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    Lu Meng by Nodachi_Slayer

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    Dynasty Warriors 5
    Lu Meng FAQ
    By Nodachi_Slayer
    5/26/05-Version 0.85-Most things finished, copyright rewritten, need item
    5/28/05-Version 1.00-All things done, moveset corrected, item opinions added,
         and Thanks section edited.
    5/30/05-Version 1.1-Corrected Lu Meng's fourth weapon
    This is the second FAQ I have written for Gamefaqs. I am writing to tell about
    Lu Meng. Lu Meng isn't one of my favorite characters, but I think this will
    help me to give an unbiased view of him. He is pretty bad at killing officers,
    but his crowd clearing is above average.
    PRE) Changeover from DW4
    1) Unlocking
    2) Why use Lu Meng?
    3) Moveset
    4) Weapons
    5) Items
    6) Walkthrough
    7) Combos and Fighting Advice
    8) FAQs
    9) Credits
    10) The Unclassified
    Dynasty Warriors has returned to its roots in this latest iteration. Weapons no
    longer require weapon EXP to upgrade, they are found in boxes. Weapons now also
    have different properties. They come in three weights, Light, Average, and 
    Heavy. As would be expected, light attacks quickly, average attacks normally
    fast, and heavy attacks slow, but with a slight power bonus. Also, weapons 
    could also now be Evo-capable, meaning that they have the ability to perform 
    nine attacks instead of six when the musou bar is full. The level recycling 
    from DW4 is gone, to my delight, because I hated playing at Xia Pi for about 
    seven levels. Finally, the game has traded off huge musou modes for short, 
    character specific ones.
    To unlock Lu Meng, just pound the crap out of two Wu musou modes. I'd reccomend
    Sun Quan and Ling Tong, as these will get you Gan Ning and Sun Ce as well.
                                  ++WHY USE LU MENG?++
    To be honest, I don't like Lu Meng that much. He would not be my first choice
    for a crowd clearer or an officer killer. The former he does pretty well, the
    latter he is not that good at. I also have a grudge against him because he 
    killed Guan Yu. However, he does have a good solid moveset which, though 
    unremarkable, is good at slaughtering moderately large amounts of people.
    Lu Meng is a good crowd clearer, but not much of an officer masher.
    S=square, T=triangle
    SSSSSS-A slash right, then left, then a 180 spin with a stab with the haft of
        his pike, then three big slashes. Good for crowd clearing. Not much else.
    T-Puts out a fire orb. These have changed from being a projectile attack to
        being a time-bomb attack like Zhen Ji's T. Much more useful than in DW4.
    ST-Just a slash upward. Low juggle plus element.
    SST-Lu Meng does seven slashes (depending on the weapon) alternating between
        a right slash with the haft of the pike and a left slash with the blade,
        ends with element and stun.
    SSST-He spins around, with his pike held kind of short. Not much range. Element
        and knockback.
    SSSST-Creates a wind vortex that sends enemies flying into the air. High
        juggle and element.
    SSSSST-Lu Meng jumps and does a big swing, with element and knockback.
    Jump S-A 180 degree slash that aims almost straight down.
    Jump T-He flips foward in an arc and slams his pike into the ground, creating a
        small-area shockwave.
    Circle-Musou: Lu Meng alternates between striking with the haft and the blade 
        of his pike, ending with a stab and a whack with the haft. Doesn't juggle,
        so it has more damage.
    Circle in red health-True Musou: Musou with fire element and a big shockwave
        at the end. This version juggles.
    Horse moves
    S-Alternating left and right slashes
    T-More powerful left and right slashes
    C-Even more powerful left and right slashes
    Lu Meng really is meant to be a ground fighter.
    Weights and bonuses for the first three weapons are random.
    Someone, please send me the weapon base power before I actually have to find
    out for myself.
    Attacks: 4
    Great Gliave
    Attacks: 5
    Tiger Hook
    Attacks: 6 or 9 if evo capable
    White Tiger
    Power: 36
    Attacks: 9
    Weight: Average
    Bonuses: Charge Attack Lvl 15
             Mounted Lvl 16
             Bow Lvl 15
             Defense Lvl 17
             Life Lvl 17
    Getting the White Tiger
    Play Battle of Fan Castle on Hard difficulty. 
        1) Make Mi Fang and Fu Shiren to defect by lowering their health after Lu
           Meng and Lu Xun's conversation about their morale.
        2) Seal the gate indicated by the message to get Xu Huang.
        3) Kill Zhang Fei and his subgeneral, Zhang Bao, when they show up as 
           reinforcements in the southwest castle.
