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    Sun Quan by C_S_II

    Version: 1.35 | Updated: 04/17/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        DD  DD    YY  YY   NN NN   NN   AA AA   SSS         TT       YY  YY
        DD   DD    YYYY    NN  NN  NN  AA   AA SSS          TT        YYYY
        DD    DD    YY     NN   NN NN  AA   AA  SSSSSS      TT         YY
        DD   DD     YY     NN    NNNN  AAAAAAA      SSS     TT         YY
        DD  DD      YY     NN     NNN  AA   AA     SSS      TT         YY
        DDDDD       YY     NN     NNN  AA   AA SSSSSS       TT         YY
    WW      WW  AA AA  RR   RR  RR   RR      II    OO     OO RR   RR   SSS
    WW      WW AA   AA RR    RR RR    RR     II    OO     OO RR    RR SSS
    WW  WW  WW AA   AA RRR  RR  RRR  RR      II    OO     OO RRR  RR   SSSSSS
    WW  WW  WW AAAAAAA RR  RR   RR  RR       II    OO     OO RR  RR        SSS
    WW  WW  WW AA   AA RR   RR  RR   RR      II    OO     OO RR   RR      SSS
                                -Character FAQ for Sun Quan-
    This FAQ is for use for the game Dynasty Warriors 5 By KOEI. If use on
    any other game, information may not be correct. If used on any other 
    game, you are retarded. All the information contained in this came 
    from the game Dynasty Warriors 5. The game's release date was 03/29/05.
    If you wish to send a request, question, or correction, send an E-Mail
    to Chainedstar@hotmail.com Any criticism is welcomed! The asterisk marks
    with letters in all caps below are for your help only, simply hit Ctrl+F
    and type in the asterisk and letters to directly find the information 
    you are looking for!
           -Table Of Contents-                                     *TBL
           I. Why should I use Sun Quan?                           *YSQ
           II.Unlocking                                            *UNLOCK
           III.Sun Quan's Apperance                                *COSTUME
           IV.Fighting Style                                       *FIGHTER
               -Moves                                              *FIGHTER1
               -Stats                                              *FIGHTER2
               -Recomended Equipment                               *FIGHTER3
               -Weapons                                            *FIGHTER4
           V.Campaign Walkthrough                                  *MOSOU
               -Battle of Xia Kou                                  *XIAKOU
               -Battle of Chi Bi                                   *CHIBI
               -Battle of He Fei                                   *HEFEI
               -Battle of He Fei Castle                            *CASFEI
               -Battle of Bai Di                                   *BAIDI
           VI.Frequently Asked Questions                           *FAQ
           VII.Version History                                     *VH
           VIII.Contact                                            *Contact
           IX.Credits and Copyrights                               *C&C
            -I.Why should I use Sun Quan?-                         *YSQ
    Well in my opinion, Sun Quan is just awesome. Another reason is that
    he one of the sword fighters that doesn't totally suck. Yes you will
    probably need to equip the Wind Scroll, most sword fighters do not
    have that great of a crowd clearing feat. But I love the guy. His hat
    from Dynasty Warriors 4 is awesome! I mean just look at it! He is
    suprisingly fast for a man with a dress. His damage is pretty nice
    to start off with too, even though items can dramaticaly change his
    stats, I think he is a well balanced character. If your favorite
    type of fighter is one that can kill a multitude of people at one
    time, with one swipe, I warn you do not use Sun Quan. He is more
    toward the speed player, but he can only take out a few people at
    a time, even with the Wind Scroll. I think that he is a very well
    created anti-officer character, his combos are deadly. He is
    especialy good in duels, but then again it depends on what kind
    of skill you have as a player, no offense to anyone. Everybody
    has to start out somewhere!
            -II.Unlocking-                                         *UNLOCK
    Unlocking Sun Quan is, well lets see how to put it... Fairly simple.
    You get to start out with him! Look how easy that is! Yay!
            -III.Sun Quan's Apperance-                             *COSTUME
    Sun Quan is a very oddly dressed character, but it was ok seeing as
    how he was the first emperor of the Wu Dynasty. His costumes are as
    follows: Costume Number followed by points needed to obtain it, and
    and discription of detail, of my best ability.
              -Costume 1          0 pts (Starting)
    This is a new costume for Sun Quan. He is still in a pretty fancy robe
    but it has some decals on it that are tiger patterned. The rest of his
    robe ranges from red and blue, and he has a little crown type hat on
    his head. There is also a small black patch on the back of him. He has
    a little sash type thing on his backside, and its tiger patterned. He
    has some fluffy white fur around his neck.
              -Costume 2          6000 pts
    This is a variation from his first costume. Instead of being red and
    blue, it has turned to black. Every single decal is now gold (to my
    vision). His fur also changes to tiger pattern. The black patch on 
    his back has turned to red also.
