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    Da Qiao by Aeris0wnzYou

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    Dynasty Warriors 5
    Da Qiao FAQ, by Aeris0wnzYou AKA Vanessa.
    Version 1.1
    Updates -
    4/24/05 - Added the, "Author's Advice on Playing Da Qiao" section,
    as well as adding information about Da Qiao's Japanese voice actress
    e-mailed to me from another Da Qiao fan. You will find it in the 
    "Author's Advice on Playing Da Qiao" section, since I wasn't sure
    where else to put it.
    This guide was made by myself, with the help of the GameFAQS message 
    board. This guide may not be used, distributed,or 
    changed without my consent. It may in no way, shape, or form be SOLD. 
    This FAQ is exclusively available to GameFAQS.com, and StudioDink.com. 
    If you see it anywhere else, I may have given permission to other sites,
    and I will list those that I did in the updates section.
    If you have any questions, comments, or if there's anything else 
    you'd like to know, please contact me at MorriganV@aol.com.
    I do not OWN the character Da Qiao, Dynasty Warriors or any intellectual 
    propertypertaining to this game, or "Romance of the Three Kingdoms."
    Da Qiao has been my favorite Dynasty Warrior since Dynasty Warriors 3, 
    the original, back in 2001. I wrote an FAQ for her two years ago, for 
    Dynasty Warriors,and recieved a lot of positive e-mails about it, so 
    I thought I'd write one for her again for Dynasty Warriors 5. 
    This FAQ is written for the English version of Dynasty Warriors 5, 
    released on March 29th, 2005.
    Section I: Da Qiao's In-Game Bio.
    Section II: Da Qiao's Musou Mode.
    Section III: Da Qiao's Costumes.
    Section IV: Da Qiao's Moveset.
    Section V: Unlocking Da Qiao.
    Section VI: Da Qiao's Weapons.
    Section VII: Da Qiao's Fourth Weapon Guide.
    Section VIII: Author's advice on playing Da Qiao.
    Section IX: Closing Comments & Credits.
    Section I -- Da Qiao's In-Game Bio.
    Her In-Game biography can be accessed from the "Encylopedia" 
    section of the game.
    Da Qiao: ? - ? (DOB undetermined)
    Daughter of Qiao Xuan, wife of Sun Ce of the Wu Kingdom. 
    Together with her younger sister, Xiao Qiao, they were known as two 
    of the land's greatest beauties, and were referred to as, 
    "The Two Qiaos." It is said that their beauty shined brighter than any 
    moon or star, and put the most beautiful flower to shame.
    Section II -- Da Qiao's Musou Mode.
    Fortunately, Dynasty Warriors 5 brings back the personalized Musou Mode 
    for every character, which keeps the game far more interesting than the 
    generic, oversized Musou Modes featured in Dynasty Warriors 4. 
    Like most character's, Da Qiao's Musou Mode is five stages long.
    184 A.D. The Yellow Turban Rebellion.
    191 A.D. Battle of Shi Shui Gate.
    192 A.D. Battle of Jing Province.
    197 A.D. Battle of Wu Territory.
    208 A.D. Battle of Xia Kou.
    Da's Musou is pretty much comprised of her following her Sun Ce around 
    throughout his stages. Toward the beginning of her Musou Mode, Sun Ce is 
    very worried and would prefer her to not take part in battles, but toward 
    the end, he comments on how strong she's become, and that he is proud 
    to have her there. For some reason, Da Qiao is never actually SEEN with 
    her sister Xiao Qiao. (And vice versa) Her ending is an FMV, 
    (The first REAL FMV the Qiao's have ever been featured in, since they've 
    been in DW3) which shows her with Sun Ce, enjoying what time they 
    have left together, looking off into a sunset near the water.
    Interesting Tidbits from Da's Musou:
    Sometimes when you attain 50 K.O's, Sun Ce will say to you, 
    "Just like our first date, huh Da Qiao?"
