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    Zhen Ji by DarkArchAngel64

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    Dynasty Warriors 5(r)
    Zhen Ji Character Guide
    By DarkArchAngel646: Twistedmind646@gmail.com
    Dynasty Warriors 5(r)/Shin Sangoku Musou 4(r)
    Written April 20, 2005
    Version 1.0
    Table of Contents
    1.-Character Bio
    2.-How to unlock this beauty
    3.-Weapons (4th weapon attainment)
    4.-Zhen Ji Pro's and Con's
    6.-Items to use
    7.-Musou Missions
    10.-Contact Information
    11.-Copyright data
    Zhen Ji Character Biography
    Zhen Ji was born in Zhong Shan.  She is the Daughter of Zhen Yi, governor of 
    Zhen Yi.  She was known throughout the land as a woman of sophisticated 
    beauty, and exceptional intellect.  Married off to Yuan Xi, in an attempt 
    for Yuan Shao to increase his power in the north. While serving in the Battle 
    of Guan Du, Cao Pi, Cao Cao's son, came across Zhen, and immediately married 
    her, as he became quickly enamored with her.  When Cao Pi later unified 
    China, and became emperor, he made her his empress, where she lived in 
    happiness for the rest of her life.
    Unlocking Zhen Ji
    Zhen Ji, along with 17 other officers, are there from the beginning. The Wei 
    Starters are: 
    Xiahou Dun
    Dian Wei
    Xu Zhu
    Zhang Liao
    Cao Pi
    She is an excellent starter, especially since her beginning is easy kills.
    Zhen Ji's Weapons
    Starting Weapon - Flute - 2 power                   
    2nd Weapon - Iron Flute - 6 power                    
    3rd Weapon - Moon Flute - 10 power          
    4th Weapon - Dark Moon Flute - 32 power              
    (Fill 20, Horse 17, Bow 18, Def 18, Life 17)             
    How to Get 4th weapon:             
    (Make Sure its on HARD or CHAOS Mode)             
    (Battle of He Fei Castle)                 
    Oh god, if this were any easier... Just kill at least 300 
    (hell, I got over 1100) people and go by Cao Pi, you'll get an intermission 
    movie, where Zhen Ji is killing troops with her Musou.  To do this, just run 
    through the castle killing, simple as that, kill troops, officers, whatever, 
    there are more then enough.  Watch out for ambushes and whatnot, kill rams 
    when they show up, and destroy any officer who gets close to an important 
    general.  Item appears just past Zhou Tai on Sun Quan's ship. When Lu Xun 
    shows up, use a Musou rage, when your done killing his little squad, another 
    Musou rage token should show, use that on Sun Quan.
    Zhen Ji's Pros and Cons
    She is an EXCELLENT crowd clearer.  Her Musou is wonderful as well, and when 
    it's paired with Musou Rage, or in its True Musou form, it really does clear 
    anyone and anything out of your way.  Her charge attack, especially in the 
    first battle, kills enemies fast, keep them in succession (keep hitting 
    Triangle) and it'll clear them faster.  When you get her 3rd//4th weapon, 
    her C5 attack is just like one of her Musou attacks, it hurts and dazes 
    enemies exceptionally well.  She can hold 4 items at once.
    Her attack range is quite short however, which is a problem with large groups, 
    and no time for charge.  Another problem is how open she is left to attacks, 
    due to a slow C(1,2,3,4,5) attacks.
    Zhen Ji's Moves
    Square - swings flute
    Triangle (Charge) - plays flute, the note explodes, 
    (Note: I recommend this for the first battle, three of these in succession 
    will clear the large groups of enemies that surround you.)
    Jump + Triangle - Plays flute in air (great for knocking enemies off horse)
    Musou - Plays flute, attacking anything in range
    Musou Rage - Same as Musou, except stronger, and she plays 4 flute notes at 
    end, finishing off any normal enemy.  
    Square X2 - attacks, then 360 spin attack
    Square X3 - attacks, then 360 spin attack, then attacks downwards
    Square X4 - attacks, then 360 spin attack, then attacks downwards, then 360 
    Square X5 - attacks, then 360 spin attack, then attacks downwards, then 360 
    kick, then another 360 kick
    Square X6 - attacks, then 360 spin attack, then attacks downwards, then 360 
    kick, then another 360 kick, then charged flute swing a (a few times if 
    evolution attack occurs)
    C1 - attack, then strong slash upwards.
    C2 - attacks, then 360 spin attack, then slaps back and forth about 4-5 times.
    C3 - attacks, then 360 spin attack, then attacks downwards, then kicks 
    C4 - attacks, then 360 spin attack, then attacks downwards, then 360 kick, 
    then whirlwind in front of her, knocking enemies into air
    C5 - attacks, then 360 spin attack, then attacks downwards, then 360 kick, 
    then another 360 kick, then plays flute note, (one note of her Musou attack)
    Zhen Ji's Best Items
    Orb - Ice
    Harness - Red Hare
    Item 1. -Tiger Amulet
    Item 2. -Peacock Amulet
    Item 3. -Arm Guards
    Item 4. -Tortoise Amulet
    Item 5. -Wind Scroll
    Why? - 
    Ice orb is useful, because it freezes the enemy, when you need that
    extra couple of seconds to recuperate after an attack.  Her attack speed can 
    be quite slow, so this is extremely useful, just so they don't cut in during 
    Red Hare, because she can run quite slow at times.  Use this to run to those 
    quick spots, Well, Quick.  I don't recommend fighting on the horse though, 
    get off to do that.  But, as always, attack as your charging through enemy 
    Tiger Amulet, hell, it makes her stronger, I recommend this 
    for ALL officers.                    