              -Costume 3          20000 pts
    His original costume from Dynasty Warriors 4! Yay! He got that awesome
    hat back. It is extremly hard to explain but I will try. It sort of
    goes out in a little cylinder a bit, then is basicly a rectangle piece
    sticking off that. His dress fades from red to blue. He has gold decals
    still on almost everywhere. His chest pads are red and black with gold
              -Costume 4          20000 pts
    This is another one of his costumes from Dynasty Warriors 4, a 
    variation of his thrid costume now. This is the little costume where
    he has the "Chef Hat" deal going on. His Costume fades from red to
    white now. He has some cloth pads hanging off to his side that are
    now white tiger patterned. His upper body, instead of being red like
    in costume three is now purple. His chest pads are now red with gold
    and white.
            -IV.Fighting Style-                                    *FIGHTER
    Sun Quans Fighting style is like most other sword players. He is to be 
    used as a fast (attacking for he does not run all that fast) character
    that does not have an overly huge crowd clearing capability. If you
    favor spears and pikes more than swords, and are going to try out a
    sword wielder, I do not recommend using Sun Quan. Other that that he
    is just about what I said in the I.Why Should I use Sun Quan section.
    ========Moves                                                  *FIGHTER1
    Square x1:Diagonal slash up to the right
    Square x2:Horizontal slash left
    Square x3:Horizontal slash right
    Square x4:Diagonal slash up to the left
    Square x5:Horizontal slash right
    Square x6:Diagonal slash down to the left
    Square x6 Alternate:Sparks (Because of Evo-Combos) then spins and does
    a diagonal slash to the right
    Square x7:Ends in the same way as Square x2
    Square x8:Ends in the same way as Square x3
    Square x9:Ends in the same way as Square x3 Triangle
    ****Note:From Alternate Square 6 to 9 Evolution-Capable level 3 or 4
    weapons, weapons with a little blue dot near the weapon name and full
    musou bar are required to perform the move. Also that all Charge moves
    have the Square moves occur before the actual description.
    Triangle (Charge):He crosses his arms and swings them forward while
    stepping forward and it emits a shockwave around him, poor damage.
    Square x1 Triangle:Large uppercut slash to the left
    Square x2 Triangle:Series of diagonal cuts, altering right and left,
    ending in a horizontal right slash and then a overhead slash down.
    Square x3 Triangle:Swings sword from top to bottom left then flails
    it behind him, covering his back
    Square x4 Triangle:Spins around slowly, then uppercuts to the left
    emiting a big shockwave in front of him only.
    Square x5 Triangle:Spins around in a complete circle flailing his
    sword (Best crowd buster so far).
    Jump Attack (Jump and Square):He simply swings his sword downward left.
    Jump Charge (Jump and Triangle):He does a mid air frontflip, and he
    overhead swings his sword down and lands a few feet in front of
    where he started, causing a big shockwave.
    Dash attack (running with X):
    Mounted Attack (On horse S):Slashes to the left and right alternating.
    Mounted Charge (On horse T):Two slashes to the left and right
    Mounted Musou (On horse C with full Musou):Slashes to the left and
    right alternating.
    Musou (Circle):Diagonal to horizontal slash to the left and same thing
    to the right alternating, ending in a strong left horizontal slash.
    True Musou (Circle with life in red):Same as regular musou, except
    instead of ending with a strong slash to the left, he puts his sword
    straight up in the air and purple lightning flies down everywhere
    around him.
    ========Stats                                                  *FIGHTER2
    Here is the starting stats for Sun Quan, rated from 1 being the worst,
    to 5 being the best, by my best accuracy.
         Health: 4
         Musou: 3
         Attack: 4
         Defense: 2
         Speed: 3
         Mounted Attack: 3
         Bow Attack: 3(Is there any difference for different people really?)
    ========Recommended Equipment                                  *FIGHTER3
    This is a list of the equipment I recomend using on Sun Quan to
    bring out his full capabilities. All of these items are important, but
    can be put on in any order. Remember that you must be of a low rank in
    order to equip ALL of these.
         Red Hare Harness
         Light Orb
         Wind Scroll
         Speed Scroll
         Serpent Earings
         Tortise Amulet
         Tiger Amulet
         Peacock Amulet ***When you get his fourth level weapon, equip this
    rather than the tortise amulet because his Level 4 Sword does not 
    increase his life***
    ========Weapons                                                *FIGHTER4
    Wolf Sword
    Level 1
    Power: 3
    Attacks: 4
    Weight: Random
    Wolf Claw
    Level 2
    Power: 7
    Attacks: 5
    Weight: Random
    King Wolf
    Level 3
    Power: 11
    Attacks: 6
    Weight: Random
    Master Wolf
    Level 4
    Power: 34
    Attacks: 6
    Weight: Medium
    -Charge 17
    -Bow 15
    -Musou 18
    -Fill 15
    -Attack 16
    Master Wolf
    =====Battle of Chi Bi=====
        Allied Side
      Short explanation:Make sure all three parts of the fire attack succeed.