        4) All this, without Xu Huang, Mi Fang, and Fushiren being killed.
    After the morale conversation, lower Mi Fang and Fu Shi Ren's health's until
    they surrender. Immediately kill Guan Ping, or he will waste Fang and Shiren,
    and you won't get the weapon. After the message comes up that the enemy gate
    is blocking reinforcements, seal it and get Xu Huang. Then just kill many 
    generals to help out Mi Fang and Fu Shi Ren. Two reinforcements will appear in
    the southwest castle about five minutes before the Zhangs pop up. Kill them, 
    then wait at the north entrance to the southwest castle, as this is where
    Zhang Bao appears. After killing Zhang Bao and Zhang Fei, the item report will
    appear near the floodgate. Pick up the item and kill Guan Yu.
    Thanks to EChang for the weapon stats and method
    Thanks also to Kgrubb4 for his noticing that Mifang, Fushiren, and Xu Huang had
    to stay alive.
    This is just my personal preference of items. Feel free to make substitutions,
    as this is just a guideline.
    Regular Lu Meng
    Saddle: Red Hare-the fastest horse, enough said.
    Orb: Light-Lu Meng needs help with officers. This breaks their guard. Nice.
    Tiger Amulet, Tortoise Amulet-Absolutely necessary equipment. Pumps up your two
              most important stats
    Wind Scroll-Lu Meng's pike could always use more range.
    Tiger Collar-I use this to distract generals and such, and it is also useful 
              for wheedling down an officer's life. Besides, who wouldn't want a
    Tribal Remedy-I like this item. It is very handy, especially if you are 
    If you want plain power on your side, here is a setup:
    Power-mad Lu Meng
    Saddle: Storm Runner
    Orb: Fire
    Tiger Amulet
    Wind Scroll
    Way of Musou
    Power Rune
    This setup will allow Lu Meng to absolutely destroy whatever he sees, but use 
    it sparingly, it leaves him quite vulnerable. Especially be careful around
    officers, cause Lu Meng doesn't handle them well already.
    Red Hare-Fastest horse in the game. Looks cool. I almost always equip this one
        on maxed generals. Lu Meng goes good with this one.
    Hex Mark Harness-Luck up horse, and pretty slow. Not my first choice, also 
        looks kind of crappy. Good for item hunting, not much else.
    Storm Runner-Riding attack power up. I use this on new generals because it also
        gives a 50% bonus on after battle points.
    Shadow Runner-Never get knocked offa this one. I think this horse is 
        desperately cheap (except for people like Pang De and Ma Chao), but if you
        disagree, use it. I can't stop you. Or can I...
    Elephant-These are fun. Almost NOone can hit you on an elephant. Great fun. Big
        damage. And, you can knock over those stupid archer towers by running them
    Fire: This helps IMMENSELY on super-demon electric aura officers. Burning 
        damage during juggle moves. My favorite orb.
    Ice: Freeze people where they stand. The chances for freezing has greatly
        increased from DW4, but I still don't like it too much.
    Light: Break your enemy's guard during charge moves. This orb is great on the 
        harder difficulties because everyone blocks on the harder difficulties.
    Dark: Chance of instant kill (To enemies, not you) in exchange for an emptied 
        musou bar. This orb is one I NEVER use. The depleted musou is annoying, and
        the instant kill doesn't make up for it, because it doesn't work on 
    Peacock Urn: Life up. More life means you won't die. Sound good to you? Yes? 
        Thought so.
    Tortoise Amulet: Defense up. Always equip this along with the Tiger Amulet 
        on new generals. Defense is good. No staggering. Less dying. Always equip.
    Tiger Amulet: Attack up. Equip this always so you can bash people's faces in.
    Dragon Amulet: Musou gauge up. Don't equip this, I NEVER equip this, maybe it 
        is good on Zhou Tai or Zhuge Liang? Lu Meng's musou is pretty good, but it
        really should be used as a safeguard, and this impares that use.
    Elixer: Musou gauge fills faster. Once again, probably better on someone with a
        better musou.
    Herbal Remedy: Charge attack power up. I don't use this much, but equip it if 
        you want to maximize your attack power.
    Horned Helm: Horse ATK and DEF power up. If you want this, use it on Ma Chao, 
        not Lu Meng.
    Huang's bow: Arrow ATK and DEF power up. Use this on Xiahou Yuan or Huang 
        Zhong, not on Lu Meng, he is not a bow person.
    Speed scroll: Speed Up. duh. Use this if you don't want a horse because you 
        have a disorder or something.
