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    Jiang Wei by Jester_Mako

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/26/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Jiang Wei: Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!
    Avast, ye swabbies! This here be me Jiang Wei guide! I've written this in order 
    to help familiarize those just starting not only with the basics of Jiang Wei,
    but also with the basics of the game. Advanced players can find some helpful 
    suggestions, and those Jiang Wei  fans who have not yet played DW5 Jiang Wei 
    can drool at the descriptions of his new C6, C1, and reduced charge times.
    Updates / Version History:
    Ver. 0.8: I have arrived! I cannot rest; I still have much to accomplish!
    Ver. 1.0: Yosh! Finally 1.0! Corrected some info, added a section for
    	jades, revamped the item breakdown, added a section
    	for weapon weights, and added a section for unlocking your
    	4th level weapon.
    Table of Contents:
    1) Why Jiang Wei?
    2) Unlocking Jiang Wei.
    3) Making the Transition
    5) Movelist
    6) Items, Orbs, and Saddles
    7) Recomended Jiang Wei Setups
    8) *Blink* *Blink* ... How Do I Get My 4th?
    9) General Strategy
    10) Combo Advice
    11) And Now for Something Completely Different!
    12) Contact Information
    13) Copyright Information
    Why Jiang Wei?
    Simply put, Jiang Wei is a finely honed and very effective ground fighter.
    Though he's not at the level of brokenness that Ling Tong, Lu Bu, and Zuo Ci
    occupy, his move set is fast, decently powerful, and provides excellent crowd
    control. In addition, he's one of a select few characters who can juggle
    multiple opponents consistently and for high damage.
    Unlocking Jiang Wei:
    Beat two Shu Musuo modes. Simple as pie. :P
    Making the Transition:
    This section is intended for players already familiar with Jiang Wei from DW4,
    so if you didn't play that game, you might want to skip this section.
    Jiang Wei hasn't undergone a ton of changes, but there are a few that you should
    know right off the bat. His C1 has been changed to a "time-bomb" projectile
    much like Zhen Ji's C1, his C4 is actually usable now due to a speed/range
    upgrade, and his C6 has been changed from a beam to a nice crowd clearing
    attack that is just as good in combos as his old C6. On the downside, his C5 no
    longer hits in a 360, but I'm not complaining. This is probably the best 
    incarnation of Jiang Wei.
    Also, jump charges in general have changed quite a bit. Instead of a universal
    jump charge, everyone has a more personal/effective jump charge. It's really
    important that you learn to do them right after leaving the ground in a jump.
    Jiang Wei's Moves:
    S = Square 
    T = Triangle
    C = Circle
    [--] = While in the state defined in the brackets. For example, [Run] = While
    running (after taking 8 steps)
    	An upwards slash with the spear, followed by a blow with the blunt
    	end. After this, the rest are massive range slashes that cover most
    	of the area around Jiang Wei. It's also plenty fast. Between the speed,
    	range, and circumference of these attacks, Jiang Wei definitely has one
    	of the best basic attack strings in the game.
    	More of the same, but who'd complain? After the fifth hit, Jiang Wei
    	does the last four hits of his basic attack string again. The last four
    	hits are the best of the original anyways. It rocks. ^_^
    	Much improved from DW4, Jiang Wei's C1 has him release a ball of fire which
    	explodes after a certain amount of time. A great move, but one to be careful 
    	with, as it leaves Jiang Wei wide open during the animation.
    	Jiang Wei does a spin, bringing forth the business end of his spear in
    	a massive upwards blow. This thing's range is HUGE, it does good damage
    	and launches. The only problem with this move is that it has a bit of charge
    	time at the beginning. Not too much of a problem.
    SST (Mash T)-
    	A series of blows with the spear, ending with a slash that covers a full
    	360 around you, stunning whoever it hits. This move screams, "Abuse me!"
    	Feel free to do so.
    	After doing a spin, Jiang Wei smashes his spear's shaft into the enemies.
    	This move is dangerous to use due to a long charge time. However, it's
    	much improved from DW4 & 3, and you can actually get this move off
    	against peons. It works decently well as a crowd clearer, but I prefer
    	C2, C3, and C6.
    	Twirling his spear around his body, Jiang Wei unleashes a blast of wind that
    	knocks opponents into the air. Nice damage, and covers a wide area in front
    	of Jiang Wei.
    	Jiang Wei leaps forward in a lunging thrust with his spear, then twirls around
    	in a damaging 360. This move is VERY good; it's so fast and hits such a wide
    	area that it's practically impossible to knock Jiang Wei out of it. Good for 
    	combos, too, though it's a little tricky to connect it in a juggle.
