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    Separate Ways Guide by Outbreak

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 11/04/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Seperate Ways Guide
    By Outbreak
    For Sony Playstation 2
    "Don't Pee Your Pants!"
    Shinji Mikami
     Unpublished work copyright 2003-2006 Outbreak (Xfactor)
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     The Resident Evil game series is (c) Capcom Ltd.
     The characters and events depicted in this game are fictitious. Any similarity
     to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
     This FAQ is protected under the laws of the Raccoon Police Department.
     Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil
     liability and criminal prosecution by an appropriate S.T.A.R.S member. and then
    (01)TABLE OF CONTENT |-------------------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
              (01)TABLE OF CONTENT
              (03)AUTHOR & GAME INFO
              (04)ADA WONG INFO
              (06)WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 1
              (07)WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 2
              (08)WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 3
              (09)WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 4
              (10)WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 5
              (11)ADA'S REPORT
              (13)MERCHANT TRADING
              (15)CREDITS & LEGAL TERMS
    (02)INTRODUCTION/UPDATE|-----------------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
    02.1 - Version Update |---------------------------------------------------------
    Version 0.1 - Oct 31st
    Version 0.2 - Nov 2nd
    Chapter 1~4 completed
    Version 0.3 - Nov 4th
    Added the method to obtain Beerstein
    02.2 - The Story |--------------------------------------------------------------
    Six years have passed since the destruction of Raccoon City. US Agent Leon
    Kennedy has been assigned to locate the President's kidnapped daughter. His
    investigation has led him to a rural part of Europe. Hoping to find more
    information he makes a stop at a village.
    But what he found was more than out of the ordinary.
    Upon entering the village, Leon is suddenly attacked. He has no choice but to
    return fire in self-defense. But that wasn't enough to stop "them."
    It reminded Leon of the horrors that occurred at Raccoon City.
    "I thought the nightmares were over..."
    Flesh that knows no pain. Strength beyond any human. It all seemed very familiar
    - too familiar, but something was different. Something about their eyes...In
    spite of all the madness there was still something human in them.
    "No. They're different. They aren't zombies..."
    "Then what are they?"
    "What happened here?"
    (03)AUTHOR & GAME INFO |-----------------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
    03.1 - Game Introduction |------------------------------------------------------
    I'll never forget it. It was the year when these grisly murders occured in the
    Arklay Mountains.
    Soon after, the news was out to the whole world revealing that it was the fault
    of a secret viral experiment conducted by the international pharmaceutical
    enterprise, Umbrella.
    The virus broke out in a near by mountain community, Raccoon City.
    And hit the peaceful little town with a devastating blow crippling its very
    Not taking any chances, the President of the United States ordered a contingency
    plan - to sterilize Raccoon City.
    With the whole affair gone public, the United States government issued an
    indefinite suspension of business decree to Umbrella.
    Soon its stock prices crashed and for all intents and purposes Umbrella was
    Six years later..."
    03.2 - Game Information |-------------------------------------------------------
    NTSC/NA Title: Resident Evil 4
    NTSC/J Title:  Biohazard 4
    PAL Title:     Resident Evil 4
    Developer: Capcom Japan Production Studio 4
    Publisher: Capcom
    Game Developer: Hiroyuki Kobayashi
    Game Director:  Shinji Mikami
    Story Writer:   Shinji Mikami
    Platform: Nintendo Gamecube (2005)
              Sony Playstation 2 (2005)
    (04)SEPERATE WAYS |----------------------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
    04.1 - Starting Lineup |--------------------------------------------------------
    First Aid Spray
    Handgun Ammo (30)
    Shotgun Shells (15)
    04.2 - Weapons Detail |---------------------------------------------------------
    Firepower: Lv 3 (2.0)
    Firing Speed: Lv 3 (0.27)
    Reload Speed: Lv 2 (1.47)
    Capacity: Lv 3 (21)
    Firepower: Lv 3 (5.0)
    Firing Speed: Lv 1 (1.53)
    Reload Speed: Lv 1 (3.03)
    Capacity: Lv 4 (12)
    Firepower: Lv 1 (16.6)
    Firing SPeed: Lv 1 (2.43)
    Reload Speed: Lv 1 (2.00)
    Capacity: Lv 1
    Rifle (semi-auto)
    Firepower: Lv 6 (15.0)
    Firing SPeed: Lv 1 (1.83)
    Reload Speed: Lv 2 (1.90)
    Capacity: Lv 2 (12)
    (05)ENEMIES |----------------------------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
    o- Ganado ---------------------------------------------------------------------o
     These spanish-speaking  humans are  the  "Los Ganados".  They will  attack Leon
     without any reason given, and they strike with all types of weapons. They  have
     colored eyes, and besides  their over  aggressiveness,  they behave  like other
     ordinary human. They have been implanted by the Las Plagas by Lord Saddler, and
     they worship the Los Illuminados cult.
    o- Las Plaga ------------------------------------------------------------------o
     Las Plagas is a form of parasites which Lord Saddler uses to control the
     villagers. It is sensitive to light, and thus you will only encounter them in
     the body of the villagers at night. They emerge when their host gets
     decapitated, and then you have to exterminate the parasite to remove the
     threat totally. The Plagas have been sealed underground by Salazar's ancestors
     when they took it away from the original Los Illuminados cult. Las Plagas was 
     excavated under order of Lord Saddler with Salazar's assistance.
    o- Garrador -------------------------------------------------------------------o
     Bodies that has been sealed and imprisoned somewhere deep inside the castle.
     Humanes whose eyes were blinded and sewed shut. They have two claws equipped on
     their hands. When sensed someone, Garrador will break out from his seals, and
     attack the survivor. As he is blind, he can only rely on his extraordinary
     sense of hearing to detect the location of the survivor. The weak point of this
     enemy is the exposed Las Plagas on its back.
    o- El Gigante -----------------------------------------------------------------o
     The gigantic troll was originally sealed somewhere in the village, and he have
     incredible strength enough to bring chaos to everywhere. Upon the order from
     the villager chief, he was released to exterminate Leon, despite the risk of
     harming even the ganados themselves
    o- Jack Krauser ---------------------------------------------------------------o
     Jack is an operative whom Leon assumed dead several years ago in a helicopter
     incident during his training tours in the various agencies. Leon is apparently
     wrong, as Jack appears to be alive and is living far better than Leon himself.
     This guy is aiding the 'Los Illuminados', but he is not brain-control by Lord
     Saddler unlike the ganados. The years of military trainings and experiences
     have made this man more than a match for Leon. It is unknown why he assist the
     wrong side and who he is truly working for.
    o- Lord Saddler ---------------------------------------------------------------o
     Lord Saddler is the leader of the "Los Illuminados". He have been planning to
     revive the "Las Plagas", a type of a parasites which was fossilized and sealed
     in the ground of a village in Europe. With Ramon and the chief of the village
     under his control, he derives a plan to take over America using the Las Plagas
     to turn them into his followers. To do so, he intend to kidnap Ashley just so
     to implant the Las Plagas into her, then send her back to America.
    (06)WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 1 |------------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
    Mission: Ring The Church Bell
    o- Pueblo ---------------------------------------------------------------------o
    You start in this familiar area, where Leon plays hide-and-seek (or a killing-
    spree if you are the aggressive type) with the brainwashed villagers. Despite
    being in the same area as Leon, you will not bump into him at all.
    Navigation shouldn't be any problem now that you have been here as Leon before.
    Unlike Leon's side, there is no chainsaw villager for you to fight here.
    o-Item---------------+-Location------------o Basically, you just have to run
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Shotgun House 1F    | around and take the items while
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Shotgun House 2F    | Leon is busy fending off them.
    | Pesetas (1000)     | Shotgun House 2F    | Search every corners for items,
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Shotgun House 2F    | including the doors at the far
    | Spinel             | Shotgun House Roof  | west and the northeast corner.
    | Pesetas (1200)     | SG House Shack      | Some points to note:
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Shack Near Tower    | 
    | Chicken Egg        | Shack 2 Near Tower  | (1)Ada reserves the Shotgun for
    | Flash Grenade      | Southwest Shack     | Leon, so forget about taking the
    o--------------------+---------------------o weapon from the rack.
    | Yellow Herb        | Behind Cow Barn     |
    | Red Herb           | South Wagon         | (2)The villagers still throw
    | Green Herb         | Besides House w/Bed | the molotov cocktail to get you
    | Red Herb           | Behind Shotgun House| down if you escape to the tower.
    | Shotgun Shells (10)| West Entrance       |
    | Spinel             | West Entrance       | (3)You can't push the wooden
    | Spinel             | Northeast Trail     | drawer to form a barricade in the
    o--------------------+---------------------o Shotgun House 1F, as the door is
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Tower Top           | opened (Leon will do it in his
    o--------------------+---------------------o game).
    | Incendiary Grenade | North Middle House  |
    | Pesetas (1100)     | North Middle House  | Run around and kills the crazed
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | North Middle House  | farmers. Soon (or when you enters
    | Hand Grenade       | House w/Bed         | the House w/Bed or North Middle
    | TMP Ammo (50)      | House w/Bed         | House), a cutscene where the
    | Chicken Egg        | House w/Bed         | chainsaw villager appears will be
    | Elegant Mask       | House w/Bed Inner   | triggered. After that scene, just
    | Shotgun Shells     | House w/Bed Inner   | run around and kill more villagers,
    | Insignia Key       | House w/Bed Rooftop | and eventually a new scene, where
    o--------------------+---------------------o a chicken leap down from the
    rooftop of the house w/bed, will be playe. It hints the important item hidden at
    the rooftop, so position Ada in front of the building for the "Grappling Gun"
    prompt. Press X to launch her up. Pocket the item, which is an Insignia Key.
