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    Cao Pi by Jiyu Aifu

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    Dynasty Warriors 5
    Cao Pi
    Jiyu Aifu
    Version 1
    ----- Contents -----
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Cao Pi
    3.  Move Set
    4.  Musou Mode
    5.  Weapons
    6.  Movies
    7.  Models
    8.  Credits
    9.  Update History
    10. Contact Info
    11. Copyright
    ---- Introduction ----
    I've long been a fan of Dynasty Warriors ever since 3 came out. Upon playing
    this game, I first played as Cao Pi. I did this because I admired his
    personality and appearance as well as his historical background. After using
    him, he has become a favorite character of mine and I have thus decided to
    write a FAQ to describe any aspects dealing with him.
    Cao Pi is an available character at the beginning of the game so there is no
    need to worry about unlocking him.
    ---- Cao Pi ----
    Surname: Cao
    Given Name: Pi
    Style: Zihuan
    Born: 187
    Died: 226
    Cao Pi was the second son of Cao Cao. He was very shrewd and skilled in the
    arts and in warfare and fought alongside his father from an early age. Cao Pi
    loved literature and poetry like his father, and wrote over a hundred articles
    on various subjects.
    During the fight against Yuan Shao, Cao Pi met two women after conquering Ye.
    He had planned on killing them, but he instead put away his weapon. One of the
    women was Lady Liu, the wife of the late Yuan Shao and the other was Lady Zhen,
    the wife of Yuan Xi, Yuan Shao's second son. Cao Pi saw great beauty within
    Lady Zhen and when she was brought before Cao Cao. Cao Cao said she was the
    perfect one to be Cao Pi's wife and so Zhen Ji was taken as Cao Pi's wife.
    After the defeat of Yuan Shao, Cao Pi spent most of his career in guarding
    the city of Xu Chang with half a million soldiers. Cao Cao was considering
    both Cao Pi and Cao Zhi to be appointed as his heir, but Jia Xu, who happened
    to be a friend of Cao Pi's, convinced Cao Cao that Cao Pi was the most
    reasonable choice.
    Cao Pi succeeded his father, Cao Cao, when he died. There were a few minor
    conflicts between his brothers once Cao Pi ascended power. Once Cao Cao died,
    Cao Pi's younger brother, Cao Zhang made an attempt to secure the Imperial
    Court before his brother could, but he was too late and sent his soldiers
    back and went to pay homage to his brother instead. Cao Pi's younger brother,
    Cao Xiong, was often ill and he could not attend his father's funeral because
    he was ill. Cao Pi summoned him to the court, and out of fear of his brother,
    Cao Xiong committed suicide. Cao Pi also always held suspicion against
    Cao Zhi though he never intended to contend for the throne. After some
    complaints about Cao Zhi, Cao Pi wanted to punish him, but his mother
    insisted that he not harm his brother. Cao Pi then decided to test Cao Zhi's
    poetic abilities. Cao Zhi was to comprise a poem within a set number of
    paces. And after pulling this off, Cao Pi assigned Cao Zhi as the Lord of
    Anxing and he was not allowed to participate in political affairs. And after
    his loss against Guan Yu, Cao Pi put Yu Jin to shame, causing him to become
    ill and die.
    Cao Pi's most notable achievement is becoming the first Emperor of Wei. In
    the year 220, Wei became an established power and controlled the Han court.
    So Cao Pi deposed Emperor Xian and ascended the throne as the Emperor of
    Wei, which ended the 400-year rule of the Han Dynasty.
    Cao Pi also had his wife, Zhen Ji, commit suicide. She began to act
    strangely and after some slander from his concubine, Lady Guo, he became
    irritated and ordered her to commit suicide. He then named Lady Guo as the
    new empress and she was to take care of her step-son, Cao Rui, the son of
    Lady Zhen. Lady Guo did not favor Cao Rui, but Cao Pi insisted that he
    would be named heir.
    In the year 224, Cao Pi led a massive fleet, numbering more than three
    hundred thousand, to attack the kingdom of Wu. Cao Pi led the fleet to
    cross the Great River at night, but they were scared off by a fake wall
    made by Xu Sheng of Wu. Cao Pi ordered the fleet to turn around, but the
    winds were so strong that his boat was brought down. He was rescued by his
    officers, but not long after, they were ambushed by Sun Shao and his force.