    	The big, bad Musou attack. Jiang Wei twirls his spear to the side, spinning
    	around as he advances. To top it off, he does one, big, crowd clearing slash
    	that covers a complete 360 around him. As musuos go it's nothing spectacular,
    	but it'll give you some breathing room and get you out of combos.
    C on low life-  
    	Take the normal musou, add the fire element, and replace that ending slash with
    	gigantic area in front of him, inflicts impressive damage, and sets up juggles.
    	It's also invincible until Jiang Wei has completely recovered from the move,
    	making it a lot safer then his old True Musuo closing attack. Though Jiang 
    	Wei's newly found preoccupation with fire does make it seem like he's been 
    	hanging out with Wu when Zhuge wasn't looking...
    Counter (T while guarding)-
    	The T hit from SSST. Since Jiang Wei is invincible during this move, this
    	is a great way to get some breathing room if you're being pressured. Also,
    	if you aim carefully, you can use this to turn some hapless soldier into
    	a human cannon ball and snipe people with him, which, if not useful, 
    	is really fun to watch. ^_^
    	A GIGANTIC slash with the spear, doing a lot of damage. Use
    	A wide swipe downwards with his spear. Gets people off their horses, stops 
    	people from hitting you in the air. That's all you really need.
    	After a short charge, Jiang Wei unleashes a barrage of thrusts with his spear,
    	then unleashes a powerful slash that covers a BIG 180 in front of him and 
    	puts soldiers into reel stun. Fun, stylish move, and a good replacement for a
    	dash attack if there's not enough space between you and your targets.
    	A kind of sub-par horse attack. Jiang Wei slashes on either side of the
    	horse, but his slashes remain pretty close to the horseís side. You weren't
    	planning to actually fight on a horse anyways, right?
    	It basically does the above twice, for a bit more damage. It's really 
    	nothing special.
    	Fast normal horse attacks, basically. Don't use this. Ever. Don't even think
    	about it. And don't think I can't hear you thinking about it. Stop it. Stop
    Items, Orbs, and Saddles:
    Our man Jiang Wei will eventually have a total of five item slots. Here's some
    judgments on the items, and my Jiang Wei set-up...
    You can equip items to modify the stats of your character, as well as give
    them special properties, such as faster musuo charge. Items
    are absolutely vital. Choose wisely. 
    Peacock Urn- 
    	-Increases the length of your character's life bar.-
    	This one is kind of a no brainer. The more life you have, the more
    	life you can lose. The only item more important to your survival is
    	the tortoise amulet.
    Dragon Amulet- 
    	-Increase the length of your character's musuo bar.-
    	All I can say is that you should not, under any circumstances, equip 
    	this item. The only good use for this item is for characters that do great 
    	damage with the multi-hit part of their musuo, and that is not Jiang Wei.
    	The only thing this item will do is make your musuo bar take longer to
    	fill up.
    Tiger Amulet-
    	-Increases your character's attack stat- 
    	It makes things die faster. The faster you kill things, the longer 
    	you'll live. This is pretty much necessary equipment.
    Tortoise Amulet- 
    	-Increases your character's defense stat.- 
    	More Defense = longer life. This IS necessary equipment, unless you 
    	have it at a really low level in comparison to your other equipment.
    Speed Scroll- 
    	-Increases your character's running speed.-
    	Not great. The only purpose of this item is to move faster on the ground,
    	and a horse is a much better choice. There are much more useful choices 
    	then this item.
    Huang's Bow- 
    	-Increases damage dealt by your bow attacks.- 
    	Personally, I never use my bow, and I can't see much reason for why 
    	I should. Thusly, I also can't think of a reason to recommend this item.
    Calvalry Harness- 
    	-Increases mounted attack and defense.-
    	Nigh useless on Jiang Wei, since you'll do all of your real fighting 
    	on the ground.
    Seven Star Sash- 
    	-Increases the hidden stat Luck.-	
    	Mmmm. A great yet underrated item. Not only is it useful for getting better
    	items and weapons, but it also increases the drop rate of consumables such
    	as meat buns and war god axes. One of my personal favorites.
    	-Increases gains to musuo energy.-
    	This is a grand item, and it can save you from a lot of bad situations. With
    	the increased number of enemies on screen in this game, you're more likely
    	to need your musuo to break out of combos, and this will allow you to 
    	regain musuo energy much quicker. You can also use your musuo offensively
    	a little more freely, seeing as you can charge your musuo bar very quickly
    	with this item. Overall, a very solid and flexible item choice.
    Herbal Remedy- 
    	-Increases damage inflicted by charge attacks.-
    	This is very nice if you're trying to maximize your damage output.