    Its obvious where the key goes. Jump down, and unlock the door with the red cult
    symbol at the east side of Pueblo.
    o- Underground Tunnel ---------------------------------------------------------o
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Blue Shelf          | What?! The merchant is here? Whee!
    | Chicken Egg        | (snake)             | As it seems, Leon is not his only
    | Green Herb         | Beyond Back Door    | customer! Ada is so early, that he
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Tunnel              | doesn't have time to even set up
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Tunnel              | his blue flame yet. Ok, enough with
    | TMP Ammo (25)      | Tunnel              | him.
    | Green Gem          | Tunnel (Box)        | 
    | Pesetas (1600)     | Tunnel              | Raid the area for items. Careful
    o--------------------+---------------------o about the box in front of the
    merchant. It contains a snake, so fire at it instead of knifing it.
    Gets beyond the back door and jump down after you took the Green Herb in the
    barrel. However, as you reaches the tunnel portion, 2 villagers will appear
    behind you! Attack the couple, and then run down the tunnel. Remember the
    ammunition scattered along the tunnel.
    Once you nears the end of the tunnel, another farmers ambush occur. 2 females
    appear from behind the next door, 2 male behind the trail. After you claimed
    their life, proceed on.
    o- Graveyard / Hanging Bridge -------------------------------------------------o
    | Hand Grenade       | Bird Nest 1         | The bird nest at the top of the
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Bird Nest 2         | tree just between the doorway and
    | Pesetas (100)      | Crow                | the first female ganado here holds
    | Pesetas (400)      | Crow                | a Hand Grenade. The second nest
    | Rifle Ammo (2)     | Crow                | just a little ahead contains a
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | West Shack          | Handgun Ammo, but trying to fire it
    | Pesetas (1000)     | West Shack (Box)    | alerts the villagers further down
    | Yellow Herb        | West Shack (Box)    | the way. 
    | Red Gem            | Graveyard           | 
    | Pesetas (700)      | Bird Nest 3         | Run a couple of steps forward, and
    | Chicken Egg        | Bridge Shack (snake)| drop a Flash Grenade if you have
    | Pesetas (1000)     | Bridge Shack (Box)  | it to kill the crows perching on
    | Pesetas (3000)     | Female Chainsaw     | the tombstone and to the
    | Green Catseye      | End of Trail        | temporarily blind the Plaga people.
    | Round Insignia     | Podium              | 
    o--------------------+---------------------o Eliminate the incoming threats, and
    search the west shack (facing the graveyard) for items. Pocket the Red Gem
    that's shining extremely brightly in the middle of the graveyard.
    Be ready for more villagers as you approaches the church door. Aim up and knock
    down the bird nest in front of the church for money.
    Face it, the game designers of the game isn't going to let us enter the church
    that easy. Drop the idea of firing the bell from the outside as well. You will
    have to run along the right trail to the end. Fire at the leg of the villagers
    on the hanging wooden bridge to knock them over into the lake. The shack in the
    middle of the path holds some boxes. If you still haven't learn the lesson of
    the snake ambush yet from a moment ago and in Leon's game, there's a snake
    planted in the box here. Steal the pile of money in the next box to make
    yourself 1000 Pesetas richer.
    At the end of the bridge, we sees some stuffs. The good: the Green Catseye. The
    bad: the female chainsaw ganado. The chainsaw ganado drops some money when
    defeated. Make good use of your Shotgun. Obtain the prize on the ground after
    the female trio is down.
    Run back to behind the church, and once again, solve the podium puzzle. Solution
    Extract the Round Insignia. As you do so, a couple arrives. Feed them bullets,
    and plant the Green Catseye to the former home of the Round Insignia to re-open
    the gate. 
    Destroy the fresh batch of the villagers, and enters the church by unlocking it
    with the Round Insignia.
    o- Church ---------------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Altar               | Shotgun the guts of the villagers
    | Flash Grenade      | 1F East Barrel      | behind the altar. Don't forget the
    | Purple Gem         | 1F Southeast Corner | ammo on the altar itself. Take the
    | Pesetas (900)      | 2F Barrel           | items on the east side, and get
    o--------------------o---------------------o onto the 2F.
    Finishes the 2 ganados at the top, and smash the barrels at the end for money.
    While Ada ignores the whimpering Ashley in her confinement room. Goes to operate
    the panel to solve the color light puzzle.
    This time round, the Los Illuminados symbol is inverted. Solution:
    R - 3
    G - 1
    B - 2
    With the puzzle solved, the symbol turns in back to its original position. With
    that, the villagers that have been attacking Leon all the while are calmed...
    /- WHAT WE LEARNT -------------------------------------------------------------\
    | - Ada was the person who rang the bell in Leon's game.                       |
    | - Ada was also fighting the villagers in Pueblo, just that Leon didn't saw   |
    | her.                                                                         |
    | - Ada is the first customer of the merchant, not Leon.                       |
    | - Ada was the person who planted the Green Catseye in the mechanism of the   |
    | church, which Leon will obtain in his game.                                  |
    (07)WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 2 |------------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
    Mission: Rescue Luis
    o- Bitores House/Path To Pueblo------------------------------------------------o
    | Chicken Egg        | Bedroom Table       | Obtain the egg from the table under
    | Pesetas (1000)     | Bedroom Cabinet     | Saddler's protrait, and trade with
    | Pesetas            | Crow                | the merchant. Instead of heading
    | Pesetas            | Crow                | forward, run past the merchant and
    | Pesetas            | Crow                | backtrack. Once outside, proceed a
    | Spinel             | Shack Besides Well  | little slower. Toss a Flash Grenade
    | TMP Ammo (25)      | Shack Besides Well  | to kill the crows in front, and
    | Pesetas (2000)     | Bedroom Back Cabinet| claim the income. Obtain the Spinel
    | Hand Grenade       | House 1F Cabinet    | in the box of the shack, and the
    | Pesetas (250)      | House 1F Drawer     | ammo in the barrel. You will be 
    | Gold Chicken Egg   | Oven                | able to find the Brass Pocket Watch
    | Ruby               | Chainsaw Villager   | on the well, but again, remember to
    | Red Herb           | Shack               | close the lid before dropping it!
    | TMP Ammo (25)      | Bird Nest           | 
    o--------------------+---------------------o Return to the house of the villager
    head, and sell the treasures you just discovered. Went ahead through the
    backdoor, and open the cabinet under Saddler's picture for a pile of pesetas.
    Continue the path. A female farmer is lying in ambush in the toilet. At the back
    of the house, you will find a villager, who is guarding the Hand Grenade in the
    glass cabinet and the money in the drawer. You'll find a Gold Chicken Egg in the
    Exit by the back door, and take aim with your Rifle, if you have. A chainsaw
    villager is waiting for you at the far side, just like in Leon's game. Destroy
    his accompanies too. Grab the Ruby from his corpse, and continue to pump lead
    into the approaching problems. Take the Red Herb in the shack, and the ammo in
    the bird nest just outside the shack. Make your way past the last batch of the
    ganados here to reach the door leading to the next area.
    o- Pueblo----------------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Pesetas (1100)     | Southwest Shack     | Enter the first shack for an item.
    | Green Herb         | Behind 2-Storey Barn| Kills the farmer who is tending to
    | Pesetas (700)      | North Middle House  | his cow to start the war.
    | Pesetas (1100)     | North Middle House  | 
    | Green Herb         | North Middle House  | Scout around for the newly planted
    | TMP Ammo (25)      | North Middle House  | items. There's a villager in the 2F
    | Pesetas (800)      | Behind Shotgun House| of the Shotgun House. The remaining
    | Rifle Ammo (5)     | Shotgun House Roof  | villagers that didn't participate
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Shotgun House Roof  | in the ambush is hiding the bedroom
    | Brown Chicken Egg  | Shotgun House 2F    | of the south building, the shack
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Shotgun House 1F    | behind the Shotgun House and the
    | Pesetas (500)      | Shotgun House 1F    | female villager located at the
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Shotgun House 1F    | northeast trail.
    | Pesetas (1100)     | Behind Cow Barn     | 
    | Handgun Ammo (15)  | House w/Bed         | Search the areas for the necessary
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | House w/Bed Inner   | resources, and went down the north-
    | Pesetas (800)      | House w/Bed Inner   | east trail, or save/trade in the
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | House w/Bed Inner   | symbol house first.
