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    Enemy Guide by ieatdirttoo

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                              E N E M Y  G U I D E 
                       By David "Ryan_Dunn" Donaldson
                   Version 1.00 Last Updated July 11th 2005
                            Started on May 24th 2005 
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    This is my fourth in depth guide. I have other in depth guides for "The 
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    four full walkthroughs for Riddick, Call of Duty, COD United Offensive, Manhunt,
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    1. Introduction
    2. Enemies
    2.1- Los Ganados (Peasants)
    2.2- Los Illuminados (Monks)
    2.3- Ganado Army (Soldiers
    2.4- Novistadors (Sewer Bugs)
    2.5- Dogs 
    2.6- Suits of Armor
    2.7- Regenerators/Iron Maiden
    2.8- Parasites
    3. Sub Bosses
    3.1- Verdugo
    3.2- Garrador
    3.3- El Gigante
    3.4- Dr. Salvador/Bella Sisters (Chainsaw Maniacs)
    3.5- JJ 
    4. Weapon Briefing
    5. Credits
    |1. Introduction |                                                             |
    Like any other action game, even Aquaman, RE4 contains several different enemies
    that you will meet over the spread of the game. However, unlike most action
    games, RE4 has a unique system in which the health of the enemy can be very 
    random and varied. For instance, the first Ganado you encounter has 3.4 HP, but
    by chapter 1-5 they can have up to 12.0 HP!
    This is why I created this guide, to help people out in understanding the health
    and weaknesses of the many enemies. This guide is not only limited to the common
    enemies, in fact three of the enemies covered in this guide are actually 
    considered to be sub-bosses. The main focus of the guide is to provide simple
    stradegies for taking out the many enemies.
    I will not display how much damage the enemies due, as it is almost impossible
    to figure out. Also, by the time you finish the game the average enemie will
    probably have around 20.0 health. However, when you have a Striker shotgun that
    delivers 15.0 damage per second, that's hardly a problem. Lastly the guide does
    cover the Las Plagas, which learn more about later in the game. 
    |2. Enemies |                                                                  |
    |2.1 Los Ganados |                                                             |
    Village   - 3.4- 12.0
    Castle    - 10.0- 16.0
    Mine Cart - 6.0- 10.0
    The Los Ganados, or "Villagers", are the first enemy you come in cantact with.
    From first glance, they appear to be normal humans, nothing like the zombies 
    in the previous Resident Evil games. Upon closer inspection, you can determin
    that while they look human, they are in fact not. The Ganados were the people 
    who helped excavate the "Las Plagas" parasite from deep underneath the Salazar
    As they worked to get the Plaga fossils, they inhailed the spores, which were 
    in fact the real plagas. Thus they were infected. Their only goal in life is to
    obey orders. Basically it means that they will do whatever possible without
    regard to their own life. If this means chasing down a Government Agent that
    could easily blow their brains out, so be it. 
    While they aren't *the* weakest enemy in the game, they definitally one of the
    most idiotic. Their health can range anywhere from 3.4 (First Ganado)  to 16.0 
    (Ganados in the Mines). Ganados come in wide variety of types, though when it
    comes down to basics their are only two different types. Melee Ganados, who 
    using a variety farm tools will try to destroy you, and Ranged Ganados, whom 
    have practically the same function.
    1. Don Jose (Melee Axe)
    2. Don Diego (Melee Reaper)
    3. Don Estraban (Melee Fists)
    4. Don Manual (Melee Pitchfork)
    5. Don Pedro (Parasite)
    6. Isable (Female with Bucket)
    Method for Killing
    Method #1 Melee Ganado
    Uh, shoot them? Seriously, this is the easiest and most efficent way to take
    them out. Since they have low health, which peaks at 12.0, you should be able
    to take them out in one handgun clip (Non-upgraded). I usually go for their
    head since it can be a little more loose than other enemies. When you reach
    chapter 2-1 they will start sprouting plaga heads. One shotgun blast is
    usually enough to take off the plaga. Try shooting their heads then running up 
    and kicking them. You might just kick the head off.
    Method #2 Group of Ganados
    By using one of three grenades types groups of Ganados will go down pretty 
    quickly. You can use a hand grenade to blow the group to bit's, or try the more
    cruel incediary grenade which will burn them to death. Last you have the more
    human flash grenade, which will stun them for around 30 seconds. During that
    time you simply shoot them or in Krauser and Weskers case use their powerful
    melee moves. Never waste a grenade on less than five Ganados.
    Method #3 Ranged Ganados
    These bastards are usually found in hard to reach places such as towers and 
    roofs, though they can come out with melee Ganados as well. One projectile will
    take away an estimated 15% of your health (fully upgraded). The best way to 
    defeat them is to first take out a pistol and shoot their legs. This will make
    them fall off of whatever they are on if they happen to be on it. From there
    follow up with an array of bullets. Or you could just take the east way and
    snipe them. 
    |2.1 Los Illuminados |                                                         |
    Health: 8.0-20.0
    Castle - 10.0- 17.0
    Red Zealot - 25.0
    Machine Gun Zealot - 70.0- 80.0
    Los Illuminados, or "Zealots" as they will now be referred to as, are kind of 
    like the second version of Ganados. They have many of the same animations and
    stats (excluding health) and perform similar actions. So what is the difference?
