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    Sun Ce by lanky522

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    Sun Ce FAQ by Lanky522 (lanky5222@yahoo.com)
    Dynasty Warriors 5
    Version 1.2
    version History:
    April 19, 2005- Version 1.2 completed
    		Added Encyclopedia Information
    		Minor format changes
    April 11, 2005- Version 1.1 completed
    		Minor changes made to Musuo Mode Section
    April 9, 2005- Version 1.0 completed
    Table of Contents
    1.	Introduction
    2.	Why Should I use Sun Ce?
    3.	Unlocking
    4.	Move set
    5.	Weapons
    6.	Musou Mode 
    7.	Sun Ce's models
    8.	Sun Ce's Encyclopedia Information
    9.	Q&A
    10.	Copyrights/Ownership
    11.	Thanks & Credits
    12.	Contact Information
    This is the second FAQ I’ve written for Dynasty Warriors 5, however 
    I am no stranger to the Dynasty Warriors series.  I have played DW3, 
    DW3Xtreme, DW4, DW4Xtreme, and now DW5.  In my opinion, DW5 has made 
    some very significant advances from the previous games and has become 
    the best in the series.
    I got the game the first day I could, and everything in the below text 
    is from my experience in the U.S. version of the game.
    This FAQ contains my experience playing Dynasty Warriors 5 as Sun Ce. 
    Among things I’ll cover in this FAQ are his move set, weapon info 
    (including lvl 4 weapon information), musou mode stages, and models.
    2-Why Should I use Sun Ce?
    Sun Ce is twitchy and pretty difficult to use.  This may turn people 
    off until they try him and find out that he is one of the most fun 
    characters in the game.  He is not the best beginner character,
    but more advanced players should really like him for his amazing
    charge (triangle) attacks, great officer and peon killing musou, as
    well as his juggling ability and quick attack speed.  His crowd
    control is better in DW5 with the addition of better crowd clearing 
    charge attacks, but still needs work.  Use Sun Ce if you want to have 
    fun flying around the screen killing things with an interesting, but 
    very fun move set.   
    Sun Ce is unlocked by completing Sun Quan's musou mode (WHY??).
    4-Move Set
    Keys: S = Square button, T = Triangle button, C = Circle button
    S- A sideways attack to the right.
    SS- A sideways attack to the left.
    SSS- A forward attack with the butts of both weapons.
    SSSS- A kick with the right foot from bottom left to upper right.
    SSSSS- A downward attack from upper left to lower right.
    SSSSSS- A lunging forward kick.
    *Alternate SSSSSS- A sideways attack from left to right.
    *SSSSSSS- A sideways attack from right to left.
    *SSSSSSSS A forward attack with the butts of both weapons.
    *SSSSSSSSS- A spin move making both weapons hit.
    T- Sun Ce Stomps on the ground causing nearby enemies to be thrown onto
    the ground.
    ST- Sun Ce does a quick backflip knocking the enemies into the air with 
    his feet.
    SST(T)- Sun Ce quickly strikes the enemies multiple times while walking
    foward (Up to six or so times), then finishes by doing a spinning kick.
    SSST- Sun Ce does a spinning foward leap sending enemies in front of him
    SSSST- Sun Ce punches the ground causing a large explosion sending many
    enemies into the air.
    SSSSST(T)- Sun Ce strikes the enemies multiple times while stationary. 
    Jump attack- A downward circular kick.
    Jump Charge- Sun Ce jumps high into the air and stomps on the ground 
    creating an explosion blowing away enemies.
    Running attack- Sun Ce does a quick 2 hit spinning kick.
    Mounted attack- Sun Ce does a series of 6 downward swing 
    going right to left.
    Mounted charge- Sun Ce does 4 rapid kicks with his right leg all off the
    right side of the horse. 
    Mounted Musou- Sun Ce does repeated downward swings going left to right.
    Musou attack- Sun Ce walks forward while swinging his weapons in front of
    him quickly finishing by spining his weapons and jumping into the air.
    True Musou attack- Pretty much the same as his Musou attack, except 
    insted of jumping in the air, he finishes by stomping on the ground 
    (creating a shockwave), then doing a quick, stiff punch causing a large 
    explosion (NEAT).
    *Note: The alternate S6-S9 are only available if you have a weapon that is 
    at least level 3 with a light blue dot by the weapon title, as well as a 
    full musou gauge.  All 4th level weapons are Evo-capable.
