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    Rare Item FAQ (JIS) by EChang

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 12/18/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       (v1.3, 12-18-05)
    by Edward Chang (chang dot 459 at osu dot edu)
    Revision History
    v1.2 (4-5-04)
       Some revisions (typos mostly). This FAQ is now also available on the
       great kongming.net.
    v1.1 (4-3-05)
       Added a correction on Bai Hu's Jewel; thanks to Paul Victorey for the info.
    v1.0 (3-6-05)
       All items complete. FAQ is now finished barring future revisions or
    v0.9 (3-5-05)
       All items except for three of the orbs completed.
    v0.7 (3-4-05)
       Many of the items have been fully verified and written up. Some
       additional preliminary notes also made.
    v0.5 (2-24-05)
       Preliminary version, brief notes and descriptions only.
    1. Introduction
    2. Rare Items List
       -Other Rare Items
    3. Frequently Asked Questions
    4. Credits
    This is a FAQ for the latest in Koei's Musou action series, Shin Sangoku
    Musou 4 (which will be released in the US as "Dynasty Warriors 5", odds
    are). As in previous Musou games, aside from the standard stat bonus items
    that are picked up randomly as you play stages, there are many rare items
    with special effects. These rare items require you to play certain stages
    and fulfill certain conditions. This FAQ will detail what those rare
    items are and how you can earn them.
    This FAQ makes use of SJIS encoding in order to display Japanese
    characters. I included this feature so that if you do not know
    Japanese, you can easily match up the characters on your TV screen
    to the characters in this guide. You will need to have support for
    viewing Japanese characters on your computer, however. Certain versions
    of Windows should have it built in; otherwise, you'll either need to
    get a program like NJStar Communicator, or you'll need to get 
    Japanese character support for Internet Explorer and open this file 
    in IE instead of Notepad/Wordpad.
    The only websites authorized to post this FAQ are www.gamefaqs.com and
    www.kongming.net. If you see this document elsewhere, not only are they 
    posting without my permission, but they likely do not have the most 
    current version of this FAQ. Emails to me asking questions already answered 
    in the FAQ, even if the answers are not in the version you are reading, will 
    be deleted without response.
    Unlike fourth weapons, Rare Items can be earned on any difficulty, even
    Easy. The exception are the Orb items, which like fourth weapons require
    Hard difficulty or above. Unlike previous games, Orb items have no levels
    and are simply rare items.
    For items that existed from previous games I've tried to give the
    translation not as literal from the Japanese name but from what the
    name used in the previous NA releases was. However my memory may be
    spotty at parts so bear with me.
    Upon fulfilling the conditions for getting an item, you'll receive a
    "Precious Item Report" message, which you can easily tell by its green
    text. Unlike previous DW games, there are ONLY Precious Item reports;
    there are no Supply Teams to chase down (hurray!). You can always pause
    the game and check the Message History to look at where the Precious Item
    box is located. You can easily tell the Precious Item box when you look
    at it as it looks much fancier than the regular crates in the game.
    Simply break it open and take the item inside, then finish the stage.
    Red Hare Saddle
    Start the battle riding Red Hare. Red Hare is the fastest horse.
    Battle of Mount Chang νŽR‚̐킒
    Yuan Shao Army
    The goal here is to defeat Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, and Liu Bei within a minute of
    each other. Since the first two are Liu Bei's subgenerals, you have to start
    with them. The easiest way to do this is enter the central castle from the
    east and take Zhang Fei down to almost dead; then run over to Guan Yu and
    lure Zhang Fei over. Zhao Yun is also here and is quite a bother, but if
    you're on Easy and you're relatively buffed you should be just fine. Try
    to kill Guan Yu and Zhang Fei at around the same time, as the first one to
    die starts the timer. As soon as you kill them both, run over to Liu Bei as
    fast as possible and defeat him. Using a Musou Kakusei to take him out
    quickly is a good idea. The Precious Item report indicates that the item
    is outside the castle to the northwest.
    Hex Mark Saddle
    Start the battle riding Hex Mark. Hex Mark raises your luck.
