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    Zhang He by Jiyu Aifu

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    Dynasty Warriors 5
    Zhang He
    Jiyu Aifu
    Version .95
    ----- Contents -----
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Zhang He
    3.  Move Set
    4.  Musou Mode
    5.  Weapons
    6.  Movies
    7.  Models
    8.  Credits
    9.  Update History
    10. Contact Info
    11. Copyright
    ---- Introduction ----
    This guide will describe the different details of playng as the fabulous
    Zhang He. Zhang He is a graceful, beautiful warrior serving Wei. Zhang He has
    become my favorite character due to his gorgeous appearance, beautiful
    personality, and his graceful move set plus I just love claws.
    * To unlock Zhang He you must complete Musou Mode with any 2 people from Wei.
    ---- Zhang He ----
    Surname: Zhang
    Given Name: He
    Style: Junyi
    Born: 167
    Died: 231
    During the fall of the Han, a group of fanatics called the Yellow Turbans rose
    up in rebellion. Help was needed to quell them. Zhang He served under Han Fu in
    order to contribute to repelling the Yellow Turbans. When Han Fu was defeated,
    Zhang He went over to Yuan Shao. While serving Yuan Shao, Zhang He scored
    numerous achievements against Gongsun Zan and showed outstanding prowess as a
    During the battle of Guan Du, Zhang He was a commander under Yuan Shao. When
    the Wu Chao supply depot was taken and set aflame, Zhang He proposed to
    Yuan Shao that he and Gao Lan go to save Wu Chao. However, Guo Tu disagreed and
    said, "If they have plundered the stores then Cao Cao is there and Guan Du is
    undefended. Strike Guan Du first and Cao will retreat swiftly." Zhang He
    disagreed with him and replied, "Cao Cao is full of schemes. He would never
    undertake such an operation and leave his base vulnerable. If we attack Guan Du
    and fail, Chunyu Qiong will be captured and so will we." However, Yuan Shao
    went with Guo Tu's advice and sent Zhang He and Gao Lan to attack Guan Du and
    Jiang Qi to relieve Wu Chao.
    Cao Cao decimated Chunyu Qiong's unit and disguised his army as remnants of
    Chunyu Qiong's scattered unit and snuck into Jiang Qi's unit. Jiang Qi then
    rode out towards Wu Chao, but back-up units led by Xu Zhu and Zhang Liao
    appeared and cut Jiang Qi down. Cao Cao then had a message sent to Yuan Shao
    saying Jiang Qi chased off the raiders, and thus Yuan Shao sent more men to
    Guan Du and none to Wu Chao. The defense of Guan Du prevailed over Yuan Shao's
    force, but Zhang He and Gao Lan managed to escape.
    Guo Tu realized that Zhang He's advice was true and that he would bring that up
    upon return, so he told Yuan Shao that Zhang He and Gao Lan sought to defect
    over to Cao Cao. Guo Tu then went and told Gao Lan and Zhang He and fearing
    Yuan Shao, they did indeed defect to Cao Cao, something Zhang He wanted to do
    for a long time.
    Cao Cao was very pleased to have Zhang He among his ranks and Zhang He
    continued to serve him throughout the years. He was present during many future
    battles, including finishing off the Yuans, Chi Bi, Ma Chao, but he didn't
    really stand out again until he was stationed around Hanzhong.
    Cao Hong had just captured Hanzhong along with Zhang He and Xiahou Yuan.
    Cao Hong was cautious due to Guan Lu's word that a top general will die in this
    region, but Zhang He took no heed to this prediction and offered to capture
    Baxi which was held by Zhang Fei, even offering to submit to the martial code,
    should he fail. Cao Hong approved.
    Zhang He divided his troops among three forts and went out to attack Zhang Fei.
    The two warriors engaged each other, but Lei Tong ambushed Zhang He from
    behind, causing him to retreat back to his fort. There he held up a defense and
    after a few days, Zhang Fei also retreated for a defense. Liu Bei sent
    Zhang Fei some wine and one day, Zhang Fei was drinking and Zhang He's spies
    reported this to him. Zhang He decided to take advantage and raid Zhang Fei's
    camp that night. That night, he stormed Zhang Fei's camp, but he anticipated
    this and replaced himself with a straw figure. Afterwards, Zhang He's troops
    were bombarded and the real Zhang Fei appeared. Zhang He hoped for help from
    his other two camps, but they had already been taken by Wei Yan and Lei Tong,
    and his main camp had been taken by Zhang Fei's rear guard. So Zhang He
    retreated to Wakou Pass, where he asked for help from Cao Hong, who was furious
    and ordered Zhang He into battle once again.
