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    Taishi Ci by DarkArchAngel64

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    Dynasty Warriors 5
    Taishi Ci Character Guide
    By DarkArchAngel646: Twistedmind646@gmail.com
    Dynasty Warriors 5/Shin Sangoku Musou 4
    Written May 9th, 2005
    Version 1.0
    Table of Contents
    1.-Character Bio
    2.-How to unlock this Warrior
    3.-Weapons (4th weapon attainment)
    4.-Taishi Ci Pro's and Con's
    6.-Items to use
    7.-Musou Missions
    10.-Contact Information
    11.-Copyright data
    Taishi Ci Character Biography
    From the Dong Lai, he was an excellent scholar and master of the martial arts.
    First served Liu Yong, but after his defeat at Wu, he defected to Wu, after 
    stalemating with Sun Ce in battle. Establishing a strong relationship with Sun 
    Ce, they vowed to return the peace to the land.  Unfortunately, Sun Ce was not 
    destined to live long, and he continued on, still carrying on their vow, to 
    return the peace.
    Unlocking Taishi Ci
    Taishi Ci, along with 17 other officers, are there from the beginning. The Wu 
    Starters are: 
    Zhou Yu
    Lu Xun
    Sun Shiang Xiang (SSX)
    Sun Quan
    Ling Tong
    hes is an very strong, with an excellent attack set, wouldn't recommend 
    starting with him though, due to his last Musou battle.
    Taishi Ci's Weapons
    Starting Weapon - Twin Rods - 5 power
    2nd Weapon  Spiral Rods  10 power
    3rd Weapon  Wolf Slayer  16 power
    4th Weapon - Tiger Slayer - 38 power  
    (Charge 15, Horse 15, Bow 15, Defense 18, Life 18)
    How to Get 4th weapon:             
    (Make Sure its on HARD or CHAOS Mode)             
    (Battle for the Wu Territory)                 
    This one is EXTREMELY easy.  Start out just killing troops, wait for Sun Quan 
    to get trapped and kill him off before Zhou Tai saves him.  Once hes dead 
    just kill off Zhou Tai, and the valuable item will appear up top, to the left 
    of Sun Ce, in front of the gate on the ship.  from there on, just kill and 
    maim until you feel like taking on Sun Ce.  Watch out if the enemy infiltrates 
    the main camp.  Kill Zhou Yu off, thats a major help.
    Taishi Ci's Pros and Cons
    Pros: His attacks are extremely strong, and his He has an excellent move set. 
    His jump charge is strong, and is fun to play with, and his charge helps with 
    quick escapes.  his C4 is a great crowd clearer.
    His Charge does barely any damage, which sucks, as its only a means to knock 
    down enemies, or make an escape.
    Taishi Ci's Moves
    Triangle (charge) - stamps the ground, knocking enemies down.
    Jump + Triangle - flies at ground, stabbing ground and slamming enemies around.
    Musou - stabs repeatingly with left and right rod.  Finishes with attacking in 
    two X shaped motions, and finishing with stabbing forward with both rods at 
    same time.
    True Musou - Same as Musou, except stronger, and finishes with a swipe up, and 
    jumps down, slamming ground.
    Square - Swings right rod.
    Square X2 - Swings right rod, and stabs with left rod.
    Square X3 - Swings right rod, stabs with left rod, then attacks while before a 
    spin around. and swipes with right rod again.
    Square X4 - Swings right rod, stabs with left rod, then attacks while before a 
    spin around and swipes with right rod again.
    Square X5 - Swings right rod, stabs with left rod, then attacks while before a 
    spin around and swipes with right rod again, then swings with left.
    Square X6 - Swings right rod, stabs with left rod, then attacks while before a 
    spin around and swipes with right rod again, then swings with left, then with 
    right once more. (evolution attack is now trigger, if aquired)
    C1 - Swings right rod, then spins and charged attack upwards.
    C2 - Swings right rod, stabs with left rod, then stomps around, slamming rods 
    down at ground repeatedly, finishes with a spin and attack.
    C3 - Swings right rod, stabs with left rod, then attacks while before a 
    spin around. and swipes with right rod again, then spin and charged double stab.
    C4 - Swings right rod, stabs with left rod, then attacks while before a 
    spin around and swipes with right rod again, then stabs ground with both rods, 
    clearing entire area around him.
    C5 - Swings right rod, stabs with left rod, then attacks while before a 
    spin around and swipes with right rod again, then swings with left, stabs with 
    right rod twice, then spins rods around and attacks from both sides.
    Taishi Ci's Best Items
    Orb - Fire
    Harness - Red Hare
    Item 1. -Tiger Amulet
    Item 2. -Peacock Amulet
    Item 3. -Tortoise Amulet
    Item 4. -Horned Helm
    Item 5. -Way of Musou
    Why? - 
    Fire orb is useful, because it adds that extra attack power to finish any 
    enemies off.              
    Red Hare, because he can run quite slow at times, and its also great for       
    getting to where you need to go, fast.  Use this to run to those quick spots,  
    Well, Quick.  I don't recommend fighting on the horse though, get off to do    
    that.  But, as always, attack as your charging through enemy units.            
