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    Professional Mode Walkthrough by theonyxphoenix

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/26/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    RR  RRR EE    SS       II   DD  DD EE    NNN  NN   TT
    RR RR   EE        SS   II   DD  DD EE    NN  NNN   TT
    RR  RR  EE        SS   II   DD  DD EE    NN  NNN   TT
                   EEEEEE VV      VV IIIIII LL           44
                   EE      VV    VV    II   LL         4444
                   EEEE     VV  VV     II   LL       44  44
                   EE        VVVV      II   LL      444444444 
                   EEEEEE     VV     IIIIII LLLLLL       44
    Version 1.0; December 28th, 2005 FAQ COMPLETE
    The Onyx Phoenix; theonyxphoenix@hotmail.com
    The initial guide has been completed and hopefully updated and improved
    strategies will be added in the future.  Also hopefully someone will come
    along and provide an improved ASCII art for this FAQ as my skills in that area
    are obviously sub-optimal. :)
    Version 1.1; 
    Added information on Special Costume 2; the "What is Professional Mode"
    section and the Firearms, etc section;updated a few strategies (Red Zealot
    Gunner, The Sewers, The Hedge Maze, The Free Rocket Launcher, The Ruins, U3
    aka IT) and added to the credits list, updated the "What This Guide Is"
    Professional Mode is unlocked after completing the regular game once. You will
    begin the game with your bare-bones inventory just as if you started a new game
    (not one from a cleared file) in normal. You simply begin with a handgun, some
    ammo, and a health item. Also your health bar is returned to it's minimal stage.
    What is the difference between Pro and Normal you ask? Well, I'm glad you've
    asked.  Some say that enemies have more health in Pro. This is both true and
    false.  Enemies health is based on a range. Say 1-10 for regular Ganados.  In
    Pro the enemies will be more in the 5-10 or even the  8-10 range. The enemies
    do not have "more health" but there are a greater multitude of enemies that
    come in at the top of their range. Another difference in Pro is that Leon takes
    significantly more damage from each strike.  Since the Tactical Vest is not
    available (the Special 1 costume does not provide Tactical Vest protection on
    the PS2) you have to be much more aware of your enemies movements and attacks.
    Leon can easily be felled in two hits. 
    The QTE sequences seem to be a bit more demanding, but it is merely the opinion
    of this FAQ writer. It is difficult to measure the necessary button presses that
    you need within fractions of a second to dodge boulders, etc. It is known that
    battles with Krauser do require quicker and more frequent button sequences.
    What do you get for beating Pro Mode? On the PS2 you receive the Plagas Removal
    Laser which is what is shown in the opening movies. It allows you to either 
    fire a Flash Grenade like blast to stun and slightly damage enemies, or you can
    charge it up to deal fatal blasts to everything in the path, including bosses.
    The PRL has a recharge time so it is strictly inferior to the Chicago Typewriter
    but the novelty value is fun for about .0256 seconds. Note that the PRL is only
    on the PS2 version (sorry GC users). I must say, you aren't missing much.
    This guide is intended to assist players in the Professional Mode of Resident 
    Evil 4. By exploiting flaws in the enemy AI, spawning points, and environment
    layouts, I have attempted to write the most complete and comprehensive
    strategies for each area and enemy coupled semi-frequently with extremely dry
    wit.  As players attempting this mode have, presumably, completed the game at
    least once, I will make no attempt to avoid spoilers and, in addition, areas
    and objectives will be described in a more general manner. This is a quick
    reference and no-nonsence guide for Pro Players.
    This FAQ is primarily dedicated to finding the most efficient ammo
    conservation and survival strategies needed to complete the game and will
    include information on how to best defeat enemies and bosses and will give
    exceptional attention to trouble areas.  These are the easiest strategies
    that I have discovered and are intended to make Pro as easy as possible. I
    will be using Rocket Launchers on many bosses. If you find that you want
    more of a challenge and want to try something different, go for it.  No one is
    holding an exclusive Handcannon to your head. If you want to go for no RL's on
    any boss, you can do that too.
    I am assuming that you are following this guide step-by-step and will have
    picked up the items that I have listed.  Boss battle strategies, especially,
    will be written under the presumption that you have the necessary inventory
    when the battle begins.
    These strategies were written using the PS2. Unfortunately I do not own a GC
    so I cannot compare the AI between systems, but I assume that the only changes
    that need to be considered are the lower powers for the Red9 and the Bolt-
    Action Rifle. If you are a GC owner and find that some of the points are invalid
    please email me and let me know so I may note it in future updated versions.
    At the beginning of each section I will provide an inventory list with
    upcoming items and treasure. This list does not include random drops, barrels,
    etc. so it is not a COMPLETE item summary as that would be impossible without
    creating an extremely large and unnecessary list. In most sections I have also
    included some weapons that you will be using frequently in each section. Of
    course I don't recommend using ONLY these weapons. Any weapons noted have a
    special and specific purpose.
    Table of Contents:
    Ctrl+F will enable you to quickly jump to the listed area. Chapters as well
    as bosses and trouble areas are listed for your convenience. If you desire
    you can simply use this information as a guide and use your own strategies on
    the areas.
    As always, your weapon choices are your own, but I will assume you have only
    made the purchases that I have instructed you to make.  You will have an
    extra 100,000+ pesetas by the end of the game, so this should give you a
    little bit of elbow room if you find you need to get an extra capacity
    upgrade for your Handgun/Shotgun in the beginning or use a RL on a boss that
    I did not. Make sure to do the Shooting Range game for extra money. 
    A completely detailed walkthrough naming the location of every item and enemy.
    A guide for beginning players not familiar with the layout of areas, controls,
    or those not wishing to know information that isn't revealed until later in
    the game. There is no specific examination of weapon statistics or instruction
    on what to buy at the merchant and what to upgrade when. This FAQ is also not
    a toaster so putting bread in it will just get you nowhere.
    I have receieved many emails regarding the Special 2 Costume (PS2) and why I
    did not include or mention this in the original 1.0 version.  I decided that
    strategies without the armour are preferred by those electing not to use the
    Special 2 costume.  Had I decided to construct strategies using the Armour I
    would have left out a significant portion of RE4 players, not to mention any
    GC players that wished to use parts of this guide.  Feel free to use the
    Armour if you wish.  It is very useful to use Ashley as bait and it makes
    the Water Room particularly easy, but that choice remains up to each player.
    0.00: Table of Contents
    0.10: Battle Tactics and Important Tips
    0.11: Knife Fighting
    0.12: Firearms, Etc.
    0.13: Clearing the Area
    1.10: Chapter 1-1
    1.11: The Beginning
    1.12: The Village
    1.13: Rescuing Luis
    1.20: Chapter 1-2
    1.21: The Valley
    1.22: The Stronghold
    1.30: Chapter 1-3
    1.31: Outside the House
    1.32: The Cemetery
    1.33: The Swamp
    1.34: Del Lago
    2.10: Chapter 2-1
    2.11: The Waterfall
    2.12: El Gigante
    2.13: The Church
    2.20: Chapter 2-2
    2.21: The Church/Cemetery
    2.22: The Village/Farm
    2.23: The Cabin
    2.30: Chapter 2-3
    2.31: The Left Path
    2.32: The Right Path
    2.33: The Lift
    2.34: Mendez
    2.35: The Drawbridge/Castle
    3.10: Chapter 3-1
    3.11: The Catapults and Gates
    3.12: The Prison/Garrador
    3.13: The Water Room
    3.20: Chapter 3-2
    3.21: The Sewers
    3.22: The Red Zealot Gunner
    3.23: The Hedge Maze
    3.30: Chapter 3-3
    3.31: The Caged Garrador
    3.32: The Free Rocket Launcher
    3.40: Chapter 3-4
    3.41: Freeing Ashley
    3.42: Playing as Ashley
    4.10: Chapter 4-1
    4.11: The Dragon Room
    4.12: The Grails
    4.13: The Clock Tower
    4.14: Verdugo
    4.20: Chapter 4-2
    4.21: Excavation Site
    4.22: El Gigante x2
    4.23: Novistador Cave
    4.30: Chapter 4-3
    4.31: The Ruins
    4.32: The Minecart Ride
    4.40: Chapter 4-4
    4.41: Salazar Statue
    4.42: Salazar's Tower
    4.43: Salazar
    5.10: Chapter 5-1
    5.11: The Compound
    5.12: Regenerators
    5.13: Iron Maiden
    5.20: Chapter 5-2
    5.21: The Wrecking Ball
    5.22: The Bulldozer Ride
    5.30: Chapter 5-3
    5.31: U3 aka IT
    5.32: Krauser
    5.40: Chapter 5-4
    5.41: The Mike Battle
    5.42: The Home Stretch
    6.10: Final Chapter
    6.11: Saddler
    7.00: Treasure Quick Reference Guide
    8.00: Credits and other stuff.
    BATTLE TACTICS AND IMPORTANT TIPS                       
    One of the most important thing in a Professional run is ammo conservation.
    Hopefully by now you have figured out how to use your knife, but in case you
    haven't I've listed a strategy which will not only help you in Pro, but it is
    virtually a necessity. This is strategy is for Villagers/Zealots/Commandos
    only (although it can be used on Dr. Salvadors at your own risk). 
       Step 1: Walk up to the enemy (at first you may want to let the enemy walk
               up to you so that you can get an idea of what distance is required
               for Step 2).
       Step 2: When the enemy begins to attack (usually they make a grunting
               sound just as they start to attack) press down on the D-Pad or
               Analog Stick to back out of range. Some enemies have longer ranges
               than others due to their various weapons).
       Step 3: Once the finish their swing/stab/throw run forward and draw your
               knife. Aim up and slash them in the face. Often this will cause
               the KICK prompt to appear.
       Step 4: Kick them, duh!
       Step 5: Get in position and aim knife slashes at their head.  Further in
               the game, some enemies will have enough health to survive this
               initial bladed onslaught. Try to aim for their head as they get
               up. Aim for their legs or head to enable the KICK prompt again.
               Resume knifing. In worst case scenarios, use 1 bullet to the head.
    Crossbow Enemies are easily taken down with this method as they tend to flee
    when you close in as opposed to attacking you. Unarmed Ganados are also an
    exception to the rule. When backing away, you need even more room than you do
    vs. pitchfork-weilding enemies since they will run forward in an attempt to
    grab you. The best tactic is to use one handgun bullet to the face to stun
    them, kick, and then move in for the kill since knifing will often not be
    enought to stun them before the attack you.  The same goes for enemies later
    in the game that have more health. Obviously do not use this tactic on
    Dynamite or Shielded enemies.
    0.12: FIREARMS, ETC.   
    Headshots are an important part of survival and mastering the technique of
    liberating an enemy's head from their shoulders will help alot.  The tactic is
       Step 1: Aim for body mass. Try to focus your laser sight on the torso of
               the enemy. The larger target is the best place to start.
       Step 2: Move the Analog Stick/D-Pad to move the laser to the enemy's head.
