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    Zuo Ci by MasterVG782

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    ============|                    TABLE OF CONTENTS                  |===========
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
       I. Introduction
      II. Moveset
     III. Weapons
      IV. Musou Mode
       V. Costumes
      VI. Setting Up
     VII. Updates
    VIII. Frequently Asked Questions
      IX. Acknowledgements
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    ============|                    I. INTRODUCTION                    |===========
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Zuo Ci is one of the six new playable characters that was put into Dynasty
    Warriors 5. He is an excellent character with great range, speed and a musou
    that can rack up the hits on an opponent. The following bio of Zuo Ci is taken
    straight from the game's encyclopedia:
    Possessing mystical powers, he was also known as Master Niao Jiao. While
    training in the Emei Mountains, he received a magical text. He appeared suddenly
    before Cao Cao and taunted him, which got him imprisoned. Later, he mocked Cao
    Cao, who had him executed, but he didn't die, instead predicting Cao Cao's
    death and disappearing, causing Cao Cao to faint.
    To unlock Zuo Ci, you need to unlock every other single character in the game.
    There is a "quick" way to do this, although it still may take a good while to
    unlock him. Note that the order of the characters is just a reference, since you
    can do the Musou modes in any order in which you like. If you beat Musou Mode
    with all of these characters, then that is enough to unlock Zuo Ci.
    SHU......Guan Yu, Huang Zhong, Ma Chao, Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei
    WEI......Xiahou Dun, Cao Pi, Any other 2 characters, Cao Cao
    WU.......Ling Tong, Sun Quan, Zhou Yu, Sun Ce, Lu Xun, Sun Jian
    OTHERS...Lu Bu, Diao Chan, Meng Huo
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    ============|                      II. MOVESET                      |===========
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    The following is the moveset of Zuo Ci's. He has a lot of crowd clearing moves
    and very good range for his regular moves. Note that you need a second or third
    in order to do more hits with the third charge attack. The following is a legend
    of the abbreviations that will be used for the moveset:
    S = Square, T = Triangle
    S........Horizontal slash from left to right
    SS.......Juts out cards in front of him
    SSS......Diagonal slash from lower left to upper right
    SSSS.....Horizontal slash from right to left
    SSSSS....Horizontal slash from left to right
    SSSSSS...Juts out cards in front of him; Cards more spaced out than SS
    T(T)........Sends out an elemental orb that depends on how many times Triangle
                is pressed; one for fire and two for ice
    ST..........Launches enemy up into the air
    SST(TT).....Cards fly out in front of him three times, dizzying the person the
                third time
    SSST........A bunch of lasers are shot out in all directions, dizzying whoever
                they hit
    SSSST.......Sends out a black circle of air in front of him that launches anyone
                hit into the air
    SSSSST(T)...A small explosion forms around 3/4 of his body, launching anyone who
                is hit into the air; The second hit knocks the enemies away from him
    Mounted Attack...Swipes from side to side
    Mounted Charge...Spins the cards around him for one revolution
    Mounted Musou....Spins the cards around him the whole time
    Running Attack...Sends out the black circle of air exactly the same as the fifth
                     charge move
    Normal Air.......Simple horizontal swipe with the cards
    Air Charge.......Spews fire from front as he comes down at an incline
    Normal Musou.....Spins cards around him, then purple lightning comes down at end
    True Musou.......Spins cards around him, then shoot fireballs in front, then
                     ice, then the purple lightning from the normal Musou
    Evolution attacks are something new in the game. In order to use these, you must
    have a third weapon with a blue symbol next to the name. On top of that, your
    Musou bar must be filled in order to use them.
    SSSSSSS.....Same as his SS
    SSSSSSSS....Same as his SSS
    SSSSSSSSS...Same as his SSST
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    ============|                      III. WEAPONS                     |===========
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    This section will list all of Zuo Ci's weapons. Note that I will only list the
    basic power and number of attacks for the first three weapons, since all stats
    and weights are randomly attached to the weapons as you find them. The
    difficulty must be set to HARD or CHAOS in order to get the 4th weapon.
       POWER -- 6
       ATTACKS -- 4
       POWER -- 12
       ATTACKS -- 5
       POWER -- 18
       ATTACKS -- 6
       POWER -- 40
       ATTACKS -- 6
       WEIGHT -- Medium
       CHARGE -- 15
       FILL -- 20
       BOW -- 15
       DEFENSE -- 15
       MUSOU -- 20
    ----- Battle of Hu Lao Gate
    ----- Allied Forces
    ----- All you have to do to get the weapon is defeat Lu Bu. Lu Bu appears at Hu
          Lao Gate when the first gate opens, which is achieved by defeating the
          gate captain there. Lu Bu is in hyper mode during the whole battle
          (stronger than normal) and uses Musou Rage when he gets low on health.