    Seven Star Sash: Luck up. I don't believe in luck. Luck in DW refers to better
        items, more frequent meat bun drops and the like. If you're superstitious,
        equip this.
    Wind Scroll: attack range up. Always equip this, on any officer. Lu Meng's pike
        may seem short at first, but it increases by about four feet. Still, more
        range never hurt anyone.
    Serpent Earrings: Attack up +2 every 100 KOs. Using this is character and level
        dependant. Use this with Lu Meng on levels like Guan Du and Wu Zhang 
        Plains. It is only good if you can get at least 1,000 kos in a level.
    Tribal Remedy: Heals you with a meatbun every 100 Kos. Probably better on Chaos
        difficulty. I don't really use it.
    Power Rune: Attack x2, defence /2. If I use this, it is on normal when I want
        to blow right through a stage. If that isn't your cup of tea, then give it
        a miss. 
    Tiger Collar: A tiger will follow you into battle. The tiger is invincible, and
        can be as good as a bodyguard, but it should really only be used on weak or
        crappy generals.
    Demon Band: Increases longevity of Musou Rage: Equip this if you have a fourth
        weapon and you will be a god.
    Arm Guards: Not interrupted during charge moves. Lu Mengs's moves are just the
        smallest bit below average speed. If you keep getting hit out of charge
        moves, then use this.
    Survival Guide: Attack x2 if you are knocked down near death. No. Do not use 
        this, it is a waste of a slot, and if you have enough slots to equip this
        and other better items, there is no reason that you should ever be in low
        health. Besides, true musou saves your life too, what about that? Useless.
    Way of Musou: Use True Musou whenever. This is character dependant. Lu Meng has
        a good musou and a good true musou. Your choice, more damage or the large
        area shockwave.
    Musou Armor: Don't flinch when hit by arrows. I hate archers. Especially when
        fighting officers. I don't hate them enough to use this item, though. If
        you hate them more than me, then do it.
    Fire Arrows: Use fire arrows. See Huang's Bow.
    Art of War: Doubles length of Attack x2s and whatnot. Pretty cool, especially
        with Imperial Seals. A decent choice.
    Bodyguard Manual: Bodyguards become stronger. I haven't tested this too much,
        (at all) but if it is anything like DW4, it gives your bodyguards like +1
        attack and +1 defence, so try it for me, but don't expect good results.
    Lu Meng has five stages, like many of the other characters. They are:
    Battle of the Wu Territory
    Battle of Chi Bi
    Battle of He Fei
    Invasion of Nan Zhong
    Battle of Fan Castle
    This battle is cake, more or less, but if your Lu Meng is new you might have
    some qualms about pathetic reach and lackluster moveset. Oh well. Take the two
    forts in the upper area of the map. Around five minutes into the stage, Sun
    Quan will wander into the right center fort and be ambushed. Help him out, or
    he will die and the general that killed him will flank your army. Just keep
    defeating officers after this. After you invade the main fort, Liu Yong will 
    run away, leaving Taishi Ci as the leader. He is demonized and will go into
    Attack x2 status, but he shouldn't cause much trouble.
    If you know about this level in history, do what happened there. If not, then
    kill the subgenerals on the bridges to collapse them. The bridges are those two
    things with the + shaped section in the middle. Afterwards, keep Huang Gai 
    alive by killing Xiahou Yuan. Finally, protect Zhuge Liang by killing Zhang 
    Liao. After this, Huang Gai will perform the fire attack and you can kill 
    generals to your heart's content. Just a side note, after the fire attack, all
    the Cao surname generals regroup on Cao Cao's ship.
    Okay, this one is annoying. There is virtually no way you will end up not 
    running all over this map, so get ready. First, head out and slaughter everyone
    you can. Soon, Zhang Liao will ambush Sun Quan, which means you have to go back
    and protect him. Kill Zhang Liao (for now) and then go and engage any other 
    generals, reinforcement or otherwise, that have shown up. Xiahou Dun will show
    up in the northeast and Xu Huang will show up in the southwest, so plan 
    accordingly. Next thing is, Zhang Liao will show up again, in the northern
    center stronghold area, right near where Gan Ning shows up in the Wei version
    of this battle. If you aren't near Cao Cao, then you should probably kill Zhang
    Liao, as he will destroy your units with his super-demony badass self. Liao
    respawns four times, and is in attack x2 all the time. You will get Gan Ning 
    way far into the battle, too bad he shows up too late to do anything.