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Besides Symbol Room | 
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Tower Top           | 
    | Pesetas (900)      | SG House Shack      | 
    | Shotgun Shells (3) | Northeast Shack     | 
    o- Farm -----------------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Shack               | Snipe the head of the villager in
    | Spinel             | Well                | the cow barn just head, and the
    | Brown Chicken Egg  | Behind Shack 2      | wondering villager on the left side
    | Spinel             | Cow Barn Top        | of the cow barn where the cows are.
    | Pesetas (800)      | Hay Barn 1F         | Now, position Ada by the right
    | Pesetas (1000)     | Hay Barn 1F         | corner of the cow barn, and use the
    | Pesetas (1000)     | Hay Barn 1F         | grappling gun to launch herself to
    | Handgun Ammo (15)  | Hay Barn 1F         | the top for the Spinel.
    | Rifle Ammo (5)     | Hay Barn 2F Drawer  | Search around the usual item spots
    | Gold Bangle        | Besides 1F Hay Barn | for resources, especially the well
    o--------------------+---------------------o and the hidden spot besides the 1F
    Hay Barn. Don't run too fast though. Those brainwashed ganados have planted some
    bear traps on the ground somewhere near the Hay Barn. Head to the next area.
    o- Homestead Ruins ------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Beerstein          | Bridge              | As you run down the trail, keep
    | Spinel             | Besides House       | looking up for the bridge (which
    | Rifle Ammo (2)     | Dynamite House      | Leon uses to get to the building
    | Pesetas (900)      | Shack 1             | for the Leon & Luis vs Ganados war)
    | Spinel             | Tree Outside House  | above. You'll see two ganados. Kill
    o--------------------+---------------------o them, and them use the grapple gun
    underneath-left of the bridge to launch Ada up. Smash the left barrel for a
    Beerstein. Now jump down to the trail again.
    As you reach the end of the tunnel, take out the Rifle and headshot the dynamite
    ganados. Kills off the other villagers, and explore around. Remember the bird
    nest outside the captive building for the Spinel. Another Spinel is to be found
    on the box somewhere near this tree.
    While the captive house is inaccessible, to proceed the game, you have to get
    through the doorway in the dynamite house.
    After the scene, you can enter the captive house now, but going in is optional.
    You should return to the farm now. However, if you wishes to explore then read
    o-Item---------------+-Location------------o <- Captive House ----------------->
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Save Room           | A ganado yells at you when you 
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Fire Place          | enter the building. Grab the ammo
    | Incendiary Grenade | Hidden Area         | on the table and save if needed.
    o--------------------+---------------------o Open the rusty drawer near the
    fireplace for another pack of ammo. A villager is at the end of the building,
    guarding the Incendiary Grenade. After killing him, return outside.
    <- Captive House -------------------------------------------------------------->
    Take note of the fresh batch of the ganados. You can spot them on the trail
    leading to the farm, which is your destination. Combat is not required, so just
    dodge them and sprint to the farm.
    o- Farm -----------------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Shotgun Shells (10)| Near Cow Barn       | A couple of resources have been
    | Spinel             | In front Shack 1    | planted here. They are shining, so
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Besides Shack 1     | you shouldn't have problem finding
    o--------------------+---------------------o them.
    o- Pueblo----------------------------------------------------------------------o
    | -                  | -                   | There isn't any new items here. As
    o--------------------o---------------------o you approach the empty ground of
    Pueblo, you'll trigger a scene. After the scene, toss a Hand Grenade among them
    to kill the crowd before they scatter.
    Approach the northeast trail and kills the remaining villagers. Notice the
    ganado who is wearing Leon's jacket?
    o- Bitores House/Path To Pueblo------------------------------------------------o
    There's nothing here, except for a cutscene which you'll trigger as you approach
    the chief's house. The game will switched to another area after the scene.
    o- Village Exit / Altar Cavern / Gondola Station-------------------------------o
    | Green Catseye      | Cavern Chest        | While you view the new cutscene, 
    | Iron Key           | Ganado Station      | have your fingers ready to press
    | Shotgun Shells (10)| Ganado Station      | the emergency dodge buttons, so Ada
    | Yellow Herb        | Ganado Station      | will be able to dodge the attack of
    | Rifle Ammo (5)     | Near Typewriter     | the worshipping ganados. Obtain the
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Near Gondola area   | treasure in the chest, and head
    o--------------------+---------------------o down to kills off more ganados. At
    the bottom, is the ganado duo who will attack Leon in his game. There's a Green
    Herb nearby them. 
    From here onwards, the Plaga make their appearance since its night time here.
    Return to the gondola station for the Iron Key and some items. You'll find the
    merchant here. The Gondola isn't moving. Make your way down the path, opposite
    of the cavern. Run along the trail which leads to the torture shed, where Leon
    fights the villager chief. If there's a need, grab the ammo and save by the
    typewriter. Unlock the metal door.
    o- Torture Shed ---------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Lift Activation Key| Chainsaw Villager   | Enter the shed. More villagers to
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Shed 1F Near barrel | kill. The female chainsaw villager
    | TMP Ammo (50)      | Shed 1F Near Door   | is holding the key item. Start by
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Shed 2F             | running forward and climb up the
    | Red Herb           | Shed 2F             | ladder, then make a 180 and aim
    o--------------------+---------------------o down to fire at the barrel for
    some serious damages. Then, take care of the Plaga-villager at the top near
    you, then refocus on the female chainsaw villager. Take her item, and the
    resources around. Exit, and run back up the trail, dodging the duo that have
    surfaced here.
    o- Village Exit / Altar Cavern / Gondola Station-------------------------------o
    While more villagers had spawn here, you should ignore all of them and sprint to
    the gondola station. Insert and use the Lift Activation Key on the operating
    panel to start the gondola, and ride it to fully escape from the ganados here.
    o- Passage To Castle ----------------------------------------------------------o
    | Rifle Ammo (2)     | Near Gondola area   | Smash the barrel near the gondola
    | Spinel             | In front Main Door  | boarding area for a stack of ammo.
    | TMP AMmo (25)      | Behind House        | Grab the Spinel in front of the
    | Handgun Ammo (15)  | House Locker        | main majestic-looking door.
    | Pesetas (700)      | Merchant Spot       | 
    o--------------------+---------------------o The typewriter and the merchant
    are where they are in Leon's game, so scout the area for items, and do your
    stuffs. It is recommended that you save here, as you will be having a boss
    fight soon. Get to the wooden door (the El Gigante path) near the house, and
    use the grappling hook to get to the other side.
    o- El Gigante Path ------------------------------------------------------------o
    | First Aid Spray    | Top Barrel 1        | Run around and take the items in
    | Yellow Catseye     | Top Barrel 2        | the shacks and the barrels which
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Top Barrel 3        | you can only access by the
    | Spinel             | Top Barrel 3 Ground | grappling gun. Run forward to
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Shack 2             | combat El Gigante. 
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Shack 2             | 
    | TMP Ammo (50)      | Shack 1             | After he dies, take the Green Herb
    | Incendiary Grenade | Shack 1             | beyond him near the last door to
    | Red Herb           | Doorway 1           | heal your wound and proceed on to
    | Pesetas (10000)    | El Gigante          | end the 2nd chapter.
    | Green Herb         | Door 1              | 
    The fight is pretty simple. Use the same tactic as before:
    o=====================o o====================o /------------------------------\
    | Move List           | | Recommended Weapon | | El Gigante                   |
    o=====================o o====================o \------------------------------/
    | Palm Sweep          | | Flash Grenade      | Spray the TMP at the head of the
    | Fist To Ground      | | TMP                | giant as soon as he appear. When
    | Tree Swing          | | Shotgun            | his parasite appear, run up and
    | Squeeze             | | Bowgun             | hack it. If you have the Bowgun,
    | Boulder Roll        | o--------------------o use it. 2 or 3 arrows should
    | Punch               | bring him down and reveal the parasite for hacking.
    | Kick                | Overall, this is a typical El Gigante fight, and you
    | Stomp               | should have enough 'training' in Leon's ame to know 
    | Shoulder Ram        | how this should goes on. Obtain the reward from the
    | Toss To Ground      | monster and proceed on.
