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    Dong Zhuo by Mythril Wyrm

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    * DYNASTY WARRIORS 5 - Dong Zhuo FAQ *
    *            Version 1.03            *
    *       Created by Mythril Wyrm      *
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    Table of Contents
    I. Update History
    II. Legal Notice/Disclaimer
    III. About Dong Zhuo
    IV. Unlocking Dong Zhuo
    V. Using Dong Zhuo
         A. Dong Zhuo's attacks
              1. Regular attacks
              2. Evolution attacks
              3. Charge attacks
              4. Mounted attacks
              5. Other attacks
         B. Maximizing Dong Zhuo's effectiveness
         C. Dong Zhuo's Musou Mode
              1. Battle of Xi Liang
              2. Battle of Liang Zhou
              3. Battle of Si Shui Gate
              4. Battle of Hu Lao Gate
    VI. Dong Zhuo's Weapons
         A. Tyrant Sword
         B. Great Tyrant
         C. Fear
         D. Horror
              1. Obtaining the Horror
    VII. Dong Zhuo's Costumes
    VIII. Questions & Answers
    IX. Special Thanks
    X. Contacting Me
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    I. Update History
    v1.00 - Completed all sections.
    v1.01 - Added information on Dong Zhuo's counterattack. Made minor changes to
    several sections.
    v1.02 - Updated list of sites that have permission to post this FAQ. Changed
    the layout of the FAQ and made minor changes to a few sections.
    v1.03 - Corrected the description of Dong Zhuo's air charge and made minor
    changes to a few sections.
    II. Legal Notice/Disclaimer
    This FAQ is copyright 2005-2007 by Devin McCain. Presently, only the following
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    This FAQ may contain spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.
    I take no responsibility for any embarrassment, injuries, or deaths that result
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    that stupid, it's your own damn fault.
    Got that? Good. Now, let's move on to the fun stuff...
    III. About Dong Zhuo
    Dong Zhuo's style name is Zhongying. Kongming's Archives provides the following
    information about him:
    "Dong Zhuo, styled Zhongyin, was born in Lintao in the West Valley Land but it
    was while he was Governor of Hedong on the Northwestern Frontier that he gained
    notoriety for his arrogant and ignorant ways. During the Yellow Turban
    Rebellion, Dong Zhuo fought against the rebels in Zhuo county and throughout
    the Northwest but Zhang Jiao’s forces proved too much, sending Dong Zhuo into
    retreat. Dong Zhuo’s retreat was aided by Liu Bei and his sworn brothers, but
    as they held no government offices Dong Zhuo treated them with disrespect,
    greatly angering Zhang Fei who wanted to kill Dong Zhuo for this treatment.
    After the end of the uprising Dong Zhuo bribed his way out of his punishment
    for his failures against the Yellow Turbans and gained rapid promotions through
    deceit, he held the titles of General, General of the Front Army and Lord of
    Aoxiang all within a short time before becoming Imperial Protector in the
    western region of Xizhou. Dong Zhou now commanded an army of 200,000 troops.
    Dong Zhou was summoned to the capital by He Jin so he left his son in law Niu
    Fu in charge and took his army with generals Li Jue, Guo Si, Zhang Ji, and Fan
    Chou to the capital Luoyang. While He Jin was pleased that Dong Zhuo was coming
    to the capital, many ministers resigned in protest. The eunuchs, fearing that
    Dong Zhuo’s forces had come to destroy them, convinced Empress He that He Jin
    was plotting against the state and had him killed. He Jin’s death set Cao Cao
    and Yuan Shao’s forces against the eunuchs, leading to an internal revolution.
    During the confusion the Emperor and his brother were hurried away by the
    eunuchs but they soon managed to escape and were saved by Min Gong. Soon after
    recovering the emperor, Min Gong’s troop met Dong Zhuo’s and the two armies
    turned towards the capital. Once order had been restored, it was found that the
    Imperial Seal of the Emperor was missing. Dong Zhuo’s forces camped outside the
    city’s walls but he came and went as he pleased, walking the streets of the
    city accompanied by armed guards which angered some but the majority feared
    Dong Zhuo.