    Zhang He decided to feign defeat and cause Zhang Fei to pursue him while his
    two units cut off his return route. Zhang He engaged Lei Tong and using this
    tactic, surrounded him. Zhang He then slew Lei Tong. He then tried the same
    tactic against Zhang Fei, but Fei realized his plan and had Wei Yan block off
    Zhang He's ambush troops. When Zhang He turned to flee, Zhang Fei pursued and
    defeated Zhang He. Zhang He then returned to Wakou Pass. After another ambush
    from Zhang Fei and Wei Yan, Zhang He was forced out of Wakou Pass and retreated
    to Nanzheng, where Cao Hong was located. He was infuriated at Zhang He and
    ordered him executed, but Guo Huai interceded and convinced Cao Hong to give
    him another chance. Zhang He was then assigned to capture Jiameng Pass.
    Zhang He led an attack on Jiameng Pass, but he was met by Huang Zhong. While
    battling Huang Zhong, Yan Yan sneaked behind Zhang He's army. Zhang He was
    defeated and driven away. Once again, Cao Hong was steaming. He then sent
    Han Hao and Xiahou Shang to assist Zhang He. They went after Huang Zhong and he
    continuously retreated and they captured Huang Zhong's camps, but this was just
    a ploy of Huang Zhong's to make the enemy overconfident and he recaptured his
    camps, which were restocked by the enemy, soon after. Zhang He retreated to
    Mt. Tiandang, held by Xiahou De, and took position there. Huang Zhong pressed
    the attack and cut Han Hao down. Zhang He and Xiahou Shang went to do battle
    with soldiers coming from the west and Xiaho De went to put out some fires that
    have erupted, but he was killed by Yan Yan. Zhang He had to abandon the
    mountain and retreated to Mt. Dingjun with Xiahou Shang.
    Liu Bei had then decided to march onto Hanzhong, but would first have to take
    Mt. Dingjun, which was held by Xiahou Yuan. Cao Hong rushed to the capital to
    inform Cao Cao who then prepared to go to assist Xiahou Yuan. After hearing of
    Zhang He's defeats, Cao Cao said, "Don't blame him. The fortunes of war are
    nothing unusual to the military man." Xiahou Yuan was against Huang Zhong and
    Zhang He was advising him to defend, but Xiahou Yuan did not listen to his
    advice. Nevertheless, Xiahou Yuan captured Chen Shi, but Xiahou Shang was also
    captured. An exchange was set up, but after the two men returned to their
    respective sides, Huang Zhong shot Xiahou Shang in the back with an arrow.
    Xiahou Yuan attacked Huang Zhong in a fury, but was defeated and forced back.
    Once again, Zhang He advised Yuan to hold his position, but he did not and went
    to attack Huang Zhong. After a slackening of morale, Huang Zhong stormed down
    upon Xiahou Yuan and cut his head off along with part of his shoulder. Zhang He
    could not defend Dingjun any further and he then fled to Cao Cao.
    Cao Cao was depressed over the death of Xiahou Yuan and mourned for him, but he
    had to try and retake Dingjun. He sent Zhang He and Xu Huang forth and the two
    surrounded Huang Zhong, but he was rescued by Zhao Yun. On another day,
    Zhang He, Xu Huang, and Cao Cao himself met Zhao Yun at his camp, but they were
    met by an ambush from many of Shu's generals and were forced to withdraw.
    Dingjun would remain lost and they would eventually go on to lose Hanzhong as
    Zhang He appreciated scholars, poetry, and music, and has become one of Wei's
    top generals. Zhang He was so skilled even Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei feared him.
    More information to come on Zhang He!
    ---- Move Set ----
    S = Square
    T = Triangle
    O = Circle
    X = X
    S- A downward diagonal, slash to the left.
    SS- A downward, diagonal slash to the right.
    SSS- A forward thrust.
    SSSS- An upward slash with a little spin.
    SSSSS- A low downward, diagonal slash.
    SSSSSS- An upward slash.
    T- A backflip slash, followed by up to 3 forward flip slash attacks.