    | Body Fall           |
    /- WHAT WE LEARNT -------------------------------------------------------------\
    | - A chicken was trapped in the oven. That is the reason why you saw an egg   |
    | in Leon's game.                                                              |
    | - The villagers who pushed the boulder in Leon's game will leap down and     |
    | attack Ada when Ada returns to the farm.                                     |
    | - The pool of water in Pueblo is the drinking water for the cow.             |
    | - Leon's jacket is indeed stolen and wore by a ganado.                       |
    | - The ganados lied Ada on the bloody altar in the cavern. That serves as the |
    | purpose of why you sees it in Leon's game.                                   |
    (08)WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 3 |------------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
    Mission: Retrieve The Sample
    o- Garden Maze ----------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Bowgun Bolts (3)   | Garden Maze         | Trade with the merchant as you gets
    | TMP Ammo (50)      | Garden Maze         | here. While the Bowgun seems
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Garden Maze         | tempting, there is no need to
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Garden Maze         | purchase it now if you do not have
    | Green Herb         | Garden Maze         | the money. You can't get out of
    | Red Herb           | Garden Maze         | the maze until a certain cutscene
    | Incendiary Grenade | Garden Maze         | is activiated, so run around the
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Garden Maze         | hedge maze and explore. The red
    | Rifle Ammo (5)     | Garden Maze         | cultists here spawn Las Plagas
    | Pesetas (3000)     | Red Cultist         | when they are killed, so try to
    | Pesetas (3000)     | Red Cultist         | prevent them by using the
    | Pesetas (3000)     | Red Cultist         | Incendiary Grenade to burn them.
    | Pesetas (3000)     | Red Cultist         | If you can, find a high level spot
    | Rifle Ammo (5)     | Bedroom Vase        | and snipe them from afar. A good
    | Rifle Ammo (2)     | Bedroom Vase        | sniping spot is spot A (refer to
    | Bowgun Bolts (3)   | Bedroom Dresser     | the map below). Also, the Green
    o--------------------+---------------------o Herb is to be found in one of the
    barrels under the bridge A.
    Take the items in the maze and soon a fresh batch of the monks will open the
    gate and invade in. Now, you can get out of the maze.
    |   |                              |  7|                    |
    |                                  |   |                    |
    |   |   |---------|    |-------|   |   |     -----          |
    |---|   |         |    |       |       |     |              |
    |  8    |         |    |   2   |       |     |              |
    |       |         |    |       |-------|     |              |
    |   ----|    |    |    |                     |       1      |
    |            |    |    |                     |              |
    |            |    |    |                ~~~~~|              |
    |   ---------|    |XXXX|---------------|~~~~~|              |
    |            |    |                    |~~~~~|              |
    |         2  |    |                    |~~~~~|              |
    |            |    |                    |~~~~~|              |
    |------------|    |                    |~~~~~|--------------|
    |   ~~~~~~~~~~##############            ~~~A~      X        |
    |   ~~~~~~~~~~##############11          ~~~5~      X        |
    |   ~~~~~~~~~~#########6####            ~~~~~      X        |
    |   ----------    |                    |~~~~~|---------|    |
    |                 |                    |~~~~~|         |    |
    |                 |                    |~~~~~|         |    |
    |             ----|    |-----------    |~~~~~|    |    |    |
    ------   |        |    |               |     |    |    |    |
    |  10|   |        |    |               |     |    |    |    |
    |    |   -----    |    |XXXX-------    |     |    |    |    |
    |    |       |    |    |          |    |     |    |    |    |
    |    |       |    |    |          |    |     |  3 |    |    |
    |    |       |  9 |    |          |----|     |----|    |    |
    |    |----   |----|    |                               |    |
    |                                                      |    |
    |                              |-----------------------| 0  |
    |----------------------|  4| --|
                           |   |   |
    ~ - Stairs
    X - Gate
    1  - Bowgun Bolts (3)
    2  - TMP Ammo (50)
    3  - Shotgun Shells (5)
    4  - Shotgun Shells (5)
    5  - Green Herb
    6  - Red Herb
    7  - Incendiary Grenade
    8  - Handgun Ammo (10)
    9  - Rifle Ammo (5)
    10 - Yellow Herb
    11 - Gold Bangle w/Pearls
    Enter the bedroom of Salazar and smash the vases for items. Instead of using the
    door near the typewriter here, get back to the balcony of the garden maze, and
    run towards the opposite end and use the door.
    o- External Wall --------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Pesetas (3000)     | Red Cultist         | Kills the incoming shield ganado
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Chest Room (Right)  | and the crossbow ganado. Run past
    | Hand Grenade       | Chest Room (Left)   | them and when you gets near the
    | Yellow Herb        | Chest Room (Left 2) | fountain, be careful of the
    | Hourglass w/gold   | Chest Room (Middle  | crossbow ganado trio. Kills them
    | decor              | chest)              | with your weapon. The last monk
    | Pesetas (3000)     | Red Cultist         | might spawn a Plaga when dies.
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Vase near doors     | Now see the door that leads to the
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | South Mess Room     | room with the Broken Butterfly? Aim
    | Green Herb         | South Mess Room     | with a weapon through the window
    | Green Herb         | South Mess Room     | hole and kills the red cultist
    | Pesetas (150)      | South Mess Room     | inside, then check the door. After
    | Pesetas (3300)     | South Mess Room     | Ada realised that the door is
    | TMP Ammo (25)      | South Mess Room     | locked, move a little backward and
    o--------------------+---------------------o use the grappling gun to get to the
    other side of the door. Grab the pile of money from the dead cultist, and check
    the chests for more arsenals, and the middle chest for the vital Hourglass
    w/gold decor item. Return outside.
    Continue the backtrack, and you will find more red cultists (which drops pesetas
    when killed) and items. Now, enter the south mess room by the door at the inter-
    section. Scout for items, and trade with the merchant, before you use the door
    in front of him.
    o- Dining Room ----------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Vase near doors     | Snipe the red monk and then smash
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Vase                | the stuffs here for items. Kills
    | Green Herb         | Dining Table        | the advancing monks, and run down
    | Handgun Ammo (20)  | Dining Table 2      | the passage to the dining table.
    | Green Herb         | Cage Room Northeast | Turn left, and combat the crossbow
    | Ruby               | Garrador            | cultist, and then smash the pot
    | Bowgun Bolts (3)   | Behind Counter      | behind him for a Shotgun Shells
    | Flash Grenade      | Glassed Cabinet     | (5). Enter the cage room and get
    o--------------------+---------------------o ready for the ambush, which is
    exactly the same as in Leon's game. As soon as the Garrador and his troops
    arrive, toss a Hand Grenade in front to scatter the monks and to break the lock
    off the door. Fighting them is optional, but you will be rewarded with a Ruby
    if you kills off the Garrador. Your target is to insert the Hourglass w/gold
    decor item into the chest.
    o- Weapon Storage -------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | 1F Vase             | You'll see Leon here! However, he
    | Spinel             | Merchant Passage    | is fending off the monks and Ada
    | Elegant Chessboard | 1F Behind Pillar    | isn't allow to sees him...yet. Too
    o--------------------+---------------------o bad for those who were hoping for
    some reunion. Eitherway, after the scene, eliminate the monks which tries to
    trap you from the front and back. Make use of the red lamp at the ceiling to
    burn the monks. After they are killed, jump down and smash the vase for ammo.
    Now get behind the last pillar for an Elegant Chessboard treasure. Go back up
    and get past the next door, and more cultists for you to kill. Smash the pot for
    a Spinel and go through the next door.
    o- Ashley Captive Area --------------------------------------------------------o
    Turn left and move forward to trigger a scene, which ends the chapter.
    /- WHAT WE LEARNT -------------------------------------------------------------\
    | - Ada went off to the garden maze after seperated from Leon for the first    |
    | time.                                                                        |
    | - While Leon is fighting in the Rocket Launcher room, Ada was actually in    |
    | the same room at the same time.                                              |
    (09)WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 4 |------------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
    Mission: Stop Leon's Assassination
    o- Bulldozer Wreckage Road ----------------------------------------------------o
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Barrel Above Cartons| You starts off in the area near the
    | Rifle Ammo (5)     | Barrel Above Cartons| buldozer wreckage. Trade with the
    | Hand Grenade       | Barrel Near Cartons | merchant and move on. Several
    | Shotgun Shells (3) | Wreckage            | ganados will appear from the left
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Storage             | path. Kills them and run into where
    | Green Herb         | Storage             | they emerged. Kill the last ganado
    | Flash Grenade      | Storage Barrel      | inside, and use the grappling gun
    | TMP Ammo (25)      | Storage Wheels      | to get up to the top areas. There
    | Velvet Blue        | Wreckage (Alternate)| are two spots for you to use the
    | Yellow Herb        | Room Besides Debris | grappling gun. Smash the barrels
    | Golden Lynx        | Among The Wreckage  | for bullets. Return out to the
    | Bowgun Bolts (3)   | Among The Wreckage  | road, and turn left. Decapitate
    o--------------------+---------------------o the armored soldier, and use the
    Rifle to fire at the red barrel. Enters the left door, turn right, and start to
    pump leads into the soldiers that have been stationed here. More will appear as
    you goes in deeper. One of the barrels here holds a Flash Grenade. Raid the
    area for items, and use the next door.
    Starts assaulting the new batch of the ganados. Once you gets to the road, turn
    left and snipe at the crossbow ganado. Pick up the Velvet Blue on the ground.
    Face the wreckage of the bulldozer for the Grapple Gun prompt to launch Ada up.