    Though Sun Shao's force was small, Cao Pi could not withstand the attack
    and many of his soldiers were slain. He was rescued by Zhang Liao and
    Xu Huang, but as they retreated up the river, they were ambushed by
    Ding Feng. Cao Pi managed to escape, but Zhang Liao was hit in his loins
    with an arrow and died of his wounds soon after. Cao Pi's campaign against
    Wu was a failure and he died two years later at the age of thirty-nine.
    During his reign, Cao Pi continued his father's wars against Shu and Wu, but
    was unsuccessful. And though Wei prospered under Cao Pi's rule, much of the
    peace and wealth can be attributed to Cao Cao's foundation of Wei.
    *This information was partly written with help of Cao Pi's Comprehensive bio
    on Kongming's Archives.
    ---- Move Set ----
    S = Square
    T = Triangle
    O = Circle
    X = X
    S- A downaward, diagonal slash.
    SS- A horizontal slash to the right.
    SSS- A horizontal slash to the left going slightly upward.
    SSSS- A horizontal slash to the right.
    SSSSS- A horizontal slash to the left with a little spin move.
    SSSSSS- A powerful, downward, diagonal slash.
    T- Forms a ball of ice that explodes and either knocks nearby enemies back or
       freezes them.
    ST- A powerful, upward, diagonal slash.
    SST- First, a downward, diagonal slash, but if continually pressed it goes
         into a series of 6 alternate slashes using each blade, followed by a
         powerful last strike.
    SSST- A powerful, horizontal slash.
    SSSST- Cao Pi slams both blades into the ground sending a wave of energy up all
           around him which knocks all nearby enemies into the air.
    SSSSST- A powerful, downward, diagonal slash.
    Running Attack (S while running)- Cao Pi spins around and performs a slashing
    Jump Attack (X,S)- Cao Pi spins around and slashes downward.
    Jump Charge Attack (X,S,T)- Cao Pi spins around and gives 3 alternate strikes.
    Horse Attack (S while mounted)- A series of downward strikes.
    Horse Charge Attack (S,T while mounted)- Cao Pi uses both blades for a powerful
                        slash on each side.
    Horse Musou Attack (O while mounted and with full Musou Gauge)- Cao Pi uses a
                        series of quicker, more powerful, downward strikes.
    Musou Attack (O with full Musou Gauge)- Cao Pi slashes with each individual
                 blade followed by a spin attack with both blades together.
    True Musou Attack (O with full Musou Gauge and Life Meter in red)- Cao Pi
                      alternately uses upward and downward strikes, ending with 2
                      quick strikes and a spin with a pulse wave.
    If you pick up an evolution weapon, indicated by a blue circle by the weapon
    name, you will be able to perform 9 attacks instead of 6. However, you need a
    full Musou Gauge in order to perform them. The first 5 attacks are the same as
    mentioned above, but the 6th changes. Here are the evolution attacks.
    SSSSSS- A downward, diagonal slash.
    SSSSSSS- A horizontal slash to the right.
    SSSSSSSS- A horizontal slash to the left going slightly upward.
    SSSSSSSSS- A powerful, horizontal slash to the right.
    Cao Pi also receives an extra charge attack after his 9th strike with his
    evolution weapon. Obviously, you'll need a full Musou Gauge to perform this
    as well.
    SSSSSSSSST- Cao Pi releases a red energy orb which will explode with a puff
    of red smoke, heavily damaging nearby enemies. This orb takes on the properties
    of the Shadow Orb, therefore it will attempt to instantly kill nearby enemies,
    but not generals, at the expense of emptying your Musou Gauge.
    ---- Musou Mode ----
    Cao Pi has 5 levels in his Musou Mode. They are as follows.
         1. Battle of Guan Du
         2. Battle of Chi Bi
         3. Battle of Jie Ting
         4. Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
         5. Battle of He Fei Castle
    Completing Cao Pi's Musou Mode unlocks Cao Ren.
    I will give a basic stage layout for each level as well as my recommendation as
    to how to complete each level. Each of my strategies were done on the Normal
    difficulty, and there may be variations to how the battle progresses with each
    battle, but these strategies' purposes will only be to explain a good way to
    dominate the map by defeating all officers and taking all bases which should
    net you a hefty sum of points if you also take time to kill enemy soldiers.