    	While this item isn't overly effective at low levels, it beefs up your
    	attacks quite nicely once you get one at a high level. This
    	isn't as effective for Jiang Wei as it is for characters with one
    	extremely powerful charge attack, like Huang Zhong and Ling
    	Tong, but it's still effective.
    Art of War- 
    	-Doubles the length of time that temporary items are in effect.- 
    	Attack x2 for a full minute is absolutely beautiful. This is a very nice
    	item, and flexible, as it's bonuses are determined by the items you
    	pick up. However, it does require those items to drop, so it's a 
    	little luck based. Still, a solid choice.
    Survival Guide- 
    	-When at critical life, your attack is doubled.-
    	Meh. With the advent of Musuo Rage and improved True Musous,
    	this item has lost a lot of it's usefulness. If you save your Musuo
    	Rage Tokens to use when you're at low life, you shouldn't need
    	this item.
    Bodyguard Scroll- 
    	-Increases the strength of your bodyguard.-
    	It makes your bodyguards attack slightly more aggressively and
    	slightly beefs their stats. From my experiments, it doesnít seem
    	too useful.
    Musuo Scroll- 
    	-Use True Musuo regardless of current health.-
    	Not a bad item. Combine this with an elixir and Jiang Wei's Wu-licious
    	Fireball of Doom (c) will become your best friend, especially in combos. 
    	However, this item really demands that you use your musuo for offensive 
    	purposes, and since I like to sit on my musuo for evolution attacks and 
    	breaking out of combos, this item isnít my cup of tea.
    Wind Scroll- 
    	-Increases the range of your melee attacks.-
    	Well, the range increase isnít nearly as large as the one given in DW4,
    	making this a much less effective item. Itís good enough to take
    	up an item slot, but not good enough to be required.
    Fire Arrows- 
    	-Your bow attacks gain the fire element.-
    	Meh. Once again, I don't use my bow enough to make this item worth
    	using a slot for.
    Charge Bracer- 
    	-Increases the amount of damage needed to interrupt your charge attacks.-
    	This is very useful on Chaos and 4-5 star Hard stages. Even with Jiang
    	Wei, it's hard to keep your backside covered at all times. This really helps
    	you dish out the damage and keep a crowd in order.
    Musuo Armor-
    	-Prevents your character from being stunned by arrows.-
    	This is a situational piece of equipment. Archers are always incredibly
    	annoying in large groups, but not every stage has archers in large groups. In
    	general, I'd say leave the armor at home and find a more universally effective
    	piece of equipment. However, if you know you're going to be target practice
    	for a few thousand archers, then you'd best come prepared.
    Tiger Collar-
    	-When equipped, an invulnerable tiger follows you into battle, attacking 
    	I haven't unlocked/screwed around with this item. From all reports,
    	the only real use of the tiger is to draw attacks away from you, which doesn't
    	sound too great for Jiang Wei. I don't want to set my opinion in stone until 
    	I've tried it, but I'd recommend other items before this one.
    Green Scroll-
    	-Doubles your attack and halves your defense.- 
    	This is quite a situational item. If you're going for speed kills on stages 
    	where you don't have to worry too much about defense, this item is great. 
    	If you're doing Chaos or 4-5 star Hard stages, the loss of defense isn't 
    	really worth it.
    Godly Ring-
    	-Lengthens the duration of Musuo Rage.-
    	 If you have your 4th weapon, this item is cheap. You'll pretty much be 
    	in constant Musuo Rage. If you don't have your 4th, I find Musuo Rage
    	Tokens to drop too infrequently to make this item worthwhile.
    Tribal Remedy-
    	-After every 100 kills, you receive a +50 health meat bun.- 
    	This item is incredibly useful. This is pretty much required on any 
    	Chaos stage, as restorative items are incredibly rare. On other 
    	difficulty settings, you might consider another item, but more 
    	health is always a good thing.
    Serpent Earrings-
    	-After every 100 kills, you receive +2 attack.-
     	This item is very nice while leveling up a character, not so nice 
    	afterwards. If you're trying to max out Jiang Wei fast, this is 
    	definitely the way to go. If not, then you probably want to look 
    Elemental Jades-
    	-After activation, target loses life constantly while in the air-
    	Meh. Jiang Wei has never been particularly great with the fire element.
    	While it allows you to juggle multiple people for higher damage, your
    	best combo starter, C3, doesn't benefit from this item, as the opponent
    	will be on the ground when they're dizzied. Stick to ice if you want
    	to maximize your combos. And on that note...