    Turn left, and get into the vent shaft. Take out your trusty shotgun as you
    walks deeper, and clear the head of the armored soldier. 
    Leap down the hole, and finishes the other ganado here. Search for a Yellow Herb
    here, and use the next door. Grab the items, and climb over the wreckage. Run
    over to the catwalk where the crossbow soldier was, and use the grappling gun to
    get up there. Use the door here to enter the battleship dock.
    o- Battleship Dock ------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Random Item        | Barrel Near Start   | Pick up the ammunitions nearby, and
    | TMP Ammo (25)      | Near Start          | run forward. Run past the gun 
    | Hand Grenade       | 2F Platform         | battery and claim the Hand Grenade.
    | Activation Key (b) | 1F Platform         | Walk down the steps and a small
    | First Aid Spray    | 1F Platform         | army of soldiers appear. Along
    | Flash Grenade      | 1F Platform         | that, several gun turrents will be
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | 1F Platform         | activated. Just as the situation
    | Bowgun Bolts (3)   | 1F Platform         | turns chaotic, make a 180 turn and
    | Shotgun Shells (3) | 1F Platform         | run up to the 2F, and throw a Hand
    | Velvet Blue        | 2F Near Pulley Lift | Grenade to scatter the soldiers.
    | Pesetas (900)      | 2F Near Pulley Lift | Finishes all of them, before you
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | 2F Near Pulley Lift | obtain the Activation Key (blue)
    | Red Herb           | 2F Near Pulley Lift | and other resources. Now return to
    | Rifle Ammo (5)     | 3F Near Pulley Lift | the first gun battery. Insert the
    | Green Herb         | 3F Near Pulley Lift | Activation Key (blue), and operates
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | 1F Battleship (box) | it to attack the turrents and the
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | 1F Battleship       | remaining soldiers. Once all of
    | Green Herb         | 1F Battleship       | them are destroyed, your gun
    | Bowgun Bolts (3)   | 2F Battleship (box) | battery will be destroyed, too.
    | Shotgun Shells (10)| 2F Battleship       | Run back down, and climb the ladder
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | 2F Battleship       | up. Claim the items here. Somewhere
    | Red Herb           | 3F Battleship       | here, you can use the grapple gun
    | Activation Key (r) | 4F Battleship       | to access the 3F, with more items
    | Shotgun Shells (10)| 1F Platform 2       | and the Gun Battery 2. You can't
    | Rifle Ammo (5)     | 1F Platform 2       | operate it yet, so get to the 2F,
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | 1F Platform 2       | and ride on the lift.
    | Bowgun Bolts (5)   | 1F Platform 2 Chest | 
    o--------------------+---------------------o Get off onto the battleship, and
    curve right. Starts fending off the troops that surfaced here, and snipe at the
    crossbow ganado on the boat. Once the coast is cleared, pocket the Green Herb
    at the far end, and move up by the ladder on the right. 
    Continue to blast at the ganados, including the crossbow man at the other side
    of the gap. There are some ammo at the other side of the gap. Climb up to the
    3F, and turn right. Smash the box to take the Red Herb inside, and then attack
    the 2 ganados here. As you gets forward, you will trigger a scene where several
    more turrents make their appearance. Now, use the Grapple Hook from here to get
    to the 4F, and grab the Activation Key (red). Find the square spot here and use
    the Grapple Gun to pull yourself back to the platform of the 2nd gun buttery.
    Take down the soldier between you and the machine. Head past him, and slot the
    activation key into the gun battery. Fire the cannon at the attacking turrents.
    A timer should starts now, showing the time you need to get to the other side by
    the battleship before the battleship sinks. Quickly jump down to 2F, and use the
    pulley lift to return to the battleship. 
    With the turrents taken down, you can proceed forward through the gate to get
    off the battleship. Combating the soldiers that have just spawned are not
    required, especially if the time is running out. Ignore them and run past the
    metal door.
    Replenish your ammunition by taking them on the crate and the chest here. A
    merchant and a typewriter is further down the path. Save and trade if required,
    and proceed to use the door nearby.
    o- Industry Site --------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Green Herb         | Near Starting Point | Take the Green Herb in front. Goes
    | Shotgun Shells (10)| Steel Catwalk       | on and blast the soldiers in your 
    | Velvet Blue        | Opposite Truck Road | way. You'll eventually reached a
    | Pesetas (1400)     | Inside Sniping Tower| locked door, located behind the
    | Flash Grenade      | Steel Catwalk 2     | last crossbow ganado. Look for a
    | Yellow Herb        | Steel Catwalk 2     | portion of the platform here
    | Green Stone of     | In front Sniping    | without the railing and jump down.
    | Judgement          | Tower               |
    o--------------------+---------------------o As you touches the ground, starts
    the usual assault at the ganados. There is a red barrel, creating a major
    explosion if you fire at it so use it to end the miserable lives of them. At the
    other side of the catwalk, snipe at the soldiers at the top. 
    Pocket the Velvet Blue below the catwalk, then use the grapple gun to hook Ada
    At the top, climb the ladder and turn right for a Green Stone of Judgement. The
    red barrel nearby hints further danger. 
    Indeed, as you move on, an army of ganados surfaced. Goes on to the gateway and
    snipe at the top crossbow soldier. Navigate around the sniping tower, and get
    down the ledge. Unlock the left gate, claim the items, and turn right to kill
    the fresh batch of ganados.
    Don't worry, you're done with this small area once you get pass them and ascend
    the ladder.
    o- Worship Hall ~ Janitor Room-------------------------------------------------o
    You will arrive at the worship hall. You can use the left door to backtrack a
    little for valuables before you proceed to the Janitor room. This is totally
    optional, obviously.
    o-Item---------------+-Location------------o <- Mess Hall --------------------->
    | Pesetas (800)      | Near Door 2         | Besides the items here, you can
    | Red Stone of Faith | Duralumin Case      | find the Red Stone of Faith in the
    | Boltgun Bolts (3)  | Drawer              | duralumin case. Further backtrack
    | Hand Grenade       | Drawer 2            | to take the Yellow Herb. This area
    | Yellow Herb        | Near Wreckage       | is small, and is totally safe. once
    o--------------------+---------------------o you are done, backtrack.
    <- Mess Hall ------------------------------------------------------------------>
    | Bowgun Bolts       | Left of Stairs       | At the left side of the stairs,
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Catwalk              | you can find the Bowgun Bolts. You
    | Blue Stone of      | Catwalk Skylights    | will find a typewriter besides the
    | Treason            |                      | altar. Use the door to get to the
    | Flash Grenade      | Corner Room          | janitor room.
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Locker               | 
    o--------------------+----------------------o Pick up the ammo at the catwalk.
    Before you run down the stairs, aim at the skylights. Fire at the glass panel
    with something shining on it. Take down the soldiers on the catwalk stairs, and
    take the treasure. You will be able to find a Green Herb at the door below the
    catwalk. Take down the masked ganado beyond the door, and get further to the
    intersection. Choose the right path, and open the door. Take the Flash Grenade
    in this small room and head out. At the other side of the intersection, take
    down the masked ganado, and climb up to the supervisor room. Besides the ammo
    in the locker, there is nothing else here so get down and enter the next door.
    o- Machinery Room -------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Velvet Blue        | Ground              | Take the treasure in front and use
    o--------------------+---------------------o the grapple gun to get Ada up onto
    the catwalk. You'll soon trigger the fight scene of Leon and Krauser. However,
    be on the alert! As Krauser is trying to stab Leon's throat, you will have to
    press the dual buttons combination to make Ada fire the knife away. Once that is
    done, the scene will continue, and the chapter ends.
    /- WHAT WE LEARNT -------------------------------------------------------------\
    | - There is a battleship dock on the island!                                  |
    (10)WALKTHROUGH - MISSION 5 |------------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
    Mission: Obtain The Sample
    o- Battlezone -----------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Rifle Ammo (5)     | Besides Merchant    | Pick up the Rifle Ammo right at the
    | First Aid Spray    | Gatling Gunner      | start next to the trader. If you 
    | Velvet Blue        | J.J Camp            | haven't, now is the best time to
    | TMP Ammo (25)      | Barrel Near J.J Camp| purchase the Bowgun from him.
    | Blue Eye           | J.J Structure Top   | Proceed the slope and enters the
    | Bowgun Bolts (3)   | J.J Structure Top   | warzone region. Turn left and
    | Red Herb           | Dynamite Structure  | starts the first attack by firing
    | Yellow Herb        | Feet Of Ladder 1    | at the crossbow soldier. As you
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Central Tower       | neared the tent, the gatling gunner
    | Green Herb         | Central Tower       | made his debut, accompanied by a
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Central Tower       | shield-ganado. Toss a Hand Grenade
    | Hand Grenade       | Pulley Bottom       | to scatter the duo, and while the
    | Hand Grenade       | Hiding Spot         | shield soldier is blasted onto the
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Near Metal Shutter  | ground, equip the Bowgun and fires
    | Velvet Blue        | Tent 3              | the explosive arrows at the head
    | Red Herb           | Tent 1              | of J.J, the gatling gunner. 3~4
    | Yellow Herb        | Near Tents Area     | arrows are what it will take to
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Near Tents Area     | kill him. However, do take note
    o--------------------+---------------------o that you should fire the Bowgun
    from far. If you are too close, Ada will sustain damage from the impact. Scoop
    up the prize from the fallen man, and the treasure near the foot of the steel
    structure. Beyond the Velvet Blue is a barrel, which holds the ammo for the TMP.