          Of course, you'll want to be a bit beefed up before even attempting to
          get this weapon. There is no time limit, so take your time and pick away
          at his health until you defeat him. Once defeated, the valuable Item
          report will appear on the castle's wall right near where Lu Bu first
          appeared. Go through that small room, turn west and go up the stairs, then
          go all the way east to find the crate with the weapon.
    ____________|                                                       |___________
    ============|                     IV. MUSOU MODE                    |===========
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Zuo Ci is one of four characters that has 8 stages for his Musou Mode (Liu Bei,
    Cao Cao and Sun Jian are the others). Most of his time is spent running after
    Cao Cao, but that changes later on. All of the stages are written in Normal
    TIME: 60 minutes
    VICTORY: Defeat Zhang Jiao
    DEFEAT: He Jin is defeated
    When the stage starts, go forward and take the enemy supply base. If you have
    Events on, you'll see a cutscene with Zuo Ci appearing in front of Cao Cao.
    Another cutscene will occur not too long after that where Zhang Liang will
    summon forth a tornado in that small passage in the southeast corner. Defeat Gao
    Sheng at the bottom end of the corridor and go past the wind to find an area
    with the altar with Zhang Liang. Take the checkpoint nearby and then defeat
    Zhang Liang.
    The next event that will likely occur will be Zhang Man Cheng starting to pray
    at the middle altar. This will eventually make him turn some of Sun Jian's
    forces against him, which will just be normal soldiers and Han Dang. Defeating
    Zhang Man Cheng will turn them back to normal. The next event that will occur is
    Zhang Bao starting a rockslide in the small corridor on the northwest corner.
    Simply defeat him to stop it. The last event that will occur is Zhang Jiao
    summoning phantom troops that cannot be killed in the fortress in the northeast
    corner of the map. This occurs when any Allied soldier first steps foot into the
    fortress. To make the phantom army disappear, there is an altar next to where
    Zhang Jiao is with 4 pots that you can break. Zhang Jiao is in hyper mode when
    you fight him, so be careful.
    TIME: 90 minutes
    VICTORY: Defeat Dong Zhuo
    DEFEAT: Yuan Shao is defeated
    There's nothing too hard about this battle, although there are a few things that
    need to be noted. Whenever the first gate opens at Hu Lao, Lu Bu will appear.
    Note that Lu Bu is in hyper mode and will use a Musou Rage when low on health,
    so be very careful if you should try and fight him. I personally would listen to
    Yuan Shao and take the detour around to where Zhang Liao is located. Lu Bu is
    tough and I have lost to him many times, so be careful is you do try and beat
    Later in the stage, Dong Zhuo will call in reinforcements that will appear in
    the southeast corner of the map (Fan Chou). You can go after them if you want.
    Another event that can occur is between Cao Cao and you, should you get close to
    him during the battle. One last thing that can occur is Dong Zhuo calling Lu Bu
    back to him during the battle. This seems to occur when Dong Zhuo's forces are
    nearly finished, so hurry up and defeat Dong Zhuo before this happens.
    TIME: 90 minutes
    VICTORY: Defeat Cao Cao
    DEFEAT: Yuan Shao is defeated
    You start just north of the fortress where Guan Yu is located. As you get close
    to the fortress, Liu Bei will notice that his sworn brother is here and fall
    back. This will cause Guan Yu's unit to move toward Yan Liang, who will be
    defeated swiftly by Guan Yu. This enrages Wen Chou and causes him to charge
    toward Guan Yu, who again will be defeated quickly by Guan Yu. After that, Guan
    Yu will withdraw from the battle by going to the checkpoint right near one of
    your attack bases. If you meet up with him before that happens, Zuo Ci will
    tell Guan Yu that his brother, Liu Bei, is nearby and he will go towards him.
    As you get close to the castle where Cao Cao is, a cutscene will occur where
    siege weapons will appear and attack the castle walls. This, in turn, will cause
    Cao Cao's forces to start using catapults to attack back. Defeat the officers
    outside of the castle and some of Cao Cao's soldiers will open up the gates on
    the eastern and western sides. The front gate will eventually open once the
    castle is damaged enough. After that, it's a simple go in and defeat Cao Cao.