      Long  explanation:First of all I recommend doing this in musou mode,
    because in free mode it is 5 star dificulty, and in his musou its only
    his second stage, so its not that hard. Make sure you are playing on hard
    mode for the musou. The three parts of the attack you need to succeed in
    are the 1)linking of the ships (destroying the two bridges) 2)Zhuge Liang's
    prayer needs to succeed and 3)the actual fire attack itself, by Huang Gai.
    Having a horse on this match does help also. To start, kill Cai Mao and
    Wang Lang to make sure both of the bridges drop. When Zhuge Liang heads
    for the altar, come with him. Head up north from the westmost point of
    the map (north of Zhuge's altar) and kill everything in your way. Make
    sure the gate up there dies, and you probably want to kill Zhang Liao
    to make the units stop coming. Be sure and kill his two officers too.
    stay below the raised platform of the alter and make sure nothing gets in
    contact with Zhuge Liang. Once the cutscene apears that he has been
    sucessfull head toward Huang Gai. Xiahou Yuan will come to kill him. Make
    sure Yuan dies. Thats all I hade to do for the fire attack to be launched.
    Once it is and Huang Gai gets there, you should get the special item report.
    If you dont make sure you are doing all the correct things, it's on hard,
    and check your battle history.
            -V.Campaign Walkthrough-                               *MOSOU
    Sun Quan has a five level musou mode, most of which is to avenge the
    death of Sun Ce and Sun Jian, His brother and father. Note that the
    rank of hardness I give them are not in free mode, Chi Bi for example
    is a level 5 star in free mode, this is for the purpose of musou mode
    >>>>>Battle of Xia Kou             Rank (*)( )( )( )( )        *XIAKOU
         First head north. Kill everything in you path. It is good to have
    experiance after the first battle so try to rack up as much kills as
    possible, my personal score from first time Sun Quan, with no items
    is 827 kills. Kill Zhang Hu when you see him. When you see the first
    supply base, head east and kill the checkpoint there. Go back to the
    supply base and take over it, and make sure to kill Chen Sheng.
    Continue up north untill you see the next supply base. Head west, and
    a little south towards the docks, killing the supply base along the way
    . Make sure you get those kills! Tashi Ci will continue along the
    passage to the north-east. Cheng Pu will follow him shortly. When Gan
    Ning appears, he will cill Ling Cao, but there is nothing you can do
    to stop him. Cai Mao and Wen Pin cause the boats to attack the main
    camp, kill them to stop/prevent it. If the boats are aleady at the
    main base, they cannot be stopped. But if only one boat has made it
    to the main camp and you kill the officer for the next one, the next
    one will be prevented. Make your way to the west and kill the supply
    base in your way. Go north from the west checkpoint, no need to clear
    it, your allies should be able to do that by now. At the very north,
    kill Gan Ning and the checkpoint. Attack the castle, kill Deng Long
    to open the west gate. As soon as you enter the castle there will be
    a gaurd captain to the north, kill him. Rush for Huang Zu and take
    his head!
    >>>>>Battle of Chi Bi              Rank (*)(*)( )( )( )        *CHIBI
         Basically what I said in his Fourth Level Weapon discription
    except add the following. Once the fire attack succeeded (and you
    maybe got your level 4 weapon) continue north the west side killing
    everything in your way. The officers are pretty simple. Also kill Cao
    Pi before you aim for Cao Cao. After Cao Pi and his little wimpy
    officers die, take Cao Cao's Head!
    >>>>>Battle of He Fei              Rank (*)(*)(*)(*)( )        *HEFEI
         Walkthrough/strategies coming soon!
    >>>>>Battle of He Fei Castle       Rank (*)(*)(*)( )( )        *CASFEI
         When you first start out, head west toward the castle and defeat
    the gate captain to open the first outer gate. Then head toward the
    middle of the castle to open the next gate, kill everything in your
    path. If you recieve the hurry message, just rush to the gate and
    kill the gate captain. Kill Xu Huang on your way there our out.
    your allies should be able to open the last gate from there, but if
    not, rush to help them. Once all three gates are distroyed the rams
    will appear. Protect them by infiltrating the castle, throught the
    west inner gate, and heading towards the middle of the castle. Kill
    Cao Zhang and Cao Zhen on the way there. Once there, kill some of
    the remaining units, and hurry on up the giant staircases on the
    castle wall and kill the defense captians. Remember there are TWO
    defense captains that you must kill, one on each side of the
    middle inner gate. After that go north and kill Cao Ren. Then head
    east and kill Cao Huang and Wang Leng and their sub officers. After
    that there should be enemies on the docks to the northeast. Kill the
    two task captains and the officer there and head back to defeat
    Xu Zhu, but don't worry while you are gone, Xu Zhu will not be able
    to kill any allied officers. If you see the cutscene with the giant
    bolder, head to your allies as fast as possible. Zhen Ji will try to
    attack from the rear, so head her off and destroy her but beware, she
    is one tough cookie. If you havent killed Xu Zhu yet do so now.