    What exactly did they do on their first date? o.0;
    During the Battle of Xia Kou, when you approach Gan Ning, he will say 
    to you,"I don't know if I should kill you or kiss you." 
    Da Qiao replies with something like, "I won't let you hurt Lord Sun Ce!"
    Section III - Da Qiao's Costumes.
    Default Costume:
    She wears a baby pink blouse, with slightly poofy sleeves, and red 
    trimming around the neck and cuffs. On top of that is a red sleeveless 
    bodice/vest, with gold trim and accenting. Tucked beneath that, she 
    wears a royal blue pleaded skirt, which is angled upward on the left 
    side. Over the skirt she wears a silver sash, the top half has a red 
    paintlike design on it, while the bottom area, that covers the only 
    right side of the skirt, has a gold painted design on it.
    She wears a pair of light pink shimmery stockings 
    that go up to the thigh, with a pair of white high heels. 
    Da's hair is rolled up and braided into tight little pigtails on the 
    sides of her head. Atop her head, sits a pink hair ornament, little pink 
    rose buds, with four pink leaves descending from the top of them. 
    A small, light blue veil hangs from the hair piece, behind her head.
    Second Costume:
    Palette swap of number one. The blouse is now purple on the top collar 
    and shoulder region, but fades down the sleeves into a light orchid 
    color.The vest/bodice is now white. Her pleaded skirt is now a deep maroon, 
    and the top part of her sash is now violet, while the bottom long half 
    on the right side is now lavender. Her stockings are a shimmery purple, 
    and her shoes remain white. Her hair ornament is now fuschia, and the 
    veil is now lavender.
    Third Costume:
    This is her default costume from Dynasty Warriors 4.
    Da's pigtails are now rolled up into a 
    small twisted design. Her hair accessory is a half flower, with gold 
    accenting, and she has a thin, gold chain on her forehead, connecting 
    to her hair ornaments. She wears a red shiny vest, with gold accenting. 
    Underneath it, is a blue, slight bell-sleeved blouse, and the trimming 
    on the sleeves are gold and red, and cream. Her skirt is royal blue, 
    and it's pleaded slightly, with a diagonal slope, making it slightly 
    longer on one side. She wears cream colored shimmery socks, that end 
    before her knees, and little red and gold slippers, with blue on the 
    Fourth Costume:
    Pallete swap of number three.
    Her hair is new pulled to the side of her head into two small buns, with 
    a large flower design hair ornament in front of each one. The petals are 
    red and blue. (Sort of like a half daisy.) Her socks are shorter, and her 
    skirt is longer. She has a small piece of red fabric around her left 
    thigh, in a weird little twisty design. Her hair ornament becomes light 
    pink, her sleeves become a shimmery light pinkish cream color, her 
    skirt becomes purple, and her socks become a speckled reddish white 
    Koei felt the need to exclude my personal favorite costume for her, her 
    originalDW3 costume. >.<; Hopefully they'll add more costumes in DW5: XL.
    Section IV - Da Qiao's Moveset.
    S = Square Button
    T = Triangle Button
    O = Circle Button
    X = X Button
    Base Moves:
    S - Swings left fan in front of her.
    SS - Swings right fan in front of her.
    SSS - Swings both fans together, slightly downard, crossing them in 
          front of her.
    SSSS - Twirls around on one foot, holding both fans out to her sides, 
    	hitbox has a full 360 radius.
    SSSSS - Same as above.
    SSSSSS - Flips forward into the air, twirling, tosses her fans behind 
    	 her, in a circular manner, then catches them while landing.
    XS - (Jump Attack) Same animation as her S3.
    Analog + S - (Running Attack) Rushes forward, putting her two fans 
    together, horizontally, aiming for anyone in front of her.
    Evolution Bases:
    Evolution Attacks are a new feature in Dynasty Warriors 5. When you get 
    a random third weapon drop, there's a chance it'll have a light blue 
    symbol near it's name, which means it supports Evolution Attacks. 
