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    Dian Wei by TogeraTwo

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    Dian Wei FAQ
    Dynasty Warriors 5 (Shin Sangoku Musou 4)
    By: TogeraTwo
    E-mail address: kroser14@hotmail.com
    AOL Instant Messenger: TogeraTwo
    Version 1.4
    1.0: Began FAQ - March 2005.
    1.1: Fixed the link problem to the pics of each Dian Wei
    1.2: Fixed the link problem again
    1.3: Added a few helpful people to the thanks list and changed the weight on
    Dian Wei’s double halberds
    1.4: Added Dian Wei’s moveset (not Evolution attacks) and Dian Wei’s weapons
    1.) History of Dian Wei
    2.) Dian Wei in previous Dynasty Warriors games
    3.) Musou Mode
    4.) Moveset
    5.) Weapons
    6.) Alternate Costumes
    7.) Suggested Items for Dian Wei
    8.) In-game Quotes
    9.) Credits
    10.) Copyright and Conclusion
    11.) Contact
         Surname - Dian, given name - Wei, style - Ziman. Often compared to the
    ancient warlord E Lai, who served King Zhou during the Shang Dynasty.
         Dian Wei was introduced to Cao Cao (Mengde) through Xiahou Dun, a highly
    admired general. Xiahou Dun was out hunting when he spotted a massive force of
    a man, who turned out to be Dian Wei. Dian Wei was chasing a tiger across a
    stream when Xiahou Dun caught his attention. Xiahou Dun approached Dian Wei
    and convinced him to return with him to introduce to Cao Cao. They shared each
    others backgrounds on the way back, and Xiahou Dun was convinced that he was
    more than worthy enough to serve Cao Cao.
         When they returned to Cao Cao's newly acquired capital in Yanzhou, Xiahou
    Dun introduced Dian Wei to his lord immediately who at once found that Dian Wei
    was no ordinary man and found potential in him instantly. Xiahou Dun had told
    him how he once served Zhang Miao, but had a dispute with his tent companions
    and murdered some dozen or more with his bare hands, therefore fleeing to the
    mountains where he had met him. Xiahou Dun also mentioned how Dian Wei had
    killed a man to avenge a friend and carried the dead man's head around the busy
    streets and no one dared approach him.
         Cao Cao was astonished and excited to hear about the talent he had
    encountered and asked Dian Wei to prove his skill, so wielding his double
    halberds, which weighed in around roughly 90 lbs. each, he strode powerfully
    back and forth. Suddenly, Dian Wei noticed about a half a dozen men attempting
    to hold up a huge banner swaying in the wind, dangerously. Dian Wei approached
    them and yelled at them to move aside with a loud, intimidating voice. The men
    scurried off and Dian Wei went and held the banner post up with one arm in the
    strong wind without struggling. Cao Cao was now completely convinced that he
    had acquired a worthy general and immediately appointed him Commander of the
    Headquarters Guards and presented him with an expensive robe and a worthy steed
    as gifts.
         More to be posted soon.
         Dynasty Warriors - I'm not too familiar with the original Dynasty Warriors
    game released for the PlayStation game console, but Dian Wei was one of the 16
    original characters in that game. And, yes, Dian Wei still has a bald head in
    the original, and maintains that trait throughout the Dynasty Warriors series.
    Picture: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y77/TogeraTwo/DianWeiDw1.gif
         Dynasty Warriors 2 - When released as one of the original games for PS2,
    Dynasty Warriors 2 was hugely popular, and is still popular among hardcore
    Dynasty fans. Dian Wei was arguably the most powerful character challenged only
    by Lu Bu. His running speed was the same as the other characters as well, which
    was the real downer for him going into Dynasty Warriors 3.
    Picture: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y77/TogeraTwo/DianWeiDw2.jpg
         Dynasty Warriors 3 - In my opinion, Dian Wei's character in Dynasty
    Warriors 3 is the most well designed Dian Wei with the best voice acting as
    well. His musou attack became much worse than it was from Dynasty Warriors 2,
    but his attack power was still high and his overall effectiveness was still
    decent. KOEI increased the diversity of characters in Dynasty Warriors 3,
    therefore allowing more moveset possibilities for all the characters. Dian
    Wei's new moveset comes very much in handy especially with his 4th weapon, Mad
    Bull, with Lightning elemental attacks. However, many KOEI fans believe Dian
    Wei was too worsened when it comes to compare with Dynasty Warriors 2.
    Picture: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y77/TogeraTwo/DianWeiDw3.bmp
         Dynasty Warriors 4 - The character design of Dian Wei in Dynasty Warriors
    4 was incredibly downsized compared to previous ones, and his look became much
    more calm and peaceful compared to his "evil" look before. His musou attack
    became much greater again, as in Dynasty Warriors 2, so that gave many Dian Wei
    fans to be happy about despite his new gentle look.