       Step 3: Shoot it.
    Don't waste them. They are an important part of completing the most difficult
    areas and shouldn't be used vs. the general populace. 
    **Only upgrade capacity if you are low on ammo or you are going for the
    Do not upgrade the default handgun. Hit all of the medallions and either sell
    the handgun to get the slightly more powerful Punisher (which helps vs the first
    El Gigante) or sell the free Punisher (w/upgrade) if you want cold hard pesetas.
    (Thanks to Mojojojo987 for suggesting this.  Buy the Red9 + Stock when it is
    available and use this for the rest of the game. Try to get the exclusive but
    make the Bolt-Action Exclusive more of a priority. For you Blacktail users, if
    you feel more comfortable with the Blacktail it will serve you well enough.
    Grab the free Shotgun and do not upgrade it until you can buy the Striker.
    The Striker is very important for it's spread fire, higher damage, and larger
    capacity. Upgrade it as you go and go for the exclusive.
    Buy the Bolt-Action Rifle. I cannot stress this enough. The extra power far
    outshines the extra speed of the Semi-Automatic and it will be one of your
    most powerful and frequently used weapons.  Never buy a scope.
    We will only be using the free Broken Butterfly and only for the 6 bullets
    that come with it. Don't buy or upgrade any Magnum.
    TMP & Minethrower
    I won't be using these and I don't recommend you buy them. If you decide to,
    just make sure that you save money for the BAR and Striker exclusive.
    0.13: CLEARING THE AREA   
    Any door or ladder (as well as some switches and buttons) act as continue
    points.  You can elect to RESET TO CONTINUE POINT by pressing the SELECT
    button.  This is also the nearest point that you will return to whenever you
    are killed.  The best part about these points is that they save your progress
    whenever they are triggered. If you kill an enemy in an area, return and pass
    through a continue point, and then return to where you killed the enemy, they
    will no longer be there. In addition, any other enemies in that area will
    have returned to their starting point. Using this tactic you can clear
    enemies off one by one instead of a horde at a time. This will allow you to
    keep your health high and your healing item stock plentiful. If you make a
    stupid mistake or use too much ammo, simply RESET TO CONTINUE POINT. I will
    be using this tactic so get used to it.  
    1.10: CHAPTER 1-1
    Handgun Ammo (120), Shotgun Shells (20)
    Green Herb x5, Red Herb x3 Yellow Herb x1
    Hand Grenade x3, Incendiary Grenade x2, Flash Grenade x1
    7 Medallions
    Pearl Pendent, Beerstein, Red Catseye, Ruby, 7 Spinel 
    1.11: The Beginning
    Break the 1st floor window with the knife. Go inside to trigger the attack.
    Use the knifing strategy to kill the Ganado. After the cutscene, jump
    out of the 1st floor window, do a 180, jump back through the window and head
    upstairs. This will trigger the other Ganados to attack but by running up the
    steps it confuses the AI and the enemies run outside. You can lure the enemies
    one by one in to the house and knife them.  
    Clear the enemies on the way to the village but make sure to kill the crow on
    the signpost for a Grenade. Grab the items from the area and head to Pueblo.
    1.12: The Village
    Recommended Weapon: Patience
    Run straight through the village to the watchtower and climb the ladder. Run
    around to the table that holds the Shotgun Shells. You have 15 seconds from
    when you reach the top to when they start throwing explosives. Use the JUMP
    DOWN prompt (while facing the ladder) to jump to ground level, but immediately
    press the button and climb the ladder again. When you are at the top, the
    Ganados AI makes them exit the watchtower. Repeat this process until the bell
    rings and then clear the area of items. (Thanks to Squall509 for the strategy).
    If you decide to combat the Dr.Salvadors for money/ruby grab the Shotgun and
    shells from the Shotgun house. Push the ladder down, jump out the window, and
    then barricade yourself in the small house with the locked door. Grab the
    shells here, too. Use the Shotgun and aim for Dr. Salvador's head when he gets
    almost within striking distance. 
    1.13: Rescuing Luis
    Head to the farm and run straight to the barn with the ladder. Kill the enemy
    in the loft and, one-by-one, lure each Ganado into the barn. Climb the ladder
    and knife them as they try to climb up. After all of them are dead, grab the
    Go through the door and dodge the boulder. Grab the spinels from the tunnel.
    If you RESET to CONTINUE POINT you will be returned to the beginning of the
    There are 5 Ganados in this area. Ganado#1 is the first Dynamite Ganado you
    see. Ganado#2 is outside the middle house near the trap wire. Ganado #3
    is in the center house and has a hatchet. Ganados#4&5 wield dynamite from 
    inside the house. Once you get the hang of it it isn't so confusing. If you
    get blown up, reset to the continue point. 
    Run out of the tunnel towards #1. As soon as the dynamite leaves his hand,
    turn left, run towards #2. Hide behind the corner of the shack so as not to
    get blown up. #4 will kill #1 with dynamite so don't worry about him. After
    #2's dynamite explodes, run to the boarded up door, then turn left and run
    between #2 and the wire and head for the cabin. #5 will either trigger the
    wire and blow up #2 or #2 will trigger it himself so keep running. 
    Your next goal is the three in the house. Approach the window of the house by
    hugging the wall. You can get #4 to climb out the window by stepping in front
    of it then back away to the side of the window. You will hear a few
    footsteps, lighting of the dynamite, and then a few more footsteps. When you
    see him try to climb out, knife him. He will fall and you can get an easy shot
    on his dynamite. This should blow up the rest of the enemies in the cabin.
    Sometimes one will survive, but just coax him to the window and knife him when
    he tries to climb out. Clear the area and grab items. Go in the house with 
    Luis, grab any items and end the segment.
    1.20: Chapter 1-2
    Handgun Ammo (80), Shotgun Shells (10), Rifle Ammo (10)
    Green Herb x2, Red Herb x1, Yellow Herb x1, Fish
    Flash Grenade x2
    Elegent Mask, Brass Pocket Watch, Spinel x1
    1.21: The Valley
    Recommended Weapon: Knife, Handgun
    Exit the double doors and turn right. Run past the yelling Ganado. Follow the
    path and run straight to the bridge (as opposed to making a left and heading
    for the house holding the Emblem piece). Use a handgun bullet to stun the
    Ganado near the bridge and make a left. Cross the bridge and make a right.
    Run around the back of the nearby house (to spawn the maximum amount of
    enemies). Your destination is a ladder and platform near the exit. 
    Perch yourself on the platform. Let the Dynamite Ganado on the nearby roof
    kill any incoming enemies. Knife any enemies that make it to the top. 
    Be on alert for flying axes (which you should deflect with your knife). After
    the first wave, wait until the dynamite explodes then jump down. Run to the
    bridge (but don't cross it) to spawn enemies from near the house containing
    the emblem and behind the house with your new friend the Dynamite Ganado. Run
    back to your platform and kill the enemies using the same stragety. You must
    spawn enemies 3-4 times by doing this.
    After you have triggered all spawnings head to the path up the side of the
    mountain. If you feel you are doing well, you can save your game here. That
    way if an enemy gets a lucky shot at you, you won't have to do the whole area
    all over again. Lure the Ganado at the top towards the explosive barrel and
    blow him up. Grab the Emblem Piece. Head to the house containing the second
    piece and walk to the window near the explosive barrel to trigger the two
    enemies to attack. Climb up the exterior ladder and kill the enemies when they
    come up (or use the explosive barrel). Grab the Emblem.  Climb down the ladder
    to the interior then immediately go back up. This spawns an axethrower on the
    roof and a pitchforker near the exit. You should have enough time to kill the
    axethrower before the other enemy reaches you. When he does, off him. You now
    only have to eliminate your Dynamite Friend and grab all items to finish the
    area. It is entirely possible to complete this area without firing a shot.
    1.21: The Stronghold
    Use the doors and continue points to your advantage here. The second room has
    four enemies that can swarm you if you aren't careful.  Lure the first enemy
    to the door and then back into the first room. Time it so you kick the door
    open to stun/kick him. Back in to the first room to let the door close. This
    is really the first point that you have to make good use of the chokepoint to
    conserve ammo.  Use the continue point after each kill to reset the enemies if
    necessary. You can also aim for their head as they enter the door, then kick
    them into the other enemies behind them. After killing the four, jump through
    the window into the room with the bear traps. Use the crouch prompt to avoid
    getting blown up and then use your handgun and aim for the dynamite to finish
    these enemies. Often after jumping through the window, I've found, that if you
    stand up, turn counter-clockwise, and fire you will hit the dynamite 80% of
    the time. Clear the area. Kill the remaining three foes one by one.  Climb the
    ladder, clear the area, and complete your first puzzle.  Get all the items
    EXCEPT the key. You can get all of the items leading up to the Pueblo gate
    without fear of enemies as long as you get them before you get the key item to
    end the chapter. 
    1.30: Chapter 1-3
    Handgun Ammo (100), Shotgun Shells (10), Rifle Ammo (10), TMP Ammo (150)
    Green Herb x2, Red Herb x2, Yellow Herb x1, Brown Egg x1
    Hand Grenade x2, Incendiary Grenade x3, Flash Grenade x1
    Elegent Headdress, Green Catseye, Antique Pipe, Gold Bangle w/Pearls,
    Spinel x7, Ruby x1
    1.31: Outside the House
    Go back to the house and grab the key. Coax Dr. Salvador to you by taking
    small steps outside of the door. You can get him alone inside the house and
    (if you're good- knife him) take him out. It will take 8-10 Shotgun shells to
    do so. The best place to battle is upstairs. If you accidentally triggered the
    two Ganados as well, you can hit them all with shotgun blasts as they get to
    the top of the stairs. Clear the enemies on the path one-by-one. With the
    enemies at the gate you can either lure them into the house (2nd floor), or
    use Shotgun fire at their legs to drop them and then run through.  You can run
    through Pueblo to the door. To avoid enemies, run around the village's
    perimeter.  Clear the room and tunnel of items before going to the cemetery.
    1.32: The Cemetery
    Once you get to the graveyard, stay close to the right wall and make your way
    to the shack nearby. Quickly kill the lady ganado inside. Kill the other
    Ganado on the path. Approach the church to trigger Dynamite Ganado x1 and
    Misc. Ganado x2. Run back down the path to get Misc. Ganados to chase you.
    They will run into the blast area of Dynamite Ganado. Finish off the Dynamite
    Ganado and go behind the church. Use the same strategy to get the enemies to
    blow themselves up. Grab the Green Catseye from the puzzle and clear the area.
    Lure the first enemy on the bridge to you and kill her. You can use a few
    handgun bullets if necessary to dispose of the other two. Make your way to the
    Quarry, use a Flash on the crows and gather items nearby. Grab and sell your
    free Punisher+ (all 15 medallions) or Handgun depending on whether you prefer
    the extra firepower or extra money. Head toward the swamp.