    Evolution Attacks go up to 9 hits.Da's final weapon also supports 
    S7 - She has the same animation as her S3, but you see the blue 
         evolution aura around her weapons.
    S8 - Same animation as her S4.
    S9 - Same as above.
    When you do her Evolution combo, it'll begin before her S6 though, and 
    she'll do the S6 instead, when completeing the full Evolution Attack.
    T -Turns away, holding her fans up as she does so, then turns to face 
    the enemy again, in a 360 twirl,and releases a little fire bead. Many 
    characters have charges like this. Da's natural element is fire, and the 
    little fire bead will explode after two seconds.
    ST - Knocks the enemy into the air for a juggle opening with her left fan.
    SST - Begins a series of swipes with her fan, moving them from side to 
    side, one at a time,left then right in front of her, hitting the enemy 
    several times, finishing it with a spin.
    SSST - Flies forward, her arms extended, holding her fans out to the 
    SSSST - Bends forward quickly, levitating off the ground, crossing both 
    fans in front of her diagnolly, with a large pink gust of wind engulfing 
    her, pink flower petals floating around her.
    SSSSST - Holds both fans upward vertically, and parallel to the right,
    twirls quickly, a gust of green wind emitting from her, before 
    bringing her fans back down, holding one in front of her, one behind her.
    XT - (Jump Charge) Leaps into the air, curls herself up into a ball 
    behind her fans, which are rotating in front of her like a shield, 
    and shoots a fireball downard. (Natural Fire Element, burn damage)
    O - (Press and hold) Stands on one leg, and levitates her two fans 
    outwards, in a horizantal buzzsaw like manner. 
    The player can rotate her in any direction, and either juggle an enemy 
    general, or clear a crowd from all sides. Finishes the move by having 
    both fans fly around her quickly, in a full 360,before catching them 
    Mounted Attacks:
    These attacks can be executed when Da is mounted atop a horse.
    S (Up to S6)- Da throws both fans downward toward enemies on her 
    right in a circular motion, after she catches them again, she flings 
    them to the left, beginning a string of six consecutive attacks, 
    although they're all the same.
    T (Can press ST for this, too) - Da arches her back, holding her arms 
    out to the sides, before flinging her two fans in front of her, the left 
    fan flying to the left, and the right fan flying to the right, before 
    they make a round trip, and she catches them as they fly toward her from 
    O - Da's mounted musou is the same as her basic 
    mounted combo, except much faster, and it lasts until her musou bar 
    runs out.
    Section V -- Unlocking Da Qiao.
    Unlocking Da Qiao requires two Musou Mode completetions, one for Sun Ce,
    and one for Sun Quan. Sun Quan is a starting character, and when you 
    clear itwith him, you unlock Sun Ce. When you clear Musou Mode with 
    Sun Ce, Da Qiao willbe unlocked. You can play on ANY difficulty setting.
    Section VI -- Da Qiao's Weapons.
    Dynasty Warriors 5 brings back the old weapon system that we all 
    preferred from Dynasty Warriors 3, finding weapon crates, or killing 
    generals for weapons instead of leveling up a single weapon slot. 
    (Not fun) Each character can hold up to four weapons.
    Twin Fans:
    Da's initial weapon, no special attributes. Off white, cream colored fans 
    with no decorations on them.
    Power: 2 Attacks: 4
    Violet Fans:
    Purple fans with a cream colored circular pattern on them.
    Power: 6 Attacks: 5
    True Beauty:
    The fans in the picture seem to be be a fuschia like pink color, but 
    when actually equipped,they're a deep violet color.
    They have little gold flowers on the edges, with blue jewels, and a 
    fancy gold trim along the edge of the fan.
    Power: 10 Attacks: 6
    Dynasty Warriors 5 also introduced to us the "Weapon Weight" system. 
    When you find a weapon randomly, it'll be Medium, like all default 
    weapons are, or light, or heavy. Heavy weapons deal more damage, but are 
    slow to use. They slow down charges signifigantly, and you will get 
    interupted more. Light weapons increase the normal attack speed, and 
    charge attack speed, but they do less damage than normal weapons do. 