    Dong Zhuo would call a meeting with the government’s officials and during the
    feast announced his wish to remove the emperor from power, empowering the
    emperor’s brother the Prince of Chenliu instead but ministers Ding Yuan and Lu
    Zhi voiced their displeasure, enraging Dong Zhuo. Li Ru succeeded in calming
    the situation and the assembled ministers took their leave. The next day Ding
    Yuan, accompanied by his officer Lu Bu, led out a force against Dong Zhuo but
    before the forces could finish exchanging taunts Lu Bu attacked Dong Zhuo
    causing him and his army to retreat. Dong Zhuo’s army would set up a new camp
    and a meeting of all of the officers was called where Dong Zhuo decided that Lu
    Bu needed to be convinced to join him. Li Su met with Lu Bu, bribing him with
    gold and the horse Red Hare. Lu Bu agreed that he would slay Ding Yuan and join
    Dong Zhuo which he did the very next day. Dong Zhuo welcomed his adopted son Lu
    Bu with more gifts and with Lu Bu at his side, Dong Zhuo’s influence and power
    grew. He soon named himself Minister of Works, Grand Commander, and Commander
    of the Front Army and gave Lu Bu the titles of Lord of Luoyang, Commander of
    the Capital District, and Cavalry Commander.
    Dong Zhuo called for another banquet and once again voiced his plan to replace
    the emperor. This time only Yuan Shao spoke out as all the other attendees were
    too afraid to oppose the plan. Again, it was Li Ru who intervened to prevent
    bloodshed but once Yuan Shao had left the banquet, his uncle Yuan Wei agreed
    with Dong Zhuo’s plan and the gathered officials also agreed as they were
    afraid to disagree. The next day, by Li Ru’s suggestion, Dong Zhuo offered Yuan
    Shao the governorship of Bohai as a peace offering.
    On the first day of the ninth month AD 190, an assembly of officials was held,
    and with the Emperor in attendance Dong Zhuo ordered the Emperor to be removed
    from the throne. The former Emperor and Empress were removed and imprisoned
    within a part of the palace. Liu Xian, Prince of Chenliu was now Emperor.
    Naming himself Prime Minister, Dong Zhuo became more arrogant and ignorant of
    rules than before and became very wealthy during this time, more wealthy than
    any other in the land. Li Ru advised Dong Zhuo to make gestures that would
    bring public support, so he proceeded to restore those to office who had been
    removed by the eunuchs and gave titles to the families of those who had been
    killed by the eunuchs. However, Dong Zhuo soon decided to rid himself of the
    former Emperor and Empress so he sent Li Ru with 10 men to kill them and
    ordered their bodies to be buried outside the city’s walls. With the former
    Emperor and Empress gone, Dong Zhuo became even more rebellious as he slept on
    the Emperor’s Dragon Couch and took the Imperial Concubines as his own. He even
    led his army to Yangcheng and attacked during the Spring festival, killing the
    men, capturing the women and stealing all possessions worth taking.
    Word of Dong Zhuo’s abuse of power made it to Yuan Shao who wrote a letter to
    Minister of the Interior Wang Yun offering to lead his army against Dong Zhuo
    if Wang Yun would rebel. Under the pretense of a birthday party, Wang Yun
    invited his closet colleagues to his home to discuss the matter and addressed
    them with a moving speech. While most of the guests wept, one laughed: Cao Cao.
