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    Cao Ren by raliem

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/22/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Cao Ren FAQ
    Dynasty Warrior 5
    By: Raliem (Lutari@gmail.com)
    Version 1.2
    Table of Contents:
    1. Updates
    2. Why Should I use Cao Ren?
    3. Background information on Cao Ren
    4. Unlocking
    5. Move Set
    6. Weapons
    7. Stages
    8. Character Models
    9. Frequently ask questions
    10. Credits
    11. Contact
    12. Copyright information
    1. UPDATES
    Version 1.1 (4/7/05): Fixed and corrected some grammer mistakes
    Version 1.2 (4/10/05): Updated FAQ
    Version 1.3 (4/23/05): Fixed a mistake about how to get the 4th weapon and 
    the weapon attributes.
    2. Why Should I use Cao Ren?
    Cao Ren has a superb amount defense and health in the beginning of the game. 
    Plus normal attacks can't stop his normal string of attacks (only charge 
    attacks and Musou can). You can pretty much stand in a crowd of peons and start 
    attacking without ever being interrupted and continue your killing spree. 
    Although he may be in the slow side and low reach, he can always use his dash 
    attack to speed things up and of coarse, damage any enemies in his path. With 
    good defense and health, what would you expect from a guy fully clad in armor 
    and has a buckler blade as a weapon?
    3. Brief Background on Cao Ren (Courtesy of kongming.net history archives)
    Cao Ren was one of Cao Cao’s younger cousins and one of the top generals in his 
    army. Like most of his cousins, Cao Ren enjoyed riding horses on the plains and 
    hunting in the great forests. Impressed by Cao Cao’s dedication to stopping 
    Dong Zhuo, Cao Ren gathered several thousands of volunteers from his home 
    county.Zixiao participated in many battles, including the fight for He Bei, 
    the wars against Lü Bu and Tao Qian, and the pursuit of Liu Bei. On the 
    battlefield, Cao Ren continuously displayed valor and loyalty. For his great 
    contributions, he was promoted to Auxiliary Corps Commanding Officer, General 
    Who Stabilises the West, Great General and Great Minister of War successively. 
    Under Cao Pi,Zixiao guarded Jing Zhou against Shu and Wu. He died of natural 
    causes in the AD 223 and was titled Loyal Lord posthumously
    Note: Zixiao is Cao Ren's style name.
    4. Unlocking
    In order to unlock Cao Ren, you must first complete Cao Pi's musou mode.
    5. Move Set
    A some of Cao Ren's move have been change, but most of Cao Ren's move stayed 
    the same as it was from Dynasty Warriors 4. Like everybody else he has a new
    SSSST attack and jump charge. He now has shoots blades instead of fire balls
    for his SST now.
    S: A horizontal swing to the right
    SS: A diagonal swing to the left
    SSS: Cao Ren swings his buckler in a downward motion
    SSSS: A diagonal swing to the left
    SSSSS: A horizontal swing to the right
    SSSSSS: Cao Ren thrusts his shield in a frontward motion
    Your weapon have to evolution capable in order to use the follow attacks:
    SSSSSSS: A diagonal swing to the left
    SSSSSSSS: Cao Ren swings his buckler in a downward motion
    SSSSSSSSS: Detaches his blade from his buckler and swings both the buckler
    and blade in a different direction.
    T: Cao Ren stomps his feet creating a shockwave around him, doesn't cover
    a lot of ground though.
    ST: Cao Ren detaches his blade and does an uppercut with it with whoever is in 
    front of him, enough time to juggle them.
    SST: Shoots what seems to be circular wind blasts. Last blast stuns the enemy.
    Upgrade in order to shoot more wind blasts.
    SSST: Cao Ren does a bear hug and whoever is hit by it will be thrown away.
    SSSST: Cao Ren spins around then slams his buckler to the ground causing
    all enemies around him to fly into the air.
    SSSSST: Cao Ren puts his buckler in front of him and runs into whoever is in
    front of him.
    Musou attack: Cao Ren swings his buckler left to right diagonal for a couple 
    of times then finally stomps the ground creating a shockwave hitting anybody
    around him.
    True Musou: Like his normal Musou but then at the end swings his buckler in 
    a upward motion then creating a wave surrounding him, blasting everybody
    around him away.
    Mounted Attack: Swings to left and right with his buckler consecutively.
    Mounted Charge: Swings his buckler from left and right.
    Mounted Musou: Swings his buckler to left and right like mounted attack
    but at a faster rate.
    Dash Attack: Cao Ren detaches his blade and puts his shield in front of him
    and dashes forward and at the end, swings his blade to the right and buckler
    to the left
    Parry attack: Detaches his blade from his buckler and swinging it to the right
    in one swift movement.
    Jump attack: A downward diagonal slash to the right.
    Jump Charge: Cao Ren flips one time then comes down slamming his buckler into
    the ground damaging anybody around him.
    6. Weapons
    Weapons are back to it was in Dynasty Warriors 3, if you don't know yet, in 
    order to get better weapons, you either have to defeat Officers or destroy 
    boxes to get Treasure boxes in order to gain a new weapon.(By the way, 
    weights for weapons #1-3 are random). In order to get your last and of coarse
    best weapon, you need to fulfill certain requirements in order to gain it.
