The best pool players live and die by their tables; earning spare change, the next drink or making a killing preying on tourists, passers-by and would-be challengers.
Have you got what it takes to travel the world on the Pool Shark circuit and take the hustle to them?
The trucks, the strippers, the bouncers, the gamblers.
Is that biker really as bad as she seems? Maybe you shouldn't have put your last hundred down...

- Hustle mode lets you try and outwit your opponent, but are you the one being played?
- The most technically advanced pool physics available to date.
- 10 living locations to play in, each one with its own distinct table
- 20 advanced AI opponents with their own style, character and motion captured animations
- Loads of unlockable extras, game modes and table shapes.
- Go online and hustle head-to-head on the real Pool Shark circuit.

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