    	-On a succesful activation, it causes targets hit by a charge
    	attack to become frozen.- 
    	I am heavily impressed with the DW5 ice jade. It activates
    	routinely, and allows for combos where you repeatedly freeze
    	your target. This makes the ice jade your best choice if you're
    	going for an all-out offensive Jiang Wei.
    	However, the ice orb also offers defensive merits. When people
    	are frozen, they can't attack you (duh), which makes crowd
    	control that much easier. This blend of defensive and offensive
    	merits really makes the ice jade shine, and I highly recommend it.
    	-Causes instant death, and massive damage to officers. Uses
    	musuo energy on succesful activation-
    	Oi. Koei doesn't seem to like the death element anymore. Because
    	this jade uses your musuo bar, it's nigh useless. It prevents you
    	from using your musuo in either a defensive or offensive manner, and
    	it's not nearly strong enough to make up for that.
    	-Breaks an opponent's guard.-
    	While breaking an opponent's guard is nice, it's only really useful against
    	officers, and, sadly, that makes this orb next to useless. There are too
    	many ways for Jiang Wei to get past an opponent's guard; "walk" around
    	with C3, auto-crossup with C6, C1 unblockable, or just use SSSSS and
    	end a combo with complete safety. While this wouldn't make the orb
    	completely useless by itself, you've also got to consider that you give
    	up massive damage potential from refreeze combos by using this orb.
    	Overall, not worth it.
    Red Hare Harness-
    	It's fast. *Shrugs* Hey, you're not exactly going to be relying on your trusty
    	steed in battle, so it's really up to you which one you choose.
    Hex Mark Harness-
    	Slightly slower the Red Hare, but it increases your luck. Luck is always
    	nice. Personally, I'm a bit of a luck whore, so I quite enjoy the Hex Mark
    Shadow Harness-
    	With this saddle, you can't be knocked off your mount. If you're sick of
    	running past soldiers only to be whacked off your horse by an arrow, this is
    	the horse for you.
    Storm Harness-
    	This saddle gives you a 1.5x modifier to your points gained at the end of a
    	stage. Very nice if you're trying to max yourself out quickly, but not much
    	point after you've reached the maximum number of points.
    Elephant Harness-
    	HO-HA!!! Stop riding girly PONIES, and get a ride with some reeeeeal muscle!
    	I love elephants for one thing and one thing only; mounted T. Go ahead. Try
    	it. It's fun.
    Recommended Jiang Wei Setups
    Here's my Jiang Wei, as well as some other recommendations on how to maximize
    your Jiang Wei. Make them f34r j00r 1337 m!gh7!!!
    Jiang Wei, Mako's Choice!
    	Hex Mark/Elephant ^_^
    	Peacock Urn
    	Tiger Amulet
    	Tortoise Amulet
    	Tribal Remedy/Wind Scroll/Charge Bracer
    	Fan or Sorcerer
    	Hew Mark for luck, Elephant for smash. I use the Ice Jade for the
    	awesomeness of refreeze combos. Peacock/Tiger/Tortoise
    	are pretty much required, and Ginseng helps me break out
    	of combos and the such. I haven't quite decided what I want for
    	my last item. As for bodyguards, my fan BG keeps me alive,
    	and my sorceror BG is named Jiang Mao. >.>; He also
    	helps with freezing stuff.
    Jiang Wei, Death Dealer!
    	Tiger Amulet
    	Green Scroll
    	Way of Musou
    	Herbal Remedy
    	Spear or Sorcerer
    	This set-up is for pure, straight out speed kills, and is not recommended
    	on most stages. You're going to take damage faster then Xu Chu can 
    	eat cakes with this gear, but you'll be hitting for huge damage. The
    	Ginseng will help to keep you alive by letting your musuo bar charge
    	faster, and the Way of Musuo allows you to deal quite a hefty chunk of
    	damage with your musuo. The Ice Jade should help you keep safe/keep
    	your damage constant. A spear bodyguard will help you kill whoever
    	you're going for that much faster, and a sorcerer provides a bit more 
    	defense through freezing additional enemies.
    Jiang Wei, Pumped Plain!
    	Peacock Urn
    	Tiger Amulet
    	Tortoise Amulet
    	Dragon Amulet
    	Bodyguard Scroll
    	This is pretty much just taking normal Jiang Wei and pumping up everything
    	about him, including his bodyguards. Kind of bland, but, hey, it's supposed
    	to be. This is good if you just pretty much want to play a basic character,
    	but at the same time don't want to leave behind the benefits of items.
    Jiang Wei, n00b Style!
    Set up for a new Jiang Wei...