    Weapons. The Ganados used mainly weapons in their enviornment (Pitchforks, Axes,
    Knives). Well the Zealots are the same. Since you encounter them while in a
    large castle, they will come equipped with maces and shields.
    This means that you will encounter Zealots carrying weapons such as Maces and
    even shields! Yes, some Zealots due carry around bulky shields that eat up 
    smaller bullets. Some of them even have bulletproof face masks to prevent you
    from blowing of their heads. The black robe Zealots are the weakest and most
    common. The red robe Zealots, or Leader Zealots, are more rare and tougher to
    As far as behavior goes, the Los Illuminado Zealots are the closest thing 
    you will find to the original zombies in the past Resident Evil games. Many
    of them making moaning and snarling noises like Zombies. The Zealots that do
    not have any weapons will be more content to tear you apart with their teeth
    rather then strangle you. 
    1. Zealot w/sythe (Black Robe)
    2. Zealot w/Shield (Black Robe)
    3. Zealot w/bowgun (Black Robe)
    4. Leader Zealot (Red Robe)
    *Note* All of the above may have a facemask*
    Method for Killing
    Method #1 Normal Zealot 
    Fight them the exact same way you would fight a normal Ganado. They have more
    HP, but hopefully you have upgraded some of your weapons by the time you get 
    to the castle.
    Method #2 Shield Zealots
    Some of the Zealots you encounter will carry large shields that prevent you 
    from hitting them immediatly. Too bad they haven't figured out that wood cannot
    protect against a shotgun for very long. Blast the top of their shields then
    send another cluster of pellets at their heads. 
    Method #3 Zealot with Face Mask
    These are pretty unique. They have a large skull shaped bulletproof mask over
    their face. This makes it impossible to take their head off. The next option
    would be to aim at the middle. Yes, shoot them in the groin. Usually one or two
    shotgun rounds will take them down, just as any other Zealot. 
    Method #4 Bowgun Zealot
    These guys, instead of throwing axes, shoot rather unnacurate crossbows. The
    bolts can do some serious damage. The main problem with this type of monk is 
    that he runs away at about the same speed as when Leon jogs. This can become 
    annoying as you usually will have to whip out your sniper rifle a pump a few
    rounds into their bodies. Also, they tend to have less health then their melee
    counter parts. 
    Method #5 Machine Gun Zealot
    You will encounter this single Ganado when chasing him. He is the same as a 
    red monk except he has almost 80hp and mounts a machine gun to prevent you from
    killing him. Use the door next to the gun as cover while you wait for him to
    reload. Pop out and aim at his head then fire when it pops up. You get a bonus
    for a headshot, and it usually kills him in one hit. 
    |2.3 Ganado Army |                                                             |
    Chapter 5-1- 15.0- 20.0
    Gas Mask- 19.0- 26.0
    Chapter 5-2 and up- 33.5
    Bulldozer Ride- 8.0- 16.0
    Think of these enemies as Ganado Version 3.0. Seriously, the Ganado Military 
    soldiers have the same actions and functions as the townsfolk and the Zealots.
    However, they do sport some new weaponry. First off, during the time you fight
    them you will run across several turrets being fired by the common soldier. 
    These soldiers are deadly and annoying.
    A dose of modern weaponry is also added. One of the melee soldiers carries an
    electric shock stick. This does tons of damage and has to be the most annoying
    thing ever! Other than that they still use the basic medevil weapons such as
    maces and sharpened pieces of steel. For being part of an army, they sure do
    have some out of date weapons. 
    Like the Zealots, some of the soldiers have facemasks. This prevents them from
    being shot in the head. A new type of enemy is introduced as well, the gas mask
    soldier. They carry explosives and will try to hold on to you until they explode
    taking you along with them. There ranged fighter comes in the form of a soldier
    firing fire crossbow bolts. Some of them carry around shields too. 
    1. Soldier w/dynamite
    2. Soldier w/stunrod
    3. Soldier w/hammer
    4. Soldier w/mace
    Method for Killing
    #1 Soldier w/dynamite
    This is pretty simple. The soldier with dynamite is basically the equivilant of
    a Ganado only with more health. The basic concept to killing them is hurt them
    before they hurt you. This can be accomplished by shooting the dynamite in their
    hands thus blowing them and the sorrounding enemies to bits. Try to do this 
    when large groups are huddled together. DO NOT let him grab ahold of you because
    he will blow up sending you along with him. 
    #2 Soldier w/stunrod
    These guys are EXTREMELY ANNOYING! Not only do they have an incredably powerful
    weapon that will take about 1/5 of your total (full) health away, but they 
    also have extra health. Take the out like you would any other soldier, by 
    shooting the hell of them. Usually two blasts from a shotgun is enough to take
    them down.