    1.33: The Swamp
    To start, grab nearby items and complete the boulder-dodging. Once you get to
    the water, run down the right bank and move under-and-behind the first enemy.
    He will run backwards into the trap wire. Grab the Grenade in the water. Lure
    the right axethrower close to the trap wire and blow him up. The enemy from
    the shack containing items will come after you. He is unarmed, so shoot his
    face, then kick. By now another axethrower (from the other side of the item
    shack) will come close, but DON'T KILL HIM or risk spawning enemies from the
    entrance. Grab the Shotgun and TMP ammo from the item shed and then walk along
    the right of the swamp and trigger the next wire. Grab the Antique Pipe and
    run forward and up to the center platform to grab the Incendiary Grenade. Move
    toward the exit, shoot another trap wire and head straight to the exit.
    You will cause enemies to come from the beginning of the swamp (where you
    dodged the boulder) once you kill 4+ enemies or pass the middle of the swamp.
    It is best to speed through the swamp as fighting will probably make you use
    more ammo/health than you want/need to.  Near the lake make sure to go left
    to get the Red Herb. Head down to the dock grabbing all the items as you go.
    1.34: Del Lago
    RECOMMENDED WEAPON: Harpoon (as if you have a choice)
    Clear the area and save your game before the fight. This is a short section 
    because the strategy for killing Del Lago is quite simple.
    Once the cutscene ends you will always have to pull right. Only hit Del Lago
    when he is charging toward you (when the arrows show up on the left/right of
    the screen). Any other time you risk hitting the floating debris. This is
    really more a test of patience than skill. Just don't be hasty and you will
    have no problem with this boss.  The beginning of the battle is the most 
    difficult to not get hit since you always start near the debris. As the battle
    progresses Del Lago will only drag you near them occassionally. Remember
    dodging debris takes precedence over harpooning.
    2.10 Chapter 2-1                       
    Handgun Ammo (80), Shotgun Shells (10), Rifle Ammo (10), TMP Ammo (50) 
    Green Herb x4, Red Herb x1, Yellow Herb x1
    Hand Grenade x1, Incendiary Grenade x1, Flash Grenade x2
    Amber Ring, Green Gem, Spinel x4
    2.11 The Waterfall                       
    Grab items from the shack then head to the Merchant Cave. Harpoon fish for $
    if you have space. Go through and kill the Plagas and the villager. Shots to
    the Plagas near the villager's neck will stun it. Keep moving forward after
    killing them. Shoot the Ganado after you jump down the rope and clear the area
    Grab the Amber Ring before you turn off the waterfall. Hit the switch and
    trigger the additional dozen or so enemies. Either jump back over the boxes
    and use Handgun bullets to make them fall into the water, or you can dodge the
    group and head straight for the tunnel. To do this you must run to the right
    of the first Ganado that is running toward you, then run to the left of the
    others. As always you can waste a few Shotgun shells on their legs to drop
    them and just run.  If you feel you didn't do well you, you triggered a
    CONTINUE POINT when you shut off the waterfall. If you've conserved ammo you
    most likely have more than you can hold anyway.  Get the Insignia and items,
    then jump on the boat. Save at the typewriter and prepare for El Gigante.
    2.12 El Gigante                       
    Recommended Weapon: Handgun + Knife, or Rocket Launcher
    First of all, don't bother with the shacks until El Gigante is destroyed. If
    you want to take the easy way out and have room in your attache case, go for
    the Rocket Launcher, you will lose $15,000 on this since this boss only drops
    $15,000 upon his death. Alternately, you can use your Handgun. As always, run
    until you get some distance between you and then turn, aim, and fire at him
    When the Plagas emerge, run up and USE THE KNIFE. The dog/wolf will help you
    in this battle even on Pro. It took around 100 Handgun rounds and stabbing the
    Plagas three rounds before El Gigante went down. Keep in mind that although
    the Shotgun is more powerful, it loses it's power at long range which means
    it may not be as effective as you would like. Also, your supply of Shotgun
    Ammo is alot more sparce than Handgun ammo. The Plagas will emerge after the
    first 30 damage and, assuming you slash the Plagas on it's back rapidly, will
    appear again after reaching 60 damage and 90 damage. Just run and shoot. Easy.
    2.13 The Church                     
    Clear the area after El Gigante falls and work your way to the church. When
    you spot the El Comillo (Dog) near the end of the fence place yourself on the
    outside (left) wall. You can run straight which will prompt the dogs to attack
    you. After the first dog misses you, run in a wide clockwise arc towards the
    door. If you do it right you can dodge all three. If you get hit you can RESET
    TO CONTINUE POINT and try again.  It isn't hard once you get the hang of it. 
    Clear the church, puzzle, etc. Get Ashley and end the section.
    2.20 Chapter 2-2                     
    Handgun Rounds (80), Shotgun Shells (10), TMP Ammo (50)
    Green Herb x2, Red Herb x2, Yellow Herb x1
    Incendiary Grenade x1, Flash Grenade x1   
    Spinel x2
    2.21 The Church/Cemetery                    
    Clear the room. Go forward and fire at the cart. Kill the remaining two
    enemies, grab the items and move on. Go through the tunnel and get the Red9
    from the Merchant. This is the handgun of choice to use throughout the rest
    of the game and I recommend you upgrade it's power at every opportunity.
    2.22 The Village/Farm                  
    Go to the village. Move straight towards the bonfire, then right around the
    back of the Shotgun house. Keep Ashley here. Kill the unexpecting villager
    and you can lure enemies behind the house one-by-one to their doom if you inch
    forward until you hear one yell. 
    At the farm, put Ashley in the dumpster and use the same strategy as before.
    Lure enemies to the two-story barn and use the knife/ladder to kill them. Be
    sure to use the back entrance of the barn so as not to trigger axethrowers on
    the second floor. When you're ready, go out of the window and trigger the axe-
    throwers. Dodge their axes, shoot one in the face and run forward to kick one
    or both to the ground. Use the ladder/knife on them. Kill the last enemy near
    the exit. Clear the area, set off the traps so as not to have any accidents.
    Get Ashley and head for the Cabin. Save if needed.
    2.23 The Cabin                  
    Recommeded Weapons: Shotgun, Flash Grenades (as many as you can carry)
    Hopefully you've stocked up on your Flash Grenades. You most likely depleat
    your supply here.  As usual, barricade all the windows and grab the items on
    the first floor. You/Luis must kill 40 Ganados before the segment ends. Use
    the Red9 when you see enemies break through the windows. Aim for the head. Do
    not waste your Flash Grenades here. When things get heated, move to the stairs
    and pull out the Shotgun. This should keep you safe until Luis heads upstairs.
    Rule #1: The ladders are your friends. Since you are temporarily invincible
    while you are pushing them down you will be doing this 75% of the time while
    Luis is killing things for you. Push ladders one after the other. After each
    push turn around and fire a shotgun blast into the crowd to make room. Use
    Flash Grenades when Plagas emerge. When you use Flash Grenades, kick any
    enemies still standing for a little extra damage. 
    2.30 Chapter 2-3                   
    Handgun Bullets (190), Shotgun Shells (30), Rifle Ammo (10), TMP Ammo (175) 
    Green Herb x3, Red Herb x2, Yellow Herb x1
    Hand Grenade x2, Incendiary Grenade x2,Flash Grenade x2
    Left Path (Ruby, Red Gem); Right Path (Purple Gem), Yellow Catseye,
    Spinel x2, Velvet Blue x1
    2.31 Left Path                  
    Recommended Weapon: Red9, Knife, Shotgun
    We will first be taking the left path, but only to go as far as getting the
    Red Gem. The final dozen Ganados aren't worth the 20 or so Handgun bullets and
    the health items that you will most likely use.  First, though, grab any items
    left after the cabin scene and any bullets lying around outside.
    As soon as you enter, skip the cutscene to start the enemies at a farther
    distance. Fire at the wagon and blow up nearby enemies. Put Ashley in the
    dumpster and kill the Ganados one by one as they come around the corner.
    Access the continue point after each kill if you like. Go up the ladder and
    kill the Ganados around the pit.  Grab all items and kick down the ladder near
    the dumpster before jumping down. Trigger the attack of the Bella Sisters and
    immediately go up the remaining ladder. Watch out for the fire-breathing
    enemies. Make your way back towards the first ladder. Here you have your back
    to something and can Shotgun the Ganados/Sisters as they approach. You may
    have to use a healing item after you climb out of the pit as you will often be
    attacked with fire.  After killing the enemies, gather the spoils, especially
    the Red Gem, and head back to the cabin to save.  If you want to finish this
    path, you can but it really isn't worth it. Now for the right path.
    2.32 Right Path                  
    Recommended Weapon: Speed
    If you don't use a Rocket Launcher for a -$15K profit, you need to have speed.
    Before you trigger El Gigante, use the handgun to take out the chains on the
    1st door. Your destination is the 2ND hut, the one that contains the key. Do
    not worry about anything else right now. Run from El Gigante, grab the Key and
    head to the 2nd door. Toss a grenade ahead of you to take out the chains and
    head for the exit. What about all the other items?...you ask.  After you exit
    and trigger the continue point, you can re-enter and tell Ashley to WAIT. You
    can run in, grab a few items, turn around, and run away. You can repeat this
    to get all of the items since El Gigante's position resets each time you re-
    enter. You may have difficulty grabbing the Purple Gem up high since it
    requires quick aiming but if you can't do it use a Grenade to stun him to give
    you time. The Purple Gem is the hardest to get, but the value is worth it.
    2.33 The Lift                  
    Recommended Weapon: Shotgun
    Before getting to the lift, clear the area. Make sure you reload your Shotgun
    and Handgun.  Once you get on, move into the forward right corner as far as
    you can and tell Ashley to WAIT. Move behind her and aim. This will cause her
    to evade incoming attacks since she is ducking down.  The first car holds 1
    Ganado. Aim and wait for the lift to bring him in to the line of fire. Hit him
    with one handgun bullet to knock him off.  Immediately aim and hit the nearby
    enemy about to jump on your lift and send him packing. Next you need the
    Shotgun. On the next lift car is a group of 3 enemies. Fire a shotgun blast
    into them but BEFORE they throw an axe. If you do this you can knock all three
    off with one shot. If you wait until they throw an axe, some of your shot will
    hit the axe and you won't strike all three. You don't have to be exact with
    the shotgun and you can hit them while they are still fairly far away. If the
    enemies get hit with the spread they will fall of the lift.  Now use your
    shotgun on the remaining lift enemies. Aim well. Switch to the handgun for the
    final single enemy. You do not want to reload the shotgun during this or it
    will be fatal. Just keep firing at the groups and it is no problem. After you
    finish the lift grab your items and head for the Yellow Catseye. Make sure to
    have Ashley wait outside of the cave so that she doesn't get blown up. By now
    you shouldn't have any trouble killing the enemies here. Grab the treasure and
    head to the Merchant. You should have at least 4-5 Incendiary Grenades for the
    upcoming battle.   