    Get on top of the steel structure where J.J leaps down, by the grapple gun.
    Take down the terrorist here, and search the left container for a Blue Eye. At
    the opposite corner is a pack of Bowgun Bolts.
    Leap down the steel structure, and continue onward. At the battlezone, turns
    left and a welcome committee arrives. Refrain from using the Bowgun on them.
    Instead, toss the Hand Grenade and use the Shotgun to attack them, switching to
    the Handgun if you have the chance. A ganado will be tossing dynamite from the
    top, so you can lure him to toss one near the army, but of course, you have to
    be careful yourself.
    Went ahead, and climb up the ladder to strike at the dynamite ganado. Turn
    left, and take down the terrorist guarding the Red Herb. Claim the Yellow Herb
    near the feet of the ladder, and proceed onward to the bridge beyond the Yellow
    Herb. You will see ganados standing next to the red barrel, and I hope its
    obvious enough what you should do.
    Before you enters the central tower here, reload all your weapons. 
    Once inside the central tower, there's no turning back. There are several items
    lying around to last you through the pouring ganados. Empty your ammo onto the
    endless streams of soldiers (and tries to resist using the Bowgun) and
    eventually, the locked door will open.
    Standing at the doorway, take out your Rifle and fire a shot at the red barrel.
    Run forward to the top of the gliding system, and snipe at the crossbow soldier
    at the other end. use it to get Ada to the other side, where you will be able to
    locate a Hand Grenade. Now trigger the switch where the crossbow soldier was, to
    slide up the metal shutter. Before going through, you are suggested to explore
    for more resources. In the tents region, look out for the soldier inside the 3rd
    tent. He is in there for a purpose: Guarding the Velvet Blue in the barrel.
    o- Turrents Zone --------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | In front Shutter 1  | Run to the left to dodge the arrows
    | Rifle Ammo (5)     | Near Shutter 1      | as soon as you reaches here. Now
    | Green Herb         | Ground              | that Leon have destroyed the
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Near Ground Turrent | turrents, it should make your life
    | TMP Ammo (25)      | Ground              | easier. Take the items nearby. Now,
    | Pesetas (1100)     | Near Ladder 1       | starts the battle by killing the
    | Shotgun Shells (3) | Near Gate 2         | crossbow ganados among the ground.
    | TMP Ammo (50)      | Near Gate 2         | Whatever you do, do not climb any
    | Pesetas (4000)     | Gatling Gunner 2    | ladder yet.
    | Green Herb         | Near Gate 1         | Take out the Rifle and exterminate
    | Pesetas (4000)     | Gatling Gunner 1    | the terrorists, including those on
    | Bowgun Bolts (2)   | Near Gate 1         | the upper level. When you are done,
    o--------------------+---------------------o climb up the ladder on the left
    side of the shutter 1. Run around and as you proceed further, a gatling gunner
    make an appearance. As soon as he appears, run forward and right, and slash the
    barrel to find an item. Combat the Gatling Gunner with the Bowgun, and take the
    pesetas he drop. Pull the level beyond the gatling gunner down.
    Drop down to the ground, and access to the other end of the ground to climb the
    other ladder. Take down the other gatling gunner here, and claim the items.
    Flip the 2nd level, drop down to the ground, and run across the other door to
    end this area.
    o- Temple Ruins ---------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Green Herb         | RL Ganado Spot      | Run up the stairs slope, and
    | Red Eye            | Pillar Near Wreckage| decapitate the crossbow ganado
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Near RL Ganado Spot | with your Rifle. Get in a little
    | Yellow Herb        | Temple Ruin         | forward, and look out for the
    o--------------------+---------------------o ganado with the Rocket Launcher.
    Apparently, he is admiring his 'work' of shooting down the chopper in Leon's
    game, so decapitate the man too. Run to where he is stationed to find a Green
    Herb, and check on the wrecked helicopter. From here, turn to the left and face
    the exit, and snipe at the ganado in front of the door. Before you run forward,
    fire at the pillar nearest to where you are to drop a treasure. There's another
    ganado, which you will see when you goes to pick the treasure. Further
    exploration triggers more ganado appearance, but you will find more resources.
    Head for the exit once you are done.
    o- Underground Ruins ----------------------------------------------------------o
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Near Starting Point | Obtain the ammo in front, and jump
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Near Starting Point | down the first ladder. Behind the
    | Bowgun Bolts (3)   | Feet Of Ladder      | feet of the ladder is the Bowgun
    o--------------------+---------------------o Bolts. Walk through the doorway to
    overtake Leon.
    o- Cells ----------------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Chicken Egg        | Panel On Wall       | Unfortunately, even Ada is not
    | Flash Grenade      | Drawer              | daring enough to open the bag in
    | Yellow Herb        | Side Room           | the container! Run around and look
    | Red Herb           | Between Last 2 Cells| for items, and trade. Now, fire a
    | Rifle Ammo (5)     | Front Right Cell    | shot from your Rifle at the ganado
    | Green Eye          | Back Right Cell     | positioned at the far end of the
    o--------------------+---------------------o cells path. Once he dies, 3 more
    ganados appear. 
    Claim the Red Herb between the last row of cells. Enter the opened cell where
    the ganados appear from, to find an inanimated Regenerator on the table. Now,
    goes to purchase a First Aid Spray or two as a boss fight is up next! After you
    are done, walk through the next door.
    o- Fortress -------------------------------------------------------------------o
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Bottom of Stairs    | Take the ammo on the ground, and
    | TMP Ammo (50)      | Bottom of Stairs    | now you will face the rival of
    o--------------------+---------------------o Leon, Jack Krauser!
    o=====================o o====================o /------------------------------\
    | Move List           | | Recommended Weapon | | Jack Krauser                 |
    o=====================o o====================o \------------------------------/
    | Left Arm Attack     | | TMP                | Jack Krauser's attack pattern is
    | Left Arm Far Attack | | Bowgun             | the same as when you fought him
    | Double Roundhouse   | | Knife              | as Leon. However, given the
    | Leg Sweep           | | Incendiary Grenade | different weapon lineup, the
    | -> Spinning Impale  | o--------------------o environment and the character's
    | Spinning Impale     | stat, your strategy has to be modified a little. 
    o---------------------o First off, you will battle this guy on several towers.
    Pick up the items when you reach a new tower, as when you defeat him, he will
    escape to the next tower and Ada will ignore the items on her current tower to
    chase after him. As the space is pretty small, Krauser tend to use his poke-
    attack and the legs. Fast reaction is required to dodge his attacks. However,
    do remember that it is not recommended to use the Bowgun at close range. Fire
    the TMP at his legs to expose his skull, then shoots the explosive-tipped
    arrow at his head to inflict damage. Eventually he'll die.
    | Green Herb         | Tower 2             |
    | Bowgun Bolts (2)   | Tower 2             |
    | Shotgun Shells (10)| Tower 2             |
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Tower 3             |
    | Rifle Ammo (5)     | Tower 3             |
    | First Aid Spray    | Tower 3             |
    After the battle ends, Ada will get herself away from the towers.
    | Butterfly Lamp     | Left End Of Ground  | At the left side is a not-so-hidden
    | Green Herb         | Near Merchant       | treasure. You can fire at the two
    | Shotgun Shells (5) | Near Merchant       | red barrels in the distant, which 
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Near Merchant       | Leon can use to attack the ganado
    | TMP Ammo (50)      | Near Merchant       | troops in his game, but they really
    o--------------------+---------------------o serve no purpose. Further down the
    path is a merchant and a typewriter. Obtain the items around, and save. Reload
    all your weapons and buy more healing items. Why you ask? Another boss fight,
    of course!
    o- Capsule Room ---------------------------------------------------------------o
    o=====================o o====================o /------------------------------\
    | Move List           | | Recommended Weapon | | Lord Saddler                 |
    o=====================o o====================o \------------------------------/
    | Tentacle Whip       | | TMP                | This new enemy is a pretty
    | Tentacle Stab       | | Bowgun             | tricky fellow. He uses his
    | Slam -> Stab        | o--------------------o tentacle to attack you, and you
    | Tentacle Burrow (3) | can dodge it by staying far enough. His fatal attacks
    | Sudden Rush         | involves making a sudden rush to you and slams you. He
    | Bullets Spray       | can also grab you towards him and tries to stab you.