    He ridiculed the crying men calling for action over tears and swore to kill
    Dong Zhuo. The next day Cao Cao met alone with Dong zhuo but when he went to
    cut him down, Dong Zhuo saw Cao Cao’s reflection in a mirror and turned to
    confront him. Lu Bu arrived at that moment so Cao Cao dropped to one knee to
    present the sword as a gift to Dong Zhuo. Cao Cao took his leave after Dong
    Zhuo accepted the gift but his intentions were known to both Lu Bu and Dong
    Zhuo. Li Ru discovered that Cao Cao had fled the city and offered a reward for
    his capture but Cao Cao escaped home to Qiao where he issued a call to arms
    against Dong Zhuo. Yuan Shao received the call to arms and marched his army of
    30,000 to Qiao to join with Cao Cao and he was not the only one: Han Fu, Liu
    Dai, Kong Zhou, Wang Kuang, Zhang Miao, Tao Qian, Ma Teng, Zhang Chao, Kong
    Rong, Zhang Yang, Qiao Mao, Yuan Yi, Bao Xin, Gongsun Zan, Sun Jian and Yuan
    Shao’s brother Yuan Shu all began the march to the Capital Luoyang. On his way
    to the capital, Gongsun Zan’s force was joined by Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu
    and their small force.
    Once the armies had assembled, Yuan Shao was nominated to lead the alliance and
    he placed Yuan Shu in charge of supplies and made Sun Jian leader of the Van.
    Word reached Dong Zhuo of this invading force when Sun Jian’s army reached
    River Si Pass, so he dispatched Hua Xiong with Li Su, Hu Zhen, Zao Cen and an
    army of 50,000 to repel the alliance. Soon after setting out Hua Xiong had
    slain Bao Xin’s brother and captured 3,000 enemy troops so he was made
    Commander-In-Chief by Dong Zhuo in recognition of his service. Although Hu Zen
    would be killed by Sun Jian’s officer Cheng Pu, Hua Xiong’s forces would repel
    Sun Jian’s army and kill his officer Zu Mao. Hua Xiong would also slay one of
    Yuan Shao’s officers, Yu She and Han Fu’s officer Pan Feng but would be killed
    himself during a duel with Guan Yu.
    When news of Hua Xiong’s death reached Dong Zhou he was greatly concerned and
    at once dispatched Li Jue and Guo Si to kill Yuan Shao’s uncle Yuan Wei who
    held office within the palace. He then ordered an army of 50,000 to be raised
    and sent to River Si Pass under the command of Li Jue and Guo Si. Another army
    of 150,000 troops was raised and led to Hu Lao Pass by Dong Zhuo himself
    accompanied by Lu Bu, Li Ru, Zhang Ji and Fan Chou. Once they arrived, Lu Bu
    was sent outside the pass with an army of 30,000 men. Yuan Shao sent Cao Cao,
    Gongsun Zan, Wang Kuang, Qiao Mao, Bao Xin, Yuan Yi, Zhang Yang, Tao Qian and
    Kong Rong against Dong Zhuo at Hu Lao Pass of which Wang Kuang’s forces were
    first to arrive. Lu Bu slayed Wang Kuang’s officer Fang Yue quickly and charged
    at the army killing many soldiers and forcing Wang Kuang to flee. Qiao Mao and
    Yuan Yi rescued Wang Kuang but lost many men in the process so they too
    retreated and met up with the other arriving commanders, but Lu Bu would also
    kill Zhang Yang’s general Mu Shun and wound Wu Anguo under Kong Rong before
    retiring. Lu Bu would once again attack the next day and this time was about to
    kill Gongsun Zan when Zhang Fei came to his rescue. Zhang Fei and Lu Bu battled
    with neither gaining an advantage so Guan Yu joined the battle but again, no
    advantage could be gained by either side even when Liu Bei joined the attack.