            Base Attack 4
            Number of attacks 4
            Weight Random
    Stats-Studded Tonfa
            Base Attack 8
            Number of attacks 5
            Weight Random
            Base Attack 12
            Number of attacks 6
            Weight Random
    	Base Attack 36
    	Number of attacks 6
    	Weight Average
          	Charge Attack Lvl 15
           	Attack Lvl 18
           	Life Lvl 15
           	Speed Lvl 18
           	Musou Lvl 15
    Requirements for Obtaining Sun Ce's 4th
    Stage- The Trials of Sun Ce (Hard Difficulty)
    Requirement(s)- 1) Defeat all phantom Yu Ji's
    	     	2) Defeat Sun Jian and Da Qiao
    		3) Complete 1) and 2) in less than 10 minutes
    Strategy- Let me first stress that this weapon is VERY annoying to obtain.
    I say this because the Yu Ji's keep coming, half the time you dont get the 
    satisfation of actually killing them, there are phantom soldiers, and a 
    time limit.  Pain in the butt.  Now that the disclaimer is out of the way,
    this is how to obtain it:
    First, you start the stage with Yu Ji right in front of you.  Yay!  You kill
    him and it says "Hey I'm over here."  After killing 2 or so initial Yu Ji's,
    you phantom soldiers appear to annoy you as you fight 2 or so more phantom 
    Yu Ji's.  Ok blah thats done.  Now Yu Ji summons some of Sun Ce's forces, 
    kill these until something else happens (as a warning: the forces will keep 
    coming for the remainder of the battle w/ no gate guards).  After 50 or so 
    are dead Yu Ji will come back and make Sun Jian and Da Qiao phantoms.  Beat 
    them, AND SAVE!!!!  Hopefully, by this point only 4.5 minutes at most has 
    leaked away from your clock.  Now it gets more annoying... Yu Ji summons 
    around 7 or 8 more phantoms.  After beating 2 the rest get stronger (ie. 
    more hit points).  And after 2 or 3 more die, the remainder go into hyper 
    mode... grrrr.  Not to mention that since its a small stage you may end up 
    fighting 4 maybe even 5 at once while all of them are using their favorite
    and very annoying lets make an ice cube out of Sun Ce skill.  Keep an eye out
    for it, and if you get bogged down use your musou or a mosou token.  I once 
    got frozen 6 times in a row while fighting 4 Yu Ji's before i could even 
    mash the circle button.  After all the phantoms are dead, and if you didnt 
    take too long, the "precious item report" should appear.  Get the weapon and 
    kill the final Yu Ji (he has 2 life bars).
    The trickiest part of this is... who am I kidding? the whole thing is tricky.
    Just try not to take too much time since the time seems to be the big problem.
    Also, I've noticed that sometimes the weapon doesn't appear even if all the
    requirements are met.  If this happens try meeting the requirements in 8
    minutes insted of ten.  Other than that just keep on going back to your save
    and trying again till you get it.  Annoying. 
    6-Musou Mode
    Sun Ce has 6 stages in his musou mode, The 6 stages are
    1) The Yellow Turban Rebellion
    Han Forces vs. Yellow Turbans
    Strategy- Come on now... these enemies die in one hit.  Kill everything, 
    while making your way to the top right corner of the map.  Careful though,
    Zhang Jiao is pretty strong/annoying compared to the rest of the stage. 
    2) Battle of Si Shui Gate
    Allied Forces vs. Dong Zhuo's Forces
    Strategy-Kill Fan Chou (he's only a few feet from where you start), then
    go through the defense base into the central area of the map taking out
    officers as you see them.  Sun Jian will complain about being tired, so
    if you go to the northeast part of the map and defeat Hu Zhen, and claim
    the defense base there, pop will be pleased.  Then move towards the 
    gate.  Lu Bu will appear.  Unless you're pretty damn strong don't even 
    bother with Lu Bu, just continue past the gate to the south, around the 
    loop and up towards the north again (getting at Hua Xiong from the south).  
    Kill Hua Xiong to end it. 
    3) Battle of Jing Province 
    Sun Jian's Forces vs. Liu Biao's Forces
    Strategy- So sad... This is where pop dies.  If you want you can go kill 
    Huang Zu before he ambushes Sun Jian, and Sun Jian will not withdraw during
    the battle.  Other than that advance into the castle and take out Liu Biao.
