, follow the squad
    around the barbed wire taking out enemies as they come. Proceed into
    the trenches taking out the enemies, pick up a bazooka but ignore the
    two tanks on the left and the right. When you get towards the hill
    leading up you will see a tank, get cover in a trench and take it out
    using the bazooka. Proceed up the hill cautiously. Take cover behind
    the tank and take out any preliminary enemies then get into the trench
    on the left and take out any more. There will be a machine gunner on
    the left and the right sides of the bunker, take them out and head
    towards the door. Place a charge on the door and throw a grenade
    in towards the middle and shoot all the numerous enemies that will
    After this head towards the middle and then into the room. Enter
    the room on the right, you now have a set-time limit to take out
    what you need to take out. This should be more than enough time.
    Before you enter every room lob one or two grenades into it. As
    you enter the second room, if you have any bazooka ammo left fire
    it into the crowd of enemies, same with the next room. If you don't
    have any bazooka ammo left then take cover and take out the enemies
    using grenades or guns. Von Shrader is in the next room on a machine
    gun nest, take cover and lob grenades until he runs away. Follow him.
    HEad up the stairs and take out the enemies, he will release a never
    ending swarm of enemies from up top. Keep taking them out and lobbing
    grenades up at Schrader. After awhile a door on the right will open
    go up the stairs, use adrenaline mode to take out Schrador, or take
    cover and fire at him. When he is destroyed head into the next room
    and press X at the control panel to eliminate the dirty bomb.
    Mission Complete, Game Over, Congradulations.
    [www.gamefaqs.com] for hosting
    [www.neoseeker.com] for hosting
    EA Sports for making the game

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