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    Seperate Ways Script by Mikkanui

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/15/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                         RESIDENT EVIL 4 
                                       SEPARATE WAYS SCRIPT
    Last Updated:  15/01/2006
    Ver. 1.2
    Transcripted by Mikkanui
    Edited by chubbyzora 
    What is this?
    I browsed gamefaqs and noticed; theres no game script for separate ways.
    Me being bored to death thought, why don't I do it?
    So here it is... all the dialoges in the cutscenes, and a description of 
    what can be seen during the cutscenes.
    BTW I haven't got or barely have what the villagers are saying since I'm 
    not spanish but dutch and only know what: Te voy a matar, morir es vevir, 
    coghelo, matenlo, muerde and détràs dé tí ímbécìl <--- probably spelt 
    wrong :P mean, and thats only a small fraction of stuff they say...
    Ok placed in some new scenes, tried to update my poor grammar :P
    and well...just look.
    I still don't have all the scenes but the PS2 got lend out by my bro 
    (its not mine) so I'll have to update again.
    Got my PS2 back!
    And I got all the scenes now! I probably have made to many grammar errors to
    count but I hope you'll get the idea ;)
    [NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: It’s spelled “Separate Ways”. Latin roots!]
    Wahaha I even spelt the name wrong XD
    Ah well its not like I'm the only one that spells everything wrong lol.
    Anyways the script is now finally spelling error free.
    Hmmm I forgot to put report #4 and #5 in...lol, sorry!
    So I placed them in and edited the lay out a bit.
    I guess its REALLY done now ;)
    Chapter 1-1 INTRO
    *You see a bunch of clouds while Ada speaks*
    Ada: The only reason I’ve taken on this mission is to get closer to our 
    No matter what happens, I can't let anyone figure that out.
    Of course, hiding in the shadows isn't my style.
    I'll have to reveal myself to him and offer advice... Once in a while.
    *You see a hand pressing a few buttons, and a digital map pops up from 
    the screen. A satellite slowly flies through space, then you can see the 
    hand again, pressing buttons. The Umbrella logo is seen, then the screen 
    shows the village Leon's in. 
    The villagers are doing their chores, although there’s a cop burning 
    in the middle of the village. A male villager stretches out, yawning, 
    a woman is chasing the chickens, 
    then Ada quickly runs on the rooftop, trying to stay out of sight.
    The female villager turns around, thinking that she heard something.
    Another villager is saying something to himself, then Ada jumps off of 
    the roof, landing behind the man. She ducks behind a wall and watches 
    the villagers. 
    Then the two villagers sneak up on her, holding their tools in an 
    attacking position.*
    Male Villager: YEEAAAARGHHHH!!!! *Holds up pitchfork*
    *Ada runs up on them, and the villagers hold out their weapons and try 
    to hit her. Ada makes a nifty move and lands behind them, smiling and 
    pulling the trigger*
    M Villager: YEEAAARGHHH?!!
    * A rope comes up underneath the villagers and they get thrown away.
    They land against the wall. Then a beep is heard, Ada grabs her 
    communicator and flips it open. Wesker appears and spins around in his 
    Wesker: So I see you've managed to arrive in the village on time.
    Ada: Yes, but nobody remembered to roll out my red carpet.
    Wesker: The villagers are all being controlled. They automatically 
    attack any intruders. Ring the church bell, that should quiet them 
    down for a while.
    Ada: Hmmm... sounds like they're good obedient boys and girls.
    Wesker: Unfortunately, time is not a luxury we have...
    Gather as much information as you can about the parasites and finish 
    off this little tour.
    *A gun shot is heard. Ada turns around and sees Leon killing off some 
    Ada: Leon...
    Ringing the bell
    *The gate is lowering, and the machines are activated. The church bell
    Villager: [Speaking Spanish; the parentheses contain the English 
    translation] (We have to go)
    Villager 2: (we need to pray)
    *The villagers drop their weapons and proceed to the church.*
    Villager 3: (Lord Saddler)
    *Leon looks around while the last villager goes into the church.*
    Leon: Where’s everybody going? Bingo?