    ST- Just a kick.
    SST- A series of fast slashes followed by a dash forward.
    SSST- Zhang He rockets forward like a missile.
    SSSST- Zhang He creates a whirlwind up with butterflies.
    SSSSST- Zhang He slides to the left and slashes and then slides to the right
            and slashes.
    Running Attack (S while running)- Zhang He slides and trips those in his way.
    Jump Attack (X,S)- A downward slash.
    Jump Charge Attack (X,S,T)- Zhang He goes upside-down and and does a fast
                       spinning attack.
    Horse Attack (S while mounted)- A series of downward slashes, alternating on
                 each side.
    Horse Charge Attack (S,T while mounted)- Zhang He slashes down on each side.
    Horse Musou Attack (O while mounted and with full Musou Gauge)- Powerful
                       downward strikes.
    Musou Attack (O with full Musou Gauge)- Zhang He dashes about and ends with a
                 powerful slashing attack.
    True Musou Attack (O with full Musou Gauge and Life Meter in red)- Zhang He
                      dashes about and finishes with a jump into the air and
                      propels down the the ground like a missile.
    If you pick up an evolution weapon, indicated by a blue circle by the weapon
    name, you will be able to perform 9 attacks instead of 6. However, you need a
    full Musou Gauge in order to perform them. The first 5 attacks are the same as
    mentioned above, but the 6th changes. Here are the evolution attacks.
    SSSSSS- A quick, downward slash to the left.
    SSSSSSS- A quick, downward slash to the right.
    SSSSSSSS- A forward thrust.
    SSSSSSSSS- Zhang He missiles forward.
    ---- Musou Mode ----
    Zhang He has 5 levels in his Musou Mode. They are as follows.
         1. Battle of Guan Du
         2. Battle of Tong Gate
         3. Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
         4. Battle of Jie Ting
         5. Battle of Chen Cang
    I will give a basic stage layout for each level as well as my recommendation as
    to how to complete each level. Each of my strategies were done on the Normal
    difficulty, and there may be variations to how the battle progresses with each
    battle, but these strategies' purposes will only be to explain a good way to
    dominate the map by defeating all officers and taking all bases which should
    net you a hefty sum of points if you also take time to kill enemy soldiers.
         - Battle of Guan Du -
         Yuan Shao's Forces VS Cao Cao's Forces
      Victory: Defeat Cao Cao
      Defeat: Yuan Shao is defeated
    -Yuan Shao's Forces-                     -Cao Cao's Forces-
    Yuan Shao                                Cao Cao
     -Tian Feng                               -Guo Jia
     -Ju Shou                                 -Jia Xu
    Zhang He                                  -Cheng Yu
     -Gao Lan                                Xiahou Dun
    Zhen Ji                                   -Cao Zhang
    Liu Bei                                  Cao Pi
     -Sun Qian                                -Yu Jin
    Yan Liang                                Guan Yu
     -Han Meng                               Li Dian
    Wen Chou                                  -Song Xian
     -Lu Wei Kuang                            -Wei Xu
    Yuan Tan                                 Yue Jin
     -Gao Gan                                 -Zhu Ling
    Yuan Xi                                  Liu Yan
    Yuan Shang                                -Xun You
     -Lu Xiang                               Cao Hong
    Chunyu Qiong                              -Han Hao
    From where you start, head southwest and take the enemy base there. While there
    you should encounter Cao Zhang. Defeat him as well and head south of this base
    and defeat Xiahou Dun who should be stationed right there. As you near the
    castle, Yuan Shao will send out siege towers. Advance further and defeat Yu Jin
    who should be closeby. Around this point, Guan Yu will slay Yan Liang. Soon,
    Cao Cao, who's at Guan Du Castle, will counter Yuan Shao with catapults. Head
    over to Cao Pi's position and eliminate him. Guan Yu should then soon kill
    Wen Chou as well. Go past Li Dian for now, and head for Guan Yu. He should hear
    news Liu Bei's whereabouts and will soon begin to retreat as will Liu Bei.
    Chase him down and defeat him. Take the enemy base and gate in this area.