    #3 Soldier w/hammer
    Somehow "Iron Maiden" would have been a better name for these guys. The hammer
    soldier is a tall fat warrior wearing heavily protective armor. There is only
    one real effect way to kill them. Shoot them in the groin. Yes, you will have
    blow their balls of in order to kill them quickly. The reason I say this is
    because the hip and though region is the only part that isn't protected by a
    metal plat. You can shoot them in the face if you want, but due to the half
    cover face mask you won't do too much damage. 
    #4 Soldier w/mace
    These guys are no different from Zealots exluding their extra health. So just
    shoot them till they die, pretty simple.
    |2.4 Novistadors (Sewer Bugs) |                                                |
    Sewer - 24.0
    Flying - 30.0
    In short, Novistadors are bugs. These oversized enemies first contact you in
    the sewers of the castle. They are annoying and can kill you in about four
    slashs with their enormous claws. They don't use any weaponry and are a complete
    natural foe. Each time you kill one they drop an "eye". These eyes come in 
    three colors, red, blue and green. Blue is worth the most, while green is worth
    the least, and red is in between.
    The thing that makes Novistadors so annoying is that of the two forms both have
    an extremely advantagous attribute. The first form, which you meet in the sewers
    can become invisible. The second form which you meet in the large caves and 
    the interior of the castle can fly! You can imagine why these guys can be so 
    1. Invisible Novistador
    2. Flying Novistadors (not invisible)
    Method for Killing
    #1 Invisible Novistodar
    Luckily, you will only have to face about 10 or so of these guys. Now, you 
    could run up with a shotgun and try to blast them to bit's, which is the stupid
    thing to do. That is what I first did, and the only thing I accomplished was
    getting myself killed (I played on Pro for my first round). Hopefully, you have
    a sniper rifle, because your going to need it. In order to tell where on is,
    your going to have to look for their breath, which is a white steam. Take out
    your rifle and snipe them anywhere for an instant kill. That's it, easy wasn't
    #2 Flying Novistodar
    These guys are much easier than their invisible brothers. For one thing, if you
    shoot them with anything while in the air, they die instantly. When they are 
    on the ground, their stats are pretty much identical to the invisible ones
    exluding their extra health. In the short time you battle these guys they will
    attack you in groups. This is where the shotgun becomes very important. It will
    probably take about two or so rounds to kill them, so make sure they are dead
    before moving on.
    |2.5 Dogs |                                                                    |
    In front of Church - 8.0 - 15.0
    Maze - 18.0 - 30.0
    What Resident Evil game would be complete without killer dogs? Even if they 
    aren't infected with the T-Virus and aren't covered in blood, these dogs are
    still aggresive and blood thirsty. While you really only meet them in two
    places unlike in previous RE games, they will give a pretty tough tim.
    Dogs come in two basic forms. The normal version, which looks like a grey
    huskie, and the parasite version. The parasite version has a massive parasite
    on it's back. Tenticals flow freely and offer a weak spot. Dogs can have life
    up to thirty, depending on where you meet them and what type they are. Parasite
    Dogs tend to have more health but they also have a weak spot which allows 
    x1.5 damage. 
    1. Dog
    2. Parasite Dog
    Method for Killing
    #1 Normal Dogs
    Shot them? That's pretty much it. There is special way to kill them other then
    pumping them full of good old fasion lead. I recommend using the shotgun since
    they usually lunge forward and you won't have enough time to kill them any
    other way. Sniping is out of the questions when you consider that they usually
    attack in groups and it would take too long in between shots. 
    #2 Parasite Dogs
    These dogs are virtually the same as normal dogs, exluding one major thing. 
    Like all parasite enemies, if you shoot the parasite you will do bonus damage
    of 50%. Not that you will really have time to think about where your shooting,
    since this is one of the fastest enemies in the game. 
    From "Yogi Cabrera"
    Hello David "Ieatdirttoo" Donaldson,
    I was playing Resident Evil 4 for the 100th time in
    a row (not literally, but it sure does feel like it)
    and I wanted to share some things I noticed.
    Shielded Illuminados can be easily downed with a
    single rifle round to the head (where the
    upper-center of the shield is).
    Sad to say, I've never gotten hit by the dogs
    (Comillos, or Eye-Teeth in Spanish) in any of my
    games; I Harpooned the ones at the harbor by goading
    them to my boat. The ones at the church I Incendiary
    Grenaded. You can bait them towards the flames by
    moving towards them after it hits to kill them all.
    The same Grenading tactic works on the caged ones in
    the hedge maze. I'd love to see their attack some day
    but I hear it is very damaging and I'm a no-damage
    speedrunner so that's not an option.
    I hope you found at least one of my strategies to be
    _____________(Damn you flamers). Feel free to call
    me out on any of my strategies or just to talk.
    Yogi Cabrera
    P.S. You talk about them, but I don't see any
    strategies for the Garradors. Will you be offering
    them soon? Oh, and it would be interesting to see
    some boss tips (if you have the free time, that is!).
    |2.6 Suits of Armor |                                                          |
    Cup Room - 40.0 (Parasite) - 80.0 (Armor)
    "Suits of Armor" are exactly what the name says. A parasite has some how taken
    over a METAL suit of armor and can now control it. You only encounter the suits
    once (You can only detroy them once) when you are trying to get one of two 
    cups to advance in the nothern part of the castle. 
