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"An amazing game!!!"

You look around the room, all is dark and you switch on your Play station 2, open the tray and put Resident evil in it and then you close it, unaware that what you are about to experience is going to make you wish you never played it. It will give you sleep less nights, wet pants and a very pale face, it can only be one game and that game is resident evil 4.

Story 10/10

You are Leon Scott Kennedy and you are now a government agent, you were one of the survivors of the viral outbreak in Raccoon city. Your mission is simple, recover the president's missing daughter, her last sighting was near a village. So you go and check it out un aware that the village people don't want you their. The story leads you on a action packed adventure to save the daughter of the president, but before you can you must face everything from Chainsaw rednecks to evil Gothic Monks. The story will keep you into the game for ages.

Graphics 10/10

You get out of the car at the beginning of the game and you are greeted by a lush looking dead wood. In the distance you can see a hut and you ca see the detail all the way from the wood. You realise that this game is going to be like nothing you have ever played before. The enemies are extremely detailed right down to the shoes. You know that they are infected with a mystery virus just by the look of their eyes.

Sound 10/10

You walk through a forest, knowing that you are going to encounter something or someone because you can hear their voices in the background. You go ahead with your weapon ready and then pick them off one at a time, you can hear their screams of pain and the bullets you fire scare the birds and you can hear them flying off. When you kil the people you take a rest only to hear the on coming sound of a working chainsaw, you are scared, you look around and then realise you have no ammo. You run away hearing the chainsaw wielding redneck's steps coming closer and closer to you. The sound in the game is this clear and crisp, you can hear everything that is coming but it does the sound so well that you get scared of the enemies even when tey are far away frm you.

Game play 10/10

The game play to Resident evil 4 is very good. The overall game will last you about 20 hours or even more on your first time through due to all the puzzles and then you get all the mini games at the end then you also get the alternate
difficulties to go through the game with.

The beginning of the game throws you right into the action where you have to fight for your life stopping hordes and hordes of angry villagers coming to get you. You also during the course of the game have to go against Gothic Monks and Monsters of all sorts.

Buy or Rent?

Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy that is all I can say.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/31/05

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