    TIME: 60 minutes
    VICTORY: Defeat Cao Cao or Liu Bei reaches escape point
    DEFEAT: Liu Bei is defeated
    Before the battle starts, take note that there are 7 neutral bases. When it
    starts, head towards and capture as many as possible, taking the southern path
    when it splits. Zhuge Liang's men will take the northern neutral base when the
    path forks. Zhuge Liang is planning a fire attack and sends out a task force
    near the western gate just south of the river. Make sure you clear out that area
    and protect it so that it succeeds. You'll probably also witness the event where
    Zhang Fei repels the enemy on Chang Ban bridge.
    After that, start clearing out the forces in the northern section of the map,
    taking out Xiahou Dun. Eventually, reinforcements will come in the way of Cao
    Zhang and Xu Huang. Not long after that, Guan Yu will show up in the southwest
    corner of the map for your forces. More enemy reinforcements will show up in the
    southeast corner of the map (Jia Xu and two sub-officers). Once again,
    reinforcements will show up once again for your forces in the form of Liu Qi,
    which will also designate the escape point for Liu Bei. If you want a piece of
    Cao Cao when he shows up, stay in the north; otherwise, go and take out Jia Xu.
    If you go after Jia Xu, you probably won't make it in time to encounter Cao Cao
    before Liu Bei escapes.
    TIME: 60 minutes
    VICTORY: Defeat Cao Cao
    DEFEAT: Sun Quan is defeated or Cao Cao reaches the escape point
    Not long into the stage, Xiahou Dun will blow up a bridge in the middle of the
    map. Follow the path and defeat Cao Ren, then continue and defeat Zhang Liao
    after that. Cao Cao will stop marching in the middle of the map, but will resume
    when Xiahou Dun tells him to come his way. Not long after that, enemy
    reinforcements will show up in the form of Jia Xu in the northeast corner of the
    He will stop marching again when he reaches a little north of Xiahou Dun's
    position. Jia Xu will come down to where Xiahou Dun is and Xiahou Yuan will
    shortly come in as reinforcements after that. Cao Cao will go up to where Xiahou
    Yuan is located and stop once again. Cao Zhang will come in as reinforcements in
    the southeast corner of the map, but I would go up and defeat Xiahou Yuan before
    going after him, if you do. Once again, Wei reinforcements will show up (Cao
    Hong) in the southern area of the map. Of course, this could spell bad news as
    Sun Quan is usually the last unit and Cao Zhang/Cao Hong will probably gang up
    on him. The last reinforcements will show up in the northeast corner in the form
    of Xun Yu, which will open up an escape route for Cao Cao (he'll probably be
    flanked on both sides by Allied forces, so he won't be moving). Defeat him and
    Cao Cao will now be in hyper mode, so go over and take him down.
    (  BATTLE OF HE FEI  )
    TIME: 60 minutes
    VICTORY: Defeat Cao Cao
    DEFEAT: Sun Quan is defeated
    This is a pretty easy battle that is only complicated by numerous Wei
    reinforcements. The first to show up is Cao Zhang on the western side. I would
    clear out the whole central area where you start and stay close to Sun Quan
    until Zhang Liao shows up. He'll show up after Cao Zhang and will be in hyper
    mode throughout the whole battle. Take him out quickly and then head to the
    southwest corner to take out Xu Huang, who should show up anytime soon.
    The next reinforcements to show up for Wei will be Yu Jin in the north, with
    Zhang Liao reappearing shortly after. Head to the north and clear out all of the
    officers up there. Don't forget that Zhang Liao is in hyper mode, so it make
    take longer than expected to defeat him. Shortly after or during that battle,
    Xiahou Dun and Cao Hong will show up in the northeast corner, so get rid of them
    while you're up there.
    Zhang Liao will show up two more times if you wait long enough. The third time
    will be in the southwestern corner of the map and the fourth time will be right
    outside of the castle where Cao Cao is. If you want to wait, do so and defeat
    him both time; otherwise, you can just continue and go after Cao Cao to finish
    the stage. You do get some reinforcements in the form of Gan Ning somewhere
    either after Zhang Liao is defeated the third time or after about 15 minutes
    TIME: 90 minutes
    VICTORY: Defeat Sun Quan
    DEFEAT: Liu Bei is defeated
    The first thing you should do is take out the enemy supply base and checkpoint
    near your intial position. From here, you can either head west to take out Han
    Dang and the supply base (not the northwest one). Note that if you stray too far
    along the thin strip of land in the north or take the northwest base, you will
    trigger the bridgelayer to be laid down and Zhu Ran will cross it and succeed
    with the fire attack, which is bad for your morale. I would take out Han Dang
    and then the supply base southwest of his location (Ma Zhong, Ding Feng's
    sub-general should be around there as well). By doing this, you'll free up Zhao
    Yun's and Sha Moke's troops to go in the northwest corner.