    Suits of armor are large, probably eight feet tall and their armor is natural
    resistance. One thing that is different about the knights (which they will be 
    referred to as of now) is that by doing around 40.0 damage the parasite will
    pop out of the armor. This creates a weak point in which you can blast down on 
    him with a shotgun. There are two forms of the knights, though like dogs the 
    difference is truly minimal. The second "black" knight usually has more health
    and is faster.
    1. Normal Knight
    2. Black Night
    Method for Killing
    #1 Normal Knight
    Killing them is similar to killing El Gigante. Use a shotgun or pistol to do
    around 40 damage to them and the parasite will pop out. At this point switch
    to a sniper rifle and blow the parasite to bits. Or, you could just snipe the
    helmet right away and make him appear. They are immune to incendiary grenades
    so I would recommend using grenades. If you can get the three you face to group
    up then throw two grenades to expose the parasite.
    #2 Black Knight
    As I mentioned before, black knights are almost exactly the same as normal 
    knights, though they do have beefed up stats. First and Foormost it will 
    probably take around 50.0 damage to kill them rather than the normal 40.0. Other
    than that there really is no difference. All of the stradegies for the normal
    knights work so just use them. 
    |2.7 Regenerators/Iron Maiden |                                                |
    Chapter 5-1 - 150.0- 175.0
    If I had to choose one creature in any game that scares me, it would be this
    one. Seriously, how can you not get creeped out by this thing? In short, the
    Regenerators are former human beings that have gone under intense exepriments
    and have ended up with the ability to grow their body parts back. This is a 
    sick process which can only be described as involving tenticals.
    The regenerator itself has no weapons. It is completely naked, though you can't
    see any private parts (If you could then I would truly fear this thing). They
    are extremely tall and slightly fat. The reason for them being overwieght is
    because they have 4 parasites inside of their body, 5 on pro. In order to see
    these you need the thermal scope, though you will have to face possibly three
    before you get it.
    Regenerators come in two different forms. The first is what I have already 
    described, as a tale naked grey creature walking on two legs. The second one is
    exactly the same except it is covered in ****ing spikes! Yes, spikes! These
    are called "iron maidens", though they have no affiliation with the rock band.
    Over the course of the game you will probably face around 10 or so regenerators
    and iron maidens, which is a GOOD thing. 
    1. Regenerator (Naked)
    2. Iron Maiden (Spikes)
    Method for Killing
    #1 Regenerator w/o thermal scope
    These guys can be a real pain int he ass to take on. 180.0 health? Holy crap!
    Now, normally you could snipe them with the the thermal scope equipped, but you
    WILL have to face at least two without it. So what do you do? Whip out the 
    Killer7 or Broken Butterfly then start blasting away at the stomech section. 
    Since Magnum bullets pierce pretty much anything, the parasites inside its body
    will be blown apart. If you have good aim six shots should be enoguh to kill
    #2 Regenerators w/ thermal scope
    This time around things will be much easier. Equip your thermal scope in the
    inventory menu (combine it with your sniper rifle). Aim towards the beast and
    the parasites inside its body will be revealed. Snipe all of them and the 
    Regenerator will explode. Normally there are four, but on proffesional there
    can be up to five. In order to take out this fifth one shoot it in the legs 
    then snipe it in the back.
    #3 Iron Maidens
    Iron Maidens are pretty much identical to the regenerators. They do much more
    damage as far as melee goes, obviously due to their spikes. One thing you do 
    not do with an Iron Maidon or Regenerator for that matter is shoot their legs
    off. They have an incredably long reach and will probably kill you. It's also
    worth mentioning that explosive barrels are commonly found around Iron Maidens,
    so use that to your avantage.
    |2.8 Parasites |                                                               |
    First Plaga (Village) 30.0- 40.0
    Zealot Plaga 60.0 - 65.0
    Garrador Plaga - 450.- (16x damage)
    Third Plaga 60.0-70.0 
    Third Plaga Detached - 4.0 or 30 seconds
    Suit of Armor Plaga - 5.0 - 10.0 (1.5x damage)
    Chapter 5-1 - 65.0 - 80.0
    Plagas are "enemies within enemies" and are the whole reason that your foes even
    attack you. Plagas were exiled under the castle by the first Salazer eight
    generations ago. Ramon, thinking he would gain power, revived them as payment
    to the Los Illuminados. They are similar to the T-Virus, except their hosts
    are semi-intelligant superhumans instead of mindless zombies. 
    They are sensetive to sunlight and will only come up at night or while their
    is no sunlight (Conviniently the last 4/5 of the game takes place at night or
    indoors). There are several variations though most of them are the same. They
    all look like small creatures with no skin. When enough damage is dont to 
    something they sprout out of the neck region.
    In order to survive the plagas need to take on a host. The villagers became
    infested while they were digging up the remains by breathing in the spores. 
    You can also bee enjected with an egg. Three queen eggs where hatched inside
    Mendez, Salazar and Saddler giving them complete control over the ganados and
    other creatures infected with the virus. 
