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"The BEST one of the Resident Evil's."

Introduction: The game was originally released for the Game cube (Which I have beat within the first weak of it release), which was IMO a successful hit compared to a lot of other GC games, So obviously Capcom saw the success and BAM! ported it to another system.

Story 8: Your Leon S. Kennedy (From Re2) going to find/save the Presidents daughter (Yes the President only sent ONE person to find his daughter, Guess shes not the favourite of the bunch.) in Europe which is most likely Spain with every one talking Spanish but they don't actually say if it is or not.

So then you find her and then you bring her back to Daddy and in the process you meet previous characters like Ada Wong and Jack Krauser and of course Albert Wesker (Yes finally a Resident Evil with no Redfield's.).

So you start in a village find Ashley then end up going to a very Devil May Cry 1 like Castle, and then to a Military Island and finally escape.

Graphics 10: Yes I give it a 10 even though it is said to have cut down the graphics for the PS2 version so that they could fit it on one disc, But it is not like it is noticeable and compared to a lot of other games it has some pretty decent graphics.

The environments of the village, Castle, Island are very nice with lots of detail in every environment, The enemies for the most part have quite a bit of the variety (But only about 2 different female enemies.) from the villagers all the way to a hideous beast called the Regenerators/Iron Maiden and all of them have extreme detail in every little piece of their body.

It is amazing of all the little things that you can do to make a game look at much better.

Sound 9: The games sound is amazing for the most part from enemies yelling things at you, to Ashley screaming for help, and even to the Regenerators breathing. Each setting even has it's own music from the village to the castle to the island all of different sequences when you encounter an enemy.

The only thing I noticed is that Ashley's voice did not sound to be 20.

Gameplay 9: This is completely different compared to all the other Resident Evil games because now you can actually aim your gun! So now it is in a third person view but a little different, you aim your gun, you have action buttons which you can do when an enemy is stun for example if Leon shoots a enemy in the head and stuns them for most enemies you can run up and press X to kick them and have a chance to take their head off, or if you shoot them in the knees and they are in a knee standing position you can do a different kick or suplex them. You also have action moves where you can jump out of a window, jump off a ledge, climb up a ladder, or knock down a ladder.

You also meet a merchant which you can buy, sell, or even tune up your guns.

Another thing is that when you are doing some cut scene and a enemy goes to kill you, you don't just get out of the way or escape you actually have to press buttons at that very moment or your dead.

One thing I didn't like is that you can't strafe, run and reload, or run and shoot at the same time, Leon may work for the President but he sure ain't no multi-tasker.

For the most part a lot of people enjoyed the new set up but of course since this is popular a Resident Evil most of the RE veterans will hate it because it is better then the older ones.

Replay Value 10: Well the PS2 version had to have something new if they wanted to sell 6 months after it was originally released and it did!

Well once you beat the game on Normal difficulty you get professional mode (Hard), and Mini game called The Mercenaries which is a survival mode where you unlock character for it (Ada, Krauser, HUNK, Wesker) and then if your really good you get a shiny new gun, You also give you a little mini mission that your Ada on the island getting 5 Las Plagas samples which takes about an hour.

BUT! the new thing they added for the PS2 version is Separate Ways where you are Ada and you do her way of the game of the village, castle, island excluding the parts of Assignment Ada. During this mode you can buy and sell stuff from the merchant but his list is more limited and you cant upgrade, The whole thing probably takes about 6 hours.

The other things you get are new guns like Matilda, Infinite Rocket Launcher, Chicago Typewriter, Hand Cannon, P.R.L. Laser and have to do separate things to get them like beat the game, beat Assignment Ada, beat Separate Ways, Beat Professional, and get 5 star rating on The Mercenaries.

Other then that you can get a special costume where Leon is wearing is Police uniform and Ashley is wearing a pop star uniform which is unlocked after beating the game on normal, The PS2 also has a new costume which is unlocked after Separate ways where Leon is wearing a classy Mafia uniform and Ashley wears a suit of armour which she is invincible and cannot be carried away.

The game took me 24 hours and 2 minutes to beat on my first try so it is relatively long, not really scary more suspense then anything, So you will be doing a lot of work to get everything in the game which gives you the motivation to do beat it again and again using different costumes and unique guns.

Comments from the Peanut Gallery: One thing I didn't like is that the enemies are suppose to be smarter right, but they have all of this ammo lying around and even drop it but NO ONE uses a actual gun. And other things I noticed is that they run all the way up to you then just STOP, plus if your so smart how come when I pull out my gun you go running and get your garden tools so much for the realism.

So overall I rate this game a 9 being my second favourite game besides Final Fantasy 7.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/13/06

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