    *The screen shows the words: Resident Evil 4 ...Separate
    Report #1
    *Various cutscenes are shown, I'm too lazy to name ‘em all, but they're 
    just in-game cutscenes from Leon’s story.*
    Ada: Here's what I know so far... Osmund Saddler's cult is known as the 
    "Los Illuminados." They resurrected some sort of parasitic organism they 
    call "Las Plagas". That’s all my organization knows for sure.
    Though Saddler's cultic activities seem worthy of an investigation, the 
    Salazar family, castellans for generations, possessed the ability 
    to control Las Plagas. The organization’s hypothesis is that a unique 
    frequency of sonic waves, sensed only by the parasite, is used to control 
    them. The same principal used in dog whistles...
    This was inferred through the analysis of a tissue sample we retrieved.
    The tissue contained an organ presumably used for sensing sound waves.
    I've seen cult members carrying ceremonial rods, and I wonder if they 
    emit these sounds. Of course, this is purely theoretical.
    The organization needs samples of the parasite to confirm or disprove 
    these theories. That is the main objective of my mission, and the only 
    way to prove my loyalty to the organization. The opening moves in this 
    chess game have been played. There’s no turning back now...
    Chapter 2 INTRO
    *There’s a shot of a building first, then a lovely (O_o) painting 
    of Saddler is shown. Ada walks to the window, holding a book. 
    She turns a few pages, until the beep of Wesker is heard.*
    Wesker: We have an irregularity. The researcher we hired has been 
    discovered by the Illuminados.
    Ada: *Looks up* You must be talking about that vaguely Spaniard... 
    So where is he now?
    Wesker: He's been held captive in an abandoned house located in 
    the north-east of the village. Until he recovers the sample, we 
    can't let him die.
    Ada: You don't need to remind me. *She closes the communicator* 
    Luis Sera... And I thought I was high maintenance...
    Transporting Leon and Luis
    *A door opens up, revealing 2 Ganados carrying Luis and Leon.
    Ada turns around the corner, clutching her gun.
    She watches them being carried away.*
    Leon entering the mansion
    *Mendez and a few villagers approach the mansion.
    Leon opens the door and looks around, pointing his gun, but there’s 
    no one there.*
    Ada in the mansion
    *Ada stands outside the mansion, listening to the villagers inside.
    The villagers are talking to each other in Spanish, and often laugh.
    Probably talking about a Jill sandwich... Sorry, old joke. 
    A thump is heard and they look at the ceiling. The screen moves on to 
    the ceiling and reveals Leon and Mendez.*
    Mendez: You carry the same blood as us, you see. Nevertheless, you're 
    an outsider. Just remember, if you become... Unpleasant to our eyes, 
    you'll face the severe consequences.
    *Mendez walks off, leaving Leon gasping for air. The camera turns to 
    the roof, where Ada Wong is, then returns to Leon.*
    Leon: What...? Same blood?
    *Leon staggers to the door, grabbing his gun, at the door is another 
    lovely Saddler Painting, dang that guy is hawt... errr, anyways, 
    Leon opens the door, but before he can actually enter he gets punched 
    by Mendez. Leon shoots, but hits... another Saddler painting. <_<
    Leon lands on his ass and his gun slides over to the other side of the 
    room. Mendez walks over to Leon and puts his foot on Leon’s chest.
    Then suddenly, Mendez gets shot in the back, he turns around and sees 
    a woman in a red dress. Bullet holes have shown up in the window.
    Mendez lets out a growl and jumps at Ada, and he fails miserably. 
    Ada lifts herself up with her grappling hook/gun and Mendez goes flying 
    out of the window. Leon grabs his gun, and looks at the window.
    Ada runs off and finds herself in an ambush, so she can't go anywhere. 
    She grabs her gun, trying to fight her way out. Then a little arrow hits 
    her in the shoulder and she falls down. Mendez approaches her and gives 
    the camera a smile, awwwww... ^___^*
    Sacrificing Ada
    *Ada's face is seen, she lies on the floor unconscious.
    A few villagers are kneeling down muttering.*
    Villagers: Morir es vivir...(To live is to die...) 
    [NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Are you sure those aren’t cultists…? In my 
    experience, only the cultists say that, not the villagers. 
    But, of course, I haven’t played Separate Ways.]