    	Peacock Urn/Tiger Amulet
    	Tortoise Amulet
    	Your Jiang Wei is still fresh and weak, so an elephant will be a great aid
    	in racking up kills quickly (mash T, man, mash it). The Ice jade will really
    	help your combo potential, and the Peacock/Tortoise/Fan BG
    	combo will maximize what little life you have. Alternatively, you can
    	swap out the Peacock Urn for a Tiger Amulet, and put a little more power
    	behind your blows.
    *Blink* *Blink* ... How Do I Get My 4th?-
    This is your 4th weapon:
    	Base Attack 36
    	Medium Weight
    	Luck +15
    	Speed +15
    	Attack +16
    	Musou +18
    	Life +17
    This is how you get it:
    	Step 1.) Go to the Battle of Tian Shui, choose Wei side, and set it to
    	Hard Mode.
    	Step 2.) Run to the clearing at the upper right side of the map.
    	Step 3.) Let your morale drop until both castles fall, and your commander
    	begins to flee.
    	Step 3.5.) *IMPORTANT!* Listen to some Queen while you wait. Bohemian
    	Rhapsody is preferable.
    	Step 4.) Zhuge Liang will launch an ambush for you commander at the
    	upper right side of the map. Hey, you're already there! Kill the general
    	leading the ambush, Gao Xiong.
    	Step 5.) Your commander will get lost at around this point, and will begin
    	to charge towards the enemy camp. Collect your weapon once you get
    	the special item report, then meet up with your commander at the enemy
    	Step 6.) Kill Zhuge Liang before your commander runs into a tree or
    	something equally fatal.
    Some suggestions:
    	-Bring a saddle with you for this. If you don't have a saddle, bring a good
    	speed scroll. If you don't have a speed scroll, bring a friend. If you don't
    	have a friend, stop playing vidoe games. Your commander charges into
    	the enemy camp pretty quickly once he gets going, and you've got to
    	get your item and run down to the enemy base before he gets himself
    	killed. A saddle will let you accomplish this easily, a speed scroll will
    	make this a little harder, and a friend can babysit your commander while
    	you take care of your objectives.
    	-Don't kill the enemy generals. This stage is so easy that you don't need
    	any morale, and after getting the special item report, you really need to
    	focus on grabbing your weapon and high-tailing it to the enemy base.
    	-Listen to Queen. Seriously. They rock.
    General Strategy-
    Section 1.) Getting Started-
    	The first thing you really need to get under your belt is a general
    	familiarity with Jiang Wei, obviously. If you don't know him well, you
    	can't use his attacks to their fullest, and you might have trouble on some
    	of the later stages. I highly suggest just taking him through Musuo mode
    	on normal to get acquainted with him, as this will leave you with some 
    	decent stats and almost certainly a level 3 weapon.
    Section 2.) Move Break Down-
    	I briefly touched on some strategy for Jiang Wei while describing his moves,
    	but now I'm going to get quite a bit more in depth. What follows is my 
    	suggestions for the best ways to utilize Jiang Wei's moves.
    	This will, in some way or another, be the meat of your game plan. It, of 
    	course, leads into all of Jiang Wei's charge attacks, but it's also quite a
    	good move in and of itself. It covers you well, has massive range, and is 
    	rather safe if it gets blocked. It's also your most consistent juggle attack,
    	and it's your best bet for juggling multiple opponents after C2 or C5.
    	If this gets blocked, stop it at the 5th hit to recover faster. This can also
    	be used in juggles for ghetto infinites with SSSSS
    	It's uses are exactly the same as Jiang Wei's basic string, with the added
    	note that this makes an excellent, easy to land juggle closer. Fantastic
    	for juggling multiple opponents off C2.
    	You can do a LOT of stuff with this move. Because it allows you to attack
    	opponents without actually being in the spot the attack originates from, 
    	it can be used in some very interesting ways. So far, these are the ways
    	I've found to use it, and the ways to set it up...
    		1.) Nuke a unit. Simple enough to set-up; just use it as the unit
    		comes running at you. Time it so that the orb explodes right as 
    		the unit reaches it. This will take out most peons, but not
    		sergeants, and definitely not officers. Also releases your equipped
    		element; great for freezing people.
    		2.) Shield your attacks. This one is a little harder to set up, as
    		it's only really useful in a crowd, and C1 in a crowd usually gets
    		you hurt. The best way to set this up is to use C1 after a 
    		successful C3, when everyone's dizzied. Put out an orb in the
    		direction you want covered, then attack in your desired direction.
    		If anyone around the orb tries to attack you, they'll get hit by
    		the orb's explosion. This is a great trick for keeping peons off
    		your back while you combo an officer, and good for keeping
    		an officer off your back while you kill peons. :P
    		3.) Set up an unblockable. You have the orb flank
    		your target, then you attack from the front as the orb explodes. 