    That is your cue to make your way back to the bridgelayer where Zhu Ran will
    cross once it's put down. Once the Shu forces take out the base in the northwest
    corner, the bridge will be laid down and Zhu Ran will initiate the fire attack
    plan. Your goal is to defeat Zhu Ran as soon as possible, but the job isn't as
    easy as it sounds thanks to Ling Tong and Gan Ning, both of whom are in hyper
    mode for as long as Zhu Ran is alive. If the fire attack succeeds (when Zhu Ran
    reaches that small peninsula just southeast of the bridge), then Ling Tong and
    Gan Ning will remain in hyper mode. After that, the rest of the battle is the
    simple go and clean out the rest of the map, although enemy reinforcements do
    come in the form of Zhang Cheng in the southeast (sub-general is in the
    TIME: 90 minutes
    VICTORY: Defeat Sima Yi
    DEFEAT: Zhuge Liang is defeated (Becomes Jiang Wei later)
    The first thing you should do is take the two enemy attack bases near your
    initial position. This will secure the supply line for Shu. Don't worry so much
    on the normal soldiers, but do take out any officers that should happen to cross
    your path when taking out the bases. The Shu forces now have the wooden oxen
    on the field and they need escorting to the front lines. I wouldn't worry so
    much about them, as Zhong Hui's unit will arrive shortly and he needs to be
    taken out as soon as possible; for some odd reason, he always kills everyone on
    my side. After you defeat him, head on over to Yue Ying and help her out, since
    she's probably being swarmed by a lot of Wei soldiers.
    You should be able to make short work of them. The main targets over on the west
    side are Cao Rui and the two checkpoints over there (not the northwest). It
    should be around this time that Deng Ai will show up for Wei and begin setting
    up the catapults. Head through the supply base nearby and go toward Deng Ai's
    position. You'll probably need to take out Xu Zhu on the way and Cao Ren will
    be in the same area as Deng Ai. The only problem is that Deng Ai is in hyper
    mode, so it will take a bit more than usual to take him out, but that time can
    be shortened if you have a Musou Rage ready to use.
    Once you defeat Deng Ai, the catapults will stop. After that, it's time for a
    bit of cleaning up. If there are any officers left besides the three at the top,
    defeat them now. When any people from your force get close to Sima Zhao, an
    ambush will spring up just to the south; if any get close to Xiahou Ba, he will
    cause a rockslide that will stay until he is defeated. Slay both of them, as
    well as Sima Yi's two sub-officers and the four checkpoints in the north. All
    that is left is to finish off Sima Yi, who goes into hyper mode when you
    approach him.
    ____________|                                                       |___________
    ============|                       V. COSTUMES                     |===========
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Zuo Ci is wearing a hat that kind of looks like the end of a broom and it is
    dominantly white, with two sticks poking out the back. He has purple paint over
    his right eye and a goatee, with the moustache sticking out and curling up a
    bit. He is wearing a grayish-colored robe that shades into a purplish color at
    the very bottom. He is wearing straps over his shoulders that connect to cloths
    on his back and front with the yin/yang symbol. There is also a small purple
    cloth hanging from his waist. One of his pants legs is tight, while the other is
    puffed out.
    This one is just a palette swap of the first one. His hat and robe are gold now,
    with the bottom of the robe fading into a gray. His pants and waist cloth are
    now a brownish color. Everything else from the first costume is the same.
    He loses the hat and purple paint over his right eye. His hair is dropped down
    and goes down to his butt. His robe, hair and other clothing are now all white,
    with a tint of gray here and there on his clothing. The yin/yang symbol on the
    cloth on his front and back is gone and replaced with a Chinese character. The
    cloth hanging from his waist is dark gray.
    This costume is just a palette swap of his third one. The dominant color now is
    black, which includes his goatee and hair. Everything described in the third
    costume is pretty much the same, with the exception of the color.
    ____________|                                                       |___________
    ============|                    VI. SETTING UP                     |===========
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    This section will give some of my own opinions on setting Zuo Ci up to be a
    killing machine. Zuo Ci is fast, so there really is no need to use a Speed
    Scroll for one of his items. He has decent range too, so whether you want to
    use the Wind Scroll or not is up to you, but I like to add it on for extra
    fun. With max stats and his 4th weapon, he has max Musou and almost max defense.