    Defeat Wei Xu and Song Xian who should be around somewhere. Head over to
    Han Hao who should be around Yuan Shang's position and defeat him. Cao Hong
    should be around either Han Hao's location or at Wu Chao. Defeat him now. Head
    over to where Han Hao was and take that enemy gate and head south into Bai Ma
    Castle. Defeat Xun You and Liu Yan and take the enemy gate. Go along the
    southern path from here and take the enemy gate. Now, go back to Li Dian and
    finish him off. Skip past Yue Jin for now and continue along to take the enemy
    gate and the enemy base. Also defeat Zhu Ling who should be around this area.
    Go back and defeat Yue Jin. During all this time, Yuan Shao's forces will have
    been fighting to open Guan Du castle. Either they'll break through from the
    north or enemy soldiers will open the sides in order to escape or both. Either
    way, enter Guan Du and take out the two gates. Defeat Guo Jia, Cheng Yu, and
    Jia Xu, and after that, defeat Cao Cao to complete the stage.
         - Battle of Tong Gate -
         Cao Cao's Forces VS Allied Forces
      Victory: Defeat Ma Chao, Han Sui, and Pang De
      Defeat: Cao Cao is defeated
    -Cao Cao's Forces-                       -Allied Forces-
    Cao Cao                                  Ma Chao
     -Cao Hong                               Han Sui
     -Jia Xu                                  -Zhang Heng
    Xiahou Yuan                              Pang De
    Xu Zhu                                    -Yang Qiu
    Zhang He                                 Ma Dai
    Cao Ren                                  Li Kan
                                             Hou Xuan
    Reinforcements-                          Cheng Yin
    Xu Huang                                 Cheng Yi
                                             Liang Xing
                                             Zhang Lu
    From the start, head forward and take the enemy base. Soon after, Xu Huang
    will appear as reinforcements to Cao Cao's Forces. Continue on and defeat
    Liang Xing and take the enemy base. Go past Ma Chao for now and capture the
    gate to the south. Ma Chao will head after Cao Cao. Go and defeat Ma Dai. Go
    past Pang De and defeat Yang Qiu. Then go back to Pang De and eliminate him. Be
    careful, he gets his stats boosted so he may be a problem. Continue on past him
    and defeat Zhang Heng and capture the two gates in this area. By now, most of
    the allied commanders will have headed north. Continue north and defeat
    Hou Xuan, Cheng Yin, Cheng Yi, and Li Kan and take all the enemy bases and
    gates. Zhang Lu should appear sometime during this as reinforcements to the
    Allied Forces. Han Sui may defect if he encounters Cao Cao, so defeat him
    before Cao Cao reaches him. Now head down over to Ma Chao and defeat Zhang Lu
    and take the gate over there. Then defeat Ma Chao to end the stage.
         - Battle of Mt. Ding Jun -
         Wei Forces VS Shu Forces
      Victory: Defeat Liu Bei
      Defeat: The main camp is taken
    -Wei Forces-                             -Allied Forces-
    Xiahou Yuan                              Liu Bei
    Zhang He                                  -Fa Zheng
    Xu Zhu                                   Huang Zhong
    Cao Zhang                                 -Yan Yan
                                              -Lei Tong
    Reinforcements-                          Zhao Yun
    Cao Cao                                   -Liu Feng
     -Yang Xiu                                -Zhang Yi
                                             Wei Yan
                                              -Meng Da
                                             Guan Ping
                                             Li Yan
                                             Wu Lan
                                              -Chen Shi
    When the stage begins a scene will play where Xiahou Yuan is worried and
    Zhang He reassures him. At the beginning of the stage head over to Chen Shi and
    defeat him. Then head over and defeat Wu Lan. Go north from here and take the
    enemy gate. Defeat Meng Da and take the enemy base. Head over to the
    northwestern corner and take the gate and defeat Wei Yan. Go into the center
    area and take the gate on the western side. Defeat Yan Yan. Capture the supply
    base in the center. Take the gate on the other side and defeat Guan Ping. Head
    over to Li Yan and Lei Tong and defeat them. Now eliminate Huang Zhong. He will
    get his stats boosted so be careful. Around this time Cao Cao should show up as
    reinforcements along with Yang Xiu. Now head south along the eastern path and
    defeat Liu Feng and Zhang Yi. Proceed south and take the gate and the enemy
    base. Keep going and take the gate in the south and defeat Zhao Yun. Now defeat
    Fa Zheng and go past Liu Bei and take the gate in his camp. Then go and finish
    off Liu Bei to complete the stage.