    Eventually Lu Bu would start to tire so he withdrew from the battle to his own
    Dong Zhuo tried to form an alliance with Sun Jian by offering his daughter to
    be married to Sun Ce, but this only angered Sun Jian. Li Ru proposed to Dong
    Zhuo that the capital city should be moved from Luoyang to Changan in order to
    boost the moral of the troops, so Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu left the front lines and
    returned to Luoyang to make the announcement. A few of the ministers were
    concerned as Changan was a wasteland, but Dong Zhuo was adamant that the city
    could be rebuilt and would make a superior capital as it would be easier to
    defend due to it’s mountainous surroundings. 5 officials in all objected, 3
    were reduced to peasants and 2 were executed by Dong Zhuo’s command. Dong Zhuo
    then sent 5,000 troops out to plunder and kill the rich of Luoyang under the
    pretense that the rich were supporting the alliance against, while Li Jue and
    Guo Si were tasked with driving the millions of inhabitants of Luoyang to the
    new capital. Many of the people died along the way and their bodies were
    looted. Dong Zhuo dispatched Lu Bu to rob the tombs of the Emperors and the
    rich of Luoyang and then the city was burned to the ground. As they made their
    way to Changan, Li Ru advised Dong Zhuo to assign Lu Bu to guard the rear as he
    feared that the alliance may pursue them and his fears were justified as soon
    Cao Cao’s army caught up with them, but they were easily defeated by Lu Bu, Li
    Ru and Guo Si and forced to retreat to Luoyang. The alliance against Dong Zhou
    crumbled as Sun Jian, Cao Cao and Gongsun Zan's armies all retired to their own
    provinces, Sun Jian taking with him the newly found Imperial Seal.
    Dong Zhuo concentrated on building the new capital in Changan while his enemies
    fought amongst themselves: Gongsun Zan and Yuan Shao waged war against each
    other, Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu were almost enemies and Sun Jian was killed by
    Liu Biao leaving the 17 year old Sun Ce as his successor. With seemingly no one
    to oppose him Dong Zhuo did as he pleased, titling himself Imperial Rector, his
    brother Dong Min became Lord of Huazhou and Commander of the Left Army and
    every member of Dong Zhuo’s family was given a title. He soon built a city
    named Miewo and filled it with his wealth, his family and the most beautiful
    women he could find. He would visit the city once a month and his behavior
    became more and more vicious as he regularly had executions carried out during
    After one such banquet Wang Yun, who had previously plotted against Dong Zhuo,
    formed a plan with his loyal handmaiden Diao Chan that would see Lu Bu kill
    Dong Zhuo. He would offer Diao Chan to be married to Lu Bu but then would also
    offer her to Dong Zhuo in order to drive a wedge between the Imperial Rector
    and his adopted son. Wang Yun invited Lu Bu to his home to meet Diao Chan and
    promised her to him, but the next day met with Dong Zhuo and gave Diao Chan to
    him. Wang Yun told Lu Bu that Dong Zhuo was fully aware that Diao Chan was
    promised to Lu Bu but had taken her anyway. Over the next few months Diao Chan
    would be the cause of many problems between the two as she played them against
    each other. The rivalry between them would come to a head when Dong Zhuo caught
    Lu Bu with Diao Chan and tried to kill Lu Bu with his own halberd. Following
    this incident, Dong Zhuo and Diao Chan set out to Miewo to be far away from Lu
    Lu Bu would plot with Wang Yun to assassinate Dong Zhuo. Wang Yun with two of
    his colleagues decided that a messenger would be sent to Dong Zhou with a
    summons from the Emperor and when he returned to the capital he would be
    ambushed and killed by Lu Bu. The next day Li Su was sent as the messenger to
    Miewo where he informed Dong Zhuo that the Emperor wished to abdicate all power
    to him. Dong Zhuo gave the good news to his elderly mother and then left Zhang
    Ji, Guo Si, Fan Chou and Li Jue with 3,000 troops to guard the city while he
    returned to the capital. As he arrived at Changan, Dong Zhuo was welcomed by
    many ministers and when he reached his palace he was greeted and congratulated
    by Lu Bu. The next day as he arrived at the reception hall, Dong Zhuo was
    greatly alarmed to see that the gathered ministers were all armed but before he
    could retreat, soldiers who had lain in ambush attacked his carriage. Dong Zhuo
    called for Lu Bu to save him but Lu Bu thrust his halberd through Dong Zhuo’s
    throat. Dong Zhuo’s corpse was decapitated by Li Su and the troops brought Li
    Ru to execution. A force of 50,000 men led by Lu Bu then marched to Meiwo to
    destroy the city. The four generals protecting the city fled and the force led
    by Lu Bu invaded, killing all of Dong Zhuo’s family even his mother. The women
    were set free, the riches were confiscated and Lu Bu was reunited with Diao
    Chan. Dong Zhuo’s two year reign of terror had ended.
