Review by Cyptosporidium

"This game changed my mind about boxing."

Well I am just going to say that this game is awesome and I hope you like my review.

Graphics 10/10
Ok, these graphics are just ridiculous, the cinematics are beautiful it is like eye candy. Even when you are playing the graphics are awesome I haven't seen a game look this good since God of War and Final Fantasy 10. The Create-a-Boxer goes into a lot of depth. You get the tools the programmers use to make the boxers instead of using defaults. You can change the textures and size of everything! This might be the best character creator ever.

Sound 10/10
Ok, the sound is just as good as the graphics which means it is awesome. They picked the right sound tracks for this kind of game, in the past EA has disappointed me with their sound tracks but this one was perfect you will love the music although it is all pretty much rap or hip-hop. Now let's get away from the music and talk about the actual sounds. Let me say the sound will not disappoint you, from the announcers to the referee to the audience and even when you hit them hard and they grunt it is awesome. Even when you hit the floor it sounds good and you can't forget the trainers they sound like real boxing trainers.

Game play 10/10
This game is a lot of fun and is also very addictive. You create your own person and then take them up through the ranks starting off as a rookie then to a pro then until you retire. Once you retire you will get a list of the greatest boxers of all time and your person might be on there. But as you play you raise or lower your stats depending on how the training goes which you do before each match. You also earn money for winning matches and you use the money to buy better gloves, shorts, shoes, tattoos, and more. In multiplayer you can take your single player character and use him and everything he has there. The multiplayer is just as good as single player in every way.

Overall 10/10
This game is awesome and you should definitely buy it, especially if you have lots of friends to play it with. Trust me if I gave a boxing game a 10/10 it is good because I never really cared much for boxing but this changed my mind.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/16/05

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