    2.34 Mendez                  
    Recommended Weapon: 4-5 Incendiary Grenades + Red9 or Rocket Launcher
    You can get your money's worth by using a Rocket Launcher on Mendez since he
    drops $30K. If you choose the RL, save it for the 2nd form.  The first form
    should be eliminated the same way in either case.
    When the battle begins, after the button pressing sequence and the cutscene,
    throw an Incendiary Grenade at Mendez. He will yell and bend over. Once he
    stands completely up toss another grenade. You must wait until he stands back
    up or you will waste your grenade. After x4 Grenades he will switch to his 2nd
    form.  If you like, after x3 grenades you can use the Red9 on his spine. The
    Red9 can do 1.6 damage and he takes x2 damage to the spine. With 10 health
    left you can finish it in four shots. (Thanks to n00b Avenger for this info).
    If you elected to use a Rocket Launcher, do so once he splits. If not...
    Now you should have 1-2 I. Grenades left. Walk backwards and fire at the
    explosive barrel once Mendez gets within range of it. If you only have 1 I.
    Grenade at this point, run past Mendez as he crawls and grab the I. Grenade
    on the right, then climb up to the 2nd story. If you have 2 or more, don't
    worry about the extra one, just head to the 2nd story. Move to the left side
    of the 2nd story near the metal plate and watch for Mendez to come near. Once
    his body is positioned over the 2nd story floor, toss another I. Grenade. If
    he crawls toward you, run past him but otherwise hold your ground. Once he
    jumps back up toss the last grenade and end it.  
    2.35 The Drawbridge/Castle                 
    Once you open the door with the False Eye, have Ashley wait, then walk forward
    until you trigger the truck. Shoot the driver in the head to cause it to crash
    then run back to the gate and face it. Walk backwards up the hill. As long as
    you are facing the truck the enemies won't spawn. Call Ashley to you, then
    turn around to trigger the spawning. Take out the enemies (I use 1 Grenade
    here) then move along to the castle. Kill enemies in the way and grab the few
    items here. No big deal. (Thanks to Subjugater for the truck strategy.)
    3.10 Chapter 3-1                
    Handgun Bullets (95), Shotgun Shells (55), Rifle Shots (15)
    Green Herb x5, Red Herb x1, Yellow Herb x2, First Aid Spray (FAS) x1
    Hand Grenade x2, Incendiary Grenade x3
    Gold Bangle, Green Gem, Spinel x6, Velvet Blue x5
    *Keep in mind that Gold Bars are hidden behind Saddler portraits throughout
    the castle
    3.11 The Catapults and Gates
    Recommended Weapon: Bolt-Action Rifle
    First off, pick up the Attache L. and BAR. Proceed to the catapults and have
    Ashley wait beneath the 1st catapult. Your goal is to run to the tunnel and
    every now and then pop out and back in to coax the two nearby Zealots into the
    catapult fire. After doing this, stand in the tunnel and aim up to destroy the
    explosive barrel and the nearby Zealot. Get Ashley and go below to the cannon
    to grab the items. Go up the steps, turn right and use the barrel to kill the
    next catapult zealot.  When the coast is clear, move out a bit and turn left
    to use the explosive barrel above you to eliminate that catapult. Run to the
    small building and kill the Zealot. Wait for the other two to run in and then
    dispose of them. Leave Ashley here and then head for the crank. Once you dodge
    the incoming fire, pull out your rifle and kill him. Fire the cannon.
    Pass the merchant and head for the Golden/Platinum Sword room. First, tell
    Ashley to wait downstairs. Run up, trigger the attack, then run downstairs.
    Kill the three enemies. Run upstairs and quickly grab the Platinum Sword and
    run back downstairs. Switch the Platinum Sword and the Gold Sword. Take Ashley
    and run upstairs to the door and exit. You can come back and grab the items
    here later without worrying about enemies. The Red Zealot and enemies are
    triggered by spending too much time upstairs. Be quick to prevent spawning.
    After clearing this room, move forward and have Ashley wait near the large
    gate. Let the Zealot run back in to the guard house, then follow him to the
    door. Lure as many Zealots in to the blast area of the explosive barrel before
    you detonate it. There are six total enemies here. Kill the enemies in the
    guard house, use the door as a chokepoint if needed, and then shoot through
    the window in the guard house with your rifle at the crossbow zealot. Equip
    your shotgun and destroy the shield ganados' shields,then switch to the Red9
    and kill them as usual. Now call Ashley to you and go after the Castle Gate
    Key. As soon as you get the Key trigger the explosive barrel. 99% of the time
    one enemy will be out of range. Kill him and you will see the 2nd version of
    the Plagas. Dispose of it with your Rifle. Kill the remaining two zealots then
    clear the area and go in to the castle hall. Gather items in the area. Head
    back to the Golden/Platinum sword room and grab the items here, too.
    3.12 The Prison/Garrador
    Recommended Weapon: Bolt-Action Rifle
    Get the prison key. Tell Ashley to wait at the top of the stairs. Grab the
    items here. Once you trigger the cutscene prepare to move quickly. Open the
    cell door, run straight for the lever. Trigger it. Do a 180 and run out of the
    door. After you exit the cell, walk to a safe distance. Finish the Garrador
    off in the usual manner. This Garrador should be easy by now. After you finish
    him head up to the 2nd floor for the incoming enemies. Use the lamp hanging
    from the ceiling to kill the two rushing you. For the Dynamite/Crossbow ones
    just peek out around the corner when the coast is clear and fire at them. You
    can also run over to where you got the Prison Key but just make sure to keep
    Ashley back. After you've taken these enemies out save at the typewriter if
    you like since now you have to take on the water room.
    3.13 The Water Room
    Recommended Weapon: Bolt-Action Rifle, Shotgun, Red9, Incendiary Grenade x2
    You will need your rifle. The first part is really easy, almost pathetically
    so. Enter in to the room and snipe the enemies in this order (triggering the
    continue point after each one): Crossbow Zealot, Crossbow Zealot, Shield,
    Shield, Shield, Shield. Finally kill the Red Zealot but don't trigger the door
    yet. Kill the remaining three Zealots. Wait by the door for the 1st to come to
    you. After disposing of him, wait for the Shield Zealot. Finally, head toward
    the steps in the rear and kill the last Zealot and trigger the continue point.
    After brining up the center crank, place Ashley in the corner.  Defend your
    position against the incoming enemies. Make sure to shoot the Shield Zealot
    that drops from the ceiling to stun him. Kick him to make him drop his shield.
    The enemies enter in this order where (d) signifies they enter through the
    door and (c) for ceiling.  Mace Zealot (d), Shield Zealot (c), Shield Zealot
    (d), Unarmed Zealot (d), Mace Zealot(c), Shield Zealot (d), Unarmed (d),
    Shield (d), Unarmed (d). The last four may enter in a different order but they
    are always 2 Shield and 2 Unarmed.  Finally exit and lure the helmeted Zealot
    into the room to kill him. Eliminate the two crossbow Zealots by positioning
    yourself beneath one, behind the wall, and then sniping the other from across
    the room.  You can trigger the continue point here but you will spawn 7 more
    enemies so just suck it up and go for the crank.
    When the scythe zealots attack, use the Shotgun to keep them at bay until they
    are grouped together, then toss an Incendiary Grenade to kill all but the Red
    one. Finish Red with the knife and move forward. As soon as Ashley notices the
    cranks above you will have triggered a continue point.
    Your sniping skills are tested here and there really isn't any trick to it
    that differs from the regular game. Try to eliminate the Zealots that attack
    you quickly by a close-range shotgun blast to the head. Sorry, but there is no
    easy way out here.  Move on to the chapel, clear the area, finish the chapter.
    3.20 Chapter 3-2
    Handgun Bullets (115), Shotgun Shells (55), TMP Ammo (100)
    Green Herb x4, Red Herb x1, Yellow Herb x3, FAS x1
    Incendiary Grenade x2, Flash Grenade x1
    Butterfly Lamp, Illuminados Pendant, Elegant Mask, Red Gem, Velvet Blue x9,
    Spinel x14
    3.21 The Sewers
    Recommended Weapon: Bolt-Action Rifle, Shotgun
    There are three Novistadors in the first Sewer room. Once you jump down the
    ladder, run forward to where the corridor turns right. Stop at the corner and
    aim your rifle to the bottom left corner at the end of the hall (7 o'clock).
    Snipe the Novistador in the head to kill him instantly. Move on to the "pool".
    There are two in the pool to snipe.  You may want to trigger the continue
    point after each kill if you doubt your skills, but be sure to trigger it
    before moving on. Clear the area and move to the 2nd sewer room. 
    There is a Novistador in the ceiling that you can snipe. Inch forward and aim
    for the VERY small and moving target achieve the kill. If you move too far
    forward (which you probably will), it will attack.  Move back to the "pool"
    room and use the Shotgun on the Novistador when it comes through the door.
    Killing him will trigger the 2nd bug to come from the cells to attack you. Use
    the door method here. Move back into the room and go to the back left cell,
    this will trigger the 3rd enemy. Kill him as he tries to enter the cell. Clear
    the area and go for the water valve.
    Once you exit, snipe the 2 in the ceiling. Move towards the main room with the
    cells. A Novistador will come from the cell directly in front of you. Use the
    Shotgun when he gets near but don't go forward. Kill it and move towards the
    exit. Once you near the hole in the ceiling you will spawn a Novistador that
    drops from there. Kill it. After you jump down and try to open the door, the
    last enemy will spawn behind you. Clear the area now. Go back to the chapel
    and toss a Grenade into the group. Jump down and finish the Red Zealot and
    collect the spoils.
    3.22 The Red Zealot Gunner
    This is pretty straight forward. The only notable thing here is that if you
    go back to the continue point the enemies will not disappear. The enemies here
    will respawn so you have to bite the bit. Kill the crossbow enemies and the
    mace wielders in the first room. Bring them through the door if necessary. Go
    to the 2nd floor, killing enemies on the way, and use the explosive barrel on
    the helmeted enemies, then jump down to have them attack. Finish them and
    chase down the Red Zealot. You probably won't have enough firepower to finish
    him before he gets to the rail gun but if you do, kudos. Kill enemies along
    the way and run around the rail gun, hitting him every now and then with the
    Red9 to kill him. Easy.  Complete the Gallery Puzzle and ready a Flash
    Once you trigger the attack, make a right and head into the door. Go up the
    steps, out the door, and around the balcony to the room with the pot. You can
    elect to use a Flash Grenade and run to your left steps if you wish but it
    isn't necessary. This is your safe spot for this section. Kill enemies as
    they approach. When the coast is clear, run around and kill the Crossbow
    enemies with your knife and/or the oil lamps. Just run up to them and start
    knifing as they have no close range attacks.  Hit the security switches.
    Move toward the door but don't open it. After the Rockets hit the door,
    coax the scythe zealot enemies back to your safe spot and eliminate them.
    After this kill the two near the Goat Ornament and move on.