         - Battle of Guan Du -
         Cao Cao's Forces VS Yuan Shao's Forces
      Victory: Defeat Yuan Shao
      Defeat: Cao Cao is defeated or Guan Du Castle is taken
    -Cao Cao's Forces-                       -Yuan Shao's Forces-
    Cao Cao                                  Yuan Shao
     -Guo Jia                                 -Tian Feng
    Xiahou Dun                                -Guo Tu
    Cao Pi                                    -Ju Shou
     -Yu Jin                                 Zhang He
     -Yue Jin                                 -Gao Lan
    Guan Yu                                  Zhen Ji
    Liu Yan                                  Liu Bei
     -Jia Xu                                  -Jian Yong
    Li Dian                                  Yan Liang
    Cao Hong                                  -Han Meng
    Zhu Ling                                 Wen Chou
                                              -Lu Wei Kuang
                                             Yuan Tan
                                              -Gao Gan
                                              -Xun Chen
                                             Yuan Xi
                                              -Lu Kuang
                                             Yuan Shang
                                              -Lu Xiang
                                             Chunyu Qiong
    When the stage starts a scene will play with Cao Cao riding out his camp and
    Cao Pi will ask him if that is safe, but he'll ride out anyways with Guan Yu.
    Once you begin, head straight and capture the gate. Then go north and capture
    the enemy base and defeat Lu Kuang. Then take the other base, a little north
    from there. Guan Yu should kill Yan Liang around this point. Head towards
    Zhen Ji and when you encounter her, you will get a scene with Cao Pi trying to
    convince Zhen Ji to join him. Then defeat Zhen Ji. Guan Yu should hear of
    Liu Bei's whereabouts around now and both he and Liu Bei will pull back. Now
    take the nearby gate and defeat Yuan Xi. Take the path towards the east and
    defeat Lu Wei Kuang. Capture the base to the north and defeat Wen Chou.
    Yuan Shao will order the Wu Chao supply depot to open. Go inside and pick up
    the Musou Wine from one of the barrels behind Chunyu Qiong. Then defeat
    Chunyu Qiong. Afterwards, a scene will play with Yuan Shao and Wu Chao will be
    up in flames. Exit and take the nearby gate and base and defeat Xun Chen.
    Zhang He should defect to your side around this point. Yuan Shao's forces'
    morale will plummet and his officers will begin to drop like flies. Defeat any
    you are able to and take any bases and gates that are left over. Don't forgot
    about Jian Yong and Liu Bei in the northeast corner. Your forces won't advance
    toward them. Go up and defeat them. Afterwards, Guan Yu will withdraw. Now head
    into Yuan Shao's camp and defeat Tian Feng, Guo Tu, Ju Shou, and then finish
    off Yuan Shao.
         - Battle of Chi Bi -
         Cao Cao's Forces VS Allied Forces
      Victory: Defeat Sun Quan
      Defeat: Cao Cao is defeated
    -Cao Cao's Forces-                       -Allied Forces-
    Cao Cao                                  Zhou Yu
     -Jia Xu                                  -Ding Feng
     -Man Chong                               -Zhang Cheng
    Xiahou Yuan                               -Zhu Zhi
     -Zhu Ling                               Zhou Tai
     -Cai Mao                                 -Zhu Ran
    Zhen Ji                                   -Han Dang
     -Yu Jin                                  -Chen Wu
    Cao Pi                                   Zhuge Liang
     -Yue Jin                                Cheng Pu
    Zhang Liao                                -Quan Zong
     -Wen Pin                                 -Zhu Huan
    Pang Tong                                Pan Zhang
    Cao Zhen                                  -Xu Sheng
    Cao Xiu                                   -Jiang Qin
     -Cheng Yu
                                             Zhuge Jin
                                              -Dong Xi
                                             Sun Quan
                                              -Lu Su
    A scene will play where Cao Pi criticizes ho his father chained the ships
    together. He then decides to clean up after him. Go straight forward and defeat
    Chen Wu and take the gate near him. Pang Tong will defect to the Allied Forces
    around this point. The bridges connecting Wu's ships and your ships will
    collapse. Go and defeat Han Dang. Now circle back up and defeat Zhu Huan and
    Quan Zong. Then go south and capture the gate and defeat Cheng Pu. Zhou Yu will
    now send Huang Gai to initiate the fire attack. Chase after him and defeat
    Huang Gai before he reaches his destination. Now that the fire attack has
    failed, Zhuge Liang will retreat. Now, defeat Zhu Ran and then Zhou Tai. Take
    the gate in the center and defeat Zhang Cheng. Defeat Pang Tong and take the
    gate near him. Now head down the western path and defeat Xu Sheng, Jiang Qin,
    Pan Zhang, and take the gate in the bottom corner. Then head onto the ships and
    take the gate in the south. Now go and defeat Ding Feng and Zhu Zhi. Zhuge Jin
    and Sun Quan will arrive as reinforcements for the Allied Forces. Defeat Lu Su
    and then head over to Zhuge Jin and defeat him and Dong Xi. Now get Zhou Yu out
    of the way and defeat him. Then head over to Sun Quan, take the gate, and
    defeat him.
