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    Zhang Jiao by Weeza_Mon

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/10/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 Dynasty Warriors 5
                                   Zhang Jiao FAQ
    Version History:
    June 10, 2005- Version 1.0 completed
    Table of Contents
    1. Unlocking Zhang Jiao
    2. Bio
    3. Moveset
    4. Weapons
    5. Battle Strategies
    6. Musou Mode
    7. Costumes
    8. Credits
    9. Contact
    1. Unlocking Zhang Jiao   |
    To unlock Zhang Jiao you must complete Cao Cao's, Sun Jian's, and Liu Bei's 
    musou modes. To unluck these three fellows you must complete 4 mosou modes 
    each for their respective kingdoms. Seems like a lot of trouble but it will
    be worth it in the end.
    2. Bio   |
    Taken right from the game:
    Zhang Jiao ?-184
    A former government official out of the Ju Lu region. He spread his teachings
    as the founder of the religious sect known as the Way of Peace. He used the
    turmoil of the land to gather the support of the people. With these supporters,
    he formed the group known as the Yellow Turbans. Declaring himself the
    "General of Heaven," he turned against the Han Dynasty, leading the Yellow
    Turban Rebellion.
    3. Moveset   |
    Now that we know a litlle about Zhang Jiao lets take a look at his moveset.
    S: A big swing to the left, almost a full 360 degrees.
    SS: A poke with the butt end of his staff. Hits one if you are lucky and leaves
        you open for attacks on all sides.
    SSS: An upwards swing to the right. Keeps enemies in front at bay.
    SSSS+SSSSS: A downward stroke hitting only those in front. Playing on harder
                difficulties enemies will usually interupt your combo when 
    SSSSSS: Identical to the first strike.
    SSSSSSS: Another poke with his staff leaving you open for attacks.
    SSSSSSSS: Identical to his third attack, an upward strike in front of him.
    SSSSSSSSS: Zhang Jiao uses his staff as a flamethrower, shooting flames from
               right to left then back again. Knocks enemies into the air and
               causes fire damage.
    C1: Zhang Jiao does a sort of thrust throwing his arms in the air creating a 
        small shockwace around him for minimal damage. Good if you're surrounded
        and need an escape route.
    C2: Zhang Jiao raises his staff quickly from behind him and sends anyone hit
        by it into the air.
    C3: By far his best charge attack IMO. Zhang Jiao holds his staff in front of 
        himself with whatever powers he has and raises it from the ground to the
        air and back down again depending on how many triangle presses. Finishes
        it off with a blast of energy sending anyone near him flying. Works wonders
        on crowds with the ice or fire orb equipped.
    C4: Zhang Jiao sprays more flames like the end of his evolution attack.
    C5: Zhang Jiao raises his staff in the air causing four yellow diamonds with,
        I'm guessing, Chinese symbols in them to appear.The staple juggling move 
        however I find that if you are too close to an enemy they will not get 
        hit by it sometimes.
    C6: Zhang Jiao does some funky moves while shooting flames out in every
        direction. Anyone that was standing near you before will now be out of your
        way. Causes fire damage obviously.
    Musou: Shoots fire balls in the direction he is facing. Can be aimed while 
           performing his musou. Ends with a 360 degree spray of flames.
     True:  "Heavens Fear Me!!!"
            Same except ends with 2 full 360 degree sprays. 
    In Air- S: Zhang Jiao shoots staff forward vertically knocking enemies off
               their feet.
            C: Zhang Jiao spins a full 360 degrees shooting flames from his staff.
               Does not knock enemies into the air but causes them to do the fire
               dance. (I hate those Juggernauts)
    Horseback- S: Same old story here. Swings his staff from right to left.
               C: A more interesting charge atop a horse. Holds his staff out to
                  one side and waves it about knocking enemies off their feet. If
                  used when running by a large group they can all easily be knocked
                  over. What side he does it on depends on when you press triangle.
           Musou: Swings his staff from right to left only faster and stronger.
