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"Resident Evil 4-An Unbiased Review"

Resident Evil 4 Playstation 2 Review

The game starts off with true widescreen and I've never been a big fan of RE but I was blown away by the graphics. Some of the best I had ever seen on PS2. In fact, when I first started I was paying so much attention to the graphics I wasn't focusing on the game. You find that you're not really fighting zombies but virus injected villagers. Your goal is to rescue the President's daughter but once you do the game really just starts rolling and keeps getting better. I don't want to spoil it so I won't elaborate but it turns into a global plot.

Instead of taking place in one area like the other ones (at least some) and some parts are scary, like being boarded into a little house and villagers breaking the windows, hopping in etc. They are very smart AI, and its not so hard that you'll get frustrated but its hard enough to present a challenge.

The Control is confusing at first but is a breeze once you learn it. The aiming over the shoulder gives it an eerie movie like feeling that anything can get you at anytime but at the same time encompassing an arcadey movie feeling. The only problem is having to press a button to go to a submenu to change your weapons or use an item to replenish your health but even that I navigated it quickly and it didn't break up the action too much. The control does sway more to the realistic side and is cool that way.

As the game progresses you'll fight one amazing boss battle after another and my favourite would have to be the first or second boss battle. Just incredible. In essence to getting more weapons you can get money and upgrade them at a vendor RPG style. The upgrades can be costly but it feels awesome when you get a bigger magnum and cap a villager's head off with one shot.

The difficulty does get harder as you go along and this game is similar to Metal Gear Solid in that they really build up the boss battles and they don't let down. Even the villagers get harder to kill sprouting appendages that you have to kill as well. There are more enemies, different ones, villagers with dynamite, chain saw wielding villagers and many more.

Near the end of the game you'll have to use all the skills you've used throughout the game to beat the difficulty. Although notably, I barely ever got lost even through the backtracking because it was easy to know what to do and its not all linear and you won't get frustrated wondering what to do.

If I have one complaint its that I beat the last boss in 3 hits. Seriously. It took 3 attacks then 3 shots with my level 4 shotgun and bam, down. But its a satisfying ending and when you beat it there are extras. Like playing parts of the game as Ada Wong (which is like doing it over from her perspective, and believe it or not its not a retread, entirely different environments.)

The game doesn't stop giving there. You can play the game again with different weapons, you can play more Ada missions, use different costumes, do a special mode. The game is just fantastic.

From someone who isn't a huge horror game fan or RE fan this game was incredible and I'd love to play through it again. There is very little fault in it and it's a game that will be long remembered once the next gen consoles come out. One of the funnest games you may play for PS2 ever.

Overall Rating-A- or 9.5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/28/05

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