    3.23 The Hedge Maze
    Recommended Weapon: Bolt-Action Rifle, Incendiary Grenade x1
    We will only be grabbing the important items here (the Yellow Herb, Red Gem,
    and two Moonstone pieces). If you like there are also: Velvet Blue, Handgun
    Bullets (10), Shotgun Shells (10), Tmp Ammo (50), FAS x1, and a Green Herb.
    I don't think the risk is worth spawning more Comillos. First off, enter the
    maze. Once you pass the two nearby barrels a dog will come from the left. You
    can eliminate each one with one rifle shot. Move left towards the two in the
    cage. Don't go through the gate, but snipe them. Go through the gate now and
    head left. Go over the bridge and grab the Moonstone piece from the fountain.
    Equip an Incendiary Grenade and head back to the bridge. Trigger the three
    Comillos and toss the Incendiary Grenade at them. This will kill them quickly
    but if you miss one, pull out the Shotty. Now go back to the cage where you
    sniped the two Comillos. Go straight past it to the wall and grab the Yellow
    Herb. Backtrack and make an immediate left. You will hear a dog here. Often it
    will back and forth in front of you a few times.  If you don't see it within
    a second or two it spawned behind you. Simply turn around. Kill it and go
    right, then right again to get the Red Gem from the chest. Head up the nearby
    steps to nab the other moonstone piece. Face the exit gate, jump down and end
    this portion.
    3.30 Chapter 3-3
    Rocket Launcher
    Handgun Bullets (50),Shotgun Shells (25), Rifle Ammo (10), Magnum Bullets (3)
    Green Herb x2
    Incendiary Grenade x2, Flash Grenade x2 
    Mirror w/Pearls & Rubies, Hourglass w/Gold Decor, Spinel x4, Velvet Blue x1
    3.31 The Caged Garrador
    Recommended Weapon: Grenade x1, Bolt-Action Rifle, Shotgun, Red9
    Grab all of the items here. Since we've been saving our Grenades, this part is
    extremely easy. Once you trigger the sequence, make sure you SKIP IT. This can
    give you a few precious seconds more than if you watch the cutscene. As soon
    as you skip the cutscene, toss a Grenade at the door. You will destroy nearby
    enemies and the lock. Now get out of there and eliminate the enemies around
    the cage before focusing on the Garrador. See...easy. Now if you for some
    reason didn't heed my advice (shame on you) and don't have a Grenade, here is
    an alternative.  You need a weapon (BAR) with 10 power to do this. The lock
    takes three shots from the weapon but you have to move FAST. Skip the scene,
    then immediatly fire 2 shots at the lock. Don't zoom in, you won't have time
    and you shouldn't need to anyway. You will get grabbed from the zealot from
    behind here. Shake him off, then turn left and run toward the crossbow zealot
    to quickly get a headshot. Now turn around and move towards the gate. The
    Garrador should be on your right as you move. Then make a right around the
    pedestal and do a 180 to fire the 3rd shot at the door, opening it. Equip the
    Shotty to use on the zealots coming through the door, then get out of there.
    It may take a few tries, but you can do this and only get hit once (from the
    unarmed zealot grabbing you).  Go through to the storage room and unlock the
    door. Grab the items here. We'll be coming back later for the B. Butterfly.
    You may encounter two Novistadors here, but in my many playthroughs I've only
    encountered them here once.  
    3.32 The Free Rocket Launcher
    Lure the enemies below to the ladder to quickly eliminate them. Jump down to
    trigger the bridge switch. Climb up the ladder to trigger two Zealots, then
    jump back down to the lower level.  Once the two zealots jump down, evade them
    and climb the ladder. After knifing them, move forward and run across the
    bridge until the shield enemies come through the door. Jump off the bridge
    to the lower level. Now, use your rifle to snipe the three Shield enemies
    waiting patiently for you on the upper level. (Thanks to Mojojojo987 for help
    here). Snipe/kill the shield enemy behind the gate. Go across the bridge and
    round the glass case. Go up the steps and kill the crossbow enemy and his
    friend. Now you can either grab the items now, or move on, get the XL case
    and come back for the Rocket Launcher. In any case grab the Rocket Launcher
    since we'll be using it later.  This is chapter is very easy.
    3.40 Chapter 3-4
    Handgun Bullets (20), Rifle Ammo (10)
    Flash Grenade x1
    Spinel x1
    Handgun Bullets (15)
    Green Herb x2, Red Herb x1, Yellow Herb x1
    Gold Bangle, Velvet Blue x2, Spinel x3
    3.41 Freeing Ashley
    Recommended Weapon: Bolt-Action Rifle
    Grab the items in the room and use your skills to free her from the trap. If
    you are confident in your skills, use the Handgun. If not...rifle. First you
    have three Zealots to kill. Once you dispose of them you can either toss a
    Flash Grenade once the Red Zealot and his friends arive to give you some 
    quality rifle time with the crossbow enemies, or you can hold on to it.  There
    are five Zealots, two Crossbow, and one Red Zealot. Finish this crew with your
    rifle and/or handgun but make sure to take out the crossbow enemies quickly.
    3.42 Playing as Ashley
    Recommended Weapons: Lanterns
    Don't use any healing items here, ever. If you can't do it without getting hit
    you need to try again. Don't worry about the first Zealot. Run past him and
    climb under the table and through the wall to the 2nd room. Use the three
    lanterns to kill the zealot here and grab the items (we will come back for the
    other items later).  Open the gate and move forward getting items as you go.
    For the puzzle, move the piece at 9 o'clock and then rotate all the other
    pieces clockwise around the center. After triggering the attack, run past the
    suits of armour, master the QTEs and head back to the rooms with the gates.
    You can collect the items here easily since the zealots are gone.  Clear the
    area and reunite with Leon.  On to Chapter 4.
    4.10 Chapter 4-1
    Broken Butterfly
    Handgun Bullets (165), Shotgun Shells (60), Rifle Ammo (10), TMP Ammo (100),
    Magnum Bullets (5)
    Green Herb x5, Red Herb x3, Yellow Herb x2, FAS x2
    Hand Grenade x2, Incendiary Grenade x2, Flash Grenade x1
    Elegant Perfume Bottle, Illuminados Pendant, Elegant Chessboard,
    Purple Gem, Butterfly Lamp, Gold Bangle, Crown, Crown Jewel, Velvet Blue x8,
    Spinel x8
    4.11 The Dragon Room
    Recommended Weapons: Bolt-Action Rifle, Red9
    First off, our goal is to quickly go back and grab the free Broken Butterfly.
    Backtrack to the dining room. There are seven enemies here, but you can dodge
    most of them. Run around the cage using your shotgun to make a path, then left
    towards the storage room. There is a scythe zealot here which you can stun and
    bypass. Go back to the terrace and grab the Broken Butterfly and other items.
    Go back the way you came. You can fight the scythe enemies if you wish, but I
    don't think it is worth your time/ammo.  Once you get back to the dragon room
    save at the typewriter. 
    Go in and use your Rifle to snipe the golden links holding up the nearest
    dragon statue. Two shots to the same link will cause it to fall. Do this for
    the 2nd statue also. Move past the rotating cage and kill the two zealots here
    which is easy if you keep your back to the rotating cage. This next part is
    easy if you move quickly. Go forward to trigger the 3rd dragon statue but then
    IMMEDIATELY run back toward the rotating cage, 180, and use two rifle shots to
    down the 3rd statue. You will have a few zealots to fight, but if you move
    quickly you can fell the statue while the zealots are busy pointing and
    yelling at you. As soon as you destroy the statue the enemies stop spawning.
    Kill the two leftovers, grab the items here and head back out.
    4.12 The Grails
    Recommended Weapons: Flash Grenade x2, Broken Butterfly, Bolt-Action Rifle
    I won't lie to you...getting the King's Grail is one of the most difficult
    portions of the game if you aren't prepared. Since you don't have much room
    to run and their movement is based on yours, it is hard to provide a foolproof
    strategy here, but I will give you tips on how I pull it off.
    Grab all of the items in the portrait hall, the most important one being the
    Flash Grenade. Hopefully you have at least two.  Leave Ashley outside before
    you go in and grab the Grail. The first three knights will come after you. Now
    is the time to pull out the Broken Butterfly. One shot to the head will expose
    the Plagas. If you are quick you can get them all and drop the Flash Grenade.
    If you are a bit slow, you can run around the center room to get a clean shot.
    The knights have a blind spot behind them and often you can catch them looking
    around and get a clean headshot. Use the same strategy for the second wave.
    You should have two Flash Grenades but if you only have one (from the portrait
    hallway), save it for the second wave.  (Thanks to Wr4ith_Bl4d3 for help with
    this strategy).
    The Queen's Grail is much much easier. Move the statues, shoot the switches in
    the ceiling with your handgun before you enter. Move on and use the rifle to
    stop the drill and rescue Ashley. Grab the items in this room and continue
    toward the exit.  At the end of the hall there are six enemies. Snipe the two
    with shields as they wait. You should be able to snipe the two helmet-less
    enemies before the two helmeted ones close in. Back up and wait for them to
    come to you, then blast them with the Shotgun and finish them.  Move on, grab
    all the items and head for the Novistador Hive. After you trigger the scene,
    run back into the hallway and jump over the window ledge. The bugs cannot get
    you here. Wait until one of them goes airborn and then shoot them for an
    instant kill. (Thanks to Mmasamune for this tip). Once you finish them, take
    out the Hive and grab the Eyes. Make sure to grab the Butterfly Lamp here.
    4.13 The Clock Tower
    Recommended Weapons: Knife, Hand Grenade x2, Bolt-Action Rifle
    Snipe the two Zealots wandering around the tower to prevent the catapults from
    firing. Kill the other two zealots go in to the clock tower, grab the items,
    shoot the planks.  Flick the switch. There is one crossbow zealot on the floor
    below you and two on the floor below that. Use your knife to dispose of them.
    Go out the door to trigger the continue point. Go back in and go down the next
    ladder to spawn new enemies. After the dynamite explodes, run forward to the
    corner and turn left. Stun the incoming enemy with a shot to the face. Turn
    around and run back to the ladder (make sure that the zealot has jumped down 
    to your level before climbing back up). Back up against the wall and let the
    Dynamite Zealot kill the enemies for you. After they are dead, in gratitude, 
    kill him. Move foward and kill the one remaining crossbow enemy at the bottom.
    Go out and prepare for the three shield enemies. You can snipe all three of
    them before they get to you if your aim is true. Or just use the continue
    point trick. Save at the typewriter. Now you can do this next part easily if
    you have two grenades. Move foward and trigger the enemies. Toss two grenades
    forward at the leader zealot, then fire a rifle shot at him while he is down
    to finish it. Run forward, grab his treasure, and enter the door. If you want
    to kill all the enemies, after you trigger the attack throw a grenade (any) at
    the leader and head back to the typewriter. Here you can stage a standoff, but
    beware as the enemies will often spawn adult Plagas. Make use of Incendiary
    Grenades. The loss of health/ammo isn't worth it in my opinion. You can run
    past after tossing the first grenade and choose not to kill this group, but I
    don't advise it and here is why...