    o---------------------o As for the tentacle stab, it have a small delay so you
    should be able to run out of harm way to dodge it most of the time. He can
    and will burrow his tentacle into the ground, and shoots them up at you up to
    3 times. If you sprays TMP at him, he can absorb them and fires them at you,
    something shown during the scene where Leon saved Ashley. To fight him, you
    should fire the TMP at his head repeatedly. When far, use the Bowgun at him to
    inflict damage, but watch out when he dashed towards you, or else you will
    accidentally fires a shot and the impact hurts you instead. If he got injured
    and expose the eyeball in his mouth, quickly run out and press X when the
    prompt appear to stab it. When he is defeated, a scene occurs.
    | Bowgun Bolts (3)   | Near Control Room   |
    | Shotgun Shells (10)| Near Control Room   |
    | First Aid Spray    | Control Room        |
    | Rifle Ammo (5)     | Control Room        |
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Near Door           |
    | Red Herb           | Slope               |
    | Rifle Ammo (5)     | End of Slope        |
    | Handgun Ammo (10)  | Near Door           |
    | Green Herb         | Back Wall 1F        |
    o- Construction Site-----------------------------------------------------------o
    | First Aid Spray    | Starting Point      | Cure the wound from the previous
    | Incendiary Grenade | Steel Catwalk 1     | battle by the item under your feet.
    | Green Herb         | Steel Catwalk 2     | Now as you see, the timerbomb is
    | Shotgun Shells (10)| Steel Catwalk 2     | planted around, and you will have
    | Hand Grenade       | Steel Catwalk 2     | to race against time towards the
    | Rocket Launcher    | End of Path         | Rocket Launcher at the end.
    o--------------------+---------------------o However, the fearless ganados
    stand in your way! Rip them apart with your weapons, and proceed to the end of
    this linear path to find the Rocket Launcher. Taking it triggers the ending
    scene, which also concludes the entire mini-game.
    /- WHAT WE LEARNT -------------------------------------------------------------\
    | - Ada witnesses the 'death' of Krauser.                                      |
    | - Ada finishes off the murderer of Mike, Leon's colleague and the helicopter |
    | pilot.                                                                       |
    | - After the ganado fires the chopper down with his Rocket Launcher, you will |
    | be able to find him happily admiring the wreckage soon after that.           |
    | - A bunch of ganados was apparently doing something to the Regenerator in    |
    | the cell (which Leon will fight).                                            |
    | - What acutally happens between Ada-Saddler in the Capsule Room.             |
    (11)ADA'S REPORT |-----------------------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
    Report #1 |---------------------------------------------------------------------
    The only reason I've taken on this
    mission is to get closer to my own
    objective. No matter what happens, I
    can't let anyone figure that out.
    Of course, hiding in the shadows isn't
    my style. I'll have to reveal myself to
    him and offer advice once in a while.
    Here's what I know so far.
    Osmund Saddler's cult is known as Los
    Illuminados. They've resurrected some
    sort of parasitic organism they call Las
    Plagas. That's all my organization knows
    for sure, though Saddler's occult
    activities seem worthy of investigation.
    The Salazar family, castellans for
    generations, possess the ability to
    control Last Plagas. The organization's
    hypothesis is that a unique frequency
    of sonic wave sensed only by the
    parasites is used to control them.
    The same principle used in dog whistles.
    This was inferred through the analysis
    of a tissue sample we retrieved. The
    tissue contained an organ presumably
    used for sensing sound waves. I've seen
    cult members carrying ceremonial rods
    and I wonder if they emit these sounds.
    Of course, this is purely theoretical.
    The organization needs samples of the
    parasite to confirm or disprove these
    theories. That is the main objective of
    my mission and the only way to prove my
    loyalty to the organization. The opening
    moves in this chess game have been
    played. There's no turning back now.
    Report #2 |---------------------------------------------------------------------
    Among all the people involved in this,
    Luis Sera has the least entanglements.
    He works for no organization, preferring
    to move on his own. I'm the one who
    told the organization of his importance.
    I did it because I like him. His history
    betrays an enthusiasm I once shared.
    It was a stroke of luck that I happened
    to intercept his e-mail for help. It
    seems he can't trust the police, so he
    sent the e-mail to an old friend from
    college. He must have thought his friend
    was still alive. At any rate, that's how
    I managed to find him.
    Apparently, he'd been conducting his own
    investigation of the cult while doing
    research on Las Plagas. A brilliant
    scientist. He's accumulated a pile of
    data and pieced it all together. Must be
    why Saddler hired him. Too bad Sera's
    snooping has aroused his suspicion.
    When I told him who I was, he
    practically begged to be taken into
    custody. He needed protection. He said,
    "I have no love for Las Plagas or this
    stupid cult. I want out. I just want
    peace and quiet again." I ordered him to
    bring me a master Plaga specimen -- a
    sample -- for evidence.
    Looks like he's one of the few people
    whom Saddler actually trusts. Tracking
    him down and getting my hands on the
    sample shouldn't be difficult. I doubt
    the cult will take kindly to his escape,
    though. I'll have to guide this along if
    I want it to go smoothly.
    Report #3 |---------------------------------------------------------------------
    Jack Krauser has been the subject of
    extensive study and research by the
    organization. His skills and personality
    have been tested both on and off the
    battlefield. If he weren't the best, he
    would become a liability that would
    jeopardize the rest of us.
    My conclusion? He's a great soldier. No
    more. No less. As long as he's well
    compensated, he shouldn't cause any
    problems for us. If he does start to
    get restless, I can take care of him.
    I've studied his combat style and can
    deal with that arm of his if necessary.
    Krauser answers directly to Wesker, and
    it was Wesker who decided that Krauser
    should be sent to spy on the cult. He
    also decided to send me along. I wonder
    if it wasn't to keep an eye on Krauser.
    No doubt Krauser has already fallen to
    the temptation of Las Plagas and the
    power they represent. This could have
    dire consequences for the organization.
    On some level, however, this may be a
    necessary development, as his role is to
    disrupt this farce of a play.
    That said, the stage and its players
    will ultimately come crashing down in
    the end. Bad luck for him, but he'll
    play the patsy in the end and take the
    fall for all of us. That's why I need
    to make sure things keep going exactly
    as they are.
    Report #4 |---------------------------------------------------------------------
    Leon S. Kennedy... Perhaps the most
    essential part of this mission. This
    story wouldn't be complete without him
    and his formidable survival skills. He
    has what it takes to survive against
    overwhelming odds. I've seen him do it
    before. And he's improved since then.
    Practically a genius, he has smarts and
    he knows how to use them. On top of
    that, his service as a government agent
    has toughened him up. I'll work behind
    the scenes to make him think he's the
    primary player here, thought it may be
    naive of me to think that'll be easy.
    Considering the involvement of both
    Saddler and Krauser, the possibility
    of unforseen problems is there, but I
    need him in the supporting role for me
    to achieve my goals. I'll do whatever
    it takes to keep him in his place and
    make all this go smoothly.
    Of course, his role didn't exist at all
    until a few months ago. Back then, my
    role was much simpler, too.
    But that was before the President's
    daughter was abducted and Leon was
    dispatched alone to find her. Talk about
    a major script revision.
    I don't think I need to worry. Leon's
    been through worse and always comes up
    smelling like roses. His consistent luck
    is part of the reason why I have
    absolute and unshakable faith in my
    vision of what's in store for him.
    Report #5 |---------------------------------------------------------------------
    It wasn't easy, but I'd say the
    mission has been a success. Getting my
    hands on the sample was my initial
    objective after all. But I've sent Wesker a
    different present, just as the organization
    ordered. Pretending to work with him
    was entertaining.
    Albert Wesker... I wonder where he's
    headed next. Something tells me this
    whole affair was just a taste of what
    he's got in store. To him, Umbrella
    represented power. He used it to hide
    behind while he made plans of his own.
    And now the umbrella's been folded.
    With the sanctuary of their old umbrella
    ruined, those in power struggle to erect
    a new one. They are aware of their own
    crookedness and deceit as they engage in
    their personal war of light and
    darkness. That's why Wesker will stop at
    nothing in opening his new umbrella.
    The giant pharmaceutical corporation S
    maintains medical and drug facilities
    the world over. We know for certain that
    Wesker has been in contact with them
    following Umbrella's demise. There's no
    doubt we'll next hear from him there.
    The organization must remain vigilant.
    But Wesker's not stupid. He knows
    exactly what the organization is
    thinking. He and I still have time to
    continue our little game of cat and
    mouse before the next move is played.
    This mission may be over, but the battle
    is just beginning.
    (12)ITEMS |------------------------------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
    12.1 - Items Description |------------------------------------------------------
    - Shotgun -
    A standard pump action shotgun.
    - Green Catseye -
    There are scratches on it that suggest it had been placed in some mechanism.
    - Round Insignia -
    A round objcet with a strange symbol. It fits inside the door of the church.
    - Iron Key -
    This key can be used on a door somewhere near the lift.
    - Lift Activation Key -
    This key can activate the lift.