         - Battle of Jie Ting -
         Wei Forces VS Shu Forces
      Victory: Defeat Ma Su
      Defeat: Cao Pi or Sima Yi is defeated
    -Wei Forces-                             -Shu Forces-
    Cao Pi                                   Ma Su
     -Wang Shuang                             -Li Yan
    Sima Yi                                   -Jian Yong
     -Sima Zhao                               -Chen Shi
    Zhang He                                 Jiang Wei
     -Sun Li                                  -Zhang Yi
    Zhen Ji                                  Wang Ping
    Cao Zhen                                  -Guan Xing
                                             Gao Xiang
                                              -Liao Hua
                                             Ma Dai
                                             Zhang Bao
                                             Wei Yan
                                             Xing Cai
                                             Ma Chao
                                             Zhuge Liang
    First, a scene plays where Sima Yi criticizes Ma Su's abilities and sends
    Zhang He to battle. Begin by defeating Liao Hua and Gao Xiang. Then take the
    gate in the center area and pick up the Musou Wine from one of the barrels next
    to it. Then go and defeat Zhang Bao, Guan Xing, and Wang Ping and take that
    gate. Now the mountain summit will be surrounded, so go and defeat Li Yan,
    Jian Yong, and Chen Shi, then take out Ma Su and take his base. The stage is
    not over yet. Now go and defeat Zhang Yi and Ma Dai. Then run back over to
    Jiang Wei and defeat him. If Shu's reinforcements have not yet arrived, take
    the remaining gates while you wait for them. Wei Yan, Xing Cai, Ma Chao, and
    Zhuge Liang will begin to show up. Defeat them as they come and that will
    complete the stage.
         - Battle of Wu Zhang Plains -
         Wei Forces VS Shu Forces
      Victory: Defeat Zhuge Liang
      Defeat: Cao Pi is defeated or the main camp is taken
    -Wei Forces-                             -Shu Forces-
    Cao Pi                                   Zhuge Liang
    Sima Yi                                  Jiang Wei
     -Guo Huai                                -Jiang Wan
     -Xiahou He                               -Yang Yi
    Cao Ren                                  Yue Ying
    Xiahou Ba                                 -Gao Xiang
    Xiahou Hui                                -Chen Shi
    Xiahou Wei                               Wei Yan
    Xiahou Mao                                -Li Yan
                                              -Guan Xing
    Reinforcements-                           -Zhang Bao
    Zhong Hui                                Wang Ping
     -Deng Ai                                Liao Hua
    Liu Ye                                    -Fei Yi
                                             Ma Dai
                                              -Zhang Yi
                                             Jian Yong
                                             Guan Suo
    First, there's a scene where Cao Pi kills some Shu soldiers and says that he'll
    destroy Shu for good. Head straight and defeat Zhang Bao. Then defeat Guan Xing
    and take the attack base near him. Zhong Hui and Deng Ai should arrive at this
    point and Zhang Yi will ambush them. Defeat Zhang Yi and take all the bases and
    gates in that western area. Capture the other attack base in the center. Defeat
    Li Yan and occupy the gate near him. Defeat Wei Yan, Ma Dai, and Wang Ping.
    Zhuge Liang should then die and Jiang Wei will take command of the Shu army.
    Travel down the eastern path and take all the gates and bases along that path.