    Once you get past this group you have to face the dual Garradors. Enter in but
    don't move forward. Snipe one of the nearby zealots then turn and exit. If you
    listened to me and killed the group surrounding the leader zealot you will be
    safe. If you didn't you will most likely be attacked. Go back in and snipe the
    2nd zealot.  Trigger the continue point again. Now go back in to deal with the
    Garradors. Do not go up the steps or you will spawn additional zealots. You
    should be able to deal with the Garradors with minimal effort, just be sure to
    stay aware of their positions or you could be decapitated. After killing them,
    you can either use handgun bullets on the jars and make a run for the door as
    you grab items on the way or you could go up the steps, spawn the enemies, and
    kill them off. If you decide to make a run for it, skip the nearby spinels.
    4.14 Verdugo
    RECOMMENDED WEAPON: Rocket Launcher
    This is a short section, but since it is a boss I am covering it anyway.  Grab
    items in the pit. Make sure to pick up the Striker from the Merchant. Move
    through the tunnels grabbing the items. Start the elevator then move to the
    nearby canister. Once Verdugo arrives, wait for him to run towards you in the
    intersection. Freeze him. Pull out the Rocket Launcher. Bing. Bang. Boom. Dead
    Verdugo. Pick up all the items here and head for the excavation site.
    4.20 Chapter 4-2
    Handgun (60), Shotgun Shells (55), Rifle Shots (5), TMP Ammo (50),
    Magnum Bullets (5) 
    Green Herb x4, Red Herb x1, FAS x1
    Hand Grenade x2, Incendiary Grenade x1, Flash Grenade x2
    Royal Insignia, Spinel x1, Velvet Blue x2
    4.21 Excavation Site
    Recommended Weapons: Knife, Bolt-Action Rifle
    Kill the two enemies in the first part of the tunnel. When you approach the
    excavation site, snipe the axe Ganado near the ladder. You will be luring the
    enemies here to knife them and you don't want him tossing axes at you. Beware
    of enemies climbing the ladder as sometimes they stop at the bottom to throw
    axes at you. After you've killed all the enemies (you'll have to go down and
    back up the ladder a few times) hit the switch to trigger the cart. Run up the
    ledge and hit the switch. Head back down to trigger the next attack. You can
    pick off alot of enemies as they jump down from the platform and as they run
    at you. Hold your ground near the switch and kill all incoming enemies. After
    that snipe the Dr. Salvador standing patiently near the exit. If you are good
    at sniping you can keep hitting him as he makes his way toward you. Or you can
    wait until he closes is and use the Striker, etc. Finish this area by sniping
    the two near the exit. Now you might want to go back and buy a rocket launcher
    here to make the upcoming battle VERY easy. If not, that is okay too.
    4.22 El Gigante x2
    Recommended Weapons: Pit Trap, Rocket Launcher or Bolt-Action Rifle
    If you really want to take the easy way out. Use a Rocket Launcher on one and
    use the pit trap on the other. If you don't want to spend money on the rocket
    launcher use the pit trap on one. For the remaining one, head to the zip line.
    When El Gigante approaches, use the zip line to get to the ground floor, turn
    around and fire at him. When the Plagas emerge, knife him. Do this over and
    over and over until he dies. 
    4.23 The Novistador Cave
    Recommended Weapon: Striker
    The Cave is easy if you remember a simple rule: Never stay out in the open. If
    you stay near the cave mouths and fire your Shotgun at the enemies as they
    come in you can stay safe by hitting them with the spread and knocking them.
    down. Also if you shoot the enemies as they are flying over the pit you can
    kill them with one shot. Whenever you hear the fluttering of their wings, head
    for a cave and stand your ground. Keep in mind that after you trigger each
    switch you will spawn more enemies. Whatever you do, don't try to fight out in
    the open.  After opening the door, continue past the trap to the elevator.
    the cave until you no longer hear the enemies.
    4.30 Chapter 4-3
    Handgun Bullets (30), Shotgun Shells (10), Rifle Shots (5)
    Green Herb x2, Red Herb x1, Yellow Herb x1
    Hand Grenade x1, Flash Grenade x1 
    Staff of Royalty, Velvet Blue x5, Spinel x1
    4.31 The Ruins
    Recommended Weapon: Bolt-Action Rifle, Red9, Striker, Flash Grenade x1
    After getting the items here and talking to the merchant, move forward. Kill
    the first two ganados.  Head up the nearby ladder to the platform with the
    barrel and toss a grenade towards the fire to take out the group. Use the
    ladder/knife strategy to take out any survivors but beware of the axethrowers.
    Move along to the area with the Dr. Salvadors after clearing the area. Now is
    the time to put your rifle ammo to work. You can snipe four Ganados here. If
    they close in on you move back in to the tunnel and make short work of them.
    There is also one Ganado below near the Staff of Royalty and one near the back
    of the room. After killing them all you will probably hear the first Dr.
    Salvador toting his chainsaw in all of his I-can't-jump-down-the-ledge glory.
    Stand at the ground and use your Red9 to off him. Now for the other Dr. Open
    the ground floor door slowly and lure Dr. Salvador to you by shooting him.
    Do not go in the room yet or you will trigger another wave. When he comes out
    use your Shotgun/Red9 to take him out. Head inside and up to grab the Key
    to the Mine. Ladder/knife enemies as they come at you. If you stay near the
    ladder you shouldn't have to worry about any enemies coming up the steps.
    After you kill them all, clear the area. If you are REALLY low on ammo do the
    following: after you have all of the initial enemies destroyed. Head to the
    bottom door. Run in and use the Striker on Dr. Salvador to knock him down.
    Run up the steps. Just as you reach the top, the 2nd Dr. Salvador should be
    at the top of the steps. Use the Striker to knock him down and grab the key.
    Push the ladder down and jump out the window. You may get grabbed here,
    but it is better than fighting x2 Salvadors. You can go for the exit, or if
    your way is blocked, head back to the entrance tunnel to make a stand with
    the Striker until you have a clean shot at the door.  In the room with the
    spike ceiling just toss a Flash Grenade to kill the Plagas and hit the
    switches with your guns.
    4.32 The Minecart Ride
    Recommended Weapon: Striker
    The Striker is your friend. Know it, love it, just don't make sweet Striker
    babies with it.  First of all, stay in the rear cart. If you want to grab the
    money dropped by the Dr. Salvadors, go for it but make your way to the rear
    cart. Now use the Striker on any enemies that jump into the rear cart. Aim for
    their head.  When Plagas appear in your cart. Aim down and kill them ASAP.
    The spread from your shots should hit the enemies in the other carts. Fire at
    any enemies that try to climb in to your cart but wait until they get close to
    maximize damage. When the Ganados hit the switch to stop your cart, aim your
    weapon for the switch and let loose. If you can get the cart to keep moving
    you can reduce the amount of enemies to fight. Make sure to be quick with the
    QTEs. You can use them to take out the Dr. Salvadors in one blow, but if you
    do this you will have to move quickly to grab the money before the segment is
    over. Stay in the back cart, use the Striker. Simple. If you haven't been
    conservative with your shotgun ammo you can use the rifle to shoot through
    multiple enemies.  Head out of the Mine, back to the ruins and in to the tower
    with the Salazar statue. The castle will soon be a thing of the past.
    4.40 Chapter 4-4
    Handgun Bullets (130), Shotgun Shells (70), Rifle Ammo (20), TMP Ammo (200)
    Magnum Bullets (5)
    Green Herb x4, Red Herb x1, Yellow Herb x1, FAS x2
    Incendiary Grenade x2, Flash Grenade x2
    Velvet Blue x2, Spinel x2
    4.41 Salazar Statue
    Recommended Weapon: Bolt-Action Rifle, Red9
    If you have a good surplus of rifle ammo you can make this section very easy.
    Since one shot from the exclusive BAR will eliminate even the shielded zealots
    simply use the typewriter or elevator to trigger continue points and pick off
    the enemies one by one. After you trigger the first wave you will have to go
    up the steps to kill the first zealot. Climb up the ladder and kill the one
    waiting on the 2nd floor. You can either snipe  the enemies on the other side
    now or lure them to the hallway near the typewriter and eliminate them here.
    After killing them, jump on the first hand and turn around to kill the two on
    the third floor.  Don't hit the switch yet, however. Go back down and hit the
    middle switch to activate the other hand.  Kill any enemies here. If you can
    get them to jump to the lower level you can kill them as they climb up the
    ladder. When the coast is clear, head back to the 2nd floor and hit the switch
    with a handgun round. Go down where the Red Zealot appeared and activate the
    switch. This will spawn more enemies but you won't have to fight them. Run
    past Salazar's feet, climb the ladder, hop on the hand and activate the switch
    that you skipped earlier.  This will spawn more enemies. Jump down and head
    for the exit.  Make sure to equip the Striker or something that can break the
    lock quickly. Finish the button sequences and go in to Salazar's tower.  This
    takes time more than anything to pick of enemies one by one.
    4.42 Salazar's Tower
    Recommended Weapon: Bolt-Action Rifle, Striker
    After dodging the knife get the items on the ground floor. Climb up the stairs
    but when you see the barrels come-a-tumblin down hold your ground. Watch as
    one of the scythe enemies runs right in to the barrel. Just make sure to stay
    back so that he doesn't throw the scythe at you. After he dies, snipe the 2nd
    enemy waiting at the top of the ladder, then finally take out the one at the
    switch. Move around and climb up the ladder. You will trigger another attack.
    Use the switch to send barrels their way and let the Dynamite thrower kill the
    enemies manage to get past your continuous onslaught of barrels. Once the 
    coast is clear, snipe the Dynamite enemy. You can go back to the ground floor
    and kill the zealot there for money if you wish.  Now head for the elevator
    and equip the Striker. For clarity purposes let us say that where you get on
    the elevator is the SOUTH. After pushing the boxes, head to the WEST side of
    the elevator but do NOT stand in the corner. Blast enemies with the Striker as
    they drop down but make sure you are not facing a corner. This strategy will
    allow you to blow the enemies clean off of the platform and not have to
    actually kill them. Also by standing WEST and facing EAST you can kill the
    Crossbow Zealots easily with the Striker.  You may have to run around a bit
    but remember to shoot the enemies OFF the platform and not in to the corners.
    After this, grab the items here and head for the showdown with Salazar. 
    4.43 Salazar
    Recommended Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Striker
    once the battle starts head right to the edge of the platform near the Shotgun
    shells. Here you are safe from Salazar's bouncing head attack and instant kill
    attack. All you have to worry about are the QTE's from the nearby tentacle.
    You can make the Tentacle retreat for a while if you fire some Striker shells
    at it. The goal: hit the big eye and then use the Rocket Launcher on the
    exposed Salazar. If you do not opt for the RL strategy, use the exclusive BAR.
