How do I kill Krauser in Assingment Ada?

  1. At the end of Assingment Ada where you have to fight Krauser how the hell do you kill him? I've read that I can shoot out his knees, but whenever I get a shot lined up he dashes towards me and kicks my ass. I hate that you don't have a knife, since that made the Krauser fights so much easier. Any tips?

    User Info: Crizu_Valkyrie

    Crizu_Valkyrie - 8 years ago

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  1. When you exit the door and come back, he'll reappear on the opposite side.
    (How convenient for us =D)
    Just use your sniper to whoop on him. A number of shots to the head should bring him down.
    If not, aim for his legs and he'll stumble, if you dont want to take the risk, then take the oppurtunity to run to the other side and snipe him. rinse and repeat.

    User Info: Jae132

    Jae132 - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Just use the sniper rifle when hes far away, and every time he gets close go out the door and come back, after that if you are out of ammo just keep running around and aim for the legs and then face...

    User Info: RE_expert44

    RE_expert44 - 8 years ago 1 0
  2. He only kicks you if he's kind of close to you. Wait for him to run up close to you, but keep moving backwards. If you get a prompt be sure to do it. If you don't he'll most likely double kick the air, and that's when you get one or two perfect headshots in. If you want you can shoot his legs but his fast movement will make that hard. If you shoot the legs enough he'll fall to the ground and give you time to fire in 1-3 headshots if you're quick enough. Those headshots I'm talking about would be with the pistol. When you're out of space (he surrounds you near that elevator thing or the door), try to run past him while he is dashing at you. Most likely he'll try to kick you but he'll miss. That is if you're not hurt, because from yellow HP to below it seems like you're slower and you can't get past him quick enough to be unharmed.
    Or you can do what the other guy said and go out the site and enter back him and snipe while he's running at you.

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  3. Use ur handgun to shoot his legs n when he comes close knife him

    User Info: hollar_boi93

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  4. hey,hollar_boi93..there is NO knife in assigment Ada.I bet you haven't play it yet.

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  5. When you exit the door and come back, he'll reappear on the opposite side.
    Snipe his legs and then his head . When he comes close exit out the door.
    *When you inflict damage on Krauser and exit, he still has the damage no matter how many times you reenter.

    User Info: aidenrocks247

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  6. I dont remember ill just say keep shooting!!i think thats what i did!

    User Info: rohail88

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  7. First, when you go into the room Krauser appears, exit through the door you just came from and come back again to where Krauser appeared (this will make him be considerably farther then before).
    From this distance you can shoot him twice with the rifle, then do the exiting/reentering thingy again (the damage you did previously won't desappear) and keep at it! Resuming:
    -Enter the Room Krauser appears (cutscene);
    -Get the hell out of there through the door you just used;
    -Go back again to Krauser's place;
    -Shoot him twice quickly with the sniper rifle;
    -Exit through the door you used previously;
    -Keep doing the above 3 itens <3

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  8. BTW, this strategy isn't mine, I read somewhere in GameFAQs but I don't remember where... sorry

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