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    Lu Xun by lanky522

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    Lu Xun FAQ by Lanky522 (lanky5222@yahoo.com)
    Dynasty Warriors 5
    Version 1.2
    version History:
    April 19, 2005- version 1.2 completed
    		Added Encyclopedia Information
    		Minor format changes
    April 15, 2005- Version 1.0 completed
    Table of Contents
    1.	Introduction
    2.	Why Should I use Lu Xun?
    3.	Unlocking
    4.	Move set
    5.	Weapons
    6.	Musou Mode 
    7.	Lu Xun's models
    8.	Lu Xun's Encyclopedia Information
    9.	Q&A
    10.	Copyrights/Ownership
    11.	Thanks & Credits
    12.	Contact Information
    This is the fourth FAQ I’ve written for Dynasty Warriors 5.  I've 
    written the FAQs for Zhou Tai, Sun Ce, and Huang Gui for Gamefaqs.com 
    already.  I am no stranger to the Dynasty Warriors series.  I have 
    played DW3, DW3Xtreme, DW4, DW4Xtreme, and now DW5.  In my opinion, 
    DW5 has made some very significant advances from the previous games 
    and has become the best in the series.
    I got the game the first day I could, and everything in the below text 
    is from my experience in the U.S. version of the game.
    This FAQ contains my experience playing Dynasty Warriors 5 as Lu Xun. 
    Among things I’ll cover in this FAQ are his move set, weapon info 
    (including lvl 4 weapon information), musou mode stages, and models.
    2-Why Should I use Lu Xun?
    Lu Xun is quick, both attacking and moving.  He gets a decent final 
    weapon and can juggle or stun officers really well.  His crowd clearing 
    abilities may be lacking, but he makes up for it with the fact that he can
    attack pretty much constantly since he's so fast.  His musou is pretty 
    decent for giving him the crowd control that he lacks, as well as taking 
    out officers at the same time.
    Lu Xun is one of the starting Wu characters.
    4-Move Set
    Keys: S = Square button, T = Triangle button, C = Circle button
    S- A slash with the left dagger.
    SS- A slash with the right dagger.
    SSS- A stab with the left dagger.
    SSSS- An over-the-head chop with both daggers.
    SSSSS- A forward lunge with both daggers.
    SSSSSS- A spining slash with both daggers.
    *Alternate SSSSSS- A stab with the left dagger.
    *SSSSSSS- An over-the-head chop with both daggers.
    *SSSSSSSS A forward lunge with both daggers.
    *SSSSSSSSS- A spining slash with both daggers.
    T- Lu Xun creates a floating fire ball that explodes knocking nearby 
    foes into the air.
    ST- Lu Xun uses both daggers to throw enemies into the air.
    SST(T)- Lu Xun does a tumble set with his daggers extended finishing
    with and over-the-head chop with both daggers.
    SSST- Lu Xun does a flip slashing with both daggers up then down.
    SSSST- Lu Xun spins creating a wirlwind that sends foes into the air.
    SSSSST- Lu Xun does a hard slash from left to right.
    Jump attack- A downward slash with both daggers.
    Jump Charge- Lu Xun launches a circular bolt that spins as it travels 
    towards enemies.
    Running attack- Lu Xun does a slash to the side with both daggers 
    stunning enemies.
    Mounted attack- Lu Xun does 6 downward slashes to the right and left of 
    the horse.
    Mounted charge- Lu Xun attacks with both daggers on the right and left 
    side of the horse once.
    Mounted Musou- Lu Xun does repeated downward slashes to the right and left
    (his mounted charge attack but faster and longer).
    Musou attack- Lu Xun spins in circles while swinging both daggers to the 
    left and right.  He finishes with one final chop with his right dagger. 
    True Musou attack- Pretty much the same as his Musou attack, except he 
    finishes by jumping, spinning in the air and launching a LARGE fireball
    in the direction he is facing.