    It will take close to ten shots to finish him off this way. Keep in mind that
    the adult Plagas will spawn over and over. You can get random drops from them
    but you may end up using more ammo than you gain.  This is very easy if you
    stay on the right platform and you are quick with the QTEs. The hardest part
    is hitting the big eye since it moves erratically.  After the battle grab all
    the items that you can and head for the Island.
    5.10 Chapter 5-1
    Infrared Scope
    Handgun Bullets (40), Shotgun Shells (70), Rifle Shots (40), TMP Ammo (275)
    Magnum Bullets (11)
    Green Herb x10, Red Herb x3,Yellow Herb x3
    Hand Grenade x2, Incendiary Grenade x3, Flash Grenade x3
    Golden Lynx, Red Stone of Faith, Brass Pocket Watch, Emerald x7, 
    5.11 The Compound
    Recommended Weapon: Bolt-Action Rifle, Knife
    First of all, there are three Flash Grenades in Chapter 5-1. Do not use them.
    Trust me.  Also save every Hand Grenade that you come across. You'll want 4-8
    for the Saddler fight.
    Grab the emerald on the cliff and shoot the spotlight. Move forward and kill
    the one Commando. Trigger JJ but stand your ground and use Rifle shots to his
    head to kill him. Now move forward to the back of the compound. Climb the
    ladder on the building with the rotating lens and knife anything that climbs
    up the ladder. Do not climb up the ladder near the 1st lens as you are a good
    target for the crossbow commando. After the first wave, go down and kill the
    crossbow enemies. Collect the items here and head to the ladder whenever an
    enemy pops up that you missed or forgot about. After grabbing the items, open
    the door with the laser. Move along and killing and looting.  Once you get to
    the ladder go up, kill the lone enemy, then trigger the continue point. Go to
    the back tunnels killing the enemies one by one and gather the items. Once you
    have done this, trigger the continue point again. There are alot of enemies
    You don't have to kill alot of the enemies here, but if you want to, do so.
    Use the explosive barrel to take out the enemies on the platform and make a
    stand from behind the stack of boxes. Here you can pick of the enemies in
    relative safety. Once you've made a path to the door, take it.  Head up to the
    door and use the wagon to take out any enemies trailing you. Now you can climb
    up to the upper level and grab the items and make a stand here, or just head
    inside. Move down the hallway to the merchant and do business with him if you
    like. Run to the end of the hallway and use a Striker shot to stun the enemies
    long enought for you to get inside.
    5.12 The Regenerators
    Recommended Weapon: Bolt-Action Rifle, Striker, Incendiary Grenade x1
    Kill the enemies here and move on to the Armoured Commandos. There is a Hand
    Grenade in the kitchen. Snipe the first Armoured Commando through the bars and
    then snipe the one downstairs. Head for the stairs but don't go all the way
    down. After triggering the crossbow commando head back upstairs and snipe him
    through the bars. Now go down the steps and head for the Red Stone in the case
    to spawn two enemies (one with a shield).  These enemies almost always spawn
    adult Plagas. After killing them and clearing the area head for the filing
    cabinet room. Complete all of the shooting ranges if you haven't done so yet. 
    Take out the dynamite enemies when the shutter opens by firing through the
    nearby broken window. Aim for their dynamite to blow them sky high. Next you
    have to fight three crossbow enemies.  Use the window again to pick them off.
    Move forward to the red cabinet on the wall, then turn around to kill the
    commando that is trying to sneak up on you. Head in to the medical facility.
    Basic stuff here. Move along grabbing items and get the Freezer Key. Once you
    do so, run out the door and left past the Regenerator. You're not equipped to
    kill him yet. Go along the hallway towards the Freezer. Use an Incendiary
    Grenade on the Regenerator at the end of the hall to stun him and run past. Go
    to the freezer, rewrite your card, get your scope and kill the Regenerator
    here. Go out of the freezer, move to the dead end to grab the Emerald, turn
    around and make short work of the Regenerator near the Waste Disposal door.
    Use the claw on the enemies and then kill the ones that you miss as they come
    through the door. There is a Hand Grenade here, too.  After killing the bad
    guys, head down near the waste shoot, grab the items, then move on to the
    security shutter room. MAKE SURE TO GRAB THE FLASH GRENADE in the cabinets.
    Continue to the holding room but be aware of the two armoured commandos. Use
    the Striker and BAR to make short work of them. The Striker is particularly
    devastating if you aim for the head and can headshot them easily.  The next
    room is easy if you abuse the continue point trick and pick off the enemies
    one by one. Grab the second Flash Grenade here.  Now for the Iron Maiden.
    5.13 The Iron Maiden
    Recommended Weapon: Bolt-Action Rifle
    Enter in and trigger the cutscene. Snipe the Iron Maiden as it approaches and
    gather items in the area. If you are short on attache case (which I often am
    at this point) make trips back and forth to the merchant and sell what you can
    to make room for what you find. As usual, keep your grenades.  Don't forget to
    gather the items in the radio tower before you head back. You can get your 3rd
    Flash Grenade from the crows. You will need them for the Wrecking Ball Room.
    Head back to the X-Ray room where you will find five enemies, three of them
    that have crossbows. Go back to the cell and unlock it to end Chapter 5-1.
    5.20 Chapter 5-2
    Handgun Bullets (20), Shotgun Shells (60), Rifle Ammo (20), TMP Ammo (75)
    Green Herb x4, Red Herb x2, Yellow Herb x1, FAS x1
    Hand Grenade x1, Incendiary Grenade x1
    Green Stone of Judgement 
    5.21 The Wrecking Ball
    Recommended Weapons: Bolt-Action Rifle, Flash Grenades x3
    Head out of the cell. There are enemies waiting for you. Specifically one
    Armoured Commando, one crossbow, one shield, and two others with weapons. The
    best way is to trigger the attack while Ashley waits in the cell, then back
    through the door and kill the enemies as they come through. Pretty basic. The
    security shutter room, however, is more of a pain.  Once you go in you have
    four enemies to contend with, one with a crossbow. Place Ashley in the corner
    where you entered and kill the enemies quickly. Bring Ashley over with you to
    the shutter and open it, which will bring in three more commandos.  Use the
    Striker to quickly knock them down and then finish them off before they can do
    too much damage. Now head for the garbage shoot.  Jump down and trigger the
    Iron Maiden. Put Ashley in the dumpster, close the gate, and kill the Iron
    Maiden as it stands by the gate.  Now retrieve Ashley and push the first box
    to create a bridge. Now backtrack to the first dumpster and look through the
    wall at the Iron Maiden waiting for you. Snipe the Plagas on it's back and put
    Ashley in the dumpster again. Finish it off as it moves slowly towards you.
    Gather the items here and move into the next room. As soon as you get in, use
    your BAR to snipe the Armoured Commando and then trigger the continue point.
    Go back in and kill the remaining enemies. Trigger the point again before you
    jump into the actual wrecking ball room.  Now you will make use of those Flash
    Grenades that we've been saving. 
    As soon as the enemies appear, toss a Flash Grenade. Run over to the control
    panel and have Leon activate the ball. While it is resetting the enemies will
    be stunned from your Flash Grenade. Once they recover, toss #2. Make sure you
    toss the Flash Grenade at the enemies or some may be out of your range. During
    the second stunning you should be able to activate the ball again. If it still
    isn't ready, take this opportunity to snipe the crossbow commando on the other
    side of the pit. When the enemies recover, use Flash #3. Activate the ball for
    the third time and head for the exit. 
    5.22 The Bulldozer Ride
    Recommended Weapon: Striker
    Head into the hallway with the shutters. Kill the two Regenerators here with
    your Rifle and gather all the items.  Go to the Bulldozer and equip your good
    friend the Striker. The goal here, like in Salazar's tower, is to knock the
    enemies off but not necessarily kill them. Stand in the corner near Ashley so
    that you can get a good view of the area. You can shoot the truck grill with
    the Red9. It doesn't take much to cause it to crash. After the Bulldozer stops
    you must hit the switch. Once you can jump off the bulldozer, turn left and go
    up the ladder. Run for the switch, blasting enemies with the Striker all the
    way there. There should be two enemies in the way. Activate the switch and run
    back to the bulldozer the way you came...guns blazing. Jump down the ladder to
    make the enemies vanish. If you move quickly you can hit the switch before the
    enemies even get to the bulldozer.  Now that you're moving again, use the same
    strategy as before but be aware of enemies that will drop right next to you.
    Aim up to their face with the Striker to get some headshots on them. Make sure
    to blast all of the others off of the bulldozer.  Shoot the truck once again.
    Once it crashes, grab the items and end the Chapter.
    5.30 Chapter 5-3
    Handgun Bullets (60), Shotgun Shells (70), TMP Ammo (300), Magnum Bullets (13)
    Green Herb x10, Red Herb x2, Yellow Herb x3, FAS x1
    Hand Grenade x1, Incendiary Grenade x1, Flash Grenade x2
    Elegent Headdress, Blue Stone of Treason, Emerald x4
    5.31 U3 aka IT
    Recommended Weapon: Striker, Incendiary Grenade, Rocket Launcher
    After collecting the items in the beginning of this Chapter, make your way to
    the boiler room. You can get the Shotgun shells on the 2nd floor without
    alerting the commandos if you stay along the edge. Now when you go in to the
    boiler room you can either run straight past them (and around the one in the
    middle of the hall) and miss the Shotgun Shells (5), Flash Grenade, and some
    money or you can lure them do the chokepoint and kill them all. Your choice.
    Continue on to the Krauser knife fighting sequence and the laser room. Head
    to the throne room, down the elevator, grab the items and pick up a Rocket
    Launcher from the merchant. Hopefully you have the Striker exclusive by now
    as it will make the upcoming fight alot easier. A fair supply of Incendiary
    Grenades can't hurt either, but it isn't necessary.
    First off there are a few things to know about U3. Incendiary Grenades will
    often cause it to flee during the cage sequence. If you don't have any, use the
    Striker. Fire at his HEAD and stand your ground. Sometimes you can get lucky
    and he will flee after 1 shot. Sometimes it takes more, just make sure you
    have some distance before you start firing. There is one Incendiary Grenade
    at the beginning of the 2nd cage, but save it for now.
    When the battle begins, if you have an extra I. Grenade, use it now. If you 
    try to fend him off with the Striker, because you start so close to him, he
    will probably grab you at least once. Move through the first cage as normal
    blasting U3 whenever IT shows IT's face. In the second cage you can shoot the
    green button near the Incendiary Grenade before moving deeper into the cage.
    Continue on as normal here. Once you get to the third cage and activate the
    first switch U3 will show up and change. Run along the right side of U3 and
    sharply turn into the tunnel. You can evade him easily if here. Move along
    to the first red switch and 99% of the time U3 will come for you. Now is the
    time to use the Incendiary Grenade since it takes much more damage to scare
    IT off than in the previous two cages. Run back through the tunnel to the
    other switch, jump on the hook and breath a sigh of relief...the hard part
    is over.