    (No they're villagers, they don't wear robes or anything but the clothes
    the villagers wear.)
    *Then a villager looks up, revealing his bright red eyes. 
    He gives out a growl and lifts his axe. 
    Ada opens her eyes and dodges the axe.
    But the axe hit her leg, making a large cut. 
    Ada gives them a mean look and the Ganados stagger back. Go girl!*
    Sending Luis for the Sample
    *A large house is seen.*
    Luis: I forgot something, you guys go on. (WOAH BAD THOUGHTS ALERT ;P) 
    *He opens the door and goes out*
    Leon: Luis!
    *Luis turns his face and sees Ada and he smiles.*
    Luis: Heeey, señorita! 
    Have a light? And some smokes to go with it to make my day?
    Ada: Where's the sample?
    Luis: Okay, we'll skip the foreplay... As a matter of fact, I was just 
    going to get it... Where’s the love, baby?
    Ada: *sarcastic* Sounds like fun to me... Just hurry up!
    Luis: Okay, lady! Where do you stand in all of this? Exactly what 
    kind of group are you working for?
    Ada: There are some things you're better off not knowing.
    This is one of them.
    Luis: Fine... I can take a hint. I don't care who you are, as long 
    as you can get rid of that old man and his religious friends. 
    *Walks off*
    Ada: *Sighs*
    Report #2
    *Again, cutscenes from Leon’s game…*
    Ada: Out of all the people who are involved in this, Luis Sera has the 
    least entanglement. He works for no organization, preferring to move 
    on his own. I'm the one who told the organization of his importance.
    I did it, because I like him. His history portrays an enthusiasm 
    I once shared. It was a stroke of luck that I happened to intercept 
    his email for help. It seems that he can't trust the police, so he sent 
    the email to an old friend in college. He must have thought his friend 
    was still alive. In any rate, that’s how I managed to find him.
    Apparently he has been conducting his own investigation of the 
    cult by doing research on Las Plagas. A brilliant scientist.
    He has accumulated a pile of data and pieced it all together. Must be 
    why Saddler hired him... Hmmm... Too bad Sera's snooping has aroused his 
    When I told him who I was, he practically begged to be taken into custody. 
    He needed the protection. It is neither the love for Las Plagas, nor the 
    stupid cult. He wants to get out and have peace and quiet again. 
    I ordered him to bring me a master plagas specimen, a sample... 
    For evidence.
    Looks like he is one of the few people who Saddler actually trusts... 
    Tracking him down and getting the hands on the sample should be 
    I doubt the cult will take kindly to his escape though.
    I'll have to guide this along if I want this to go smoothly...
    Chapter 3 INTRO
    [NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: I watched this cutscene really recently, so I 
    added a detail or two and changed a little bit of Leon’s text. 
    Change it back if you want, but I distinctly remember Leon saying 
    “advice” somewhere in there. kthxbai]
    *Leon walks forward, not noticing a person with a red dress.
    Ada presses a gun to his back.*
    Ada: Put your hands where I can see them.
    Leon: Sorry, but following a lady’s lead just isn't my style.
    Ada: Put them up... Now!
    *Leon looks to the right, waiting for the right moment to take 
    the gun out of Ada's hand. He grabs the gun but Ada does another sweet 
    move and kicks the gun out of his hand. The gun flies through the 
    air—Matrix-style. Leon grabs his knife in slow motion as Ada grabs her 
    gun back in slow motion. Leon's faster and puts the knife against
    Ada's throat.
    Leon: Just as a bit of advice, try using knives next time, works better 
    on close encounters.
    *Leon removes the clip from the gun and throws the gun away.*
    Ada: Leon… *Takes off sunglasses* Long time no see.
    Leon: Ada... So it IS true.
    Ada: True? About what?
    Leon: You! Working with Wesker!
    Ada: *Drops sunglasses* I see you've been doing your homework...
    Leon: Why, Ada...
    *The camera focuses on the sunglasses. They beep and show the text, 
    Ada: What’s it to you?
    Leon: Why are you here? Why did you show up like this?
    Ada: Hah...
    *The sunglasses give another beep and Leon looks at them before they 
    explode with a bright flash of light. 