    Weapons you find now also have random attributes on them, and depending 
    on the difficulty setting, will have signifigant amounts of high level 
    power ups, or just a few low level ones.
    Section VII -- Da Qiao's Fourth Weapon Guide.
    There has been HEAVY discussion over how Koei apparently decided to be 
    sexist in Dynasty Warriors 5 and give many of the female fighter's HEAVY 
    weapons. After playing Da Qiao with her Heavy Weapon, I will admit, it 
    doesn't destroy the character (She's too good for that to ever happen :P) 
    but it does limit her potential. The Attack bonus from the weight is 
    decent, but doesn't make up for the speed she lost. Speed was ALWAYS her 
    advantage. She's still very playable with her final weapon, but you'll 
    have to time things better, and avoid some of her charge attacks with 
    longer delay times if it's not safe to use them.
    I will explain more of how to use her with the weapon later, though.
    208 A.D. Battle of Xia Kou; Sun Quan's forces.
    You HAVE to be on HARD mode or higher to obtain this weapon.
    I will explain to you exactly how I did it. And you can't use the 2P 
    trick to obtain this weapon. Da Qiao will have to meet the requirements 
    herself. But 2P can join in and help you clear the stage, still.
    The specific requirements are as follow: Defeat Cai Mao before he sends 
    out the first fleet of ships, then defeat Gan Ning before Ling Tong is 
    Here's what I did, and I found this weapon to be quite easy to obtain, 
    being as that I got it on the first try.
    With a saddle, preferabley Red Hare, from your starting point on the 
    right side of the map, ride over to Cai Mao's location. You may need to 
    take a few bases to get to him, since some gates may be in your way. 
    When you get to him, make sure you defeat him before he sends out the 
    first fleet of ships. This isn't hard, considering Cai Mao is very weak, 
    and the battle difficulty is very low. At this point, Gan Ning has 
    probably shown up already, and killed Ling Cao. Go over to his location 
    on the left side of the map, where Ling Tong is fighting him, and defeat 
    him. He's extremely difficult, and if you can pick up a Musou Rage before 
    engaging him, you'll be in good shape. Another concern I had was that 
    Ling Tong was going to kill him before I could. x.x
    Ling Tong is extremely fast, and he'll be fighting Gan Ning with you 
    the entire time. If possible, save your musou toward the end of the fight, 
    and when he's low on health, juggle him with that. It should keep him 
    in the air, away from Ling Tong, and you'll be able to finish him 
    comfortabley. After you do this, you'll get a Valuable Item report to 
    the right of the fort that Cai Mao was originally in front of. Then 
    finish the stage as normal.
    Qiao Beauty:
    Power: 32 Weight: Heavy
    Attack: Level 16
    Defense: Level 15
    Life: Level 15
    Musou: Level 19
    Luck: Level 18
    The fans look the same as they did in DW4. They're a bold red color, with 
    gold accenting, gold feathers detailingthe edges, with blue jewels.
    As you can tell, the weapon has ideal stats, 
    albeit the heavy weight on it.
    Section VIII -- Author's Advice on playing Da Qiao.
    This section is devoted to assist DW5 players, who would like some advice
    on playing Da Qiao. 
    As you may know, Da Qiao's fourth weapon is Heavy. And a lot of people
    ask, "How does it effect the character?" You won't notice it too much
    when you use her basic SSSSSS (+Evolution) but you will feel the weight on
    some of her charge attacks.
    That being said, most character's fifth charges are designed to knock an
    enemy or enemies up into the air, for further juggling. The biggest nerf
    I have to point out for Da Qiao, would be that with her fourth weapon, it's
    EXTREMELY difficult to juggle using her fifth charge. The way she moves
    durng the charge (see the moveset section), paired with the slow down from 
    the Heavy weapon, I find I can rarely connect a hit to the enemy, to continue
    juggling them after I use her fifth charge. I've tried this with Medium weapons,
    and found I could juggle the majority of the time, and with Light Weapons,
    juggle MOST of the time. However, since the Power Bonus on fourth weapons is
    MUCH higher than on third, it's rather difficult to find a decent third weapon,
    in terms of damage.