    Battle of Cheng Du ¬“s‚̐킒
    Liu Bei Army
    Your goal here is to defeat Zhang Ren ’£”C before he can kill Pang Tong in 
    his ambush. As soon as Pang Tong reaches the northern area of the map, 
    Zhang Ren will show up north and fairly far to the west. If you just take a 
    horse and camp out near where he shows up, you can easily take him out before
    Pang Tong gets killed. Once you do, the Precious Item box will appear in
    the middle of the bamboo forest (check the Message History option to find
    out exactly where it is if you get lost).
    Storm Rider Saddle
    Start the battle riding Storm Rider. Storm Rider gives you a x1.5 bonus on
    points earned every stage.
    Battle of Guan Du Š―“n‚̐킒
    Cao Cao Army
    Defeat Yan Liang Šη—Η and Wen Chou •ΆX. What makes this tricky is that Guan 
    Yu will charge for Yan Liang as soon as the stage starts and will beat him
    up in a matter of seconds. You'll definitely have to be on a horse to beat
    Guan Yu; as long as you defeat both Yan Liang and Wen Chou yourself,
    the Precious Item report will trigger. The item is in the northwest of
    the map, in the corridor leading west towards Yuan Shao's main camp.
    Shadow Harness
    Start the battle riding Shadow Runner. You cannot be knocked off Shadow
    Battle of Liang Zhou —ΑB‚̐킒
    Allied Army
    Your task is to defeat the two generals that Dong Zhuo brings as
    reinforcements, Hu Zhen ŒΣf and Zhang Ji ’£Ο within 50 seconds of them
    showing up. Hu Zhen appears in the far northeast corner and Zhang Ji
    appears from the far southwest. Obviously this is one of the hardest items
    to get. You will need to be reasonably buffed, and have Red Hare, before
    you should even attempt this. As soon as the stage starts, clear out the
    entire northeast and southwest corners, especially taking the enemy gates
    first. Then camp out in one corner or the other, right next to the gate.
    Dong Zhuo will show up about 4 minutes into the stage, and a few seconds
    later, he'll call in the reinforcements. Immediately dispatch one, jump
    on Red Hare, and speed towards the other general. Don't even bother
    picking up any items or killing anybody else from now; you want to get
    to the other guy as fast as possible. To improve your chances, use a
    Musou Kakusei to kill the second one as instantly as you can. If you
    succeed, the item will appear in a box a little bit north of the center
    of the map; check the message history for the location. 
    Elephant Harness
    Start the battle riding an elephant.
    Battle of Nan Zhong “μ’†‚̐킒
    Nanman Army
    Here you'll need to take both neutral bases and assist your allies as they
    get into trouble, all within 5 minutes. You'll definitely want a horse.
    Charge forward and take the first neutral base in the south of the map,
    then turn around and defeat Zhang Jiao. Zhang Bao ’£•σ@will do some magic;
    go up to the northwest corner and defeat him, taking the neutral base
    along the way. Next Zhang Liang ’£—ΐ will cause some of your troops to 
    defect in the southeast; go and defeat him. Finally Man Cai ”gΛ will do 
    the same thing just north of the lake; defeat him. If you do all this in
    five minutes, the Precious Item report will show up and you can pick up
    the item in the middle of the lake.
    Fire Orb
    Causes extra damage while burning.
    Battle of Si Sui Gate ϊφ…ŠΦ‚̐킒
    Allied Army
    You must defeat 200 enemies within 2 minutes of the stage starting. This
    is no easy feat, especially on Hard difficulty. Still, as Si Sui Gate
    is a very early battle, it's not too terrible, even on Hard. You'll want a 
    horse just so you can get to the middle area, which is crawling with
    enemies, as fast as possible. However, once you're there you'll probably 
    want to be on foot and start taking enemies out. This isn't so bad if you're 
    using Lu Bu's C3 over and over again, though you'll probably have to buff him
    up to the point where it doesn't take more than a couple of hits to kill
    a generic enemy. Once you complete this, the Precious Item box will show
    up in the supply depot to the northeast.
    Ice Orb
    Chance to freeze enemies.