    Ada jumps out of the way and grabs her gun.*
    Ada: See you around...
    Leon: ADA! *Ada jumps out of the window*
    *Ada puts a new clip in the gun, then Wesker hails again.*
    Wesker: Luis has succeeded in recovering the sample. *Shows map* 
    He's waiting in the castle. Get in contact with him, ASAP.
    Ada: Understood.
    Wesker: And that US government agent Leon, if you do happen to encounter 
    him, put him out of commission. We can't let him interfere with our plans.
    Ada: He has no idea what’s going on. He's nothing we need to worry about.
    Wesker: He's a survivor of Raccoon City. We can do without the extra 
    Take him out.
    *Wesker signs off*
    Ada: Leon...
    Avoiding Leon
    *You see Leon killing off some monks. Ada appears.*
    Ada: Leon... I'm sorry, but I can't be seen with you...
    Luis meets the wangpale
    *Ada rushes to a corner as she hears a door open. Leon appears, 
    then the door opens again, and Luis comes through this time.
    Luis: Leon! I got it!!
    *A thump is heard, Luis looks surprised*
    Luis: ...Ugh! *A gigantic spider leg-ish thing comes through his chest*
    *Leon looks surprised as well, then the leg lifts Luis up in the air*
    Leon: LUIS!!
    *Luis drops the plaga sample and Saddler catches it. The leg-thing throws 
    Luis to the ground. Leon runs up to Luis, the leg-thing retreats to 
    Saddler, going back to hide under his robe...
    If you look at this scene you'll understand why people call 
    this WANGpaling, as the thing goes back to where, uhh… Saddler’s
    crown jewels are supposed to be. O_o*
    Saddler: Now that I have the sample, you serve me no purpose.
    Leon: Saddler!!
    Saddler: My boy Salazar will make sure you'll follow the same fate. 
    *Walks off*
    *Leon starts to run off after him, but he stops to check on Luis*
    Leon: Stay with me, Luis!
    Luis: I am a researcher, hired by Saddler. He found out what I was up to! 
    Leon: Don't talk! 
    *Leon tries to nurture Luis, but Luis pushes him away*
    Luis: Here! It should suppress growth of the parasite... The sample...
    Saddler took it! You have to take it back! *Dies*
    Leon: LUUUISSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUUUUUUIIIIIIIIIIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    *Damn, Leon, try to say his name correctly, its not LEWIS, its LUIS! >_O*
    *Leon slowly stands up, looking at what Luis gave him. Then Ada is seen, 
    holding the communicator.*
    Ada: I found Luis; unfortunately, a bit too late...
    Wesker: Did you retrieve the sample?
    Ada: No... Saddler has it.
    Wesker: Hmmm... There will be another time. Have you had a chance to 
    eliminate Leon?
    Ada: Not yet...
    Wesker: If that’s the case, then maybe we can capitalize on his little 
    lucky streak and take advantage of the distraction he's causing for 
    Saddler and his followers. Retrieve the sample.
    Ada: *Sighs*
    Report #3
    Ada: Jack Krauser, has been the subject of extensive study and research
    by the organisation.
    His skills and personality have been tested both on and off the battlefield.
    If he were the best, he would become a liability that would jeopardise the 
    rest of us.
    My conclusion: he's a great soldier...no more, no less.
    As long as he's well compensated, he shouldn't cause any problems for us.
    If he does start to get restless...I can take care of him.
    I've studied his combat style and can deal with that arm of his, if necessary.
    Krauser anwseres directly to Wesker, and it was Wesker who decided that Krauser
    should be sent to spy on the cult.
    He also decided to sent me along.
    I wonder if it wasn't to keep an eye on Krauser.
    No doubt Krauser has already fallen to the temptation of Las Plagas.
    And the power they represent.
    This could have dire consequences for the organisation...
    On some level however, this may be a necessary developement.
    As his role is to disrupt this farce of a play.
    That said the stage in this play will ultimately come crashing down in the 
    end...Bad luck for him...
    But he'll play the patsy in the end and take the fall for all of us.
    Thats why I need to make sure, things keep going exactly as they are...