    Arm Guards, her Charge attack is wonderful, but it is slow, yes, use this so 
    you can actually get that last note out, instead of being rudely interrupted 
    by a grouchy audience.
    Tortoise Amulet, because as your charging, and you get hurt, you don't want 
    the damage to be that considerable.  You want to get that damage out without 
    damage to yourself.
    Wind Scroll, because she has relatively short range, this is extremely 
    helpful in killing more enemies.
    Zhen Ji's Musou
    1. Battle of Guan Du - Easy, use your charge attack to clear enemies out.  
    Save attack bases and generals if you can, and take out Guan Yu.  When the 
    seige towers appear, protect them if possible.  Search out Cao Pi for a 
    2. Battle of Chi Bi - Kill Huang Gai!  You can kill Zhuge Liang as well, but 
    if you kill Huang Gai first, there is no need. They are the main perpetrators 
    of the fire, after that, just kill, maim and murder your way through the 
    masses to beat Sun Quan.
    3. Battle of Jie Ting - So easy, battle your way up to Ma Su, kill him and 
    take the base, (a cutscene should appear, telling you when to attack, till
    then, just kill anyone in the center.) Then battle your way through other 
    enemies to get to anyone who comes close to Cao Pi, and kill Zhuge Liang.  
    Take out Ma Chao when he shows up, he can become quite a pest.  
    4. Battle of Wu Zhang Plains - If you haven't beefed her up by now, this will 
    be hard.  Head to the right side of the map, to the bottom of the three 
    passages there, and kill the defense guard, or w/e the hell his name is, that 
    will end all supplies getting to the middle.  Once that's finished, take out 
    the two attack bases in the middle, and defend all defense bases till Zhuge 
    Croaks (cutscene), then go to the bottom center place, take out the arbalests 
    (cutscene,) and advance with the rest of the army to kill Jiang Wei.  Watch 
    out for explosions; take out the task team on the bottom right.
    5. Battle of He Fei Castle - Medium difficulty, just kill your way till the 
    army attacks Sun Quan's Boat.  Save Sima Yi if he starts struggling, and 
    watch Cao Pi.  Lu Xun usually attacks you, so be wary of him.  Also take out 
    Ram's, they are annoying as well.  When that's all done and over with, go 
    after Sun Quan, killing Zhou Tai on the way.
    Zhen Ji's Costumes
    1 - Long purple elegant dress, parts in the middle, by legs.  Green Belt going 
    across waist, Stomach exposed.  Breasts and arms covered by purple material, 
    Shoulders and cleavage covered by see through black material.  Hair done up at 
    top, with some stick going through it, pink feather at one end.
    2 - Same as 1, except yellow material instead of purple, and feathers red 
    instead of pink.
    3 - Dynasty Warriors 4 costume, long elegant dress split at legs, all body 
    covered up, purple dress, black material at foot of dress, wrists, and collar 
    of dress.  Ornate crown upon her head, with bead on her forehead.
    4 - Ornate crown upon head, with bead on her forehead, silver lining on entire 
    dress, see through black material on her hips, covered by long dress that 
    splits down middle.  Black material on foot of dress, wrists and darker purple 
    material on breasts, cleavage covered as well, lighter purple on bottom.  
    Stomach is covered with see through black material, and a silver lining 
    connecting dress.
    Q and A
    I can't get her 4th weapon!
    Make sure its on hard, or chaos mode, and make sure you have 300 or more 
    kills, before going by Cao Pi for the Cutscene.  There are two cutscenes in 
    this mission, one about an Ambush, and one with her killing enemies with 
    her musou, make sure its the latter of the two.
    GamesFAQS Dynasty Warriors 5 board (More specifically UncleUlty_X and 
    Alex Chua <iodoethane@------.com> For giving me the weapon power on Zhen's 
    second. weapon.
    Contact information
    Email - Twistedmind646@gmail.com
    GameFAQs ID - DarkArchAngel64
    IGN ID - DarkArchAngel646
    Aim SN - LOSTDarkArkAngel
    Feel Free to contact them.
    Copyright information
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances, except for personal or 
    private use, unless I otherwise state so. 
    This FAQ may not appear on ANY website other then GameFAQS, without permission 
    from me.
    This FAQ may not be reproduced publicly, or sold without permission from me.
    Dynasty Warriors 5(r) is a registered trademark of the Koei Corporation, and 
    they hold rights to any characters or names used in this FAQ.
    Do not claim this FAQ as your own, or do any of the above, thus it will result 
    in a violation of the copyright, and legal action will be pursued. 
    Any breach of copyright will constitute me hunting you down.
    (Copyright (c) 2005   Christopher M. H. C.)

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