    Kill the gate captain near Xu Zhu and head north. From there kill
    Sima Yi. After Sima Yi's death, make sure you take out BOTH gaurd
    captains on each side of Cao Pi. This makes it much easier because
    that way tons of units aren't trying to also charge at you. From
    there just kill Cao Pi and you have won!
    >>>>>Battle of Bai Di              Rank (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)        *BAIDI
         Walkthrough/strategies coming soon!
            -VI.Frequently Asked Questions-                        *FAQ
    Q: Sun Quan Sucks. Why dont you rather play with Zhuo Yun.
    A: First of all thats an opinion, and do you mean Zhou Yu, or Zhao
    Yun? Learn how to read people.
    Q: You say to equip the Peacock Amulet because his defense goes up
    with his level 4 weapon, but it doesnt.
    A: Sorry about that, when I wrote it, I was looking at different
    players weapon. Sorry for confusion.
    Q: I really like your FAQ, will you make on on Gan Ning?
    A: Maybe, after I make on on Sun Jian.
    Q: Like your FAQ. Make one for Gan Ning.
    A: Thats not a question but about 4 people have asked me to do
    one for Gan Ning now so maybe I will.
    Q: I haven't been playing very long but I've been trying to collect
    the horses and on a few rare items walkthroughs I've looked at they
    keep talking about when you complete the task a message pops up to
    tell you where the precious items box is located. Well I've only
    managed to get the Hex Mark Saddle and that was on accident, I just
    kindof stumbled on it, I didn't get any message that I remember
    telling me about it. Is there something I'm suppose to activate to
    get those messages?
    A: 1) I Have no idea what you just said and 2) Yes there is special
    things you are supposed to do to get the valuable item report
    Q: There is no more duels what are you talking about?
    A: By duels I mean just you and another officer.
            -VII.Version History-                                  *VH
    _______Version 1.00__________________________________________________
    This is basicaly the start, and first submitted version of my FAQ.
    Any bugs that are in this FAQ please report to  
    Chainedstar@hotmail.com. Also none of the Frequently asked 
    questions are avilable right now, because no one has E-Mailed me.
    I have not yet found one of Sun Quans Evolution combo weapons, but
    I am working on it!
    _______Version 1.05__________________________________________________
    Fixed his move list, for the evolution combos. Made them more
    understandable. Also Originaly I forgot to include his jump attack!
    Also changed recommended equipment a little bit. And fixed a few
    spelling errors.
    _______Version 1.15__________________________________________________
    Added Walkthrough to Sun Quan's Musou level Xia Kou. Also put the
    short explanation of obtaining Sun Quan's Level 4 Weapon. Added
    dates for all of the Version history.
    _______Version 1.35__________________________________________________
    Added strategy for He Fei Castle and battle of Chi Bi and fixed points
    amount for his second costume. Added explanation of how to achive his
    fourth weapon. Also added a few Frequently asked Questions. Added Dash
            -VIII.Contact-                                          *Contact
    E-Mail me at Chainedstar@hotmail.com
    AIM me at DaMullet777
    Report to me any bugs, typos, grammer misfunctions, comments or
    questions! Critizism is always welcome to me, but please do not be 
    to profane. (If you send me any spelling or grammer errors, please
    type out the WHOLE sentence so that I may be able to find it 
    easily. Thank you.)
            -IX.Credits and Copyrights-
     -I wan't to first credit and thank KOEI for the release of this
    flippen' awesome game!\
     -The game manual for explaining some things!
     -All of the fellow GameFAQ memebers whose FAQs I have looked at
    and helped format this FAQ!
     -GameFAQ in general for giving me the great opertunity of doing
    this FAQ in the first place!
     -EChang for help on obtaining Sun Quan's Level 4 Weapon!
     -EChang for help on obtaining some special items!
     -RockmanCXDEZ for the information of the Evolution Hit Combos!
     -Every persons FAQ that I have looke at, even not having to do
    with anything close to Dynasty Warriors for inspiration and a
    will to finish this FAQ so quickly as I have!
     -The GameFAQS FAQ building guide was extremly helpful as to the
    rules of this FAQ!
     -For its Copyright information!
     -Luo Guanzhong For creating the great novel for which this great
    game is based upon!
     -And last but not least, All of the wonderful people that take
    a loving to this game as I do! Without them I would not be
    writing this!
    Copyright 2005 Adam Berg
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except 
    for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web 
    site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part
    of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
    owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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