    *Note: The alternate S6-S9 are only available if you have a weapon that is 
    at least level 3 with a light blue dot by the weapon title, as well as a 
    full musou gauge.  All 4th level weapons are Evo-capable.
    Stats-Twin Sabers
            Base Attack 3
            Number of attacks 4
            Weight Random
    Stats-Wing Sabers
            Base Attack 7
            Number of attacks 5
            Weight Random
            Base Attack 11
            Number of attacks 6
            Weight Random
    	Base Attack 34
    	Number of attacks 6
         	Weight Average
         	Musou Charge Lvl 15
         	Attack Lvl 15
         	Luck Lvl 18
         	Speed Lvl 20
         	Musou Lvl 19
    Requirements for Obtaining Lu Xun's 4th
    Stage- Battle of Bai Di Castle (Hard Difficulty)
    Requirement- 1) Defeat Ma Chao and Jiang Wei before entering the castle
    Strategy- First of all this is hard any way you chop it.  You could do it
    in musuo mode, but Bai Di is one of Lu Xun's last missions, so I recommend
    doing this in free HARD mode.  First, go up and kill Huang Zhong because
    it relieves Sun Quan when you have to fight the final general later on.
    Then attack some of peasants that appear at the Wu/Shu crossroads.  This 
    will aggrivate Ma Chao something fierce causing him to show up in Sun 
    Quan's camp in hyper mode.  Kill him with some effort, using musou tokens 
    and good skill.  Then go through the stone sentinel maze in the northern 
    part of the map.  Chop up the statue at the end of the maze, thus opening 
    all the doors.  Watch out for the arbelists around Jiang Wei.  Kill Jiang 
    Wei.  He isnt as bad as Ma Chao, plus Lu Xun trash talks him in a cut scene
    before their fight.  After defeating Jiang Wei you should get a "precious 
    item report" in the northeast corner of the stone sentinel maze.  Go get 
    your weapon in the maze, and go kill Liu Bei's son.
    The trickiest part of this is not getting sucked into going into the 
    castle.  This can be hard with all the arbelists around shooting you down,
    and with Jiang Wei throwing you places, but there is a flatish peice of
    land behind Jiang Wei's arbelist and at a lower elevation than the castle
    arbelists.  Make use of this space, as Jiang Wei is much easier without
    arbelists around.  
    6-Musou Mode
    Lu Xun has 5 stages in his musou mode, The 5 stages are
    1) The Invasion of Nan Zhong
    Wu Forces vs. Nanman Forces
    Strategy- Taking over the neutral attack base to the north might be useful
    to do at the start of the mission, as later on it provides some defense/
    offense against an ambushing Mang Yachang.  After that, basically advance 
    southward towards the Nanman camp in the southeast of the map killing 
    officers on the way.  When you finally get there Meng Huo charges up the 
    right side of the map and starts attacking Sun Quan.  Simply track Meng Huo 
    down from behind and kill him.
    2) Battle of Fan Castle
    Allied Forces vs. Shu Forces
    Strategy- Ah yes the battle that enrages Liu Bei.  Clear out defense and
    supply bases while taking out generals on your way to Guan Yu.  Take him
    down to end the scenario.  Pretty straight forward.
    3) Battle of Yi LIng 
    Wu Forces vs. Shu Forces
    Strategy- Head southwards and take out Guan Xing and Ma Chao as they and 
    their subgenerals advance up the right (eastern) side of the map.  Then 
    head westward, killing all the generals in front of Liu Bei's fort.  You 
    can then advance westward and take out Zhao Yun and Shamoke or you can 
    just advance into the fort and kill Liu Bei.  Also having the fire attack 
    succeed here makes things much easier.