    But Da Qiao fans shouldn't fret. The character is still highly effective on the
    more difficult stages, even on the highest settings. Thankfully, every fourth
    weapon has the Evolution bonus on it. And while this isn't overly useful for
    characters with poor S strings, it's EXTREMELY useful for Da Qiao. Her S string
    is, IMO, one of the best in the game. She's still quick even with her fourth,
    while executing it, and she watches her back. The additional damage bonus from
    Heavy weighted weapons also helps her here a lot. You can tear through pretty
    much anything using her basic S string + Evolution, and the damage is above
    If you plan on playing Da Qiao, with her fourth weapon on either Hard or Chaos
    difficulty, I STRONGLY suggest the following items:
    Saddle: Red Hare Saddle
    Orb: Light Orb*
    Peacock Urn
    Tiger Amulet
    Tortoise Amulet
    Arm Guards*
    Wind Scroll OR Way of the Musou
    I put a * near the Light Orb and Arm Guards, because they are MUST HAVE'S.
    While playing Da Qiao, I would reccomend using her C6 to clear out crowds.
    The Light Orb is very important here, because it breaks enemy's guards, and
    having a Heavy weapon, you may find that people will block your attacks more
    easily. The Arm Guards will also protect her from being interupted during her
    charges. Her C6 with the +damage from her Heavy weapon is EXTREMELY powerful.
    However, there's a lot of lag time after it. I find that the lag time isn't a
    problem though, when she's equipped with the Light Orb and Arm Guards. The
    Light Orb will prevent enemies from blocking the charge, and the gust of wind
    from her C6 will knock them away to prevent a counter attack. The Arm Guards 
    will help you execute the charge when you're in a very aggressive and very 
    large crowd of enemies.
    Also, if you find using her S string is too easy, then you can use her third
    charge to juggle bosses. It's quick, and she watches her sides with the
    charge, too.
    I also reccomended a Wind Scroll and a Way of the Musou, but those are really
    up to you, and whether you find them effective or not. The Way of the Musou
    will signifigantly increase her Musou Attack, while adding an extra move on
    the end. But if you don't like to Musou much, to keep Evolution up as much as
    possible, the Wind Scroll will be useful for her too, since she doesn't have
    the largest range.
    I've tested her out on Hard settings, on stages like Wu Zhang Plains before,
    and have found her to be more useful than many other character's I've used in
    these terms. So have fun, and enjoy playing Da Qiao!
    Side Note, and a little off topic:
    I was sent an e-mail from crs1219@hotmail.com, about Da Qiao's
    Japanese voice actress. I wasn't sure where to include this, but I think
    it'll fit in okay here. He told me Da Qiao's Japanese voice actress or
    seiyuu is Shimakata Junko, and her official profile can be reached at
    http://www.aoni.co.jp/talent/0774422.html. Be warned, however, it's in
    Japanese only. Check it out. ^.^
    Section IX -- Closing Comments.
    I would like to thank first and foremost, my boyfriend, Mikey. C('-'c)
    Yet again, thank you for introducing me to the Dynasty Warriors series!
    I would also like to thank my brother, Bruce.
    And a very HUGE thanks too:
    CJayC and GameFAQS, for posting my FAQ, the intelligent posters of the 
    GameFAQs message boards, the posters who gave us information about DW5 
    when it was released inJapan before it came to the U.S. 
    I would also like to thank Cheryl Austin and her StudioDink Community 
    for allowingme to see DW5 Treasure Box scans, and letting me be apart 
    of her community!
    And Koei and OmegaForce for releasing another fantastic game.
    And thank you especially, for reading this!
    Dynasty Warriors and the KOEI logo are trademarks or registered 
    trademarks of KOEI Co., Ltd.All rights reserved.

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