    Picture: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y77/TogeraTwo/DianWeiDw4.bmp
         Dynasty Warriors 5 - I, among many others, believe that KOEI finally made
    an effective Dian Wei in all categories. His physical appearance is
    intimidating again, with a more warrior-looking wardrobe. His improved moveset
    makes him almost as dominant as Dynasty Warriors 2, but definitely more
    dominant than in the other Dynasty Warriors. His role in the game as a
    character isn't as important as some would like, but considering Dian Wei gave
    his life at an early age to reserve Cao Cao's life, it seems like a realistic
    perspective on Dian Wei, story wise.
    Picture: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y77/TogeraTwo/DianWeiDw5.jpg
    3.) MUSOU MODE
         Dian Wei is an original character in Dynasty Warriors 5, so you will not
    have to go through the trouble of finishing Musou Mode with anyone and trying
    to unlock him. You can just start off playing with the greatest character in
    the game as your first character.
    Here are the battles that you participate in while playing Dian Wei's
    Musou Mode:
       I. Yellow Turban Rebellion
       II. Battle of Hu Lao Gate
       III. Battle of Wan Castle
       IV. Battle of Xia Pi
       V. Battle of Chang Ban
       VI. Escape from Chi Bi
    Note: I'll provide walkthroughs of each stage in time.
    4.) MOVESET
         Dian Wei’s moveset is more effective than previous Dynasty Warriors and it
    is now possible to get some good combos, although not that great, with him.
    Dian Wei’s
    moveset is listed bellow.
    Dian Wei’s moveset consists of Dian Wei using his axe, which is in his
    right hand, his
    horse head armguard, which is on his left forearm, and occasionally his own
    bald melon.
    S – Square button (regular attack)
    T – Triangle button (charge attack)
    C – Circle button (musou attack)
    Regular attacks
         Most people believe Dian Wei’s regular attacks to be slow and influent.
    For the most part, I would have agreed, but since Dian Wei’s new 4th weapon is
    Light weight, it makes him so much more effective in regular attacks.
    S (while running) – Dian Wei will rush the enemy while head butting his way
    through. Power and accuracy are limited.
    S - Left to right slash
    SS - Right to left slash
    SSS - Left to right slash
    SSSS - Downward vertical slash
    SSSSS - 360 left to right slash
    SSSSSS - Right to left powerful hack
    Evolution attacks
    Charge attacks
         Most of Dian Wei’s charge attacks cannot be blocked or you can find a way
    around so that the enemy can’t block them. Here are his charge attacks.
    T – Quick shockwave that knocks down all enemies around Dian Wei, not powerful,
    but it’s good for clearing enemies to get set up for a good combo attack.
    ST – Basic uppercut with his axe, driving the enemy/enemies into the air. Good
    for comboing, but it does take a while to charge.
    SST(TT) – Same as in Dynasty Warriors 4, Dian Wei will perform a chopping
    vertical motion as many times as you push T (most he will perform is three),
    then he will swipe at the enemy from right to left, leaving anyone stunned for
    a second, giving you a terrific opportunity to open up some combos.
    SSST – Dian Wei will throw is axe in a boomerang fashion. Good think about this
    attack is if you’re facing an officer who is blocking and you use this SSST,
    when the axe is returning to you it will hit the officer in the back.
    SSSST – One of the greatest Charge 5’s in the game, in my opinion. Dian Wei
    will perform a powerful uppercut that creates a tornado wind, throwing the
    multiples into the air. If you get close to an enemy officer when he’s blocking
    and you use this Charge, it will break through the enemy’s block.
    SSSSSST – This is also one of the greatest, if not greatest, Charge 6 in the
    game. Dian Wei will smash his axe into the ground, creating an earthquake-like
    effect, destroying the enemies around you. This attack is also unblockable when
    near an enemy officer and does not require much time to charge up.
    Musou attacks
         Dian Wei’s musou attack has been a roller coaster ever since Dynasty
    Warriors 2, but in this installment, there are no disappointments.
    C (yellow or green health) – Dian Wei will slice through enemies vigorously
    with both his axe and horse head and for the grand finale he will perform a 360
    spin with his axe, destroying all surviving enemies.
    C (red health or performing Musou Rage) – Dian Wei will still slice his enemies
    with his axe and horse head, but with an added taste of fire burning the
    enemies he’s obliterating. The grand finale is changed up with a smash to the
    ground that sends the enemies flying into the air (setting up combo
    opportunities) instead of the 360 slicer.
    Mounted attacks
         Anyone with experience using Dian Wei knows he is not a mounted-material
    character. His attacks on horseback are slow and ineffective, yet he still
    blows Guan Yu away in this category.