    Buckler Blade:
    Power: +4
    Attacks: 4 (How many consecutive square hits you can use)
    Weight: Random (How fast you can wield your weapon depends on the weight)
    Attributes: Random
    Strike Buckler:
    Power: +8
    Attacks: 5
    Weight: Random
    Attributes: Random
    Power: +12
    Attack: 6
    Weight: Random
    Attributes: Random
    Power: +32
    Attacks: 6
    Weight: Light
    Fill: 15
    Bow: 15
    Def: 18
    Atk: 15
    Life: 19
    How to Get: 
    Stage: Escape from Chi Bi (Must be done on Hard Mode)
    How to Get: Defeat Guan Ping, Zhao Yun, Zhang Fei, Cheng Pu, Zhu Zhi, and
    Han Dang (basically every officer that ambushs Cao Cao all) and Sun Quan 
    before the allied officers slow down the enemy from reaching Cao Cao.
    Strategy: Just follow Cao Cao, and during this time an enemy ambush appears.
    Kill all of them. While you’re killing them enemy reinforcements will come 
    (Cheng Pu and Han Dang). Xiahou Yuan will come as your reinforcements. Take out
    Dong Xi, which is right next to Cao Cao. Then head downward and finish Han
    Dang out, and take out the enemy as well. You will get a message that Cao Cao
    is starting march, quickly take out Cheng Pu and catch up with Cao Cao. Yet 
    another ambush will appear. Take out Chen Wu (Zhu Zhi's sub-officer). By this
    time Zhang Liao will come as reinforcements. Keep going east and take out Zhu
    Zhi and his checkpoint. Cao Cao will resume marching until he meets up with
    Zhao Yun's ambush party. Take care of him and clear the enemy checkpoint east
    of where Zhao Yun is. Xiahou Dun will come as reinforcements. Keeping going 
    west with Cao Cao and eventually you'll meet up with Zhang Fei's ambush party,
    how many ambush parties are there? Defeat Jian Yong if you want to, but its
    not necessary. Dispatch of Zhang Fei and let Cao Cao continue his march. Wen
    Pin will come as reinforcements by the way. Alas if you thought that was the 
    last ambush party, you guess wrong, Guan Ping has arrived with yet ANOTHER
    ambush party, getting old eh? Anyways defeat Guan Ping like all the other's. 
    Like all the other ambush party, reinforcements for Cao Cao has come, this time 
    Xu Zhu. Sun Quan will arrive at this time, now go all the way to bottom and
    defeat him, he's not that hard, except he's swarming with sub-generals and 
    soldiers, defeat him, and the sub-generals if you want. By this time you should
    have got a message that saids "Valuable item has been found" If you don't know 
    where it is, just go check your battle log to find it. Go back toward Cao Cao
    getting the weapon box as you go along and meet Guan Yu. Don't worry you don't
    have to battle him, he'll retreat. Liu Bei will appear though.Defeat him to
    finally end the battle. Congratulations on getting your new Roc (if you did
    everything right of coarse)
    7. Musou Mode
    As most other characters in the game, Cao Ren has 5 stages.
    A. Escape from Chi Bi
    B. Battle of He Fei
    C. Battle of Fan Castle
    D. Battle of Chen Cang
    E. Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
    8. Character Models
    1st Costume: Default Costume (Original costume)
    2nd Costume: Like his 1st costume but his armor is golden (including helmet),
    also the tassel on top of his helmet is now white instead of black. Other 
    garments are white now.
    3rd Costume: Original Dynasty Warrior 4 costume (Get when you have 20000 points)
    4th Costume: Like Dynasty Warriors costume but now has what seem to be a furry 
    purple Mohawk on top of his helmet instead of spikes. His helmet also includes
    a mouth piece too. His armor is now silver and gold. His belt is now blue. His
    inner garments is black. (Get when you have 20000 points)
    9. Credits
    GameFaqs for making this great site 
    Kongming.net archives for providing so much historical information
    RockmanCXDEZ for giving me privilege to using a similar format for making my 
    And of coarse KOEI, for making this fabulous game
    James Flynn for telling me of some mistakes on the 4th weapon. Thanks.
    10. Frequently ask questions
    Whats the best place to max out Cao Ren in order to get his 4th weapon easier?
    I recommend doing any 5 star stage, as the officers give out the best stat
    What are the best items for Cao Ren?
    What I gave him was:
    1. Tiger Amulet: More power means faster rate of killing people
    2. Peacock Urn: More life means the longer you can stay alive
    3. Tortoise Amulet: This along with Peacock Urn means more defense against enemy
    4. Wind Scroll: Although not necessary, its recommended to use this because 
    since Cao Ren doesn't really have long reach, this will help you have longer 
    5. Ginseng (or whatever comes to your mind), I picked this because it means
    faster refilling of my musou which = more killing, but hey, its your choice.
    11. Contact
    Questions, Comments, concerns, mistakes I made? My e-mail address is: 
    lutari@gmail.com if you need to contact me.
    12. Copyright information
    This guide may be not be reproduced or edited under any circumstances except
    for personal or private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission from the author. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display
    without expressed written permission from the author is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2005, David Chiu 
    This document cannot be reproduced in ANYWAY without my permission.

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