    4. Weapons   |
    As with everyone else Zhang Jiao has four different weapons. His first three
    have random weights and bonuses so I will only list their base power and
    attacks. All I can say is I hope there is an XL and fifth weapons. That would
    truly be the ultimate. Anyways...
    --Magic Staff--
    Power         2
    Attacks       4
    --Mystic Staff--
    Power          6
    Attacks        5
    --Fire Staff--
    Power       10 
    Attacks      6
    ==Volcano Staff==               As far as fourths go, not very great.
    Power          32               I mean if your going to stick fill on
    Attacks         6               it at least make it worth it.
    Weight     Medium               Now that I think about this might be the
    Bonuses: Musou 17               fourth with a single digit bonus.
               Atk 15               Could be wrong though.
              Luck 15
              Fill  9
            Charge 16
    -Obtaining Zhang Jiao's Fourth Weapon-
    Yellow Turban Rebellion, Yellow Turban Forces
    This is probably one of the hardest fourth weapon to get in the game 
    because the conditions are so strict. You must rendezvous with Zhang Bao 
    and brainwash Cao Cao's army, rendezvous with Zhang Liang and brainwash 
    Sun Jian's army, and let Zhang Man Cheng drop rocks on the enemy.
    Also, you must accomplish all of this without letting any of your allies die.
    To get Zhang Man Cheng to start dropping rocks you'll have to take care of 
    Gongsun Yue who's in his way. Do this as quickly as possible. Now go to the
    southern altar and rendezvous with Zhang Liang to brainwash Sun Jian's army.
    You have to stay on the altar with Zhang Liang until you get the cutscene
    where you succeed. You can kill stray subgenerals that get onto the altar, 
    but you can't kill Sun Jian himself. After awhile you'll succeed. Immediately
    head for the central altar and meet up with Zhang Bao to do the same thing 
    to Cao Cao's army. If you manage to complete all three successfully with all
    of your generals still alive, the Precious Item box will show up near Zhang 
    Liang's altar. If your generals are dying, there are several things you can do; 
    you can try and take out enemy generals near them; you can take a strong 
    bodyguard and leave them next to your allies; you can use a bodyguard with the 
    'Fame' skill; or you can play 2P and have the second player guard any of your
    allies in danger of dying.
    If you successfully get the weapon, you still have to clear the stage; 
    again, no mean feat for Zhang Jiao, since you have to kill every general
    that's left. Dong Zhuo shows up midway through the battle and yes, you
    have to get him too. Good luck, you'll need it.
    5. Battle Strategies   |
    These strategies are all courtesy of jhaines, who I can tell is a much smarter
    man than I. If used correctly they can make Zhang Jiao just as good as any 
    other character except those select few.
    It should be noted that the following strategies work best for a Zhang Jiao
    equipped with: Ice Orb
                   Tiger Amulet
                   Tortoise Amulet
                   Peacock Amulet
                   Arm Guards
    -Crowd Management-
    When approaching a crowd, Zhang Jiao has a few different options. If soldiers 
    are coming at him in a thin stream, he can meet them with his C3 and stop 
    pressing triangle as soon as any of them squeak around him. This will quickly
    cause an ice-imbued stomp, from which point Zhang Jiao can go into another C3
    or C4, or start an evo string to focus on a particular enemy and end it with
    the C4 fire spam.
    If the crowd is approaching in a wider stream, Zhang Jiao can meet them with a
    directed C4 that swings from side to side, covering the entire front. This will
    send most of the soldiers flying with the second hit.
    If the crowd is approaching from all sides but still has some distance,
    Zhang Jiao can do his jump charge, which will burn and stagger the front, 
    giving him enough time to go into his C1 as he lands.