    S(SSSSS) – Dian Wei will just continue swiping left to right, left to right in
    a slow manner.
    T – Exact same as his regular mounted attack, except he will take time to
    charge just to add a bit more damage.
    C – Again, the same thing as his regular and charge mounted attacks, except add
    on some more power (a lot more, in fact) and quicken the pace.
    Jump attacks
         Not much to describe when talking about jump attacks. Bottom line,
    everyone has them and they’re all useless in power (and some in accuracy).
    Note: All of these attacks take place while you’re already airborne.
    S – Dian Wei will swipe as fast as you’ll ever see from right to left with his
    axe. Kind of good for getting officers off of their mounts.
    T – Dian Wei will bolt down to the ground, smashing the earth with his axe.
    Great for clearing annoying crowds of commoners, but the power is limited.
    5.) WEAPONS
    First (1st) Weapon
    Name: Hand Axe
    Power: +5
    Attacks: 4
    Description: Short handle with a regular-looking axe blade. Very generic and
    Notes: Getting a Light weight Hand Axe can actually prove to be fun because it
    can remind you of playing Dynasty Warriors 2. In saying so, I definitely do not
    think that Dian Wei’s Hand Axe is useless and should be disregarded. Hold onto
    one if you pick up a Light weight one or one with great attributes.
    Second (2nd) Weapon
    Name: Strike Axe
    Power: +10
    Attacks: 5
    Description: Longer, more stylish handle compared to the Hand Axe. Curved blade
    with the head of an ox, adjacent to the handle connecting to the blade.
    Notes: The Strike Axe was my favorite weapon of Dian Wei’s in Dynasty Warriors
    3, but seems a lot more ineffective in Dynasty Warriors 5. Also bringing into
    consideration Dian Wei’s amazing Charge 6, which is not usable with this
    weapon, I recommend getting Bull or Mad Bull as soon as possible.
    Third (3rd) Weapon
    Name: Bull
    Power: +16
    Attacks: 6
    Description: This axe is definitely visually appealing with the powerful, thick
    blade, intimidating wild boar head opposite the blade, and the strong handle.
    Notes: This weapon is absolutely striking with originality, until you see the
    Mad Bull, and can be one of the greatest 3rd weapons if you find one with Light
    weight or positive attributes. Also, considering Bull is the only other weapon
    that you can use Evolution attacks with, it will absolutely prove worthy. If
    using the Mad Bull, assuming you have acquired it, isn’t creating a challenge
    for you, I would secondarily recommend using this Bull.
    Fourth (4th) Weapon
    Name: Mad Bull (True Ultimate Oxhead – Japanese Translation)
    Power: +36
    Attacks: 6 (Evolution attacks included)
    Weight: Light
    - Charge Lvl. 15
    - Fill Lvl. 15
    - Attack Lvl. 18
    - Musou Lvl. 17
    - Life Lvl. 17
    Description: One of the most intimidating weapons in the game. Highly resembles
    Dian Wei’s Bull weapon (3rd), but with a jagged edged blade and a bigger wild
    boar head.
    Notes: I consider Dian Wei’s Mad Bull to be not only one of the coolest-looking
    but also one of the most impressive lineup of attributes. With an addition of
    Life and Musou, Dian Wei becomes more effective offensively and defensively.
    Adding Attack to his attributes comes across as nothing but common sense, and
    with the added on Charge attack power, Dian Wei becomes even more destructible,
    offensively. The added on Fill attribute (Musou gauge fills up faster) also
    helps because of the addition of Musou. All around I grade Dian Wei’s 4th
    weapon, Mad Bull, a 10/10, because of the Light weight addition as well.
    Requirements: First, you need to meet up with Cao Cao before he dies, which
    will be a few minutes, so don’t stand around killing enemies forever. After
    your rendezvous with Cao Cao, you will need to defeat both Hu Che Er and Jia
    Xu. They will appear at different times and areas as you make your way towards
    the exit with Mengde (Cao Cao). After you defeat both Hu Che (scum) Er and Jia
    (conniving) Xu, you will get a scene where Dian Wei yells to Mengde for him to
    retreat. Mengde will disappear from the current map and you will be the only
    one left. Your next and actual requirement is to defeat the Troop Leaders, sent
    by Zhang Xiu two at a time, without allowing them to get past you and into the
    gate where Mengde had retreated until you get the message that Cao Cao has
    begun his retreat. I’m not completely sure, but I think it is required that you
    stay by the gate and wait for the Troop Leaders to come to the gate instead of
    rushing to where they respawn. Also, I recommend saving your game just after
    the scene where you tell Mengde to retreat just incase any Troop Leaders get by
    “Battle of Wan Castle—Cao Cao’s Forces—When Cao Cao begins his escape from Wan
    Castle, stay in front of the gate and prevent the enemy task unit from
    breaching the gate for 150 seconds. Neither player can control Cao Cao.
