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    Diao Chan by TornadoKirby

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Diao Chan Character FAQ
    Version 1.0
    Made by TornadoKirby
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Diao Chan in General
    3. Diao Chan's Musou Story
    3.1. Battle of Si Shui Gate
    3.2. Battle of Hu Lao Gate
    3.3. Battle of Mt. Chang
    3.4. Battle of Xia Pi
    4. Weapons
    5. Moveset
    5.1. Normal/Charge Attacks
    5.2. Musou
    5.3. Horse Attacks
    6. Costumes
    7. Credits/Special Thanks
    8. Copyright Info.
    1. Introduction
    Hello, this is my guide to Diao Chan. I decided to write a FAQ on her because
    she is a quite a challenge to play as and she's not too bad. Hopefully, this
    FAQ will make you all better Diao Chan players. This is the third FAQ I have 
    written so far. I have also written an Oichi FAQ for Samurai Warriors and a
    Xing Cai FAQ for this game.
    2. Diao Chan in General
    Diao Chan was the adopted daughter of Wang Yun. Wang Yun wanted to tear Lu
    Bu and Dong Zhou's relationship apart so Lu Bu could kill Dong Zhou to end
    his tyranny. Diao Chan assisted her father in his plan by forming close
    relationships with them both and making them fight over her. She was said
    to be a divine songstress excelling in the musical arts. She was also said 
    to have been very beautiful.
    Diao Chan is one of the weaker characters with not much range. She makes up
    for it with her speed and her strong musou attributes. Her C1 is good for 
    getting through crowds and for a hit and run. Her C4 is not too bad in crowd 
    control and her. Her C6 is also one of the only "shockwave" attacks from DW4
    to still have the shockwave which is a plus for her since that is her best
    charge. To Unlock Diao Chan you must complete Lu Bu's musou mode and to 
    unlock Lu Bu you must complete 1 Wei, 1 Shu, and 1 Wu musou mode.
    Here's how I would rate her (S is strongest, F is weakest)
    Life: C
    Musou: A
    Attack: C
    Defense: C
    Attack Range: D
    Crowd Control: C
    Musou Power: A
    True Musou: S
    Attack Speed: B+
    Running Speed: B+
    As you see, her attack power and attack range is not very good, but she makes
    up for it with her musou attributes. 
    3. Diao Chan's Musou Story
    In Diao Chan's musou mode there are 4 levels, I will just tell the general
    objectives of each level. In all of her musou levels be sure to kill the guard
    captains at the base to raise morale and give you attack and defense plus
    items. Don't be afraid to use an interim save before a key event. Keep in
    mind that levels get harder so if you need to, level up Diao Chan before you 
    start another level.
    3.1. Battle of Si Shui Gate
    Dong Zhou's Forces vs. Allied Forces
    The main objective of this fight is to defend Si Shui Gate by the troops who
    are rebelling against Dong Zhuo. The enemy troops are led by Yuan Shao and
    Liu Bei, Sun Jian, Cao Cao are all allied with him. Near the start of the
    level, you will get a message to take an enemy base, of course you don't have
    to. There are quite a few troops in this battle but it's not too tough. Cao
    Cao's unit comes in later in the battle (as always...) so watch out for those 
    reinforcements. Overall, it's a very easy first level. Hardness Scale: 1/5
    *Rare Item Alert!* Arms Guard: Defeat Sun Jian before Cao Cao arrives.
    3.2. Battle of Hu Lao Gate
    Dong Zhou's Forces vs. Allied Forces
    The main objective of this fight is to again defeat the rebels against Dong
    Zhuo. At the start of the battle, kill troops to the east of Hu Lao Gate, then
    Liu Bei will come towards Hu Lao Gate. Liu Bei and his officers are all close
    to each other so it can be a tough fight. Defeat Liu Bei and his officers.
    Use an interim save if you need to. Besides that the other troops are pretty
    easy to defeat, after you kill Sun Jian and Cao Cao's troops go to the
    enemy main camp and kill Yuan Shao. Overall, harder than the first level with
    Liu Bei's troops. Hardness Scale: 2/5
    *Rare Item Alert!* Survival Guide: Defeat Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Jian, and
    Gongsun Zan.
    3.3 Battle of Chang Shan
    Yuan Shao's Forces vs. Gongsun Zan's Forces
    Diao Chan and Lu Bu have decided to ally with Yuan Shao for a short time,
    pretty much just during this battle. The main objective of this fight is to
    kill the rebels of Yuan Shao which is Gongsun Zan and his troops. Now the
    hard thing about this battle is again being surrounded by Liu Bei and his
    officers and also Zhao Yun is a tough opponet in this battle who does raise
    his attack power. If you want to, skip fighting Zhao Yun. If you want to fight
    him, use an interim save before doing so. Otherwise this stage is somewhat
    easy and it's a small map. Hardness Scale: 3.5/5
    *Rare Item Alert!* Red Hare Harness: After defeating Liu Bei, Guan Yu, or
    Zhang Fei, defeat the remaining two within one minute.
    3.4. Battle of Xia Pi
    Lu Bu's Forces vs. Cao Cao's Forces
    Diao Chan and Lu Bu have taken over Xia Pi Castle which was once Cao Cao's.
