ARMAX Codes?

  1. Does anyone have the code for: The Mercenaries, Ashley Infinite health, etc. (My version is EU)

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  1. 1E Enable Code (Must Be On) [Read Note] B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
    01789BB7 048A530A
    3EF6DB67 78699F92
    5DB777CF DD24331B
    1 Infinite Ammo 59BF2F62 06244855
    2 Max Infinite Ammo 09CC1E03 934C68FD
    3 Extra Ammo 04FBBF27 FB76E993
    4 Infinite Grenades/RPG AC254674 89B08861
    682AAD95 52674907
    5 Max Infinite Grenades/RPG 85A63899 7A87EEEC
    6 Infinite Pesetas ED133A92 4B666409
    7 Max Pesetas D70042B2 34DEE6AD
    8 Buying Items Doesnt Decrease Pesetas D0C4ACB7 4AD145BE
    9 Buying Items Increases Pesetas EBD4C521 E47447FE
    10 All Items Sell For 30000 06386C0A 323BC497
    11 All Items Sell For 25000 81AC3CF8 C7C2B939
    12 All Items Sell For 20000 914E96AB A7E99990
    13 All Items Sell For 15000 59C127D0 47504FB3
    14 All Items Sell For 10000 CBF9B0BC B10ED509
    15 All Items Sell For 5000 CFFA36DD A9656C61
    16 Sell Item For Max Pesetas 13CB1A94 5B578DAF
    1B78592E E70C07E6
    17 Equip Weapon For Max Ammo DA1F4F0F B4342E54
    18 Equip Weapon For Red Rounds 1CA761AD A42707B1
    19 1-Hit Death (Enemies) BADFA5CB EA60F5B1
    20 Infinite Time For Button Masher Scenes A515028A 927A299E
    21 Always Low Game Save Time 4DD0B256 57B61AE1
    22 No Times Saved Recorded 39859C47 3F7B8C36
    23 Unlock Extras Menu CAEE45FC 1D059D83
    24 Unlock Ada's Reports (Extras) 93A78D6A DF749AA0
    25 Have All Ada's Reports 229B164E 19D50737
    Unlock Character Codes
    26 Albert Wesker 4FC02162 7228F446
    27 Jack Krauser 06A78CB8 0F8B280E
    28 Hunk 21407B87 E655EC01
    29 Ada Wong 67D41076 972D347A
    30 All Characters EA43A735 D7897354
    Character 1 Codes
    31 Infinite Health 20FABC84 C0A7F7B4
    32 Max Health CD6EFF02 27849D2F
    33 Super Infinite Health D8C4B027 41B647F1
    34 Infinite Health (Alternate) 3D38F45F 87897682
    Character Modifier Codes
    35 Leon 1AF5B4A9 ADBE049A
    36 Ashley 1B397B9C C20D9302
    37 Ada 61BEF978 0D81C022
    38 Hunk 021DFE77 990CB28A
    39 Krauser 33E03A80 AAB073B1
    40 Wesker 04A3C7C1 F687CCB9
    Costume Modifier Codes
    41 Always Costume 1 09E9C24E C0D9288F
    42 Always Costume 2 420D50CF 0D42F6BB
    43 Always Costume 3 174CC472 95F5D183
    44 Always Costume 4 (Leon Only) 9268D235 D665FCB4
    Character 2 Codes
    45 Infinite Health 14FB7111 6BB81A22
    46 Max Health 17D25728 999735A0
    47 Super Infinite Health 16EDB408 75E2137B
    48 Infinite Health (Alternate) 1EA1BD1D 4E0C354F
    49 Always Present 6937DD61 5D49B6E2
    50 Never Present 6DE8D923 841A8679
    Costume Modifier Codes
    51 Always Costume 1 B507D633 19FB1214
    52 Always Costume 2 B017C399 13594812
    53 Always Costume 3 EA93607C D5150073
    54 Always Costume 4 (Leon Only) 54319BA7 541D6203
    The Mercenaries Codes
    55 Quick Score Gain 35195FEA DA196FD2
    56 Max Score AF5EFCC3 0A9AAB92
    57 Infinite Time E90FF045 74E7E7B9

    Hope this help...

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  1. "Spoilers" asley use costume 2 finish the game inf ammo only for the chicago and missile both cost 1 m

    User Info: theendbegins

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  2. If you are able to use gameshark, it works really good.

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  3. go and buy a disc call Codebreaker9.2 and input the cheat then activate it... you can get the code at I own one and it works great!(to use the disc,put it in ps2)

    Hope this help you......
    If you have problem using the disc,just post a question on this website and i will answer it for you...

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  4. Ive got game shark. Works great, simple, & fast. put disk in , (I) select expert codes, locate your game, high light desired cheats , hit select, put re4 in , then press x , and your off. Really easy to do. The disk list games from a-z. Hope this helps , good luck. Note , I have a score of 198,000 at the castle with wisker useing the Game Shark !

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  6. Armax
    for mercenaries mode try this code.
    INFINITE GReanade
    this will be usefull

    sorry for my bad english
    i'm not good speak in english
    i'm from Indonesia

    User Info: Rizdhan201

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