    Lu Meng must have a hankerin' for annoying levels. You're facing off against 
    Meng Huo now. First thing you gotta do is the same as the last level, kill as
    many generals as you can before the ambush. Or, alternately, you can play 
    really defensively, but who wants to do that? After about eight minutes the
    Nanman beast units will appear, breaking into your main camp. You now have two
    choices. If you are on Red Hare, and close to the bridge, then you have about
    half a minute to cross it before it is destroyed. If you are not near the 
    bridge, then go around either path to help Sun Quan. After you slaughter his 
    attackers, then go out through the east exit to the camp (the one that the
    elephants bowled over) and kill Meng Huo.
    It really killed me to do this level. First thing's first, take the strongholds
    and bases around you. Don't worry about Cao Ren, he will be fine for a long
    while. When the conversation between Lu Meng and Lu Xun comes up saying that
    the morale seems low under Mi Fang and Fu Shi Ren, go attack them. After you
    lower their health a little, they will defect to your side. At this time, it 
    would be wise to kill Guan Ping, as he will come down to try (and succeed in,
    if you aren't there) to waste your new recruits. If you took my advice in the 
    beginning, then Xu Huang will show up as reinforcements in the southeast. The
    rest of this level is cake. Kill generals around Fan Castle if Cao Ren is in 
    trouble, then go for Guan Yu. Watch out, as he will power up, first into double
    attack then to musou rage. Run when he does his musou rage, then come back to 
    take him out. Congratulations, you just killed the mightiest and coolest 
    warrior of Shu.
    After this, enjoy Lu Meng's ending.
                             ++COMBOS AND FIGHTING ADVICE++
    Lu Meng can use his charge attacks for combos. Here you go.
        This will maximize combo hits, and this combo string can concievably be
        continued infinitely. Best used on a dead general. Time it so they will be
        almost dead when stunned, then will die on the first few hits of the first
        This will keep enemies on the ground long enough for you to put out a fire
        orb. Good for annoying crowds, better for blocking generals.
        Use ice orb with this. This combo is a quick, practical way to increase Lu
        Meng's musou damage. If you freeze them on the first SST, then musou them.
        If not, repeat until you do.
    If you keep getting hit by archers while fighting a general, here are some tips
    for you:
    First use a musou on the general, then kill the archers by running in a loop
    toward them.
    Block, facing the archers, then counterattack the officer to send him flying 
    into the archers. This will give you time to reposition yourself.
    If you find yourself getting mobbed by multiple generals, here are some tips.
    Use a counterattack. This will stop them from getting you from behind.
    Never use combos more than 4 or 5 hits long. If you do, you run greater risk of
    being stabbed in the back. SST, SSST, and Jump S are good choices
    Stay on the minimap. It pays to know where generals are at all times.
    Never block if you can help it. Keep up the momentum. Go for the generic and 
    undemonized generals first.
    Hopefully, with this, your Lu Meng fighting experience will be complete.
    Send me words, and they shalst bloom beneath the banner of FAQ.
    Thanks to...
    Gamefaqs, for posting this FAQ
    EChang, for the weapon stats and method
    Kgrubb4, for his contribution to the fourth weapon method.
    Koei and W-Omega Force for great Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games.
    Rampidzier, for the info on Lu Meng's stages and weapon names.
    Guan Yu's ghost, who cursed and killed Lu Meng.
    Kingdom of Wei, for putting Liu Chan out of his stupid misery.
    This document is the property of Nodachi_Slayer, and may not be reproduced in 
    any way, shape, or form publically except by Gamefaqs.com. Private use of this
    guide is valid, but this is not to be sold for profit unless you intend to give
    me all the money you make. Any website, publishing company, or toilet paper
    manufacturer who uses this FAQ and any of its parts are violating copyright, 
    and shall be sued. Any human, website, other publishing medium companies, or
    aliens who claim all or part of this guide as their own work shall be smitten
    with the Hammer of Incredible Pain.
    There, I think that covers everything.
    You can email me at the address addisonwaco@earthlink.net
    Do not:
    Write stupid, unreadable, insensible things
    Write in Leet. I am not going to respond to 1337 h4xo125
    Be rude. I detest rude people. And you wouldn't like me when I'm detested.
                                   ++THE UNCLASSIFIED++
    What is it about "The Unclassified" that makes everyone come here? It's not 
    like it's a public interest, you don't go up to your friends and say, "Hey,
    you hear any good unclassified lately?" I mean, come on. Also, Pang Tong is
    cool. "I'll give this a shot." -Pang Tong, True Musou. (insert alotta stuff 
    that ZJ says)

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