    Almost 3 years after Dong Zhuo’s death, his followers who still lived in
    Changan conspired with Guo Si, Fan Chou, Zhang Ji and Li Jue to attack the
    capital to avenge Dong Zhuo. During this uprising Li Su and Wang Yun would both
    die and chaos would once again come to Changan."
    IV. Unlocking Dong Zhuo
    To unlock Dong Zhuo, you must complete the following steps:
    -Clear Musou Mode with one character from Wei, Wu, and Shu to unlock Lu Bu.
    -Clear Musou Mode with Lu Bu to unlock Diao Chan.
    -Clear Musou Mode with Diao Chan to unlock Dong Zhuo.
    V. Using Dong Zhuo
    A. Dong Zhuo's attacks
    1. Regular attacks
    S      - A left-to-right upward slash.
    SS     - A right-to-left downward slash.
    SSS    - A left-to-right slash.
    SSSS   - A right-to-left upward slash.
    SSSSS  - A left-to-right slash.
    SSSSSS - A straight thrust.
    X + S  - A downward slice.
    2. Evolution attacks
    These attacks can only be performed if you have a full musou bar and are armed
    with a weapon that supports evolution attacks.
    Alternate SSSSSS - A left-to-right upward slash.
    SSSSSSS          - A right-to-left downward slash.
    SSSSSSSS         - A left-to-right slash.
    SSSSSSSSS        - Dong Zhuo turns and does a straight thrust that sends the
                       enemy flying.
    3. Charge attacks
    T      - Dong Zhuo does a stomp that knocks down all nearby enemies.
    ST     - Dong Zhuo does a leaping slash that launches the enemy into the air.
    SST    - Dong Zhuo does a quick series of left-to-right upward slashes and
             right-to-left slashes, finishing up with two overhead slices. The last
             hit stuns the enemy. More powerful weapons will allow you to do
             additional slashes by pressing T repeatedly.
    SSST   - Dong Zhuo turns and does a straight thrust that sends the enemy
    SSSST  - Dong Zhuo headbutts the ground, creating a shockwave that launches all
             nearby enemies into the air.
    SSSSST - Dong Zhuo slams his sword into the ground, creating a shockwave that
             knocks down all nearby enemies.
    X + T  - Dong Zhuo stomps the ground twice, knocking any nearby enemies off-
             balance. Pressing T repeatedly will allow you to do up to two extra
    4. Mounted attacks
    S     - The standard series of alternating right and left slashes.
    T     - A series of two slashes, one to each side.
    Musou - A series of faster and stronger right and left slashes. Yawn.
    5. Other attacks
    Dash attack   - A right-to-left slash that hits 180 degrees.
    Counterattack - Dong Zhuo turns and does a straight thrust that sends the enemy
                    flying. Similar to the T of his SSST combo, but unblockable.
    Musou         - A series of powerful left and right slashes. The last slash
                    launches the enemy into the air, and Dong Zhuo finishes up with
                    a shockwave-producing back flop that sends all nearby enemies
    True musou    - Adds a fire element and replaces the back flop with a bomb
                    toss. The bomb launches all enemies in its blast radius into
                    the air, and Dong Zhuo rolls backwards after throwing it.
                    Otherwise similar to his regular musou.
    B. Maximizing Dong Zhuo's effectiveness
    Dong Zhuo's long been one of the underdogs of the Dynasty Warriors games, and
    there are some good reasons for that. He runs like a hippo, he has the bow
    defense of a pincushion, his musou is slow in comparison to the other sword
    wielders, and the last hits of his SSSSSS, SST, and SSST combos all hit in
    narrow areas. He was a real jerk in the novel, too.