    Plagas do not appear all the time though. About 1/5 common enemies will ammit
    one. You do not have to blow their heads off for them to appear, they will 
    break through the chest or neck and the head will fall off and disinagrate.
    They have a natural resistance to bullets and usually have higher health then
    their host. 
    1. Blade Plaga
    2. Stationary Plaga
    3. Detachable Plaga
    4. Detached Plaga
    Method for Killing
    *Flash grenades will kill any non-boss plaga)
    #1 Blade Plaga
    The stradegie for killing these guys is pretty simple. After enough damage has
    been done to the host this will burst out of the neck region. At this point you
    should start shooting it up. While in this state the host can still do most of
    it's basic actions so don't think the plaga is the only danger. A few shotgun
    blasts should take it out. Almost all enemies have bonuses for shooting it as
    well. Also, when it's on the ground it will continue to swing it's blade around
    so watch out.
    #2 Stationary Plaga
    These guys do not attack you but rather serve as a weak point for enemies. For
    instance, El Gigante has one on it's back. He cannot attack while it is visible
    and neither can the plaga. These are on the garradors and knights to. Shoot 
    it up with a shotgun or tmp. With some bosses you have the ability to stab it
    using the A or B button. This usually provides a hefty amount of bonus damage, 
    so I suggest using it.
    #3 Detachable Plaga
    These guys are similar to blade plagas but instead of cutting you they use their
    tenticles to rip you apart (so brutal...). Anyway, just pump them full of 
    bullets and they will detach, where the fun begins.
    #4 Detached Plagas
    After you have done enought damage to a detached plaga, they will jump out and
    try to attack you. These guys are so weak it's unbelievible. They have around
    5.0 health, which is VERY low for when you meet them. One flashgrenade will 
    kill 1,000 of them. They are in fact so weak that they can only last for thirty
    seconds without a host. 
    |3. Sub Bosses |                                                               |
    |3.1 Verdego |                                                                 |
    Sewers - 900.0
    This guy has the highest health of any boss besides Saddler. You only encounter
    him once, and even though this is an enemy faq, I decided to include him. 
    Anyway, he's pretty creepy. The only way to describe him is that he is similar
    to an unarmored elite from Halo 2. He is completly brown and naked (though he
    does wear a robe when you see him with Salazar). 
    You encounter him in an underground sewer system deep underneath the castle
    system. Actually, the game leaves the question up to you on rather or not you
    should destroy him. He is definitally the hardest enemy in the game if you 
    don't have the proper equipment, and chances are, you won't. The main reason
    he is so difficult is his 900.0 health, which even cut into 300.0 by the
    nitrogen is alot.
    Nirtrogen? Yes, Nitrogen. This is a rather unique boss fight because in order
    to defeat Verdego without pouring 1,000 rounds into him with a Chicago 
    Typewriter, you will have to freeze him. While in this state, he takes three
    times damage. For every 1.0 damage he recieves, .5 seconds will be taken off
    the 30 seconds that he is frozen.
    1. Verdego (Red Robe)
    Method for Killing
    #1 w/o rocket launcher
    Okay, I really recommend you not face him, but Ill try to give you a strategy. 
    Spread out around the sewers are large canisters filled with liquid nitrogen.
    When tipped over these will spill out releasing air pressure and this freezing
    Verdego. At this point unload onto him with your most powerful weapon, and 
    assuming you don't have a rocket launcher, that would be a Broken Butterfly or
    hand grenades.
    #2 w/rocket launcher
    This time around it will be a hell of alot easier. First off all, the rocket
    launcher will pretty much kill him in one hit. If you are reading this in 
    one, it will only cost you 17,000 pesatas after you get your reward. Spill a
    liquid nitrogen tank in order to freeze Verdego. You only have thirty seconds
    before he thaws so be careful. Fire off a rocket to finish the job and collect
    your reward which will be worth 15,000.
    |3.2 Garrador |                                                                |
    Dungeon - 450.0
    Unarmored in Tower - 400.0
    Armored in Tower - 650.0
    Can you say, violent psychopathic prisoner with eyes sewn shut? These guys 
    really freak me out. For those of you who have seen "The Green Mile", imagine
    John Cofry with six three foot long claws and a violent attitude. If you can
    forsee that horrific sight, then you know what a Garrador is. While there is 
    no explenation as to why they had their eyes shown shut, from battling them,
    you can tell that they have been infected by the parasite.
    In fact, in order to succesfully kill the Garrador, shooting the parasite is an
    absolute requirment. These guys are definitally the most ferocious out of all 
    the enemies you will face during the game, though when it comes down to cold 
    hard stradegy, they can be a pushover. Why? Because they are blind. The only 
    way they can detect you is by gunfire or if you run.
    1. Unarmored
    2. Armored (No real difference besides health)
    Method for Killing
    #1 w/o rifle or magnum
    I pity you if you do not own a magnum or a rifle, because the garradors are 
    going to be much harder. As mentioned before, the garradors have anywhere from
    400.0-650.0 health. Now, that doesn't really mean alot when you consider that
    shooting the parasite will do 16x damage. Let's say that you shoot the parasite
    with an shotgun with no power upgrades. 4.5 x 16= 72.0. 400.0 divided by 72.0
    equals 5.5. 