    4) Battle of the Wu Territory 
    Sun Ce's Forces vs. Allied Forces
    Strategy- Basically take out all the forts and the generals inside them, 
    finishing the battle by beating Taishi Ci since Liu Yong flees. 
    5) The Trials of Sun Ce
    Sun Ce's Forces vs. Phantom Army
    Strategy- Kill everything Yu Ji throws at you including Sun Jian, Da Qiao,
    and the phantoms.  Or if this stage annoys you as it does me, just go for
    Yu Ji as soon as you can (whether all the phantoms are dead or not) 
    6) Battle of Xia Kou
    Sun Ce's Forces vs. Huang Zu's Forces
    Strategy- Gan Ning mixes up trouble here, killing Ling Tong's father and
    causing Ling Tong to blindly attack him.  I've seen Gan Ning wipe them 
    both out.  But anyways... Proceed up the east side of the map taking out 
    the various forts and generals as you come to them.  You can take out Cai 
    Mao and Wen Pin if you want (They will launch an attack by sea after some 
    time), though its not necessary since Sun Ce is the one that must stay 
    alive, so it doesn't matter if they both wipe out your base.  Either way,
    make your way up to the final fort from the east, west, or south and 
    defeat Huang Zu.  Thus ends Sun Ce's chapter in the Wu dynasty.
    7-Sun Ce's models
    Model 1- This model comes with Sun Ce.  He has on red/black armor, with a 
    red ribbon in his pony tailed hair (not as homosexual as it sounds).  
    Also has tiger print on the sides and back of the lower part of his robe.
    Model 2- Sun Ce unlocks this model when he get's about 6000 points. 
    This model is just his first model with different colors. The red 
    armor turn to black... The Tiger print from the first is still there.  
    Still a good outfit, not much different from his starting costume (my 
    personal favorite). 
    Model 3- Sun Ce unlocks this model when he get about 20000 points.
    This is one of his DW4 models. Basically it is a dark blue and red armor 
    with a smaller pony tail.  The torso is armor unlike the first two costumes 
    which are more like robes.
    Model 4- Sun Ce unlocks this model when he get around 20000 points 
    along with his model 3.  This is another of Sun Ce's DW4 models. It is 
    similar to his model 3 except that it replaces some of the red with silver,
    and has a low fluffy pony tail instead of a high one (hair looks kind of 
    8-Sun Ce's Encyclopedia Information
    Born 175 A.D.
    Died 200 A.D.
    The oldest son of Sun Jian.  After his father's death, Sun Ce went to serve
    Yuan Shu.  Later, borrowing 3,000 troops in exchange for the Imperial Seal,
    he went on to raise his own army.  In a short while, he had already 
    stabilized the land of Jiang Dong, giving him the nickname of "Little 
    Conqueror."  Starting with his old friend Zhou Yu, he went on to gather 
    many talented officers, laying the foundation for the Wu Kingdom.
    Since this is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) this section will continue 
    to grow as people send emails containing questions about Sun Ce.
    Q: Why can't I get his final weapon?
    A: His weapon is a pain.  Took me three times.  Make sure you kill all the
    phantoms, Sun Jian, and Da Qiao before you beat the real Yu Ji.  Also try
    completing it in 8 minutes instead of ten as I recommend above.  Other
    than that, just keep trying.
    Q: Why does Sun Ce look younger than Sun Quan?
    A: Ask KOEI... I'm sure they'd love to answer this question.
    Q: I hate Sun Ce!! He Sux!!
    A: Well I'm sure that Sun Ce and all of his family hate you.
    Do not reproduce this FAQ, sell it, or claim it as your own.  
    Please do not use this FAQ on any website other than GameFAQs without 
    my permission.  This guide was created by lanky522 (copyright Tim O'Brien)
    11-Thanks & Credits
    Thanks to GameFAQs for being a great games resource.
    Thanks to EChang for his very comprehensive/complete FAQ on 4th weapons.
    Thanks to the guy at GameStop for getting me Dynasty Warriors 5 as 
    soon as possible.
    Thanks to Patrick for introducing me to the series at Dynasty Warriors 3.
    Thanks to Matt and Patrick for helping with final weapons and leveling
    the slow fat characters.
    Finally, Thanks to KOEI for always making quality Dynasty Warriors games. 
    12-Contact Information
    If you have any questions, or suggestions for this FAQ please e-mail me 
    at lanky5222@yahoo.com.  You’ll be given full credit for want you add.
    Thanks for reading.

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