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    Xiao Qiao by kyuuketsuki8

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    Xiao Qiao FAQ
    Dynasty Warrors 5
    By Kyuuketsuki
    Table of Contents
    <UPD> Update Info
    <PLG> My Plug
    <INT> Introduction
    <LOC> Unlocking Xiao Qiao
    <BIO> In-game Bio
    <INF> Additional Info
    <MOV> Moveset
    <STG> Stages
    <WEP> Weapons
    <COS> Costumes
    <CRE> Credits
    <COP> Copyright
    Update Info <UPD>
    Version 1.0 - All basic iformation
    Version 1.1 - Added Xiao Qiao's voice actress
    Version 1.2 - Added Xiao Qiao's True Musou Quote and fixed some typos
    Version 1.3 - Updated True Musou Quote
    My Plug <PLG>
    As I write this I am currently running a Dynasty Warriors tournament
    fan site called Clash of Kingdoms. It is extremely fun and a great
    way to meet good people and make some great new friends. Unfortunately
    it started dying and I have decided to revive it.My efforts have been
    tremendously successful so far but we need more people. So if you
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    Introduction <INT>
    This is my second GameFAQs FAQ. Everything I have written is based on what I
    have discovered myself in the game. I got her fourth weapon on my own but I
    didn't know exactly what I did to get it. So I consulted EChang's Fourth 
    Weapon FAQ. Thanks EChang.
    Any additional information about Xiao Qiao is welcomed, however I will not
    respond to flaming.
    Unlocking Xiao Qiao <LOC>
    To unlock Xiao Qiao you must clear the musou mode of Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu is an
    initially unlocked character, so all you have to do is clear that one musou
    In-game Bio <BIO>
    The daughter of Qiao Xuan. She later married Zhou Yu of Wu. Together with
    her older sister, Da Qiao, they were referred to as the "Two Qiaos". Upon
    hearing a rumor spread by Zhuge Liang that Cao Cao was after the Qiao
    sisters, Zhou Yu persuaded Sun Quan to declare war, ultimately leading Wu
    into the battle of Chi Bi.
    Additional Info <INF>
    These are just random facts I will post as I learn.
    Xiao Qiao's (as well as Da Qiao's) voice actress: Shimakata Junko
    Her online diary is http://www.asp.to/diary/mario/
    Her official profile is at
    thanks to Donny Chan for this info
    Moveset and Quotes <MOV>
    S- Slash with left fan to the left
    SS- Slash with right fan to the right
    SSS- Cross-slash with both fans
    SSSS- Cross-slash the opposite way with both fans
    SSSSS- Upward slash with both fans
    SSSSSS- Spin with both fans downward from the air
    evolution SSSSSS- Downward slash with both fans from the air
    SSSSSSS- Sideward slash with both fans
    T- Xiao swipes furiously forward
    ST- Brings fans up, knocking the enemy into the air
    SST(TTT)- Xiao swipes diagonally up and left up to 3 times then jumps,
    bringing fans in a circle under her
    SSST- Sends fans straight forward and back, with a little room for turning
    SSSST- Sends enemy into the air with flowery pink wind
    SSSSST- Mini version of her musou
    Jump attack- Spins like a helicopter blade
    Jump Charge- Shoots forward, spinning at a very high rate
    Running attack- Dives forward, knocking enemies clear
    Counter- Sends fans straight to the front and back
    Mounted attack- Launches fans to the right, then to the left
    Mounted Charge- Launches fans in front on both sides of Xiao at the same
    Mounted Musou- Continuous version of Mounted attack
    Musou Attack- Xiao Qiao turns herself into a flying wheel and charges
    forward. It is very hard to control but can be extremely effective if an
    enemy catches the full brunt of the attack, ends with fans spinning under
    Xiao in circles
    True Musou- "I'll make you pay..." (courtesy of DWGirl1992) It is a
    slightly longer lasting version of her regular musou that ends with her
    going up vertically and slamming into the ground, causing a wave of
    energy to circle outward from where she lands. Ends with Xiao saying
    "...like that!"(again, DWGirl1992)
    Officer defeat quote- "Come back later and try again."