    This means that you have to shoot him six times (The one with the lowest health)
    just to kill him, and you will have to be close. So, how does the garrador tell
    where you are? He has very sensative hearing. No running is allowed, unless you
    want your head chopped off. Shooting him in the back will temporarily stun him,
    but once recovered, he will come back for you charging.
    #2 w/rifle or magnum
    Ah, much easier now. Since the magnum starts off with a power of 13.0, we will
    just assume you left it there. 13.0 times 16.0 equals 208.0. This means that in
    2-4 hits you can have him down, if that. Follow the same procedure as you would
    if you didn't have a magnum. It's pretty simple and easy. The rifle also has
    great effect on him, not to mention grenades.   
    |3.3 El Gigante |                                                              |
    Chapter 2-1 and 2-3 - 35.0
    Mine - 135.0 (60-70.0 damage to kill plaga)
    Think of El Gigante being played by the guy who did the troll in "The Lord of 
    The Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings". Seriously, they are both very similar
    in nature, though El Gigante is not magical. Don't quote me on this, but I
    remember someone mentioning on the RE4 message board on gamefaqs about how
    originally he was a bear who was mutated by the parasite. 
    Anyway, he is definitally one of the more tougher enemies in the game. Slow
    but strong, El Gigante packs a mean punch. His basic appearance consist of 
    rough grey skin, large but few chipped teeth, small eyes (at least for his 
    stature), a loin cloth, and no hair. That's El Gigante for you. His apperance
    is both intimidating and true to his character. I like to think of him as
    a caveman. 
    The main reason he is so difficult is because of his high health and strength.
    When you first meet him, he has a total of 35.0 health. Yes, that doesn't seem
    like alot, but due to his natural resistance to bullets and the fact that you
    fight him in small areas, that amount of health can seem like alot. Not to 
    mention you fight two of them on your third encounter.
    1. Grey Skin w/loin cloth
    2. Armored 
    Method for Killing
    #1 First Encounter 
    This is pretty easy. Avoid grabbing items in the cabins because he will crush 
    you. Collect all of the items around the battle area then start pumping into
    him with your pistol. Assuming you haven't upgraded yet, it should only take
    around 20 or so shots to bring him down on his knees. At this point run up and
    press the A button. Leon will climb onto his back and you will be prompted
    to push either the A or B button. Do so as rapidly as possible. 15 slashs with
    your knife will take him down, but you will probably have to do it 3-4 times.
    Repeat this stradegie several times to beat him.
    #2 Second Encounter w/normal weapons
    You meet him again while trying to advance out of the village. Repeat the same
    stradegie as before and he should be beat in no time. 
    #3 Second Encounter w/boulder
    When the second encounter starts Ashley will point up at a large boulder on top
    of a cliff. It's held up by a small board and is overlooking the chasm in which
    your battling El Gigante. Wait for him to advance underneath then shoot the 
    board. It will fall down severely damaging or killing El Gigante.
    #4 Third Encounter w/normal weapons
    Two at the same time? Geesh, do they think we are Barry? Anyway, collect all
    the times in the room then head over to the large shelf with the slider. Climb
    up the ladder and wait for one of the El Gigantes to come over. Right before he
    grabs the shelf, jump off onto the slider rope and you will be transported to
    the other side. From here unload onto him with your pistol or rifle. Repeat
    this stradegie with both of them and this should be an easy fight.
    #5 Third Encounter w/lava pit.
    In the center of the room is a lava pit. Wait until one of the El Gigantes walks
    on it then head over to the switch on the eastern side of the room and flip it.
    Bye Bye to El Giganye, though you will still have to beat the other one. When
    the fight is over exit then come back in to get your reward for the one that
    dropped in the lava. It will be on top of the now closed pit.
    |3.4 Dr Salvador/Bellas Sisters |                                              |
    (Possibly Offensive, though if you've gotten past the first ganado your okay).
    Village - 21.0 to 35.0
    Mendez House - 40.0
    Bella Sisters - 30.0 Each
    Castle Area - 65.0 to 70.0
    Mine - 50.0 to 58.0
    Mine Cart - 30.0
    Yikes! Leatherface wants his chainsaw back, too bad he has no head! Dr. Salvador
    and the Bellas Sisters, which will now be reffered to as "Chainsaw Maniacs", are
    the definitally the most terrifing enemy in the game. Both stat and appearance
    wise, these guys are very intimidating. Just one rev of that extremely durable
    chainsaw is enough to send shivers down your spine.
    Dr. Salvador probably seems like a very normal person, but when he puts on the
    paper bag, you better move over. With dull brown pants, xxx large grey T-Shirt
    and his face being covered by a bag once filled with a potato, this guy looks
    like your average Giant. Yes, he is huge probably standing eight feet tall. 
    The Bella Sisters are even more disturbing. They are whering dresses with bloody
    tape strapped over their eyes.