    		The target will be put into hit stun from the explosion, and you
    		can attack with the combo of your choice. This requires a bit
    		more precision in placement of your orb, a bit more timing,
    		and is very risky to do in a crowd. The first method involves
    		waiting for the target (aka officer) starts running at you from
    		a good distance away. Throw out an orb, then move back a 
    		bit. If you do it right, the orb should be behind the opponent,
    		allowing you to attack and force the unblockable or block and
    		let the explosion work by itself. Either way, you get a free 
    		The other method requires a knockdown. After knocking down
    		the target, get extremely close to them and throw out an
    		orb. It should float behind them as they get up. You attack,
    		the orb goes off, and you've got a textbook unblockable.
    	Now, this sounds all well and good, but you should consider the slow
    	speed of this move before using it. Jiang Wei really takes his time
    	putting out that orb, and if anyone is able to attack you, they have
    	ample time in which to do so. Be cautious using this move. It's very
    	good, but highly punishable if used incorrectly.
    	Because of the large range of this attack and it's launching properties,
    	it allows you to inflict good damage on a large number of foes. 
    	However, an opponent can block in between the S and the T, so this
    	has limited uses against officers. Great for killing large amounts of
    	relatively powerful peons (bases come to mind...). Also, the follow
    	up combo can safely move you closer to an officer or clear out
    	additional peons on the ground.
    	Most reliable combo follow-up is the basic attack string or the 
    	Evolution attack string. C3 doesn't do enough damage, C6 is
    	incredibly hard to connect against multiple opponents (first hit
    	almost always misses), and C2 is a bit too slow to connect again.
    	If you have some really tough peons to juggle (may happen on 
    	harder stages with low morale), you can use C5 and rejuggle;
    	peons never air recover out of repeated juggles. You're a bit
    	vulnerable from the back while doing this, though.
    SST (Mash T)-
    	Your all purpose completely abuseable move. This was good in DW4
    	before they removed auto-tracking, and now it's almost broken. The
    	"meat" slashes in the attack cover a wide area of Jiang Wei's body,
    	hit for decent damage, and move him forward. The forward momentum
    	prevents opponents from tagging your backside, and you're hitting everyone
    	else, so this move is very hard to interrupt. The 360 slash that ends this
    	attack just seals the deal by dizzying everything within a spears length
    	of you, allowing any number of follow-ups. There are only two times when
    	you don't want to use this move; juggle combos, and when you've got a
    	good amount of opponent's behind you. In the first scenario, you can 
    	use a C6, basic attack string, or Evolution attack string for more damage. 
    	In the second, you'll probably be knocked out of the attack rather quickly.
    	Just be careful to keep your back safe and you'll be fine.
    	On another note, this attack is incredible once paired with an ice jade,
    	and allows you to repeatedly freeze an officer on the ground for massive
    	damage. Even if the ice effect doesn't go off, you get a dizzy and a free
    	Eeeeeh. I really don't recommend using this attack too often. Even though
    	it got a massive speed/range upgrade in DW5, it's still not very safe. The
    	damage it inflicts is nice, and it has huge knockback, but in most cases
    	C2, C3, and C6 are much better choices. On the upside, Jiang Wei rushes
    	forward while doing this move, making it hard to interrupt once it's
    	As of the moment, I think this move might have some exploitable glitches.
    	I won't say anything until I've tested it, but this move may be more useful
    	then it appears.
    	This move is very, very risky to use. The move no longer hits in a 360, and
    	Jiang Wei doesn't move while executing the attack. This makes his flank
    	very vulnerable while using this move. You can launch a lot of people with
    	this, and the move itself does good damage, but the risk usually isn't
    	worth the reward. However, if your backside is clear and you want to juggle
    	multiple opponents, go ahead and use this attack.
    	On another note, this is great for setting up a C1 unblockable. Officers
    	can't block before the launch, and Jiang Wei recovers with plenty of time
    	to safely put out a C1.
    	This attack is completely and utterly abuseable. It's too fast to interrupt,
    	recovers very quickly, and hits a very large area. Great for scoring 
    	knock-downs, crowd control, juggles, escaping a crowd, abusing your
    	element... there is nothing this attack doesn't do and do well. The only
    	downside to this move is that officers can block right before the first hit,
    	but even that isn't a problem; the first rushing hit moves past them, and
    	the 360 slash hits them from behind. I'd like to get more in-depth with
    	suggestions on how to use this move, but you can seriously use it
    	any way you please.
    	One thing to consider, though; getting both hits of this to connect in a 
    	juggle is tricky, and I don't think you can do it with a light weapon.
