After i beat seperate way how do i know i got ashleys armor suit?

  1. Will i have to wait and see till the first time i see her .

    User Info: tslopez

    tslopez - 7 years ago

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  1. If your in the gangster suit with leon you'll be with ashley as a armor suit

    User Info: sublimefreak064

    sublimefreak064 - 7 years ago 4 1


  1. Yup You Just Have To Choose Special Costume 2 For Leon in The Beginning of A New Game Plus
    using Leon and in Chapter 2-1 You Will See Her in Our Respectable Armor Suit

    User Info: eriksandi

    eriksandi - 7 years ago 4 3
  2. No, after starting a new round you'll be asked to choose a custom from Special 1 (R.P.D. and pop outfits), Special 2 (gangster and armor outfits) and Normal, so if you choose the second special custom you can be 100% sure that Ashley will be in her armor suit.

    User Info: ---Nintendo---

    ---Nintendo--- - 7 years ago 2 2
  3. Start a main game, and see if there is a "Special 2" costume option in Costume selection.

    User Info: Udin_Petot

    Udin_Petot - 7 years ago 1 3
  4. after u beat it, load the old file which write cleared game-new round. in the beginning of the game, u can select costume, special 1 is RPD, special 2 is mafia outfit (ashley will wear knight armor)

    User Info: krauser1989

    krauser1989 - 7 years ago 1 2
  5. start a new game, choose 2. Do not record over last (main )game. That way you still have all you collected from the last playthrough. But you'll never be able to take anything from normal to pro, or pro to normal modes. Good luck.

    User Info: GAMEFROG1

    GAMEFROG1 - 7 years ago 0 1
  6. Just finish the level to see if Ashley Graham is wearing the armor suit, its easy.

    User Info: kinnovittorio

    kinnovittorio - 7 years ago 0 1
  7. lol After u beat it and have Both Costumes Unlocked (3 including Normal)

    U can Load a game and start from teh Start with all ur previous items or u can do a NEW GAME for Normal 2 try it all again or u can go on PRO and get the P.R.L

    1 Normal Leon Clothes as First Run Ashley is the same.
    2 Costume 1 Leon Wears his R P D Outift that reduces Damage Ashleys wears more of a club outfit what gives her nothing Special
    3Costume 2 Leon will wear a Gangster Outfit with no Specialitys (Besides the Pose) Ashley will be wearing the Suit of Armour that makes her immue 2 basicly everything besides getting hit with a Cannon at Salazars castle

    how 2 tell if u got the right 1?

    for Normal after Opening ect Leon will be wearing his Jacket

    Costume 1 leon will be wearing his Police Uniform for R P D

    Costume 2 Leon will be in a 1960s Gangster outfit

    User Info: crazedxerio

    crazedxerio - 7 years ago 0 1

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