    NOTE: For SSSSSSS through SSSSSSSSS you need to have either a 3rd Weapon with
    Evolution capabilities (blue swirl) or the 4th Weapon
    Stages <STG>
    1.Battle of Si Shui Gate (Allied Forces)
    2.Battle of Jing Province (Sun Jian's Forces)
    3.Battle of the Wu Territory (Sun Ce's Forces)
    4.Battle of Xia Kou (Sun Quan's Forces)
    5.Battle of Chi Bi (Allied Forces)
    1.Battle of Si Shui Gate (191 AD)
    Victory Conditions: Defeat Hua Xiong
    Defeat Conditions: Yuan Shao is defeated
    Battle Overview: In order t save Luo Yang from Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shao has formed
    the Allied Forces. Their target is Si Shui Gate, which is protected by Dong
    Zhuo's officer, Hua Xiong. The vanguard for the attack on Si Shui Gate will be
    Sun Jian. The plan is for Yuan Shu to provide support and send supplies. If
    the alliance can go smoothly, then our victory is assured, but...
    When you first start this battle, you will be given the order to clear a
    path for Yuan Shu. In order to do this you must take the northeast base.
    Once you do this you will get a small morale boost. Your next task is to
    head for Si Shui gate. You have two options: Lu Bu or no Lu Bu. Either way
    head for Si Shui gate. If you want to attack Lu Bu, which I strongly
    suggest against doing unless Xiao is really buffed up (though he is not
    nearly as difficult as he is at Hu Lao gate), he will strick out from Si
    Shui gate as you approach. Once his life gets low enough he will boost his
    attack. Once his life gets a bit lower he uses his Musou Rage. If you have
    it, you should do the same and try to finish him off. If you have problems
    with Lu Bu breaking your guard, then get on a horse and guard. He can not
    break your guard while you are on a horse. After you defeat him you are
    free to defeat Hua Xiong, who will be a cakewalk compared to Lu Bu. If you
    do not wish to fight Lu Bu then simply go around him without fighting. He
    will usually not follow you. Just because Yuan Shao doesn't say his famous
    line, "Don't pursue Lu Bu" doesn't mean it is not still a valid point. Hua
    Xiong has alot of defense, so it may take some time to take him out.
    2.Battle of Jing Province (192 AD)
    Victory Conditions: Defeat Liu Biao
    Defeat Condition: (At start) Sun Jian is defeated; (After Sun Jian retreats)
    Sun Ce is defeated or the main camp is captured
    Battle Overview: Sun Jian's army has set out to attack Liu Biao, who has taken
    refuge in Xiang Yang Castle. Liu Biao must be defeated so that the world can
    know the strength of Wu. We must approach from the west, center and east to
    surround Xiang Yang Castle. We must be careful of ambush units and traps while
    we make our way towards the castle. But why is the enemy so quiet...
    (NOTE: This is not a fourth weapon strategy)
    Your first mission is to open the gates to Liu Biao's inner chamber.To do
    this you must defeat many gate captains. he fastest way is to go in
    through the east defeating all gate captains and officers along the way.
    About 7-10 minutes into the stage, Liu Biao announces that the
    reinforcements have arrived and to launch the attack. Su Fei and Cheng
    Sheng will then appear. One of them is dangerously close to your commander
    while another heads straight for your base. This is where you are at a
    crossroads. You must decide between saving your commander and saving your
    base. If you already recieved a message saying your main camp is under
    attack you will want to rush back to the main camp to defend it. Then when
    it is secure go and assist Sun Ce. After you have wiped out all enemy generals
    except Liu Biao, Liu Biao becomes a cakewalk. He does have a few magicians
    guarding him so watch out for them.
    3.Battle of the Wu Territory (187 AD)
    Victory Conditions: Defeat Liu Yong or Taishi ci
    Defeat Conditions: Sun Ce is defeated
    Battle Overview: Su Ce's Army has set out to take the land of Wu, which are
    currently under the rule of Liu Yong. However, the land originally belonged to
    Wu. It must be returned to its proper owner. The Allied Forces are strong and
    we have few allies. However, many people long for the land to return to Wu. If
    we take the neutral bases, then some people may come to join our cause.
    At the start of the battle you are ordered to secure nuetral bases. There is a
    base directly behind Xiao Qiao's starting position. Simply go inside it and it
    will be claimed for Sun Ce's Forces. After you do this hurry and take the base
    at the southwest. Do not worry about enemy generals or captains along the way.
    There will not be enough time to take the third neutral base. Now you should
    clear out the fortresses for experience. After a while Sun Quan will request
    assistance. Go aid him in Hiu Zhu Fortress. Your other allies may ask for
    assistance after this. It is up to you whether you want to help them or take
    out the commander. Chances are if you have done everything I said Liu Yong
    will have fled, leaving Taishi Ci in charge. So go to Xin De castle and engage
    Taishi Ci. You should see a cutscene. He is fairly buffed up but it shouldn't
    be too awefully hard to take him down.