         The costume availability in Dynasty Warriors 5 decreased by two extra
    costumes since Dynasty Warriors 4, so this means there are four (4) total
    costumes for Dian Wei, as well as every character.
    Costume #1: His original costume, which you can view through the link provided
    You will not have to unlock this costume as it is available from the time you
    turn on the game.
         Basically, his costume consists of a giant horse head made of steal
    located on his left forearm (possibly the biggest one in all of Dian Wei’s
    former costumes), huge spiked shoulder armor, a chain wrapped around his right
    upper arm and wrist, loafers and knee armor both with spikes, a blue sash
    around his waist, and a purple cloth tied around his waist as well.
    Costume #2: Coming soon…
    Costume #3: This is his original Dynasty Warriors 4 costume, which can also be
    found in an above link. To unlock this costume, you will need to achieve 20,000
         This costume consists of an armored plate around his upper body and high
    spike on his left shoulder, an armored horse head on his left forearm again, a
    brown cloth around his right wrist, loafers with spikes on the toes, generic
    knee and thigh armor, and a purple piece of cloth around his waist tied on by a
    blue, thin piece of cloth.
    Costume #4: Coming soon…
         I never suggest to equip Dian Wei with a saddle of any kind because of his
    lack of mounted attack efficiency. This is why I would think Dian Wei using his
    double halberds would be even more incredible for his benefit. Just imagine him
    wielding two halberds while mounted, killing hundreds. Anyway, I digress, here
    is what I recommend equipping Dian Wei with before heading to the battlefield:
         Orb(s) - Using the Yin orb seems most effective for Dian Wei, especially
    since his long cherished Lightning element has been eliminated, sorrowfully.
    Using anything but Yin seems ineffective to me and also seems to disrupt
    fluency (for instance, using Fire orb seems to be ineffective because Dian Wei
    isn't a huge combo-scoring character).
         Item(s) - Several items can be used effectively with Dian Wei, as well as
    with any other character (of course). Some you may want to equip are Speed
    Scroll to enhance Dian Wei's low speed which can be somewhat frustrating. Using
    Wind Scroll will help raise your attacks range, therefore helping you kill more
    and more troops. Musou Armor is a good item to use if you are impatient with
    enemy archer attacks. Panacea is a new item which will raise your health every
    100 kills and since Dian Wei will more than likely achieve 100 kills quite
    simply, I recommend it.
         To summarize what I recommended here, and more common items I recommend,
    I'll list them for simple viewing.
    - Peacock Urn (Life MAX increases)
    - Tiger Amulet (Attack power increases)
    - Tortoise Amulet (Defense increases, including mounted and arrow?)
    - Speed Scroll (Running speed increases)
    - Elixir (Musou gauge fills up faster)
    - Wind Scroll (Attack range increases)
    - Musou Armor (No staggering after hit by arrows/maintain composure)
    - Panacea (Health raises after every 100 kills achieved)
    Coming Soon...
    9.) CREDITS
    - KOEI for obvious reasons
    - GameFAQs for being what it is
    - The hardcore Dynasty Warriors fans
    - Luo Guanzhong for the great edition of the Three Kingdoms novel from which I
    got the information on Dian Wei in history
    - www.photobucket.com for its picture storage
    - donthatekongming from GameFAQs for his weapon FAQ
    - Lord Dian Wei 11 (as known on GameFAQs) for reporting the weight of Dian
    Wei’s weapons in actuality.
         This FAQ may NOT be reproduced under any circumstances in anyway except
    for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    will become a violation of copyright (Copyright Kros Brazil 2005). If
    distributed publicly without advanced permission by myself, public display is
    strictly prohibited, therefore becoming a violation of copyright without
    written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of
    any without my permission is prohibited and will also become a violation of
    copyright. You will only be permitted to display this FAQ if you have written
    consent from me, personally, via e-mail (kroser14@hotmail.com).
         This has been my third (3rd) FAQ made on GameFAQs.com and my first FAQ for
    the Dynasty Warriors 5 installment from Koei.
         Anyone who believes Dian Wei was a joke or disappointment to the Kingdom
    of Wei should definitely report back to me so I may engage in thrashing that
    person about.
         Finally, if there are any questions e-mailed to me concerning this FAQ in
    anyway, I suppose I will start up a Frequently Asked Questions section in this
         Anyway, that's it, so have fun and enjoy dominating as Dian Wei and as the
    rest of the superior Kingdom of Wei.
    11.) CONTACT
         If you need to contact me in any way, here are the following ways you can
    get a hold of me:
    E-mail - kroser14@hotmail.com
    AIM - TogeraTwo
    GameFAQs username: TogeraTwo
         I will reply if an e-mail is sent.

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