How do I get Cao Pi's 4th weapon?

  1. I was playing on the hard difficulty and I killed three officers to make Zhuge Liang die or whatever, and eventually the arbalists appeared. I did not kill the supply line. Once the arbalists appeared I went for them and destroyed them all, got the message 'the arbalists have been destroyed' and still no weapon.
    It says you have to kill Zhuge Liang quickly, but if that was the case then how quickly? Cao Pi is one of my favorite characters and I have been having trouble getting this for ages.

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    blazerz_of_fire - 6 years ago

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  1. Then kill the supply line.... Btw you MUST personally kill every arbalest and Cao Ren must stay alive during all that

    Just do completely as this FAQ says

    Obtaining Chaos

    You must play as Cao Pi at the "Battle of Wu Zhang Plains" stage in either
    Musou Mode or Free Mode on Hard difficulty.

    I reccomend you do this in Musou Mode. It makes it slightly easier since it
    is his fourth stage.

    First, you must defeat any 3 generals quickly. This does not include
    subgenerals. There should be 4 in the middle, they should be good targets. I
    recommend Wei Yan, Ma Dai, and Wang Ping. Around this point, Zhuge Liang will
    die. Now you should go and seal off the enemy supply route and then use your
    time to capture enemy bases and gates. Soon, Jiang Wei will launch the Arbalest
    units out at your army. Now, run up there and destroy all the Arbalest units.
    The Special Item Box will appear right in the middle of that central platform
    near you. Pick up the weapon box and finish the stage. Cao Ren also must not be
    defeated and you, as Cao Pi, must be the one to destroy every Arbalest.

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