    Also seal off the enemy supply line and defeat Gao Xiang. Jian Yong will arrive
    as you are doing all this and the enemy will unleash their Arbalests. Guan Suo
    will also then arrive. Defeat Yue Ying and take the gate down there. Then take
    the enemy base just northwest of that area. Liu Ye will arrive around this
    time. Head toward the Shu camp from the western path and take the base and gate
    over there. Defeat Jiang Wan and Yang Yi and take the gate inside the Shu camp
    and the one just outside. Then eliminate Jiang Wei to complete the stage.
         - Battle of He Fei Castle -
         Wei Forces VS Wu Forces
      Victory: Defeat Sun Quan
      Defeat: Cao Pi is defeated
    -Wei Forces-                             -Wu Forces-
    Cao Pi                                   Sun Quan
     -Zhen Ji                                 -Zhuge Jin
    Sima Yi                                   -Zhuge Luo
     -Xin Pi                                 Lu Xun
     -Jia Kui                                 -Zhu Zhi
    Xu Zhu                                    -Han Dang
     -Wen Pin                                 -Zhou Fang
    Cao Xiu                                  Taishi Ci
    Sun Li                                    -Quan Zong
                                              -Zhu Huan
    Reinforcements-                          Zhou Tai
    Man Chong                                Cheng Pu
                                              -Ding Feng
                                              -Xu Sheng
                                              -Ma Zhong
                                             Jiang Qin
                                              -Chen Wu
                                             Pan Zhang
                                              -Dong Xi
                                             Sun Shao
                                              -Zhang Cheng
    Cao Pi comments on Sima Yi's command of the army and leaves it to him for now.
    Begin by taking the gate and defeating Xu Sheng, Ding Feng, and Ma Zhong. Then
    take nearby gate. Defeat Cheng Pu and take the gate near him. Go back inside
    the castle and defeat Zhou Fang, Zhu Zhu, and Han Dang. Jiang Qin and Pan Zhang
    will arrive for Wu and Man Chong will arrive for Wei. Defeat Lu Xun and take
    the gate near him. Go back inside the castle and capture the other gate in
    there. Sun Shao will arrive around this point. Defeat Chen Wu and Jiang Qin.
    Defeat Zhu Huan, Quan Zong, and Taishi Ci. Defeat Dong Xi and Pan Zhang and
    occupy the gates on Wu's ships. Defeat Zhang Cheng and Sun Shao. Defeat
    Zhou Tai. Defeat Zhuge Jin and Zhuge Luo and occupy the gate. Then defeat
    Sun Quan.
    And thus ends the Musou of Cao Pi. Congratulations! Now enjoy his ending movie,
    A Second Chance. ^_^
    ---- Weapons ----
    Cao Pi uses two blades as his weapon which he will either used joined together
    or separately as swords.
    Twin Blade
    --Power- 3
    --Attacks- 4
    Dual Fang
    --Power- 7
    --Attacks- 5
    Pure Havoc
    --Power- 11
    --Attacks- 6
    --Power- 34
    --Attacks- 6
    --Musou Charge Lvl 15
    --Defense Lvl 15
    --Musou Lvl 19
    --Speed Lvl 19
    --Attack Lvl 15
            Obtaining Chaos
    You must play as Cao Pi at the "Battle of Wu Zhang Plains" stage in either
    Musou Mode or Free Mode on Hard difficulty.
    I reccomend you do this in Musou Mode. It makes it slightly easier since it
    is his fourth stage.
    First, you must defeat any 3 generals quickly. This does not include
    subgenerals. There should be 4 in the middle, they should be good targets. I
    recommend Wei Yan, Ma Dai, and Wang Ping. Around this point, Zhuge Liang will
    die. Now you should go and seal off the enemy supply route and then use your
    time to capture enemy bases and gates. Soon, Jiang Wei will launch the Arbalest
    units out at your army. Now, run up there and destroy all the Arbalest units.
    The Special Item Box will appear right in the middle of that central platform
    near you. Pick up the weapon box and finish the stage. Cao Ren also must not be
    defeated and you, as Cao Pi, must be the one to destroy every Arbalest.
    ---- Movies ----
    This section tells how to unlock the movies during Cao Pi's Musou Mode. The
    Movies can be accessed through the Options menu. I shall also give a
    description of what happens during these movies.
    Facing an Old Friend - Unlocks before the "Battle of Guan Du" stage.