    	I'd recommend delaying your attack after a launcher to insure a lower
    	juggle, making this easier to connect.
    	I'd highly recommend that you save this move for defensive purposes.
    	If you start to get comboed, bust this out and break out. Other then
    	that, most of the stuff that this does can be better done with your
    	normal moves.
    C on low life-  
    	Even though the ending fireball for this opens up some interesting
    	combo possibilities, I'd still recommend that you reserve this move
    	for defensive purposes. Not much more to say.
    Counter (T while guarding)-
    	Great to get back on the offensive after blocking. If you time it
    	incorrectly, Jiang Wei will stand there like an idiot with his spear
    	pushed out in front of him, and you WILL pay for it. If you don't
    	think you can time it right at a given moment, don't use it. If you're
    	relatively sure in your abilities to hit with this, go for it.
    	Mmmmm mmm. Big range, big damage, big knockback. Basically,
    	use this attack every time it's ready and you're running into a crowd.
    	Not much more to say.
    	Learn to do this attack off of the ground (jump, then immediately attack).
    	Jump attacks are amazingly fast, and if you get really good at using them
    	in a defensive manner, you can use a jump attack instead of blocking.
    	Jiang Wei's jump attack hits a very wide area, to boot, making this a great
    	attack to interrupt with. This also scores a knockdown; great for putting
    	out a C1.
    	On another note, ALWAYS use this after an air recovery. It'll help
    	you safely reach the ground and inflict a little damage while you're at it.
    	Again, learn to use this attack straight off of the ground. It's usefulness
    	is greatly enhanced when you learn to do so.
    	This is a good replacement for a dashing attack when you don't have
    	the space to do one (you need to take 8 steps before you can use a
    	dash attack). It does similar damage, has similar range, and puts
    	targets into a reeling animation where they can't block. Other then that,
    	it has limited use in making flashy combos.
    Section 3.) Choose Your Weapon!-
    	DW5 introduced weapon weight to the games series, which alters the
    	speed at which your character attacks and also how much damage
    	they inflict. Heavy attacks slower but deals more damage, light attacks
    	faster but deals less damage, and medium is the default. This requires
    	a little more thought on the players part on what weapons to equip.
    	Well, until you get Jiang Wei's 4th weapon, anyways.
    	Most people will tell you that heavy weapons are worthless. I am, for
    	the most part, one of those people. However, heavy weapons do have a
    	purpose for Jiang Wei; they make it much easier to juggle people. Every
    	hit in a juggle combo makes the opponent bounce up slightly, and Jiang
    	Wei attacks fast enough that the opponent is bounced too high to land
    	a C6 easily, and doing his SSSSS -> SSSSS semi-infinite is a little
    	tricky. With a heavy weapon, you attack at a speed perfect for juggling;
    	not slow enough to let the opponent drop, but not so fast that you bounce
    	them far into the air.
    	Other then that, though, heavy weapons are too slow to be considered
    	a really sound choice.
    	My personal favorite. Medium weapons offer you decent speed and damage,
    	leaving you with good crowd control and juggle combos. As mentioned in
    	heavy weapons, you bounce opponents a bit too high for easy juggles, but
    	this shouldn't be too noticeable outside of trying to land a C6 in a juggle.
    	Also, Jiang Wei's 4th weapon is medium, so it would be best to get used
    	to this weight.
    	The reverse of heavy in all ways. More speed, less damage; great crowd
    	control, bad juggles. Trying to juggle with a light weapon is a pain. On the
    	other hand, you become very hard to interrupt, and refreeze combos render
    	juggles obsolete anyways. The dip in damage is noticeable, but so is
    	the increase in speed. Light weapons are pretty good, and give you another
    	way to play Jiang Wei.
    Combo Advice
    This are just a few combos that you should get accustomed to, as well as some
    general notes to help your juggles.
    Section 1.) Common Combos-
    	SST (mash for maximum hits, let it stun) -> SSSSST [Officer Combo]
    	ST -> SSSSSS [Crowd Combo]
    	SSSST -> SSSSSS [Crowd Combo]
    	SSSST -> SSSST -> SSSST ... [Semi-Infinite]
    	SST -> SSSSS -> SSSSS ... [Semi-infinite]
    	SST (target freezes) -> SST (mash for maximum hits, target freezes) ...
    	[Basic refreeze combo. Works best with a 3rd or 4th level weapon.]
    Section 2.) Combo Notes-
    	- If you put out a C1, you can use your jump charge as a MEAN juggle
    	starter. Time your C1 so that the explosion will go off as you hit with
    	the end of your jump charge and the explosion will knock your target
    	slightly into the air, giving you a perfect low-juggle for C6.