    My favored items for Zuo Ci are Peacock Amulet, Dragon Amulet, Tiger Amulet and
    Tortoise Amulet. The first, third and fourth are necessary in my eyes, as his
    defense is nearly maxed with the item. As for which elemental orb to equip on
    Zuo Ci, that is purely subjective. The fire orb isn't that good because juggling
    isn't one of Zuo Ci's strong points. The ice orb is fantastic when coupled with
    his 4th charge move, but that seems to be its only strong point other than the
    3rd charge. The shadow orb is also wonderful for the 4th charge, as well as the
    5th and 6th. The light orb is good with the third charge or the fourth one. As
    for what saddle you want, it doesn't really matter as Zuo Ci isn't as good of
    a mounted attacker as a few other characters, although his charge and musou
    while on a horse makes him better than average.
    |  BEAMS OF DEATH  |
    ORB: Shadow
    ITEMS: Peacock Amulet
           Dragon Amulet
           Tiger Amulet
           Tortoise Amulet
    This build is designed solely around Zuo Ci's 4th charge attack. The Ginseng
    helps build up your Musou gauge whenever the Shadow Orb takes it away. This
    helps when you're surrounded by a lot of troops, as the Shadow Orb will
    instantly kill whoever it touches as far as regular troops are concerned,
    leaving you with a lot of space to work with when dealing with officers.
    |  ICY DEATH  |
    ORB: Ice
    ITEMS: Peacock Amulet
           Tiger Amulet
           Tortoise Amulet
           Herbal Remedy
           Item of your choice
    This build is almost identical to the last one, except it revolves around
    freezing your opponents and then wailing on them when they're in that state.
    You can use either the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th charges to freeze the opponents.
    The 3rd and 5th would be ideal for single opponents, while the other two can be
    used for groups. The Herbal Remedy is to add an extra kick to the charge
    HARNESS: Shadow
    ITEMS: Dragon Amulet
           Tiger Amulet
           Tortoise Amulet
           Horned Helm
    This build revolves around using the Shadow Harness and Zuo Ci's mounted charge
    and musou attacks to decimate the enemies. I will say right now that it is quite
    difficult to juggle using the mounted musou, so don't expect to be taking on the
    tougher officers with this setup. This is an awesome setup when taking on the
    regular soldiers, since you can't be knocked off of the Shadow horse and the
    Ginseng will help in keeping your musou gauge full.
    ____________|                                                       |___________
    ============|                      VII. UPDATES                     |===========
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    4/14/05....I finished the Musou Mode and have finished the whole guide. I added
               some personal builds to the FAQ.
    4/12/05....I started and almost finished the FAQ, sending it in to GameFAQs.
    ____________|                                                       |___________
    ============|            VIII. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS           |===========
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Q) When did Dynasty Warriors 5 come out?
    A) Dynasty Warriors 5 came out on March 29, 2005 in the United States.
    Q) Which stages are good for getting great items?
    A) I personally use Guan Yu's Escape, Shu forces. You can get a total of 5
       items, each found in a crate by each of the gates. One of the reasons I use
       this stage is because it's not really all that hard and it's quick. It only
       takes me about 8-10 minutes on average to kill everyone, get all of the items
       and finish the stage.
    Q) Why does Zuo Ci have 8 stages like the leaders of the kingdoms?
    A) I personally don't know why Koei decided to give Zuo Ci 8 Musou mode stages.
       One theory I come up with is they wanted to give each kingdom (considering
       the Others category as a whole kingdom, which it's not) a character with 8
       stages. Another theory is that Koei wanted to have a bit of creativity with
       Zuo Ci, since he wasn't as awe-inspiring as the game makes him look.
    Q) How do I beat Lu Bu?!
    A) Lu Bu is pretty easy once you figure him out. He may have a lot of life and
       excellent defenses, but there are a few things you can do to increase your
       chances against him. Make sure that you kill all other officers so you have
       help in the form of your allies (3 Sworn Brothers are some great help here).
       The Fire Orb is also good because you can juggle Lu Bu while the fire
       depletes his health quickly than you can normally. If all else fails, max
       your stats (character select screen or Camp to see if they are or not).
    ____________|                                                       |___________
    ============|                  IX. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                 |===========
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    - CJayC and Sailor Bacon for doing a wonderful job with all of the submissions
      to GameFAQs
    - Koei for making another great game
    - EChang for his great 4th weapons and Rare Items FAQs
    - dragoon013 for the correction on the 1st charge attack

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