    Guan Yu and Xiahou Dun are sparring and Cao Cao walks up and comments on
    Xiahou Dun's skills. Xiahou Dun then asks if they will be leaving soon and
    Cao Cao says yes and that they will leave to attack Yuan Shao and that this
    includes Guan Yu. Guan Yu then accepts.
    Me, Myself, and I - Unlocks before the "Battle of He Fei Castle" stage.
    Wu's fleet is approaching He Fei Castle. Sima Yi says Wu is finished once this
    battle is over and that Cao Pi's father's dream shall be realized. Cao Pi then
    holds his weapon to Sima Yi's throat. He says his father's ambition means
    nothing to him and that this land is his and his alone.
    A Shooting Star- Unlocks before the "Battle of Wu Zhang Plains" stage.
    Cao Ren is fighting enemy soldiers and says that he can no longer put up with
    Shu's ramblings of virtue. Sima Yi says that it won't last long and
    Zhuge Liang, along with Shu, will fall in this battle. Cao Ren then tells the
    army that victory shall be their's.
         Ending - Wei
    Cao Pi - A Second Chance - Unlocks once you complete Cao Pi's Musou Mode.
    Cao Pi and Sima Yi are walking down a road. A man bows as they pass. Cao Pi
    says that sometime soon the land will be in chaos again or their kingdom shall
    simply be taken away and that this is the time to form a kingdom they can be
    proud of. Sima Yi doesn't understand what he means. Cao Pi then says that if
    anything should happen to him, Sima Yi can do as he pleases.
    ---- Models ----
    Like all characters, Cao Pi has alternate models. They are achieved as your
    character advances in rank and achieves a certain amount of points. Cao Pi has
    4 different models like everyone else.
    Model 1
    This is Cao Pi's default model. He wears a blue outfit with light, gray battle
    armor and a blue cape. He has long, brown hair tied into a ponytail.
    Unlocked- Already unlocke by default
    Model 2
    This is the same thing as Cao Pi's first model, but there are some color
    variations. Instead of blue and gray, it's more white and silver.
    Unlocked- Once you achieve 6000 points
    Model 3
    This is basically the same outfit as his first two models except it's a purple
    outfit with yellow armor and a red cape. And his hair is now tied up at the
    crown of his head and he also wears a crown.
    Unlocked- Once you achieve 20000 points
    Model 4
    This is the same thing as Cao Pi's third model except the color is yellow.
    Unlocked- Once you achieve 20000 points
    ---- Credits ----
    Credits to Koei, W-Omega Force, and any others involved in the making of this
    great game.
    Kongming's Archives (www.kongming.net)- Some information on Cao Pi's bio.
    EChang- Cao Pi's 4th Weapon
    Adam Berg- Cao Pi's 4th Weapon
    Tynan Mather- Spelling Errors
    Jonathan Leung- Cao Pi's Move Set
    ---- Update History ----
    April 3
    Version .80- Original layout.
    April 7
    Version .80- Finished Cao Pi's moveset. Edited, his 4th weapon.
    September 20
    Version .85- Finished Cao Pi's bio and altered his 4th weapon information a
    bit. Added the Battle of Guan Du.
    September 21
    Version .90- Added the Battle of Chi Bi and the Battle of Jie Ting.
    September 24
    Version 1- Completed Cao Pi's Musou Mode and added the Models section. This
    guide is basically complete now. I don't really see any need for anything else
    to be added, however, I may make updates on spelling or grammar mistakes or
    just slight variations to certain things.
    April 11
    Version 1- Added an extra bit of information on the energy orb Cao Pi emits
    after his evolution attacks.
    ---- Contact Info ----
    If you have found any errors, information, questions, or suggestions please
    e-mail me at jiyu_aifu@yahoo.com.
    Make sure you put in a subject and mention that the game is Dynasty Warriors 5
    and Cao Pi is who you're referring to. Also write your e-mail so it can be
    read without any problems. If your e-mail does not contain a subject, mention
    the game, or is ineligible, then it may be ignored. Also, if you ask about
    anything mentioned in this guide or even not mentioned you will also be
    ignored. If you require further help on something or don't understand something
    then by all means ask for help and I'll help if I can, but please don't ask me
    how to do something clearly mentioned in the FAQ.
    ---- Copyright ----
    Copyright 2005-06 Giona Balvega
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Sites with permission to use this guide:
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
    IGN (www.ign.com)

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