    4.Battle of Xia Kou (208 AD)
    Victory Conditions: Defeat Huang Zu
    Defeat Conditions: Sun Quan is defeated
    Battle Overview: The Sun Family must face the cowardly Huang Zu in a difficult
    battle along the Chang Jiang. Somehow, Huang Zu must be defeated so that the
    Sun Family can finally rest. If we take the dock in the center of the
    battlefield, it will be beneficial for our cause. There does not appear to be
    any formidable officers within Huang Zu's camp, but it is likely a trap.
    The first thing you should do is take some enemy bases. There are plenty ripe
    for seige on the east side where Xiao Qiao starts. After a time you will
    recieve an order to clear the docks. Simply head to the docks and wipe out all
    enemy generals protecting them. This should be Wen Pin, Li Qi, and Cai Mao.
    While you are there you might as well take the supply base. After you clear
    the docks head north toward the fortress. When you get there Su Fei will most
    likely be waiting for you. Defeat him with some of that trademark Qiao grace
    and tak out the gate captain to open the gate to the fortress. If you want
    your allies to assist you then take out the gate captains to the east and west.
    Battle Den Long and that should leave Huang Zu alone in his fortress. Now is
    your chance to take him out. If you have trouble, kill the guard captain and
    secure the checkpoint above Huang Zu. This should be an easy fight after all
    5.Battle of Chi Bi (208 AD)
    Victory Conditions: Defeat Cao Cao
    Defeat Conditions: Sun Quan is defeated
    Battle Overview: In order to oppose Cao Cao's tyranny, Wu and Liu Bei have
    joined forces. Cao Cao immediately moved in response to this, setting the stage
    for a grand naval battle to unfold at Chi Bi. We must withstand the attack by
    Cao Cao's Army until our plan can unfold. Follow the advice of our strategist,
    Zhou Yu, and everything should be fine. If it works, then we have a shot at
    As it has been in previous Dynasty Warriors games, the Battle of Chi Bi is
    most effective when you sweep the level, clearing all opposing officers. It
    should not be too hard. Defend Zhuge Liang's altar if he gets in trouble. When
    Huang Gai starts moving defend him at all costs. The fire attack and the wind
    prayer together will give you a great morale boost. This battle is great for
    experience if you clear all enemies out. You should not have much threat of
    your comander being felled in this stage. Once you are satisfied with your
    KO count and Worthy Opponent count, take out Cao Cao once and for all.
    Congratulations, you have now completed Xiao Qiao's Musou Mode.
    1st Weapon: Double Fans
    2nd Weapon: Peach Fans
    3rd Weapon: True Grace
    4th Weapon: Qiao Grace
    Obtaining Xiao Qiao's Fourth Weapon:
    (Thanks to EChang for method)
    NOTE: Must be done on hard
    Battle of Jing Province
    Defeat Cai Mao and Lu Gong before Sun Jian is defeated
    This is a very straightforward and easy weapon to get. Red Hare saddle is
    strongly recommended. Ride to the south gate and defeat Cai Mao. When he is
    defeated the South Gate will open. Go inside and ride east. When you ge to the
    end of the wall on your left turn left and ride north. You will see Lu Gong
    against the wall to your left. Defeat him quickly. You should see a Valuable
    Item message near where Sun Jian is defeated.
    1.Xiao Qiao's initial costume, A white blouse with red lining. Red and orange
    short shorts. White and red boots. Aflowered hairpin. Long-sleeved. Light brown
    2.Same as 1 but with sunset colored outfit. Dark brown hair.
    3.Xiao Qiao's initial outfit from Dynasty Warriors 4.(Details coming soon)
    4.One of Xiao Qiao's alternate Dynasty Warriors costumes. (Details coming soon)
    Credits <CRE>
    KOEI for making many excellent series.
    GameFAQs and CJayC for this great site.
    All my Clash of Kingdoms bretheren
    EChang for 4th weapon method
    All the fans who keep making DW a success
    Donny Chan for info on Xiao Qiao's voice actress
    Alex Nelson for telling me what Xiao Qiao says when her true musou starts
    DWGirl1992 for correcting the True Musou Quote
    Copyright <COP>
    This FAQ is by me (Kyuuketsuki) for use at GameFAQs. Any publication of
    this FAQ or portions of it on any other website without my permission
    is a serious violation of Copright Laws.(Copyright Jared Archibald 2005)
    You may copy this FAQ for private use only.

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