    	- With a first level weapon, the best combo you can do is:
    	SST -> Jump Charge
    	- If you use it near a corner (or get lucky), you can use your true musuo
    	to continue juggle combos.
    	- You can use your C1 to add the fire element to your juggles, but
    	timing it is a little awkward and it's too inconsistent to be truly useful.
    	- Light weapons are not necesarilly better for comboing. As you
    	attack an opponent in a juggle, they rise higher into the air, and
    	your light weapon will frequently move an opponent too high for
    	all of your follow up attacks to hit.
    	- On harder stages/difficulties, officers will air recover out of juggle
    	combos if you attempt to relaunch them twice or relaunch them
    	after dizzying them.
    	- Refreeze combos are more fun then two barrelfulls of monkies.
    And Now for Something Completely Different!
    Originally posted on the GameFAQs DW5 board by Fenafnir...
    Jiang Wei to Liu Chan: "We are sending an envoy to Wei."
    Liu Chan: "What for?"
    Jiang Wei: "My Lord we are being pummelled, and I believe Cao Pi is the key to
    avoiding further bloodshed"
    Liu Chan: ".......are you serious?"
    Jiang Wei: "Yes, I believe that the influence Cao Pi has over Wei, if swayed to
    favour us, could potentially save Shu"
    Liu Chan: "I had no idea the influence was so strong..."
    Jiang Wei: "My Lord I believe you have no ideas at all and frankly I'm not 
    Liu Chan: "Is this true?"
    Jiang Wei: "Well, no good ones, my Lord"
    Liu Chan: "Good, the last thing I would want to look like is a bumbling
    Jiang Wei: "Well, quite my Lord. Anyway if I could return for a moment to the 
    Wei situation-"
    Liu Chan: "Ah yes, well, what are our options?"
    Jiang Wei: "Well, there is more than just one way-"
    Liu Chan: "Wait, you mean that there is infact 2 Wei's? Well thats going to 
    complicate matters isn't it?"
    Jiang Wei: "lord...."
    Liu Chan: "Yes?"
    Jiang Wei: "Do try to keep your brain solely on listening to my words, avoid
    striving for independent thought. Anything you try to do by yourself could 
    result in the destruction of your kingdom and this includes decision making. I
    did infact mean that there is more than one means of dealing with the situation
    Liu Chan: "Right, carry on, sorry"
    Jiang Wei: "Right, now as mentioned before Cao Pi is pivotal. We shall deal 
    with Cao Ren later."
    Liu Chan: "I like that idea, but I don't think cowering is going to help 
    anything, and learn to pronounce your words correctly, sounding your 'ings' 
    is more sophisticated"
    Jiang Wei: "My Lord I must again ask for silence and common sense, such as it
    Liu Chan: Sorry"
    Jiang Wei: "Right, as it stands Cao Pi is running rampant around our land, but
    we can turn the tide if negotiations come through"
    Liu Chan: "I see, but I must say I am struggling with the concept of persuading
    cow pee to support us, I mean if it can 'turn the tide', it would be desirable,
    but I'm not sure"
    Jiang Wei: "My Lord, you struggle with most concepts. May I be inclined 
    to ask as to why you don't like our plan?"
    Liu Chan: "Well the very notion of manipulating cow piddle is simply mind 
    Jiang Wei: "......................My Lord, as out of place as my following
    comment may be I feel it necessary to express myself. Trying to boggle a mind 
    as limited as yours, is like trying to see how many innuendos you can find in 
    Zhang He's monologues: simple, mildly amusing at first but the novelty soon 
    wears off. And, may I add, the kingdom is doomed, I'm off to France. 
    I wish I could say it has been a pleasure my Lord, but meeting you was the 
    darkest day of my life and every day since then, as far as I'm concerned,
    has been a slow, depressing trudge through the seven circles of hell which
    would make Beelzebub weep." *Walks away*
    Liu Chan: "................so I take it lunch is off then?"
    Credits and Thanks:
    God- For not smiting me like a heathen. :P
    Mike Miller- For watching my back as we fought together for the glory of 
    Nu Wa's dynasty.
    Cory Purcel- For exposing me to DW3 in the first place. In a 13 hour session.
    Koei- For giving Jiang Wei his new C6. Mmmmmm...
    Fenafnir- For allowing me to put his post in my FAQ.
    Papa Murphy's Pizza- For making the affordable, quality pizza that keeps
    College students like me fed.
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    I can be reached at Jester_Mako@yahoo.com. Feel free to send any concerns or
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    1.) Keep it legible. Perfection isn't necessary (This FAQ probably has some 
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