    Battle of Guan Du Š―“n‚̐킒
    Yuan Shao Army
    Your goal here is to defeat Cao Pi quickly. Guan Du is only a 1 star
    difficulty battle for Yuan Shao, so this isn't too bad. Basically you'll
    have to defeat Cao Pi before Guan Yu retreats; he'll retreat soon after
    defeating Yan Liang, when he meets up with Liu Bei. Take a horse and
    immediately charge down through the enemy defense point to Cao Pi. You
    shouldn't get mobbed too heavily, so this is relatively easy. Once you
    defeat Cao Pi, the Precious Item box will appear inside the Wu Cao supply
    depot in the middle of the map. Pick it up and finish the stage normally.
    Yin Orb
    Consume musou for a chance to insta-kill enemies.
    Battle of Wu Zhang Plains ŒάδŒ΄‚̐킒
    Wei Army
    All you have to do on this stage is defeat Jiang Wei. However, there is
    sort of a built-in time limit; if you take too long, Zhuge Liang will
    die from illness, and Jiang Wei will assume command of the Shu army. Once
    this happens, killing Jiang Wei will end the stage, meaning you can't
    pick up the item. Thus, you'll have to charge in relatively quickly once
    the stage starts. As this is a 5-star difficulty battle, if your character
    is not buffed up, you WILL die on Hard difficulty. I recommend taking out
    the two enemy bases in the center, then heading down the east side. Seal
    the gate there and take out the captain that's in charge of the Shu supply
    route - this will make the battle easier after you actually get the item.
    Now just charge the enemy main camp. Ignore Yue Ying for now. Once you get
    near, try to get Jiang Wei's two subgenerals to chase you and take them
    out; you definitely don't want to have to handle them with Jiang Wei
    around you. It's quite easy to get mobbed, so make sure you have somebody
    with good 360 coverage. If you're playing a Wei general, I'd suggest
    somebody like Xu Huang or Zhen Ji, though you could always cheat and use
    Lu Bu. Once you defeat Jiang Wei, the Precious Item box will show up in
    the central plain slightly to the west. By now your army is probably
    getting mobbed by the Shu army, so head back there post haste, pick up
    the box, and beat up the generals advancing on your camp. Now just
    finish the stage normally (Zhuge Liang never passes away if Jiang Wei
    is already dead... that cheater).
    Yang Orb
    Break enemy guard with charge attacks.
    Battle of Wu Zhang Plains ŒάδŒ΄‚̐킒
    Shu Army
    Like the Yin orb, this item is found at the Battle of Wu Zhang Plains, a
    5-star difficulty battle. If your general is not nearly maxed out, you will
    die. The time limit for this is somewhat stricter than the Yin orb as well.
    Your goal is to defeat Xu Zhu, Cao Ren, and Zhen Ji all within 5 minutes of
    the stage starting. You'll definitely need a horse. Immediately charge
    up the west side of the map towards Xu Zhu. Try to ignore all the other
    generals, though if you're unlucky they'll just follow you and beat you up
    while you're trying to get your targets. Use Musou Kakusei (if you're lucky
    enough to get it, or every 100 kills if you have your 4th weapon) to speed
    things up. Again, use a general with good 360 coverage, or you'll just
    keep getting interrupted. Once you defeat all three, the Precious Item
    box will appear in the dead-end area on the west side of the map. You have
    to go up and around from the Wei side and through a base to even get to the
    area, but if you managed to get it to appear in the first place, the
    hardest part is already done. Go and beat up Sima Yi and finish the stage
    Art of War
    Items last 1.5x longer.
    Battle of Chi Bi Τ•Η‚̐킒
    Cao Cao Army
    The basic goal is to defeat Zhuge Liang while he's retreating. Two
    different things can trigger his retreat; either if he's successful in
    causing the wind to blow, or if he's no longer needed since the fire
    attack fails. Obviously it's better for your army if the second case
    occurs. Defeat generals normally; once Huang Gai appears, defeat him.
    Now immediately speed over to Zhuge Liang's location. He won't begin
    retreating until after a bunch of messages have passed, so if you have
    a horse you should be able to reach him in time. Once you defeat him,
    the Precious Item box will appear in the center of the map, on the
    Wu side of the boats, slightly to the west.
    Book of Destruction
    Grants Attack x2 when rising from near death.
