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    Huang Gai by lanky522

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 05/03/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Huang Gai FAQ by Lanky522 (lanky5222@yahoo.com)
    Dynasty Warriors 5
    Version 1.25
    version History:
    May 2, 2005- 	Version 1.25 completed
    		Updated Encyclopedia Information
    April 19, 2005- Version 1.2 completed
    		Added Encyclopedia Information
    		Minor format changes
    April 15, 2005- Version 1.0 completed
    Table of Contents
    1.	Introduction
    2.	Why Should I use Huang Gai?
    3.	Unlocking
    4.	Move set
    5.	Weapons
    6.	Musou Mode 
    7.	Huang Gai's models
    8.	Huang Gai's Encyclopedia Information
    9.	Q&A
    10.	Copyrights/Ownership
    11.	Thanks & Credits
    12.	Contact Information
    This is the third FAQ I’ve written for Dynasty Warriors 5, however 
    I am no stranger to the Dynasty Warriors series.  I have written the 
    FAQs for Sun Ce and Zhou Tai for GameFAQs.com.  I have played DW3, 
    DW3Xtreme, DW4, DW4Xtreme, and now DW5.  In my opinion, DW5 has made 
    some very significant advances from the previous games and has become 
    the best in the series.
    I got the game the first day I could, and everything in the below text 
    is from my experience in the U.S. version of the game.
    This FAQ contains my experience playing Dynasty Warriors 5 as Huang Gai. 
    Among things I’ll cover in this FAQ are his move set, weapon info 
    (including lvl 4 weapon information), musou mode stages, and models.
    2-Why Should I use Huang Gai?
    Huang Gai is just fun to use.  He attacks in front of himself about 
    60% of the time, but also incorporates good crowd clearing moves 
    as well.  He has a really good musou for both officers and peons, and 
    has one of the better all around final weapons in the game, nearly 
    maxing his life, attack, and defense.  Also, as with Taishi Ci, you 
    should use Huang Gai because he has a big freakin' weapon that he 
    just beats people indiscriminately with.  
    Huang Gai is unlocked by completing any 3 Wu musou modes.
    4-Move Set
    Keys: S = Square button, T = Triangle button, C = Circle button
    S- An sideways attack from right to left.
    SS- A sideways attack from left to right.
    SSS- A downward attack from over the head straight down.
    SSSS- Same as SSS.
    SSSSS- Same as SSS except slightly stronger.
    SSSSSS- An upward attack from left to right.
    *Alternate SSSSSS- Same as SSS.
    *SSSSSSS- Same as SSS.
    *SSSSSSSS- Same as SSSSS.
    *SSSSSSSSS- An upward attack from left to right.
    T- Huang Gai puts a bomb on the ground, damaging and flinging everything 
    nearby into the air (including him).  Tap T twice to throw the bomb.
    ST- Huang Gai punches the enemy into the air with his shield hand.
    SST(T)- Huang Gai awkwardly walks and kicks his enemy multiple times 
    punching him into the air at the end of his kicking.
    SSST- Huang Gai does a hard, one-handed smash while taking a little step 
    SSSST- Huang Gai smacks the ground hard creating fire, and flinging the 
    enemies into the air.
    SSSSST- Huang Gai smacks the ground hard, making nearby enemies crumble.
    Jump attack- Does a downward smash with his club.
    Jump Charge- Jumps and throws a bomb at the ground.
    Running attack- Huang Gai charges with his shoulder and finishes with 
    a shield bash.
    Mounted attack- Alternates attacks to the right and left.
    Mounted charge- Huang Gai does two swings and a poke all to the right 
    side of the horse. 
    Mounted Musou- Huang Gai does repeated downward slashes to the right
    and left of the horse.
    Musou attack- While slowly walking, Huang Gai swings his weapon 
    horizontally back and forth, finishing with one strong attack from right 
    to left.
    True Musou attack- Pretty much the same as his Musou attack, except he 
    finishs by throwing multiple bombs (causing a large explosion). 
    *Note: The alternate S6-S9 are only available if you have a weapon that is 
    at least level 3 with a light blue dot by the weapon title, as well as a 
    full musou gauge.  All 4th level weapons are Evo-capable.
    Stats-Iron Rod
            Base Attack 4
            Number of attacks 4
            Weight Random
    Stats-Great Rod
            Base Attack 8
            Number of attacks 5
            Weight Random
    Stats-Shadow Rod
            Base Attack 12
            Number of attacks 6
            Weight Random
    Stats-Black Shadow
    	Base Attack 36
    	Number of attacks 6
    	Weight Medium
    	Charge 15
    	Luck 16
    	Defense 17
    	Attack 17
    	Life 15
    Requirements for Obtaining Huang Gai's 4th
    Stage- The Yellow Turban Rebellion (Hard Difficulty)
    Requirement- 1) Defeat all generals and sub-generals outside Zhang Jiao's 
    Strategy- This is fairly easy 4th weapon to get.  All you have to do is 
    make sure you kill every single one of those silly no-name generals 
    yourself.  If one of your allies kills any sub-generals, or generals 
    outside the fortress, you will not get his weapon.  I do recommend 
    using a horse as you have to travel quite a distance to get every officer.