    Krauser Becomes A Threat
    *The ceiling’s light is shown. Krauser tosses his knife, catching it 
    and tossing it up again.*
    Krauser: What’s the news on our friend Leon?
    Ada: He's not making it easy. The sample?
    Krauser: Saddler's got it. It seems he sniffed out our little game.
    Ada: Perfect...
    Krauser: Just so we understand each other clearly... I don't trust you, 
    nor does Wesker. If you try to do anything clever, I will kill you.
    Ada: Is that so? You know, I met Wesker long before you.
    Krauser: We'll see soon enough if you did.
    Ada: Yeah, we'll see.
    Krauser: Heh.
    *Ada runs off, but hears Wesker's beep.*
    Wesker: Quite a jolly mess he has made, that Leon. But all for the better. 
    Saddler’s people have fallen into a panic. 
    Their destruction is only a matter of time now!
    Ada: Once he gets Ashley back, his job will be finished. He'll no 
    longer be a factor.
    Wesker: No, I'm leaving Leon to Krauser. 
    *Ada stops walking* Hurry up and retrieve the sample. 
    *Ada shuts the communicator off*
    Ada: Maybe you've forgotten, Wesker… I don't play by your rules. 
    *Runs off*
    Turrent ambush!
    *everyone gets ready to battle Ada, weapons are being aimed at her,
    they shoot but Ada rolls out of the way.*
    Activating the Revolving Lift
    *Everything explodes (no RE can excist without having a few explosions ;) )
    and a boat sinks...*
    Saving Leon’s Ass
    *Ada watches Krauser and Leon have their famous knife fight. 
    Leon hits Krauser in his chest, making a large cut. 
    He looks at it and then focuses on Leon again. 
    Krauser attacks Leon, struggling a bit and then kicking him to the ground.*
    Krauser: All for Umbrella's sake...
    Leon: Umbrella?
    Krauser: Almost let it slip... Enough talk. Die, comrade!!!!
    *Krauser jumps on Leon, trying to hit his throat with the knife, 
    but Leon stops it.
    Then Ada shoots the knife out of Krauser's hands. Leon takes advantage of 
    the confusion and kicks Krauser in the chest.*
    Leon: Ada!
    Krauser: Well, if it isn't the bitch in the red dress!
    Ada: Looks like we have the upper hand here.
    Krauser: *Laughs and jumps really high to another platform* 
    You may be able to prolong your life, but it’s not like you can 
    escape your inevitable death, is it?
    *Ada jumps down the platform and lands near
    Ada: You, eh, knew each other?
    Leon: More or less...maybe it’s about time you told me the reason why 
    you're here?
    Ada: *Walks past Leon* Maybe some other time... *Jumps off of the platform*
    Report #4
    *more cutscenes*
    Ada: Leon S. Kennedy...
    Perhaps the most essentional part of this mission.
    His story wouldn't be complete without him and his...formidable survivor 
    He has what it takes to survive against overwhelming odds...
    I've seen him doing it before...
    And he's improved since then...
    Practically a genius, he has smarts and he knows how to use them.
    On top of that his service as a government agent has toughened him up.
    I'll work behind the scenes to make him think he's the primary player here...
    Though it may be naïve of me to think that'd be easy.
    Considering the involvement of both Saddler and Krauser, the possibility
    of unforseen problems is there.
    But I need him in the supporting role for me to achieve my goals...
    I'll do whatever it takes to keep him in his place.
    And make this all go smoothly...
    Ofcourse, his role didn't excist at all until a few months ago.
    Back then, my role was much simpler too...
    But that was before the presidents daughter was abducted and Leon was 
    dispatched to go and find her.
    Talk about a major script revision...
    I don't think I need to worry.
    Leon has been through worse and always comes out smelling like roses 
    His consistant luck is part of the reason why I have absolute unshakeable 
    faith in my vision of whats in store for him...
    Discussion with Wesker
    *You can see Mike (AKA the helicopter guy) dropping down some bombs. 
    Ada watches him, then the Wesker beep is heard.*
    Wesker: Report. Time is almost up.
    Ada: Krauser is dead.
    Wesker: Really… Hmmmmm... Leon doesn't die easily. That’s fine, 
    we can use him to clean up Saddler for us. 