    Chainsaw maniacs only have one attack, which is fatal. When you here the 
    terrifing "charge" cry, it's time to get moving. This can be identified as a 
    loud reving of the chainsaw usually accompanied by a "ddddyyyyyyyeeeee". Dr.
    Salvador will usually swing the chainsaw around him trying to get maximum 
    effectivness, while the Bella Sisters will simple run at you.
    1. Dr. Salvador
    2. Bella Sister 1
    3. Bella Sister 2
    Method for Killing
    #1 Knock Back
    This is a pretty simple technique. When a chainsaw maniac is charging at you,
    whip out a powerful gun, such as a magnum or shotgun, and blast him in the
    head. This will give you enough time to load into him with your other weapons
    and do maximum damage. Repeat this stradegie over and over again until they
    die. This is the easist and mose effective way to lay into him.
    #2 Ass Wiping
    This is a rather stupid suggestion by my friend, but I'll put it in here for
    all you knifers. As before, grab a powerful weapon and shoot the chinsaw maniac
    in the leg. Bend down and start swiping him in the ass. This will do about one
    damage per swipe, so figured out with the health for the first one, thats 
    30 swipes. Ouch!                                                            
    #3 Flash Grenades                                       
    Flash Grenades work real well against Dr. Salvador. Throw a few of them down 
    to buy you some time or to follow up with an attack. Flash Grenades can perform
    the funciton of knocking back an enemy. I recommend using them when you are
    sorrounded by groups of Ganados so that you can take them out before dealing
    with Dr. Salvador or the Bella Sisters.
    #4 Bella Sisters
    Yes, the ***** we know as Lisa Trevor is back. Just kidding, but these girls
    are definitally no push over. In fact, they remind me of my first girlfriend. 
    Anyway, you encounter them in a large area filled with pits and bridges. When
    you first meet them head up the ladder and push it down. Find a point in which
    everything is visible, so you don't your head chopped off from behind. From
    here start taking out the villagers as they come. When the Bella Sisters do 
    show up, chuch a feew grenades to stun them for a second. Now follow up with
    some shotgun blasts to the head.
    |3.5 JJ |                                                                      |
    No Picture
    It's Rambo! The Minigun guy, or "JJ", is the tall soldier that lugs around
    a huge 2000RPM Gatling gun which takes away 1/4 of your health with one hit.
    He is one of the easier "tough" enemies in the game, though the bullet spread
    can still provide a decent challenge. One could go as far as calling him the
    Dr. Salvador of the Island, but I think he is too easy to even be compared to
    a chainsaw maniac.
    He looks like an ordinary Arnold Schwarzenegger rip-off, complete with the seven
    foot tall frame and the attitude. He is wearing a red beret with a ripped shirt.
    Stretched across his torso is a large ammo belt which in real life would have
    only held about 20 seconds of firing time. He is the only soldier to actually
    wear camo pants. Overall, he's pretty average. GET TO DAH CHOPPA!
    1. JJ (only form)
    Method of Killing
    #1 Sniping
    This is by far the easiest method of taking JJ out. It takes 1-2 shots from
    a sniper rifle to stun him. Follow up with around 10 more shots to the head
    and he will drop like a sack of potatoes. That was simple wasn't it?
    #2 Close Range
    If, for some reason, you come in contact with JJ at close range, their are
    several weapons that can be used. First off, equip a powerful weapon like a 
    Magnum or Shotgun. Back up so that he cant hit you with a his minigun. Now 
    chuck a flash grenade at him then follow up with a shotfun to the head. Shoot
    him in the head with your most powerful weapon multiple times. He should die
    after a few shots.
    |4. Weapon Briefing |                                                          |
    Kick- This move would be much more valuable if ammo was rare in this game, 
    however, it's not, so the kick is almost useless. You could use it to knock
    an enemy off his feet, but in the end its still pretty crappy.
    Handgun- The standard handgun is both cheap and effective. As will all handguns,
    ammo is abundant so that isn't a problem. This gun has a pretty unique 
    exclusive. By upgrading the handgun to the max you gain the 5x critical headshot
    rate. Don't bother upgrading unless you just want this handgun, just save up
    for the Red9.
    Punisher- The only redemming value this gun has is the ability to shoot through
    multiple targets. Other than that, it pretty much sucks. Shoot 10 medallions
    to get this one free, and 15 to get the 1.1 firepower upgrade. Refer to my
    map on where the madallions are.
    Blacktail- Ah, finally a decent handgun. The Blacktail has a high rate of fire
    while still doing relatively good damage. Statistically, it's the same as the
    Red9. However, it consumes alot of ammo while the Red9 doesn't, and the Red9 is
    more powerful, so the choice should be obvious.
    Red9- Yes, the almighty Red9. This gun has a maximum firepower of 5.0 (6.5 in 
    PAL version). By the time this weapon is done being upgraded it will have the
    power of an non-upgraded shoygun. Hot Damn! The reason you should use it over
    the blacktail (which is statistically equal) is because it consumes little ammo
    while still doing more damage. It also fires pretty quickly. 