    If Zhang Jiao is stuck in the middle of a crowd, he should immediately do a C1,
    then convert into either a C3 or C4. If it's a generic crowd of peons 
    surrounding him, C1 -> spinning C4 is the way to go. This will blow all of the
    peons far enough away from Zhang Jiao for him to run, do a Jump Charge, start 
    an evo string, or whatever he likes. If a single enemy needs to be focused on,
    then do C1 -> C3 with only a single triangle tap. This will cause an ice-imbued
    stomp soon after the other peons get to their feet, which then gives you the 
    option of doing a longer C3 or your evo string on the single enemy, or doing 
    a C4 if more people are joining the crowd.
    If your C1 attempt fails and you start getting hacked on, counter with your 
    musou. You can either focus your initial fireballs on a single enemy, or spin
    around to hit all sides of the front, then be sure to point in the direction 
    that you want your 180ยบ fire spew to go before your gauge runs out.
    In short, C1 -> spinning C4 will completely clear a crowd pretty much every
    time. It won't kill them all, but it'll get them far away from you and give 
    you more options.
    -Officer Killing-
    When approaching solo officers, a running attack -> evo string is a good 
    starter. If the officer is blocking, convert the evo to a C5 and you'll knock
    him up if you're right against him, even without the light orb. Then you can
    either catch him out of the air with a long C3, aborting into an ice stomp as
    soon as other enemies approach, or you can catch him with another evo string.
    When he's getting up from the ground, a C3 is often the way to go, especially
    because of the ice stomp option if people try to interfere -- but you could go
    with the evo string too, and just complete it if others appear.
    When dealing with officers as part of a crowd, C1 -> short C3 (only one 
    triangle press) is what you want. This can lead into a long C3 or an evo 
    string, depending on the situation. I already covered this in the last section.
    When approached by multiple officers, C1 -> spinning C4 and then run away. 
    Even if the officers are blocking, the C4 will push them far enough away to 
    give you options. When running away, a Jump Charge can sometimes be useful to
    keep the  pursing officers at bay. Remember, Zhang Jiao deals best with 
    officers one at a time, and preferably outside of a crowd. Trying to attack
    multiple officers simultaneously with him is usually suicide.
    As always, if you find yourself getting hacked on, counter with a musou. When
    multiple officers are in the picture, try to nail each of them with one of the 
    initial fireballs, then hit them all with the final fire blast. If you're 
    dealing with a single officer, you can juggle him with the fireballs and he'll
    keep burning the whole time. This is especially useful if you get a 10-second
    infinite musou pickup, because this will let you kill a subgeneral outright
    on a 5-star stage on Hard.
    6. Musou Mode   |
    The following is a list of Zhang Jiao's Musou stages. I don't need to tell you
    how to play the game, everyone has thier own way, but i will tell you that
    Zhang Jiao only has four musou stages.
     Stage 1- Battle of Xi Liang
     Stage 2- Battle of Ji Province
     Stage 3- Battle of Nan Zhong
     Stage 4- The Yellow Turban Rebellion
    7. Costumes   |
    Model 1- Long white and yellow-ish robes. Brown hair with a gold thing on the
             back of his head.
    Model 2- Long robes are now more white than before with some yellow and purple
             details. He now has white hair with the same gold thing on th back of
             his head.
    Model 3- Robes are a bit longer and are now a dark brown and yellow with some
             purple details. Brown hair with a headband and also a purple sort of
             half-cape that stops at his waist.
    Model 4- Robes are the same as in model 3 but now a light brown with white
             replacing some of the yellow. Brown hair with a funny looking golden
             dome shaped helmet. His half-cape is now blue.
    8. Credits   |
    jhaines- This FAQ should really be his for the info he gave me(All the 
             strategies and square string attacks). I just did the easy stuff. :)
    EChang- for his masterful 4th weapon knowledge.
    Geese911 and bluedestiny426- for how to unlock as I forgot.
    KOEI- sweet series I might never stop playing.
    GameFAQs- just for being so sweet.
                |                                                                 |
    9. Contact  |  Anyone can contact me about anything at weeza_mon@hotmail.com  |
                |                                                                 |
    Copyright (C) 2005 by Erik Richards

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