    Once you've killed all the officers and sub-officers, the Precious Item 
    box will appear inside Zhang Jiao's fort, right near the altar.
    The trickiest part of this is just killing everyone before Cao Cao, Liu 
    Bei, or Sun Jian get a chance to kill anything. 
    6-Musou Mode
    Huang Gai has 5 stages in his musou mode, The 5 stages are:
    1) Yellow Turban Rebellion
    Han Forces vs. Yellow Turbans
    Strategy- Come on now... these enemies die in one hit.  Kill everything, 
    while making your way to the top right corner of the map.  Careful though,
    Zhang Jiao is pretty strong/annoying compared to the rest of the stage. 
    2) Battle of Jing Province 
    Sun Jian's Forces vs. Liu Biao's Forces
    Strategy- If you want you can go kill Huang Zu before he ambushes Sun Jian, 
    and Sun Jian will not withdraw during the battle.  Other than that advance 
    into the castle and take out Liu Biao.
    3) Battle of Chi Bi
    Allied Forces vs. Cao Cao's Forces
    Strategy- Make sure the bridges get destroyed by Pang Tong, Make sure Zhuge 
    Liang's prayer is successful, and make sure Huang Gai's fire attack succeeds 
    and everything else is easy.
    4) The Invasion of Nan Zhong
    Wu Forces vs. Nanman Forces
    Strategy- Taking over the neutral attack base to the north might be useful
    to do at the start of the mission, as later on it provides some defense/
    offense against an ambushing Mang Yachang.  After that, basically advance 
    southward towards the Nanman camp in the southeast of the map killing 
    officers on the way.  When you finally get there Meng Huo charges up the 
    right side of the map and starts attacking Sun Quan.  Simply track Meng Huo 
    down from behind and kill him.
    5) Battle of Bai Di Castle
    Wu Forces vs. Shu Forces
    Strategy- It may be of your benefit to first take out Huang Zhong as he and 
    his subgenerals can wreak havok on Sun Quan, especially when Ma Chao 
    mysteriously shows up in your camp area.  After defeating at least Huang 
    Zhong, and maybe Ma Chao, take whatever path to the castle you prefer.  
    Beware of the arbelists though, as they are everywhere in and around the 
    castle and they will mess your life up if you aren't carefull.
    7-Huang Gai's models
    Model 1- This model comes with Huang Gai.  He has on dark red/gold 
    armor, with a mohawk and goatee.  Has tan skin with this model. 
    Model 2- Huang Gai unlocks this model when he get's about 6000 points. 
    This model is just his first model with different colors. The red and 
    gold armor turns to a black and brown... Skin color gets darker, and hair
    color turns white.  VERY cool.  My favorite.
    Model 3- Huang Gai unlocks this model when he get about 20000 points.
    This is one of his DW4 model. Basically, he is tan with the mohawk and 
    goatee again with silver and red armor. 
    Model 4- Huang Gai unlocks this model when he get around 20000 points 
    along with his model 3.  This is another of Huang Gai's DW4 models. It is 
    similar to his model 3 except that he has darker skin and less red in his 
    armor.  The armor is almost completely silver.
    8-Huang Gai's Encyclopedia Information
    Born 145 A.D.
    Died ?
    An officer of Wu since the days of Sun Jian.  At the Battle of Chi Bi, 
    together with Zhou Yu, he executed their special plan.  After being 
    "attacked" by Zhou Yu, Huang Gai surrendered to Cao Cao, where he then set 
    fire to the Wei fleet, leading to a great victory for Wu.
    Since this is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) this section will continue 
    to grow as people send emails containing questions about Huang Gai.
    Q: Why can't I get his final weapon?
    A: Make sure you personally kill every officer and sub-officer on the map.
    Check the map many times to see if they have moved.
    Q: How many items does Huang Gai get to carry in this game?
    A: Huang Gai like everyone else in the game can carry up to 5 items. 
    Q: How do you throw Huang Gai's bombs with the triangle move?? I saw my
    friend do it and I can't figure it out!!
    A: Press triangle twice insted of just once.  Pressing trangle once just 
    drops a bomb on the ground.
    Do not reproduce this FAQ, sell it, or claim it as your own.  
    Please do not use this FAQ on any websites other than GameFAQs and 
    Neoseeker without my permission.  This guide was created by lanky522 
    (copyright Tim O'Brien)
    11-Thanks & Credits
    Thanks to GameFAQs for being a great games resource.
    Thanks to EChang for his very comprehensive/complete FAQ on 4th weapons.
    Thanks to the guy at GameStop for getting me Dynasty Warriors 5 as 
    soon as possible.
    Thanks to Patrick for introducing me to the seriers at Dynasty Warriors 3.
    Thanks to Matt for doing half of the DW5 musou modes as well as helping
    get the difficult 4th weapons. 
    Thanks to Joseph Lionarons for birth information on Huang Gai.
    Finally, Thanks to KOEI for always making quality Dynasty Warriors games. 
    12-Contact Information
    If you have any questions, or suggestions for this FAQ please e-mail me 
    at lanky5222@yahoo.com.  You’ll be given full credit for want you add.
    Thanks for reading.

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