    Tiger Amulet, hell, it makes him stronger, i recommend this 
    for ALL officers.                    
    Peacock Amulet, Extra Health, always a plus.
    Tortoise Amulet, It helps keep health high, a big help in the last Musou 
    Horned Helm, because last Musou, hes on his horse quite a bit, so its easier 
    to get kills.
    Way of Musou, because of course, as always the True Musou is better then 
    normal Musou.
    Taishi Ci's Musou
    1. Battle of the Wu Territory - start off killing every officer, troops and 
    base you can.  Take over bases, When Sun Quan is trapped, kill him, and if 
    you see Zhou Tai, kill him on the way.  Take out Zhou Yu, hes a major pain in 
    the ass.  so, just kill off troops, get a high KO rate, and kill Sun Ce when 
    you feel like it.  When you encounter him, a cutscene will play.
    2. Battle of Xia Kou - Kill Huang Zu.  Start off the battle, by rushing to Cai 
    Mao, Killing any officer on the way.  If you brought a body guard, leave him 
    behind, as he can take alot of your kills.  Kill Cai Mao, and the other 
    officer near him, and fight your way out.  You can rack up alot of kills here, 
    so have fun.  
    3. Battle of He Fei - start off by taking over the defense base in front of 
    you, and the supply base beyond that.  When Zhang Liao shows up, rush to 
    Sun Quan to save him.  Kill off Xu Huang when he shows up, to make sure he 
    doesnt flank the bottom.  Kill Zhang Liao when he appears again.  Take out 
    Pang De on the way, to or from the bottom, and any bases in the way.  kill 
    Zhang Liao when he appears again, then rush up top, and slay Cao Cao.
    4. The Invasion of Nan Zhong - Kill Dong Tu Na, Ahui Nan and Jinhuan Sanjie 
    right off the bat, and slay any pesky peon that gets in your way.  Kill Zhu 
    Rong, and take her elephant, take out the defense base on the left of the 
    map, and capture the attack base up top.  March into the allied base with the 
    elephant, knocking down the walls on both sides.  When the task force 
    shows up, take him out, dont let him knock out the bridge, and kill the 
    beast masters.  Then march through the enemy camp, i recommend long way, as to 
    kill more troops, and kill Meng Huo.  Dont let anyone too close to Meng Huo, 
    until the beast master and task force has been taken care of, or he'll appear 
    close to the main camp.
    5. Battle of He Fei Castle - Whoo, I dont like this one.  Start off by 
    eliminating Xu Huang, and those annoying troops in your way.  When Lu Xun 
    gives the command, rush around the left side, killing Cao Zhang and 
    Cao Xiu on the way.  Of course, attack soldiers on the way.  Kill the defense 
    captains manning the catapults, (have a little fun flying down the stairs with 
    your jump charge attack) and kill the gate captain, letting everyone in!  When 
    the task force appears on the ships, kill them before they set the ship on 
    fire, also don't forget, kill all officers you come across.  wrap it up by 
    killing as many soldiers as possible, then go after Cao Pi.
    Taishi Ci's Costumes
    1 - Ornately decorated helmet with horns and a purple ponytail coming out the 
    back. Red thigh guards and red material under the guards, with brown boots 
    going under the pant legs.  Purple belt with a purple sash that goes between 
    his legs. Red chest plate with gold lines all over.  Red wrist guards with red 
    gloves on as well.
    2 - Same as 1, except black material instead of red, and the ponytails maroon 
    instead of purple. 
    3 - Dynasty Warriors 4 costume, Shoulder pads rise up over shoulders, and are 
    attached to a chest plate that is decorated with fine gold lines. Arms 
    completely covered up by red material.  Purple sash between legs, with an 
    helmet with horns and a purple ponytail. Red belt which is tied in the back 
    and a long tie offs.
    4 - Decorated black helmet, with a symbol on the front, horns facing downwards 
    and a spike on top of the helmet.  Rising shoulder pads on his silver 
    chestplate that is designed with silver lines as well.  maroon material and 
    stone colored boots. wrist guards and gloves as well.
    Q and A
    I can't get his 4th weapon!
    Make sure its on hard, or chaos mode, and make sure you kill Sun Quan BEFORE 
    Zhou Tai can get there.  And be sure to kill Zhou Tai AFTER Quan is dead.
    EChangs 4th weapon requirements
    Contact information
    Email - Twistedmind646@gmail.com
    GameFAQs ID - DarkArchAngel64
    IGN ID - DarkArchAngel646
    Aim SN - LOSTDarkArkAngel
    Feel Free to contact them, but only if you have a question not covered by 
    this FAQ.
    Copyright information
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances, except for personal or 
    private use, unless I otherwise state so. 
    This FAQ may not appear on ANY website other then GameFAQS, without permission 
    from me.
    This FAQ may not be reproduced publicly, or sold without permission from me.
    Dynasty Warriors 5 is a registered trademark of the Koei Corporation, and 
    they hold rights to any characters or names used in this FAQ.
    Do not claim this FAQ as your own, or do any of the above, thus it will result 
    in a violation of the copyright, and legal action will be pursued. 
    Any breach of copyright will constitute me hunting you down.
    (Copyright  2005   Christopher M. H. C.)

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