    While I'll agree that Dong was anything but a benevolent ruler in the novel,
    he's a solid character in the game. He has reasonable defense and plenty of
    power to make up for his lack of speed, and his new moveset allows him to cope
    with crowds like never before. All of the slashes of his SSSSS combo hit in a
    wide area, and his new SSSST and SSSSST combos allow him to clear out groups of
    surrounding enemies with ease. Use all three of these combos and Dong's musou
    liberally, and you'll cut through peons like butter. If you start getting over-
    whelmed and need a chance to catch your breath, use your air charge to knock
    your foes off-balance and back off while they're recovering. When fighting
    generals, use SST to stun them and your SSSST and SSSSS combos to juggle them
    into oblivion. If you don't approve of such "cheap" tactics, use your SSSSSS or
    SSSSST combos instead.
    There are also a few things to remember about Dong's musou and true musou. Both
    keep enemies on the ground until the final slash, so the damage they do is max-
    imized. This might make the Way of Musou sound like an item of choice for Dong,
    but his regular musou can be more effective in certain situations. The bomb
    only hits enemies who are in front of him, making it likely that you'll still
    be in the middle of a group of enemies if you use his true musou when you're
    completely surrounded. The back flop, on the other hand, clears out a large
    area around Dong and has a shorter recovery time than the roll he does at the
    end of his true musou, thus making it unlikely that you'll be attacked as soon
    as you recover. What it all comes down to is whether you think Dong is a better
    duelist or mass combatant. If you want to make him more capable of killing
    generals quickly, the Way of Musou's a good item to equip; if you think that
    most of his crowd control comes from his regular musou, you should probably
    pass on it.
    I recommend the following equipment for Dong Zhuo:
    Harness: Red Hare Harness
    Orb: Fire Orb
    Items: Tiger Amulet, Tortoise Amulet, Ginseng, Wind Scroll, Arm Guards/Way of
    C. Dong Zhuo's Musou Mode
    Dong Zhuo's Musou Mode is short, but includes one or two battles that can be
    tricky on higher difficulty levels. If you get hopelessly stuck, try out these
    1. Battle of Xi Liang
    Free Mode Difficulty: **
    Time Limit: 45:00
    Zhang Jiao is convinced that you've been possessed by a demon. Prove him right
    by heading north to capture the attack base and the head of Deng Mao, who's
    just west of the base. Avoid the rolling boulders as you work your way down
    the western path, then head north to kill Cheng Yuanzhi and clear a path for
    your allies. Continue north up the bridge that appears, and you'll soon reach
    Zhang Liang. After dispatching him, capture the nearby defense base and proceed
    through the northeast pass. Phantom soldiers will appear to harass you; flee
    from them and capture the supply base if you need health. Head south and defeat
    Zhang Bao to be rid of the phantoms, then head for Zhang Jiao's dais and show
    him that his magic is no match for your sword.
    2. Battle of Liang Zhou
    Free Mode Difficulty: ***
    Time Limit: 45:00
    This one can be a little taxing. Ma Chao and Pang De are both full of fighting
    spirit in this battle, and they can quickly tip the balance in their side's
    favor if they capture one of your bases. Prevent them from doing so by making a
    beeline for Ma Chao and defeating him as quickly as possible. Once he's out of
    the picture, continue north to capture the attack base and take care of Han
    Sui. Work your way southwest to capture the second attack base and dispatch
    Yang Qiu before he becomes too much of a bother. Proceed west to find and cap-
    ture a supply base, then veer southwest to capture a second one. You should
    also run across Liang Xing and Cheng Yin, both of whom have yet to meet the
    business end of your sword. Once they've been properly introduced, head north-
    east and do battle with Pang De and Cheng Yi. Finally, confront Ma Teng in his
    fort and show him what happens to those who oppose you.