    Battle of Hu Lao Gate ŒΥ˜SŠΦ‚̐킒
    Dong Zhuo Army
    Defeat Liu Bei, Sun Jian, Cao Cao, and Gongsun Zhan Œφ‘·Ž]. The Precious
    Item box will appear in the path midway between where Liu Bei and Sun Jian
    Bodyguard Scroll
    Bodyguard becomes stronger.
    Guan Yu's Thousand Li Journey ŠΦ‰Hη—’s
    Guan Yu Army
    You must defeat each general and seal every gate up to and including Xu
    Huang. Once you do so, the Precious Item box will appear back near
    your starting location. Other than using a horse to make the trip as fast
    as possible, this is pretty straightforward.
    Godly Ring
    Lengthens Musou Kakusei time.
    Battle of Xi Jing Ό—Α‚̐킒
    Yellow Turban Army
    First save the isolated Zhang Liang in the northwest by clearing out
    the generals and bases in his area. Then simply defeat Ma Chao, who shows up 
    as a reinforcement in the northeast. The Precious Item box will appear near 
    your starting position, on the altar.
    Way of Musou
    Can always perform True Musou regardless of health.
    Battle of Mt. Ding Jun ’θŒRŽR‚̐킒
    Shu Army
    This item is pretty easy to get. All you have to do is defeat Xiahou Yuan
    before Cao Cao arrives as a reinforcement. You should have plenty of time
    to take out the mountain base first, but if you're worried, you can always
    just run straight for Xiahou Yuan. Once you defeat him you'll get a Precious
    Item report, and a box will appear near the northwest gate. Now it's just
    a matter of waiting for Cao Cao to show up and defeating him to end the
    Wind Scroll
    Raises attack radius.
    Battle of New He Fei Castle ‡”μVι‚̐킒
    Wu Army
    Your goal is to defeat Cao Ren within 5 minutes. Cao Ren's camped out in the
    middle of the castle. Don't go in from the south; even if you defeat Xu
    Huang the door will not open. Head in through the west gate and go up and
    around to Cao Ren's position. Other than the generals guarding the doors,
    just ignore everybody you meet to get to Cao Ren as fast as possible.
    After you defeat him you'll get a Precious Item report. Continue north
    and defeat Xu Zhu; the item is to his northeast, along the wall. Now
    just continue north and defeat Cao Pi to finish the stage.
    Fire Arrows
    Allows firing of fire arrows.
    Battle of Ji Zhou ™bB‚̐킒
    Yuan Shao Army
    Defeat He Yi ‰½‹V, Zhang Bao ’£•σ, Zhang Liang ’£—ΐ, and Pei Yuan 
    Shao ε茳Π in order. The Precious Item box will show up in the
    southeast corner, near the enemy defense point.
    Charge Bracer
    Withstand hits during charge attacks.
    Battle of Si Sui Gate ϊφ…ŠΦ‚̐킒
    Dong Zhuo Army
    Defeat Sun Jian without letting the supply depot fall. Just charge south
    when the stage starts and take him out. The Precious Item box appears in
    the northern corridor east of your own base.
    Tiger Collar
    Start the stage with a companion tiger.
    Conquering of Nan Zhong “μ’†‘ˆ”eν
    Meng Huo Army
    You must defeat the three tiger trainers under King Mulu –ΨŽ­‘剀 within
    a minute of the stage starting. Equip a horse and dash straight for his
    location as soon as the stage starts. Luckily, the tiger trainers are 
    easy to spot, as they have their name and health displayed as if they
    were an enemy general, though they go down quite easily. The only
    annoying thing is all the people on elephants running around. If you
    get unlucky, you'll be hit repeatedly by elephants and time will run
    out. Once you defeat all three, the Precious Item box will appear 
    back inside your camp, towards the east.
    Power Rune
    Raises attack and lowers defense.
    Battle of Jie Ting ŠX’ΰ‚̐킒
    Shu Army
    You must protect Ma Su and defend your own home base from Xu Zhu. Once
    you approach the center of the stage, Sima Yi's troops will drop the
    bridge to the mountain, isolating Ma Su. Once this happens, defeat
    Cao Xin ‘‚^, Sima Shao Ži”nΊ, and Zhang He to save Ma Su. By this time
    Xu Zhu will probably have shown up. Defeat him; now defeat Sima Yi, who
    has probably headed to the center of the stage trying to retake the gate.