    4) Battle of He Fei Castle
    Wu Forces vs. Wei Forces
    Strategy- Kill as many officers as you want as you advance into the castle
    towards Cao Pi and Sima Yi.  Be careful however, as Zhen Ji shows up after
    a while and charges straight down the west side of the map and across the
    southern part of the map in an attempt to assasinate Sun Quan.  Either 
    take her out quick when this happens, or take Cao Pi out quick and end the
    5) Battle of Bai Di Castle
    Wu Forces vs. Shu Forces
    Strategy- It may be of your benefit to first take out Huang Zhong as he and 
    his subgenerals can wreak havok on Sun Quan, especially when Ma Chao 
    mysteriously shows up in your camp area.  After defeating at least Huang 
    Zhong, and maybe Ma Chao too, take whatever path to the castle you prefer.
    Beware of the arbelists though as they are everywhere in and around the 
    castle and they will mess your life up if you aren't carefull. 
    7-Lu Xun's models
    Model 1- This model comes with Lu Xun.  It is mainly red with some gold
    and blue.  He wears a red hat, and shows his stomach... attractive. 
    Model 2- Lu Xun unlocks this model when he get's about 6000 points. 
    This model is just his first model with different colors. The red 
    armor turns to purple.  Great.  Still showing his stomach.  Terrible 
    costume unless you are a lady gamer.  In which case, go ahead you lady 
    gamer, you are ahead of the evolution of women. 
    Model 3- Lu Xun unlocks this model when he get about 20000 points.
    This is one of his DW4 models. He has on red armor with white pants.  He 
    is wearing a red hat, and has tails on his "coat."  Armor has gold designs 
    on it.
    Model 4- Lu Xun unlocks this model when he get around 20000 points along 
    with his model 3.  This is another of Lu Xun's DW4 models. It is similar 
    to his model 3 except that he has no hat, and his armor has white in many
    places where red was.
    8-Lu Xun's Encyclopedia Information
    Born 183 A.D.
    Died 245 A.D.
    A Wu officer who married Sun Ce's daughter.  A very thoughtful young man 
    whose distiguished service was rewarded with a promotion from Sun Quan.  
    In cooperation with Lu Meng, he managed to defeat Guan Yu and succeeded 
    in recapturing Jing.  At the Battle of Yi Ling, he served as Supreme 
    Commander, leading Wu to a carefully planned victory over Liu Bei and 
    the massive Shu Army.
    Since this is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) this section will continue 
    to grow as people send emails containing questions about Lu Xun.
    Q: Why can't I get his final weapon?
    A: Make sure you are playing at Bai Di Castle from the Wu side on at least 
    HARD difficulty.  Then check to make sure you are killing both Ma Chao and
    Jiang Wei BEFORE you enter the castle.
    Q: What are the best items to equip Lu Xun with?
    A: I have a red hare, ice orb, tiger amulet, tortoise amulet, peacock 
    amulet, way of the musou, and wind scroll on him right now.  The wind 
    scroll is the only one that is absolutely necessary. 
    Q: Why do Lu Xun's costumes all look so feminine?
    A: As long as I can remember, KOEI has always made Lu Xun with a fairly
    high voice and bright clothing.  I am pretty sure that he was very young
    in the stories so that might be why as well.
    Do not reproduce this FAQ, sell it, or claim it as your own.  
    Please do not use this FAQ on any websites other than GameFAQs or Neoseeker
    without my permission.  This guide was created by lanky522 (copyright 
    Tim O'Brien)
    11-Thanks & Credits
    Thanks to GameFAQs for being a great games resource.
    Thanks to EChang for his very comprehensive/complete FAQ on 4th weapons.
    Thanks to the guy at GameStop for getting me Dynasty Warriors 5 as 
    soon as possible.
    Thanks to Patrick for introducing me to the series at Dynasty Warriors 3.
    Thanks to Matt for Using Xu Zhu, oh my god is he slow.
    Finally, Thanks to KOEI for always making quality Dynasty Warriors games. 
    12-Contact Information
    If you have any questions, or suggestions for this FAQ please e-mail me 
    at lanky5222@yahoo.com.  You’ll be given full credit for want you add.
    Thanks for reading.

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