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"Lu Bu APPROVES this game."


Well, the fifth part of the epic saga when the kingdoms of 200 A.D collide. Of course, you have your main 3 kingdoms fighting for power, peace, and religion but there's also minor teams such as Jing and Dong Zhuos forces. While this game is better than the ones in the past, it had one flaw; the make a general mode is gone, but they did go back to the basics with making a opening. Some great new general's were added such as Ling Tong, Cao Pi, Guan Ping and more. So lets look a little more into Dynasty Warriors 5. So grab your spear, get on your horse, and lets make are way to the main camp.


The voice overs are unstoppable; they all have there own voices in and out of the battle. At the same time the music is really great and fun to play by. The music also fits the levels well. Sometimes the music brakes when you get the weird voices in the middle of the song, its sounds like a old lady screming unknown words. You can't mark this game down any thing here, even so the weird voices should hurt the score a little...


I was in awe when I saw these graphics they look like real people, the movements in battle, the cutscenes were great , it's just crazy. This game is one of the best games graphically on the PS2 in my view. There absolutely stunning.


The 3 kingdoms from china are trying to conquer all the land around them for Power, Peace, and religion. The team of Wei lead by Cao Cao want total power and treats his enemies like vermin, The team of Shu lead by Lord Liu Bei who fights for peace among the land and is favored by the people even his slaves, The team of Wu lead by Sun Jian who soon dies leaving his team to his sons who take the Wu banner to victory because of there family ways. They started as one team under the Han banner and slowly broke off in to three kingdoms. Now that the land is in three it is up to one army to take it all.


Unstoppable. Awesome. The best yet. But the only thing is that you cant make your own general but besides that the musou range is a great new thing they added and you can play in many modes, musou the story mode of the game which now gives EACH general his or her own story, Free mode were you and a friend team up and hack and slash your way throw any levels you want, challenge where you pick something, like speed, and test your skills, then VS were you and your friends go head to head one on one. Weither you like to kill everyone on the map or if charging the camp is your thing the gameplay is truely great.


My favorite game ever. Is it yours? Buy it and see if you want to take the side of the powerful army of Wei, maybe the kind army of Shu, or join the Sun faimly in Wu. The choice is yours.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/24/05

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