    Once you do, the Precious Item box will show up in the southern plain.
    Musou Armor
    Eliminates stagger from bow attacks.
    Pacification of Nan Zhong “μ’†•½’θν
    Nanman Army
    Destroy all juggernauts in the northern central area. By my count, there were
    7 of them. The Precious Item box will appear in the western area where the 
    exploding jars are, south of the enemy base.
    Heals self every 100 kills.
    Battle of New He Fei Castle ‡”μVι‚̐킒
    Wei Army
    Once the stage begins, destroy the siege machine that is attacking the
    front door of the castle. The siege machine appears from the gate point
    left of Lu Xun's position and heads straight for the front door; you
    should be able to get to it before it even reaches the door. About five
    minutes in, Lu Xun will call in a second one, this one appearing from
    the boats to the east. Head over that way and defeat Jiang Qin Σ‹Τ while
    you're at it. Destroy the second siege machine, then head north and
    defeat Pan Zhang ΰNΰφ. Now head back into the castle and up north to defeat
    the final reinforcement, Sun Shao ‘·θξ. Once you finish all of this, the
    Precious Item box appears on top of the outer castle gates, next to some
    catapults. Climb the stairs up to the top of the wall from the inside
    of the gates and pick up the item.
    Bai Hu's Jewel
    Attack up +2 every 100 kills.
    Battle of He Fei ‡”μ‚̐킒
    Wu Army
    Thanks goes to Paul Victorey for the corrections on this item.
    Your end goal is to defeat all Wei reinforcements, finishing with Xiahou Dun,
    in one minute. There's quite a lot you have to do to get to this point.
    When the stage begins, proceed westward and defeat Pang De and Cao Zhang
    ‘‚². Head southwards and through the enemy base; this will trigger Xu
    Huang as a reinforcement. Go through and defeat him. Now return to the
    center area and go southwards. Zhang Liao should show up and surprise
    attack Sun Quan. Defeat him. Head up to the north area and attack the
    enemy base there; this will prompt Yu Jin ˜°‹Φ to show up as a replacement.
    Defeat him. Hang out in the north for awhile, and defeat Zhang Liao
    when he shows up as a reinforcement for the second time. Now head to
    the northeast corner's gate and sit tight. Xiahou Dun will show up 
    eventually and charge southwards at Sun Quan. He'll even ignore you
    so make sure you're ready to knock him off his horse and take him down.
    Once you do, the Precious Item box will appear in the central island
    (use the Message History for a more precise location).
    Q. I can't get any of the orbs!
    A. The orbs require Hard “ο‚΅‚’ diffculty or above. Make sure your
    settings are correct.
    Q. Do I have to be in Musou mode to earn these items?
    A. No, most are earnable on Free mode as well. There may be exceptions,
    but none I am aware of.
    Q. Bai Hu's Jewel kind of sucks, doesn't it? It doesn't give me much attack.
    A. It doesn't suck, because the effect is permanent. If you stick it
    constantly on a new general, they will gain attack ridiculously fast.
    Now if only there were a similar item for defense.
    Q. I never got the Precious Item report!
    A. Don't panic yet. Sometimes, if there are a lot of messages in the buffer,
    the Precious Item report doesn't show up on-screen. However, if you check
    your message history, it should still show up in that (if you indeed
    triggered the proper conditions). It'll be easy to see since it'll have
    green text. Highlighting that message will show you where the item is,
    so check it frequently if you get lost.
    4. CREDITS
    Thanks go to:
    Koei as usual.
    All contributors to Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Wiki (http://musou4.s114.xrea.com)
    Everybody who informed me that you cannot actually get the Shadow Harness
    with two players
    The only websites authorized to post this FAQ are www.gamefaqs.com and
    www.kongming.net. If you see this document elsewhere, not only are they 
    posting without my permission, but they likely do not have the most 
    current version of this FAQ. Emails to me asking questions already answered 
    in the FAQ, even if the answers are not in the version you are reading, will 
    be deleted without response.
    This FAQ Copyright 2005 to Edward Chang. Redistribution in any form,
    including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express
    permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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