         - Battle of Jie Ting -
         Wei Forces VS Shu Forces
      Victory: Defeat Ma Su
      Defeat: Cao Pi or Sima Yi is defeated
    -Wei Forces-                             -Allied Forces-
    Cao Pi                                   Ma Su
     -Wang Shuang                             -Li Yan
    Sima Yi                                   -Jian Yong
     -Sima Zhao                               -Chen Shi
    Zhang He                                 Jiang Wei
     -Sun Li                                  -Zhang Yi
    Zhen Ji                                  Wang Ping
    Cao Zhen                                  -Guan Xing
                                             Gao Xiang
                                              -Liao Hua
                                             Ma Dai
                                             Zhang Bao
                                             Wei Yan
                                             Xing Cai
                                             Ma Chao
                                             Zhuge Liang
    When the stage begins a scene will play with Sima Yi thinking over the enemy
    strategy and Zhang He will come and offer to fight. When the stage begins go
    and defeat Zhang Bao. Then head west and defeat Guan Xing, then Wang Ping. Then
    take the enemy gate. A scene should play with Zhang He seeing the enemy's
    foolish plan and he'll order his troops out. Head south and defeat Zhang Yi and
    Jiang Wei. Next, go and defeat Liao Hua and Gao Xiang. Take the gate in this
    area and grab the Musou Wine from the barrel west of the gate. Now head up to
    the mountain top and defeat Chen Shi, Jian Yong, and Li Yan. Head acroos the
    northern path and take the enemy gate too. Now head back and eliminate Ma Su
    and take the supply base. The stage is not yet over. The victory conditions
    will change to defeat Zhuge Liang. Head over to Ma Dai and defeat him. Now
    skirt along the southern pathway and take all the enemy gates. Now head back
    into the southeastern area and wait for the enemy to come. Wei Yan will be the
    first to show up in the southeast. Defeat him and head over to the southwest.
    Xing Cai will come next. Get rid of her and head to the southern point. Ma Chao
    will then appear. Defeat him. Zhuge Liang should show up now. Go over and
    defeat him to finish the stage.
         - Battle of Chen Cang -
         Wei Forces VS Shu Forces
      Victory: Defeat Zhuge Liang
      Defeat: Sima Yi is defeated
    -Wei Forces-                             -Allied Forces-
    Sima Yi                                  Jiang Wei
     -Sima Zhao                               -Fei Yi
     -Jia Kui                                Huang Zhong
    Cao Ren                                   -Yan Yan
     -Wang Shuang                            Wei Yan
    Zhang He                                  -Ma Dai
    Fei Yao                                  Guan Xing
    Hao Zhao                                  -Liao Hua
                                             Zhang Bao
                                              -Zhang Yi
                                             Wang Ping
                                             Gao Xiang
                                             Yue Ying
                                              -Chen Shi
                                             Jiang Wan
                                              -Li Yan
                                             Zhuge Liang
                                              -Yang Yi
    Start off by defeating Gao Xiang and Wang Ping in the northeast. Also occupy
    the gate and destroy the siege ram hanging around up there. Head down the
    eastern path and defeat Ma Dai and Wei Yan and take the enemy gate. Take the
    gate and base in the southeast. A scene will play where Zhang He destroys a
    siege ramp and criticizes the enemy's usage of weaponry. Yue Ying will show up
    as enemy reinforcements. Defeat Fei Yi and Jiang Wei. Jiang Wan should then
    appear. Defeat Liao Hua, Guan Xing, Zhang Yi, Zhang Bao, Li Yan, and Jiang Wan.
    Defeat Chen Shi and Yue Ying. Zhuge Liang will arrive. Take the base and the
    gate in the south and defeat Yang Yi. Defeat Yan Yan and Huang Zhong and occupy
    the enemy base and gate in the southwest. Now eliminate Zhuge Liang to finish
    the stage.
    And thus ends the Musou of Zhang He. Congratulations! Now enjoy his fantastic
    ending movie, Dance 'til Dawn. ^_^
    ---- Weapons ----
    Zhang He uses claws on each hand as his weapons.
    Iron Claw
    --Power- 4
    --Attacks- 4
    Strike Claw
    --Power- 8
    --Attacks- 5
    Peacock Talon
    --Power- 12
    --Attacks- 6
    Phoenix Talon
    --Power- 36
    --Attacks- 6
    --Weight- Medium
    --Charge Attack- 15
    --Musou Fill- 15
    --Speed- 19
    --Attack- 16
    --Musou- 19
            Obtaining Phoenix Talon
    You must play as Zhang He at the "Battle of Jie Ting" stage in either
    Musou Mode or Free Mode on Hard difficulty.