    Now, once the battle starts, back up 2 to 3 steps, fire the rocket launcher.
    Aim for the head.  Don't spend too much time aiming or you will get caught
    in the blast. This will cause IT to scream. Then pull out your handgun and
    fire 1-2 bullets into the appendage on his back to end it. You can use an
    extra I. Grenade instead if you have one. Grab the items (don't forget to
    use the cable car) and move on.
    5.32 Krauser
    Recommended Weapon: Knife and Matilda (just kidding)
    At the enemy camp, just use the explosive barrels and the ladder to kill them
    all. Grab the items and head for the merchant and then Krauser. I cannot state
    enought that you must use the KNIFE on Krauser. Many of you know this by now,
    but it must be said. Anyway...move through the compound grabbing any items you
    can carry. Once you enter the final tower you won't be able to come back for
    them. Whenever Krauser is near draw your knife, aim low, and hold down the
    attack button. Turn to follow Krauser as he closes in and knife him in the
    knees. After a few slashes he will retreat. If he pulls out his TMP make sure
    to run up close to him and slash. Nothing new to this section. Pull out your
    Striker when the robots make their appearance. Once you get to the final piece
    the difficult part of this battle ensues. 
    The QTEs are faster and Krauser does more damage, but otherwise the strategy
    remains the same. Once the battle starts and you dodge the first QTE knife low
    and hold down the attack button, just like before. Move with Krauser as he
    moves around you, just keep an eye on the middle of the screen for when those
    pesky QTEs pop up. You will probably die a few times here but don't worry
    since you will restart at the top of the tower. You can try to beat him
    without using any healing items but it can be difficult. Just aim low, use the
    knife and heal as needed.  All in all it should take less than 60 seconds.
    5.40 Chapter 5-4
    Handgun Bullets (40), Shotgun Shells (70), Rifle Shots (15), TMP Ammo (200)
    Magnum Bullets (18)
    Green Herb x8, Red Herb x3, Yellow Herb x3, FAS x2
    Hand Grenade x1, Incendiary Grenade x1, Flash Grenade x3
    Pearl Pendant, Emerald x2
    5.41 The Mike Battle
    Recommended Weapons: Striker, Knife, Bolt-Action Rifle
    This is easier than you might think.  When the battle begins, run forward and
    into the tent on the left. Once the gunner stops to reload move along the left
    and hide behind the hill. Grab the items here. Again, wait until the gunner
    reloads, then run down to the lower level and back in to the corner near the
    barrell.  Turn around and defend your safe spot against all comers. After the
    coast is clear, move toward the locked gate to spawn more enemies. Go back to
    your safe spot and snipe the crossbow and dynamite on the upper level one by
    one. After the coast is clear, go up and gather their items. Go back down to
    the locked gate and go through now. You will activate another gunner. Run
    through the tunnel but be prepared for two shield commandos on the other side.
    Stun them and climb up the ladder. Turn left and run around the building to
    the barrel. Stay here and kill any incoming enemies. Once the coast is clear,
    climb to the top, run around, and kill the gunner. Round up any remaining
    enemies (the two shield commandos, etc.) by using the ladder/knife. When you
    are ready open the door and spawn JJ the machine gunner. Fire at the exploding
    barrel as the enemies come down from the zipline and kill the one that charges
    you from the left. Once they are disposed of, go for BAR headshots on JJ. To
    do this, run to once side of the building and when he starts to fire, run to
    the other side and aim for his head. Keep him under fire to end his life. Now
    head up to the zipline, go down and grab his money but don't hit the switch.
    Jump down from the platform, then down again to the area with two tents. Grab
    the items, then go back down the zipline for the switch. This is a continue
    point. Now comes the harder part. Hopefully you have at least two rifle shots.
    Before going in to the compound you can lure two commandos through the gate (1
    has a shield) and kill them in safety. After this move in to have the doors
    close behind you. Run into the tunnel on the left and grab the random barrel.
    If you have 0 rifle shots and it doesn't give you the (2)shot drop, reset to
    continue point. Once you have your shots (or if you already did), climb up the
    ladder and knife anything that tries to climb up. Keep an eye on the 2nd floor
    entrance as sometimes commandos will brave the gunners and sneak in. Kill all
    enemies that come after you. This is a slow process.  Once the coast is clear
    you have the three gunners to worry about. Gunner-West (near your current
    position), Gunner-East (across the compound), and Gunner-North (ground level).
    Once Gunner-West stops firing, peek out and headshot him. One down, two to go.
    Now, once the firing ceases run around the 2nd floor catwalk and into the
    small alcove with the barrel. If you are lucky, Gunner-North will kill Gunner-
    East for you. If not, don't worry. Wait until you have a clear shot and run
    behind the building where Gunner-East is positioned. Now if you back in to the
    corner near the metal plate there is a small hole between the plate and the
    rock that you can snipe Gunner-North. You can only hit him in the shoulder but
    one BAR will finish him. Now wait until Gunner-East stops firing and either
    run up to him and kill him or run in to the building behind him and kill him
    from a safer position. Now it is only a matter of cleaning up the few enemies
    near Gunner-West's position and hitting the switches. 
    5.42 The Home Stretch
    Recommended Weapons: Bolt-Action Rifle
    You know the drill. Move along collecting items. Kill the Regenerator and go
    to the last compound.  Get a few headshots on the crossbow enemies around the
    corner and trigger the attack. Head back towards the entrance and kill enemies
    as they come after you. Most of the enemies spawn Plagas 1.0 in this scene so
    use extra Incendiary Grenades if you have them.  Don't use your Hand Grenades
    as those are saved for Saddler.  Once you clear some move forward and JJ will
    show up. Introduce him to your BAR and kill any enemies in the area and grab
    items before hitting any switches. Use the explosive barrels now because you
    won't need them later.
    Once you hit the switch and trigger the next attack, run out along the second
    floor catwalk. A few commandos will be jumping down the ladder. Clear the
    path with the Striker, climb the ladder, and set up camp in the small room
    with one door. Use Red9 shots to the head of enemies trying to climb up the
    ladder and Striker shots on anyone trying to walk into your safe spot. The
    Striker will knock them off the catwalk and add them to the pile of enemies
    climbing the ladder. You will see many Plagas emerge but just shoot them as
    they climb up the ladder. Once the enemies stop coming you will have to go out
    and left to kill the crossbow enemies here. Now that the main force is dead,
    grab the keys and hit the switches. If you have some explosive barrels and
    wandering enemies left, finish the job. After opening the door head out in to
    the hallway and eliminate the few shield enemies here.
    Do your business with the merchant and head for the final few enemies in the
    tunnel. Snipe the armoured commandos and kill the two regular commandos near
    the door. Head into the room where Ada shot Saddler and grab the items here.
    Clear the area and finish the chapter. Pick up a Rocket Launcher.
    6.10 The Final Chapter
    Shotgun Shells (10), TMP Ammo (50)
    Green Herb x1, Yellow Herb x1
    Hand Grenade x1, Incendiary Grenade x1
    6.11 Saddler
    Recommened Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Hand Grenades 4-8, Special Launcher
    This battle is simple if you have grenades and the Rocket Launcher. First off
    fire the Rocket Launcher at him for some big damage. Knife the main eye. Toss
    a Hand Grenade, knife the main eye, toss another hand grenade, knife the main
    eye (getting the picture yet?). After exhausting your grenades, if Ada doesn't
    throw the Special Launcher use the explosive barrel, the cranes, and don't
    forget the Hand Grenade on the platform across the bridge. Once Ada tosses the
    special launcher, go grab it. If you have an extra grenade/crane, etc. you can
    use it to buy you some time. Finish him off. Grab the Jet Ski, and finish the
    game with eager anticipation of purchasing your Plagas Removal Laser.  This
    ends the main walkthrough.
    7.00 Quick Treasure Reference Guide                       
    This section is intended to show what treasures are available in each chapter
    at a glance so that you can maximize your income.
    1-1 Pearl Pendent (Farm), Beerstein (Farm), Red Catseye (Captive House-Nest) 
    1-2 Elegent Mask (Valley Stronghold), Brass Pocket Watch (The Chief's House)
    1-3 Elegent Headdress (cave to the church), Green Catseye (church-rear)
        Antique Pipe (swamp), Gold Bangle w/Pearls (Lakeside-nest)
    2-1 Amber Ring (waterfall), Green Gem (merchant shop- Lake)
    2-2 None
    2-3 Red Gem (Right Path), Purple Gem (Left Path), Yellow Catseye (Cave near
        the lift control station)
    3-1 Gold Bangle (Exterior gates- near cannon), Green Gem (Entrance hall, first
        encounter with Salazar).
    3-2 Butterfly Lamp (sewers), Illuminados Pendant (Red Zealot in the Chapel-
        2nd visit), Elegant Mask (Chapel), Red Gem (Hedge Maze)
    3-3 Mirror w/Pearls & Rubies (Bedroom), Hourglass w/Gold Decor (Garrador Cage)
    3-4 Gold Bangle (Room after the block puzzle)
    4-1 Elegant Perfume Bottle (exterior gates near Broken Butterfly),
        Illuminados Pendant (Dragon Room), Elegant Chessboard (room w/Queen's
        Grail), Purple Gem (Portrait Hall), Butterfly Lamp (Hallway to the
        Ballroom), Gold Bangle (Leader Zealot on path from clock tower), Crown
        (Spike Pit), Crown Jewel (Verdugo)
    4-2 Royal Insignia (Elevator after the Novistador Cave)
    4-3 Staff of Royalty (Mine ruins)
    4-4 None
    5-1 Golden Lynx (Cave on upper cliff), Red Stone of Faith (mess hall),
        Brass Pocket Watch (medical facility)
    5-2 Green Stone of Judgement (room following Bulldozer ride)
    5-3 Elegent Headdress (throne room), Blue Stone of Treason (tunnel near the
        merchant -just before fighting Krauser)
    5-4 Pearl Pendant (Underground room after Mike's death)
    8.00 Credits and Other Stuff
    This document was created by me with the help of many people on the Resident
    Evil 4 (PS2) board at www.gamefaqs.com. The only site that is permitted to
    post this in whole or in part is www.gamefaqs.com.  Reprinting or publishing
    of this FAQ is prohibited without written permission.  This FAQ was created
    for gamers and I'm not a stickler but don't steal.
    Special thanks to DBD0607 for getting this project started on the boards.
    Special thanks to the n00b Avenger for compiling information on enemy damage
    and health which lead to various enemy and boss strategies.
    Special thanks to Mojojojo987 for help in testing and revising many of the
    strategies contained here.
    Thanks to Darth_Snake for help throughout the FAQ.
    Other contributors that submitted specific tactics are credited throughout the
    FAQ alongside the information that they provided.
    Anyone who feels that an injustice was done by their information or name not
    being listed may feel free to contact me at theonyxphoenix@hotmail.com
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2005. Micheal Stuckey

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