    3. Battle of Si Shui Gate
    Free Mode Difficulty: *
    Time Limit: 60:00
    The arrogant Yuan Shao thinks that his pathetic alliance can prevail against
    your mighty forces. Shatter his morale by heading east from your starting
    position and following the southern path, which will lead to Han Dang. Cut him
    down and continue heading east; you'll soon find Ji Ling and a supply base. De-
    feat him and capture the base to neuter Sun Jian's forces, then dispatch Yuan
    Shu to further damage your foes' morale. Your next destination should be the
    center, where there's a base for you to capture and several generals and
    officers for you to battle. Occupy yourself with them until Cao Cao and Xiahou
    Dun show up in the southwest. They'll head north and try to capture Si Shui
    Gate, which you should most definitely prevent them from doing. Once you've
    dealt with them, only Gongsun Zan and Yuan Shao will remain to oppose you.
    Crush them like the insects they are.
    4. Battle of Hu Lao Gate
    Free Mode Difficulty: ***
    Time Limit: 90:00
    They just don't know when to quit, do they? The allied forces are pounding on
    your front door, and it's up to you to drive them back. Spend a few minutes
    camping near the entrance to your main camp and slaying Cao Hong, Jian Yong,
    Cheng Pu, and any peons they bring along. After you get 100 kills, Yuan Shao
    will order his forces to take an indirect route to the gate. Follow the eastern
    path and loop around to the west to reach the top of the wall, cutting down any
    officers in your way. If Liu Bei and his brothers are still alive by the time
    you've completed your ascent, jump down and deal with them. At this point, the
    allies will withdraw. Capture bases and slaughter generals at will until Yan
    Liang and Wen Chou show up. Head to the southwest corner and take them both out
    before they cause too much mayhem. Lu Bu and Diao Chan will further complicate
    matters by defecting, but your forces should be able to handle them with ease
    if you've followed the battle plan thus far. Yuan Shao should be the only re-
    maining general now; charge into his camp and punish him for being a thorn in
    your side.
    Once Yuan Shao falls, the battle is yours. Enjoy the ending!
    VI. Dong Zhuo's Weapons
    A. Tyrant Sword
    Base Attack: 4
    Weight and bonuses will vary.
    B. Great Tyrant
    Base Attack: 8
    Weight and bonuses will vary.
    C. Fear
    Base Attack: 12
    Weight and bonuses will vary.
    D. Horror
    Base Attack: 36
    Weight: Medium
    Bonuses: Luck Lv. 17, Mounted Lv. 17, Defense Lv. 15, Attack Lv. 18, Life Lv.
    1. Obtaining the Horror
    Where To Get It: Battle of Liang Zhou, Dong Zhuo's side
    How To Get It: After capturing all five of the enemy bases, defeat Ma Chao and
    Pang De.
    Where It Is: In a box on the western side of the map.
    How I Did It: As soon as the battle started, I went west and captured the
    defense base. I continued west for the supply base, then turned my attention to
    the second defense base and Liang Xing. After capturing the third base, I
    headed for the attack base in the northeast corner, stopping only to capture
    the other attack base along the way. Ma Chao was causing a disturbance by my
    eastern base, so I rode south and eliminated him after capturing the fifth and
    final base. Pang De was my next victim; I rode west to meet him, beat him, and
    then headed south to collect my weapon while my allies dealt with Han Sui. The
    only enemy generals left at this point were Cheng Yi and Ma Teng, both of whom
    suffered grisly fates at my hands. My total time was 10:10.
    The difficulty of this battle hinges on the first few minutes. If you get off
    to a strong start, your allies will mop the floor with your enemies and you'll
    be free to obtain the weapon at your own pace. If you get off to a weak start,
    the enemy generals will cut off your reinforcements, thus causing your morale
    to plummet and allowing them to launch a strong offensive. You can still obtain
    the weapon if you get off to a weak start, but you'll be hard-pressed to cap-
    ture the enemy bases and defeat Ma Chao and Pang De without letting the other
    enemy generals overrun your main camp. Extra speed and power will be of immense
    help, so it's a good idea to bring along your fastest horse and complete a few
    battles with Dong Zhuo before attempting to obtain this weapon. If you have a
    second player helping you, let him or her fight off any generals who strike at
    the main camp while you capture the enemy bases.
