How can I find the ice orb?

  1. I did what the cheats told me i tried hard and chaos mode but i still can't get it even with 2 players.

    User Info: starattack45

    starattack45 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Don't rely on the cheats section, most of them are not complete or false

    Ice Orb
    Chance to freeze enemies.
    Battle of Guan Du 官渡の戦い
    Yuan Shao Army
    Your goal here is to defeat Cao Pi quickly. Guan Du is only a 1 star
    difficulty battle for Yuan Shao, so this isn't too bad. Basically you'll
    have to defeat Cao Pi before Guan Yu retreats; he'll retreat soon after
    defeating Yan Liang, when he meets up with Liu Bei. Take a horse and
    immediately charge down through the enemy defense point to Cao Pi. You
    shouldn't get mobbed too heavily, so this is relatively easy. Once you
    defeat Cao Pi, the Precious Item box will appear inside the Wu Cao supply
    depot in the middle of the map. Pick it up and finish the stage normally.

    User Info: gildedtalon

    gildedtalon - 6 years ago 0 0

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