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"A good Batman game?"

Batman video games up to this point have been less then average for many years. Now, with the huge draw of comic book movies it was only a matter of time before a new Batman movie was made. And along with a new movie a new game would odviously come out. Batman Begins, to my surprise, turned out to be a much better product then I anticipated.

Batman Begins follows the important parts of the movie with little changes here and there. The movie is about how Bruise Wayne became Batman. Sure, in the other movies they explain but never go into detail. Batman Begins explains everything and shows how he takes down his first super villian. Now, in the game, you will be doing just that and it is done perfectly.

Batman Begins plays like a cross between Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia. It combines the best about both games and crames it into a single game. For a majority of the game, you will be sneaking around and getting the drop on the bad guys. The emphasis on Batman Begins was fear and in this game fear is an important weapon. The environments are made in a way that allows you to hit certain things that will alert or possible terrify the guards. Fear makes your enemies weaker and your fear gadgets stronger. You can even interrogate enemies in this game to get information about where you are suppose to go next. Now, the combat in this game is quick and it captures the fighting style of Batman from the film accurately. You got punches, kicks, finishing moves, gadgets, and a cool "demon" Batman finishing technique. Of course, what would a Batman game be without the Batmobile? The Bat Tank is in this game and the levels you play it are similar to Burnout 3. They're fast paced but after awhile arn't fun. The only thing you can do is boost and fire torpedos only when it allows you. Now, that all sounds good but there is a major problem with this game. Batman Begins is an incrediblely linear game. It felt like that I was being led through the game the entire time and plus there is only one way you can do things in this game. I was really not pleased when I found out that you can only use the batarang and grapple gun in only certain places. Although, the game was made like this so anyone can play it but it really does tear down the replay value of this game.

Batman Begins, like any other game based off a movie, actually the actors/actresses to do voice work for this title. Now, for the first time we actually get voice work that sounded like the actors wanted to be there. Christain Blaie did an outstanding job doing his "Batman voice" and so did the other cast members. It really does add to the gameplay experience and I am glad that it was done right. Even the chatter from the enemies in the game add a cinematic feel to it. The sound effects in this game do match the sounds from the movie. Punches sound like punches, kicks sound likes kicks.

Batman Begins turned out to be the best Batman game to ever be made. But once you complete the game the first time, the game just loses what was great about it. With its low replayiability, low number of unlockables, and somewhat repetitive gameplay I will have to say that this game is worth a rental.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/24/05

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