    - Bowgun -
    A standard issue pistol-style crossbow
    - Bowgun Bolts -
    These bolts have been specially treated with explosive chemicals to give them
    destructive power rivaling grenades.
    - Hourglass w/gold decor -
    There are scratches on it that suggest it had been placed in some mechanism.
    - Activation Key (blue) -
    This electronic key activates the blue gun battery.
    12.2 - Items Locations |--------------------------------------------------------
     - WEAPONS -
    - Combat Knife                        - Starting Item
    - Blacktail                           - Starting Item
    - Shotgun                             - Starting Item
     - CHAPTER 1 -
    - Insignia Key                        - House w/Bed Rooftop, Pueblo
    - Green Catseye                       - End of Wooden Hanging Bridge
    - Round Insignia                      - Behind Church
     - CHAPTER 2 -
    - Iron Key                            - Gondola Station
    - Lift Activation Key                 - Torture Shed (Chainsaw Villager)
     - CHAPTER 3 -
    - Hourglass w/gold decor              - Broken Butterfly Room
     - CHAPTER 4 -
    - Activation Key (blue)               - Battleship Dock (1F) Platform
    - Activation Key (red)                - Battleship Dock (4F) Battleship
     - CHAPTER 5 -
    - Rocket Launcher                     - End Of Path 
    12.3 - Items Dimension (Attache Case) |-----------------------------------------
    (As Key Items and Treasures are not store in the Attache Case, they will not be
    listed. Same goes to some other miscellaneous stuffs like the treasure maps,
    the attache cases itself)
    | Items Name                | Dimension |
    | Shotgun                   | 2x6       |
    | Bowgun                    | 3x5       |
    | Bowgun Bolt               | 1x4       |
    (13)MERCHANT TRADING |-------------------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
    13.1 - Selling Price |----------------------------------------------------------
    | Items Name                | Price | Availability   |
    | Mission 1 Treasure Map    | 10000 | Mission 1 ONLY |
    | Mission 2 Treasure Map    | 10000 | Mission 2 ONLY |
    | Mission 3 Treasure Map    | 10000 | Mission 3 ONLY |
    | Mission 4 Treasure Map    | 10000 | Mission 4 ONLY |
    | Mission 5 Treasure Map    | 10000 | Mission 5 ONLY |
    | Attache Case XL           | 72000 | Mission ?      |
    | Attache Case L            | 40000 | Mission ?      |
    | Attache Case M            | 24000 | Mission ?      |
    | Blacktail                 | 24600 | Mission 1      |
    | Shotgun                   | 21440 | Mission 1      |
    | TMP                       | 12800 | Mission 1      |
    | Rifle (semi-auto)         | 35600 | Mission ?      |
    | Scope (semi-auto rifle)   | 10000 | Mission ?      |
    | Bowgun                    | 70000 | Mission 3      |
    | First Aid Spray           | 5000  | Mission 1      |
    13.2 - Cost Price |-------------------------------------------------------------
    | Items Name                | Price |
    | Handgun Ammo              | 50    |
    | Shotgun Shells            | 120   |
    | Rifle Ammo                | 150   |
    | TMP Ammo                  | 20    |
    | Flash Grenade             | 500   |
    | Incendiary Grenade        | 1000  |
    | Hand Grenade              | 2000  |
    | Blacktail                 | 11750 |
    | Shotgun                   | 10720 |
    | TMP                       | 6400  |
    | Rifle (semi-auto)         | 17800 |
    | Bowgun                    | 35000 |
    | Bowgun Bolts              | 2500  |
    | Chicken Egg               | 300   |
    | Brown Chicken Egg         | 600   |
    | Golden Chicken Egg        | 3000  |
    | Scope (semi-auto rifle)   | 5000  |
    | Beerstein                 | 3000  |
    | Beerstein w/G             | 10000 |
    | Beerstein w/R             | 10000 |
    | Beerstein w/Y             | 10000 |
    | Beerstein w/G & R         | 15000 |
    | Beerstein w/R & Y         | 15000 |
    | Beerstein w/Y & G         | 15000 |
    | Beerstein w/G, R & Y      | 20000 |
    | Butterfly Lamp            | 4500  |
    | Butterfly Lamp w/G        | 6500  |
    | Butterfly Lamp w/R        | 7000  |
    | Butterfly Lamp w/B        | 8500  |
    | Butterfly Lamp w/G & R    | 11000 |
    | Butterfly Lamp w/G & B    | 13000 |
    | Butterfly Lamp w/R & B    | 15000 |
    | Butterfly Lamp w/G, R & B | 32000 |
    | Blue Eye                  | 3000  |
    | Blue Stone Of Treason     | 3500  |
    | Brass Pocket Watch        | 10000 |
    | Dirty Brass Pocket Watch  | 1000  |
    | Dirty Pearl Pendant       | 1000  |
    | Elegant Chessboard        | 13000 |
    | Elegant Mask              | 3000  |
    | Emerald                   | 3000  |
    | Gold Bangle               | 8500  |
    | Gold Bangle With Pearls   | 10000 |
    | Golden Lynx               | 15000 |
    | Green Catseye             | 3000  |
    | Green Eye                 | 1000  |
    | Green Gem                 | 3000  |
    | Green Stone Of Judgement  | 3500  |
    | Purple Gem                | 3000  |
    | Red Catseye               | 3000  |
    | Red Eye                   | 1500  |
    | Red Gem                   | 3000  |
    | Red Stone Of Faith        | 3500  |
    | Ruby                      | 10000 |
    | Spinel                    | 2000  |
    | Velvet Blue               | 2500  |
    | Yellow Catseye            | 3000  |
    (14)FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS |---------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
    Q: How do I unlock Ada's Report?
    A: 1/5 of the report is unlocked for every chapter completion. They will be
    shown when a chapter is completed (except chapter 5). To view the report for
    Chapter 5 or to review the earlier report, you can view them by the main menu ->
    extras -> Ada's Report.
    Q: How do you obtain the treasure on the bridge (in Chapter 2)?
    A: You can only get it before Ada got captured by the Villager Chief. As you
    runs down the trail in the homestead ruins (on the way where Luis/Leon is held
    captive initially), before you reach the tunnel, look up for the bridge. You
    will see 2 ganados. Kill them, and position underneath-left of the bridge and
    use the grapple gun to launch Ada up.
    (15)CREDITS & LEGAL TERMS |--------------------------------------RESIDENT EVIL 4
    15.1 - Contact |----------------------------------------------------------------
    To contact the author of this FAQ, please send email to this address:
    Note that flaming mails, virus mails, blank mails, information covered in the
    FAQ will be ignored. Suggestions, tips and information are welcome, and will be
    credited when due.
    However, before you press the 'Send' button, please make sure that you have done
    the following:
    1)Search through the FAQ thoroughly and make sure that I have not answered your
    question yet. I don't like to repeat myself when you can find the answer in the
    2)Please only send email in English, Japanese or Chinese. These are the only
    languages that I understand. I doubt so, but if you are having difficulty in
    English, please at least use a babelfish or any other online translator.
    3)Though I believe most of my audiences are of good readers, I've noticed some
    exceptions, who were probably jealous of my FAQ. Please, idiots. Just because
    you can't write a better FAQ doesn't give you a reason to send hate mails.
    4)Please write the word "Resident Evil 4 FAQ" or anything similar on your
    email, so I won't delete them without reading them. I've been getting virus
    mails. If you don't want your mail to be mistaken as one, then write the heading
    of your mail.
    5)Speaking of virus mails, please, use a virus scanner to scan through your
    15.2 - Credit |-----------------------------------------------------------------
    Brady Games
    CJayC & GameFAQs
    Capcom Jpn (Production Studio 4)
    Resident Evil Network
    Resident Evil Community
    The people in GameFAQs RE4 board
    15.3 - Legal Terms |------------------------------------------------------------
    Update: 25 Feb
    Note that before you can host this FAQ on your site, do make sure that you
    have the following requirements:
    1)You are not using this FAQ for profit-purpose
    2)After I gave my permission
     This FAQ is for private and personal use. No permission is granted to reprint
     this FAQ in a magazine or publication without my prior consent. Translating
     this walkthrough to another language does not automatically make this
     walkthrough yours.
     Do not rip off anything from this FAQ either. Extracts are alright as long as
     you had obtained my permission, and give credit when due.
     Please do NOT use this FAQ on your walkthrough, magazine, website or anything.
     Nor is it granted for this document to be used as any type of "source material"
     for-profit magazines to use in any way, be it basing their own articles from,
     reading prior to get ideas, or outright copying. I also forbid this or any of
     my walkthroughs to be used as, or turned into issues, mailings for RPG or
     other newsletters, be they free or for profit. In no way do I wish this FAQ to
     be cut up into sections or altered in any way.
    Capcom and Resident Evil are registered trademarks of Capcom Co.LTD. Resident
    Evil is a registered trademark of Capcom Co., LTD. "Playstation" and the "PS"
    are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Online plays requires
    internet connection and network adaptor for Playstation 2(sold separately).

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