    We'll let them fight it out. Neither one of them will manage to 
    come out unharmed.
    Ada: Easier said than done.
    Wesker: Either way, it’s your job to clean up what’s left of them when the 
    fight is over. 
    Don't forget who is running the show. 
    Whatever happens, we can't let either of them live to see tomorrow. 
    Our goal is to retrieve the sample. 
    Take out anything that might interfere with our plans. *Shuts down monitor*
    Leon goes Plaga
    *Leon’s feet are shown, walking.*
    Leon: Ugghhhh... Aahhhh.....
    *Ada sneaks up on him*
    Ada: Leon, you okay?
    Leon: Ughh... Yeah ... Ugh!! *collapses*
    *You see strange tendrils branch out in Leon’s arms, 
    like in his freaky dream from the main game. 
    He stands up, looks at Ada, and the music swells up. 
    He then grabs Ada by the throat, trying to choke her. 
    Leon’s eyes glow red and he smiles. 
    Ada’s arms hang limp for a second, then she grabs her knife and stabs Leon 
    in the thigh. She then gives him a kick and Leon falls down.
    Ada: *Gasps for air* Ugh...
    Leon: *Gets up* sorry...
    *Both pant. Leon takes his suppressing pills.*
    Ada: We have to get that parasite out of your body!
    Leon: Yeah... But before that I gotta save Ashley!
    Ada: Fine... let’s split up... *Leaves*
    *Leon sees her leaving, having a depressed look on his face*
    Report #5
    Ada: It wasn't easy, but I'd say the mission was a succes.
    Getting my hands on the sample was my initial objective after all.
    But, I send Wesker a different present...
    Just as the organisation ordered...pretending to work with him was...
    Albert Wesker...I wonder where he's headed next.
    Something tells me this whole affair has just been a taste of what he's 
    got in store.
    To him, Umbrella represented power.
    He used it to hide behind while he made plans of his own.
    And now the Umbrella's been folded.
    With the sanctuary of the old Umbrella ruined, those in power struggled 
    to erect a new one.
    They are aware of their own crookedness and deceit as they engage in 
    their own personal war of light and darkness.
    Thats why Wesker will stop at nothing in opening his new Umbrella.
    The giant pharmaceutical corporation S, maintains medical and drug 
    facilities the world over.
    We know for certain that Wesker has been in contact with them following 
    Umbrella's demise.
    There's no doubt we'll next hear of him there.
    The organisation must remain vigilant...
    But Wesker's not stupid.
    He knows exactly what the organisation is thinking.
    He and I still have time to continue our little game of cat and mouse 
    before the next move is played.
    This mission may be over...but the battle is just beginning...
    Krauser returns
    *You see an arm ripping off a pipe. Then Ada's face is shown. 
    The pipe suddenly gets thrown to Ada, she jumps out of the way. 
    She looks up, then a large mutated arm is shown... Krauser.*
    Ada: Oh, Krauser. I'm sorry, I jumped the gun when I reported you dead to 
    *Ada fires the grappling gun and jumps over to Krauser. 
    She lands behind him*
    Ada: Heh.... Think of all the paper work I'll have to fill out if you were 
    to show up alive.
    Admiring Krausers arm
    Ada: That’s a large thing you have there...
    *She ain't looking at THAT, but at Krausers arm...perv ;)*
    *Then suddenly Krauser’s arm shrinks to its original size.*
    Ada: But I don't like it when men play rough... *Walks off*
    Saving Leon from Saddler
    *Ashley is seen in the chair machine, then Leon approaches. 
    The camera has a brief close up on Ashley*
    Saddler: You'll soon harbor an awesome power... Yet it seems you'd 
    rather choose death!
    Leon: I'm taking Ashley back whether you like it or not!
    Saddler: Ahhhh, the audacity of youth...
    *In slow-mo/Matrix rip-off, Saddler slams Leon in the chest with an open 
    palm. Leon hits the machine and then falls down*
    Leon: Ahghhh! *cough*
    *Saddler stretches his arm out, to control Leon. Then he gets shot 
    repeatedly in the chest. Ada is shown firing a TMP. Leon stands up.*
    Leon: Ughh!