    Head north towards Gao Xiang's position and defeat him. Also defeat the Guard
    Captain nearby to take the gate. (You also might as well grab the Musou Wine
    which is right by the gate in the barrel.) Now head over to Wang Ping's
    position and defeat him as well and take the gate near him too. Now you'll get
    a scene with Zhang He talking about the foolishness of the enemy. Now you'll
    have to wait until Ma Su begins his retreat. I like to eliminate Jiang Wei
    during this time. Once Ma Su begins to head back to the main camp, the one
    where Zhuge Liang appears, chase him down and eliminate him. After a few
    messages the valuable item report will show up along the northern path
    connecting the mountain summit with the Wei main camp. Bag the weapon and
    finish the stage.
    ---- Movies ----
    This section tells how to unlock the movie during Zhang He's Musou Mode. The
    Movies can be accessed through the Options menu. I shall also give a
    description of what happens during this movie.
         Ending - Wei
    Zhang He - Dance 'til Dawn
    Zhang He is with his army. Zhuge Liang has passed on and victory is now
    their's. "Now, everyone show your joy, not with a blade, but with a dance!"
    Zhang He and his army then start to dance. He will then say that he will make
    this age simply beautiful.
    Comment: I simply adore this ending. Most of the endings I've seen are dull and
    uninteresting, but Zhang He's is truly awesome and quite enjoyable.
    ---- Models ----
    Like all characters, Zhang He has alternate models. They are achieved as your
    character advances in rank and achieves a certain amount of points. Zhang He
    has 4 different models like everyone else.
    Model 1
    This is Zhang He's default model. He wears a purple battle outfit. His stomach
    is exposed and his arms are not covered, except he does have a piece covering
    his right shoulder. He has purple pants and gray and purple boots. His hair is
    dark brown and tied into a ponytail at his crown. He also has two sections
    hanging down the side of his face to around his cheeks.
    Unlocked- Already unlocke by default
    Model 2
    This is the same thing as Zhang He's first model, but there are some color
    variations. Instead of purple, it's more pink.
    Unlocked- Once you achieve 6000 points
    Model 3
    This is the same model Zhang He had in Dynasty Warriors 4. It's similar to his
    first two models except both his shoulders are covered, his stomach is not
    exposed, he has a little crown, and his colors are purple, blue, brown, and
    Unlocked- Once you achieve 20000 points
    Model 4
    This is the same secondary model Zhang He had in Dynasty Warriors 4. It's
    almost the same as his third model except it's a more purple and light purple
    color. And he also has some cute, light purple wings. And his hair is in a bun.
    Unlocked- Once you achieve 20000 points
    ---- Credits ----
    Credits to Koei, W-Omega Force, and any others involved in the making of this
    great game. Also credits to Luo Guanzhong for writing the Romance of the Three
    Kingdoms which is a really good book which this game is based off of and I
    recommend you read it if you have not done so. And also credits to the great
    Zhang He for achieving all he had achieved. ^_^
    ---- Update History ----
    April 9
    Version .80- Original layout.
    April 23
    Version .90- Added strategy for Battle of Mt. Ding Jun and Battle of Jie Ting.
    November 18
    Version .95- Added more to Zhang he's bio. Finished Zhang He's Musou Mode.
    Added Models section. This guide is just about finished. It is actualy
    finished, but I just want to add a little more to Zhang He's bio. So, until
    next time!
    ---- Contact Info ----
    If you have found any errors, information, questions, or suggestions please
    e-mail me at jiyu_aifu@yahoo.com.
    Make sure you put in a subject and mention that the game is Dynasty Warriors 5
    and Zhang He is who you're referring to. Also write your e-mail so it can be
    read without any problems. If your e-mail does not contain a subject, mention
    the game, or is ineligible, then it may be ignored. Also, if you ask about
    anything mentioned in this guide or even not mentioned you will also be
    ignored. If you require further help on something or don't understand something
    then by all means ask for help and I'll help if I can, but please don't ask me
    how to do something clearly mentioned in the FAQ.
    ---- Copyright ----
    Copyright 2005 Giona Balvega
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
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