    Cao Cao was very angry at this so he allied with Liu Bei and decided to 
    invade Xia Pi. The main objective of this fight is to protect camp and to
    kill Cao Cao when he arrives. At the start of the battle, the main camp is
    flooded with water. This doesn't do very much so just ignore it and start
    heading towards Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, and Guan Yu. Kill these three officers
    because they will eventually head towards main camp. Then when Cao Cao arrives
    go over to his main camp and kill him. Since this is the last level, when you
    hit him enough he'll power up his attack. Then when he has low health, he will
    go into Musou Rage. Defend when he is in Musou Rage, then when his Musou Rage
    wears off, kill him. Use an interim save before the fight with Cao Cao if you
    have to. Overall, the stage is not too hard just be careful of Cao Cao.
    Congratulations, you have completed Diao Chan's musou mode! Now sit back and
    enjoy the ending!
    4. Weapons
    Power 2
    Attacks 4
    Great Mace
    Power 6
    Attacks 5
    Power 10
    Attacks 6
    Power 32
    Heavy Weight
    Musou Charge Lv. 18
    Luck Lv. 18
    Speed Lv. 19
    Defense Lv. 16
    Musou Lv. 18
    Battle of Xia Pi- Defeat all generals and subgenerals before Cao Cao arrives.
    You must also save your own generals from being killed. Kill the subgenerals
    in the west and Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan will charge, so defeat them. Then
    defeat Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, and Guan Yu. Defeating the rest of the generals 
    will trigger the Precious Item to appear in the southwest. Get the weapon
    and then defeat Cao Cao.
    Diva comes with Evolution Attacks also. Too bad it's a heavy weapon which
    lowers her attack speed =/ But it does increase her Defense which is a plus
    for her.
    5. Moveset
    I will sepearte her movesets by type.
    5.1. Normal/Charge Attacks
    SSSSSS- Swings her left mace to the left, jabs her right mace in front of her,
    spins around with her maces, kicks forward, spins around with maces again,
    and then spins with her right mace in the air and her left mace hitting 360
    degrees. Usefulness: 6/10
    T- Does a low slide sash and kicks enemies in her path. Useful for getting 
    through big crowds. Usefulness: 5/10
    ST- Does a spinning upward mace hit. Usefulness: 4/10
    SST- Repeatedly does a horizontal swing with her mace then does a flip kick
    3 times and then jumps down with her mace and then does an uppercut. Not too
    shabby for crowd control. Usefulness: 6/10
    SSST- Does a horizontal mace swing then kicks enemies in front of her. One of
    her better charges. Usefulness: 7/10
    SSSST- Shoots up a vertical pink air wave with petals. A very quick charge
    with decent power. Usefulness: 7/10
    SSSSST- Shoots 2 air blades in front of her. Her most powerful charge.
    Usefulness: 9/10
    SSSSSS(SSS)- Does her 6-hit combo (minus 6th attack), then it's basically her 
    C4. Usefulness: 7/10
    Jump Attack- A basic mace swing. Usefulness: 4/10
    Jump Charge- Pounds on the ground with her maces and creates a ground
    shockwave. Usefulness: 8/10
    Counter Attack- Basically her C2 mace swing. Usefulness: 5/10
    Dash Attack- Does a front flip. Very little range. Usefulness: 3/10
    My recommended moves: Her Evolution combos are pretty useful, she actually 
    gains an extra hit because her C4 contains 2 hits. Her best charge is her C6,
    but her C5 and C4 are also useful and sometimes her C3 can be good, but it 
    leaves you wide open behind you.
    Don't use: Just don't use her C2 it just sucks, lol. Her C1 is okay sometimes
    but it's not that great. Her normal combo is also kind of weak.
    5.2. Musou
    Musou- She does those fancy kicks and swings down and hits enemies in front of
    her with both of her maces. Doesn't have much range but it's actually quite
    powerful and very useful. She's saying "There's no escape."
    Usefulness: 9/10
    True Musou- Basically the same as her normal musou but it also engulfs the
    enemies in flames and at the end she kicks up water blast that is extremely
    powerful and has very wide range. She's saying "This is the end."
    Usefulness: 10/10
    5.3. Horse Attacks
    Normal Attack- Swings her maces left and right. Usefulness: 6/10
    Charge Attack-  Swings her maces to the right and left with more power.
    Usefulness: 7/10
    Musou- Swings her maces left and right but quicker and more powerful.
    Usefulness: 7/10
    True Musou- Same as musou, but with fire added. Usefulness: 8/10
    6. Costumes
    1st costume- Default costume, light pink and red dress with a pink and purple
    obi (sash) on her waist. She is wearing a head piece with flowers on it
    2nd costume- Same design as first but a more purplish color
    3rd costume- Her DW4 costume. Pretty much the same dress in a similar purple
    color but her is pulled up and she has ribbons out of her hair.
    4th costume- This one is a red and pink version of her 3rd costume. Her DW4
    7. Credits/Special Thanks
    Well that's the end, I hope you found this FAQ useful. If you have any 
    questions, comments, or concerns feel free to e-mail me at
    goldphalanx@yahoo.com or GoldPhalanx@aol.com. My AIM is GoldPhalanx also if
    you want to contact me quickly, I'm not online often so maybe an e-mail
    would be better.
    I'd like to thank the following:
    Koei and Omega Force for making this awesome game! 
    EChang for his Fourth Weapon FAQ.
    Myself, for having the motivation to write this. :P
    School, for helping me in grammar woot!
    8. Copyright Info.
    Copyright 2005 TornadoKirby
    This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
    and a violation of copyright. 

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