    Matilda- This handgun is unlocked once you beat the game for the first time. It
    shoots in three round bursts and has a peak 3.0 firepower. Because of this, it
    eats up ammo extremely quickly. The Red9 is a much better choice (Gesh you 
    think they would have made the Red9 the unlocked gun).
    Shotgun- The classic pump-action shotgun from the Resident Evil series. This is
    not only free, but it's also fun to use. Shotguns have a high decapitation rate,
    aka head blow off easier. This one is no different. Pretty much any time you
    hit someones head with this it will blow off. Don't upgrade it though, wait
    for the Striker.
    Riot Gun- The Assault Shotgun from REmake is back, sadly, it sucks ass this time
    around. While its better than the shotgun, it still cannot compare to the 
    Striker. The biggest problem overall is the upgrade cost and the lack of power
    for the money you spend. Stay away from this.
    Striker- Think of this as the Automatic Shotgun. Up until you get to this point
    you should not have upgraded the shotgun. The best thing about this boomstick
    is the incredable wide shot and the high damage rate. You can clear a room out
    in about 5 seconds with this gun.
    TMP- The TMP is a handheld submachine gun capable of delivering fully automatic
    fire while having a maximum firepower of 1.9. That is NOT enough. Ammo isn't as
    abundant as it should be, so coupled with the low fire power and the expensive
    tag (400,000 Maxed) this gun just isn't worth it. The exclusive is OK, but 250
    bullets per clip just really isn't that usefull.
    Rifle- The "Rifle" is basically a reproduction of the Sprinfield 1903 Sniper.
    Most gamers, or people for that matter, should spot that its a copy right away
    due to the universal image of the Sprindfield '03. The best thing about a sniper
    rifle is the long range and high damage. This one is no different. It has an
    instant decapitation rate for head shots and can pierce several bodies. It is
    more powerful than the Semi-Auto Rifle as well.
    Semi Automatic Rifle- This is a great all around weapon. It's exlcusive upgrade
    brings it down to .40 per second firing rate (five shots every two seconds). It
    has a 25 round clip and can do 15.0 damage per second when fully maxed. Like
    the normal rifle, the .223 caliber bullets can pierce several bodies and has
    an instant decapitation rate. The upgradable scope is also extremely usefull. 
    The best thing about this gun is that it can be used in both close and long
    range. It's especially great on groups.
    Broken Butterfly- No Resident Evil game would be complete without a Magnum. RE4
    is no different, in fact it has three Magnums. The Broken Butterfly, like
    the Magnums in previous RE games, is an extremely powerful weapon that should
    only be used on stronger enemies and bosses. Ammo is rare, and enemies hardly
    ever drop it. When fully upgraded this gun has a maximum firepower of 50.0, 
    which can take out some sub-bosses in one hit.
    Killer7-A tribute to Capcoms upcoming game, the Killer7 is a semi-automatic .45
    caliber Magnum capable of faster fire than any magnum in the series. Its not
    really all that great when compared to the BB, mainly due to the fact it can
    only reach 36.0 firepower. Speed isn't really important with a Magnum, power
    is, so this gun becomes sub-par.
    Handcannon- Need I say more? If god himself had to choose one weapon to use, it
    would be this one. It has a maximum firepower of 99.9 when fully upgraded, not
    mention that once maxed it has infinate ammo. It takes care of most enemies in
    just 1-2 shots. The best thing about this gun is that bosses cower before you
    when it's in your inventory. When the toughest boss of the game goes down in
    less than 5 hits, you know how good this gun is. 
    Chicago Typewriter- In order to unlock this gun for purchase you must beat
    Assignment Ada, which is unlocked after beating the game for the first time. 
    It comes fully upgraded with a price tag of one million pesatas. Not that its 
    too expensive, considering that it is statistically better than the HC. Enemies
    seem less intimidating when your pumping out 600 rounds per minute. It also
    has infinate ammo, so fire away Chicago Style!
    Rocket Launcher- Think of this as the mortal handcannon. It pretty much kills
    anything in the game in one hit, though you will be paying 32G in pesatas for
    that one shot. It isn't really worth it for one shot, so I don't recommend 
    purchasing it unless you really can't beat a boss (one hit kill usually).
    Infinate Launcher- Rocket Launcher with infinate Rockets. Costs one million 
    pesatas, and is definitally worth it. 
    Flash Grenade- Grenade that stuns enemies for around 30 seconds. Pretty usefull,
    especially on some of the bosses.
    Incendiary Grenade- This grenade will burst into flames on impact catching all
    enemies around you (possible you as well) on fire. 
    Handgrenade- The classic bouncy grenade. Arc then let go. Anything within the
    blast radius is killied (excluding bosses and subbosses).
    |5. Credits |                                                                  |
    -Thanks to Chris McDonald for inspiring me                                     
    -Rarusk, for inspiring me as well                                      
    -Nintendo for the deal with Capcom                                      
    -Capcom for creating the masterpiece that is RE4                           
    -ASCII Text Generator                                    
    -Yogi Cabrera 
    -ResidentEvilNetwork.com for the pictures     
    Copyright 2005 David Donaldson

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