    Remember that the Horror, like all 4th weapons, can only be obtained on Hard or
    Chaos difficulty.
    VII. Dong Zhuo's Costumes
    Costume 1: Default costume. Dong wears a spiked gold breastplate and pauldrons
    over a dark purple tunic and breeches. My personal favorite.
    Costume 2: A palette swap of costume 1. Dong's breastplate and pauldrons become
    black, and his tunic and breeches become cream-colored. Earned at 6000 points.
    Costume 3: Dong's default costume from Dynasty Warriors 4. He wears no armor,
    his hat looks slightly different, and minor changes are made to his tunic and
    breeches. Earned at 20000 points.
    Costume 4: Another of Dong's costumes from Dynasty Warriors 4. His outfit be-
    comes yellow, and his hat is replaced by a jagged crown. Earned at 20000
    VIII. Questions & Answers
    Q: Why a Dong Zhuo FAQ?
    A: It hadn't been done yet, and I don't think anyone else would have done it
    anytime soon.
    Q: Dong Zhuo's fat, stupid, and worthless.
    A: That's not a question, though I can't really argue with the fat part. He's
    certainly not worthless, but he does take some practice to use well.
    Q: I fulfilled the requirements to obtain Dong Zhuo's 4th weapon, but I didn't
    get it! What gives?
    A: Make sure that you're playing on Hard or Chaos difficulty, and that you
    personally capture the bases and defeat Ma Chao and Pang De.
    Q: Didn't you write Dong Zhuo FAQs for Dynasty Warriors 3(: Xtreme Legends) and
    Dynasty Warriors 4?
    A: Yep.
    Q: Why have you written so many FAQs about Dong Zhuo?
    A: Supply and demand. I supply them for the handful who demand them.
    Q: Is that the only reason?
    A: No, but it would take too long to share the complete answer here.
    Q: Do you write these FAQs because of a subconscious desire that involves fat,
    hairy, lecherous men?
    A: I'm going to pretend that you don't exist now.
    Q: Your FAQ sucks! I've crapped out better FAQs than this!
    A: As soon as you find a way to upload excrement, you should post your wondrous
    creation for all to see.
    Q: I posted my FAQ, and everyone I know thinks it's better than yours! Your FAQ
    really DOES suck!
    A: Congratulations! I am in awe of your superior FAQ-writing skills! Now go
    Q: This is the best FAQ I've ever read! You're a genius and a god among men,
    and I want to know more about you so that I can immortalize you!
    A: I hear that one a lot. My contact info's listed below.
    Q: <insert some question that has nothing to do with Dong Zhuo or the FAQ here>
    A: See the second sentence of my previous answer.
    IX. Special Thanks
    I would like to thank...
    ...KOEI and Omega Force, for creating the Dynasty Warriors series.
    ...Malek Campbell, for writing an informative character unlocking FAQ.
    ...Edward Chang, for writing an informative 4th weapon FAQ.
    ...Kongming's Archives (http://www.kongming.net) and its contributors, for
    being a wealth of information on the Three Kingdoms period.
    ...CJayC, for posting this FAQ.
    ...Leo Chan, for posting this FAQ.
    ...the folks at IGN, for posting this FAQ.
    ...you, for reading this FAQ.
    X. Contacting Me
    If you want to get in touch with me, send an e-mail to mythrilwyrm@gmail.com.
    Be sure to put the word "FAQ" in the subject line of your e-mail, or I'm likely
    to mistake it for spam and delete it. I check my e-mail every day, so you
    should receive a reply quickly in most cases. I accept praise, corrections, and
    constructive criticism, and will give you credit for any information you share
    with me that I decide to add to the FAQ. Rude, crass, or incomprehensible
    e-mails will be ignored or shamelessly ridiculed as my mood dictates, so keep
    your e-mails clear and polite if you want me to respond in kind.
    I also use AIM occasionally. If you want my Screen Name, ask for it via e-mail.
    Happy gaming!

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