    Ada: Leon, now!
    *Leon nods and hits a button on the control panel. The door on the machine 
    opens and Ashley gets lifted down. Leon grabs her but then Saddler starts 
    to growl. The bullets Ada shot fall on the ground.*
    Ada: Move!
    Leon: Let's go!
    *Leon runs off with Ashley and Saddler slowly walks after them. 
    Ada tries to distract Saddler by shooting at him. 
    It… doesn't work. Ada thinks off a plan and shoots the barrels 
    above the doorway that Leon and Ashley just went through. The explosion 
    causes the flaming barrels to land in front of Saddler, barring the door.*
    Saddler and the Plaga Spider
    *Ada is shown walking. Then she looks down.*
    Ada: Thank you, this is gonna be hard to explain at customs...
    *Then Saddler’s tail thing is shown. It lunges at Ada, who doesn't notices 
    *Leon shows up in the elevator. He then sees Ada hanging
    Leon: Ada!
    *Leon walks forward but then notices Saddler with his wand of magic... 
    err, plaga. He stretches his arm forward, trying to control Leon.*
    Leon: Hmm...
    Saddler: Huh???
    Leon: Better try a new trick, ‘cause that ones getting old!
    *Leon throws KRAUSER’S knife to cut the rope Ada is hanging on and Ada 
    falls down*
    Leon: You okay?
    Ada: I've been better...
    Saddler: *Stupid laugh*
    Leon: What’s so funny?!
    Saddler: Oh, I think you know... The American prevailing is a cliché that 
    only happens in your Hollywood movies! Oh, Mr. Kennedy! You entertain me! 
    To show my appreciation, I'll help you awaken from your world of clichés!!!
    Leon: Ada, stand back!
    *Ada stands up and runs off. Meanwhile Saddler is turning into an even 
    sexier monster... ewww. He now looks like a spider with a human body 
    hanging at the bottom, pretty funny sight. Ashley looks up at Saddler, 
    then Ada lifts herself on the iron 
    bars hanging all over the place. She runs over to see if Ashley’s okay, 
    Ashley gives her a smile. Ada then notices a good ol' rocket launcher 
    lying at the other side. How convenient...<_<*
    Tossing the Rocket
    *Ada throws the Rocket Launcher (Special, duh) off the platform.*
    Ada: Use this!
    *It lands on the floor and Leon runs over to it and grabs it.*
    Ending cinema with credits
    *The camera zooms in on the Master Plaga sample. Leon picks it up, 
    then Ada holds a gun against his head.*
    Ada: Sorry, Leon, hand it over.
    Leon: Ada... You do know what this is...
    Ada: Hmmmm...
    *Leon looks surprised as he hears a helicopter. Ada runs off, 
    jumping off of the ledge. 
    Leon runs up to the ledge, then the helicopter lifts up, with Ada 
    Ada: Don't worry! I'll take good care of it!
    Leon: Ada!!
    Ada: Here, catch. 
    *Ada throws the jet-ski key at Leon and he catches it.*
    Ada: Better get a move on! See you around...
    *The helicopter flies off. Leon wiggles the key chain, and
     looks at it like it's crap or something. Inside the 'copter Ada 
    closes the briefcase. She sighs. Then she looks up to see the 
    beautiful sunrise.
    *The credits appear.*
    THE END!
    >>>>>>but if you watch the end credits long enough, you see a small 
    stream moving toward the sunset (it appears at the bottom of the screen). 
    One would assume that it's most likely Ashley and Leon on
    the jetski<<<<<
    Have you seen something that isn't correct?
    Have I missed text? Or even a scene? or just saying thanks?
    Please email me on Wendy_elise_borg@hotmail.com
    Thank you!
    (>^^)> <(^^<)
    Thanks to Capcom for this uber sweet game!
    And ofcourse you for useing it!!
    HOSTING POLICY: You can do whatever you want with it.
    As long as you don't claim this script yours...
    The awesome editor Chubbyzora ;)
    Ryan Drury for noticing that it wasn't a ring that fell but bullets.
    (Ada saves Leon from Saddler part.)
    FFXmaniac for pointing out that I missed report 4# and 5#
    and also the jetski thing at the end.

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